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[[caption-width-right:345: IBrokeANail... in your ''ribcage!'']]

->''"I'm pretty much the Queen Bitch of the Universe."''
-->-- '''Sarah Kerrigan, the [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Queen of Blades]]''', ''[[VideoGame/StarCraft Starcraft: Brood War]]''

Those stupid boys and their ridiculous little games. What's a girl to do? Well, if you're ''this'' girl, most likely [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown beat them up]].

The {{villain|s}}ous version of the ActionGirl. Likes [[WomanInBlack dressing in black]] and keeping her [[FemmeFatalons nails particularly long and sharp]], unless the story cares about practicality. A popular combination with TheBaroness, but usually not TheVamp or the FemmeFatale, since she prefers to pummel TheHero to [[CurbStompBattle a bloody pulp]] instead of seducing him, but there are certainly exceptions, and these exceptions can be incredibly dangerous.

She's usually someone's EvilCounterpart. She tends to enjoy beating up tougher-looking characters, and [[WouldntHitAGirl a man's refusal to fight back]] tends to annoy her, and the chivalrous guy can end up badly battered.

You'd think that this would be the point where the ActionGirl and the DarkMagicalGirl intersect. Go on, keep thinking that way. We'll see how long you live. Hang on, let me get my stopwatch.

The Dark Action Girl is the DarkMagicalGirl's polar opposite: fiercely independent, cruelly carefree, and almost never interested in making friends. While the Dark Magical Girl tends to desperately want to be loved, the vast majority of Dark Action Girls would rather be feared. Just as the Dark Magical Girl almost always does a HeelFaceTurn, the Dark Action Girl almost ''never'' does. If she ''is'' brought over to the side of good, even if [[EnemyMine only for an episode]], expect her to be reluctant about it at best. If she stays, she'll remain more violent and indifferent than the rest of the TrueCompanions. Typically, the Dark Action Girl will only aid the Action Girl against another villain because she considers herself [[TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou the only one allowed to defeat her]].

If an AllLovingHero offers her friendship, expect her to take it as an insult. The Dark Action Girl is generally immune, or at least resistant, to ThePowerOfFriendship. ThePowerOfLove can soften her up sometimes, but it's a crapshoot; the foolish boy could just as easily wind up getting used and discarded, rejected violently, or just plain killed for his trouble. DeliverUsFromEvil sometimes happens, but even then, the resulting ActionMom is almost always more of a SociopathicHero with the child serving as a MoralityPet. Though, more often than not, especially if her little one is the fruit of an UnholyMatrimony, you just get an EvilMatriarch. Of course, if the ''child'' starts picking up some of her mom's habits, she might become a [[EnfanteTerrible Little Miss Badass]], and from there it's a short trip to the scary side of BadassFamily.

For some reason, while the audience may feel more comfortable for Action Girls to [[FauxActionGirl fail to live up to their reputation]] or [[StandardFemaleGrabArea follow a standard to avoid being hit]], you will almost never find a {{Faux|ActionGirl}} Dark Action Girl. This is probably because the standards the decade or culture sets for women usually don't apply to villains. But, this doesn't mean that Faux Dark Action Girls do not exist.

If there are no {{Action Girl}}s on the good side and all of the heroic females are [[DamselInDistress damsels in distress]], the work is likely using the MadonnaWhoreComplex trope.

Compare ClassyCatBurglar, DarkMagicalGirl, and DarkChick.

ActionGirl + Dark Action Girl = DesignatedGirlFight.


