[[caption-width-right:180:Hey, we still are in TheEighties: [[StockDinosaurs Deinonychus]] here, not that pipsqueak of [[Film/JurassicPark Velociraptor]]!]]

''Dinosaurs Attack!'' is a trading card series by Topps, released in 1988, and containing 55 cards and 11 sticker cards. The card series was created as a follow-up to the successful trading card series, ''MarsAttacks'', and was similarly intended as an homage and a parody of 1950s B-movies.

The "story arc" of the card series is that [[FreakLabAccident a scientific experiment]] {{gone horribly wrong}}, transporting dinosaurs of many varieties from their prehistoric world to modern times. The dinosaurs immediately wreak havoc upon mankind and chaos reigns as the scientists work to reverse the [[TimeTravel time-travel]] effect. In the end, [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast the Supreme Monstrosity]], patron deity of the dinosaurs (nicknamed "Dinosaur Satan" by some fans; just [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front46.htm look at him!]]) intervenes, trying to stop the scientists. The lead scientist, Elias Thorne, sacrifices himself to the Supreme Monstrosity so his wife, Helen, can succeed and send the dinosaurs back to their own time, tearing the animals apart in the process.

The series is best known for it's [[NightmareFuel incredibly violent content]] and [[{{Gorn}} blood-spattered artwork]]. Scientific accuracy is, needless to say, [[ArtisticLicensePaleontology not to be seen here]]. The old DinosaursAreDragons and PrehistoricMonster tropes are brought out in full force and in a more extreme way than ever before. The [[http://www.chud.com/37133/chud-list-cockblocked-day-1/ whole series]] [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front8.htm was very clearly]] [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front13.htm going for]] RefugeInAudacity [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front33.htm writ large]].

Despite the company's hopes, ''Dinosaurs Attack!'' did not achieve commercial success. [[http://www.chud.com/37133/chud-list-cockblocked-day-1/ Tim Burton was planning on making a movie]], but dismissed it when [[Film/JurassicPark a slightly less obscure dinosaur movie]] was released. Instead he made ''MarsAttacks!''

Eclipse Comics intended to release a three-part miniseries based on the cards, but ended up only releasing the first issue; IDW recently republished that issue and had four new issues commissioned to finish the series.

'''Note''': The images in the cards aren't necessarily {{not safe for work}}, but they can get very, very gory. You will get odd looks if you view them at work.

'''This card series contains examples of:'''
* AscendedToCarnivorism: ''All'' of the herbivores. Well, except ''Trachodon''.
* AnyoneCanDie: And how...
* AWizardDidIt: You'd be forgiven if you ended up assuming that Dinosaur Satan was the one who decided to turn all the plant-eaters into meat-eaters.
* BigBad: The Supreme Monstrosity, as he's the one who caused the attacks to begin with.
* BigCreepyCrawlies: Manhattan has become a prehistoric swamp where giant prehistoric dragonflies [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front32.htm shred women's scalps]] because they are attracted to hairspray. Also [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front38.htm trilobites are deadly, fleshing eating monstrosities.]]
* BlackComedy: [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front4.htm Oh]] [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front7.htm Hell]] [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front13.htm yeah]].
** RefugeInAudacity: The authors of the reboot comic even compare it to ''Film/RoboCop1987'', in that "the violence depicted is so preposterous that it can't help but be funny, which is part of the satiric message."
* DeadlineNews: One of the cards displays the anchors who have been framing some of the action [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front44.htm being attacked]]. The back of the card is "[[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/back44.htm technical difficulties, please stand by]]."
* DinosaursAreDragons and PrehistoricMonster: Like woah. Every species, regardless of diet and mannerisms in RealLife, has come to the present to KillAllHumans. And they are going to do this in the most [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front8.htm horrifically]] [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front30.htm violent]] [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front36.htm ways]] imaginable. And of course, eventually the series involves what can only be described as Dinosaur Satan (see immediately below).
** Perhaps the monstrous behaviour of the dinosaurs is justified, if one assumes that they were simply possessed into destroying all humanity by the "Supreme Monstrosity".
* EatsBabies[=/=]WouldHurtAChild: The Parasaurolophus are especially fond of this.
* EldritchAbomination: The "Supreme Monstrosity."
* FateWorseThanDeath: We get to see what happens when a time-traveling dinosaur suddenly [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front40.htm occupies the same space as a modern human]]. Also, [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front48.htm the eventual fate of all the dinosaurs]].
* {{Main/Gorn}}: Lots of it
* [[spoiler:HeroicSacrifice]]: [[spoiler:Poor Elias]].
* [[spoiler:HerHeartWillGoOn]]: [[spoiler:Helen, as a direct result of the above]].
* HopeSpot: There were [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front31.htm a]] [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front29.htm couple]] cards where the humans won.
* HotScientist: [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front47.htm Elias' wife, Helen]].
* InfantImmortality: [[spoiler: Oh, Lord, is this ever subverted.]]
* JustBeforeTheEnd: Dinosaurs are attacking all over, and yet still the trains are running on time, people are going to work, and the newsroom is still reporting.
* PteroSoarer: Pteranodons apparently really love destroying anything patriotic for some reason. For reference, they [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front6.htm eat the president and his first lady]], and then go on to [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front17.htm nest in Mount Rushmore and feed tourists to their babies]].
* ReptilesAreAbhorrent: It's [[SarcasmMode nice and subtle about it too.]] Once more, with feeling: Dinosaur Satan. Also, around the middle of the storyline, an alien appears in the dreams of the lead scientist and helpfully informs him that HumansAreSpecial and have souls while dinosaurs merely get by on being "savage," "wicked and terrifying." [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/back27.htm No,]] [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/back28.htm seriously.]]
* ScienceMarchesOn: Possibly the IDW reboot;if this image is any indication: [[http://www.idwpublishing.com/news/article/2550]], the dinosaurs will be more realistic in appearance at least.
* ShoutOut: One can see references to [[{{Kaiju}} Gorgo, Reptilicus and Rhedosaurus]] among the depicted creatures.
* StableTimeLoop: "Elias and I hoped to learn why the dinosaurs were wiped out of existence 65 million years ago. Well, we've finally discovered [[PhlebotinumKilledTheDinosaurs what annihilated them... We did]]."
* TechnicalPacifist: [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front24.htm One hadrosaur]]. It is correctly portrayed as a plant eater and, additionally, is the [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/sfront8.htm only dinosaur that isn't killing a human on its sticker]].
** Too bad Trachodon is an obscure genus.
* TeleFrag: [[http://www.bobheffner.com/dinosaursattack/front40.htm One poor guy]] had the misfortune of being in the same spot as a manifesting tyrannosaur and as fused into its belly as it materialized.