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This is the unsettling variety of blue eyes given to particularly degenerate and creepy characters. They tend to be either sort of light and watery, extremely pale, or the type that seems to be too ''open'', to the point where one starts to hope they'll blink soon.

This may overlap with IcyBlueEyes, for certain types of creeps. Compare OccultBlueEyes, contrast InnocentBlueEyes.



[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Johan Liebert from ''Anime/{{Monster}}'', and given the kind of man Johan is, they're ''very'' creepy.
* There are several blue-eyed characters in ''LightNovel/{{Baccano}}!'' who are completely off their rocker ([[AxCrazy Ladd]], [[MadLove Lua]], [[TalkativeLoon Graham]], [[PsychopathicManchild Christopher]]).
* ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'': Gin Ichimaru has very pale blue eyes that he rarely opens. Combined with his pale skin and general aura of creepiness, [[OOCIsSeriousBusiness opening his eyes indicates something nasty is about to happen.]]
* Also, [[Manga/{{Gintama}} Kamui]], in the same vein as Gin, and his is combined with CreepyShadowedUndereyes.
* Griffith from ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'' has pale blue eyes, and while he will sometimes deliberately [[InvokedTrope use]] the InnocentBlueEyes trope to his advantage, they can turn very creepy when he wants them to.
* Many Amestrians in ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'' have blue eyes and blonde hair to emphasize the whole Nazi-expy thing. Most obvious in Scar's flashbacks, where the glowing blue eyes of the Amestrian soldiers [[spoiler: and Winry's parents]] are [[SplashOfColor the only colored things in the whole sequence]].
* Diva from ''Anime/BloodPlus'' has blue eyes that sometimes glow.
* Kaoru Kiryuu from ''Anime/FutariWaPrettyCureSplashStar'' has vacuous blue eyes. Her twin sister Michiru has vacuous [[RedEyesTakeWarning red eyes]]. [[spoiler:Both of them get better with their HeelFaceTurn.]]
* ''Manga/AttackOnTitan'': Mikasa. During Episode 24 of the anime, when she [[ArmourPiercingQuestion asks a series of piercing questions]], she is even chillier than normal (particularly considering it's Eren she's talking to), and her eyes - which are normally black/dark grey - [[http://www.entravity.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/shingeki-24-14-mikasa-ackerman.jpg look distinctly blue.]]



* In ''Fanfic/SaviorOfDemons'', we have [[MadScientist Ratsura]], a [[EvilAlbino pale,]] [[CreepyBlueEyes blue-eyed,]] thoroughly deviant Arcosian scientist. His subordinates and colleagues are all [[{{Squick}} unsettled by him,]] and for [[TheyWouldCutYouUp good reason.]]


* ''Film/OnceUponATimeInTheWest'' plays this trope with Frank's eyes. He is an extremely sadistic and terrifying villain to the point that his eyes seem to combine with the personality.
* The BigBad from ''Film/BeverlyHillsCop'' had the watery blue.
* Creator/MalcolmMcDowell in ''Film/AClockworkOrange'' has blue eyes of the "Grade-A psycho" [[http://www.dreadcentral.com/img/news/may08/7ds7b.jpg variety]]. They look even creepier/cooler now that his [[http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_EqD_yWiiS5U/RyD94ArNo0I/AAAAAAAAA3Y/2_EM5tQ2Iwo/s400/Malcolm%2bMcDowell.jpg hair's turned pure white and his face has gotten all craggy]].
* While he's a good guy in the ''Franchise/{{Halloween}}'' films, Creator/DonaldPleasence has eerily pale blue eyes, and some films where he plays villains or skeevy characters take advantage of this (''Film/YouOnlyLiveTwice'', among others).
* The vampires and lycans in the ''Film/{{Underworld}}'' series.
* Creator/CillianMurphy exhibits these in some of his roles
** In ''Film/RedEye'', Jackson Rippner has the 'please blink, please blink' villainous variety, to ratchet up the perceived threat to the poor heroine.
** Scarecrow from ''Film/BatmanBegins'' has very disturbing pale blue eyes.
** Jim from "28 Days Later" is normally a very nice guy, but could also be the poster-boy for BewareTheNiceOnes. [[TookALevelInBadass When he]] [[LetsGetDangerous gets serious]], [[TranquilFury the look in his eyes]] [[MookHorrorShow is genuinely chilling.]]
* Some viewers found that Loki's eyes were bluer in ''Film/TheAvengers'' than they were in ''Film/{{Thor}}'' (where the posters even gave him green eyes), which would express his upgrade to supervillain.
** In the same film, characters possessed by Loki gain clouded blue eyes. The effect is unsettling.
* Gollum in ''Film/TheLordOfTheRings'' films has these, to contrast with Frodo's InnocentBlueEyes. (In the books, he has creepy ''green'' eyes.)
** Gríma Wormtongue as well, though only one of his eyes is blue. They are, however, both creepy.
* ''Literature/TheBoysFromBrazil'': Mengele's experiments give blue eyes to people who shouldn't have them. His compound is filled with Paraguayans with unnatural blue eyes. His [[spoiler: clones of Hitler also have creepy blue eyes]], even though [[spoiler:Hitler's eyes weren't actually blue]].
* Roy Batty from ''Film/BladeRunner''.
* As depicted on the page image, in ''Film/WarmBodies'', R has eerie light blue eyes that highlight his zombie nature.
* The blind nun on the cover of ''Film/TheDevilInside'', who adorns our NunsAreSpooky page, has a major case of Creepy Blue Eyes. However, she's merely [[CoversAlwaysLie a background character with no plot significance]].
* The Hessian from Tim Burton's version of ''Film/SleepyHollow''.
* Instead of the RedEyesTakeWarning of the book, Film/HarryPotter's nemesis Voldemort keeps Ralph Fiennes' blue eyes on screen. [[AnimalEyes With slight alterations to look more snake-like.]]
* Dick Jones in ''Film/RoboCop1987''
* Eddie Morra, when on his smart drug, in ''Film/{{Limitless}}''.
* One of signs of the effect on the title character's brain in ''Film/{{Lucy}}''.
* Vic in the 1981 Dan Aykroyd/John Belushi vehicle ''Neighbors'', courtesy of some very light blue contact lenses to cover up Aykroyd's brown/green heterochromia.

