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[[caption-width-right:256:Fear the almighty Sorcerers!]]

->''"So this is the first enemy in the game and I can't even get near him because he's shooting bullets all over the place and running away like an asshole."''
-->-- '''WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd''' on the ''Film/DieHard'' game for the NES.

Demonic Spiders: the bane of players everywhere. These are the enemies that will make you [[{{Angrish}} scream in fury]] (or [[TheDreaded quake in fear]]) each time you see them. A product of [[SturgeonsLaw poor]] (or, perhaps, [[ClassicVideoGameScrewYous malicious]]) playtesting, these are the guys which will defeat you over and over again using tactics [[TheComputerIsACheatingBastard that just seem unfair at times]].

The defining trait of Demonic Spiders is that they are ''random'' (or ''common'', in the case of games where RandomEncounters don't happen) enemies that seem unfairly powerful. These are not dangerous because they distract from something else, they are likely what kills you when you're distracted. They are not dangerous because they push you into hazards, they are enough of a hazard by themselves.

Demonic Spiders are the enemies that, for lack of a better phrase, have the deck stacked in their favor. They have more HitPoints, they go swifter, they come in swarms, attacking them deals damage to you, etc. Basically, these are the enemies with annoying abilities granted to them by the programmers that make them exponentially more dangerous than any other random enemy, but no less common.

Demonic Spiders are usually made up of at least one of the following characteristics:

* [[CycleOfHurting Prevent you from acting]] as they kill you (a big one).
** Bonus points if their attacks actually do a relatively low amount of damage, [[DeathOfAThousandCuts yet are still able to eventually take you down anyway]] solely because you can't fight back or retreat.
* Frequently employ debilitating StandardStatusEffects (e.g. Sleep, Paralyze, or Charm). In most cases, these same effects will either [[UselessUsefulSpell have no effect when used against them, or they won't be nearly as effective (or annoying)]].
* Deliver [[OneHitKill lethal]] or [[HPToOne near-lethal]] attacks that are virtually impossible to dodge.
** Or attacks that [[ArmorPiercingAttack ignore accuracy/evasion/defense outright]].
** Have a [[InstantDeathRadius larger melee attack radius than you do when combined with this]], making it all but impossible for a melee-oriented character to get close enough to do his job without getting killed horribly.
* Appears suddenly at a very close range, like a WallMaster.
** Or are almost impossible to see or track at any range.
* Can [[MookMaker duplicate itself or summon reinforcements]] with no apparent limit on how many or how often.
* Require a special type of resources to defeat without extreme skill and concentration and some luck, and that resource is slow to get back. Typically, you'd have use rare precious health/magic replenish kits in case you encounter more demonic spiders, but you'd continue on low health/magic/ammo if there were no more demonic spiders ahead.
* [[MadeOfIron Can take more punishment than a Challenger II tank.]]
* Move in manners impossible for your character (often with greater speed than you'll ever have).
* Are capable of nullifying your primary methods of attack/defense (often reflecting or [[FeedItWithFire absorbing]] it).
* In action games, may have melee based attacks (or counter-attacks) that quickly hit you from a fair distance away and then cause them to retreat in an equally swift manner.
* In {{RPG}}s with a ClassAndLevelSystem, have the ability to [[LevelDrain take your hard-earned levels away from you]], particularly when there's no easy way to gain them back after the battle and you have to gain them back the hard way.

Can overlap with GoddamnedBats. Particularly if {{RPG Elements}} are present, Demonic Spiders can become GoddamnedBats as characters level up. Compare: ThatOneBoss, Contrast: BossInMookClothing who tend not to be so common, and LedgeBats who are dangerous for more indirect reasons.


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