[[quoteright:330:[[TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Asmodeus_3867.jpg]]]]
[[caption-width-right:330:[[NamesToRunAwayFrom/DemonsOrAngels Asmodeus]], [[SatanicArchetype Lord of Nessus]] and [[{{Satan}} King of]] [[Literature/TheDivineComedy the Nine Hells]]. ]]

->''"Know me then by my ''best'' name, mortal... YOU FACE DEMOGORGON! PRINCE OF DEMONS!"''
--> -- '''Demogorgon, Prince of Demons''', ''VideoGame/BaldursGateII: The Throne of Bhaal''

Somewhere between {{Satan}} and the LegionsOfHell are these guys: Maybe the setting doesn't want to deal with a single representative of all evil, maybe they felt dividing the stuff up makes for more fun [[EnemyCivilWar intra-demon politicking]]. Maybe they felt it allowed for more specialization and character, or maybe it's easier to deal with underlings than Old Scratch himself.

For whatever reasons there are these guys: usually with names taken from the Apocrypha, Literature/ArsGoetia or Dante's ''[[Literature/TheDivineComedy Inferno]]'', these guys can be described as Almost-Satan, for when the real deal isn't as fun to use. They're often given fancy titles and pretty much do whatever {{Satan}} would have done had he been present. Also, if you actually kill one or stop their schemes, it's still an accomplishment, but it's hardly a collapse of the demonic system. There will always be another to replace the one that falls. [[HeWhoFightsMonsters Perhaps even]] [[TheStarscream the killer.]] Keep in mind, killing one is a lot harder than it sounds, because miraculously driving one's HitPoints to zero usually involves FightingAShadow.

Common in all sorts of fantasy works, usually serving under a GodOfEvil (or possibly {{Satan}} himself) and [[TheStarscream plotting against them]]. May be the center of a ReligionOfEvil or the true identity of the being worshiped by a PathOfInspiration. This trope is the EvilCounterpart of the CouncilOfAngels, although these guys tend to be a ''lot'' less likely to cooperate with each other. When the EnemyCivilWar breaks out, they're the ones in charge of either side.

Compare and contrast the LegionsOfHell for the grunts and {{Satan}} for the big guy himself. See also OurDemonsAreDifferent. Much like deer, the [[HornedHumanoid size of their horns]] can denote their status. Typically also a MonsterLord. See also, EliteMooks.

The good equivalent are either called [[CelestialParagonsAndArchangels Celestial Paragons or simply Archangels]].


[[folder: Anime & Manga]]
* In the anime and manga series ''Manga/BlueExorcist'', there are the Eight Princes of Hell. So far, the only ones that have appeared are Amaimon (the King of Earth) and Astaroth (the King of Rot). [[spoiler:It later turns out that Amaimon's older brother Mephisto, actually Samael, is one of the Princes, the King of Time. Lucifer, the King of Light, later makes an appearance]]. Other demon princes have been named in [[AllThereInTheManual supplementary material]], but have yet to show up in the story.
* Several Demon lords appear in ''Manga/{{Bastard}}''. The demons have a hierarchy of nobility,with Satan being the top dog. Directly beneath him are the 7 demon kings,- Asmodeus, Astaroth, Baal, Beelzebub, Belial, Bilt & Paimon. Among whom Beelzebub seems to be the one in charge. Further down the hierarchy, we have demons like Konron,who is a Viscount of Hell.
* Chrono and Aion from ''Manga/ChronoCrusade'' are arguably of this class of demon. Both of them are described as being "high ranked" devils. Duke Daffau, the leader of the Pursuers (sort of like a demon police and military) is definitely one of these, too.
* The Godhand are the five most powerful demons of the ''{{Manga/Berserk}}'' universe, and are in charge of creating new demons (and occasionally, new members of the Godhand) when they are summoned by [[ArtifactOfDoom Behelits]]. [[spoiler:They, in turn, serve [[GodIsEvil the Idea of Evil]].]]
* Graf Wilhelm Josef von Herrmann of ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'', a demon of the higher ranks [[spoiler:who was summoned to help in the destruction of [[DoomedHometown Negi's village]]]]. [[DealWithTheDevil He also sells wishes for those interested]]. Order now, and you could get any three wishes for a low, low introductory price.
** Demons appear to be ranked on a scale of nobility. Graf is a Count.
** Poyo [[spoiler: Rainyday]] is said to have a very high rank, enough in fact to be [[LampshadeHanging a final boss]].
* There are seven Satans of Hell in ''Manga/AngelSanctuary'', all of which represent the SevenDeadlySins.
* Kokuyo from ''Manga/{{Wish}}'' by Creator/{{CLAMP}} is the Son of Satan. He's invited to the Bridge with Satan, God and the Four Archangels and is always refered to as being of a high rank in Hell.
* Mazoku-Lords in ''LightNovel/{{Slayers}}'' are the five servants of Ruby-Eye Shabranigdo, this universe's Satan equivalent. Since Shabranigdo is temporarily unavailable, they are free to act as they choose, politick against each other and create more underling Mazoku.
** To date (in the anime continuity): two fragments of Shabradigdo out of seven and two Mazoku-Lords are safely dead.
* In the broader ''Franchise/{{Digimon}}'' canon, there exists a group by the name of the Seven Great Demon Lords, consisting of... well, seven great demon lords: [[BigRedDevil Daemon]], [[EvilSorcerer Barbamon]], [[NeverSmileAtACrocodile Leviamon]], [[BearsAreBadNews Belphemon]], [[BadassBiker Beelzebumon]], [[HornyDevils Lilithmon]] and their leader, [[{{Satan}} Lucemon]]. In actual appearances in media, they've been portrayed rather inconsistently and never together though, outside of the video games (they're the primary antagonists in ''Digimon World Data Squad'', for example):
** Daemon was the BigBad of ''Manga/DigimonVTamer01'', and a [[DiabolusExNihilo random enemy]] in ''Anime/DigimonAdventure02''
** Lucemon was the BigBad of ''Anime/DigimonFrontier'', before being downgraded to a MonsterOfTheWeek in Lilithmon's service in ''Anime/DigimonXrosWars''
** Beelzebumon was briefly a major enemy in ''Anime/DigimonTamers'' before undergoing a major HeelFaceTurn [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone out of guilt]]; a redesign of him appears in ''Anime/DigimonXrosWars'', where he's an outright [[DarkIsNotEvil holy warrior]]
** Barbamon was the big bad of ''Manga/DigimonNext''
** Belphemon was revived to be Kurata's ace in the hole in ''Anime/DigimonSavers''; it's implied that in the early history of the ''Savers'' Digital World, all seven Demon Lords dominated and wreaked havoc
** Lilithmon was a major enemy in ''Anime/DigimonXrosWars'', but for the most part amounted to little more than part of the QuirkyMinibossSquad.
** Leviamon was a case of DarkIsNotEvil in ''Anime/DigimonXrosWars'' - he may have ''been'' evil but still gave his life to save the world and became one of the [[SummonMagic DigiMemories]], the remnants of a heroic group containing such luminaries as [[ThePaladin Royal Knights Omegamon and Examon]]
** Other Digimon considered to be demon lords or other rulers in the [[{{Hell}} Dark Area]] exist, including [[Anime/DigimonAdventure BelialVamdemon]], [[OurVampiresAreDifferent GranDracmon]], and [[Anime/DigimonFrontier Murmuxmon]]. None of these are considered to be part of the Seven Great Demon Lords, though. A new one was introduced as the BigBad of ''Anime/DigimonXrosWars'', Bagramon, the demonic inversion of ''ArchAngelGabriel''.
* This is what {{The Hero}} of ''LightNovel/MaoyuuMaouYuusha'' ''expected'' to find when he stormed into the Demon King's castle. He found a rather more {{adorkable}} queen who's no less of a hero than he is, though of [[GuileHero a different kind]].
* ''Manga/DragonBall'':
** Great Demon King Piccolo is the evil half of God who left his body and descend from the sky and attacked the Earthlings with his army of Mazoku children. Great Demon King Piccolo reincarnated himself into a younger version after being killed by Son Goku. The revelation of Piccolo being an alien did not retcon both Piccolos' status as being demons.
** Dabra is the King of the Demon Realm and also an extremely powerful fellow.

