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[[caption-width-right:349: Say hello to [[WesternAnimation/TheRenAndStimpyShow Ponchi and Conchi.]]]]

You're watching the dub of an anime or non-American animated series, playing a localized version of an imported game, or reading a book or manga/manhua/manhwa in translation. You stumble across a cultural reference that you're absolutely sure [[{{Woolseyism}} couldn't have been in the original]] -- it just seems too culturally out-of-place to have been in the original source. Except that it ''was'' [[ShoutOut in the original]].

Thanks to the increasingly international nature of popular culture, combined with PopCulturalOsmosis, an all-too-familiar cultural reference has managed to make its way halfway around the world, showing up in a completely unexpected place.


* CulturalCrossReference/AnimeAndManga


[[folder:Comic Books]]
* An issue of ''ComicBook/SpiderMan'' involving TimeTravel and alternate universes had the phrase ''Bad Wolf'' appear as a graffiti in one panel. ''Bad Wolf'' was the ArcWords in the first series of the new ''Series/DoctorWho''.
* One ''ComicBook/{{Asterix}}'' comic involved a war between two groups of aliens over the Gauls' super strength potion. One group was based on MickeyMouse, and their name was [[Creator/WaltDisney Talidsweny]]. The other one? [[{{Manga}} Nagma]]. [[TakeThat The Nagma are]] AlwaysChaoticEvil.
* The ComicBook/SuperYoungTeam of Franchise/TheDCU aren't that referential on the surface. But then you notice that Big Atomic Lantern Boy looks exactly like Hayashida from ''Manga/CromartieHighSchool''.
** Big Science Action is more appropriate in this case, though, because while they're all based on heroes from Japanese media, Senior Waveman is based on the super obscure Marine Boy. The others are more familiar; Ultimon is Ultraman, Boss Bosozoku and Boss Bishounen are based on Kaneda from ''Akira'' with elements of Comicbook/GhostRider, Goraiko is Anime/MyNeighborTotoro (though he was originally conceived as the Hulk CaptainErsatz in the Ultramarine Corps), etc.
* Apparently SelfDemonstrating/{{Deadpool}} [[http://ozbot.typepad.com/marvelflipside/2011/01/dating-deadpool-january.html is a fan of Naruto.]]
* The ''Franchise/JusticeLeagueOfAmerica'' series infamously has a scene in which the Martian Manhunter disguises himself as a young Japanese woman, and is recognized by Batman based on his alias. The name in question? ''[[Franchise/SailorMoon Hino Rei]]''.
* An issue in the ''ComicBook/SecretWars2015'' storyline [[http://vignette3.wikia.nocookie.net/kamenrider/images/7/7a/Wizard_Array_in_Comics.png showed]] ComicBook/IllyanaRasputin casting a spell using Series/KamenRiderWizard's trademark [[GeometricMagic magic circle]].
* A 1998 Marvel Comics had TheHulk [[http://jojo.wikia.com/wiki/File:HulkTheWorld.jpg get an armor]] that made him look suspiciously like The World, DIO's Stand from the third part of JojosBizarreAdventure. The creator confirmed the ShoutOut is intentional.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''FanFic/RacerAndTheGeek'' has references to several things from the Russian armed forces. [[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/81159/1/racer-and-the-geek/predawn He includes things]] such as the [[ColorCodedForYourConvenience telnyashka]], soldatushki, [[IncrediblyLamePun the]] [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/SovietInvasionOfAfghanistan Afghneighnka]] [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Afghanka uniform]], and several firearms references. And all starting in [[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/81159/1/racer-and-the-geek/predawn the very first chapter!]]

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* A significant subplot in ''Anime/WhisperOfTheHeart'' revolves around translating John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads" into Japanese for a school performance.
* A [[Anime/MyNeighborTotoro Totoro]] doll appears at Bonnie's house in ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory3''. See [[http://studioghiblimovies.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/11/totoro3.jpg here]].

