Near opposite of the DirtyOldMan or DirtyOldWoman, where a kid is ridiculously young, but still has some signs of... "interest".

What's most notable is that often, kids or babies are allowed to cop a feel, simply because it's said that [[ChildrenAreInnocent they don't understand what they're doing]].

Note that there seems to be some level of DoubleStandard, since [[AllMenArePerverts most of the examples seem to be male]].

See also {{Kidanova}}, which deals more with the romantic aspects, as opposed to the sexual ones.

Not to be confused with ThePigPen, who is filthy in a different way.


[[folder: Anime and Manga ]]

* Johji from the Death-T arc in ''Anime/YuGiOh''.
* Shin from ''ShinChan''.
* Momoka from Anime/MawaruPenguindrum. She [[spoiler: went missing]] as an elementary schooler. Her Diary is very detailed and specific about how her future life would have gone. This includes sexual activities with her prospect VictoriousChildhoodFriend, Tabuki.
* Anya, one of the three {{Token Mini Moe}}s in ''Anime/{{Gravion}}''. Best exemplified in the episode where she and some of the older maids have Eiji trapped in a game of ''StripPoker.''
** Brigitta as well when it comes to Eiji's "physicals". The only one not an example of this trope is Cecile.
* [[KidHero Aladdin]] from ''Manga/MagiLabyrinthOfMagic'' likes groping breasts a bit too much...
* All of the boys in ''MaicchinguMachikoSensei'' fit this trope but particularly Kenta, who is often the ring leader of the boys and works out several plots to grope, disrobe, or otherwise act pervy to the eponymous Miss Machiko.
* In ''Anime/KillLaKill'', Mataro Mankanshoku knows the teenage Ryuko Matoi is sexy and is always trying to peep at her bathing or changing clothes.

[[folder: Comic Book]]

* The main character of ''ComicBook/LePetitSpirou'' is this. He goes towards a magazine store to buy adult magazines, is in love with his math teacher. Hell, even just looking at the front art gives you a brief indication that he's sexually attracted to older women.
* Titeuf of the comic book named after him. Quite often, he makes sexual remarks and makes works that have sexual references (whether or not intentional).
* Constantinopel from ''ComicBook/DeKiekeboes'' also became this and is still like that. He also is in love with an older women and makes at times intentional sexual remarks.
* Jose, Von Reichter's clone-son from ''{{Cybersix}}'' is a depraved rapist trapped in a 7 year old's body. Even in the LighterAndSofter animated series he often gets rather... grabby around beautiful women.

[[folder: Film ]]

* Baby Herman from ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit''. He complains, at one point, about having [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar "a fifty-year-old lust, and a three-year-old dinky."]]
** But Baby Herman is [[OlderThanTheyLook really that old]], he just ''looks'' like a baby.
** The character he plays as in the shorts may have elements of this, though, with Roger finding an adult magazine (complete with centerfold of Jessica) in his carriage at some point.
* In telling his origin story, DonJuanDeMarco claimed to have started out this way [[spoiler: (but he was lying)]].
* Freddie from ''Film/{{Splash}}'' was a pervert even as a child.


[[folder: Live Action TV ]]

* Lily of ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'' is a kindergarten teacher; in the pilot episode she comes home with a painty handprint on her (white) shirt. Three guesses where.
* One episode of ''{{House}}'' featured a young boy who was Cameron, pinching her butt and attacking Chase when he displayed his "interest" in her as well. [[spoiler:Turns out, the father's testosterone cream had rubbed off on his kids, causing his eight-year-old son to experience puberty and all the [[TeensAreMonsters psychotic hormone changes]] that brings.]]
* Frederick Crane, on ''{{Frasier}}'', grew up in a state of mutual adoration with Daphne Moon. Taking after his father with the ladies, Frederick exploits her maternal streak when he hits puberty, and hugs perhaps a little closer and more intimately than is appropriate. The only person not to notice the change in Frederick's focus is Daphne...


[[folder: Video Games ]]

* In the Eden level of ''DragonsLair'' II, the Cherubs—who look no older than kindergartners—seem a little ''too'' interested in climbing around on Dirk, tickling him, holding him down and spanking him.


[[folder: Western Animation ]]

* The ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' kids, though they suffer from PingPongNaivete (not Kenny, he's dirty though and through!).
** Clyde Donovan is also a honorable mention; he held a speech about lesbian cheerleaders and ditched the World of Warcraft battle to read Playboy.
* [[TheSimpsons Bart Simpson]] (ditto).
* Stewie Griffin from ''FamilyGuy'' (ditto).
* The episode ''Ponyville Confidential'' of ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'', Featherweight was a little disturbingly gleeful while photographing mares in the spa.