[[quoteright:300:[[Film/{{Watchmen}} http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/flamethrower_6712.jpg]]]]
CoolButInefficient ways of lighting cigarettes, cigars, etc. MundaneUtility may be involved, especially with [[FireBreathingWeapon flamethrowers]].

With so many very hot things inches away from people's faces, expect liberal use of ConvectionSchmonvection.

Inversion of HardToLightFire. FingerSnapLighter is a specific SubTrope for the pyrokinetic gentleman. CigarFuseLighting may be seen as an inversion. JustForFun/NotToBeConfusedWith CouldntFindAPen.



* An Australian ad for crumpets had UsefulNotes/WorldWarI soldiers toasting crumpets (impaled on [[BayonetYa bayonets]]) on the enemy flamethrower streams that were firing over their trench.
* A workman lights his cigarette from a blowtorch (and sets off a string of DisasterDominoes) in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iZnKlReRGiQ this ad for King Gee overalls]].
* Dennis Miller in one credit card commercial poked fun at the existence of big-box wholesale style stores, saying "that's like using a cruise missile to light a cigarette."

[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* ''Anime/CowboyBebop'': After a running fight with an alien... something.., during which he armed himself to the teeth, Spike uses the [[FireBreathingWeapon flamethrower]] he'd grabbed to try lighting his post-battle cigarette. The look on his face when he burns it off almost to his lips is tragicomically priceless.
* In ''Manga/{{Trigun}}'', at a shooting competition, one contestant can be seen lighting his cigarette with a burst from his submachine gun.
* ''Manga/FullmetalAlchemist'': Havoc asks Mustang to use his [[PlayingWithFire fire alchemy]] to light his cigarette.
* In ''Anime/SuperDimensionFortressMacross'' a soldier once lit a Zentraedi's giant cigarette with ''a [[TransformingMecha Valkyrie's]] gunpod''.
* In ''Anime/TheCastleOfCagliostro'', royal guard Gustav demonstrates the castle's laser defense system by holding out a cigarette to be zapped, then placing it in Zenigata's mouth.
* Though it's a little hard to tell, Part 3 of ''Manga/JoJosBizarreAdventure'' has a scene where Jotaro Kujo appears to light a cigarette with the friction of his [[GuardianEntity Stand's]] SuperSpeed.

* In ''Franchise/DocSavage'' #5 (the Creator/DCComics 1980s version), a [[InsaneAdmiral crazed military officer]] lights his cigar off the pilot light of a flamethrower before torching the building Doc and his aides are in.
* ''ComicBook/{{Hellboy}}'''s Liz Sherman uses her pyrokinesis to light her cigarettes on occasion.
* In ''Comicbook/TeenTitans'', Ravager sticks the business end of her cigarette into [[NobleDemon Kid Devil's]] [[BreathWeapon mouth]] to light it up.
* In one ''{{Wolverine}}'' comic Logan sets a soldier on fire, then grabs him and uses him to light a cigar.
* In one issue of ''ComicBook/{{Manhunter}}'', Kate Spencer is desperate for a cigarette and, unable to find a lighter, resorts to lighting the cigarette from the gas stove.

[[folder:Film - Animated]]
* In Disney's ''Disney/{{Mulan}}'', during the battle with the Huns, Mulan is trying to light the last firework but her she drops her flint. She eventually resorts to using Mushu's dragon breath to light it at the last second.
* In the climax of, ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory'', Woody tries to light the rocket Buzz is strapped to so they can catch up to Andy, but the match gets blown out by a passing car, leaving Woody despondent until he sees a sunbeam reflecting off of Buzz's helmet. [[ChekhovsGun Remembering when Sid]] [[SolarPoweredMagnifyingGlass burned him with a magnifying glass]], Woody aims Buzz so that the hot beam can light the fuse.
* In ''Disney/MelodyTime'', Pecos Bill uses a lightning bolt to light a cigarette during the tornado scene: a scene which has been edited out of many later US releases.