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* There's this cop movie from Hong Kong where a jaded veteran cop has accepted his lot, having been crippled in the line of duty but winding up with a promotion. He says that his daughter got him hooked on ''manga'', where he learned about something the subs called "fair trade". [[Manga/FullmetalAlchemist Think the actual translation might be "equivalent exchange"?]]
* ''Film/MrMagoriumsWonderEmporium'' has a ''Manga/SgtFrog'' doll appear.
* ''Sunny'' is a Korean film about a group of woman being reunited due to [[spoiler:the illness and later death of their friend]]. A large amount of it is flashbacks to them as high schoolers during TheEighties. There are multiple references to Western media, especially the song "Sunny" by Boney M.

* The Japanese novelist Creator/HarukiMurakami does this a lot, and it's considered one of the distinguishing features of his popular style from more traditional Japanese literature. It also makes sense, as he lived in the U.S. for much of his life. Examples include:
** The novel ''Literature/NorwegianWood'' is named for the song by Music/TheBeatles, which plays a pivotal role in the story. (It's also a bit of a pun, since the song refers to "Wood" as in lumber and the novel's title refers to "wood" as in a forest.)
** ''Literature/KafkaOnTheShore'': the title character is named after Creator/FranzKafka and the plot alludes to Theatre/OedipusRex, which are not so unusual for literature, but the novel also features Colonel Sanders (as a pimp!), and Johnnie Walker [[spoiler: as a cat-killer and possibly Kafka's father]].
** The title would also seem to be a riff on Philip Glass's ''Theatre/EinsteinOnTheBeach''.
* In the first ''Literature/NightWatch'' book, Anton briefly considers telling Egor he can be a [[Franchise/StarWars Jedi]] of the Light, but quickly decides it's a bad idea. He also specifically explains that Night Watch agents are different to {{Superman}}.
** Another book has a girl named Alita wearing a t-shirt of Battle Angel...[[Manga/{{Gunnm}} Alita]].
** 'Who is James Bond?' 'A mythological character.'
* Literature/TheCanterburyTales, written in the 14th century, has The Squire's Tale, about none other than Genghis Khan. Ironically, medieval Europeans knew of him, but not of many of the places he conquered.
* In ''Literature/DanceoftheButterfly'', Skothiam is explaining the two rival families' secret duty and how they breed or find [[spoiler:demon hunters]], and Lilja likens it to force-sensitives becoming Jedi or Sith.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o_ls7Rxr7Zk This]] clip from an Israeili juvenile drama, where two kids are being InterrogatedForNothing, and are forced to feed their captor with names...from VideoGame/{{Tekken}}.

* ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkQXeSXMvww Ai Qing Bian Fu Xia]]'' by Alvin Kwok (Kwok Siu Lam) is a song about love.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* An American example: ''TabletopGame/{{Twilight 2000}}'' has some of the early modules set in Poland after WW III. Some of the Polish gamers can't believe that this game exists.
** Not only exists, but is actually [[ShownTheirWork reasonably well researched]] as to the setting (by the often quite low standards of [=RPGs=] anyway), the frequent misspellings and {{Blind Idiot Translation}}s aside).
** An old computer game version used this setting.

* In-universe example: "''[[Literature/UncleTomsCabin The Little House of Uncle Thomas]]''" in ''Theatre/TheKingAndI''.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The Mad Butcher enemy from ''VideoGame/CastlevaniaOrderOfEcclesia'' looks an awful lot like Leatherface from ''Franchise/TheTexasChainsawMassacre''. He even has the chainsaw, despite the game taking place in the 19th century. There's also the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jersey_Devil Jersey Devil]] that shows up in the Agila Swamp.
* ''VideoGame/BattalionWars II'''s last boss was described by Kaiser Vlad as a "fully armed and operational mining spider". [[Franchise/StarWars You do the math]].
* The ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'' series has recurring minor characters known as Biggs (occasionally mistranslated as "Vicks") and Wedge, named after Luke Skywalker's fellow Red Squadron pilots in ''Franchise/StarWars''.
