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->''"Revenge is a dish best served with an extra helping."''
-->-- '''[[ColonelKilgore Captain Young]]''', ''Webcomic/TroopsOfDoom''
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In some situations, it makes sense to let the opponent know that if they so much as sneeze on [[MamaBear someone]] [[PapaWolf you]] {{protect|orate}}, it will cost them a limb. If you have tried an eye for an eye and it really didn't do anything except help sell eyepatches, the only way to stay alive is to be drastic. Pay back any offense tenfold, or even a hundredfold if necessary, until the survivors learn to stay away. [[TruthInTelevision It's a common tactic of militaries the world over]], with some regimes (such as UsefulNotes/NaziGermany) being ''infamous'' for it.

That said, the "Justice" these rivals have in mind is more akin to a brutal beatdown... well, most of the time it ''is'' an actual brutal NoHoldsBarredBeatdown, supposed to culminate in the receiver's humiliation or death. Any attempt to get them to see the (all too obvious) truth, [[ThisIsUnforgivable show mercy]], or realize they're a step away from utterly ruining the receiver's life/committing murder will never succeed. It invariably takes the hero beating the rival, be it in a CookingDuel or GoodOldFisticuffs, and proving RightMakesMight for the poor deluded soul to realize they were wrong all along, sometimes even coming around and realizing that DefeatMeansFriendship.

All too often, these guys [[UngratefulBastard refuse to see reason]]. They promise that they'll come back to kill the hero, and shove his "mercy" and offer of friendship down his wind pipe. It might take the arrival of a plot significant character to clear things up and hand out some EpiphanyTherapy to all involved.

This is not limited to the antagonist's side. God help you if that hero you've harmed has a PoisonousFriend. And all parties to a {{masquerade}}, good or bad, are often required to [[KilledToUpholdTheMasquerade kill any poor schmuck]] [[HeKnowsTooMuch who accidentally sees something he's not supposed to]].

May be used as part of CruelMercy. A common habit for LawfulStupid characters.

Intriguingly, while disproportionate can possibly mean underdoing it, you'll almost never see that happen.

A SisterTrope to FelonyMisdemeanor (treating a relatively harmless misdeed as if it were a serious crime), MisplacedRetribution (the punishment is inflicted on the wrong people), LawOfDisproportionateResponse (reacting to serious matters like they aren't that important and vice versa), DisproportionateRestitution (a means of apology doesn't come close to making up for what the person has done), DisproportionateReward (a minor or major act of kindness is reacted to in this way), ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill (the avenger won't let up even after the victim has stopped breathing).

Compare MakeAnExampleOfThem (punishing someone to deter others), GeorgeJetsonJobSecurity (losing your job for a trivial reason or no reason at all), RevengeByProxy (getting back at those who wronged you by murdering someone close to them), RevengeSVP (ruining parties and other social gatherings for not being invited to them), ShopliftAndDie (shopkeepers killing anyone who tries to make off with their wares without paying), IrrationalHatred (having it in for someone when there's no rational reason to despise them), CycleOfRevenge (where two parties endlessly invoke Disproportionate Retribution toward each other), BerserkButton (something that causes someone to become extremely pissed off and likely cause them to dish out Disproportionate Retribution), EvilIsPetty (villains doing assholish and cruel things just because they can), DieForOurShip (fans bash characters solely for interfering with their preferred shipping), and RonTheDeathEater (fans depict a character as crueler, more spiteful, and otherwise worse than they are in canon simply for not liking them). If the retribution is played for laughs, compare ComedicSociopathy.

Contrast with {{Unishment}} (a punishment that isn't a punishment at all) and RestrainedRevenge (paying back a slight with retribution that is less severe than what was intended before rather than forgive the person in question). Expect the character dishing this out to [[RationalizingTheOverkill justify this no matter what anyone speaks against it.]] Expect someone (doesn't needs be the OnlySaneMan) to be DisappointedByTheMotive if the retribution is just ''that'' absurdly disproportional to the reason.

[[Administrivia/NoRealLifeExamplesPlease Any real life examples,]] [[SelfDemonstratingArticle and we put your fingers through a meat grinder.]]

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