->''"Ain't got no distractions; can't hear no buzzers and bells\\
Don't see no lights a-flashin'; plays by sense of smell\\
Always gets a replay - never seen him fall\\
That deaf, dumb, and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball."''
-->-- '''Music/TheWho''', "Pinball Wizard"

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This is a subtrope of DisabilitySuperpower where, rather than a character's disability giving them an actual power, it instead renders them immune to some sort of attack, trap, or ploy that would otherwise be effective against them.

Examples include:

* A lack of senses protecting someone from the effects of a BrownNote, HypnoticEyes, EnthrallingSiren, hallucinogenic illusion, etc. - because they aren't capable of sensing it in the first place.
* Alternatively, lacking the physical ability to trigger a trap, e.g. being too short to [[SchmuckBait reach that pretty red button]].
* Already being harmed in such a way, so it makes no difference. ([[TheLastDance You're already dying]], perhaps of a ConvenientTerminalIllness, resulting in SuicidalOverconfidence. The ultimate example is being DeadToBeginWith -- you've already died, so you're {{Nigh Invulnerab|ility}}le until someone figures out how to kill you DeaderThanDead.)
* Not having the frame of mind to be affected, which would otherwise be a disadvantage (for example being TooDumbToFool, [[{{Jerkass}} too nasty]] to be emotionally blackmailed, TooKinkyToTorture, etc.).

See also: DisabilitySuperpower (for when this grants other abilities to compensate), YourBrainWontBeMuchOfAMeal, TooKinkyToTorture, TooDumbToFool, InsanityImmunity (which fall under the "frame of mind" variation), and KryptoniteFactor (for the opposite; someone being ''more'' vulnerable to something to balance out their power). Similar to NoSell, except that this trope justifies the immunity. See also OneCurseLimit, when being affected by one thing grants immunity to being affected by ''anything'' else. Compare CurseThatCures, when a sick or injured character is cured as a side effect of being {{Curse}}d. TheHardHat is when a steel plate left in the skull from surgery makes someone immune to MindRape. If the disability is being infected with a disease, it's a BeneficialDisease.

Contrast ImmunityDisability, the inverse of this trope, where being immune to something gives you a drawback.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'':
** Aizen's shikai only affects those who see it. Being blind, Tosen is immune to it, as well. Aizen recruited him specifically because of this; having somebody around with considerable natural talent who's immune to his illusions wasn't something he was willing to risk.
** Kenpachi was immune to Berenice Gabrielli's ability to fill people with self-doubt and make them question themselves because he was temporarily deaf from enduring a sonic attack.
** Rose's bankai only affects those who can hear it. [[spoiler:Mask de Masculine gouges out his eardrums to make himself immune.]]
* In ''Anime/CrossAnge'', the norma, while having no physical disability to speak of, are unable to interact with Mana and shatter it on impact, which results in them getting discriminated, isolated from everyone else and used as CannonFodder against [=DRAGONs=]. [[spoiler:As it turns out, this also renders them immune to everything that affects mana users: debilitating DRAGON screams and mind control, and [[BigBad Embryo]] being able to remotely control and influence them.]]
* ''Franchise/DragonBall'':
** In ''Manga/DragonBall'', Krillin once faced a horribly stinky opponent in the tournament. He was getting mauled until Goku [[StylisticSelfParody reminded him that he had no nose.]] It does beg the [[EarlyInstallmentWeirdness question]] [[FridgeLogic how could Krillin flick boogers at Master Roshi later that day at the same tournament?]]
** ''Anime/DragonBallZLordSlug'': Piccolo orders Gohan to whistle during the final showdown, since Namekians like himself and Slug can't stand the noise due to their [[SuperSenses super-hearing]]. So he himself doesn't have to hear it, Piccolo rips his own ears off; once the crisis is resolved, he [[GoodThingYouCanHeal regenerates them]].
** In ''Anime/DragonBallSuper'', during the multiverse tournament, Krillin uses the Solar Flare on Majora - only to discover that he's ''blind'', and tracks his enemies by sense of smell. In what almost seems like a nod to the above scene, Krillin wins by chucking his shoe at Majora's nose and "blinding" him with foot odour.
* In ''Manga/SaintSeiya'', Shiryu has to blind himself to fight Algol's TakenForGranite powers.[[note]] (He DID try closing his eyes and blindfolding himself, but the magic went through cloth and closed eyelids.[[/note]] This even enables him later on to avoid being fooled by Gemini's illusion of an empty suit of armor, preventing Seiya from striking the illusion (Hyoga was not so lucky, and Shun managed to save himself with his chains but couldn't help Hyoga), and actually sensing the temple exit where Seiya would only see a suit of armor and a wall behind it. Bonus points for the BigBad pointing out [[LampshadeHanging that he should have known Shiryu would be immune]], though it doesn't matter. Cue EvilLaugh.
** Later on, the nigh-invincible God Warrior Siegfried was beset by the hypnotic flute of Siren Sorento. He gouged out his own eardrums...but it was revealed that Sorento's music [[SubvertedTrope pierced the victim's brain directly, and it was impossible for Siegfried to defend himself from it]].
* Alluded to a couple times in ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist''; for example, when the Elric brothers break into the Fifth Laboratory, Ed remarks that his metal hand and Al's armor body allow them to climb over the barbed wire on the fence without injury, and when climbing through a duct, Ed thinks to himself [[TheNapoleon with increasing horror]] that if he weren't so short, he wouldn't fit through the ducts.
* ''Manga/OnePiece''. Usopp is unaffected by Perona's negative hollow because he already has self-esteem issues.
** The fishman Sebastian from the [[Recap/OnePiece3D2Y 3D2Y special]] is immune to [[WorldsMostBeautifulWoman Hancock]]'s charm due to being blind. Unfortunately for him, that just means that Hancock is forced to ''actually'' attack.
* On one episode of ''Manga/InuYasha'', the main characters encounter [[SmallNameBigEgo an elderly "exorcist" with no actual spiritual powers]]. When they encounter the MonsterOfTheWeek, everyone is paralyzed by the monster's extremely high negative energy level - except for the old woman, who doesn't notice anything.
* Erza Scarlet from ''Manga/FairyTail'' [[EyeScream loses an eye to torture]] as a child. We never get to see the damage thankfully, since it scares her closest friend who just proved that, in spite of this flashback being ''before'' he [[BrainwashedAndCrazy lost it]], he was perfectly capable of murder. She gets a fake eye in its place which makes her completely immune to illusion magic and lessens the effects of another [[TakenForGranite spell that requires eye contact]].
* In ''Manga/{{Basilisk}}'', [[spoiler: Koushiro]] is blinded when [[spoiler:Oboro's power-nullifying gaze causes him to lose control of his own ninjutsu]]. His blindness is what lets him defeat [[spoiler: Hyouma Muroga]], as [[spoiler:Hyouma's powers are dependent on eye contact and useless on someone who cannot see anything. And then is cruelly inverted when Saemon takes note and uses his ''voice'' against Koushiro, buying enough time to have Kagero get closer and kill Koushiro with a KissOfDeath]].
* ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'' has an example where the arc's BigBad likes to use a shrinking spell on people. But when he uses it on Yusuke, [[spoiler:it [[HoistByHisOwnPetard shrinks]] ''[[HoistByHisOwnPetard him]]'' [[HoistByHisOwnPetard instead]]. Genkai explains that the spell enters the body through the ear canal and [[DeusExMachina doesn't work if the opponent can't hear it clearly, making countering it]] [[UselessUsefulSpell as simple as covering one's ears]]. Yusuke has water and moss in his ears from being dunked in a pond earlier, so he qualifies]].
* In ''Anime/UmiMonogatari'', Kanon's evil aura protects her from Sedna's darkness.
* In ''LightNovel/IsThisAZombie'', Kyoko made herself immune to Eu's reality bending words by gouging out her eardrums.
* In ''Manga/BlackClover'', Asta has no magic power whatsoever, which is shown to be extremely rare. This means Asta cannot use magic. This also means that the technique of sensing magic aura to track other people's movements and locations does not work on him.
* Invoked in ''LightNovel/ACertainMagicalIndex'': when Index is using a spell called "Sheol Fear" that induces paralyzing confusion in people of faith via a sort of song/wail, a group of nuns counter it by rupturing their eardrums with pens. Sheol Fear doesn't work on the deaf, since they cannot hear the song.
* In ''Manga/JojosBizarreAdventureStoneOcean'': Pucci has the power to [[MakesJustAsMuchSenseInContext remove abilities and turn them into CD-like discs. He temporarily removes his eyesight so that a rainbow won't turn him into a snail with subliminal messages.]]