** In addition to "Biggs" and "Wedge," ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVIII'' had a character named "Piett" (as in The Imperial Admiral from ESB and [=RotJ=]) as well. The characters Nida (like "[[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Lorth_Needa Needa]]") and Martine (who was named "[[http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Jan_Dodonna Dodonna]]" in the Japanese version) are also Star Wars references.
** When Celes is introduced in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI'', if Locke is still wearing the stolen Imperial soldier uniform when he releases her, she'll remark "Aren't you a little short for a soldier?" and then he switches back to his regular clothes when he realizes he's still in disguise.
** There's also the [[GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere final boss]] of the ninth game quotes Yoda: "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering."
** Vicks, Wedge, and Piett also appear as part of a guessing game in ''VideoGame/ChronoTrigger''.
** Aside from Balthier's uncanny resemblance to Han Solo, ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXII'' also throws in several {{Homage Shot}}s to ''Franchise/StarWars''.
** The very first game had numerous creatures, spells, and even a major character (Bahamut) lifted directly from TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons. A few were name-changed, such as Kary on the NES who received her real, D&D name of Marilith in later releases, and Wizard and Sorcerer on the NES, who are clearly Mind Flayers. Others, such Lich and Nightmare, keep their D&D origin. Finally, some that D&D took from mythology appear closer to the D&D form than to myth, such as Kraken and Tiamat.
** Bahamut is a recurring character in ''Final Fantasy'', and his visual reference almost always evokes his TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons origin, though he doesn't always take on Bahamut's significance. Exhibits: Bahamut in the [[http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Bahamut Final Fantasy Series]] and Bahamut from [[http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Bahamut one of many Dungeons And Dragons settings]].
* While ''VideoGame/VivaPinata'' is native to Britain, the Ponocky species' PunnyName references the popular Japanese cookie snack Pocky.
* ''Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei'' tosses in a few of these. Possibly the most famous are a NoCelebritiesWereHarmed version of Michael Jackson and {{Lawyer Friendly Cameo}}s of Audrey Jr. and Betelgeuse in ''Shin Megami Tensei II'', but they take demons and other things from such diverse sources that they're hardly the only ones. Among others, the inhabitants of the Velvet Room in the ''Persona'' series have theme naming from ''Frankenstein'' that goes far deeper than the cursory knowledge one would expect, and ''Persona'''s Philemon is derived from a Jungian figure that's obscure in cultures you ''would'' expect to be familiar with his work.
* ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'':
** At one point in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaPhantomHourglass'', Link must go through a quiz to become an honorary member of the Goron village. This quiz is rather reminiscent of ''Series/WhoWantsToBeAMillionaire'', including the whole "final answer?" routine, increasing prizes for each question, and having a lifeline to eliminate one of the wrong answers. It's not a coincidence; there was indeed a Japanese version of ''Millionaire'' on Fuji TV.
** Even the very title character of ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' is a case of this: [[WordOfGod Word of]] [[Creator/ShigeruMiyamoto Miyamoto]] states that she was indeed named after Mrs. Creator/FScottFitzgerald.
** Jo, Beth, Meg, and Amy from ''Literature/LittleWomen'' all show up in ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaOcarinaOfTime'' and ''[[VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaMajorasMask Majora's Mask]]'' as ghosts you defeat.
** One was actually removed in the English version, probably due to trademark issues: the Magic Hammer in the Japanese version of ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaALinkToThePast'' was called... the [[Music/MCHammer M,C Hammer]].
* The ''Franchise/MetalGear'' series contains so many {{Shout Out}}s to American and [[Film/JamesBond British]] action movies you could easily forget it was made in Japan. The surprise was ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid4'' including a ShoutOut to ''Series/PoliceSquad''.
* The NES game ''VideoGame/MonsterParty'' would have been released in Japan as ''Parody World: Monster Party'', with parodies of ''Film/{{Alien}}'', ''Film/{{Gremlins}}'', and ''Franchise/PlanetOfTheApes''. These references were removed in the US release.
* When Gig of ''VideoGame/SoulNomadAndTheWorldEaters'' is asked about any of the other World Eaters, he responds by describing Superman, Martian Manhunter, a generic Green Lantern, and The Flash.