[[folder: Comic Books ]]
* ''ComicStrip/{{Dilbert}}'' has Phil, the Prince of Insufficient Light. He says that he covers 'the little stuff', things beneath Hell's notice. While unpleasant-yet-not-evil people may be darned to an eternity in Heck, he also visits Earth regularly to issue lesser some lesser CoolAndUnusualPunishment to those who have been naughty.
* The Franchise/MarvelUniverse has a huge variety of demon lords, Mephisto and Satannish usually being the most prominent. There's also a Satan, his relation to the others is unclear.
** Mephisto, Satannish and a few others are "brothers" in the sense that they were born from the same "mass of evil energy", possibly the one left after the destruction of the ElderGods. Also, Satan has NEVER officially appeared in Creator/MarvelComics; it's always been some other demon impersonating him. This is a {{retcon}}, probably for politically correct reasons, as Satan was a regular character in the "Son of Satan" (now known as Hellstorm) series in the 1970s. That "Satan" was later revealed to be Marduk Kurios, ''possibly'' a corrupted version of the Babylonian god (but there's someone else claiming to be that deity, too.) He showed up again when Wolverine went to hell. The "Satan" who created Comicbook/GhostRider was revealed to have been Mephisto.
*** Mephisto has claimed to be the source of all evil on several occasions. Of course, Mephisto ''lies''. The true nature, if any, is kept intentionally vague.
*** Well, what with his appearance, being one of the few demons to actually offer humans [[DealWithTheDevil deals with the Devil]] and trying to corrupt pure souls, he's probably the closest thing [[MarvelUniverse the MU]] will ever have to Satan.
*** Marvel did have a "Satan", but that later retconned because of the CCA at the time. Marvel introduced the fallen angel Lucifer into the Marvel universe, but insists he is a different entity than Satan([[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seven_princes_of_Hell#Binsfeld.27s_classification_of_demons which isn't invalid]]). Fallen angels seem to be a different beast than the Mephisto type demon lords altogether.
*** The first appearance of the "Son of Satan" was in an issue of Ghost Rider. Daimon and Satana Hellstrom's and GR's Satan were the same entity, originally.
** It was revealed in a ComicBook/FearItself Tie-in, that the Demon Lords have meetings around Satan's empty throne. Mephisto even mentions, that while Demon Lords like to falsely claim to be "Satan", none of them dare do it near Satan's throne, or even sit on it. If they did, they'd be torn apart by all the other claimant hell-lords.
*** It was noted though by Mephisto that Marduk Kurios really does believe and persistently insist that he is in fact ''The'' real Satan, so for all we know "Satan" may originally have been the official title for the ruler of Hell and not a specific entity, with Marduk the first holder of the title until he was eventually deposed and failed to regain his throne ever since.
*** It should be remembered after all that during the ''Chaos War'' storyline, the ''Devil Powered by All of Hell's Fire'' who personally battled Marvel's biggest BigBad to date, the Chaos King itself (who is the yin to the yang of Eternity himself), in the last stand of the Marvel nether realms, was Marduk Kurios.
** There are also many demon lords who don't go after the title of Satan but have no less nefarious goals, such as Lilith, Blackheart, Asteroth, The Beast Of The Hand and Plokta. All but the latter are confirmed to have different origins than the main group though.
* The DCU is very similar to the Marvel Universe in this regard.
** Amongst the many {{Satanic Archetype}}s that appear within the DCU, top three are Blaze and Satanus, the brother-and-sister duo who were the children of [[Comicbook/{{Shazam}} the Wizard Shazam]]. ''Underworld Unleashed'' later introduced Neron. Other archdemons who were slightly less influential included Abaddon, Asmodel, Trigon, Belial and Lilith.
** The infernal hierarchy was temporarily settled with the "Reign in Hell" miniseries after decades of contradictions. Note: this series renders most of Lucifer's stories (from DC's Vertigo comics) out of continuity.
** As of ''ComicBook/{{New 52}}'', it seems that DC has gone in the direction of treating Trigon--formerly just a ComicBook/TeenTitans villain who wasn't part of the ''Reign in Hell'' storyline--as their version of The Devil.
* By the time Al Simmons becomes ComicBook/{{Spawn}}, Malebolgia has ruled the Eighth Circle of Hell for 70,000 years.
* ''ComicBook/{{Hellboy}}'', of course. Hellboy himself is the son of a Duke of Hell, Azzael. The demon prince Astaroth plays a major role in ''Box of Evil''. And "Pancakes" has cameos by a number of devils of various ranks.
* Doug [=TenNapel=] seems fond of this. In ''ComicBook/CreatureTech'', Dr Jameson makes a deal with the demon Hellcat. And the protagonists of ''Black Cherry'' are menaced by the demon lord Tail.
* ''ComicBook/BlackMoonChronicles'': Pazuzu is the Prince of Demons and TheDragon to Lucifer, the Prince of Darkness. [[spoiler:He is also Wismerhill's father.]]
* In the comic ''ComicBook/SatansHollow'', the Devil is serviced by four lieutenants in his infernal court, namely his Queen (a [[HornyDevils succubus]] with AbsoluteCleavage), his Squire (a [[SpiderPeople spider-esque]] demon), his Executioner (a [[BigRedDevil giant red demon]] with a Nazi cap), and his Reaper (TheGrimReaper with black wings).

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* ''Film/DemonKnight'' has a arch-devil known as the Collector, who distinguishes himself by saying that a particular eye-ball weakness only applies to "lower-level" demons. His [[OneWingedAngel true form]] is the only demon that we see with wings.
* The Cenobites in ''Film/HellraiserBloodline''. Angelique holds the title of Princess of Hell. Pinhead still seems to outrank her.