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In a [[UsefulNotes/TheBronzeAgeOfComicBooks Bronze Age]] issue of his first miniseries, Comicbook/{{Hawkeye}} invoked this, using one of his sonic arrows to fry his own eardrums, rendering him immune to a bad guy's sonic mind control. Since then, Hawkeye has used hearing aids.
* In the graphic novel ''ComicBook/FallOfCthulhu'', one of Nyarlathotep's minions is a shape shifter who takes the form of its victim's loved one. One of the protagonists has lost his memory, and as such is not fooled when the shape shifter changes into his wife (as he doesn't recognize her).
* This happens a lot in ''ComicBook/{{Daredevil}}'', since he's blind (despite his DisabilitySuperpower).
** One of his recurring enemies in UsefulNotes/TheSilverAgeOfComicBooks was the Masked Marauder, who used "opti-blasts" that blinded people.
** The 600th issue of ''[[Comicbook/SpiderMan Amazing Spider-Man]]'' begins with Spidey and Daredevil cleaning out a BadGuyBar. One of them has the power to render someone blind by touching them, and grabs Daredevil, much to Spidey's amusement.
** A Marvel Two-In-One story had Daredevil win a one-page battle with minor villain Mirage, whose only ability was projecting convincing holograms.
** Spidey and Hornhead's first team up was against the Ringmaster and his Circus of Crime. Ringmaster tried to use his HypnoRay on Daredevil.
** His 2014 series features a [[http://hawkuye.tumblr.com/post/116243621212/marvel-i-need-this-to-happen-in-the-mcu-at-some flashback]] to a fight with Hawkeye, back before the hero community knew about his blindness. Hawkeye held a phosphorous arrow in front of him, and it took him a few seconds to recognize his "cue".
--->'''Daredevil:''' AAAAAH! My eyes! [[LargeHam The pain! The PAAAAIIIN--!]]\\
'''Foggy:''' ''(narrating)'' Fun Daredevil fact: ''every single time'' Matt has to improv, he course-corrects by overacting.
** On the flip side, Daredevil himself has occasionally had his LivingLieDetector abilities (which rely on his ability to hear stress-induced changes in heartbeat when someone lies) tripped up by a pacemaker.
** Occasionally referenced in confrontations with the Purple Man; Daredevil is still affected by the villain's mind-control powers, but as his blindness means he's only picking up ''some'' of the signals that allow the Purple Man to control people, he's better equipped to resist the rest.
* In ''ComicBook/{{Preacher}}'', Starr sends a number of operatives who don't understand English to capture Jesse, as they're unable to understand his CompellingVoice and thus immune to it.
* Creator/GailSimone's run on ''Franchise/WonderWoman'' opened with Diana unhesitatingly ''blinding herself with snake venom'' to defeat a gorgon. When the gods restore her vision, she regards it as a nice perk, but would have continued just fine anyways.
* ''ComicBook/{{Nextwave}}''. Forbush Man decides to torment the heroes with their worst nightmare. Apparently Boom-Boom simply didn't have enough of a mind to torment. Compared to Aaron Stack's whose mind was programmed in...
* In ''ComicBook/LockeAndKey'', Rufus Whedon's unspecified mental disability makes him immune to the mind-tampering effects of the Head Key.
* Looking into the true face of ''[[ComicBook/JusticeSocietyOfAmerica JSA]]'' enemy Johnny Sorrow results in instant death. Dr. Mid-Nite, however, proves immune due to his blindness. Naturally, he's a big part of the team's eventual defeat of Sorrow.
* A ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'' and ''Franchise/{{Predator}}'' crossover had Mr. Freeze survive a Predator attack because his body temperature issues made it nearly impossible for it to see him.
* ''Magazine/DoctorWhoMagazine'': In "Sticks and Stones" being dyslexic made people immune to Monos' attack (which was transforming people into language).
* Done for laughs in one ''ComicBook/GrooTheWanderer'' story, where an evil wizard is attempting to read Groo's mind... and fails spectacularly, because Groo is so dumb ''there's nothing to read.''
* During ''Avengers/Invaders'', New Avenger Echo was able to outmanoeuvre the villain D'Spayre because she was deaf, and therefore unable to hear his attempts to influence her into despair.
* In ''ComicBook/{{XXXenophile}}'', supervillain The Eunuch is immune to Orgasm Lass's primary superpower: the [[{{Orgasmatron}} ability to cause orgasm in others by touching them]].
* ''ComicBook/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Season 10'' exploits this in one issue. When Spike and Xander have been seduced by [[EnthrallingSiren sirens]], Xander, in a moment of clarity, takes two plastic drink swords and shoves them in Spike's ears, poking out his ear drums. The deaf Spike is thus immune to the sirens, and manages to kill them before [[GoodThingYouCanHeal his ear drums grow back]].

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''Fanfic/NobodyDies'' has a quite disturbing example of this trope; Asuka ends up weaponising her AbusiveParents-induced mental illness at least twice.
* {{Implied|Trope}} in "Policy of Truth" (a SpinOff of ''FanFic/BothSyllables''), where Irkens' ability to pass in {{Paper Thin Disguise}}s is explained by a mild kind of CompellingVoice. At one point [[HeroAntagonist Dib]], who's immune, mentions that he's tone-deaf; [[MadScientist Jumba]] wonders if this might be related, but we never get an answer.
* In [[http://das-mervin.livejournal.com/tag/revamp%3A%20the%20blue%20hour "The Blue Hour,"]] a ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' hater's attempt to redo the series (but which now seems to be a DeadFic), Bella is noted to have a metal plate in her head from a car accident. Presumably this would have explained why Edward cannot hear her thoughts.
* ''Fanfic/GettingBackOnYourHooves'' has the Ropen, a blind monster that as a result is immune to Fluttershy's [[DeathGlare Stare]].
* In ''[[http://www.tthfanfic.org/Story-16860/MMcGregor+I+Am+What+I+Am.htm I Am What I Am,]]'' the reason [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer Xander]] survived Willow's attacks at the end of Season 6 is revealed to be that he has so little magic[[note]]The only magic present in his body is the amount that comes from having a soul[[/note]] that he's functionally AntiMagic. On the upside, it turns out that it's actually ''easier'' to forge magical weapons the less magic the forger has. On the downside, while he ''can'' learn magic, it's so slow going that it took Xander decades to be able to hold a minor enhancement spell for a full minute.
* Old Man Henderson of ''Fanfic/OldManHenderson'' infamy was already so crazy and had smoked so much marijuana that he dismissed the various BrownNote {{Eldritch Abomination}}s as hallucinations or really ugly poodles, and his dyslexia means that he was unable to read the Necronomicon, rendering him immune to most of its effects.
* ''Fanfic/TwoSidesOfACoin'': Kate [=McMillan=] is unharmed by a disruptor shot to her leg, on account of [[ArtificialLimbs that leg being a prosthetic]].
* Referenced in the ''WesternAnimation/HowToTrainYourDragon'' fanfic ''Blind Spots''- a sequel to ''Black as Night'', where Hiccup was blinded during dragon training-; in this version of events, when facing the paralysis-inducing Flightmare, the writer changed how this dragon's ability worked by making it that people had to see the beast to be frozen by it, resulting in Hiccup being unaffected by its attack.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/KungFuPanda'' -- Po is TheChosenOne not just because [[TimeToUnlockMoreTruePotential he has a LOT of potential]], but because he is [[BigFun just too fat]] to be affected by Tai Lung's PressurePoint attacks.
* In ''Disney/HomeOnTheRange'', Grace is the only cow immune to Slim's hypnotic yodeling because she's tone deaf.
* In ''WesternAnimation/HotelTransylvania,'' crossed over with NoEyeInMagic: {{Dracula}} tries to use his HypnoticEyes on [[BoyMeetsGhoul Jonathan]] to make him leave, but Jonathan's contacts somehow mess it up.
* In ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyEquestriaGirlsRainbowRocks'', [[EnthrallingSiren The Dazzlings']] song does not affect people who are protected by magic or cannot hear it. The main heroes were protected by magic, and DJ Pon-3 [[HeadphonesEqualIsolation never stops listening to her headphones]].
* The baby dragons in ''WesternAnimation/HowToTrainYourDragon2'' are not susceptible to the Alpha dragon's brainwashing because their brains are not mature enough yet.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* In ''Film/{{The Avengers|2012}}'' [[Franchise/MarvelCinematicUniverse 2012 film]], BigBad [[Film/{{Thor}} Loki]] {{brainwashe|dAndCrazy}}s people by tapping them on the chest with his staff. He tries this on [[Film/IronMan Tony Stark]] to no effect, because Tony has an arc reactor in his chest keeping shrapnel from entering his heart.
--> '''Loki:''' ...This usually works.\\
'''Tony Stark:''' Well, [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything performance issues]]. It's not uncommon. One out of five...
* ComicBook/{{Bane}} in ''Film/TheDarkKnightRises'' relies on a gaseous painkiller to numb the pain from his old injuries that would otherwise incapacitate him. And if his fights with Batman are anything to go by, the painkiller has the added effect of reducing pain in combat.
* Due to his inability to form new memories, the hero of ''Film/{{Memento}}'' is the perfect assassin: he acts like a normal guy, and doesn't feel guilt over the people he's killed, ''because he genuinely doesn't remember ever killing them''.
* In ''Film/MyFavoriteMartian'', [[BrainlessBeauty Brace Channing]] is a borderline case. Uncle Martin uses a sort of mind meld on her while copying her form and while the copying ''works'' he's left seriously disorientated by her lack of brains.
-->'''Martin:''' Boy, her head was dark and empty.
* The villain in ''Film/{{Orgazmo}}'' is blasted with the orgazmo ray so many times in the "[[{{pun}} climax]]" of the film that he returns in the epilogue for a SequelHook, proclaiming himself to be a eunuch, and thus immune to Orgazmo's weapon (just like the villainous character they created in the movie-within-a-movie to bump off Orgazmo's character).
* In ''Film/RevengeOfTheSith'', DarthWiki/DarthVader's prosthetic arm enables him to climb to safety even after being burned by lava.
* ''Film/{{Serenity}}'' - Mal is immune to [[spoiler:The Operative's PressurePoint FinishingMove because his back was injured in TheWarOfEarthlyAggression, and the nerve cluster The Operative meant to hit is gone]].
* ''Film/{{Signs}}'': Creator/MelGibson's son has asthma, and an asthma attack prevented him from breathing in the aliens' poisonous fumes.
* The BigBad of ''Film/TheWorldIsNotEnough'' is highly resistant to pain because of a bullet slowly moving through his brain. [[spoiler: The fact he is dying also means he's willing to engage in TheLastDance in order to further the plans of [[BitchInSheepsClothing Electra]].]]
* In ''Film/SpeciesII'' an alien organism sneaks aboard the first manned Mars space flight and attacks the three-man crew, rendering them unconscious for most of the trip back to Earth. Two of the astronauts are infected and turned into [[HalfHumanHybrid Half-Human Hybrids]]. The reason the third astronaut is spared because he carries genes for sickle-cell anemia, though he himself doesn't manifest it. As established in [[Film/{{Species}} the first film]], the alien can detect genetic defects just by touch and avoids procreating with humans who have those. As a side note, the astronaut in question is black, and [[ShownTheirWork most cases of sickle-cell anemia are encountered in people with sub-Saharan African ancestry]].
* In ''Film/WorldWarZ'', [[spoiler:the zombies won't bite anyone who's carrying a serious illness]].