* ''VideoGame/EarthBound'' was made in Japan, but has a ''huge'' number of {{Shout Out}}s to Music/TheBeatles and others, though a few references, including one to ''TabletopGame/{{Monopoly}}'', were decidedly LostInTranslation, some deliberately to avoid potential lawsuits.
* In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'' you are asked a riddle that begins 'The smallest lark can carry it...'. One of the multiple choices is 'A coconut'. However, ''Monty Python and the Holy Grail'' probably has more cultural penetration than any film you can think of. How often do you hear "I'm not dead", "It's just a flesh wound", etc. More than one game has sentinels asking "What is your name", "What is your quest" followed by something difficult. And the ancient game ''VideoGame/{{Wizardry}} 1'' has the Vorpal Bunny that had only a few hit points but could suddenly do 100 damage.
* The first ''VideoGame/SilentHill1'' game, during a level in the school you can obtain a list of teachers, which reads: [[Music/SonicYouth K. Gordon, T. Moore, L. Ranaldo, S. Shelley]]. A much larger [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silent_Hill_(video_game)#Influences_and_references list of references is available]] on Wiki/ThatOtherWiki.
* ''VideoGame/{{Nostalgia}}'' features a minor pair of [=NPCs=], the newlywed Anastasia and Dmitri. Yes, like the Don Bluth ''Anastasia'' movie.
* ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'':
** The references range from the overt (a lot of the gameplay in ''Undefined Fantastic Object'' is one big ''VideoGame/SpaceInvaders'' reference) to the subtle (Flandre's theme music and one of her Spell Cards take their names from Creator/AgathaChristie's ''Literature/AndThenThereWereNone'') and everything in between.
** Another overt reference comes in ''Urban Legend in Limbo'', where every character has a super move based off of an UrbanLegend; Mamizou's is based off of TheMenInBlack, and has her using a [[Film/MenInBlack Neuralizer]] on her opponent.
* In ''VideoGame/YoakeMaeYoriRuriiroNa: Moonlight Cradle'' (a collection of side-stories), there's a scene in which ''Stars and Stripes Forever'' appears as background music.
* The Quox in ''VideoGame/TheTowerOfDruaga'' is apparently named after a dragon from ''Tik-Tok of Oz''.
* ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'':
** There is a quest called "A Tiny, Clever Commander" featuring Commander Nazrim of the rat-like kobold race, all of which is a rather unexpected ShoutOut to ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'', specifically to Nazrin and her {{Leitmotif}}, "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jumPYqjkwaA A Tiny, Tiny, Clever Commander]]".
** The [[http://www.wowpedia.org/Singing_Pools Singing Pools]] in the ''Mist of Pandaria'' expansion are a fairly blatant ShoutOut to ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'', especially with the pandas running around.
** In one part of the game there is also a quest line that goes as follows, [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann "See the Invisible", "Touch the Untouchable", "Break the Unbreakable", "Fight the Power"]].
* In ''VideoGame/TalesOfInnocence'', Iria's father comments that her siblings are called Monica, Ross and Gunther -- characters from ''Series/{{Friends}}''. Some actually believed this to be an attempt at {{Woolseyism}} by the game's {{fan translat|ion}}or, but when questioned about it, he confirmed that yes, that's in the Japanese script too. He was as surprised as anyone else.
* ''VideoGame/TheWitchAndTheHundredKnight'' has one of eponymous characters (the protagonist, though not the player character) named Music/{{Metallica}}. The localization took out the c to avoid lawsuits.
* ''VideoGame/AnimalCrossing'', despite being a Japanese game, has two different references to the 4th of July (American Independence Day):
** The villager Apollo, a bald eagle (the USA's national bird) whose birthday is on July 4. It's also speculated that his name (which, [[DubNameChange unlike most characters]], is the same in both the Japanese and English versions of the games) is a reference to Apollo 11, the first manned spacecraft to land on the moon.
