Dateline (Newspapers, magazines, web pages): The location, date, and sometimes the source of the story. Example: New York, Sept. 27 (AP)

(Radio) "New York:" or "In New York today,"

(Television) The story's location fonted on-screen, e.g. "The White House," or recited by the newsreader.

The dateline tradition began in the early days of newspaper reporting, before telegraph or telephone communications, when there was a time lapse of hours or days between the reporter's transmitting the story and its being printed in the paper.

It is the name source for ''Series/{{Dateline}}'' and two other shows of that name.

Variant: An episodic news program (e.g. ''CBS Evening News'', ''Series/TheDailyShow'') will often display today's date at the front of the program for the benefit of anyone who needs to later identify the episode.