* In ''Literature/ThePiedPiperOfHamelin'', at most three children can get left behind when the Piper plays his alluring music, and are thus able to tell the adults what happened to the others. One is deaf and can't hear the music, one is blind and can't follow the Piper, and one is lame and can't keep up. Different versions use different variations.
* One piece of Japanese folklore holds that IdiotsCannotCatchColds.

* One joke involves a man in a hat making a DealWithTheDevil in exchange for all his earthly desires to be granted. Years later, the devil returns to collect, only for the man to remove his hat, revealing a magnificent flame-red mane. The joke, of course, being that [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark gingers have no souls]].

* ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' mentions one prison guard as being "[[TooDumbToFool too stupid to fool]]".
* Billy Raven from the ''Literature/ChildrenOfTheRedKing'' series is immune from another character's HypnoticEyes because his albinism gives him poor vision.
* Inverted in the Literature/{{Foundation}} Trilogy by Creator/IsaacAsimov. The Second Foundationers have near unstoppable psychic powers, but one character discovers that he can disable them by broadcasting a loud psychic static with a special electrical apparatus while leaving normal people unaffected. He compares this to flashing a bright light in somebody's eyes; somebody without sight (i.e. normal people, without the psychic powers) are not even aware of the light, whereas people who can see will be hurt and incapacitated. [[spoiler:Once he succeeds, however, it is revealed to the reader that it was ThePlan by the Second Foundation itself.]]
* In ''Literature/TheAndromedaStrain'', the titular Strain kills an entire town save a baby and an old man. Turns out that the contagion was actually extremely sensitive to abnormal [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PH pH]] levels. The old man was a nutcase who drank drain cleaner, resulting in the pH of his blood being thrown off, and the baby had colic, and had cried himself into oxygen alkalosis. Previously subverted. If you have normal coagulation, Andromeda will cause your death by increasing it to the point that all of your blood will become solid in the blink of an eye. If you '''don't''' have normal coagulation? It migrates to the brain and destroys all of your blood vessels there.
* In the ''Felix Gomez'' series of novels by Mario Acevedo, two people have been immune to vampiric hypnotism, most likely because it needs total eye contact, and these people both had a lazy eye.
* ''Literature/TheStand'' has Tom ("M-O-O-N spells [insert important item here]"), who's too stupid for Randall Flag's powers of telepathy to locate: "All I see is...M-O-O-N spells moon."
* In ''Literature/TheChroniclesOfThomasCovenant'', Covenant attributes his ability to resist MindRape at the hands of Lord Foul in part to his being a leper: a lot of his nerve endings have died, making him numb against pain, and he's suffered so much scorn, abandonment, and isolation since contracting his disease that it's difficult for Lord Foul to make Covenant any more miserable than he already is. Much later on, his numb hands enable him to use a magic weapon that becomes hot enough to severely burn them.
* The protagonist of ''Literature/TheDayOfTheTriffids'' retains his vision because he was temporarily blinded and could not see the beautiful meteor shower that (permanently) blinded humanity.
* ''Literature/TheNothingEquation'': Captain [=McDowell=], who takes the scientists to and from the bubble, keeps grumbling that it would be better to leave one of his roustabouts to man the bubble because they're too dumb to get spooked like the scientists.
* Jim Gardner from ''Literature/TheTommyknockers'' is immune to the effects of the spacecraft of the titular aliens, as he has a metal plate in his head due to a ski accident. Two other characters experience this to a lesser extent, Ev Hillman (smaller plates in head from a war injury) and Anne Anderson (extremely extensive metal dental work).
* In Creator/LoisMcMasterBujold's ''Literature/TheCurseOfChalion'', Cazaril refuses substantial bribes from the king of Ibra because he has a stomach tumor he expects will kill him shortly.
* In "Literature/TheFrostGiantsDaughter", an incredibly beautiful and seductive woman named Atali mesmerizes men and lures them to her lair...where her monstrous brothers kill them for food. Franchise/ConanTheBarbarian falls under her spell, but manages to slay the brothers, forcing Atali to flee. Later, Conan tries to tell his comrades about this, but only an old warrior named Grom believes him. Grom explains that he encountered the ageless Atali as a youth, where she mesmerized and lured his unit to their deaths. He wasn't immune to it, but he survived because his injuries prevented him from following her.
* Subverted in ''Deathbell'' by Guy N. Smith, which is about a cursed Tibetan bell whose ringing drives people insane and eventually kills them. "Deaf Donald" is introduced and set up to be potentially immune to the bell's effects, but when he hears, he goes insane and dies like the others, as a way of showing the evil bell's noise can even affect the deaf.
* ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'': Bella thinks there's something wrong with her when Edward reveals that he can't read her mind, even though he can read everyone else's thoughts. Edward calls her out on the ridiculousness of that concern, under the circumstances. Spoony and the guys from Podcast/RiffTrax all have a theory about this: Edward ''can'' read her mind, [[TooDumbToLive but there's just nothing there.]]
* The Tin Woodsman from ''Literature/TheWonderfulWizardOfOz''. His entire body was reconstructed out of tin after a series of axe injuries, so he's immune to fire and noxious poppy fumes. (The Scarecrow is also immune to the poppy fumes, but he's not disabled, he's...well...a scarecrow. And he's definitely not immune to fire, because straw burns easily.)
* In ''Ricky Ricotta's Mighty Robot vs. the Voodoo Vultures from Venus,''[[note]]by the author of the ''Literature/CaptainUnderpants'' books[[/note]] the titular vultures use TV signals to {{brainwash|ed}} all the citizens of Ricky's town...except Ricky and his [[HumongousMecha Mighty Robot]], who had earlier been forbidden from watching TV as a punishment.
* ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'':
** {{Invoked|Trope}} -- the Arn, a species adept at genetic modification, purposefully altered themselves so that they cannot be infested by a [[PuppeteerParasite Yeerk]] without rupturing a blood vessel and dying. They assumed this would make the Yeerks leave them alone; instead the Yeerks made the Arn slaves and used them for target practice. By the main events of the series [[LastOfHisKind only one is left]]. They also can't infest a species called the Hawjabrans because their brains are spread in bits throughout their bodies instead of being centralized. So they just murder all eight thousand ones they capture.
** A variant: Yeerks are perfectly able to infest disabled humans, but why bother when there are billions of better hosts available? ([[TortureTechnician Taylor]] was apparently an exception, useful due to her mother's position rather than her own physical ability, and the Yeerks' first priority was to make her physically capable anyway.) When the Animorphs finally decide to expand their ranks they go after the handicapped, knowing that they can actually be trusted.
* In one ''Literature/HorusHeresy'' novel, a Morlock Terminator is rendered totally deaf during a defensive action on the ''Sisypheum''...which proves extremely convenient for him when they come up against [[MakeMeWannaShout the Kakophoni]] of the Emperor's Children. The resultant clash ends very badly for [[spoiler:Marius Vairosean]].
* In ''Literature/WorldWarZ'', one survivor has no legs. A crawling zombie attacks him, and only gets his wheelchair, alerting him to its presence and giving him the time to dispatch it.
* ''Literature/HarryPotter'':
** In ''Literature/HarryPotterAndTheChamberOfSecrets'', looking a basilisk in the eyes causes instant death, but Nearly Headless Nick stares down a basilisk and is merely Petrified (a condition which, fortunately, is curable) because... um... [[OurGhostsAreDifferent he's already dead]]. A few students and a cat also survive seeing the basilisk, and only end up temporarily Petrified, but that's not because of any negative condition like being dead; it's because they didn't look ''directly'' into the eyes. For example, several people (and the cat) saw its reflection, one student saw it through a camera lens, and another student saw it through Nearly Headless Nick's translucent form.
** In ''Literature/HarryPotterAndThePrisonerOfAzkaban'', [[TheAlcatraz Azkaban]] is guarded by joy-eating Dementors that normally drive prisoners insane. Sirius Black was wrongly imprisoned there for alleged mass murder and for the alleged betrayal of his best friends (and Harry's parents), James and Lily Potter. But he still manages to get past the Dementors and escape. This is partly because he switches back and forth between human form and dog form, meaning that in his dog form, his simple animal emotions are harder for Dementors to detect and consume. Also, Sirius is so unhappy already, over the deaths of Harry's parents and over his own wrongful imprisonment, that there isn't really much joy left for the Dementors to eat. This in turn is aided by the fact that he is consumed by thoughts of revenge, which fuel him enough to stave off despair, but aren't happy thoughts, so the Dementors can't take them away from him. And finally, Sirius is so emaciated from his twelve years in prison that (at least in dog form) he's skinny enough to slip right through the bars of his cell.
* The ''Creator/BruceCoville's Book of...'' series has a short story narrated by a basilisk long ago left to guard a treasure-filled tomb. Some robbers force [[BlindAndTheBeast a blind boy]] into the tomb to steal stuff for them, and the basilisk strikes up a conversation with him. The story ends with the boy hiding the basilisk in his clothes when he leaves the tomb. Then the robbers attack him and demand to see whatever he found...
** Another story in another book of that series features a man in a crowded restaurant sharing a table with someone who turns out to be a powerful psychic (or something). The psychic reveals that he and others like him are going to take over the world, then uses his HypnoticEyes to try to erase the protagonist's memory of the conversation. Once the bad guy leaves the protagonist notes that he has to warn somebody, and thankfully mankind has some hope--the smug villain wasn't even smart enough to realize that [[TwistEnding the protagonist is blind]].
* In Creator/ArthurCClarke's story "The Ultimate Melody", a scientist analyzes music to create the ultimate EarWorm... which renders the scientist [[BrownNote permanently catatonic]] when he hears it. His assistant is unaffected because he's completely tone-deaf.
* In ''Literature/{{Dune}}'', one of the two men who kidnapped a Bene Gesserit was deaf, making him immune to her CompellingVoice. [[spoiler: But only ''one'' of them. Oops.]]
* In the science fiction short story "The Ruum," a rogue alien robot [[SuperPersistentPredator pursues a man across the Canadian wilderness]], intent on preserving him in an AndIMustScream state as a specimen ForScience [[spoiler:When the robot finally catches him, though, it lets him go - because he's been running so hard and starving for so long that he's no longer within the weight range of creatures the robot was programmed to preserve.]]
* In ''Literature/{{Watersong}}'', Daniel was in a boating accident which damaged his hearing. As a result, he is immune to the sirens' song.
* According to Literature/TheTalmud, [[Literature/BookOfDaniel Daniel and his companions]] got cleared of sexual immorality charges by virtue of being eunuchs.