[[folder:Film - Live Action]]
* ''Film/ShoulderArms'': Creator/CharlieChaplin, in the trenches of WWI, holds the cigarette over the trench and gets a light from a helpful enemy sniper.
* In ''Film/{{Heathers}}'', Veronica lights her cigarette off of the [[spoiler:explosion that just killed her ex-boyfriend J.D]]. Also, when Veronica burns the palm of her hand with a car's cigarette lighter (intentionally), and JD lights a cigarette from the burn-scar's residual heat.
* In ''Film/{{Watchmen}}'', the Comedian does the "light the cigar with the flame-thrower" trick.
** Although, unlike the poster, he 'only' uses the pilot light.
* In Oliver Stone's ''Film/{{Platoon}}'', one of the characters lights his cigarette from a villager's burning hut that the American soldiers have just torched.
* In ''Film/BlazingSaddles'', Mongo lights a cigar by sticking it into a fire, ''while it's in his mouth''. Badass indeed.
* In ''Film/TheManhattanProject'', John Lithgow lights a cigar with a laser that is strong enough to cut through steel and concrete.
* In the DangerRoomColdOpen of ''Film/XMenTheLastStand'', Wolverine uses holographic burning rubble left by an attacking Sentinel to light his cigar. Yes, Wolverine is so badass he can light a cigar off flames that don't actually exist.
* In ''Film/{{Hellboy}}'', Hellboy's first fight with Samael leaves his arm on fire. He lights a cigar with it before putting the fire out.
* ''Film/TheBoondockSaints'': one of the brothers lights a cigarette using the flame from his gas stove in the first film. This is TruthInTelevision; see below.
* In ''Film/MillersCrossing'', Leo re-lights his cigar off a smoking tommygun after killing the would-be assassins who brought it.
* Comrade Sukhov in ''Film/WhiteSunOfTheDesert'' lights his cigarette off a dynamite fuse.
* In the Creator/BusterKeaton short ''Film/{{Cops}}'', a distracted Buster absent-mindedly lights his cigarette off the lit fuse of a bomb.
** And in ''The Goat'', he lights his cigarette off a ''locomotive''.
* ''Film/ElMariachi'': used for a RuleOfThree gag -- the BigBad twice lights his match off the stubble on his mook's face, the third time the mook lights his own match off his bosses stubble after he's killed.
* After the big climactic chase is over in ''Film/ManiacCop3BadgeOfSilence'', [=McKinney=] uses Cordell's severed burning arm to lit his cigar.
* In ''Film/EveryHomeShouldHaveOne'', Marty Feldman lights a cigarette off the exhaled flame of a fire-eater at a party.
* [[Creator/MarxBrothers Harpo]] uses a blowtorch to light a cigar in ''Film/DuckSoup''. In a somewhat related gag, he pulls a candle literally burning at both ends from his coat in ''Film/HorseFeathers''.
* In ''Film/EasternCondors'', before making his LastStand, Ciggy lights his final cigarette by pressing it against the hot barrel of a .50 cal machine gun.
* In ''Film/SurvivalOfTheDead'', a man sets a zombie on fire with a flare gun and lights his cigarette with the flame before kicking the zombie overboard.
* At the climax of ''Film/TheCrimsonPirate'', Ojo uses a flamethrower to light his cigar.
* In ''Film/{{Diner}}'', Fenwick lights his cigarette using a stove in a department store.
* ''Film/ZorroTheGayBlade'' has Diego slash at a candle, apparently missing, but as soon as the Aldante turns his back Diego picks up the severed candle and uses it to light his cigarette before discreetly putting it back.