* Jonathan Teatime in ''Discworld/{{Hogfather}}'' has ''one'' blue eye. With a pinpoint pupil. And he's completely AxCrazy.
* The last Kingpriest of Istar from the ''{{Dragonlance}}'' series of novels is a KnightTemplar and is described as having watery blue eyes.
* Kell Tainer in the ''XWingSeries'' is mentioned to have very pale blue eyes, very slightly too dark and narrow to make him look like a madman. If this actually meant anything, the author was fairly subtle about it, but it does seem odd. Hardly anyone in the series has eye colors mentioned.
* [[MadScientist Ter Borcht]] in ''MaximumRide'' has "pale, watery blue eyes"...and repeatedly states that the flock are overdue to be terminated.
* ProfessionalKiller Anton Chigurh from ''NoCountryForOldMen'' has eyes that are described as the color of Lapis and are supposedly very unsettling.
* Roose and Ramsay Bolton in ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' are described as having pale blue eyes.
* Kennit of Robin Hobbs's ''Literature/RealmOfTheElderlings'' has very pale blue eyes. He thinks they make him look weak; others find them unsettling.
* In ''EmpireOfThePetalThrone'', blue eyes are considered this by definition, due to being highly uncommon and to being associated (at least in legend) with [[OccultBlueEyes witchcraft]]. That said, [[spoiler:Tlayesha]] in ''The Man of Gold'' subverts the trope.
* Felix's right eye in ''Literature/DoctrineOfLabyrinths'' is a pale, cloudy blue. Even the people who don't think it's of the [[OccultBlueEyes occult]] variety think it's more than a little creepy. Though as it turns out, it's almost completely blind.
* Ollivander from ''Literature/HarryPotter'' has pale blue eyes that never seem to blink.
* Clairvoyant detective Mick has these in the short stories ''A Night in Electric Squidland'' and ''Impostors'', from the compilation ''Literature/SomewhereBeneathThoseWaves''.
* Mason Verger, the antagonist in the novel version of [[SilenceoftheLambs Hannibal]] is described as having intense, piercing, creepy blue eyes(which he inherited from his equally malevolent father).
* Matthew Swift, the primary protagonist of the ''Literature/MatthewSwift'' Mysteries and the secondary protagonist of the spin-off Magicals Anonymous series. His eyes--[[spoiler:like the blue electric angels that share his body, mind and soul]]--are electric blue. They even glow in the dark. Most people have a hard time looking at Matthew's eyes for very long.
* The title character of the Beka Cooper trilogy is noticeable for her icy blue eyes. Beka, unlike many protags, is very aware of how uncomfortable her eyes make people, and will often use a long unblinking stare to break people down. It is briefly discussed that her eye color might have something to do with her ability to talk to ghosts, but it's never truly confirmed.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* [[OurAngelsAreDifferent Castiel]] from ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'' has the pretty-but-scary variety. Would you just fricking blink, already?
* In ''TheVampireDiaries'', Damon Salvatore has startling blue eyes, which further adds to his creepiness.
* ''Series/TheMentalist'' has the blind Rosalind, whose pale almost unblinking blue eyes definitely fall into the creepy category.
* John Barnett from ''Series/TheXFiles'' episode "Young at Heart". His blue eyes are glassy and glazed over, and they appear dead. Even the pupils are blueish.
* While in ''Series/GameOfThrones'' Ramsay Snow / Bolton has been subject to AdaptationalAttractiveness, the actor playing him has the requisite eerily pale blue eyes.
** The White Walkers have terrifying eyes of an unnatural electric blue.
** As do dead bodies touched by a White Walker (wights), regardless of their original eye colour. This is the easiest way to tell if someone is back from the dead.
* The raub-condor from NBC's ''Series/Grimm''.
* The Fourth Doctor in ''Series/DoctorWho'' has a variation. They're generally InnocentBlueEyes when he's in his more easy-going, [[BadassAdorable cute]] moods, but when he starts getting scary, homicidal or intense they would start to bulge out of his head [[EyePop just a bit too much]], to an extent that looks almost [[EyeScream painful]]. This was often exaggerated in the original series with MoodLighting (usually red) that would strike the bulging surface of them in precisely the right way to make him look like some kind of horrible bug-eyed demon. The far-future regeneration that takes the form of the Fourth Doctor in "Day of the Doctor" does this trick too, making him look extremely alien. Spoofed contemporarily in mostly forgotten 70s sketch show ''Series/EndOfPartOne'', which did a skit called "Doctor Eyes" in which the Fourth Doctor was represented by a cosplayer with two halves of a ping-pong ball glued to his face.
** In the book adaptation of "Shada", Chris complains at several points about the Doctor's creepy eyes, at one point describing them as 'almost demonic'. Clare, who sees him as much more of a harmless eccentric, compares them to those of a baby.
** In Watch's "''Doctor Who'' at 50" documentary series, Creator/NicholasBriggs talked about the Fourth Doctor's eyes a lot, saying they made him look the most alien of all of the Doctors and gave him 'a kind of starey-eyed logic'. Cut to footage of him using them to [[HypnoticEyes hypnotise someone]] from "The Talons of Weng-Chiang".
** In the interview with Tom Baker and Elisabeth Sladen on ''Series/SwapShop'' (included as a special feature on "The Hand of Fear" DVD), Noel Edmunds is clearly unnerved by Tom Baker's eyes.
--->The staring - I thought that Doctor Who stare was just an actor's tool, but you've been using it on me all the time... you do have an amazing pair of eyeballs.