* ''Literature/GentlemanBastards'' has a crime lord, the Grey King, intruding on the business of the master of Camorr's underworld, Capa Barsavi. No blade or bolt can harm the Grey King, thanks to his keeping a mage on contract and he can kill with a touch. After accepting the idea of the mage, Barsavi expects that the magic protection is a case of ExactWords and that the death touch might be a rumor the Grey King spreads so nobody tries just braining, drowning or strangling him. He tests this theory by finding a dying old man and offering a generous pension to his family if he'll only touch the Grey King, and if he lives he can live out a life of purest hedonism for his final months. Even so, the old man is held up as the bravest man in Camorr. [[spoiler: Even the Grey King, after murdering Barsavi and taking the name Capa Raza, salutes his courage and agrees to honor Barsavi's deal to him. It's unclear in all that followed if the old man actually got his happy ever after.]]
* ''Literature/MagnusChaseAndTheGodsOfAsgard'' has Hearthstone, Magnus' elven friend who was born deaf. While his deafness isn't generally very useful, it does make him the only one of the heroes immune to the mental attacks caused by [[KillerRabbit Ratatosk's]] shouts. [[spoiler: His disability also saves everyone's lives during the confrontation with Fenris Wolf in ''The Sword of Summer'', as he's equally unaffected by the monster's CompellingVoice and keeps everyone else from falling for Fenris' attempts to lure them into his striking range]].
** Another example involving Hearthstone is that his deafness causes him and his circle of friends to all be fluent in ASL... which turns out to be very useful whenever the group wants to communicate without whatever Jotun they are dealing with hearing.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/MacGyver1985'': In "Jenny's Chance", a deaf racehorse is key to a race-fixing scam involving a high-frequency tone generator due to his immunity to it, as a result of his deafness.
* Gary of ''Series/{{Alphas}}'' is immune to Nina's [[CompellingVoice "push"]] power because he's autistic. Similarly, a character with lie-detector powers is unable to read him because of his lack of affect.
* An episode of ''Series/AreYouAfraidOfTheDark'' has kids being abducted by aliens who use sonic weapons. A deaf girl is immune to the weapons and helps the kids escape.
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' had the episode "Band Candy" where chocolate bars sold all around Sunnydale cause anyone who eats them to revert to their teenage personalities. None of the young heroes are affected, despite Xander eating a large amount of his own chocolate, because they are ''already'' teenagers.
* A man in ''Series/{{CSI}}'' was only mildly injured when he was stabbed in the chest with a fork because the position of his heart was off due to situs inversus -the organs in his body were mirror-swapped.
* In the ''Series/DarkAngel'' episode "Fuhgeddaboudit", Max and Co. meet a transgenic with the ability to control a person's actions. It turns out [[spoiler:that a man with narcolepsy is immune, due to his brain "being wired differently."]]
* ''Series/DoctorWho'':
** In the serial ''Frontier in Space'', the Ogrons are stated to have the best defense against {{mind probe}}s: stupidity. "There's no mind to probe!"
** In the episode "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS32E11TheGodComplex The God Complex]]," an alien minotaur [[EmotionEater feeds on]] [[spoiler:the faith]] of those trapped in its prison by revealing [[YourWorstNightmare their worst fears]]. When Rory shows up, all it does is show him the exit because [[spoiler:he is neither religious nor superstitious and, unlike Amy, does not have an abiding faith that The Doctor will always save the day]]. Also, because after the events of "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS31E12ThePandoricaOpens The Pandorica Opens]]"... there isn't really anything left for him to be afraid of.
** Likewise, in "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS32E4TheDoctorsWife The Doctor's Wife]]" House is only shown attempting to MindRape Amy. WordOfGod says that House ''did'' try to do this to Rory, but simply gave up after he proved immune to it.
** In "[[Recap/DoctorWhoS34E9Flatline Flatline]]," the psychic paper that's fooled everyone except geniuses is defeated by a community service supervisor who [[TooDumbToFool lacks the imagination to picture anything on the paper]].
* In ''Series/{{Farscape}}'' John Crichton was resistant to something that was affecting the crew because humans have eyesight which is far too poor to see whatever it was that caused it.
** Crichton has also been resistant to {{brainwash|ed}}ing because given the number of people who've messed around with the contents of his skull, trying to control his mind is rather like trying to drink milk with a butter knife.
* In the ''Series/{{Fringe}}'' episode "The Box", the titular box, upon being dug up, emits an ultrasound that kills everyone nearby except for a deaf man.
* ''Series/LegendOfTheSeeker'', like [[Literature/TheSwordOfTruth the books]] it was based on, has the "pristinely ungifted" who can neither use nor be affected by anything magical. This is put to use by forcing a pristinely ungifted person to go past magical protections surrounding a magic box that the villains want and retrieving it.
* A more mundane example crops up in an episode of ''Series/LondonsBurning'' in which Blue Watch are called to a fire in the basement of a public library, which happens to contain the Braille section. The two firefighters who go down to search for anyone trapped find a blind woman, who ends up being a great help in getting back out again; between the smoke and the power going out neither of the firefighters can see more than a couple of feet anyway, but the woman they're ostensibly rescuing has considerably more practice navigating by feel.
* In an episode of ''Series/SledgeHammer'', the bad guys try to turn Hammer into a ManchurianAgent by using subliminal messages in a television to alter his subconscious. It doesn't work - Hammer doesn't ''have'' a subconscious.
* An episode of ''Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers'' involved Kimberly's hearing impaired friend being immune to the MagicMusic used by the MonsterOfTheWeek, and as a result, being able to warn Kimberly and thus ruin said monster's plans to ambush the Rangers.
* ''Series/TheOuterLimits1995'':
** One episode called "From Within" starred a disabled guy who was immune to the parasitic mind control worms that took over everybody else in town. When one tries to get him, it shrivels up and dies of starvation. It appears to come out a different ear than it went in. He had a form of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome/Fetal Alcohol Affect Disorder that resulted in him having reduced neurotransmitters that affect emotions--the same neurotransmitters that the parasites happened to feed on. FAS can result in a smaller brain as well.
** Another episode called "Stream of Consciousness" posited a future where all brains were networked and had access to the world database, except for the protagonist, whose body rejected the procedure. This made him pretty much useless except as A) a janitor, and b) the OnlySaneMan when the network became malevolent.
* In the ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'' episode "Is There In Truth No Beauty?", there is a race of aliens said to be so ugly that anyone who sees them goes insane. The GirlOfTheWeek is able to look at them through special glasses, but it's later revealed that the glasses are to hide what she's really doing and she's actually blind and pretending to be able to see (with the aid of a sophisticated sensor mesh draped over her clothes).
* This little exchange from ''[[Series/TheSuiteLifeOfZackAndCody The Suite Life on Deck]]'' episode "Lost at Sea," when the characters are debating whether or not to eat wild fish and risk mercury poisoning.
-->'''Woody:''' Wait, what are the symptoms of mercury poisoning?\\
'''Bailey:''' It causes bad skin, profuse sweating, weird behavior and muscle weakness.\\
'''Woody:''' I won't even notice!
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'':
** Everyone in the vicinity of Famine is eventually driven to extremes of overindulgence, except [[spoiler:Dean, who is so broken that there's no hunger, literal or metaphorical, left in him]].
** Sam is immune to a god who forces people to speak the truth [[spoiler:because he had no soul]].
* Todd from ''Series/ToddAndTheBookOfPureEvil'' proved to be immune to one antagonist's mind control powers because of his attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. This is (sort of) TruthInTelevision; severe mental disorders that prevent concentration can actually prevent a person from being hypnotized, but normal ADHD isn't generally sufficient for this.
* ''Series/TheXFiles'':
** In one episode, Mulder proved immune to some subliminal brainwashing because of his red/green colorblindness.
** In another episode, all the living creatures in a given area die horrifically when their inner ears pressurize and explode out of their skulls. Amazingly, they find a single old woman sitting in her home, unaffected as death surrounds her for miles. It turns out the cause of the hemorrhages was a high frequency sound, and the woman was born without eardrums meaning that there was nothing for the pressure to build up against.
* An episode of ''Series/StargateAtlantis'' has Sheppard as the only character unaffected by a mind-altering perfume because he has a cold and can't smell it.
* The SGC's stargate dialing system in ''Series/StargateSG1''. They did not find the original Egypt Stargate's Dial Home Device,[[note]]"[=DHD=]" for short; a more streamlined usable operating interface than the integrated manual dial in the Gate itself, as well as a power source for the gate[[/note]] so the US Air Force kludged together their own system that works on the gate's integrated manual dial. The SGC's gate dialing system has a very incomplete set of error code report interpretations, and is far slower to dial out than the "touch-tone" dialing that [=DHD=]s provide, and requires a rigged up system to power the gate from the local electrical grid. However, this kludged system made the SGC's gate the only operable gate left in the galaxy after the Goa'uld System Lord Ba'al infected a vast number of [=DHD=]s in the galaxy with a virus that corrupted their dial-out protocols and made them gate to random incorrect addresses. It spread through a "correlative update protocol" that helps the Stargate network compensate for stellar drift, and since the SGC's gate ''has'' no such DHD...
* A frame of mind example occurs in ''Series/TeenWolf'': One of season 3's big bads causes four of the werewolves to hallucinate their worst fears in an attempt to push them over the DespairEventHorizon. This works on Scott, Boyd, and Ethan who each attempt suicide. Not so with Isaac, who has spent years of his life being horribly abused by his father. Upon hallucinating that it's happening again, he simply endures it as he always has.
* On ''Franchise/BattlestarGalactica'', the ''Galactica'' avoids Cylon computer infiltration and destruction because it's not connected to any wireless networks, using such obsolete technology as corded phones. Commander Adama, who was in the last war with the Cylons where they did the same thing, is ProperlyParanoid of this and refused to upgrade them.
* ''Series/{{Haven}}'':
** Nathan is immune to Jordan's AgonyBeam ability because he [[FeelNoPain feels no pain]]. In fact, in several episodes Nathan's lack of sense of touch/pain allows him to function in situations (extreme cold, extreme pressure, etc.) that others can't. In these cases, it's pointed out that he ''will'' still be damaged by whatever the hazard is, but since he can't feel it he can last longer than anyone else.
** In the episodes "Morbidity" and "Mortality", Dwight is immune to the Trouble that is activating people's Troubles without their usual emotional triggers because Dwight's Trouble is always active.
* Ros from ''Series/GameOfThrones'' attempts to seduce Lord Varys but fails because he's a eunuch (he claims to have been {{asexual|ity}} even before then, but it definitely seals the deal, or lack thereof). On the physical side of things, Theon Greyjoy is able to NoSell several repeated [[GroinAttack knees to the groin]] because he, too, is a eunuch.