[[folder: {{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]
* [=LadyDevimon=] from ''Anime/DigimonAdventure'' was thrown in, apparently at the last minute, as one of these. The only reason for this, however, appeared to be to set up an EvilCounterpart with whom Angewomon could have a CatFight, complete with slapping and hair-pulling. They even brought her back in ''Anime/DigimonAdventure02'' just to repeat the process.
* Karinka from ''Anime/SteelAngelKurumi'' toes the line. She beats another main character, and lives primarily so she can destroy the main character and steal her boyfriend. Oh, yeah, she curses like a sailor, too.
* Grelle Sutcliffe of ''Manga/BlackButler'' is a male-to-female {{Transsexual}} who, in battle, fits in like a hand on a glove.
* A brief glimpse of Caerula Sanguis' distant past in Volume 9 of ''[[Manga/{{Gunnm}} Battle Angel Alita: Last Order]]'' shows that when she was part of the Chinese Triads, she was very much an example of this trope. After meeting Victor Byron, however, she softens a little. She softens further after meeting John Farrell in Volume 8, to the point that she became something of a HeroSecretService, [[spoiler: at first against Victor, to protect John Farrell's grandson, Arthur]], eventually extending her protection to the whole of humanity.
* Adiane from ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann''.
* Gretel of ''Anime/OtogiJuushiAkazukin''.
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' has a load of bait-and-switch Dark Action Girls who [[FauxActionGirl sometimes don't live up to their initial posturing]] or pull a whiplash-inducing HighHeelFaceTurn, but the standout is Tayuya, the flute-playing, SirSwearsALot genjutsu expert of the Sound Four, who easily cows her AxCrazy coworkers, punches out the eponymous hero, and demonstrates, perhaps better than anyone in the series, save Uchiha Itachi, why genjutsu is NOT the "soft" one of the three main ninja skill sets. She then goes toe to toe with Shikamaru, the smartest guy in the whole series, and proceeds to back him into a corner and break his nigh-unbreakable binding jutsu with sheer brute force and bloody-mindedness. The only thing that stops her is having a forest dropped on her courtesy of Temari, a {{Badass}} ActionGirl whose idea of a "cat fight" is breaking her opponent's spine and then tossing them across the room.
* Revy from ''Manga/BlackLagoon'' is a [[VillainProtagonist Protagonist]] version of this. [[CharacterDevelopment She gets a bit better though]] with the help of Rock.
** Balalaika was also one before she graduated to TheBaroness.
** Come to think of it, every major female character in [[WretchedHive Roanapur]] is a variant of this theme.
*** It's debatable whether Roberta (as of the anime) actually outdarks Revy. Her motives are selfless, after all: Give. Me. My. MoralityPet. Back. Now. SAFE. Until ''El Baile De La Muerte'' arc; if you thought Roberta was scary ''before...'' This is remarked on by the appearance of Fabiola Iglesias, the ActionGirl and BadassAdorable who replaces Roberta as Garcia's caretaker ''and'' serves as her {{Foil}}.
* Hibari Ginza from ''Anime/SpeedGrapher''.
* Nena Trinity from ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundam00 Gundam 00]]'', though she's more of a ''Dark Female Gundam Pilot''.
** Considering that Nena has only actually been able to kill stationary (like the wedding) or otherwise helpless (like [[spoiler: Wang's shuttle]]) targets, she could actually qualify as a FauxActionGirl rather than a Dark Action Girl. The fact that [[spoiler: Louise eventually kills her in [[CurbStompBattle a brutally one-sided fight]] certainly doesn't help matters.]] Even moreso, Throne Drei is built specifically for [[MissionControl stealth and support purposes]], therefore, asking it to actually kick ass is like sending in a [[SquishyWizard squishy]] [[WhiteMage cleric]] to deal with tough enemies that can deal a lot of damage.
** Also, we may be able to include Soma Peries and [[spoiler: Louise Halevy]] (from the second season on).
** Hilling Care ''definitely'' qualifies for this, both inside and outside of a mobile suit. She technically lost against the [[spoiler:00 Raiser]], but she did put up a big fight.
** Kycillia Zabi of the original ''Anime/MobileSuitGundam'' is a Dark Action Girl[=/=]LadyOfWar cross. And [[AxCrazy Four]] [[SuperSoldier Murasame]] of ''Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam'' and Stella [[PsychopathicManchild Loussier]] of ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEEDDestiny'' are Dark Action Girl[=/=]{{Tykebomb}} blends.
*** Subverted by Rosamia Badam from ''Zeta Gundam'', however. She looks and acts like one at first, but soon we find out that she's actually a badly-damaged PsychopathicWomanchild when not fighting.
** Dorothy Catalonia and Lady Une of ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamWing Gundam Wing]]''. The former's a BloodKnight and TheStrategist with latent DeathSeeker tendencies, the latter's TheBaroness, TheDragon, and a PsychoSupporter to BigBad Treize Khushreneda, whom she does most of the dirty work for. Both of them prefer to avoid physical combat, but when forced to fight, are quite competent, with Une being a crack shot and a capable pilot, while Dorothy is absolutely lethal with a rapier.
** Other Dark Action Girls include [[BigBad Haman Kahn]] of ''[[Anime/MobileSuitZetaGundam Zeta Gundam]]'' and ''[[Anime/MobileSuitGundamZZ Gundam ZZ]]'', who's probably one of the most dangerous pilots in the entire franchise as well as a MagnificentBitch par excellence, [[{{Yandere}} Sarah Zaviaroff]], Lyla Mira Lyla, Mouar Pharaoh, and [[ColonelBadass Natasha Zaviaroff]] (one of the few ''not'' villainous examples).
** Then, ''[[Anime/MobileSuitVictoryGundam Victory Gundam]]'' gives us several. We have Lupe Cineau, Fuala Griffon, Renda de Baroma (an AntiVillain version, as well as the female half of BattleCouple with ColonelBadass Duker Iq), and '''especially''' [[spoiler: the FaceHeelTurn-ed Katejina Loos.]]
** [[Anime/MobileSuitGundamUnicorn Marida Cruz]], anyone?
* Although Rizelle of ''Manga/ChronoCrusade'' prefers to use [[PeoplePuppets her powers]] to get other people to do her dirty work for her, when confronted by [[ActionGirl Rosette]], she proves herself to be one of these, using her [[RazorFloss marionette strings]] and FemmeFatalons to cause a massive amount of ({{clothing|Damage}}) damage in the process.
* Several female arrancars from ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'', the biggest examples being Halibel and her AmazonBrigade (Apache, Mila Rose, and Sun-Sun), as well as Cirucci Thunderwitch.
** The Vandereich have Bambietta Basterbine, a 20-something BloodKnight with a CommissarCap and ZettaiRyouiki, who is seen [[BloodKnight gleefully joining]] the Seiteirei invasion and cheerfully [[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe bisecting]] almost everyone in her way. Her next big appearance involved her slicing a guy in half in a moment of frustration after asking him to have sex with her.
** Bambietta's gal-pals fit in her pretty well, too. Specially Candice Catnipp, who fries [[spoiler: Kenpachi]] with her PsychoElectro powers and later attacks [[spoiler: Ichigo]] in the most HotBlooded way. Aside of that: Liltotto Lamperd [[ImAHumanitarian stretches her mouth to eat her enemies]], Meninas Macallon [[CuteBruiser cutely]] [[SuperStrength drops entire buildings on hers]], and Giselle Gewelle uses BloodMagic to literally [[PsychicAssistedSuicide drive her attackers to kill themselves]].
** Subverted with [[DudeLooksLikeALady As Nodt]], whom everyone ''thought'' s/he was a girl but was later confirmedto be a dude.
** [[spoiler:Yachiru Unohana]] was one of these way back in the day. She was Soul Society's most brutal fighter and even today [[TheDreaded she is widely feared]] as Soul Society's most infamous criminal. The only reason she wasn't executed was because Soul Society wanted her on their side.
* ''Anime/GunXSword'''s Fasalina, who (unlike the only other girl in her group, Melissa, who was merely confused) fully embraced the methods of The Claw and, most of the time, puts up a damn good fight against the heroes.
* ''Manga/InuYasha'': Kagura started off as this and eventually [[HeelFaceTurn softened]] via CharacterDevelopment into an AloofAlly of the good guys that fitted the [[IceQueen cynical]] version of a {{Heel Face Turn}}ed Dark Action Girl; strictly speaking, she was a Dark Action Girl due to being enslaved to the BigBad, which made her a BrokenBird as well.
* ''Manga/OnePiece'' has its fair share, from Miss Double Finger (and arguably Miss Merry Christmas) to Kalifa. Boa Hancock initially appeared to be this, but mellowed out over time (though she can still be cruel to enemies). The sole female member of the [[PsychoRangers Blackbeard Pirates]], Catarina Devon, counts.
* Dominique the Cyclops from ''Manga/TriGun''.
* Sabrina and Lorelei of ''Manga/PokemonSpecial''. Interestingly enough, both of them have joined forces with the protagonists at some point due to an EnemyMine situation; in fact, Sabrina does so ''against'' Lorelei.
** Arguably, Karen also qualifies. She's also a Dark-type specialist, to hammer the point home.
* ''Anime/{{Pokemon}}'' - Jessie, especially when someone crosses or insults her. Her rival Cassidy also qualifies.
* Anemone from ''Anime/EurekaSeven''. [[spoiler: Unlike most Dark Action Girls, she ends up being an AntiVillain.]]
* ''Manga/{{Claymore}}'':
** [[TheOphelia Ophelia]]: as a [[AxCrazy complete lunatic]], obsessed with taking lives, she even kills her own fellow Claymores. [[spoiler: She would have killed Claire if Irene hadn't intervened, which lead Ophelia to beg her dearly departed brother to protect her, while alone in the woods, and then moving to a hateful and (at least in the anime version) [[ClusterFBomb profanity-flooded]] monologue that ended with three F-bombs before "awakening".]] She makes ''VideoGame/{{BioShock|1}}'''s Sandar Cohen seem at least somewhat sane.
** Also the even worse Roxanne, who manages to combine Dark Action Girl, AlphaBitch, ManipulativeBastard and PsychoLesbian.
** Priscilla anyone? She's the most powerful and brutal ''thing'' in the entire series.
* Road Kamelot and Lulu Bell from ''Manga/DGrayMan''.
* Lust from ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist''. Although she's quite attractive, her personality isn't very sexualised, leading some fans to theorise that she's actually '''blood'''lust.
* Medusa and her sister, Arachne, from ''Manga/SoulEater''
* Evangeline from ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'', before her HeelFaceTurn. Not that she'd [[{{Tsundere}} ever admit to having made one]].
** Tsukuyomi and Poyo count, too.
*** Actually, Eva and Poyo fit more as {{Dark Magical Girl}}s than DAG's. Tsukuyomi, however, is a Dark Action Girl through and through.
* From ''Manga/FairyTail'': Ikaruga and Erza Knightwalker. Kyôka and Seilah of Tartarus are candidates for the Darkest Action Girls in the entire series so far.
** Juvia, [[spoiler:Ultear, Meredy, Flair, Angel and Minerva]] were Dark Action Girls until their {{Heel Face Turn}}s.
* ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'' has [[{{Jerkass}} Ky]][[FieryRedhead ouko]] [[PsychoForHire Sakura]]. She [[CharacterDevelopment gets]] [[TookALevelInKindness better]], to the point of even [[spoiler:pulling a MercyKill[=/=]HeroicSacrifice so that Sayaka (who she has become very sympathetic toward) doesn't have to [[DyingAlone die alone]], even admitting that part of the reason she became a MagicalGirl in the first place was because she wanted to protect someone.]]
* Any of the Sailor Animamates from the last season of ''Franchise/SailorMoon's''. Sailor Animamates were the servants of BigBad Sailor Galaxia, who was hunting down Star Seeds/Sailor Crystals across the universe. [[spoiler:They were all once good, but Sailor Senshi become evil when they lose their Sailor Crystals]].
** The Doom and Gloom Girls, Queen Beryl's last and strongest warriors from the [[Anime/SailorMoon anime]], who very nearly succeeded in defeating the Sailor Senshi.
** Also the Ayakashi Sisters, {{Evil Counterpart}}s of the Inner Senshi and pretty competent combatants. [[spoiler: In the anime, however, they have a collective HeelFaceTurn.]]
*** Esmeraude, as well.
** Eudial from ''S''.
* Gavrill Madaraki from ''Manga/FrankenFran'', the almost-invincible shapeshifting leader of an army of pillaging thugs.
* ''Manga/AxisPowersHetalia'' has Belarus, a ClingyJealousGirl and BoisterousBruiser who skirts the line between this and ActionGirl. [[GirlWithPsychoWeapon She has been known to carry around knives]] and, while '''not''' villainous (she's more childish and extremely jealous/obsessive than evil), is often portrayed as having darker motives than the other {{Action Girl}}s in the series, plus she has a HairTriggerTemper and exhibits strange behavior.
* Annie Leonhardt of ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'' has shades of this, being a cold and cynical soldier who enlists in the infamously corrupt Military Police Brigade, abandoning her FireForgedFriends without a second thought. [[spoiler: She's also one of the Titan Shifter [[TheMole spies]], and her rampage as the Female Titan leaves scores of veteran soldiers dead]]. She turns out to be a more complicated case, hinted to be a BrokenBird with serious Daddy Issues. [[spoiler: WordOfGod explicitly states she isn't inherently evil, though it's hard to deny that she's a {{Sadist}} that likes to get.....creative with her kills. When Eren and Armin attempt to talk to her, she goes on one final city-smashing rampage before encasing herself in a CrystalPrison, denying the military the chance to learn her secrets]].
* Every female villain in the ''Anime/PrettyCure franchise'' does count to a degree, but the most outstanding example is [[Anime/HeartcatchPrettyCure Dark Precure]] who doesn't rely on MonstersOfTheWeek.
* Pirotess from ''Anime/RecordOfLodossWar'', a female dark elf who serves as the villainous counterpart to the high elf on the heroes' side, Deedlit.
* The VillainProtagonist Lucy/[[spoiler:Kaede]] from ''Manga/ElfenLied''. Mariko and [[spoiler:her four clones]], too. All of them have Vectors that can cut people into pieces.
* Saori, Kikako and Mako Fujisaki/Valkyria from ''Manga/GokukokuNoBrynhildr''. Saori can cut people into pieces, Kikako has a powerful BreathWeapon, and Valkyria has an arsenal of powers that can kill people. And she's the one who actually enjoys killing.
* N'rala/Nurara from "Captain Future"... as far as the zeitgeist allowed it. (The Captain once [[WouldHitAGirl floored her with a karate chop]] and commented "You're just a woman after all".)
* Since DefeatMeansFriendship, there are only a few female characters from ''Franchise/MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha'' who ''still'' are Dark Action Girls:
** Subverted with Presea Testarossa from the [[Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha first season]]. Despite being one of most powerful known mages and the BigBad of that season, she is TheUnfought.
** From ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaStrikerS'', Tre and Sette are the only four of the still imprisoned Numbers who fill the action part. And Due, who is one of the two darkest Numbers, is KilledOffForReal.
*** Ironically, the other one of the two darkest Numbers (Quattro) lacks the action part.
** The Mariage from ''Audioplay/StrikersSoundStageX'' are almost literal {{Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot}}s who kill and eat people and infect the corpses to turn them into new Mariages.
** From ''Manga/MagicalRecordLyricalNanohaForce'', the three fighting female members of the Hückebein family fit this trope: Curren, Cypha and Arnage. Arnage is the PerkyFemaleMinion, Cypha is AxCrazy BloodKnight who almost killed Signum in their first fight, and Curren is [[BigBad the leader]], a MoodSwinger and the first thing she did when she appeared in the series is impaling Hayate [[InTheBack from behind]].
* In ''Manga/YuGiOh Duel Monsters'', Mai Kujaku becomes one in the Doma arc and eventually steals the souls of Pegasus and Jonouchi (though, she has a HeelFaceTurn right after stealing the latter's soul).
* Zorin Blitz and Rip Van Winkle from {{Hellsing}}. Both are Nazi Vampires that enjoy death and destruction.
* ''Anime/YuGiOhGX'':
** The two female Seven Stars Assassins, Camula and Tania, are among the four strongest members. Aside from Amnael, they are the only members to win against the Key Guardians, but both of them end up defeated by Judai.
*** Camula is a vampire who has her NightmareFace moments.
*** Tania is actually a tiger, and she becomes an ally in the third season.
** Asuka becomes one temporarily during the second season when she becomes a member of the [[LightIsNotGood Society of Light]], and she replaces her [[DanceBattler Cyber Girl]] deck for a [[AnIcePerson White Night]] deck.
** If you see the BigBad of the third season, Yubel, [[AmbiguousGender as a girl]], then "she" counts as one. WomanScorned is pretty much the reason for it.
* ''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds'':
** Aki in the first season before she makes peace with her parents in the second.
** The female Dark Signers, Misty and Carly. Interestingly, they are defeated ''after'' the BigBad (who turned out to be a BigBadWannabe).
** Sherry becomes one briefly in the last arc.
* ''Sands of Destruction'' features a couple, though who and to what extent varies by adaptation:
** In [[''Manga/SandsOfDestruction'' the manga]], VillainProtagonist Morte is a gleeful OmnicidalManiac whose favorite things include [[MadBomber bombs]], StuffBlowingUp, and [[BloodKnight hitting things]] with her {{BFS}}.
** In [[Anime/SandsOfDestruction the anime]], Morte softens into an ActionGirl with a DarkAndTroubledPast, but [[TheGunslinger Rhi'a]] takes her place, preferring to shoot first and not bother to ask questions later. Naturally, the two of them end up fighting quite often, but rather than being a DesignatedGirlFight, it's more about pitting two of the best fighters against each other.
* In ''Manga/TokyoGhoul'', the legendary Investigator-Killer known as [[spoiler: The One-Eyed Owl]] is actually a [[SamusIsAGirl woman]]. She is exceptionally cunning, incredibly powerful, and takes pleasure in leaving victims in as many pieces as possible but makes certain they ''suffer'' before they die.

