Darkness is what happens when there is no light. Shadows are darkness that happens when something gets in a way of a light source, (rather than a lack of a source in the first place).

This simple concept has created many tropes in fiction, '''although this index is just for tropes that actually related to lack of light, not metaphorical meanings of "dark" and "shadow"''' (unless a trope involves both the literal and metaphorical meanings).

Compare EvilTropes, HorrorTropes, TropesInBlack. [[{{Pun}} Contrast]] LightingTropes.
* BigShadowLittleCreature
* CastingAShadow (Darkness as part of the ElementalPowers)
* CastsNoShadow (Where the shadow should be, it isn't)
* CensorShadow (Using shadows in place of a CensorBox)
* {{Chiaroscuro}} (Light and shadows as a visual artistic tool)
* DayHurtsDarkAdjustedEyes
* DarkIsEvil
* DarkIsNotEvil
* DarkWorld
* DarknessEqualsDeath
* TheDarknessGazesBack
* EmergingFromTheShadows
* EvilIsNotWellLit
* FaceFramedInShadow
* FadeAroundTheEyes
* FullMoonSilhouette
* HollywoodDarkness
* ImpossibleShadowPuppets
* LightningReveal (In that what is revealed was in darkness before)
* LightsOffSomebodyDies
* LivingShadow
* LoomingSilhouetteOfRage
* TheNightThatNeverEnds
* NothingIsScarier - it's not the darkness that scares you. It's not knowing what's IN the darkness.
* NiceDayDeadlyNight (Things get more dangerous at night)
* PowerOfTheVoid
* TheSacredDarkness - When DarkIsNotEvil, it can be holy as well.
* ScaryFlashlightFace
* ScaryShadowFakeout
* SexySilhouette
* ShadowDiscretionShot
* TheShadowKnows
* ShadowOfImpendingDoom
* ShadowPin
* ShadowWalker
* SinisterSilhouettes
* SoundOfDarkness
* StepIntoTheBlindingFight
* YinYangBomb (A combination of dark and light)