* It's discovered in Music/TheWho's "Pinball Wizard" that the main character, Music/{{Tommy}}, is fantastic at pinball, something his rivals completely fail to understand given that he can't even see or hear what's going on. Supposedly, anyway, given that he actually ''can'' see and hear but simply has mental blocks that stop him from actually ''reacting'' to stimuli most of the time. [[AmbiguousSituation He might very well be playing the same way as everyone else, evading his complex thanks to the fun he's having.]]
-->''Ain't got no distractions; can't hear no buzzers and bells\\
Don't see no lights a-flashin'; plays by sense of smell\\
Always gets a replay - never seen him fall\\
That deaf, dumb, and blind kid sure plays a mean pinball''

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/{{Champions}}'' powers defined/bought as "No Normal Defense" can become this. An example power from several editions of the rulebook is a sonic [=NND=] attack that bypasses armor, but won't affect a deaf character.
* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'':
** In module A2 ''Secret of the Slaver's Stockade'', the fort's commander is blind and therefore immune to the petrifying gaze of the medusa he uses to guard his treasure.
** This is pretty common in the D&D universe: blind characters are immune to gaze attacks, deaf characters are immune to sonic attacks, unliving creatures and creatures without a discernible anatomy are immune to critical hits, etc. Medusas often use morlocks - a species who live their entire lives underground and are blind - as mooks for this reason.
** There's even a spell that lets you use one sense instead of another for the same effect. The example given was that the caster was "hearing" light to see and immune to the gorgon on the page. It's specifically meant to utilize this trope against monsters.
** ''D&D'' also contains the infamous Explosive Runes, which detonate when read -- unless you're a barbarian, who has illiteracy as a class "feature".
** in 3.5 "Mindless" creatures are immune to mind-influencing effects.
** Averted in the fourth edition, where blind creatures can be hit by gaze attacks, formless puddings can be stabbed in the foot, mindless automatons can be affected with fear spells, and so forth.
* In ''TabletopGame/{{Pathfinder}}'', characters with peg legs take massive penalties to their ability to walk and jump, however they're immune to {{caltrops}} (partly if they have one leg replaced, completely if they have both legs replaced).
* In the ''TabletopGame/NewWorldOfDarkness'':
** Not quite a disability, but there's one [[EldritchAbomination Abyssal entity]] in ''TabletopGame/MageTheAwakening'' that manipulates human behaviour by meddling with social cues -- but people with autism spectrum conditions are less susceptible to this because they don't feel those cues as strongly.
** Vampires in ''TabletopGame/VampireTheRequiem'' have {{Damaged Soul}}s and a feral EnemyWithin that cause them no end of trouble. However, their undead minds are resistant to dream manipulation, they're immune to the shadow-stealing power of Fetches, and the soul-rending Thorns of Arcadia in ''TabletopGame/ChangelingTheLost'' (which leave humans {{Empty Shell}}s) only scratch them up a bit.
* In Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG, the equip spell Flint is an annoying equip spell that weakens the host monster and prevents it from attacking. However, the monster Flint Lock is designed to be immune completely to the negative effects of Flint, and even benefits from extra powers while equipped with Flint, such as being indestructible by battle. Cherry on top, it can even manipulate Flint to contaminate other monsters, or relieve a monster from it to use its protection. This double counts as CripplingTheCompetition and DisabilitySuperpower.[[note]]The two come from the videogame ''Xexex''. The Flint is an alien life form that instinctively reaches out and saps enemies. The Flint Lock was built specifically to control and employ it.[[/note]]
* In the universe of ''Warhammer40K'', Tau are about the only race that have no powers of mind. Now, it sucks because you need powers of mind to feel the Warp, and without the Warp, you're not going to be going through the galaxy all that quickly. BUT, given that the Warp is also the home of the forces of Chaos, not having to worry about Chaos being drawn to them through nonexistent Psykers is seen by the Tau as a Good Thing.
* Leonardo de Montreal of ''TabletopGame/ChuubosMarvelousWishGrantingEngine'' ripped his heart from his chest and used it to power a machine that runs the sun. (It's complicated.) While his heartlessness has inconvenient effects both physical (he loses some power in the light and has a world of blood and fear trapped in there) and emotional (he loses ''lots'' of power if he ever admits to having friends), it also means that the one time Billy Sovereign impaled him it did basically nothing to him.