[[folder: Comic Book]]
* Comicbook/LadyShiva is generally regarded as the deadliest martial artist in Franchise/TheDCU. When Matt Thorne, the Crime Doctor, is on the run from the criminals he has betrayed, he asks for sanctuary from [[ComicBook/BirdsOfPrey Oracle and her team]]. Injured and hurt, Thorne sees Shiva and remarks "Holy Mother of God. I'm almost honored they sent her to kill me."
* Rose Wilson, aka Ravager of the ''Comicbook/TeenTitans'', is the most badass girl they've had on the roster. Previously, she worked for [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Deathstroke]] [[{{Badass}} the Terminator]], one of the DCU's top assassins (and also her father), though she eventually realized how messed up her relationship with him was.
* Marvel's Titania is a foe of SheHulk, and has similar degrees of superhuman strength and endurance.
* ComicBook/BettyRoss when she's BrainwashedAndCrazy as Harpy and Red She-Hulk.
* ''Comicbook/YTheLastMan'', thanks to the [[GenderCide premise]], has several examples as villains. Most notably, there's Alter and her AmazonBrigade, the (unrelated) Daughters of the Amazon, Toyota, and Hero, [[spoiler:who makes the rare HeelFaceTurn]].
** ''Especially'' Toyota.
* [[Characters/SecretSix Scandal]] from ''Villains United'' and ''SecretSix'' first appears to simply be a MiddleManagementMook. However, she's shown to be extremely dangerous in combat, quite possibly insane, and very hard to kill (and it's revealed that her father is the immortal supervillain VandalSavage).
* Black Cat, one of ''Franchise/{{Spider-Man}}'''s love interests. Her HeelFaceTurn is often a BatmanGambit, her betrayals less an indication of her turn than the prime motivator all along. Though she doesn't need love in her life, she can appreciate it when it's there and remembers it fondly after abandoning it, which is why she doesn't return to the HeelFaceRevolvingDoor by whacking the Hero.
* Destrii, from the ''Magazine/DoctorWhoMagazine'' comic. She begins a HeelFaceTurn after being beaten to a pulp by her father figure, the BigBad, for [[HeelFaceTurn daring to side with the Doctor]].
* Most of the main characters in the ''Chaos! Comics'' universe were these.
* For a while, it seemed that ''ComicBook/{{Daredevil}}'' villain Typhoid Mary was going to be this. Then she went and soared merrily over the MoralEventHorizon, diving right into her current [[AxCrazy personality]].
* Maggie Burroughs post-FaceHeelTurn in ''ComicBook/FreddyVsJasonVsAsh: The Nightmare Warriors''.
* The ''ComicBook/{{X-Men}}'' villain [[Characters/XMenVillains Mystique]]. Though [[VoluntaryShapeshifting her powers]] don't offer any real advantage in a fight, she's a skilled martial artist who supplements her physical prowess with an arsenal of firearms. She [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder frequently]] makes fake {{Heel Face Turn}}s that turn out to be {{Batman Gambit}}s to screw the X-Men over, and when she betrays them, she naturally shoots or beats the shit out of whichever X-Man she'd gotten especially close to while she was [[EvilAllAlong "good"]] (See Iceman. And Forge, ''twice''.). Somehow they always fall for it, because she's ''just that good'' at deceiving and manipulating people.
* Mariah from ''ComicBook/SinCity''. She mostly appears in ''Hell And Back'' as a deadly assassin who has a rivalry with [[TheVamp vampish]] Blue Eyes, also a part of the same guild.
* Both Mejai and Ansea Latal from ''ComicBook/LeScorpion''.
* In ''ComicBook/{{Thorgal}}'', Kriss of Valnor is beyond greedy, but her {{badass}}ness matches Thorgal's, ''which is '''really''' saying something''.
* Characters/CaptainAmerica villain Syn, {{da|ddysLittleVillain}}ughter of the RedSkull and just as evil as her father. She has currently taken up his mantle as the new Red Skull.
* ComicBook/{{X 23}}, [[TykeBomb due to being raised to be an assassin.]]
* From ''ComicBook/UsagiYojimbo'', we have Noriko, [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast the Blood Princess]].
* Zephyr Quinn of Matt Fraction's ''ComicBook/{{Casanova}}''.
* Reka in ''ComicBook/TheSecretHistory''.
* LexLuthor has Hope and Mercy, his team of [[BadassNormal female bodyguards]]

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In the JackieChanAdventures fic ''Fanfic/QueenOfAllOni'', Jade is trying to fit this trope, with magic mixed in with physical ability, [[spoiler: but has been weakened in a recent chapter, and [[DangerouslyGenreSavvy is planning on recovering]] and taking a [[TookALevelInBadass Level In Badass]] or two before entering the fight directly again]].
* Tiffany Stevens in ''FanFic/TheSecretLifeOfTheBackyardKids.''
* FanFic/AGrowingAffection has the [[AxCrazy Reaper of Shinobi]], and [[SealedInsideAPersonShapedCan Kohaku]].
* C'ren Bieber of FanFic/OneLessLonelyGurl is this and a VillainProtagonist, despite being a GirlyGirl who refuses to wear black.
* In FanFic/ActionPack the only villains to appear as of now are women, Joystick , Iron Maiden, Snapdragon, and Quake. [[spoiler: Both Joystick and Iron Maiden actually get one over on Spider-Man and they both get Black Fox to let them go, and coincidentally it takes both of them to take them down. And though only one actual appearance, Quake still goes head to head with Kira and can hold her own]]. The only real let down, the 'Faux Dark Action Girl' is Snapdragon.
* [[OriginalCharacter V]] in ''FanFic/ACureForLove''. She is an [[ProfessionalKiller assassin]] trained by Wammy's House [[spoiler: and the BigBad]].
* [[BloodKnight Amber Sheen]] in the HungerGames fanfiction ''Fanfic/SomeSemblanceOfMeaning''.
* Victoria Kati Ahart starts out as one in the ''Film/StarTrek'' fanfic ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9694363/1/Safe-and-Sound Safe and Sound]]'', being one of Khan's followers and all, but she gets better as the story goes on. By extension the other woman follower, Cleopatra Suzette Ling, is most likely one too, but doesn't get the chance to show off her skills like Victoria does.
* In ''FanFic/MegaManDefenderOfTheHumanRace'', Dr. Wily brainwashes a cosmetics robot to attack and humiliate Roll, and sics Doris the maid on Dr. Light.
** Nomad would have been this if she had stayed with Wily.
** Splash Woman is also this; in addition to her brainwashing powers, she packs a plasma staff.
* [[spoiler: Kyoka Suigetsu]], the (apparent) BigBad of the ''{{Manga/Bleach}}'' fanfic ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/8222340/1/Chasing-the-Moon Chasing the Moon]]''.

[[folder:Film - Animated]]
* Shenzi, Zira, and Vitani are nonhuman examples from ''Disney/TheLionKing'' films.
* In ''WesternAnimation/BarbieInPrincessPower'', Kara's cousin Dark Sparkle is Super Sparkle's arch-nemesis.

[[folder:Film - Live Action]]
* Selina Kyle (Catwoman) in ''Film/BatmanReturns''.
* The Picts in ''{{Film/Centurion}}'' have two. The first is also TheArcher though she can more than hold her own in hand-to-hand combat. The second is [[spoiler: Etain]] who is described as more like an animal than a human.
* The ''Franchise/DieHard'' series has Katja in ''Die Hard 3'' and Mai Linh in ''Live Free or Die Hard''. Both of them are martial artists and the girlfriend of a more cerebral BigBad, serving as his [[TheDragon Dragon]].
** Irina in the 5th one.
* Viper from ''Film/{{Doomsday}}'', although her most memorable scene was not fighting but lighting a man on fire in order to cook him for the hungry crowd.
* Ni Chang from ''TheForbiddenKingdom''.
* TheBaroness from ''Film/GIJoeTheRiseOfCobra''. Slick leather outfit, tall boots, and two guns, she is a crossover with the FemmeFatale, as she seduces quite a few characters, but her usual MO is kicking butt. Counterpart to GI Joe operative Scarlett.
** Disappointingly, she turns out to be Brainwashed and AxCrazy and not doing it purely ForTheEvulz.
* Bellatrix Lestrange from the ''Film/HarryPotter'' series.
* Many, many bad [[Film/JamesBond Bond]] girls, but particularly Xenia Onatopp (Creator/FamkeJanssen) in ''Film/GoldenEye'' and Fiona Volpe (Luciana Paluzzi) in ''Film/{{Thunderball}}''.
* Dr. Ilsa Hayden in ''Film/JudgeDredd''. She has a CatFight with ActionGirl Judge Hershey.
* O-Ren Ishii, Elle Driver, Gogo Yubari, Vernita Green, and Karen Kim from ''Film/KillBill''.
** [[AntiVillain The Bride]] as well.
* A fast and ruthless combatant, Gazelle from ''Film/KingsmanTheSecretService'' is a very capable fighter. Of her opponents only [[CombatParkour Eggsy]] is even able to land a scratch on her. [[spoiler: Good thing a scratch was all he needed]].
* The Russian gangster, Mona Demarkov, in ''Film/RomeoIsBleeding'' is a particularly ruthless and sadistic example, without the benefit of magic powers or WaifFu.
* Lori (Sharon Stone) in the original ''Film/TotalRecall1990''.
* Lola from the ''Film/TheTransporter 2'', could also double as PsychoForHire.
* It can be argued that Selene from ''Film/{{Underworld}}'' fits this trope quite nicely until she realizes that she's been fighting the wrong war.
* Dracula's three brides become this in ''Film/VanHelsing''. Marishka is killed off pretty early but Verona and Aleera really prove to be quite the thorn in the protagonist's side.
* ''Film/XMen'':
** Mystique is one that's not ashamed to kick lots of ass.
*** In ''Film/XMenDaysOfFuturePast'', she's a main villain in 1973 and kicks ''tons'' of ass.
** Lady Deathstrike from ''Film/X2XMenUnited''. RavenHairIvorySkin, [[AloofDarkHairedGirl stoic]], [[DressedToKill dark clothes]], agile and ''literally'' sharp...
** Callisto from ''Film/XMenTheLastStand'', is basically Magneto's replacement for Mystique.
** Viper from ''Film/TheWolverine'', is a vicious poisoner and martial artist to the point that even men don't mind fighting her.