* The Aash Ra Va of the ''Literature/AstralDawn'' series assume this role on several worlds throughout the multiverse.
* Creator/RaymondEFeist[='=]s [[Literature/TheRiftwarCycle Serpent War saga]] features two demon lords: Maarg and Jakan, both of which are manipulated by other forces.
** The more recent Demonwar Saga elaborates further on this; there are five Demon Kings (Maarg was one, and new BigBad Dahun is another) who each rule a different territory of Hell and continually feud with each other over who gets what, and each is served by numerous lesser demon "captains" like Jakan. There's also a Demon High King, but whether he's a seperate entity or just a title claimed by the currently most powerful king is unclear.
* Hell in Literature/DoraWilkSeries doesn't have Satan figure, replacing it with a bunch of demons, fallen angels and old deities who fell out of favor, with LegionsOfHell as sort of background radiation. Their standing in relation to each other is somewhat blurred: while [[CoolOldGuy Lucifer]] is called the overlord of Hell, [[JerkWithAHeartOfJerk Samael]] seems to be his equal or independent, Leo (leader of local LegionsOfHell) is treated as if he was equal and everybody is afraid of [[JerkWithAHeartOfGold Baal]].
* The Literature/{{Discworld}} novel ''Discworld/{{Eric}}'' features politicking among the demon lords.
* In ''Literature/TheScrewtapeLetters'', some aspects of Hell's Lowerarchy are mentioned in passing. (Yes, Lowerarchy--Hell's bureaucracy is inverted. Satan's title is "Our Father Below".) Screwtape himself is in a middle-management position.
* In the various versions of the ''Faust'' story, Dr. Faustus makes his [[DealWithTheDevil deal]] with the demon Mephistopheles.
* In Creator/DavidEddings' ''[[Literature/TheBelgariad Malloreon]]'', a pair of demon lords become involved in the conflict. This is clearly a very bad thing, such that even the BigBad doesn't want them present, aware that EvilIsNotAToy: they are vastly more powerful than ordinary demons and cannot be controlled by their summoners. There is also reference to a King of Hell, whom the TopGod UL sealed outside reality at the beginning of time.
* ''Literature/GoodOmens'' has both LegionsOfHell and Demon Lords and Archdevils [[spoiler: and Satan himself, at the end]].
* In Creator/PoulAnderson's ''Literature/OperationChaos'', he's not sure whether he's met Satan himself or one of his [[strike:higher-ups]] lower-downs.
* The Balrogs from ''Literature/TheLordOfTheRings'' and the rest of the Tolkienverse. Massive flaming beings ten yards tall, that wield a whip and a gigantic sword and are so immensely powerful that Gandalf, one of the strongest beings in the material world, barely managed to defeat one and soon after died of exhaustion.
** Sauron himself also qualifies, occupying a place between Morgoth and the Balrogs in the demonic hierarchy.
* Referenced in Robert Jordan's ''Literature/TheWheelOfTime'' books, where a solid percentage of the QuirkyMinibossSquad - who are just superpowered evil humans - are named after classic demon princes. Asmodean==Asmodeus, Bel'al==Belial, etc.
* ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'' has brought up the hierarchy of demons once or twice. Archdemons are mentioned as a hypothetical in ''Fool Moon'' and Harry theorizes that the villains in ''Small Favor'' could only have [[spoiler: trapped the Archive with the power of a [[{{Satan}} fallen archangel]].]]
** On a slightly lower level, Anduriel, the FallenAngel who is "partners" with [[HeroKiller Nicodemus]], is stated to have been one of {{Satan}}'s captains during the Fall and is currently probably the most potent Fallen active directly on Earth.
* In ''Literature/{{The Guardians|Meljean Brook}}'', Hell is in the middle of an EnemyCivilWar, and both [[{{Satan}} Lucifer]] and Beliel have lieutenants among the LegionsOfHell.
* In L. Jagi Lamplighter's ''Literature/ProsperosDaughter'' trilogy, their enemies include one of the powers of Hell, and one demon deposed from that position and out to get it back.
* The Dagda Mor from ''[[Literature/TheSwordOfShannaraTrilogy Elfstones of Shannara]]'' is TheLeader of [[TheLegionsOfHell the Demons]] by virtue of having broken anybody else who tried to take the position. Following his death, we learn in ''Literature/HighDruidOfShannara'' that several major Straken Lords, including series' BigBad Tael Riverine, have tried to fill the void since he fell, but have been unable to do so. [[spoiler: The subsequent ''Dark Legacy'' trilogy has Tael Riverine as BigBad again, and heavily implies he has finally succeeded at becoming ''the'' Straken Lord. However, he's KilledOffForReal at the end, and it's unclear who- if anyone- will end up taking his place]].
** In Creator/TerryBrooks' ''Literature/TheWordAndTheVoid'' (which was later retconned into the ''Literature/{{Shannara}}'' verse) the small "d" demons do not have an actual aristocratic hierarchy, with most demons operating solo, playing their own individual role in [[UltimateEvil The Void]]'s plans. Thematically, however, Findo Gask, powerful demon and notorious HeroKiller fullfills this function, forcing lesser demons to obey him, and sometimes acting as The Void's MouthOfSauron.
* Michelle West's HighFantasy meta-series ("The Sacred Hunt" duology, "Literature/TheSunSword" sextet, and "The House War" series) has a powerful hierarchy of demon lords ("Kinlords", as they call themselves; the demons' term for themselves is "the Kin") who work for BigBad [[GodOfEvil Allasakar]]. The Kin aren't ''exactly'' AlwaysChaoticEvil (they're a bit more complex than that), but since their job is to torment unsalvageably evil mortal souls, they're a pretty nasty bunch with a fairly obvious SocialDarwinist streak that the Kinlords most clearly embody. There are ''lots'' of Kinlords, but the main ones are [[QuirkyMinibossSquad the Lord's Fist]] (Ishavriel, Etridian, Alcrox, Nugratz, and Assarak) who are Hell's top generals, and Isladar, who [[EnigmaticMinion has plans nobody is quite sure about]]. Ishavriel and Isladar get the most page-time, and [[EnemyCivilWar they're very much rivals]].
* ''Literature/TheMortalInstruments'' features [[{{Satan}} Lucifer]], Azazel, Samael, Asmodeus, UsefulNotes/{{Lilith}} and many others. At least some are [[FallenAngel fallen angels]]. Asmodeus in particular is one of the nine most powerful, and subordinate only to [[{{Satan}} Lucifer]].
* These are the guys in charge of Hell after Lucifer departs with God in the ''Literature/DemonSquad'' books.
* In the web-novel ''Literature/{{Domina}}'', most demon Powers are named after ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' demon princes, while many vampire Nobles are named after archdevils.
* The Diaboro of ''Literature/TheFirstDwarfKing'' serve this purpose; however, there is a character specifically entitled "The Demon Lord." Interestingly enough, he's more akin to [[{{Satan}} the Big Cheese himself]].
* ''Literature/MyVampireOlderSisterAndZombieLittleSister'': A number of demon lords have been mentioned, including Lilith, Azazel and Shemhazai. It's mentioned that they used to also be known as Archenemies, though that term was later extended to supernatural beings in general.


