Founded by Alex Shalenko, [[ Counter-Factual.Net]] is an online discussion forum specialising in counterfactual history, which is an [[SesquipedalianLoquaciousness erudite]] way of describing AlternateHistory. Whilst this is nominally its chief focus, the site also enjoys a thriving SpeculativeFiction community (primarily sci-fi).

As the site is largely composed of self-described [[StartMyOwn immigrants and refugees]] from its larger, estranged cousin, AlternateHistoryDotCom, there are the expected jibes about their being everything from [[WorthyOpponent Worthy Opponents]] to outright [[ArchEnemy Arch Enemies]]. CF.Net, as its inhabitants affectionately refer to it, is seen as the [[TheMoralSubstitute smaller, closer-knit alternative]] to the behemoth that is AH.Com. In contrast to the urbane and dominantly left-leaning AH.Com, CF.Net is at first glance more moderate and/or conservative and to this end define themselves in opposition to the opinions of the other site.

The site hosts many original works of varying states of progress, as well as stories from AH.Com posted by their original authors.

'''Some popular notable works unique to the site include:'''

* ‘The Age of Reason’ by arctic warrior

* ‘The End of a War’ by gtrof

* ‘From Blight We Rise’ by General Finley

* ‘A Glorious Failure’ by Valdemar I

* ‘Isaac’s Empire’ by Basileus Giorgios ‘

* 'The Silent Guns’ by arctic warrior

* ‘Take Cover!’ by Carolina Dreaming

* ‘The Roman Emperor Who Lost His Nose’ by Sargon


!!Some of the tropes associated with CF.Net include:

* AlienSpaceBats: Plenty of scenarios involving these metaphysical mammals have their very own section.
* AlternateHistory: [[CaptainObvious Amazingly]] [[SarcasmMode enough]].
* UsefulNotes/TheAmericanCivilWar: Predictable, really. There’s a few threads dedicated to various scenarios.
* BanOnPolitics: Effective as of June 2012. Things got a bit…[[FlameWar messy]].
* BerserkButton: For some users, AH.Com. It comes up a lot in the Bitch Thread as former and current members criticise what they see as flaws in the current forum.
* UsefulNotes/ColdWar: Plenty of scenarios here, the most popular being Carolina Dreaming’s ‘Take Cover!’ TL, where the Cuban Missile Crisis, in his own words, [[OhCrap ‘goes pear-shaped’]].
* ItsPopularNowItSucks: More or less the stance of the forum members, with varying degrees of seriousness, towards AH.Com, among [[OrwellianEditor other]] [[PeoplesRepublicOfTyranny perceived]] [[ThoughtCrime issues]].
* TheRomanEmpire: Features in the works by Basileus Giorgios and Sargon, among others.
* ScienceFiction: There’s a definite slant towards the genre, arguably more so than actual alternate history. The most popular works in the ASB section are nearly all sci-fi.
* SelfDeprecation: Alex once described his site as a WretchedHive, tongue firmly in cheek.
* [[PlayByPost Shared Worlds]]: Has one, with a decent number of threads.
* UnknownRival: To AH.Com.
* UsefulNotes/WorldWarII: Naturally. In particular, the ‘Weird World War’ series by Chris postulates a number of separate divergences that result in radically different conflicts than OTL.
* WorldWarIII: The most popular, ‘The End of a War’ by gtrof, postulates a conflict occurring in [[TheEighties 1988]].