* Literature/TheRadix: Adriana Borgia, modern descendant of 'that' Borgias, is one of the novel's strongest ass-kickers, and a master of ColdBloodedTorture.
* Malina Kekapania of ''Literature/TwoSerpentsRise'' poisoned a city's water supply, killed a god, and awakened giant fire serpents to chase foreign sorcerers, whom she saw as an occupying force, out of the city.
* Bellatrix Lestrange of ''Literature/HarryPotter'', who murders Sirius Black and Dobby.
* Protagonist example who is still "Dark": Lale of ''TheAssassinsOfTamurin''.
* Hester Shaw in ''MortalEngines'' becomes a completely merciless killer.
** Stalker Fang is at least as much of a bad girl. Being horribly crippled then turned into BrainInAJar inside a KillerRobot chassis can do that to someone.
* Angelina, supposedly reformed [[SerialKiller murderess]] turned Special Corp agent/wife of [[TheStainlessSteelRat 'Slippery Jim' DiGriz]]. Always carries an arsenal of lethal weaponry on her person, and has the ability to produce a [[{{BFG}} .75 calibre recoilless]] from HammerSpace whenever she thinks her husband is getting too slippery for her taste. Supposedly, her more psychopathic impulses have been removed by the psych-techs, but Jim frequently has to restrain her natural enthusiasm for killing and torture.
* [[Franchise/StarWars Asajj]] [[ExpandedUniverse Ventress]], Count Dooku's main follower...cruel, skilled, and a major threat, with a tendency to pull a NotQuiteDead every time she seems defeated. While she ultimately turns against Dooku, it's not a HeelFaceTurn so much as a case of ScrewThisImOuttaHere.
** The Franchise/StarWarsExpandedUniverse actually has a ''lot'' of these. Mara Jade (pre-HeelFaceTurn), Aurra Sing, and every female Sith ever are among the most notable.
* War from ''Literature/GoodOmens'', who's [[FemmeFatale as deadly as she is beautiful]]. Considering she's the AnthropomorphicPersonification of war, this shouldn't be a surprise.
* Rare heroic example: Rachel from ''Literature/{{Animorphs}},'' who begins as an ActionGirl but gets closer and closer to this trope as the series goes on. [[TortureTechnician Taylor]] could be seen as an actual villainous example, though she generally avoids using her unique fighting skills in favor of psychological manipulation.
* Phrygiar Navaris from the ''Literature/CodexAlera'' is a psychotically obsessive swordswoman and one of the top five blades in her civilization - she normally hires herself out as a mercenary, and has racked up a kill count ''in the hundreds'' during her life (and those are just the ones we know about). Aquitainus Invidia from the same series is more like TheVamp, TheChessmaster, and the ReliableTraitor all in one person, but she's more than capable of getting her hands dirty if she has to.
* Makala of ''Literature/TheBladeOfTheFlame'', both before her in-backstory death and after she [[spoiler:gets bitten by a vampire]]. Exhibits ClingyJealousGirl traits after the spoilered event too.
* Death's Mistress, aka Sister Nicci, of the ''Literature/SwordOfTruth'' series. She serves the [[TheEmpire Imperial Order]] in their war against the "good" factions, a terror to the forces of the New World and a heroine to the Order, and is one of the main threats to Richard Rahl in ''Faith of the Fallen.'' Interestingly enough, she is also a DarkMagicalGirl, FemmeFatale, and a StalkerWithACrush at times. [[spoiler: Eventually, she does a HighHeelFaceTurn and joins Richard's party, and is afterwards their BlackMagicianGirl.]]
* Kitiara from ''Literature/{{Dragonlance}}''.
* Ivana Vasilyeva from DaleBrown's ''Wings of Fire''.
* Penny from Lies, the third book in the ''Literature/{{Gone}}'' series.
* Lara Raith in ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'' alternates between being Harry's FriendlyEnemy and a reluctant ally. Being a [[HornyDevil White Court vampire]], she is superhumanly strong, fast, and durable, but still needs to feed on the life energy of humans.
* Miss Hakkendottir from the steampunky ''The Hunchback Assignments'': beautiful, thoroughly evil, and considers {{Mooks}} a disposable/consumable resource. Extra points for her two half-mechanical attack dogs...
* Lisbeth Salander of ''Literature/TheMillenniumTrilogy''. She slashes the throat of one thug with a broken bottle and scares his gang off by acting [[AxCrazy herself]], [[DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale violates her sadistic guardian]] and blackmails him with evidence of his rape, reveals her solution to her pedophile father was to KillItWithFire, attacks then chases down a Neo-Nazi who she causes to crash before leaving for dead, and that's just the first book. And [[SociopathicHero she's one of the good guys]].
* Electra from ''GreekNinja'' somewhat falls under this trope.
* ''Literature/{{Redwall}}'' had a few over the course of its twenty-two book run:
** ''Mossflower'': [[BigBad Tsarmina]] [[CatsAreMean the Wildcat Queen]] doesn't seem like one of these at first. A scheming {{evil prince}}ss who poisons her father and frames her brother so she can become [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen queen]], Tsarmina leaves the fighting to others, preferring not to dirty her paws. During the final battle she tries to run away and is cornered by [[TheAce Martin]] [[BadAss the Warrior]], the most famed fighter in the series' history, and you figure, game over. Instead she goes absolutely [[TheBerserker berserk]] and proceeds to give Martin [[NoHoldsBarredBeatdown the beating of his life]], before his ImplacableMan status [[FreakOut spooks]] her into a [[VillainousBreakdown mental breakdown]] and she [[SelfDisposingVillain runs into a lake]]. [[DavidVersusGoliath Huge]], [[AxeCrazy utterly mad]], and capable of shredding chainmail with her [[AbsurdlySharpClaws claws alone]] she definitely belongs on this list. Plus, the physical and psychological fallout from this battle scars Martin for the rest of his life.
** ''The Pearls of Lutra'': Sagitar Sawfang, head of [[BigBad Emperor Ublaz]]'s Trident Rats has a reputation as a formidable fighter, and lives up to it when she kills Rasconza, despite having taken a knife through her chest. Corsair ferret Romsca is also a deadly combatant, fighting Monitor-General Lask Frildur to a MutualKill; Lask's successor as Monitor-General, Zurgat, is the same sort of slavering monster that he himself was, despite being female.
** ''Marlfox'': Three of High Queen Silth's daughters, Vannan, Predak, and Ziral, are capable fighters, wielding their axes with the same skill as their brothers. Silth herself was purportedly a vicious fighter back in her day, though now, old and sick, she isn't up to much fighting.
* [[spoiler: Lucy Pennykettle]] from [[Literature/{{Dragons}} The Last Dragon Chronicles]] when possed by the Shadow.
* Tansy in Mira Grant's ''Parasite'' subverts this trope by combining it with GenkiGirl and working for [[GreyAndGrayMorality the least bad of the factions in the story]]. But she still actively searches for reasons to kill things and without the MoralityLeash of her creator would do so for the most trivial of reasons.
* Female Careers from the ''Literature/TheHungerGames'' series, which include Clove from the first book, and Cashmere and Enobaria from ''Catching Fire''. Enobaria in particular even had [[ScaryTeeth her teeth sharpened to a point]] after ripping out someone's throat with her teeth in the Games she won.
* DimeNovel hero Literature/NickCarter had quite a few of these. Perhaps the most dangerous was Dazaar the Arch Fiend. Her specialty was knife throwing; she could throw a knife hundreds of yards with extreme accuracy.
** Another of DimeNovel hero Literature/NickCarter's female enemies was Zanoni the Woman Wizard, a skilled hypnotist and chemist (poisons were her specialty). She was a truly nasty piece of work.Once, after being captured by Nick, he warns her not to try to "make love" to him as a way to get out. Her reply conveys her fiendishness: "Have no fear, my pretty man, my cornucopia of driveling goodness. When I make love to you, it will be to your articulated skeleton—to your empty, fleshless skull—to your heart preserved in alcohol and your liver thrown to the dogs."
* ''Literature/JamesBond''
** Hera Volopoulos in ''Literature/TheFactsOfDeath'' was raised by Konstantine Romanos, the novel's BigBad, to be the top of her field in combat and assassination.
** Margareta Piel in ''Literature/DoubleShot'' is a killer with an insatiable bloodlust who specializes in daring assassinations and is attracted to other deranged people like herself.
* Pernica the Swift in ''Codebook of the Cosmos'' faces as many as four street robbers in a row with a double set of knives, and wins. In ''The Dominion Device'', she even confronts a hall full of Germanic warriors. With a drinking horn. And earns their respect by giving black eyes to a couple of them.
* In ''Literature/DarkHeart'', Wyre is a gleefully sadistic assassin who volunteers her service as a bodyguard to the heroes Myrren and Raine. Later on, Myrren [[TookALevelInBadass takes a level in badass]] and becomes one as well [[spoiler:in order to fight Wyre when she realizes her real intentions]].

