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''Dead Meets Lead'' is a [[TopDownView Top Down]] HackAndSlash game by Swedish [[IndieGame indie developer]] Keldyn Interactive, released on May 3rd, 2011 for PC via digital download.

[[TheColonialPeriod It is 1716.]] TheBritishEmpire has uncovered evidence of [[ThePlague a deadly plague]] ravaging the tropical islands of El Mirando and Rugged Nest. TheChurch, suspecting [[BurnTheWitch witchcraft]] and [[BlackMagic foul sorcery]], assembles [[SendInTheSearchTeam a strike team]] of good, god-fearing English soldiers to go in and clean house. However, a storm strikes their ship en-route, and [[KillEmAll it sinks with all hands]] [[SoleSurvivor save one]]. [[PlayerCharacter You are]] TheCaptain, [[AntiHero a ruthless]] BloodKnight. [[KnightTemplar As a fanatically devout Christian,]] [[{{Determinator}} you have sworn to cleanse the island of infection-]] [[ZombieInfectee in spite of being infected yourself.]]

Players control TheCaptain with the WASD keys to move and the mouse to aim and shoot/slash, and proceed to hack their way through hordes (and we do mean ''[[MultiMookMelee hordes]]'') [[NightOfTheLivingMooks of zombies.]] Each level is divided into stages, and [[FindTheCure the objective is to reach a chest on the far end that contains]] [[MacGuffin an antidote vial to stave off the infection.]] At the player's disposal are three different melee weapons and four different guns. Players earn silver and gold coins for slaying zombies and completing levels, and they are used to purchase new weapons and unlock new levels, respectively.

[[SoOkayItsAverage Reviews were mixed.]] But digital pirates certainly thought it was good, [[DigitalPiracyIsEvil so good in fact, that the game was complete financial failure for the developer.]] As of January 1st, 2012, the game is available as [[FreewareGames freeware]]. Get it [[http://deadmeetslead.com/ here.]]
!!''Dead Meets Lead'' provides examples of:

* {{BFG}}: All the guns are fairly large, but first place goes to the portable ''cannon''.
* {{BFS}}: The Captain's ''Spada de lato'' is easily as long as he is tall, and he's [[TheBigGuy a pretty tall guy.]]
* BladeOnAStick: You can buy a spear. [[CompetitiveBalance It of course has a longer reach then the sword, but deals less damage.]]
* BorderPatrol: Wondering off the beaten path will cause a "Malaria!" message to flash on screen and The Captain to get nipped by large tropical bugs [[StandardStatusEffects and slowed down]] until you get back on the road.
* BringMyRedJacket: The Captain certainly brought his.
* TheCaptain
* CosmeticAward: Achievements ahoy, Captain.
* ChargeMeter: You have a "rage meter" that builds as TheCaptain deals and takes damage. It goes up by levels, each level making him more powerful. A portion of it can be used to execute the "Slam" or "Ghost Bullet" SpecialAttack.
* DropTheHammer: A large, two-handed war hammer is available. [[CompetitiveBalance It's slower and has less reach then the sword, but inflicts more damage.]]
* EliteMooks: [[HollywoodVoodoo Voodoo priests]] are encountered in later levels. They [[EnemySummoner can summon zombies]], call down [[KillItWithFire a pillar of fire]] on The Captain's position, and if he gets too close, the priests can spray a jet of DeadlyGas at him.
* EliteZombie: And they're ColorCodedForYourConvenience. Dark green zombies [[StandardStatusEffects can immobilize]] The Captain with a fishing net, while purple ones can [[StatusBuff cast a defensive buff]] on other zombies nearby.
* GatlingGood: [[SchizoTech yup.]] A SteamPunk-styled, hand-held Gatling rifle, no less.
* MacGuffin: The antidote vials.
* MultiMookMelee: The number of zombies on screen can reach staggering amounts.
* NightOfTheLivingMooks
* OneHitPolykill: The Cannon hits multiple enemies in a line. The "Ghost Bullet" SpecialAttack doesn't actually harm the zombies it passes through, [[StuffBlowingUp but it explodes]] when it reaches what you aimed at.
* PiranhaProblem: [[BorderPatrol Any body of water deeper then ankle-depth]] is filled with ill-tempered piranha that will chew off The Captain's health- [[ExtremeOmnivore but they'll also do this to zombies.]] Getting ten zombies killed in this way gets you the "Fish Food" [[CosmeticAward achievement.]]
* RaisingTheSteaks: Literally- zombie cows! Dogs, also. The dogs are GoddamnedBats and are best fought using a gun.
* ShockwaveStomp: The "Slam" attack, usable while any melee weapon is out. The Captain pulls out a HyperspaceMallet and slams the ground, stunning any nearby zombies and usually outright killing any caught in the direct impact.
* ShortRangeShotgun: The starting blunderbuss behaves like this, inflicting massive damage over a short cone.
* SuperMode: Of sorts. Though the power increase he gets is only incremental, if the Captain's [[UnstoppableRage rage level]] builds high enough [[PowerGivesYouWings he sprouts]] [[GoodWingsEvilWings phantasmal red angel wings]] and his [[GlowingEyesOfDoom eyes start glowing]] [[RedEyesTakeWarning red.]]
* UnstoppableRage: Hurting The Captain just makes him mad. And the madder he gets, the more powerful he is in combat.
* VagueAge: His actual age is anyone's guess, but [[BadassGrandpa the years]] [[OldSoldier have clearly not been kind]] to The Captain.
* VampireRefugee: Dispite being infected with [[ThePlague a zombie plague,]] The Captain's situation is played more like this.