DR (''Danmarks Radio'', although that is no longer the official title of the network) is the public broadcaster of UsefulNotes/{{Denmark}}, founded in 1925. In essence, it is the Danish version of TheBBC.

As DR operates on a licence fee (currently almost US$400 per annum), Denmark's small population severely limits the production budget. There is basically only enough in the drama department for one 10-part story a year, so the government imposes a strict quality and content control on the network--prohibiting remakes and novel adaptations, only allowing dramas with something telling to say about Danish society.

In recent years, DR's dramas have gained international acclaim, including cult status in the United Kingdom.

'''Programmes produced by DR include:'''
* ''Series/{{Borgen}}''
* ''Series/BronBroen''
* ''Series/{{Forbrydelsen}}'' (''The Killing'', original version)
* ''Series/{{Riget}}'' (''The Kingdom'')
* ''1864'', an in-production historical around the Prussian-Danish War.