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* Sarah Corvis in ''Series/BionicWoman'' reboot is to be a prime example. She teaches the ActionGirl protagonist just so that she can fight her later. Sarah also seems to like to drop hints, though it's been shown she does have a motivating [[FoeYay romantic interest]].
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'':
** Faith is half this, half DarkMagicalGirl. Her abilities are action-based, not magical, and the fights between Buffy and Faith are adrenaline-spiked highlights among the series' many action sequences. Directors, stunt directors, actresses, and stunt doubles always seemed to go all out whenever one of these scenes came up. At the same time, her issues are much more of the DMG vein, and she is eventually redeemed DMG-style in a two-part episode of ''Angel''. However, even after Faith returns and joins up with Buffy, the two constantly butt heads, often violently.
** [[TheVamp Darla]]. While in flashbacks, she's less action-y and more just plain ''evil'', during the first season, she was The Master's [[TheDragon Dragon]]. That is, until she died.
** GodOfEvil Glory should be mentioned, seeing as she was the BigBad of a season.
** Wishverse Buffy, to the point where Faith is LighterAndSofter.
* Callisto, Xena's EvilCounterpart from ''Series/XenaWarriorPrincess''. She does pull a HeelFaceTurn later in the show's run, actually. It takes divine intervention, though. It requires Xena -- who, at this point, had died and become an Archangel -- to take on all of Callisto's sins and suffering, thus damning herself to Hell for All Eternity. This removes all of Callisto's memories of being evil, which, not coincidentally, leaves her with more or less no memory of her life after turning twelve.
** And of course, Xena was one herself prior to her HeelFaceTurn.
** Then when Callisto is reincarnated, it happens to her all over again, including the HeelFaceTurn, as Livia/Eve, except she doesn't lose her memories.
* Ebony of ''Series/TheTribe.'' She was also TheBaroness and a female MagnificentBastard.
* Gretchen Morgan from ''Series/PrisonBreak''. Really ''dark'' action girl. Do ''not'' mess with her.
* Ana Espinosa from ''Series/{{Alias}}''.
* Fiona Glennane from ''Series/BurnNotice'' is one of the rare exceptions of this trope to do a HeelFaceTurn.
* Being a LongRunner PowerRangers had [[{{Understatement}} quite a few of these]]: Scorpina, Archerina, Astronema, Trakeena, Vypra, and Tenaya 7, just to name some of the most prominent. And of course its Japanese counterpart SuperSentai naturally has these.
* Miss Parker from ''ThePretender''.
* Vlad from season 4 of ''{{Lexx}}.'' Most of her scenes with Kai involved her beating the snot out of him.
* Isabella Gisborne from ''Series/RobinHood''. One of only two Sheriffs in various versions of the story (the other being from ''RobinOfSherwood'') to successfully [[spoiler:''kill Robin Hood''.]]
* CorruptCorporateExecutive [[TheBaroness Tess Mercer]] of ''{{Smallville}}'' has repeatedly demonstrated that, in addition to being an expert ManipulativeBastard and [[TheChessmaster Chessmaster]], she is not a slouch in the physical department either, having fought [[WaifFu Lana]], [[ActionGirl Lois]], [[BadassNormal Green Arrow]], [[FourStarBadass Zod]], and fellow Dark Action Girl [[AxCrazy Mad]] Harriet on relatively equal footing (she had to cheat against Zod by using Kryptonite brass knuckles; still, the fact that she devised and built ''Kryptonite brass knuckles'' is pretty badass in and of itself!). Harriet and the [[AmazonBrigade Female Furies]] also fulfill this trope, as did Lana when possessed by [[WickedWitch Isobel Thoreaux]].
** [[spoiler:Chloe Sullivan]] in season ten, ''Collateral'', is an unusual combination of this and WomanInWhite.
* In ''Series/DoctorWho'', [[spoiler: Melody Pond ''was'' one of these, since she was a psychopathic TykeBomb raised to kill the Doctor. She does perform a HeelFaceTurn and becomes River Song, though]].
* [[ColdSniper Cold-blooded]] Israeli assassin Mikel Dayan in ''Series/{{Leverage}}''. She's more of a PunchClockVillain than anything else though.
* Katherine Pierce from ''Series/TheVampireDiaries''.
* Morgana Pendragon from ''{{Merlin}}''.
* Sqn Ldr Knox from ''Series/InvasionEarth'', who has no qualms about employing the JackBauerInterrogationTechnique on [[CurbStompBattle a man in a hospital bed]].

* Lariska from ''Franchise/{{Bionicle}}'' is an energetic ninja-like bounty hunter/assassin. The leader of the Dark Hunter organization could only keep her in check by cutting off her left arm as punishment, [[ArtificialLimbs replacing it with a robotic one]]. Not really a PunchClockVillain, as she will work for the good guys, but not enjoy it. Sadly, [[ToylessToylineCharacter we don't know what she looks like]].

[[folder:Mythology and Religion]]
* The lion goddess Sekhmet in Myth/EgyptianMythology. She also was given titles such as the "(One) Before Whom Evil Trembles", "Mistress of Dread", "Lady of Slaughter" and "She Who Mauls". In a myth about the end of Ra's rule on the earth, Ra sends Sekhmet to destroy mortals who conspired against him. Sekhmet's blood-lust was not quelled at the end of battle and led to her destroying almost all of humanity, so Ra poured out beer dyed with red ochre or hematite so that it resembled blood. Mistaking the beer for blood, she became so drunk that she gave up the slaughter and returned peacefully to Ra.
* The Morrigan of CelticMythology was known for being a war/death-goddess. She's certainly on humanity's side as DarkIsNotEvil for the Celts, but she was also a BloodKnight who loved to throw a wrench in human wars by fighting for whoever was winning... [[TheChessmaster And then fucking something up so the OTHER side would start winning.]] Her name meant either "Great Queen" or ''"Great Terror,"'' and her most infamous moment was being responsible for the death of Ireland's greatest hero because he was too tired for a one-night stand.

[[folder:Newspaper Comics]]
* Princess Aura in ''ComicStrip/FlashGordon'', although she eventually does a HeelFaceTurn.

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Among the {{evil foreigner}}s of Wrestling/NewJapanProWrestling, there was Wrestling/{{Chyna}}, who was notable for working in a region with a much stricter male-female divide than say, The International Wrestling Federation or Wrestling/WorldWrestlingFederation in the North East United States. She was about the same size later breakout star Wrestling/PrinceDevitt, possibly stronger than him, almost as agile and easily as evil.
* The six foot, 200 pound [[{{wrestling monster}} vampire]] Rio Storm in California's Ultimate Pro Wrestling, though she ended up subverting this trope by turning {{face}} and teaming up with [[Wrestling/DavidHeath Gangrel]]. Before that though, they had tried to bring Melissa Coates and the aforementioned Chyna to deal with her and she was frequently considered a de facto heavyweight title holder contender(for reference, ''Wrestling/JohnCena'' held that belt).[[/folder]]

* Silencia Venemosa in Roleplay/DinoAttackRPG was a ruthless bounty hunter who single-handedly ruined two major corporations by foiling a heist on one, a sequence of events that resulted in the deaths of four small-time criminals, both CEOs, and at least two innocent bystanders (though neither actually died by ''her'' hand). The untold story of what she did at Dacta Corporation is said to be even worse.

[[folder: Tabletop Games]]
* From the [[EvilCounterpart Dark]] [[OurElvesAreDifferent Eldar]] of ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'', comes the wyches, each one a [[HellBentForLeather leather bound]] [[BloodSport gladiatrix]] with a well-earned penchant for murder. The greatest of them and the absolute queen of this trope (to her fans at least) is [[OneManArmy Lelith Hesperax]], who can murder an enemy squad ''before they can even fight back''. She's so BadAss, an in-joke is that her ''hair'' counts as a [[LaserBlade power weapon]].
** There's also Lady Malys, also of the Dark Eldar, who goes for more of the "Dark LadyOfWar" approach. She's been compared to a MagicalGirl anime villain, razor-edged steel fan and all.
** Also, while wyches are not exclusively female, a majority of them are. The Dark Eldar value skill and potential above all else, so there are [[EqualOpportunityEvil virtually no gender barriers]]. That also means that the Dark Eldar can hold this trope to every career path, from [[MadScientist Haemonculus]] to [[EliteMooks Incubus]] to [[EvilOverlord Archon]].
** Their [[TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}} fantasy counterparts]] are just as hardcore - only they replace the BloodSport aspect with a [[ReligionOfEvil Blood Cult]]; they're referred to as the "Brides of Khaine" (he's the elven god of murder).
* ''TableTopGame/{{Pathfinder}}'' has Szuriel, Seraph of Devastation, and Horseman of War. Once a fallen paladin, she now represents all of war's worst aspects, and of all the evil female deities is the one who most frequently gets physical.
* ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'' has several, from the [[ANaziByAnyOtherName Pyhrexian]] general and HeroKiller Tsabo Tavoc to the AntiHero {{necromancer}} Liliana Vess, to the [[CircusOfFear Cult of Rakdos]]' Maze Champion Exava.

* The Witch from ''Theatre/IntoTheWoods'' placed a curse on TheHero and his wife before the events of the show, [[AbusiveParents practically abused her daughter, Rapunzel]], by locking her in a tower for years, and cut off Rapunzel's hair and banished her into the desert. While the Witch had to work with the heroes for a time, she was the first cast member to start taking initiative when the BiggerBad started killing everyone, and was dead set on sacrificing Jack to the Giantess. Then, towards the end of the show, [[spoiler: she curses the heroes when they all confront her, throws away her magical beans, and vanishes, possibly [[DrivenToSuicide committing suicide]]]]. And on top of all that, she's got ''attitude''.
** She is, however, one of the more sympathetic versions of this trope: She apparently really did care for Rapunzel, despite having no idea how to properly raise her, and is devastated (and sees her attempts to keep her away from the prince confirmed as correct) when [[spoiler:Rapunzel is trampled on by the giant's wife, killing her]].
* Lynette Fromme and Sara Jane More in ''{{Theatre/Assassins}}''. The title of the play makes it rather obvious as to why these two ladies fit the trope.

[[folder:Theme Parks]]
* If the gangster hijacker on ''Ride/TheGreatMovieRide'' at [[Ride/DisneyThemeParks Disney's Hollywood Studios]] is played by a woman, than she falls under this, as she directly gets involved in a mob war and keeps a gun on her at all times.

[[folder: Toys]]
* Lucidique from ''[[Toys/CliveBarkersTorturedSouls Tortured Souls]]''. Notable in that she starts out as a more standard ActionGirl, going from an idealistic young woman who wants to save Primoridum from its corrupt ruler, to a vengeful, inhuman AntiHero who'll slaughter anyone who so much as annoys her.