[[folder: Live Action TV]]
* ''Series/{{Angel}}'' has Archduke Sebassis, "bonafide nobility of the fiery down under" and commander of 40 LegionsOfHell.
** The Senior Partners and the [[EldritchAbomination Old Ones]], such as Illyria, may count as these as well. According to Illyria (herself demoted to a puny humanoid form, implying a high turnover rate in the demon world), the Partners were once [[HarmlessVillain considered a joke]] amongst their peers. Perhaps aware of this, they hid behind "man's law", allowing them to flourish in the litigious modern world.
* In ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' Giles sought to face Barvain, the Demon Prince. But The Initiative got to him first.
* In ''Series/{{Charmed}}'' demons had the Source of Evil and a power ranking for lesser and greater demons; as the series advanced so did the level of power the enemies they faced.
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'': There are several archdemons in the series. Their exact position in the pecking order is usually not revealed, although we know that [[EvilOverlord King of Hell]] and [[DealWithTheDevil King of the Crossroads]] are among the top jobs.
** The named archdemons are Azazel, Lilith, Alistair, and Crowley (the last two being a ShoutOut to the occultist Aleister Crowley), and [[SealedEvilInACan Samhain]]. Their boss Lucifer, who is not a demon but an archangel, sits at the top of the hierarchy ([[SealedEvilInACan despite his absence]]) and is seen by the demons as their GodOfEvil. They are also marked by getting their own eye colours, except for Crowley. Instead of inherently being more powerful, he fought his way to being the King of Hell by sheer {{Magnificent Bastard}}ry and therefore retained the red eye color of the Crossroads demons. The demonic hierarchy goes something like this: [[DealWithTheDevil Red Eyes]] < [[{{Mooks}} Black Eyes]] < [[TheHeavy White Eyes]] < [[CoDragons Yellow Eyes]]
** Abaddon and Cain (yes, ''[[BiblicalBadGuy that]]'' one) are the only surviving members of the Knights of Hell, after Cain wiped them out in revenge for killing his loved one. Despite being black-eyed, they're the first demons handpicked and trained by Cain himself, possibly making them more powerful than even white-eyed demons.
** Season 12 finally explains why Azazel had yellow eyes when no other demon did. He was one of the Princes of Hell, the first generation created by Lucifer after Lilith ([[RetCon but presumably]] before Cain made the Knights), who were meant to act as Hell's generals in the war against Heaven. However, by the time this is revealed, there's only three left, and they're all living in [[RetiredMonster comfortable retirement]].
* The first BigBad of ''Series/SleepyHollow'' is Moloch, the demon god who [[DimensionLord rules Purgatory]].

* The multi-named speaker in Music/{{Voltaire}}'s "When You're Evil" is presumably one of these.
--> When the Devil is too busy and Death's a bit too much
--> They call on me, by name, you see, for my special touch

[[folder: Myth & Religion ]]
* The ''Literature/ArsGoetia,'' the first section of the Lesser Key of Solomon, lists 72 demon lords, along with [[SchmuckBait instructions]] [[DontTryThisAtHome for their summoning]].
* Literature/TheBible mentions Beelzebub as a "Prince" of demons. {{Satan}} himself is also given titles like "Prince of the Power of the Air" or "God of this World" in some Biblical verses. In the book of Revelation, several demonic creatures are explicitly noted as having a rank of power over lesser beings, but the issue [[FanficFuel isn't gone into in detail]]. Later writers were happy [[WordOfDante to expand on that]].
* This is the general role played by the Daevas in UsefulNotes/{{Zoroastrianism}} (theorized to have originally been the gods of the religion that was dominant in ancient Iran during and prior to Zoroaster's life, and the names of several of whom resemble gods from Vedic Hinduism). Traditionally, there are six main Daevas, each corresponding to a particular form of evil: Akoman (Evil Thought), Indar (who freezes the minds of the righteous), Nanghait (Disconent), Sawar (Oppression), Tauriz (Destruction), and Zariz (who poisons plants), though there are a number of lesser ones as well. Collectively, they are evil counterparts to the Amesha Spentas (roughly equivalent to archangels) and are the minions of [[GodOfEvil Angra Mainyu/Ahriman]].