[[folder:Theme Parks]]
* The Caretaker of Theatre/HalloweenHorrorNights has blue eyes that are rather scary. The Director and the Storyteller sport these as well.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* ''GrandTheftAutoIV'' introduces a PsychopathicManChild SerialKiller named Eddie Low as this. His eyes are a piercing blue and creepy.
* Alex Mercer from ''VideoGame/{{Prototype}}'' has very pale, very creepy blue eyes. They're his most noticeable characteristic. Indeed, early teasers and concept art indicate that piercing, creepy blue eyes were part of Alex's design from the first iterations onward. A trailer depicts his irises glinting from beneath his hood's shadow and his shapeshift sequence changing every aspect of his body, leaving his eyes until last.
* In ''VideoGame/BlazBlue'', the eyes of RobotGirl Mu-12. Especially in contrast to the red eyes of Nu-13 (who was an EmotionlessGirl but became a {{Yandere}} if Ragna was about) and the hidden eyes of their predecessor, Lambda-11 (who was treated as an EmptyShell), but most of all, compared to [[spoiler:Noel's green eyes, until she was MindRaped and forcefully converted (or finished being built by some arguments) into Mu-12.]]
* Both [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/saren_p_925.png Saren Arterius]] and [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Illusive_Man_7842.bmp The Illusive Man]] of the ''Franchise/MassEffect'' series have these. The Illusive Man's are ElectronicEyes he gained from a run-in with Reaper tech in his backstory. Saren's might be natural, [[spoiler: at least until he let Sovereign implant him. Both of them turn out to be indoctrinated Reaper agents convinced they're doing the right thing.]]
* Ser Alrik in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'' has blue eyes so pale they're practically glowing, and embodies everything wrong with the Kirkwall Templars. He's a torturer and rapist who makes mages [[EmptyShell Tranquil]] on a whim, and his one scene consists of him threatening an (underage) mage girl with this fate.
** Ironically, his archenemy, party member Anders, develops creepy glowing blue eyes (as well as glowing blue VolcanicVeins) whenever his [[DemonicPossession demonic possessor]], Vengeance, takes full control over him.
* Captain Martin Walker of ''VideoGame/SpecOpsTheLine'' starts with IcyBlueEyes, but they turn into this as the game progresses. Visually, they get creepy when he suffers a burn injury to a large portion of his face, coinciding with the situation getting even worse than it already was. Symbolically, [[spoiler: they get creepy after the horrors in Dubai cause him to lose it and start hallucinating]]. It's even mentioned in-game; [[spoiler:if Walker survives to the epilogue, one of the soldiers sent to pick him up comments, "[[ThousandYardStare Look at his eyes]]."]]
* The ''VideoGame/MagicalGirlLyricalNanohaAsPortable'' games has Stern the Destructor, who possesses IcyBlueEyes with HellishPupils, making them seem unnaturally bright when she gives her seemingly emotionless stares.
* The [[FanNickname G Man]] from ''VideoGame/HalfLife'' has icy blue eyes that feel strangely out of place with the rest of his face. The character is designed to look like something pretending to be a human.... [[UncannyValley but not putting a lot of effort into it.]]

* Williams from ''Webcomic/{{Remus}}'' has these. [[TheFaceless It's pretty much his only identifiable facial feature]].

[[folder:Web Original]]
* The titular character of ''HappyAppy'' has these whenever he does his death smile.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Imposter Dan from ''WesternAnimation/DanVs.''.