** In the original game, July 4 is the anniversary of the opening of the town's train station. This "holiday" is celebrated with fireworks, Redd giving out balloons and pinwheels, and Tortimer giving you a model bottle rocket.
* Harle, one of the LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters in ''VideoGame/ChronoCross'', is apparently based on Harley Quinn from the ''Franchise/{{Batman}}'' series. She even had the same color scheme in an early prototype.
* If you enter your name as "SOUTHPARK" in ''VideoGame/AoOni'' then the game's sprites will [[ArtShift be drawn in the South Park paper cutout style]], complete with plentiful references to the series with characters saying catchphrases from the show and rats eating the corpses of any of the characters who die.
* ''VideoGame/{{Splatterhouse}}: Wanpaku Graffiti'' was only released in Japan, yet most of its {{Boss Battle}}s reference American HorrorFilms.
* ''VideoGame/YokaiWatch'':
** The spinoff ''Yokai Watch Blasters'' is one big reference to ''Franchise/GhostBusters''.
** The character of Robonyan in said franchise is one big ''Film/{{Terminator}}'' reference, to the point that there was a [[{{Japandering}} Japan-only event]] where Ahnold himself had a meet-and-greet with a Robonyan costumed mascot.
* ''VideoGame/SecretOfMana'' has werewolves strike a Music/MichaelJackson pose when they heal themselves. If that's not enough, zombie enemies sometimes moonwalk.
* ''VideoGame/{{Splatoon}}'' is what happens when Creator/{{Nintendo}} takes a look at 1990s Creator/{{Nickelodeon}} and rolls with its aesthetic. It is noticeably western in style and has an emphasis on {{Americasia}}. The most blatant cross-cultural reference is in ''VideoGame/{{Splatoon 2}}'''s ''Octo Expansion''. In it, Pearl and Marina dress up like the famous '90s rappers Biggie and Tupac respectively.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* The ''Franchise/AceAttorney'' games include multiple references to ''Series/PerryMason'' and ''Literature/SherlockHolmes'' in Japanese, including the "MASON System" in ''VisualNovel/ApolloJusticeAceAttorney''.
* In ''VisualNovel/SteinsGate'', the cast names their time-travelling e-mails "D-mails", short for "[=DeLorean=] Mail", explicitly after ''Film/BackToTheFuture''.
* ''VisualNovel/{{Clannad}}'':
** Kotomi is quite fond if this. Her often repeated "Day before yesterday I saw a rabbit, and yesterday a deer, and today, you." is a quote from [[http://www.scifi.com/scifiction/classics/classics_archive/young2/young21.html The Dandelion Girl]]. Also, for her MagicalGirl incantation, Kotomi uses an invocation from the De Vermis Mysteriis, a grimoire found in Creator/HPLovecraft's Franchise/CthulhuMythos.
** When Tomoya asks Fuuko [[ItMakesSenseInContext to act like a zombie]], Fuuko acts like zombies in [[Music/MichaelJackson Thriller]]
* ''VisualNovel/HigurashiWhenTheyCry'':
** One of the club games is noted to be a "foreign game", and it becomes clear that they're playing a modified version of ''TabletopGame/{{Clue}}'' (with the board game's characters replaced by cards with the club member's names on them and instead of moving from one location to another to guess they just take turns).
** Keiichi helps Rena retrieve a discarded Kenta-kun doll (Colonel Sanders statue) from the dump [[ImTakingHerHomeWithMe because she thinks it's cute]].
* The creators of ''Franchise/DanganRonpa'' seem to be fans of Music/{{Nirvana}}, since Chapter 4 of [[VisualNovel/DanganRonpa the first game]] is titled "All All Apologies",[[note]]All•Star•Apologies in the English localization[[/note]] and [[VisualNovel/SuperDanganRonpa2 the sequel]] has Princess Sonia Music/{{Nevermind}} from the Kingdom of Novoselic who used to attend a high school called Music/InUtero. The latter game also has a music live house called "Titty Typhoon" and styled after ''Film/FromDuskTillDawn'''s Titty Twister bar.