[[folder: Tabletop Games ]]
* ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' has always (except for a brief time in 2nd Edition days) had a plethora of them.
** The LawfulEvil devils are ruled by Asmodeus (probably the most direct Satan-analogue) and overseen by a pretty complicated hierarchy of devils, the most important one being the other eight Archdevils or Lords of the Nine: [[DragonAscendant Bel]], [[ExtraOreDinary Dis]][[ProperlyParanoid pater]], [[{{Greed}} Mammon]], [[LadyInRed Fierna]] (and her father, [[ParentalIncest lover]] and secret co-ruler or [[TheManBehindTheMan "advisor"]]) [[HornyDevils Belial]] , [[SealedEvilInACan Levi]][[AnIcePerson stus]], [[DaddysLittleVillain Glasya]], [[BalefulPolymorph Baal]][[FallenHero zebul]], and [[TheStarscream Mephist]][[{{Hellfire}} opheles]]; there are also a couple of exiles, most notably Geryon and Moloch. The lesser unique devils are known as Dukes of Hell and serve the above as vassals.
*** 4th Edition makes Asmodeus the God of Tyranny instead of an Archdevil. He still is the lord of all devils and the other Archdevils remain unchanged.
*** The TabletopGame/ForgottenRealms used to have the god Gargauth, who was a former Archdevil that had somehow managed to make himself into a demigod of betrayal, cruelty, powerbrokers and political corruption. His titles included 'the Tenth Lord of the Nine'.
** The ChaoticEvil Demons have an "uncountable" number of lords, princes, and monarchs - the most famous being Demogorgon (who looks like a tentacled, two-headed mandrill), Graz'zt (the Abyss's MagnificentBastard), and Orcus (think bat-winged zombie minotaur).
*** Two have ascended from this rank to godhood; Lolth (sometimes Lloth), goddess of the dark elves, who still uses the title 'Demon Queen' - and Juiblex (sometimes Jubilex), the 'god' of blob-monsters, who rated a ShoutOut in the ''Wrath of the Dragon God'' movie.
** The D&D set generally known as Basic and Expert did not have entities called gods, but Immortal status (amounting to the same thing) was given to that edition's versions of Demogorgon and Orcus.
** The NeutralEvil daemons (or yugoloths) have a more shadowy hierarchy DependingOnTheWriter (and edition), although there are the ancient Baernoloths, the General of Gehenna, and the incredibly powerful Oinoloth Anthraxus, possibly the oldest of their kind.
*** At least one source says that Anthraxus may be the current Oinoloth, but there were others as well - and his position was not secure. Each of them had names based on some form of disease.
** Apomps the Three-Sided God is the singular ruler of the gehreleths, a sort of weird offshoot of the yugoloths.
** The Slaad Lords--[[SdrawkcabName Ssendam]] and Ygorl--are the most singularly powerful of the ChaoticNeutral slaadi. These entities play with the trope StarfishAlien style - they're not malevolent, but they are so [[EldritchAbomination alien and insane]] that the mere proximity of them can drive one to madness.
** The ''TabletopGame/{{Eberron}}'' setting has several varieties:
*** The Overlords are the biggest and baddest (they're also called Rakshasa Rajahs, because most of their fiendish subjects are Rakshasas, but setting creator Keith Baker prefers "Overlords" because they're not actually Rakshasas themselves, any more than a god is a really power human). They're tremendously powerful PhysicalGod-level beings who each personify some for of destruction or corruption; [[AbusivePrecursors they ruled the world a long time ago]], but were eventually defeated by the dragons and, since they could not be destroyed, were imprisoned. Now they want out, and they've got loosely-allied cabal of fiendish followers- the Lords of Dust, many of whom fit this trope themselves- working to release them, which would pretty much mean TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt.
*** The quori are a race of quasi-demonic nightmare spirits who are behind the PathOfInspiration and covertly control the nation of Riedra through it, and aim to control all mortal dreams. The most powerful kind of quori are Kalaraqs (intended to be roughly analogous to balors or pit fiends), and the most powerful of ''them'' is the Devourer of Dreams, who is the MouthOfSauron to the Dreaming Dark itself, the GeniusLoci of the DreamWorld which ultimately controls the quori.
*** The daelkyr are less powerful than either of the above, but still nasty pieces of work, being {{Humanoid Abomination}}s who rule over Xoriat, the Realm of Madness [[note]]Though its implied that there are even more powerful things in Xoriat that simply don't care about the mortal world[[/note]]. They tried to take over the mortal world [[BlueAndOrangeMorality for some reason]] millennia ago and were defeated, but many of them are still [[SealedEvilInACan imprisoned here]] (sharing space with the Overlords, though Baker has indicated the Overlords see the daelkyr as small change compared to them), and still have servants/worshippers active.
* ''TableTopGame/{{Pathfinder}}'' started out with a few for each race of fiends and has only expanded the roster since.
** A quartet of fiends have actual divinity status. Asmodeus is both the greatest of the archdevils and one of the [[TimeAbyss two first and original gods]]--he had a kinder [[GodIsGood companion]], but Asmodeus [[CainAndAbel killed him]] and [[UnPerson erased every hint of his name from the face of the multiverse]]. Lamashtu was a demon lord who managed to kill a god and steal their dominion over beasts, allowing her to spread her monstrous offspring through the planes. The Oinodaemon was the original daemon and their absolute ruler until he was overthrown and imprisoned by his lieutenants, though the entire plane of Abaddon remains unequivocally bound to him. Rovagug was a qlippoth lord who cut a bloody swathe through armies of gods before being sealed in the heart of a planet, where he still makes his presence known in the form of [[{{Kaiju}} nation destroying beasts]] that occasionally slip through the cracks of his prison.
** Under Asmodeus, hell is ruled by the archdevils Barbatos[[note]] Not actually a devil, or for that matter anything anyone knows about, but he holds a place in their ranks.[[/note]], Dispater, Mammon, Belial, Geryon, Moloch, Baalzebul, and Mephistopheles, each of whom rules one of its rings. Under them are the infernal dukes, the elite of Hell's society, and the Malebranche, powerful devils each transformed to conquer a mortal world.
** There are countless demon lords, including Pazuzu, Deskari, Abraxas, Baphomet, Cyth V'Sug, Dagon, Nocticula, Angazhan, Abraxis, Kostchtei, Shivaska, Zevgabizeb, and Flaucos. There are also nascent demon lords like Treerazer and Nightripper who are near the final stage of their growth to become lords themselves.
** The NeutralEvil daemons are ruled by the Four HorsemenOfTheApocalypse, Apollyon, Szuriel, Trelmarixian, and Charon. Serving under them are the daemonic harbingers, powerful unique daemons like Corosbel, Folca, Llamolaek, Vorasha, Zelishkar, Stygivod, and Pavnuri who work to further their goals.
** The divs, a race of outsiders made from corrupted genies, are ruled by Ahriman, a shadow of destruction that followed genies into existence.
** Asura ranas are asura who've built on enough cycles of reincarnation to become powerful rulers of their kind. A few of the most well known of their kind are Andak, Chugara, Maeha, Ioramvel, and Taraksun.
** The qlippoth are the oldest beings in the multiverse from the depths of the Abyss, and the oldest of their kind are the qlippoth lords. Given the nature of both qlippoth and the Abyss they're more rarely encountered than the leaders of other kinds of fiends, but Chavazvug, Isph-Aun-Vuln, Oaur-Ooung, Thuskchoon, and Yamasoth are a few of those known. Some of the demon lords, such as Dagon, Cyth V-sug, Jubilex, Mazmezz, and Yhidothrus were once qlippoth lords but became tainted by mortal sin and transformed into demons.
** The Queens of Night are a quartet of fallen good outsiders who remain something distinct from the devils and demons fallen outsiders typically become. They manipulate mortals and outsiders alike, making plans to conquer the planes they once served.
** Kyton demagogues are the apex of their kind, kytons who have risen past the few barriers that restrain their sadistic pleasures. Among their numbers are Sugroz, Kaikyton, and Fharaas.
** Oni daimyo like Akuma, Yabu, and Nataka are the strongest of their kind, though the fact that they actually reside on the Material Plane means they're not as widely known.
** Sahkil tormenters are masters of fear and suffering, perverting the normal flow of souls to the Great Beyond. Some of the more widely known ones are Charg, Nameless, Zipacna, Velgaas, Dachzerul, and Iggeret.
** Rakshasa immortals are rakshasa who've become powerful enough to break the cycle of mortality and become something akin to demigods. Compared to the other fiend lords they're fairly minor, more concerned with their own pursuits and pleasures than worshippers.
* ''TableTopGame/WarhammerFantasy'' has various daemon princes and Greater Daemons that serve the four Gods of Chaos. Of particular note are Kairos Fateweaver, Ku'Gath Plaguefather and Skarbrand, who are available in the game as special characters. In ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'', the fallen Primarchs largely take up this role.
* ''TabletopGame/Warhammer40000'' has rules for Daemon Lords of Chaos, Greater Demons even bigger and more powerful than most of their kind. They are Gargantuan Creatures that cost from between 666 (Slaanesh) to 999 (Tzeench) points so they're only usable in extremely large-scale games, and for a good reason as they can pretty wipe out armies single-handedly.
* ''TabletopGame/InNomine'' has the various Demon Princes: a dozen or so in the core rules and an unspecified number of "minor" ones, some of which have been detailed in the supplements.
* In ''TableTopGame/{{Talislanta}}'', the most powerful devils are called "shaitans", and constitute a race in their own right that rule over the lesser diabolic races.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Exalted}}'' has the Yozis, as well as the Third and Second Circle demons. The hierarchy of Hell established by the Yozi Cecylene declares Third Circle Demons (the [[OurSoulsAreDifferent souls of the Yozis]]) to be Unquestionable, while the Second Circle Demons (and some exceptional members of the lesser orders) are citizens, carrying numerous privileges and protections, while the Yozis themselves preside over the entire thing by virtue of command of the Third Circles [[GeniusLoci and being the substance from which Hell is composed]]. In terms of general function, only the citizens really fit the traditional image; the Yozis and Unquestionable preoccupy most of their time with distant and alien agendas, leaving the citizens to politics and conquest.
* ''TabletopGame/TheDarkEye'' features twelve demons [[EvilKnockoff who act as evil counterparts of the major gods]]. Also there is the Demon Sultan, a true EldritchAbomination in demon form. ("Daemon Sultan", incidentally, was one of the titles for Azathoth in the Franchise/CthulhuMythos.)
* ''TabletopGame/DemonTheFallen'' has these. In fact, they are the bosses (ostensibly) of the player characters.
* ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'' has a hellish plane called Phyrexia, filled with these guys. There's Gix, Davvol, Tsabo, and many others. Some people even ascend (descend?) to this role, such as Volrath, Ertai, and Crovax. The new Phyrexia doesn't have a BigBad, just five praetors who also fill this role.
* ''TabletopGame/WerewolfTheForsaken'' has the Maeljin, grand spirits of malevolence. There are 9 of them, 7 of which corresponds to the SevenDeadlySins (the other two are of Deception and of Violence). They rule over evil spirits, the Maeltinet, who in turn are the totem spirit of the [[TheMole Bale Hounds]]. [[EnemyMine The Forsaken and The Pure hates them more than they hate each others.]]
* ''TabletopGame/WerewolfTheApocalypse'' likewise has the Urge Wyrms, aspect of [[EldritchAbomination the Wyrm]] that lure mankind to ruin through aspects such as Power, Corruption, Lust, Greed, Hatred, and Apathy. They've got their own Maeljin, but these are humans who were so wicked in life that they were offered the chance to become a representative to horrible wickedness, and gladly said yes.
* ''TabletopGame/NewWorldOfDarkness'' has the sourcebook ''Inferno'', who is all about demonkind. The hierarchy of demons go a long way, capping with the Archdemons, who are so powerful they aren't even given stats. It's strongly hinted that the aforementioned Maeljins are the same beings as the Archdemons.

