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->''"Impossible" is just a word people use to feel good about themselves when they quit.''
-->-- '''Vyse''', ''VideoGame/SkiesOfArcadia''

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A character -- good or evil, male or female, young or old -- who never gives up. ''Ever''. No matter what.

There is no stopping the '''Determinator'''. They do not understand tact. They do not KnowWhenToFoldEm, and it's a waste of time to [[NeverTellMeTheOdds tell them the odds]]. No one can reason with them. They'll [[IDidWhatIHadToDo do whatever they have to]] without question. [[IHaveComeTooFar No price is too great]] to pay for success, up to and including their own life (and others'). Do not expect them to realize they might be better off letting it go, even if [[YouCanBarelyStand they can barely stand]]. If you're ever kidnapped or lost with no hope of rescue, they'll be the one [[IWillFindYou who will find you]]. Their adversaries will shout, in exasperated rage, [[WhyWontYouDie "Why Won't You Die?!"]]. For them, there is no line between "perseverance" and "insanity."

[[TheFettered The nobility of their goal]] is ''not'' necessarily proportionate to their persistence. This is just as often an obsessive rival with a grudge as it is a hero on a chivalrous quest, and where their willpower ultimately leads them will depend both on their role and on where the work stands on the SlidingScaleOfIdealismVersusCynicism. Heroes- especially {{Badass Normal}}s with a ScrewDestiny attitude - will defeat villains by virtue of being too stubborn to stay down. {{Anti Hero}}es will [[JumpingOffTheSlipperySlope Jump Off The Slippery Slope]], forsake The Powers of [[ThePowerOfLove Love]] and [[ThePowerOfFriendship Friendship]], [[HeWhoFightsMonsters become like that which they fight]], and walk the thin line between victory and tragedy. Villains will refuse to admit defeat, [[NoOneShouldSurviveThat resist seemingly fatal punishment]], [[SuperPersistentPredator hunt their prey tirelessly]] [[ImplacableMan and relentlessly]], and let the heroes know that WeWillMeetAgain.

{{Shonen}} anime and manga ''love'' this trope, such that it is quite rare to find a protagonist of these works who ''isn't'' a Determinator and is guaranteed where [[HotBlooded super-heated blood]] is involved.

Compare and contrast with ImplacableMan -- while a Determinator pursues his goal through sheer willpower, the ImplacableMan is driven by artificial, unnatural, or magical means, and often suffers no apparent damage at all.

Compare SuicidalOverconfidence, a common feature of many {{Video Game}} genres where enemies will always, blindly, and relentlessly be at your throat with no regard for how horribly you are massacring them (though this is more due to [[NecessaryWeasel genre requirements]] than characterization). Compare TragicDream, where becoming a '''Determinator''' can only end in tears. Can be identified by their trademark DeterminedExpression.

See also HeroicResolve, HeroicSpirit, LawfulStupidChaoticStupid, PluckyGirl, PrinciplesZealot, NonGivingUpSchoolGuy, TheUnfettered, TheFettered, UnconsciousObjector, and StiffUpperLip.


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