* In ''Theatre/PokemonLive'', Ash Ketchum is all set to battle a deaf trainer, and Ash sends out his Pikachu, while his opponent sends out his Jigglypuff. Jigglypuff wins the battle by singing Pikachu to sleep...which being deaf, the other trainer can't hear, so the Jigglypuff's trainer is perfectly matched as one of the few people who can't be put to sleep by his own Pokemon's attack.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''Franchise/MortalKombat'':
** In one game, Kenshi saves his friend from an ambush when they're attacked with a flash bomb; being blind he's unaffected. He also says it [[MundaneUtility saves him from]] [[ShowWithinAShow Johnny Cage films.]]
** In the third game, Cyax and Sector are unaffected by Shao Kahn's invasion where he steals the souls of Earthrealm's inhabitants; as cyborgs, [[CyberneticsEatYourSoul they have no souls to take.]]
* Some works featuring undead make them invulnerable, what with being already dead. TheFrozenThrone AnimateDead spell works like this (in the original, the units were vulnerable, but lasted longer).
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyV'' features a Banshee-like boss who charms her victims into submission by conjuring illusions of their loved ones. It works on everyone except the team's BadassGrandpa who, having suffered from amnesia, doesn't recognize his 'granddaughter'.
* ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid2SonsOfLiberty'': Fortune survives being shot by Revolver Ocelot because, thanks to her [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dextrocardia Dextrocardia]], he misses her heart.
* ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4GunsOfThePatriots'': Johnny has no nanomachines to enhance his abilities. So, when there was an attack on the Patriot AI system that affected everyone with nanomachines, Johnny was fine.
* In the ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'' games, there's an aversion: Abra can still be afflicted with sleep despite being said to spend most of its day sleeping and its psychic powers allowing it to function while asleep. In fact, it's one of the best ways to catch one so it doesn't teleport away.
** The ability Insomnia, on the other hand, ''does'' protect against sleep in accordance with this trope.
** In a straighter example, Pokemon that are afflicted by [[StandardStatusEffects Poison, Burns, Sleep, Paralysis, or Freezing]] become immune to all of the others for as long as they're affected. Some players use the Toxic Orb or Flame Orb item to invoke this by poisoning or burning their own Pokemon intentionally (statuses that don't hinder the afflict's attempts to attack, unlike the other three), though there typically has to be some other benefit (usually from Abilities like Quick Feet or Guts) for them to resort to it.
** The Klutz ability, which renders a Pokemon's held item useless, is often mixed with an item that has a harmful effect that can then be swapped to the opponent.
** The ability Comatose effectively makes a Pokémon suffer from permanent Sleep, protecting it from other status conditions. Fortunately, Comatose also lets the Pokémon attack while asleep, so outside of effects that target sleeping Pokémon (which are pretty rare), it might as well just be immune to status conditions.
* The ''VideoGame/HeroesOfMightAndMagic'' series gives us the troglodyte, a blind creature of the deep. Their inability to see renders them immune to the spell blind, known to stop stronger creatures in their tracks. By removing the right creature from the fight for several turns, a single well placed casting of blind has been known to steer the course of entire battles. The thing is, troglodytes are some of the weakest units in the game--even if they were susceptible to blind, chances are no one would have actually wanted to cast it on them anyway, either due to bigger threats taking priority, or the trogs not even being worth the mana cost it would take to disable them. Whether their incompetence lies from their blindness or simply being primitive hunchbacks with spears in a world full of bigger, more vicious fish is unknown.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Portal 2}}'', after [[spoiler:Wheatley [[FaceHeelTurn turns evil]], [=GLaDOS=] tells him a paradox in an effort to kill him with a LogicBomb. Unfortunately, it doesn't work, due to him being TooDumbToFool]].
* In ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'' the Courier is shot in the head and left for dead in the opening sequence. In the "Old World Blues" DLC, the Courier is kidnapped and lobotomized by mad scientists, but the bullet wound causes something to go wrong, and the Courier loses virtually nothing by having their brain scooped out and gains resistance to addiction.
* In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'', being Zombified makes you immune to Death. This means that refraining from curing your Zombification is actually one of the best ways of beating [[spoiler:Yunalesca]], who uses Death on every party member at the end of each round (as long as you remember she also [[ReviveKillsZombie casts high level heal spells on zombiefied characters]]).
** As a consequence of ReviveKillsZombie, TheUndead in ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' games tend to be not only IMMUNE to instant death attacks, but actually HEALED by them. Using Zombie status this way is just making this factor work in your favor.
* Sergeant Johnson from ''Franchise/{{Halo}}''. After "liberating" a crate of plasma grenades to help save his men, he got radiation poisoning which resulted in Boren's Syndrome. According to ''Literature/HaloFirstStrike'', this disease degraded his DNA so much that the Flood wasn't able to synch with his nervous system, giving immunity to infection. [[spoiler:Subverted, as that was just his cover story; he's actually a [[SuperSoldier Spartan-I]]. Boren's Syndrome, a real disease in TheVerse, kills a person before it could ever be weaponized this way.]]
* In ''VideoGame/NetHack'', when you are (temporarily) blinded, you are immune to gaze attacks (such as from a floating eye) and flashes of light (from a yellow or black light). This is incredibly useful when combined with the telepathy ability, which can be acquired by among other things, eating the corpse of one of the aforementioned floating eyes, which allows you to see most enemies while blinded.
* ''VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends'' initially declared that Lee Sin, the Blind Monk, would be immune to blind effects. This didn't carry through to release, mostly because out of about a hundred champions, only two of them have abilities that cause blind.
* [[spoiler: Supposedly]], the reason J.C. Denton and his brother were chosen for experimental nano-augmentation procedures in ''VideoGame/DeusEx'' is due to the both of them having a crippled immune system, which means their bodies would not be able to "fight" the nanomachines (a problem that killed or hurt the other subjects, who suffered from severe allergic reactions).
** The prequel, ''VideoGame/DeusExHumanRevolution'', has protagonist Adam immune to the degenerative effects of augmentation, meaning his whole body ''could'' augmented and he wouldn't need the anti-rejection Neuropozyne, unlike every other augmented human in the world. A side-quest reveals [[spoiler: Adam was genetically engineered to be an augmented human]]. Furthermore, [[spoiler: his DNA forms the basis for the Denton brothers]].
** In ''VideoGame/DeusExMankindDivided'', Adam's immunity also makes him immune to [[spoiler:Orchid, an anti-aug bioweapon that supercharges the body's natural rejection of augmentations. For added irony, Orchid was derived from research of Adam's DNA that was meant to extend his immunity to the masses]].
* A very amusing and twisted example from ''VisualNovel/KatawaShoujo'': after having anal sex for the first time, Emi comments that being in a wheelchair means she won't have to tell anybody why she's walking funny.
* Undead enemies in ''VideoGame/DwarfFortress'' were at one point almost totally immune to piercing damage because their internal organs are defunct, meaning that the normal CriticalHit and bleeding mechanics didn't apply to them.
** they also don't need to draw breath so they can't be dispatched by drowning traps.
* In ''VideoGame/TacticsOgre''; Hobyrim is immune to [[TakenForGranite stone gaze]] attacks because he's blind; and thus can't see the Medusa or Basilisk.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Psychonauts}},'' [[LittleMissBadass Lili]] is kidnapped by the villains shortly after coming down with a cold. Ironically, this means she's too stuffed up for [[MadScientist Loboto]]'s powder to make her sneeze her brain out.
* In ''VideoGame/TalesOfZestiria'' in the cutscene before the Medusa boss fight, Dezel proves immune to Medusa's gaze because he's blind, [[SlidingScaleOfGameplayAndStoryIntegration this carries into gameplay as well.]]
* In ''VideoGame/DragonQuestVIII'', TheHero was cursed as a child, a curse so strong it overrides any other curses. This results in the hero escaping the BalefulPolymorph curse on Trodain, and [[SlidingScaleOfGameplayAndStoryIntegration makes them immune to the Curse status in battle.]]
* In ''VideoGame/ShadowOfTheComet'' the main character has a heart condition which makes him prone to passing out in moments of extreme stress. How is this helpful? Well, the game happens to take place in a [[Creator/HPLovecraft Lovecraftian]] setting, and this effectively limits how much exposure he can have to visions of otherworldly horrors before he quickly passes out.
* In ''VideoGame/GuildWars2'' the sightless [[MoleMen Dredge]] are immune to blind effects.
* In ''VideoGame/MonsterHunter'', monsters without eyes are (obviously) unaffected by Flash Bombs. This includes [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything Khezu]], [[DarkIsEvil Gore Magala]] and [[CastingAShadow Meraginasu]].

