Dave Johnson is an American ComicBook artist. He usually only does covers, in part for his fondness of DesignStudentsOrgasm. His deviantArt page can be found [[http://devilpig.deviantart.com here]].

!!'''Titles Dave Johnson has done covers for'''
* ''ComicBook/OneHundredBullets''
* ''AbeSapien''
* ''ComicBook/AgentsOfAtlas''
* ''{{BPRD}}''
* ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'', various titles.
* ''{{d20Modern}}''
* ''{{Deadpool}}''
* ''FreedomFighters''
* ''GorillaMan''
* ''HitmanMonkey''
* ''LobsterJohnson''
* ''ThePunisher MAX'' starting with the "Six Hours to Kill" arc, and all the covers for the semi-relaunched ''[=PunisherMAX=]'' title.
* ''RawhideKid''
* ''ComicBook/{{Scalped}}''
* ''ComicBook/UnknownSoldier''
* ''{{Wanted}}''