[[folder: Video Games]]
* Annie from ''VideoGame/LeagueOfLegends'' is this and a BlackMagicianGirl.
** Katarina the Sinister Blade is one, as well, along with being a DaddysLittleVillain.
** Evelynn the Widowmaker.
* From WorldOfWarcraft:
** Sylvanas Windrunner is THE dark action girl. Banshee Queen, Dark Queen of the Forsaken, Dark Ranger...she's basically a Dark Lord who just happens to work for the Horde, although Garrosh sees it in action in Silverpine when she raises new Forsaken from the Alliance dead.
** Jaina Proudmoore, after the gigantic amount of BreakTheCutie ''Mists'' expansion dropped on her. She is a NominalHero as Sylvanas is, and just so happens to rule an entire city of mages. Before that EstablishingCharacterMoment in Theramore, she was a naive peace-seeking girl... who could hold her own against Arthas. Now that her BerserkButton has been pressed so hard that it broke, the only thing stopping her from literally drowning Orgrimmar in a massive deluge and exterminating the orcish race is LoveInterest Kalec and the orders of King Varian.
* Sarah Kerrigan, post-infestation, in ''VideoGame/{{Starcraft}}'' and ''VideoGame/StarcraftII''. [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Queen of Blades]], ruler of the Zerg swarm, ManipulativeBastard, and [[TheChessmaster Chessmaster]] extraordinaire. In the aftermath of the Overmind's death, she manages, through grit, will, and a burning need for vengeance, [[RoaringRampageOfRevenge to exact bloody revenge on all her enemies]] and establish herself as the de facto ruler of not only the Zerg swarm, but also the entire Kroprulu sector (see quote at the top of the page). At the start of ''VideoGame/StarcraftII'', the entire sector lives in fear of her inevitable return.
** She partially evolves beyond this in her chapter of the game, mainly because the swarm is fleshed out more giving her more people to interact with. Very much keeps the "Action" part, though - it's a rare mission she doesn't personally involve herself in.
* Christie from the ''VideoGame/DeadOrAlive'' series is this. She is a professional assassin with a creepy TheOnlyOneAllowedToDefeatYou LesYay fixation on Helena.
* Valvalis/Barbariccia, the Archfiend of Wind from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIV''.
* Beatrix, the general of Alexandria, is one for most of the first two discs of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyIX''. Anytime she's fought by the party, it's a HopelessBossFight. Lani the bounty hunter takes over for the rest of the game.
* Larxene of ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsChainOfMemories'' certainly fits the bill. She's well aware of it, too - her personal title is "The Savage Nymph", and she delights in taunting the heroes with "clues" that turn out to be completely fake. Plus, in RE:[=CoM=], she manages to martial-arts kick Sora to the ground...TWICE. She's an [[ThatOneBoss/KingdomHearts absolute bitch to fight]] and, well, a bitch in general too!
* The ''Franchise/FireEmblem'' series has always granted us with ''lots'' of heroic {{Action Girl}}s. Likewise, there's usually at least one badass female villain in each game. And just as the female heroes in this franchise are typically exceptionally heroic, the villainesses tend to be absolutely '''''vicious'''''.
** Hilda, Deet'var, Pamela, Eng, Maybell, and Bleg from ''VideoGame/FireEmblemJugdral''. Especially Hilda, who's quite possibly one of the most evil villains in ''Fire Emblem'' history.
** Idoun and Brunya from ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemElibe Fire Emblem 6]]''.
** Sonia, Ursula, and Limstella in ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemElibe Fire Emblem: Blazing Sword]]'', with Sonia being the particularly cruel one.
** Selena from ''VideoGame/FireEmblemTheSacredStones'' is what you get when you mix Dark Action Girl with MyCountryRightOrWrong and AntiVillain.
** Petrine from ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemTellius Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance]]''. Only major female antagonist in the game ''and'' extremely cruel.
** Ashera from ''[[VideoGame/FireEmblemTellius Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn]]'' is arguably even more of one then Petrine, considering she's an evil goddess who's ''really fucking hard'' to beat.
** Aversa in ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening''. Beautiful, {{Badass}}, [[LadyOfBlackMagic elegant]], exotic, [[FemmeFatale seductive]], and downright merciless, this lady is truly a FE Dark Action Girl if there ever was one. It also helps her case that she's REALLY hard to kill. [[spoiler:She and the other villains survive, and if you play your cards right, [[HeelFaceTurn she will join your party]] near the end of the game [[TheAtoner to atone for the crimes she commited]] while {{brainwashed}} by Validar.]]
*** In the same game, the dark mage Tharja somewhat counts as a non-villainous example. [[JerkAss With]] [[YanDere all]] [[NightmareFetishist her]]... [[NightmareFuelStationAttendant eccentricities]], she is still the darkest of the female good guys in the game.
*** Additionally, in the Future Past DLC map [[spoiler: female!Morgan (normally a CuteBruiser DaddysGirl) has become a mixture of this and DaddysLittleVillain. (Ironically, Tharja and Aversa are among her potential mothers.)]]
* Ocelot in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'' believes in EqualOpportunityEvil and always has some female henchmen in his gangs. As with [[MindScrew everything in the series]], things are a bit more complex with Sniper Wolf, [[AerithAndBob Olga]], and Fortune, but Laughing Octopus, Raging Raven, Crying Wolf, and Screaming Mantis of the Beauty and the Beast Unit are just [[AxCrazy completely insane]].
* Speed Buster, the not-so-nice old lady with a {{BFG}} from ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes'', is probably what happens when the Dark Action Girl [[NeverMessWithGranny survives into her 70s]].
** In fact, ''every'' female opponent in ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes'' probably qualifies under this trope, ''especially'' Bad Girl.
* It is heavily implied that Nathyrra of ''[[VideoGame/NeverwinterNights Neverwinter Nights: Hordes of the Underdark]]'' used to be one. Almost every female drow that shows up in the campaign, as well as [[spoiler:Aribeth]] in the original after her FaceHeelTurn and if you keep her on the dark side in Hordes of the Underdark, also qualify.
* Risky Boots, the villainous pirate captain in the obscure Game Boy {{Metroidvania}} ''VideoGame/{{Shantae}}''.
* Menardi, from ''VideoGame/GoldenSun'', fits this trope, although [[spoiler:it's revealed in the sequel that she and Saturos were actually saving the world...after the heroes killed them. (Oops.)]]
** Just ask any soldier of Tolbi, and they'll tell you she still fits the bill, no matter her intentions.
** Menardi's sister, Karst, is also very much an example.
** ''VideoGame/GoldenSunDarkDawn'' introduces Chalis. She prefers subterfuge, but she's still a very dangerous opponent [[spoiler: and a wielder of [[CastingAShadow Dark Psynergy]]]].
* ''VideoGame/BaldursGate''
** Bodhi from ''Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn''. Even if your PC is a heavily armoured warrior with an InfinityPlusOneSword or two, she can probably wipe the floor with him or her in single combat with her bare hands, while wearing less than required by decency.
** Simply because playable characters are almost automatically good at combat, any evil female PlayerCharacter is bound to count too, unless particularly inept in combat, as is any evil female group member, which actually only includes Shar-Teel and Viconia.
* Tavion and Alora from the ''[[VideoGame/DarkForcesSaga Jedi Knight]]'' sequels. Both are dark jedi and (sub-)bosses.
* ''[[VideoGame/{{Wet}} Rubi Malone]]'' easily outshines, or outdarkens, [[WesternAnimation/KimPossible Shego]]. Let's see, she's a GunsAkimbo, HardDrinkingPartyGirl PsychoForHire, spends half the game on a RoaringRampageOfRevenge, goes into an UnstoppableRage when the blood of some mook she shoots gets on her face, and has a penchant for the GroinAttack, using a gun or a sword. Oh, she wears a SlasherSmile during these last two actions. And she's voiced by [[Creator/ElizaDushku Faith.]] Put it this way, she is far too dark to ever be a Disney Villain.
* Tati from ''VideoGame/RiseOfTheKasai'', while not really a villain, qualifies for this trope. She's absolutely vicious and won't hesitate to kill any Kasai warrior she sees. [[spoiler:Her family was slaughtered by the Kasai, she once hung out with her era's equivalent of a street gang, and she's cursed with a mark that is gradually corrupting her. She hates the world for this curse as well.]] Hatred runs through her veins.
* Sasha from ''VideoGame/InFamous'' would also fit this trope. [[spoiler: She was formerly Cole's (or, [[AlternateTimeline more]] [[BadFuture accurately]], Kessler's) girlfriend,]] and she's also one of the boss encounters in the game.
* In ''VideoGame/VampireTheMasqueradeBloodlines'', if your character is female, Mercurio says something about not wanting to speak of some matters (a vampire being a slut) in front of a lady. Your response is that a knee to the crotch tends to get men talking. He immediately talks.
* Jack of ''VideoGame/MassEffect2'', a shaven and tattooed biotics experiment, whose experiences have left her unstable, to say the least...though traveling with Paragon Shepard ''can'' make her a bit more balanced and less sociopathic.
** This can be applied to a female Commander Shepard, as well, if you choose Renegade options in the game.
** Tela Vasir, asari Spectre working for the Shadow Broker and willing to bomb innocent people to get at her target, and tough as nails, providing one of the most difficult fights of the game after going through ''a lot'' of abuse beforehand.
* Kat in ''VideoGame/HaloReach'' is a case of a Dark Action Girl in the protagonist's team. This doesn't make her exactly "good", however.
* Selvaria Bles in ''VideoGame/ValkyriaChronicles''. She is practically invincible, and she has ''zero'' interest in serving anyone else but the BigBad, Maximillian. Her virtue, however, is due to loyalty, not due to for sheer lulz and evil.
** Also from ''Valkyria Chronicles'', Shocktrooper Jane Turner. Note that she's ''[[TokenEvilTeammate on the good guy's side]]''.
* ''VideoGame/MarvelNemesisRiseOfTheImperfects''
** The female Imperfects would definitely fit here in this trope. Solara incinerates people, Fault Zone loves to make the ground tremble with her seismic accelerators, and The Wink seductively slashes people. All three are fueled by hatred and vengeance, just like their male comrades, Brigade, Hazmat, and Johnny Ohm.
** And then there's the killing machine, Paragon, though she's not really one of the Imperfects.
* [[BloodKnight Juri Han]] from ''[[VideoGame/StreetFighterIV Super Street Fighter IV]]''. Notable because the vast majority of playable female characters in the ''Franchise/StreetFighter'' games are on the side of good.
** Also, Cammy and the Dolls ''used'' to be Dark Action Girls, as Bison's {{brainwashed}} BodyguardBabes. Cammy has a full HeelFaceTurn once her inner humanity is unlocked. [[spoiler: In the case of the other Dolls, however, it's not that easy: they suffer ''heavy'' physical and mental consequences, and at least one of them (Julia a.k.a. Juli) has become an EmptyShell due to it. (Though another, Juni, is in her path to recovery after waking up from a coma, so not all hopes are lost.)]]
** The cynical, sexy, and ''very'' pragmatic Crimson Viper fits in as well. [[spoiler: Subverted, actually: she's [[ReverseMole a genuine]] ActionGirl ''posing'' as a Dark Action Girl. While cold to the other warriors, she still has a kinder side that she shows to [[MoralityPet her daughter Lauren]].]]
** And in ''Ultra StreetFighter IV'', we meet another: [[spoiler: [[SpellMyNameWithAnS Decabr/Decapre]], the only Doll aside of Cammy who remains fully active. Even more so: she is ''[[CloningBlues a clone of Cammy]]''.]]
* She may be of neutral [[CharacterAlignment alignment]], but [[Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog Rouge the Bat]] qualifies for this. Blaze the Cat also was one for most of VideoGame/{{Sonic Rush|Series}}.
* The ''Franchise/TalesSeries'' has a few of these, along with several heroic {{Action Girl}}s. Notable Dark Action Girls, however, include;
** Legretta, Arietta, and Nebilim from ''VideoGame/TalesOfTheAbyss''.
** Pronyma from ''VideoGame/TalesOfSymphonia''. Sheena starts out as this, but, before long, undergoes a HeelFaceTurn and loses the "Dark" part.
** Elraine and Fortuna from ''VideoGame/TalesOfDestiny 2''.
** Emeraude and the Fodora Queen from ''VideoGame/TalesOfGraces''.
** Melanie and Schwartz from ''VideoGame/TalesOfLegendia''.
** Gauche and Droite from ''VideoGame/TalesOfVesperia''.
** Agria from ''VideoGame/TalesOfXillia''. Very much AxeCrazy and a pyromaniac.
* [[TheBaroness Izebel]] from ''VideoGame/TearsToTiara2''. She's strong enough to beat up any member of your party. And there's no DesignatedGirlFight. She's seen taking on [[TheHero Hamil]] in the opening movie, while it's Laelius who takes on [[ActionGirl Tarte]].