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'':
** In the second major arc, Belkar is hung after the Order are captured by bandits, which he survives since he's a 30-pound halfling, and his weight doesn't even pull the rope taut enough to strangle him, let alone break his neck (although hanging upside down for a while does eventually make him a little delirious).
** There's also the, ahem, "squid thingy" that [[TooSpicyForYogSothoth refuses to eat]] [[QuirkyBard Elan's]] brain because his low Int score makes it seem as nutritious as diet Coke. [[GeniusBruiser Roy]] isn't as fortunate, though...
** Invoked in [[http://www.giantitp.com/comics/oots0860.html comic #860]]. Roy sets it up so Durkon's ''[[http://www.d20pfsrd.com/magic/all-spells/h/holy-word Holy Word]]'' spell (which deafens any non-good-aligned characters in range) also affects [[TokenEvilTeammate Belkar]], so that Nale can't use [[CompellingVoice suggestion]] to make him attack them, as he did in an earlier strip.
--->'''Roy:''' It's not a bug, it's a feature.
* ''Webcomic/UnintentionallyPretentious'' often runs on this.
** Only bald Luthor and blind Mia can pull off [[http://www.unintentionallypretentious.com/index.asp?c=94 these costumes]]
** In one HalloweenEpisode, she's also immune to the effects of the Necronomicon.
** In another HalloweenEpisode, she remains human after being bitten by a werewolf because [[http://www.unintentionallypretentious.com/index.asp?c=192 she can't see the moon]].
* In ''Webcomic/WhenSheWasBad'', Anthony, who's been deaf since birth, is immune to Gail's mind-reading. She can't hear his thoughts because he doesn't associate words with sounds.
* In ''Webcomic/CaptainSNES'', The Sovereign Of Sorrow's [[MindRape "Touch"]] causes those affected to lose their hope, happiness, and sanity. [[VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI Kefka]] is immune because he's a [[MonsterClown deranged]], [[StrawNihilist murderous nihilist]], so he didn't have any hope or sanity to lose, and no happiness beyond mad laughter at his own cruelty. So he's too horrible a person to be driven to despair. To be more accurate but also more spoilery: [[spoiler: The Sovereign's Touch teaches victims the AwfulTruth that their life is meaningless, they're nothing more than characters in a game suffering and dying [[HumansAreCthulhu for the amusement of humans]]. Kefka already considered life meaningless and had no greater ambition than destroying things for fun, so aside from the video game angle being a surprise he's just been proven absolutely right]].
* ''Webcomic/{{Darken}}'' has a temporary example: a {{Body Surf}}er is unable to possess a character who's too drunk to think straight, because their mind is too muddled to get a grip on.
* Chapter 52 of ''{{WebComic/Drowtales}}'' has two master [[TheEmpath empaths]], [[ShrinkingViolet Faen]] and Bae'rali, engaging in a psychic MindRape duel. Bae attempts to break Faen's mind with a sense of weakness and helplessness... but Faen, who has endured severe anxiety issues and psychological abuse for much of her life, [[NoSell No-Sells]] it with ease. She then returns fire with a blast of terror strong enough to make Bae weep actual TearsOfFear.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Jericho from ''Literature/WhateleyUniverse'' is immune to the effects of seeing the [[spoiler:Voodoo wolves]] despite a lack of psychic protection because he's blind. Note this is a partial immunity because [[spoiler:he can still be clawed by them]].
* A number of Wiki/{{SCP|Foundation}}s are harmless to the blind or the deaf. (In fact, including "blind guards" as a part of the containment procedure is considered an annoying cliche.)
* A [[http://porcelain-requiem.deviantart.com/art/A-Gorgon-s-Happily-Ever-After-196089530 romantic variation]] with a GorgeousGorgon and a blind man.
* In ''Literature/{{Phaeton}}'', [[spoiler: Siren's blindness protects her from gorgons]].
* Déborah Levinsky from ''Series/FlandersCompany'' is very much TheDitz... to the point it's her actual superpower, as she's immune to PsychicPowers (trying to read her mind invokes the image of an empty grotto). In this 'verse this means even VERY powerful telepaths (who can usually makes YourHeadASplode) are powerless against her. She's even used as a human shield against such an antagonist in season 3.
* In WebAnimation/XRayAndVav, the titular heroes/zeroes [[spoiler:can't be mind controlled because they are so empty-headed they don't have a mind to control]].
-->'''Rusty''':[[spoiler:You need to have a mind to control it! These two morons have the emptiest skulls I know.]]