[[folder: Video Games]]
* ''VideoGame/BaldursGateII'', as mentioned above, has you face Demogorgon, the Prince of Demons. You also encounter a "Lesser Demon Lord" in the Drow City.
* ''Creator/NipponIchi's'' TheVerse has this throughout, mostly focused in the ''Franchise/{{Disgaea}}'' games and ''VideoGame/MakaiKingdom''. Multiple Netherworlds are ruled by Demon Overlords; with Demon Lords as the second highest rank; and they often war with each other. Beyond Overlord one starts getting into GodOfEvil level; and this is not [[ThisIsYourBrainOnEvil healthy mentally.]]
** Of particular note is the recurring BonusBoss, ''Tyrant'' Overlord Baal, who is so powerful that even Overlords tend to crap their pants at the sight of him. He's also immortal, being able to eternally recreate himself even if his body is destroyed.
** It should be noted that Overlords were not originally part of this trope, as they're essentially the BigBad and {{Satan}}-equivalent of their universe. TheMultiverse concept just got [[SerialEscalation a little out of hand]], to the point where the entire cast of ''VideoGame/MakaiKingdom'' was made up of Overlords hanging out in the space between Netherworlds.
* ''VideoGame/KingdomOfLoathing'' has:
** Archduke Azazel, who possesses [[MinionWithAnFInEvil odd tastes]] and lives in Pandemonium, one of the largest cities of Hey Deze. {{Satan}} is around, but just [[RockMeAsmodeus enjoys heavy metal.]]
** [[BigBoosHaunt Spookyraven Manor]] has books that tell you of the Nether Planes. A secret chamber also allows you to summon demons if you know their names. One of the demonic names can only be learned by eavesdropping on demons attempting to summon him ''to'' Hey Deze, indicating he's probably not a local.
** "Ol' Scratch" is the Hobo Lieutenant of [[PlayingWithFire Fire.]]
** Infernal Seals dwell in "the Abyssal Plains." Again, there are demons in Hey Deze who try and fail to summon one, implying it's from somewhere else. Seal Clubbers are adamant that no one deserves Seals - not demons, not hippies, not anybody.
** The Lord of Revenge, whose name consists of [[TheUnpronounceable randomized letters]] different for each player. Responsible for converting your Nemesis into their demon form.
* The Barons of Hell from ''VideoGame/{{Doom}}''.
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyI'' and ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV'' each have their own versions of the Four Elemental Fiends, who represent the corruption of the natural elements. Lich, Marilith, Kraken, and Tiamat serve Chaos in the ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyI'', serving as important storyline bosses. The Archfiends that appear in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV'', Scarmiglione, the Blighted Despot, Cagnazzo, the Drowned King, Barbariccia, the Empress of Winds, and Rubicante, the Autarch of Flame, fit the trope better, though, since they have names derived from ''Literature/TheDivineComedy'', grandiose titles (at least in the DS version) and make reference to having some connection to hell, whatever that means in that universe.
** However, unlike the Four Fiends of Chaos, who are actual demons corrupting the elements, the Elemental Lords (or Archfiends) of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV'' are actual spirits of nature, as they tell you in "After Years" while asking to [[NeverSayDie put them back to sleep]].
* The Seven Great Evils in the ''{{VideoGame/Diablo}}'' series, which you will be spending the entire trilogy either killing or foiling the plans of:
** Andariel is the first of the Lesser Evils you kill in Diablo II. She is the Maiden of Anguish and specializes in mental torment.
** Duriel is the second Lesser Evil you kill in Diablo II. He is the Lord of Pain, and specializes in physical torture.
** Belial is the first of the remaining Lesser Evils you fight in VideoGame/DiabloIII. He is the Lord of Lies and specializes in disguise, illusion and manipulation.
** Azmodan is the last of the Lesser Evils, and Hell's premier military commander. He is the Lord of Sin, and commands a group of lieutenants who embody human vices.
** Mephisto, the Lord of Hatred, is the first of the greater Prime Evils you take down in Diablo II. He is responsible for the corruption of the Zakarum church.
** Baal, the Lord of Destruction, is the second of the Prime Evils, and is actually fought in the expansion pack of Diablo II. He's the one responsible for what happens to the Worldstone.
** And last but not least, Diablo himself, the Lord of Terror, the last of the Prime Evils and the BigBad of the entire series. You kill him no fewer than three times in the series (four times if you count Uber Diablo in the Diablo II expansion), and in ''VideoGame/DiabloIII'', [[spoiler:he becomes Tathamet, the original Prime Evil from which all the Great Evils originally sprung, reborn]].
* ''VideoGame/{{Warcraft}}'' has Sargeras the Fallen Titan, a kind of demonic {{Satan}}/GodOfEvil figure, and the über-demons that serve under him, most notably Legionlords Archimonde and Kil'jaeden.
* ''VideoGame/DeptHeaven'' has a complicated system in its underworld--the demons are ruled by the titular lord of the underworld, who oversees the demon gods; the demon gods oversee the Accursed, and the Accursed are in charge of regulating basic {{Mook}} demons. Apparently a demon's intelligence and competence determine its rank, and rank is very important in Niflheim, as survival of the fittest is the only real law. The underworld itself can only be explored briefly in ''[[VideoGame/RivieraThePromisedLand Riviera]]'''s BonusLevelOfHell, but the Accursed and demon gods have starred as enemies in both that game and ''VideoGame/KnightsInTheNightmare''.
* ''VideoGame/NetHack'' features several of these guys. The nastiest by far is Demogorgon, but it is possible to finish the game without meeting him.
* ''VideoGame/{{Dominions}}'' has five Arch Devils, six Ice Devils, and four Heliophagus' who resemble 'classical' devils and have powers related to fire, ice, and darkness respectively, as well as four Demon lords, who resemble well, some of the more bizarre designs from medieval manuscripts.
* ''VideoGame/ShadowHearts'' has Asmodeous and Astaroth as major threats in the second game. Each one of them is powerful enough to wreck the world once fully manifest.
* The ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei'' series, operating on AllMythsAreTrue, have several demon lords and arch devils from Christian, Jewish and Islamic lore making multiple appearances. All of them are unique and each of them are said to command a significant portion of the demons. Lucifer himself is the strongest amongst them and seems to command the fealty of most of his fellow demon lords through sheer AsskickingEqualsAuthority. In several of the games he is one of the main characters' staunchest patrons in their fight against God.
** It should be noted that ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei'' makes a difference between Lucifer and {{Satan}}: Lucifer is the First of the Demons, the FallenAngel who rebelled against [[{{God}} YHVH]], while Satan follows his Judean interpretation as an agent of YHVH's judgement and serves as TheDragon in most of the games.
** ''VideoGame/DevilSurvivor'' features several of these archdevils as major antagonists, all of whom are involved in a ThereCanBeOnlyOne fight over a title known as the King of Bel.
* ''VideoGame/HeroesOfMightAndMagic'' series has a unit called Archdevil in the Inferno town, not to mention many of its heroes are effectively demon lords.
* ''VideoGame/{{Lusternia}}'' has the Demon Lords of Nil: Gorgulu, who is BodyHorror incarnate and an endlessly ravenous incarnate of greed; Nifilhema, who delights in ColdBloodedTorture and [[CombatAestheticist the beauty of combat]]; Ashtorath, TheBerserker and a BigRedDevil, appropriately representing rage; Baalphegar, a GiantSpider KeeperOfForbiddenKnowledge, who weaves plots that span millennia; and Luciphage, an endlessly patient [[TheChessmaster chessmaster]] and their devilishly charismatic leader. The Nihilists guild can form pacts with the Demon Lords, and usually pledge themselves to the service of one above the others (the one whose ideology most matches their own).
* In ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyII'', a central element of the plot is that the [[BigBad Emperor]] has made a DealWithTheDevil (quite literally, according to the [[AllThereInTheManual novelizations]] {{Satan}} himself rules hell in ''FFII''-verse) to summon the LegionsOfHell in order to TakeOverTheWorld. However, when the heroes kill the Emperor, he ends up [[HellHasNewManagement killing Satan and taking over Hell]], and thus the heroes are obligated to journey to the palace of Hell to take him out for good. And it is in the palace of Hell that the DemonLordsAndArchdevils of ''FFII'' are found, two of them even named Astaroth and Beelzebub.
* ''VideoGame/SoliumInfernum'' runs on this trope.
* Ghirahim, the BigBad of ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaSkywardSword'' has the title of "Demon Lord", and he appears to be the leader of the demons of the surface and the most powerful demon next to his master, [[spoiler:Demise, Hyrule's GodOfEvil.]]
* Zarak from ''VideoGame/{{Weaponlord}}'' bears the title of Demon Lord, and it the main target whom the prophesied Weaponlord must face and slay. [[spoiler: Zarak himself [[KlingonPromotion killed his predecessor Raith]] to attain the role of Demon Lord in an attempt to show the old Demon Lord how pointless his rules were.]]
* ''[[VideoGame/RagnarokRoguelike Ragnarok]]'' features the various demon lords of Niflheim.
* ''VideoGame/NeverwinterNights: Hordes of the Underdark'' starts out with a mysteriously powerful drow elf empress leading her forces from the subterranean realm of the Underdark to attack the surface, but it eventually turns out her power is derived from her somehow having bound to her will Mephistopheles, the Archdevil ruler of the penultimate level of Baator (the Nine Hells). As anyone GenreSavvy should be able to expect, he manipulates her out of the way and becomes the real ultimate adversary of the story, intending to take advantage of his being summoned to the Material Plane to conquer the world and turn it into a tenth level of Baator, making him as the ruler of the lowest level the new supreme ruler in place of Asmodeus.
* Morgath of ''VideoGame/AvencastRiseOfTheMage'' is the commander of the hordes of daemons you fight through the game. He's an oddly passive example since he only warred with humanity after a human empire sought him out to use his organs for spare parts.
* The Daedric Princes of ''Franchise/TheElderScrolls'' series, though some are more openly "[[GodOfEvil demonic]]" than others. Some of the biggest offenders are Mehrunes Dagon - Prince of [[DestroyerDeity Destruction]], Molag Bal - Prince of [[TheCorrupter Domination]], and Sheogorath - Prince of [[MadGod Madness]]. For additional information on them (and the other Daedric Princes), see ''Characters/TheElderScrollsDaedra'' sub-page.
* ''You'' in ''VideoGame/NexusClash'' if your character is a Dark Oppressor. There's a whole range of powers that the Oppressor can learn that represent his/her increasing rank in [[FireAndBrimstoneHell Stygia]] and according power to corrupt and rule their immediate vicinity. The catch is that a lot of these powers only work ''inside'' of Stygia and most demons prefer to meddle in the mortal realm, but a suitably ranked Dark Oppressor surrounded by followers is a phenomenally dangerous opponent on their own home turf.
* Ratash, the BigBad in ''VideoGame/PrinceOfPersiaTheForgottenSands'' in the [=PS3/Xbox 360/PC=] version is an evil Djinn that looks [[BigRedDevil positively demonic]] and is described as "a lord among his people". He qualifies since djinns are regarded as the Middle-Eastern equivalent to demons, though not all of them are evil since the Prince's main ally Razia is one of the last good djinn.
* The strongest of ''VideoGame/DungeonCrawl'''s various demons are those represented by an ampersand (&) in the ASCII version. There's Geryon, the gatekeeper to the four Hells. The bottom floor of each branch of Hell contain one of the hell lords (Asmodeus, Antaeus, Ereshkigal, and Dispater), all of whom guard a [[MacGuffin Rune of Zot]] apiece. The endless demonic realms of Pandemonium contain four more named demon lords (Cerebov, Lom Lobon, Mnoleg, and Gloorx Vloq), each of whom presides over one specific level and guards another Rune. Other levels in Pandemonium are each ruled by a randomly-generated Pandemonium Lord, all of whom have a chance of guarding yet another Rune. All of these are extremely challenging {{Bonus Boss}}es since you can find enough Runes to complete the game elsewhere in the dungeon.