* ''Literature/{{Discworld}}''
** In ''Discworld/GoingPostal'', Adora Bell Dearheart lights a cigarette on a burning letter that flutters past when the post office catches fire.
** In ''Discworld/MenAtArms'', Captain Vimes tickles a swamp dragon and, when it breathes fire, uses the fire to light a cigar. His wife is less than pleased with his [[MundaneUtility mundane uses]] of her beloved dragons.
** Vimes lights his cigar by picking up a lump of dried camel dung from the D'regs' fire in ''Discworld/{{Jingo}}''. [[Film/LawrenceOfArabia The trick is not to mind that it hurts]].
** Vimes likes this trope. After successfully subduing Dragon King of Arms (who is actually a vampire, not a dragon) in ''Discworld/FeetOfClay'', he lights his cigar with one of the candelabras full of the candles he had successfully bluffed Dragon with, being unable to find a match. [[spoiler:And then he burns down the Royal College of Arms with it.]]
* In "The Adventure of the Copper Beeches", Literature/SherlockHolmes uses a hot coal from the fireplace to light his pipe.
* Similar to the ''Watchmen'' example, flame-trooper Brostin of ''Literature/GauntsGhosts'' has been known to light his ''lho'' sticks (space cigarettes) with the pilot light of his flamer, or off of whatever it is he's just lit on fire. It probably has to do with his {{pyromaniac}} tendencies, since he just as often ''does'' have a lighter.
* In ''[[Literature/LegacyOfTheAldenata When the Devil Dances]]'', Mike O'Neal's custom [[PoweredArmor ACS]] has a flamethrower installed. When the non-ACS [[ColonelBadass Colonel Cutprice]] sees it demonstrated, he asks to give it a try. In this case, it means Mike using the 'thrower with it held up for the flame to make a torch, and Cutprice leaning into to light a cigarette without [[ConvectionSchmonvection any ill effects from being so close to the flame]].
* ''Literature/TheUndertaker'': Crossed with MoneyToBurn in ''Black as Death''. Barnaby sets fire to the bag of cash the townsfolk gave him to pay for burning down his business and uses the bag to light a cheroot. Of course, as he uses a match to set fire to the bag, he is doing it to make a point.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* In the ''Series/CriminalMinds'' episode "Natural Born Killer," when the BAU team is theorizing about how a gruesome torture-murder went down, they imagine the killer using a blowtorch to light a cigarette before using it on the victim.
* In the ''Series/DadsArmy'' episode "The Armoured Might of Lance Corporal Jones", Joe Walker lights his cigarette from a flame sprouting from a leaking gaspipe without realising it.
* ''Series/{{Angel}}'': used for an EstablishingCharacterMoment for the demon Sahjahn, who is first seen conducting the usual overblown MagicalIncantation -- when nothing happens he casually lights a cigarette from one of his flaming braziers and then checks his wristwatch to make sure he's got the time right.
* ''Series/TheXFiles'': in "Je Souhaite", a man who CameBackWrong blows himself up when he tries using the lighting from a stove method to try warming himself up -- as his body is still dead he keeps fumbling the matches and can't smell the gas.
* A sketch on ''Series/TheSketchShow'' depicts a group of cavemen inventing fire. Once the fire is going, one of them immediately uses it to light a cigarette.
* ''Series/MidsomerMurders'': In "Ghosts of Christmas Past", {{Jerkass}} Digby lights a cigar from one the candles on the dinner table as a taunt at one of the other guests who is not allowed to smoke.
* In ''Series/AbsolutelyFabulous'', Saffron mentions that Edina has only ever used their kitchen's stove to light cigarettes. Edina starts to protest, but realizes this is true.
* On ''Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway'', one suggestion in the crowd favorite "Scenes from a Hat" was "Times when you shouldn't smoke."
--> '''Colin''': (halfheartedly) "Fire!" (lights his cig on the impending blaze)
* On ''Series/DeadliestCatch'', be wary if [[{{Pyromaniac}} Edgar Hansen]] offers to light the candles on your birthday cake. His methods tend to be a bit overkill (i.e. a flamethrowing torch).
* ''Series/{{Copper}}'': In "In the Hands of an Angry God", Molly lights Kevin's cigarette from a candle (although this would not have been uncommon in 1864).
* ''Series/DoctorWho'': Johnny Ringo lights his cigar from a lantern in the saloon during "The Gunfighters".
* ''Series/{{Marple}}'': In "A Murder Is Announced", Patrick lights his cigarette from the candles on a birthday cake.
* ''Series/{{Mythbusters}}'': While testing the 'Exploding Toilet' myth, Adam lights a cigarette with a blowtorch while Jamie is building a rig to allow Buster to drop a cigarette.
* On one episode of ''Series/MysteryDiners'', the hidden cameras catch the owner of the restaurant lighting a cigar off the gas burner of the stove in the kitchen. Charles points out to the shocked co-owner (who authorised the sting) that smoking in the kitchen is illegal.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* One of the ''TabletopGame/{{Shadowrun}}'' supplements featured a fake ad showing a troll lighting his cigar off the muzzle flash of his {{BFG}}.