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfSonicTheHedgehog'': In the episode "Attack on Pinball Fortress," Dr. Robotnik creates a [[StupidityInducingAttack Stupidity Ray]] to use on Mobius, to make them too stupid to do anything against him. When Scratch gets hit by the ray, it has no effect, because he's already [[TheDitz a complete moron]].
* Mort from ''WesternAnimation/ThePenguinsOfMadagascar'' is ''too stupid to comprehend pain''. This led to an odd sort of inverted FlowersForAlgernonSyndrome episode, which involved the penguins lowering their intelligences down to Mort's level so they wouldn't feel the stings when they took on a hive of wasps.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/EarthwormJim'' episode "Lounge Day's Journey Into Night," Jim, despite being without his PoweredArmor, is resistant to evil lounge singers because, as an earthworm, he has no ears.
* ''WesternAnimation/RockyAndBullwinkle'':
** Bullwinkle was immune to Boris & Natasha's [[StupidityInducingAttack Goof Gas]] Attack.
--->"Goof Gas affects the brain and -- no brain, no effect!"
** Similarly in [[Film/TheAdventuresOfRockyAndBullwinkle the movie]], he was impervious to their mind-numbing television programs.
* An example happens in the "Blind Alley" episode of ''WesternAnimation/XMenEvolution'': Scott's ruby visor is stolen by Mystique, and he can't open his eyes without destroying whatever's in front of him, effectively blinding him. But he manages to even the odds by blowing up the lights.
* ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'' once fought a brain-sucking villain. They defeated him by tricking him into attacking the Mayor, who didn't have enough brains to be affected.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'':
** Fry lacks the Delta Brain Wave common in all sapient beings due to an incident involving TimeTravel and [[MyOwnGrandpa doing the nasty in the pasty with his grandmother]], his own sapience possible due to the rest of his brain waves cobbling themselves together like a prom dress made of carpet fragments. The end result is a mind that performs significantly poorer than most others, but is immune to the attacks of the Brain Spawn and possibly Brain Slugs.
** Also, the radioactive slime that turns normal people into mutants doesn't affect mutants at all.
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'':
** An entire subset of jokes involve Joe getting his legs smashed, mangled, or otherwise horribly injured, only for him to laugh it off (or at the very worst, become mildly annoyed), because they're already useless.
** Also, in "[[Recap/FamilyGuyS4E3BlindAmbition Blind Ambition]]", where Peter goes temporarily blind he walks into the Drunken Clam bar during a fire and rescues the trapped bartender. When asked, his reply is priceless.
--->'''Peter:''' [[HowDidYouKnowIDidnt That freaking place was on fire?!]]
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'', Demona goes on TV and casts a spell to make "all who see this, all who hear this" [[TakenForGranite turn to stone]] during the night. One of the few people unaffected was Jeffrey Robbins, a BlindBlackGuy, [[ExactWords who could hear the spell but obviously not see it.]]
* One episode of the ''WesternAnimation/MegaMan'' animated series featured a deaf little girl who was immune to Dr. Wily's sonic form of mind control.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs'' did a similar episode where an elf's deafness makes her immune to Gargamel's pied-piper type device, which zaps the rest of the heroes.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy'':
** One episode had a brain eating alien come to Endsville. The first person he runs into: Billy, [[YourBrainWontBeMuchOfAMeal who's got no brain for him to eat]].
** In another episode Mandy attempts to invoke this when attacked by zombies by sending Billy to fend them off, only to realize they aren't after brains, but rather [[spoiler: [[ItMakesSenseInContext Billy's stinky brownies that Grim hid in his skull (literally)]]]].
** And in TheMovie, Grim is the only one who can claim the MacGuffin that makes people face their worst nightmares, because his nightmare is having to live with Billy and Mandy, which he already has to do anyway.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'':
** In "[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS4E5TreehouseOfHorrorIII Treehouse of Horror III]]" a bunch of zombies leave Homer completely unharmed. They were looking for brains to eat, and after a brief inspection decided that Homer just wouldn't do.
** Ultimately {{subverted|Trope}} in "[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS9E13TheJoyOfSect The Joy of Sect]]"--Homer was immune to a cult's brainwashing because his attention span was so short that he didn't pay attention to it for long enough to work. After struggling with this for a while, they then manage to brainwash him by singing the theme to the old '60s ''Series/{{Batman}}'' TV show with the word "Leader" in place of the word "Batman".
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'', the Monarch tries to kill Dr. Venture by [[JourneyToTheCenterOfTheMind going inside his mind]] and unleashing waves of sanity-breaking mental trauma upon him. But, as Dr. Venture explains, he's ''already'' so miserable that nothing the Monarch does can even faze him. "What can I do to this guy that life hasn't already?"
* In ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfTheGummiBears'', Duke Igthorn's ogres are as dumb as bricks, but this can actually be a benefit for them sometimes. In one episode, Igthorn's plan involves using [[MagicMusic magical bagpipes]] that hypnotize people, which only work on intelligent creatures. (That leaves his men out, so they don't have to do anything while he uses them, the only precaution he has to take being stuffing cotton in his own ears.) In another episode, it's implied that a [[TheFairFolk slumber sprite's]] spell might put Gruffi to sleep forever, but it only works on the ogres for about a minute, because as the sprite says, "they're so dumb!"
* In the ''WesternAnimation/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles1987'' episode "Corporate Raiders from Dimension X", Shredder's plan involves taking over the Octopus Inc. corporation with a brainwashing device. However, because the CEO is hard of hearing and his hearing aid is broken, the device doesn't work on him, so they tie him up and lock him in a closet. When the heroes find him and Donatello fixes the aid, he's able to help them defeat the villains.
* ''WesternAnimation/CourageTheCowardlyDog'':
** In the episode ''Tower of Dr. Zalost'', the eponymous villain fires cannon balls which make the people of Nowhere depressed, but it doesn't affect Eustace as he's already [[GrumpyOldMan cranky and bitter]].
** Another episode had a small bitter man use a machine that lets out a "Curtain of Cruelty" to blanket the entire area of Nowhere and turn all inhabitants cruel so he can be elected mayor. Eustace, already a cruel man to begin with, is completely unfazed by the curtain (in fact he's so cruel that not even Courage's tampering of the machine to create the "Curtain of Kindness" affected him either).
* An episode of ''WesternAnimation/SkunkFu'' had the ninja monkeys attacking the valley while invisible. The only one who could see them was the token dumbass Ox. Panda explains that the invisibility works by using the opponent's thoughts as a distraction, and Ox has no thoughts.
* Subverted in the ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'' episode "Wild Cards". ComicBook/TheJoker has Ace use her powers to drive everyone mad with a look. He claims [[InsanityImmunity he is immune himself because he is already insane]]. Actually, it's because he's wearing a PowerNullifier.
* ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooMysteryIncorporated'':
** In "Where Walks Aphrodite", Angel Dynamite is immune to Aphrodite's pheremone attack because she suffers from anosmia (i.e. she has no sense of smell).
** In a later episode, Shaggy and Scooby are immune to music that forces people to dance to exhaustion because Shaggy's tone deaf and to dogs, music is little more than noise.
* Gobbles the turkey from ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' is sent to a slaughterhouse where turkeys are killed by a blade that whirs across the room at the level of their necks, decapitating them. But since Gobbles is deformed and his head and neck drag along the ground, the blade goes right above him and doesn't hurt him at all.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfSuperMarioBros3'' episode "Do the Koopa", Bowser has a cold which impairs his hearing. When one of his Koopalings tries to use the Doom Dancer Music Box's MagicMusic on him, he can't hear it and is thus not affected.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfJimmyNeutronBoyGenius'', Sheen is so bad at singing that he's the only kid in Retroville who doesn't end up angering the Twonkies, aliens who hate good music but fall asleep to bad music.
* In ''WesternAnimation/{{Ultimate Spider-Man}}'', even Iron Fist and Dr. Strange can't fight their worst fear, but Spidey's worst fear is reliving the day Uncle Ben died. Since he lives with this fear constantly, it doesn't even slow him down, and he actually gets to have a little chat with Uncle Ben.
* After having guns, grenades and bombs go off next to him for years, [[WesternAnimation/{{Archer}} Sterling Archer]]'s [[SteelEardrums hearing]] is so bad that he can put people out of commission by firing guns in enclosed spaces and not be affected himself.
-->'''Archer:''' To me, it sounds like bubble wrap.
* In ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls,'' Old Man [=McGucket=] is immune to [[SecretCircleOfSecrets the Society of the Blindeye]]'s memory ray because his mind is too broken to break anymore. [[PlayingWithATrope Played with]], because the reason he's so crazy is because the ray had ''already'' altered his memory too many times.
-->"You can't break what's already broken!"
* In the short, "Drooley Davey" from the ''WesternAnimation/TinyToonAdventures'' episode, "[[Recap/TinyToonAdventuresS1E34TheWideWorldOfElmyra The Wide World of Elmyra]]", when [[BabysittingEpisode Elmyra babysits Davey]], she warms his bottle to eight million degrees. She is not immediately affected by the hot bottle, because as Buster and Babs explain to the viewers, it takes longer for pain sensations to reach Elmyra's brain than those of more intelligent life forms. [[BrickJoke The pain does eventually reach her brain]] when she follows Davey into his bedroom.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* People with cardiac arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat) are immune to polygraphs (lie-detector tests) that measure stress-induced changes in heart rate, since they're having them all the time anyway. So are sociopaths, who lack a conscience and thus don't feel any stress from lying.
* The Thalassemia trait that appears in some people because of a genetic mutation may provide some protection against malaria.
* This is also true of another genetic disorder, [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sickle-cell_disease sickle-cell disease]] (a.k.a. sickle-cell anemia). Though the heterozygous "carrier" version is even better as you have no symptoms and immunity to malaria, just a chance your kids will have sickle-cells. Similarly, heterozygous carriers of the cystic fibrosis gene are much less likely to die from cholera or tuberculosis.
* It's not much, but being bald pretty much assures your head will be lice-free.
* Many disabilities can exempt people from {{conscription}}, although this depends on the intensity of the war and the disability.
* Some fighter pilots were aided by the fact that they lost their legs. While their counterparts with legs could lose consciousness when the blood in their body ended up in their legs due to intense G-forces, these legless fighter pilots could pull off more intense maneuvers without succumbing to those same effects. The most famous example, Douglas Bader, took this one step further; his leg got caught somehow or other when he tried to bail out of his aircraft, and where a fully able-bodied pilot would have been killed, Bader merely had to ask his German captors to retrieve it from the wreckage.
* People with weaker immune systems are less likely to suffer from allergies, since they're the result of an overactive immune response to something harmless, or catch colds, since the pathogens which cause them are sufficiently harmless that the reaction is similar to an allergy. This is why people killed in the 1918 influenza pandemic were mostly otherwise healthy young adults. The very young and old were relatively unaffected, due to their less robust immune systems, which reduced the damage that could be done.
* [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laron_syndrome Laron syndrome]] causes [[LittlePeople short stature]] but grants resistance to cancer and diabetes.
* In one Story Corps piece, a man [[http://storycorps.org/listen/lendall-hill-lori-fitzgerald/ tells the story of his father's wooden leg]] and different potentially-dangerous scenarios where he avoided pain because of his leg.
* According to Website/{{Cracked}}'s article on "[[http://www.cracked.com/blog/4-modern-countries-with-surprisingly-backward-technology_p2/?wa_user1=4&wa_user2=Weird+World&wa_user3=blog&wa_user4=feature_module 4 Modern Countries With Surprisingly Backward Technology]]," the US military keeps using obsolete technology partly to make infiltration harder:
-->''Then there's what I like to call the "Galactica" factor. In'' Franchise/BattlestarGalactica, ''the decrepit Galactica is the only starship able to escape computer infiltration and destruction by the enemy Cylon race, purely because it's an old, crappy ship that relies on obsolete technology. Similarly, if anyone wants to bring down America's store of nuclear missiles from the inside, they'll have to somehow figure out computer technology that no normal person has used in decades. This means that America's potential missile-silo enemies are now limited to really, really old people and extreme {{hipster}}s.''
* Although strictly speaking not a disease, people with [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gilbert%27s_syndrome Gilbert-Meulengract syndrome]] might well have a slightly more sensitive liver and might be prone to jaundice (hyperbilirubinemia) when their energy is slightly displaced (not enough food/water/sleep) or they've been drinking and some might experience kidney or liver pains after a night of drinking, and some medications might result in severe diarrhoea, there are indicators that they are more resistant to cardiovascular diseases. It is specifically linked to the raised levels of bilirubin, so occasionally pulling an all-nighter, skipping a few meals, or getting drunk is good for your heart!
* Castrated men [[http://vitals.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/09/24/14070451-upside-to-castration-eunuchs-lived-longer-study-finds tend to live longer]]. This is attributed to the lack of testosterone, which has been shown to weaken the immune system and increase risk of heart disease. Castration also prevents the onset of male pattern baldness.
* Contrary to popular belief, UsefulNotes/RasputinTheMadMonk didn't "survive poisoning" - his stomach problems prevented him from eating those poisoned cakes at all. Of course, that wasn't much help after he was shot in the head.
* People with social disorders like autism are not only to various degrees immune to PolitenessJudo due to their own lack of social tact and awareness, but are also more likely to see through the tricks of illusionists since the subtle body language tricks and diversions that illusionists employ are far less effective against people who pay little to no attention to those sorts of things in the first place. For a similar reason, many magicians hate performing for very young children, since they've not yet learned these subtler social cues (and may also lack the politeness that would prevent them from shouting out what the magician is doing).
* Owls' poor sense of smell makes them a SmellySkunk's worst enemy.
* Some armies have actively recruited colorblind people as snipers since, in their eyes, many varieties of camouflage don't blend in.