* Every female character from the ''VideoGame/BloodRayne'' series, including the main character. ''Especially'' the main character.
* [[TokenEvilTeammate Morrigan]] from ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'' is a {{Badass}} BlackMagicianGirl with a snippy attitude and a morally ambiguous stance.
* [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen Queen Myrrah]] heads into the fray with some new battle armor for ''VideoGame/GearsOfWar 3'''s multiplayer.
* ''VideoGame/SepterraCore'' has Selina, who apparently goes back and forth between this and ActionGirl a couple of times throughout the game.
* ''VideoGame/BioShock2'' has a stable of Big Sisters, all of them psychotic, suped-up [=DAGs=]
* Daisy Fitzroy of ''VideoGame/BioShockInfinite'' shows traits of this.
* ''Franchise/ResidentEvil'' has [[AristocratsAreEvil Alexia Ashford]]. She's completely sociopathic and believes all around her exist only to be experimented on. When in human form, she does not seem so threatening. [[OneWingedAngel Then she transforms into a monster that uses her blood like napalm]] [[TheWorfEffect and fights]] [[TheDragon Wesker]] [[TheWorfEffect to a stand-still]].
** [[spoiler: Jill]] is one for most of ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil5'', thanks to being brainwashed.
* The VideoGame/SoulSeries has a few. Tira is the best example, completely insane and just loves to kill. [[spoiler:She also killed Sophitia and corrupted her daugher Phyrra into the local DarkMagicalGirl.]] Ivy is one but on the good side... just a good side that doesn't care about all the other good sides.
* From ''VideoGame/{{Tekken}}'', we have Anna and Nina Williams, both assassins.
* In ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublic'' the main character can be this if you choose to be female and [[KarmaMeter Dark Side]]. The [[SuperpoweredMooks many faceless female Dark Jedi]] you run across throughout the game also presumably count.
* ''VideoGame/VacantSky'' has Sandarga, who DoesNotLikeGuns presumably because she'd rather tear people to shreds close up, and will kill anyone who annoys her (which is most people).
* Cetsa from ''VideoGame/TheWay'' qualifies, being the leader of the Blue Scarves.
* Ayme from ''VideoGame/BatenKaitos: Eternal Wings and the lost Ocean'' is one of [[TheDragon Giacomo]]'s two right-hand people (the other being a man named Folon) and terrorizes the party alongside her two comrades on several occasions throughout the game. The party fights all three of them together in two big events, and she proves to be an extremely challenging opponent both times. She's also [[spoiler: the one who directly killed [[TheHero Kalas']] brother and grandfather]].
* TheKingOfFighters gives us Vice, Mature, [[spoiler: Orochi Leona]] and [[spoiler: Orochi Shermie.]]
* In ''VideoGame/DisneyPrincessEnchantedJourney'', Zara is this. She's older than the heroine and an ex-princess who uses her magic for evil.
* While [[VideoGame/AkatsukiBlitzkampf Marilyn Sue Da Jie]] doesn't look like a DarkActionGirl at first, in reality she's one through and through. She's a FemmeFatale [[spoiler: implied to have had a DarkAndTroubledPast]] who [[ObfuscatingStupidity puts up a bubbly and sexy facade]] but at her core she [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder has no real loyalties save for herself]] and is very ruthless, willing to go where other mobsters won't, and completely determined to rise in power and fame.
** The [[UpdatedReRelease Ausf Achse]] version of the game gives us Perfecti, who once was a mere PaletteSwap of [[spoiler: Mycale]] and now has her own sprite, movelist and story mode. She's a young girl raised and trained by [[ANaziByAnyOtherName the villains of the game]], a group named "Gessellschaft", and as such she's a LittleMissBadass who has ''no'' mercy for anyone in battle.
* In ''VideoGame/SandsOfDestruction'', Morte dances along the line between this and straight-up ActionGirl for a good part of the game, eventually deciding she prefers being heroic while still not quite losing her BloodKnight tendencies.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* Rider of ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'' embraces this image, although she does show a nice side -- how much depends on the scenario. Her alignment is ChaoticGood. I guess you don't have to be evil to be a Dark Action Girl, though.
** [[spoiler:Saber Alter]] probably counts as one too.
* VillainProtagonist Saya from ''VisualNovel/SayaNoUta''.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* In ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'', thirteen year old Vriska Serket is an murdering egomaniac- the most violent, sadistic, and remorseless of all the trolls and is considered evil even by the standards of her barbaric planet. She is responsible for [[spoiler: the deaths of thousands of trolls, as well as a teammate, and for seriously crippling two of her "friends" (and later killing one). She also purposefully facilitated a chain of events that led to an indestructible demon to be created and kill many, many more people- just because she wanted to have the glory of killing said demon]]. She's also among the most powerful characters in the comic. Later, however, she begins to realize that [[spoiler: [[TragicVillain her upbringing was what caused her to become like this]], as she was forced to hunt other trolls to sate the hunger of her spider-monster custodian, under threat of death]]. For the first time, she also feels true remorse after [[spoiler: killing one of her friends]]. Her contact with [[spoiler: and romantic interest in]] [[ThePowerofFriendship John also helps her see]] the error in many of the things that she's done. However, [[spoiler: just as she comes to the conclusion that [[HeelFaceTurn she doesn't want to kill or hurt people anymore]], she is killed by [[ActionGirl Terezi]] in order to save the remaining trolls, as her plan to fight Jack Noir would have resulted in their deaths]]. As a consequence she has become [[BaseBreaker one of the most controversial characters in the fandom]]. Later, we encounter Vriska in a dream bubble [[spoiler: two years after her death]]. [[HeelFaceTurn She's changed quite a bit.]]
** Meenah Peixes is the Dark Action Girl for the pre-scratch trolls. She greets people by trying to kill them and is indirectly responsible for a few deaths in her team (even though she had no intention of causing them). She also idolizes her post-scratch counterpart, who is a genocidal tyrant. She's not anywhere near as bloodthirsty as Vriska was, although just as egotistical and belligerent, and a lot more mischievous. Needless to say, when the two meet, [[DesignatedGirlFight sparks fly.]]
** Because almost every female cast member of Homestuck is an ActionGirl in some sense, essentially all female antagonists in Homestuck count as this.
* Saturday in ''Webcomic/CucumberQuest'' is a thief and a gunslinger ([[AbnormalAmmo well, star-shooter-slinger]]). She isn't as ''evil'' as some of the other villains, but she definitely causes a lot of problems for the heroes.
* ''Webcomic/MagIsa'' -- [[http://mag-isa.thecomicseries.com/comics/pl/119832 Lucia fits this trope]].
* Sal Walters, from ''[[http://www.itswalky.com It's Walky]]'', tends to weave in and out of the "dark" portion of ActionGirl. She wasn't above [[http://www.itswalky.com/d/20040227.html opening a can of whupass on her own brother]], though.
* Considering that until, Agatha freed the other Jaegers, she was doing pretty well holding her own against guards and Othar, Jenka from ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' likely qualifies. Mamma Gkika, being one of the Jager ''[[FourStarBadass Generals]]'', probably falls somewhere between this and LadyOfWar. Von Pinn is just AxCrazy. And then there's Dupree, who's [[AxCrazy axe CRAZIER]]. She routinely attempts to murder entire towns (and, it's implied, only fails because her commanders won't ''let'' her) and actively taunts Von Pinn, who can tear Jagers apart with her bare hands.
** [[spoiler: Zola]]'s not a bad example of this trope, either.
** Oh, and every single one of the aforementioned characters are sympathetically portrayed, and, except for [[spoiler:Zola]], are more-or-less on the side of good. Girl Genius is BlackAndGreyMorality PlayedForLaughs, because that allows for far more CrazyAwesome [[MadScientist Mad Scientists]].
* Kria, the demon mare of ''Webcomic/DanAndMabsFurryAdventures'', is a Dark ActionMom. But given the comic, her appearances are VillainsOutShopping.
* Hortense in ''Webcomic/TheAdventuresOfDrMcNinja''...at least, so far as we know.
** Not to mention the good doctor's mother, Mitzi.
* In ''Webcomic/BladeOfToshubi'', Lamika, aka Lady Snow Blood, kind of falls into this trope.
* [[HornyDevils Sabine]], [[TheDitz Crystal]], and, to an extent, [[NightmareFetishist Tsukiko]] (she mostly creates undead {{Mook}}s but ''can'' fight very well if she has to) from ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick.''
* Lifolei (which is on the 'good' guys side!) and Thlassa of Webcomic/{{Juathuur}}.
* Kusari from ''Webcomic/SluggyFreelance'' - a masked assassin with superhuman powers who unfailingly follows the orders of the villainous Hereti-Corp executives. Her perhaps even more dangerous "sister", Oasis, is too nuts to count, especially as she imagines she's actually good.
* Reng-Lo from ''Webcomic/{{Harkovast}}'', who is notable for being a skilled warrior and [[http://www.harkovast.com/index.php?id=103 complete psycho.]]
* Sakido from ''Webcomic/SlightlyDamned'' certainly had a history as one of these. She was one of hell's most elite warriors in The Great War before retiring to the ring of the slightly damned. She shows us what she's made of when [[spoiler: she takes down the guardian of hell and then single handedly fights her way through the legions of demons to get her little brother and his friend Rhea to the mortal world, even though she knows she'll die in the process. Doubles as a CrowningMomentofHeartwarming]]
** Lazuli plays the role much straighter, and is pretty terrifying.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Pretty Pink Ponytails in ''Literature/AngelOfDeath'' is a highly skilled, sadistic, and unstable fighter. [[spoiler:Thus far, she's the only human to survive direct combat with Cody, and the only reason she didn't win is because he, who has super strength and speed and the ability to fire bursta of magical energy from his hand, called the police on a mortal.]]
* A recurring character from v2 to v4 of ''Roleplay/OpenBlue'' was [[GratuitousGerman Kapitänin]] Karla Weir. She worked for a 19th-century equivalent of UsefulNotes/NaziGermany, was rumored to perform raids on colonies belonging to fellow member states of TheFederation, and was frequently called on by [[CloakAndDagger intelligence officer]] and literal [[TheBaroness baroness]] Rhianna von Adolph to help her with carrying out the occasional dirty work.
** Rhianna herself qualifies, being a highly-skilled KnifeNut armed with a [[SchizoTech diamond-coated]] combat knife. Unlike Karla, she makes a comeback in v5, if only reduced to a backstory role.
* In ''Roleplay/TheGamersAlliance'', there are quite a few characters who fit this trope such as [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen Adela]], [[spoiler:[[LadyOfBlackMagic Desdemona]]]], [[EvilMentor Endoran]], [[PsychoLesbian Etna]], [[DarkMessiah Glaurung]], [[HornyDevils Nina]], [[TheBaroness Shyralis]], [[PerkyFemaleMinion Tarna]], [[spoiler:[[DemonLordsAndArchdevils Vaetris]]]], [[LadyOfWar Varalia]] and [[PsychoForHire Zenobia]].
* Literature/WhateleyUniverse example: Vamp, [[TheDarkChick the bad girl]] of [[BigBad The Necromancer's]] FiveBadBand. She beat ''Bladedancer'' in a fair fight.
** Winter (the daughter of supervillains) and Cutlass (wants to become a henchwoman to a supervillain), who ripped up the Cadet Crusaders. Or Olympia, who may be closer to AxCrazy. [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters Or...]]
* In ''WebVideo/DragonBallAbridged'', [[spoiler: Dodoria]] is one.
* Tex in ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'' is not only the only woman in blood gulch (until much later), but also the only capable soldier. She's technically on the side of the Blue Team, which doesn't stop her from abusing and scaring the shit out of her allies. She is also the one character who wears black armor.
** All the female Freelancers count on one level or another, especially [[ChronicBackstabbingDisorder South, who shoots her own brother in the back in a jealous rage]].
* Sara from ''TrintonChronicles'' can count as this with her [[LovecraftianSuperpower bone control]] powers.
* A fair amount of villains in ''Roleplay/SurvivalOfTheFittest'' fit this, on at least two occasions, being a homage to [[Literature/BattleRoyale Mitsuko Souma]]. Examples include Angelina Kaige (v1), Mariavel Varella (v2), Melina Frost (v3), Clio Gabriella (v4), Reiko Ishida, prior to CharacterDevelopment (v4), and countless others.
* From ''Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses'', WebVideo/DiamandaHagan and [[WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall Judas Liz]].
* Common for evil women on ''Roleplay/TheGunganCouncil''. Notable examples include Xyra Sizhran, a manipulative Stormcommando.