* In ''Theatre/ThePlayThatGoesWrong'', Dennis, as Perkins, accidentally causes a small fire when he tries to light a cigarette from the fireplace.

* In ''VideoGame/SpaceStation13'', you can light cigarettes with a lighter, a welding tool, or an [[{{LaserBlade}} energy sword]]. Also, explosions. Lighting it with a welding tool makes the game call you a badass, and lighting it with an energy sword simply makes the game say "Holy shit."
* ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' has the achievement "Need A Light?", where you have to have a Pyro set a Spy on fire when he's using his Disguise Kit taunt, which involves him taking out a new cigarette.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Saints Row|1}}'', after killing Victor Rodriguez, Troy lights his cigar off of Victor's burning remains. Dex is disgusted at this.
* ''Franchise/MetalGear'':
** A BrickJoke in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolidPeaceWalker'' revolves around this - in the introduction, Snake is having trouble getting his lighter to work, and a man with a job offer for him lets him use a lighter built into the thumb of his prosthetic hand. [[spoiler:Much later, when the man dies after ''launching'' said prosthetic at Snake in a DesperationAttack, Snake takes it to replace the aforementioned lighter.]]
** In ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolidVThePhantomPain'', [[spoiler: Quiet]] helps Snake celebrate his birthday by lighting his cigar by ''sniping at its tip from a distance''.
* During the opening cutscene of the Spider Lair DLC of ''VideoGame/MetroLastLight'', one of your fellow treasure-seekers lights his cigarette off an absolutely massive flamethrower's pilot light, after offering said light to his friend first.
* You steal the actual lighter in ''VideoGame/{{Lucius}}'', resulting in a desperate smoker lighting his cigarette with a gas stove. It goes well...for a while.
* ''VideoGame/Injustice2'': in a DLC character trailer, {{ComicBook/Hellboy}} makes his entrance grabbing one of the rockets fired by Black Manta and uses it to light a cigarette.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* From ''Website/TheOnion'' article [[http://www.theonion.com/article/twelve-customers-gunned-down-in-convenience-store--339 "Twelve Customers Gunned Down In Convenience-Store Clerk's Imagination"]]:
-->Fonseca then imagined himself dramatically pausing for a moment before dropping the empty pistols from his outstretched hands and taking a cigarette from the bullet-ridden Marlboro display. After a brisk patting of his pockets failed to produce a lighter, Fonseca lit the cigarette with That Camaro Fucker Who Always Parks Across Three Spaces' burning body.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* The ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'' short "WesternAnimation/BacallToArms" features a parody of ''To Have And Have Not'', in which Creator/HumphreyBogart lights Creator/LaurenBacall's cigarette with a welding torch.
* At the end of the [[Creator/TexAvery Droopy]] cartoon "One Droopy Night", Droopy keeps the dragon he defeated to light his cigars.
* In the WesternAnimation/ClassicDisneyShort "Disney/BraveLittleTailor", a giant rolls up a haystack into a cigarette and uses a potbellied stove as a lighter.
* In the WesternAnimation/DonaldDuck cartoon "Officer Duck", WesternAnimation/{{Pete}} lights his cigar by shooting it.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' did it in an episode with multiple rockstars making guest appearances. For a benefit concert, they have a motorized Devil-head on wheels, complete with pyrotechnics, which Keith Richards lights his cigarette on by [[CrazyAwesome putting it in his mouth and sticking his head into the stream of flame.]]
* ComicStrip/{{Popeye}} used a hot plate to light his pipe once.
** And in one short Bluto bent a lamppost to light his cigar.
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'':
** In an early episode, Peter and Lois end up temporarily trapped in Cuba. Peter takes to it quickly by getting a Cuban Havanna, but failing to find a lighter he lights it off a burning American flag that a helpful local was carrying past.
** Also when Peter and Lois went to a Music/{{KISS}} concert; a man in there had a cigarette and asked if somebody had a light. All the Gene Simmons (including Peter) lit his cigarette with fire from their mouths.
* In ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'', Dale lit a cigarette on the Olympic torch. [[spoiler:This later becomes a ChekhovsGun when Hank accidentally drops the torch and at the end of his run comes clean that he didn't bring the original flame; Dale's cigarette is still lit, so Bobby takes it and relights the torch with it.]]
* In ''Disney/MelodyTime'', Pecos Bill uses a lightning bolt to light a cigarette. This scene has been cut out of some versions.
* In the WesternAnimation/BettyBoop cartoon ''I Heard'', a ghost lights a cigar off the lit fuse of a CartoonBomb.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheVentureBrothers'' episode "Self-Medication", had Action Johnny getting his cigarette lighted by one of [[RobotKid Ro-boy's]] RocketBoots.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'': The first time crew encounter the sewer mutants, Fry quickly lights a makeshift torch and starts swinging it around threateningly. One of the sewer mutants casually lights a cigarette from the torch.
* ''WesternAnimation/TomAndJerry'': In "Texas Tom", Tom greets a female feline by rolling a cigarette, lighting it with his six-gun, and [[BlowingSmokeRings blowing "HOWDY" in one breath]].