[[folder: Web Comics]]
* In ''Webcomic/HolyBibble'', Satan has a council of fallen angels he tends to keep company with, including Asmodeus, Samael, Beelzebub, Leviathan, and Beliel. Among their abilities is shape-shifting, military intelligence, and some measure of straight up reality-warping.
* ''{{Webcomic/Zoophobia}}'''s Major Styx is {{Satan}}'s right-hand man.
* In ''Webcomic/EightBitTheater'' you have various [[GodOfEvil Evil Gods]] fighting for power under [[BigBad Chaos]], Archfiends (the classical four... all with [[DysfunctionJunction their own personality problems]]), and then the legions of hell underneath. All of them tend to be incredibly [[ChaoticEvil evil and devious]], and hell is, well [[FireAndBrimstoneHell Hell]]. Of course, when [[OmnicidalManiac Black Mage]] temporarily [[HellHasNewManagement becomes king of hell]] for twenty minutes, all of these afore-mentioned evil beings (and the universe in general) experience a terrified OhCrap moment complete with OminousLatinChanting. Luckily the [[NiceJobFixingItVillain forces of Evil]] manage to kick him [[RestrainingBolt back into his body]], [[CosmicPlaything and the universe isn't stupid enough to let him die again any time soon]] ([[IronButtmonkey although this doesn't stop it from kicking his ass into the gutter for all that its worth]]). One GodOfEvil ''did'' try to make Black Mage his Archdemon[=/=]Antichrist[=/=]Evil Messiah, but [[SpannerInTheWorks that didn't work out too well]].
* ''Webcomic/{{Darken}}'' gives you the nine levels of hell, each one ruled by a devil. The only ones that are names are Asmodeus of level nine, and the overlord. Mephistopheles on level eight, and Baalzebul on level seven. Apparently the other six levels are boring... [[http://darkencomic.com/?webcomic_post=20050622 Nice Explanation.]]
* ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'' has the three Archfiends (Lee, Nero and Cedric) from the [[CelestialBureaucracy Inter-Fiend Cooperation Commission]].
* ''Webcomic/SluggyFreelance'':
** Lord Horribus, who leads the Dimension of Pain demons, but is still subservient to the Demon King, a literal personification of evil. Also other demon aristocracy like him, at least other Demon Lords and Queens, such as his sister Deplora of the Dimension of Grief.
** The Demon King counts equally well for this and for GodOfEvil.
** There's also K'Z'K, the immensely powerful demon who's supposed to bring about the end of the world and [[spoiler: is actually one of the pillars of reality created at the very beginning as the opposite counterpart of the Creator, imprisoned in the form of a demon in an attempt to stop him destroying creation again and again.]]
* Most of the introduced demon characters in ''Webcomic/HeartCore'' are these, but the leader of them all is Royce.
* The Devils of ''Webcomic/KillSixBillionDemons'' are ruled over by a council of Ebon Devils referred to as the Heretics' Court. They act as something between an aristocracy and the bosses of a criminal cartel, since one of their main functions is to approve of high level criminal activity by other devils. Their other function is to keep the King of Devils imprisoned.
* ''WebComic/MagicalIsland'' is a webcomic about teenage students who have to fight in order to survive. They battle many [[DemonLordsAndArchdevils demons,]] [[TheImp imps,]] [[EverythingsDeaderWithZombies zombies,]] [[OurGargoylesRock gargoyles,]] [[{{Mutants}} mutants,]] [[OurTrollsAreDifferent an ice troll]] and [[PredatorsAreMean predators.]] [[WickedWitch A witch]] manages to conjure demons as well. [[spoiler:[[GreaterScopeVillain The Beast King, who is the ruler of demons, imps, trolls and gargoyles is the bigger threat since this whole plot was his fault.]]]]
* ''Webcomic/DaughterOfTheLilies'': Drath are divided into lesser and greater variants. The greater ones (like Brody) are the really dangerous ones that can leave pieces of themselves inside you.