[[folder: Western Animation]]
* [[HypercompetentSidekick Shego]] (pictured) of ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible''.
* Ravess from ''WesternAnimation/StormHawks''.
** [[BigBad Master Cyclonus]] as well, when TheGlovesComeOff.
* Blackarachnia of ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}: WesternAnimation/BeastWars'' is a bad, bad girl, ready to dish out pain by the bucket at the drop of a hat, as well as a treacherous FemmeFatale when it suits her. These two things, in combination, [[EvilIsCool made her very popular in the fandom]]. [[spoiler:Unlike many, though, she does do a HeelFaceTurn in the end, though, at first, it's just for her own safety.]]
** Despite the previous having a counterpart in ''[[WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated Animated]]'', another for this trope would be [[spoiler:''Starscream's'' OppositeSexClone]].
** Airachnid of ''WesternAnimation/TransformersPrime''. This is a woman (well, {{fembot}}) who got bored with her job as a TortureTechnician and decided, [[ForTheEvulz as a hobby]], to hunt endangered species and keep trophies from her kills. Rather than ''finding'' endangered species to hunt, [[WouldBeRudeToSayGenocide she makes her own]].
* Jinx of ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans''. She's also the leader of the H.I.V.E F.I.V.E, all male, and the only one with ambition. Her eventual HeelFaceTurn was triggered by high-ranking villains [[MistreatmentInducedBetrayal dismissing her as useless]] ([[DatingCatwoman and possibly a crush on Kid Flash]]). The phrase "Dark Action Girl" really brings Raven to mind...though she's more an example of [[DarkMagicalGirl another trope]]. Or, more accurately, [[DarkIsNotEvil two.]]
** Blackfire, Starfire's diabolical [[CainAndAbel big sister]].
* [[TheDragon Princess Azula]] from ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'', as a charismatic and powerful leader, combines this trope with MagnificentBastard and HeroKiller.
** Mai, the {{Deadpan Snark|er}}ing KnifeNut, is also one of these [[spoiler: until she [[HeelFaceTurn switches sides.]]]] She certainly dresses like one. She wears red and black clothes, uses a dark makeup palate, and has black FemmeFatalons.
** Quite a few [[{{Mook}} mooks]] in the Fire Nation are female.
** SequelSeries ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' gives us the following:
*** In Book 1, several female mooks. [[spoiler:([[TeamNormal Asami Sato]] was originally intended as a SixthRangerTraitor, but instead defied the trope so hard as to [[OfficialCouple get with]] [[BiTheWay Korra]] in the end.)]]
*** In Book 2, Korra's [[PsychopathicWomanchild creepy]] {{yandere}} cousin Eska [[spoiler:until she [[CreepyTwins and her twin brother]] make a last-minute HeelFaceTurn]].
*** Book 3 gives us Ming-Hua (a [[PintSizedPowerhouse tiny]] BloodKnight [[MakingASplash waterbender]] with [[HandicappedBadass no arms]] but [[MultiArmedAndDangerous as many]] [[CombatTentacles water whips]] as she could possibly ever need) and P'Li (a [[StatuesqueStunner towering]] ColdSniper [[PlayingWithFire firebender]] with a design [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yomd3_C0UO0 explicitly stated]] to be inspired by [[TheMillenniumTrilogy Lisbeth Salander]]).
*** Kuvira, the ArcVillain of Book 4, seems to be more of a [[DarkActionGirl Dark]] LadyOfWar.
* Galatea in ''[[WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague Justice League Unlimited]]'' is also an EvilTwin.
* Demona and Hyena from ''WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}}'' are particularly AxCrazy ones.
** Fox is a {{Heel Face Turn}}er, though it doesn't change her personality one iota. Well, except for the MamaBear thing.
* Silver Sable from ''WesternAnimation/TheSpectacularSpiderMan'', an incredibly dangerous and clever combatant who serves as TheDragon to her father, mob boss [[BadassGrandpa Silvermane]]. Black Cat from the same series might also be considered an example, though, being something of a [[DatingCatwoman Catwoman]] figure, she's sometimes antagonistic but not exactly ''evil''.
** Probably should be mentioned that, in the comics, SilverSable is a very different character with no connection to Silvermane. She is an AntiHero [[HiredGuns mercenary]] and ActionGirl, and is usually on Spider-Man's side. Neighbours with SelfDemonstrating/DoctorDoom.
* Cheshire from ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice''.
** Cheshire and Artemis's mother, Huntress was one in the past, before a CareerEndingInjury.
** Tigress from the second season, [[spoiler: who is actually Artemis working as a mole.]]
* Crasher from ''WesternAnimation/ChallengeOfTheGoBots.''
* Saranoia, Smoke, and Ella Mental from ''WesternAnimation/YinYangYo''.
* Vanessa Warfield of the evil organization V.E.N.O.M in ''WesternAnimation/{{MASK}}''
* The Flock of Fury in ''WesternAnimation/ElTigre'' is a whole family of dark action girls.
* Molotov Cocktease in ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'', an assassin and ex-Soviet agent (and on-and-off love interest for [[SociopathicHero Brock Sampson]]), combines this with TheBaroness.
* Andrea Beaumont from ''WesternAnimation/BatmanMaskOfThePhantasm'' combines this trope with being a FemmeFatale BrokenBird.
** Averted in most of the movie, considering that nobody is even aware the Phantasm is ''female'' until the final act.
* Magica de Spell from ''WesternAnimation/DuckTales'', an evil witch that desires to steal Scrooge McDuck's first dime so that she can cast a spell to make herself rich.
* Inque from ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond''. In addition to being a really effective, if not, really badass [[BlobMonster shapeshifting blob]], she's the embodiment of implacable. Frozen, diluted, and dissolved, in that order, all things that would assuredly damage or kill her and is STILL alive. On top of that, all of her encounters with Batman are usually with her cornering or nearly killing him. She even manages to nearly off Bruce Wayne in steroid armor. The only appearance in which she's not a major threat, it's because the "InnocentBystander" she takes hostage [[BadassBystander is actually]] ''{{Superman}}''.
* Lazerette and Cerina from ''WesternAnimation/SkysurferStrikeForce''. Cerina especially doesn't get in the thick of it as much of the other Bioborgs, and has no visible powers and rarely uses weapons, but she still gives the Skysurfers more they can handle when she does fight.
* Kaia, leader of the Terras in ''{{WesternAnimation/Motorcity}}''.
* Trixie from ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'', [[spoiler: while under the influence of the [[ArtifactOfDoom Alicorn Amulet.]]]]
* As listed above under Literature, Asajj Ventress is also portrayed as this on ''StarWarsCloneWars''.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/MegaMan'' cartoon, Doris the maid, a cosmetics robot, Ms. Lapierre, and a brainwashed Evelyn Ray have all fought Mega Man and Roll at points. The park attendant from Fun World was also evil, but she didn't fight.