** The Monokuma Theater stills in ''VisualNovel/NewDanganRonpaV3'' come from famous scenes from Western movies, such as ''Film/{{The Texas Chain Saw Massacre|1974}}, Film/{{Jaws}}, Film/TheGodfather, Film/{{Titanic|1997}}, Film/ETTheExtraTerrestrial'', ''Film/AClockworkOrange'', and more, with Monokuma [[spoiler:or Monodam in Chapter 3]] playing the roles.
* One of the most famous (and/or notorious) [[HGame H-Games]] ever made is ''Bible Black''. About a decade later, the same people produced an even more outrageous game called ''Starless''. Hang on a second... [[Music/KingCrimson Starless and Bible Black]]?

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* ''Webcomic/DiceTheCubeThatChangesEverything'' is a KoreanWebtoon that references anything from ''Manga/DeathNote'' to ''Film/ThreeHundred''.
* Chinese YuriGenre webcomic ''Magan&Danai'' has the characters blatantly watching ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'' in one strip.
* Da-Jeong makes a reference to ''Literature/HarryPotter'' in ''Webcomic/TheFriendlyWinter''. However, Min-Seong doesn't understand it.
* Sangwoo from ''Manhwa/KillingStalking'' is fond of the song "Killing Me Softly" by The Fugees.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'':
** Too many Japanese video game and anime characters to count appear in the "Imagination Land" three-parter. Among them include [[Anime/MyNeighborTotoro Totoro]] and [[Franchise/StreetFighter Akuma]].
** Totoro is also parodied extensively in "Mysterion Rises".
* ''Franchise/{{Transformers}}'':
** An episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheTransformers'' has a ''Film/{{Godzilla 1998}}'' poster in the background. Reversing this, an episode of ''Anime/TransformersSuperGodMasterforce'', Shuta compares Ginrai to Franchise/{{Superman}}.
** ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'' director Derrick Wyatt cited ''ComicBook/ABCWarriors'' as his biggest influence in character design. He also said that Dirt Boss was based on the Lagann of ''Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann''.
* ''WesternAnimation/BeastMachines'' had Jetstorm reference ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}'s'' slogan, "GottaCatchThemAll". The tank drones were frequently shown with a single point moving from side to side in their visors, reminiscent of the Cylons in ''Series/{{Battlestar Galactica|2003}}''.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'':
** In one episode in which a new comic shop opens, Lisa is revealed to be a fan of ''ComicBook/{{Tintin}}'' and ''ComicBook/{{Asterix}}''. Previous episodes referenced ''Series/MrBean'' and ''Franchise/HelloKitty''.
** One CouchGag has the family running in, {{Cosplay}}ing as various Japanese pop culture icons -- Maggie is [[Franchise/{{Pokemon}} Pikachu]], Lisa is Franchise/SailorMoon, Bart is Anime/AstroBoy, Marge is [[Anime/ScienceNinjaTeamGatchaman Jun the Swan]], and Homer is Series/{{Ultraman}}.
** Treehouse of Horror XXV ends with dozens of different Simpson families InTheStyleOf previous non-canon episodes, couch gags and various properties. Anime-styled Simpsons still have Maggie as Pikachu, but this time Bart is Manga/{{Naruto}}, Marge is [[Anime/{{Bleach}} Rangiku Matsumoto]], Lisa is [[Manga/AttackOnTitan Mikasa Ackerman]], Homer is [[Manga/OnePiece post-time skip Zoro]] and Santa's Little Helper is [[Anime/SpiritedAway Haku in dragon form]].
** Bumblebee Man was inspired by ''Series/ElChapulinColorado'', and the channel he works at (Canal Ocho) is a subtle reference to ''Series/ElChavoDelOcho''.
* ''WesternAnimation/MegasXLR'' is pretty much one big Shout Out to the various anime that has made it to North America over the years, from ''Anime/CaptainHarlock'' to ''Anime/SailorMoon'', and even some that haven't, such as ''Anime/MobileSuitVictoryGundam''.
* A ''WesternAnimation/{{Ben10}}'' Holiday Special featured three kids from ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'': Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi.