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Ted Taylor, a nuclear physicist, used the reflected thermal pulse of a [[NukeEm nuclear blast]] [[http://books.google.com/books?id=adI-6jRDipgC&pg=PA154&lpg=PA154&dq=ted+taylor+cigarette&source=bl&ots=lGRps-Qw6z&sig=SkNAr0DyVBDN3qcsarzSkgW6JaI&hl=en&ei=rctvTcjALY7RtweuuL3qDg&sa=X&oi=book_result&ct=result&resnum=10&ved=0CFYQ6AEwCQ#v=onepage&q=t to light a cigarette at one of the atomic bomb tests.]]
* Happens frequently at fire-dancer gatherings, usually with a cigarette held in the mouth.
** While few of them will admit it, this [[MundaneUtility trick]] is so widespread because secretly, most of them aren't quite insane enough to carry a lighter in their pocket while spinning.
* It at least used to be a common occurrence among welders... at least according to one former welder, anyway.
** Only TIG welders, since you use a torch for it. Which with no experience can more likely ruin the cigarette then make a clean light.
** You can light a cigarette using (usually red-hot) tip of ordinary electrode right after welding - no TIG required.
** Similarly, you can light it off the heat remaining in the workpiece.
** You can, of course, do it with the flame of an oxyacetylene torch as well. Though the other way round - lighting the torch off a cigarette - does ''not'' work no matter what you do.
* If you have a gas stove with an electric starter, you can use it to light a cigar or cigarette--indeed, many people have. It isn't the safest thing in the world, but hey, desperate times call for desperate measures... we guess.
** You could do this with a gas stove without an electric starter if you have one of those nifty flameless ignition tools, although this is more dangerous (as they generally require more concentration to operate than a built-in electric starter). And of course, you ''could'' theoretically do it using a gas stove without either of those things...but in that case, why not just use the matches or lighter you used to light the stove to light your cigarette?
*** Because the lighter tends not to be a flame, but a spark (they tend run out of juice to quickly if you keep them turned to the full setting).
** Of course, the ''most'' suitable gas stove for the job is one with pilot lights.
** It is possible, although neither pleasant nor advised, to light a cigarette on the hot wires inside a toaster.
*** An electric stove works on the same principles as a car lighter -- enough heat conducts through the metal for the metal to radiate it.
* The heat from molten glass (such as in a glass-blower factory) can be used to light a cigarette.
* Lighting a cigarette off a lit blowtorch is not only [[TruthInTelevision possible]] but a lot easier than it would seem.
* Lighting smokes from a Bunsen burner is pretty easy.
* [[http://crookedtimber.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/punkrock.jpg This guy]], lighting a cig from a lit Molotov cocktail just before he throws it, in the January 2014 protests in Kiev.
** A long time ago during World War II, [[http://i.imgur.com/fkV0Cbc.jpg at least one German soldier light their cigarette with a flamethrower's pilot light]].
* Inversion: the glowing cigarette head is one of the safest and most convenient ways to ignite the fuse of fireworks.
* While this is possible, it isn't recommended to do this with cigars - [[DoWrongRight not because it's dangerous, however]]. Certain lighting methods negatively affect the flavor of the cigar, such as using a candle, liquid gas-based lighters or [[BreadMilkEggsSquick burning corpses]]. The best method is either a match or butane-based lighter.