[[folder: Web Original ]]
* In ''Roleplay/TheGamersAlliance'', each of the four demon hordes has an archdemon leading it, but a few independent archdemons exist as well. The known archdemons are [[EvilOldFolks Hepnaz]], [[FourStarBadass Malphas]], [[HornyDevils Nina]], [[WickedCultured Pazuzu]], [[spoiler:[[VisionaryVillain Vaetris]]]], [[TheAtoner Omaroch]], [[OmnicidalManiac Yurius]], [[EvilMatriarch Nhrakate]] and [[AGodAmI Malakhia]].
* In Roleplay/SuperTeensStuff, Al is a Human who becomes the Demon Lord.
* In Roleplay/ElfenHigh, there are many demon lords, who serve under THE Demon Lord, Azazel.
** [[spoiler: When Azazel dies, Hell is split into many fractions of said Demon Lords.]]
* In ''Literature/TheSalvationWar'', Hell is split into many fiefdoms of various sizes. The ranks of nobility the Demons use is based primarily on medieval Italy and the Holy Roman Empire, with Satan acting as the King/Emperor who allowed the Grand Dukes, Barons, etc. fight amongst each other in order to preserve the balance of power and have no one be able to challenge him. Throw in the basic territorial setup found in Dante's ''Literature/TheDivineComedy'', and you have an idea of the political, technological and geographic situation the modern humans fighting them easily overcame. Following this trope, the largest and most powerful demons were usually regarded as Grand Dukes and Princes. They usually had the best territory, the most wives and offspring, the most powerful armies, and the most favour in Satan's Court. They were also (as mentioned before) [[LargeAndInCharge the physically largest and most imposing Demons in Hell (only trumped by Satan himself)]], as well as [[AsskickingEqualsAuthority the strongest and most feared Demons, with Satan regularly killing off underlings easy-as-you-please whenever he threw a tantrum]].
* Shadowhunter Peril has Asmodeous, Lilith, Abaddon, Azazel, and Samael appear, as well as several other demons created specifically for that universe. An interesting subversion is that Azazel, which is usually another name for Satan or a high-level demon, was a minor Ediolon (shapeshifting demon) who was unceremoniously killed off by Umbra after appearing for a very short amount of time. Little is known about the hierarchy right now, but Lilith is some sort of Hive Queen who is the [[MotherOfAThousandYoung mother of all demons.]] Abaddon is her fourth son, one of the oldest demons, and is an AxeCrazy AnthropomorphicPersonification of destruction. Samael only appeared in a flashback, and was a FallenAngel. Their domain is actually not called Hell, but the Infernal Worlds, since demons are extradimensional parasites, and their exact numbers are not known. There is a king of the Infernal Worlds--Asmodeous, Lilith's first son. Other demons includes [[PrimalFear Agramon]], [[LaughingMad Necarissus]], [[MadScientist Kaos]], [[SeaMonster Leviathan]], [[EnergyBeing Umbra]], [[AnIcePerson Nix]], and [[PlayingWithFire Ignis]] (the latter three aren't evil--Umbra and Ignis are WhiteSheep while Nix did a FaceHeelTurn).
* ''Literature/VoidDomain'' introduces one of the 72 Pillars of Hell: the original, most powerful demons created by Void, and the templates from whom all subsequent lesser demons are based. [[spoiler:That he allows himself to be bound in a contract to teach at Brakket is probably very concerning.]]
* [[WebAnimation/TheSevenSinisters The Seven Sinisters]] is a Youtube Cartoon [[https://www.youtube.com/user/PoundToundHound By PoundToundHound]] about [[DemonLordsAndArchdevils the seven princes of hell]] living in an apartment with a crazy slime girl trying to kill them, along with them turning evil in each episode. The show also features [[SevenHeavenlyVirtues The Seven Heavenly Virtues]] as the sinisters mothers. In a particularly creative touch, Envy and Wrath are depicted as twin sisters.


[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/RockosModernLife'' features an arch-demon named [[FluffyTheTerrible Peaches]]. Although he isn't the absolute ruler of [[GoshDangItToHeck Heck]]; that title belongs to an ill-tempered shadowy figure in a beanie.
* Hunson Abadeer, ruler of the Nightosphere in ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime''
* Lucius Heinous I-VII have all ruled the Hell-like world of Miseryville in ''WesternAnimation/JimmyTwoShoes'' (although only Lucius Heinous I was actually competent at it).
* The Demon Sorcerers in ''WesternAnimation/JackieChanAdventures'' are a [[BigScrewedUpFamily family]] of eight [[CompleteImmortality immortal]] demon siblings who once [[EvilOverlord ruled]] [[SorcerousOverlord the]] Earth with an iron fist before they were sealed in the [[PrisonDimension Nether]][[PhantomZone world]]. They each [[ElementalEmbodiment represent elements]] that appear in UsefulNotes/BaGua.
** There's also Tarakudo, who's an {{Oni}}, a Japanese demon. He leads vast [[LivingShadow Shadowhkan]] armies with his nine Oni Generals and is called "King of all Shadowkhan" and "Lord of all Oni".