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheBraveAndTheBold'', Blue Beetle manifests a [[ThisIsADrill gigantic drill]] and holds it over his head in [[Anime/TengenToppaGurrenLagann Gurren Lagann's]] trademark pose.
* In one sequence in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/CodenameKidsNextDoor'', Numbuh Four and the Delightful Kids fight over a package as [[Anime/DragonBallZ Goku and Frieza, respectively.]] The whole scene parodies the frequent transformation sequences, as when the Delightful Kids transform into a bigger, uglier, and more ferocious monster, Numbuh Four goes Super Saiyan....and only his hair grew longer.
* ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' is pretty common fodder for parody in western animation, being the basis of an episode of ''WesternAnimation/TheGrimAdventuresOfBillyAndMandy'' and one of the longer sequences in one of the ''WesternAnimation/ChannelChasers''.
* ''WesternAnimation/TeenTitans'':
** Beast Boy once got a part-time job in order to save up for [[Anime/{{FLCL}} a yellow Vespa with a white "T!" on a black circle in its front.]] The episode itself is just as surreal and nonsensical as the series it referenced.
** Along the same lines, in the episode where Robin breaks his arm, there was also a ridiculously-powerful being that emerged from his head and ended up the cause of trouble.
** In the episode where Robin uses a modified version of his costume with a cape that he can use as wings is an obvious shout out to ''[[Anime/ScienceNinjaTeamGatchaman Gatchaman]].''
** In another episode, Cyborg is dismantled, and Beast Boy tries to reassemble him. One of his attempts ends up turning Cyborg into a limbless version of ''Manga/GiantRobo''. Complete with Beast Boy shrinking, standing on Cyborg's shoulder and taking Daisuke Kusama's appearance.
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'':
** With emphasis on the "Cultural" part of the trope, the episode "The Show Stoppers" involved a stage act with a Halloween-looking hanging display, with bats, spiders and ghosts - except the 'ghost' is a ''teruteru bozu''.
** In the episode "Trade Ya", one of the items offered for Twilight's books is a Daruma Doll, a Japanese good-luck charm.
** In "Scare Master", Fluttershy's "unplanned guests" at the party are cutout drawings of pony versions of [[Manga/DragonBall Bulma]], Manga/SailorMoon, [[Manga/RevolutionaryGirlUtena Utena]], [[Manga/RanmaOneHalf Female Ranma]] and [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Rei]].
* The ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'' episode "Legends" starts off with the League fighting a robot that looks very much like an [[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Eva Unit]]. It acts as the prologue to having four of them wake up in a [[UsefulNotes/TheSilverAgeOfComicBooks Silver Age]] AlternateDimension, extending the reference to the [[GainaxEnding ending]].
* Matt Burnett, a writer for ''WesternAnimation/StevenUniverse'', said that if you find yourself wondering if it just referenced an anime, the answer is almost always "yes".
** A scene near the end of [[Recap/StevenUniverseS1E38TheTest "The Test"]] when Steven passes a trial set up for him by the Crystal Gems is reminiscent of the infamous "Congratulations" scene from the end of ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion''.
** Pearl's duel with Holo-Pearl in "[[Recap/StevenUniverseS1E16StevenTheSwordFighter Steven the Sword Fighter]]" is near-identical to a fight that happens in ''Anime/RevolutionaryGirlUtena''.
** The racing scenes in "[[Recap/StevenUniverseS3E11BeachCityDrift Beach City Drift]]" heavily reference the anime adaptation of ''Manga/InitialD''.
* The Christmas episode of ''WesternAnimation/PeppaPig'', a British show for preschoolers, had scenes where a bunch of cards are hanging near the ceiling. One of them is very obviously LightNovel/HaruhiSuzumiya.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'':
** An episode showed Timmy watching a TV show that seemed to feature ''Series/KamenRiderV3''.
** In one of the specials, Timmy gets trapped inside his TV and goes through multiple shows. The final one is a mix of ''Dragon Ball'' and ''Dragon Ball Z''.