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[[caption-width-right:330:[[Music/BritneySpears She]] did manage it, but [[CreatorBreakdown with great difficulty]].]]

->''"I'm honoured that people would think of me as a role model. On the other hand, I think it's sort of dangerous to choose a person and lift them so high -- because at one point, I'm going to play a role that somebody doesn't like!"''
-->-- '''Anika Noni Rose''', on her role in ''Disney/ThePrincessAndTheFrog''

When a young actor comes to public prominence in association with clean, wholesome family entertainment roles, the expectation of studios and audiences is that the actor's personal life will reflect the same upright morality of the character they play.

Heaven forbid, then, that said actor should be found engaging in perfectly legal, perfectly normal adult activities like drinking alcohol and/or having sex. And should said actor take a role in a production where they'll do things like nude scenes, using foul language and/or engaging in criminal behavior, then MoralGuardians will arise against that actor for [[TheyChangedItNowItSucks betraying their expectations]]. Some actors [[PlayingAgainstType deliberately seek out such roles precisely to shed their image]], and seemingly the majority of male ones lately go through a phase of sporting stubble for photoshoots and red-carpet events to remind us they're not boys anymore ([[DawsonCasting even if they are still playing high school students]]).

There are two sides to what happens with this controversy. First is that MoralGuardians really have no right to get upset that it is "corrupting our youth" because an individual of a certain age is well within their legal rights to smoke, drink, swear, have sex, etc. On the flip side, being a public figure, especially one who is popular and well-known amongst young people, carries a certain degree of responsibility for the influence one may have, since they ''will'' be treated as a role model. [[Series/TheAdventuresOfSuperman George "Superman" Reeves]], for example, took great pains to not smoke or be seen with his lady-friends in front of children. (He was also careful because kids wanted to see if he was as invulnerable as he was on TV.)

This will very often ''actually'' be enforced by a [[OurLawyersAdvisedThisTrope morals clause]] in the contract.

A form of TypeCasting. See also OldShame and NotAllowedToGrowUp. May result in the actor/singer [[HatesTheJobLovesTheLimelight hating the job, but still enjoying the publicity that comes with it]]. Contrast SoMyKidsCanWatch, which is when an "adult" actor takes on family-friendly roles, usually [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin so that their children can watch them without being exposed to violence and/or sex]]. For a specific supernatural version of this trope, see VirginPower. Subtrope of SlaveToPR.

Exactly ''what'' counts as "purity" varies wildly from culture to culture -- see ValuesDissonance. For the polar opposite of this trope see ControversyProofImage.
!!RealLife Examples (in alphabetical order when not Disney):


[[folder:Disney Graduates]]
* Music/BritneySpears got a lot of heat for this in her early stardom on account of her very sexual image and her fanbase being largely tween and teen girls. Her very first video was quite provocative with her and the backup dancers dancing in scantily clad [[CatholicSchoolgirlsRule catholic schoolgirl uniforms]], and she posed for a sexually suggestive photo shoot for ''Rolling Stone'' magazine. She only got racier from there. While it died down, it still pops up occasionally, such as with her hit single, "If U Seek Amy" (say it slowly), enraging parents as they heard their tween daughters walking around the house singing F-U-C-K Me.
* Mostly averted by Britney's classic rival and fellow Series/TheMickeyMouseClub alum Music/ChristinaAguilera, whose early material was always a little suggestive, making her later, more sexually-mature stuff easier to accept. She still took heat for it though on account of her being very popular with teen and tween girls. ''The Jenny Jones Show'' actually did an episode in 2003 about young girls who were imitating her.
* Creator/AnneHathaway was the target of an explosion of controversy when she appeared topless in the movie ''Havoc''. Her previous roles: both ''[[Film/ThePrincessDiaries Princess Diaries]]'' movies and ''Film/EllaEnchanted''. Since then, she's successfully graduated into doing more adult roles with no further controversy, including playing a recovering heroin addict in ''Film/RachelGettingMarried'' and starring in ''Film/LoveAndOtherDrugs'', which features several extended nude scenes.
* Likewise, Creator/LindsayLohan, who owes her career to her early Disney films even more than Hathaway does. Before Lindsay was cast in ''Film/MeanGirls'', it was written to be a racy R-rated affair with (to quote Tina Fey "wall to wall titties"). As she was considered a family-friendly actress, it was changed to PG-13 and much of the racier content was cut. Lindsay also turned down an offer to pose for ''Playboy'' as she had a Disney film coming out, and tried not to dress too skimpily in public out of fear of upsetting her younger fans. And it's precisely for this reason that her party girl antics and drug abuse was such big news.
* Music/MileyCyrus:
** Disney's ''Series/HannahMontana'', was at the center of this almost from the start of her career. From [[ItsNotPornItsArt "art shots"]] taken when she was just [[JailBait fifteen years old]], to leaked phone pics of her in a [[SexySoakedShirt wet T-shirt]], to a [[http://www.tmz.com/2010/05/11/miley-cyrus-dirty-dancing-adam-shankman-movie-wrap-party-grind-so-you-think-you-can-dance video]] of her grinding on the (gay) producer of her film ''Literature/TheLastSong'' when she was sixteen, to her scantily-clad performance of her song "Party in the USA" at the 2009 Teen Choice Awards (where she danced on a pole at one point), there was always a clash between her squeaky-clean Disney image and her real personality.
** Eventually, she fully abandoned this trope and embraced her growing "bad girl" image. While her 2010 album ''Can't Be Tamed'' was a start, the true turning point was in 2013, when she cut her hair short and released the album ''Bangerz'', which was heavily influenced by {{synthpop}} and "Dirty South" hip-hop. Her videos for "We Can't Stop" and "Wrecking Ball" created mountains of controversy due to their sexuality and drug references, to the point where WebVideo/ToddInTheShadows all but [[http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/teamt/tis/tpsr/40235-pop-song-reviews-qwe-cant-stopq-vs-qcome-a-get-itq called for an intervention]] for her. Meanwhile, her [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZrHTUD7AVM highly sexualized, tongue-wagging performance]] at the 2013 {{Creator/MTV}} Video Music Awards earned both outcry and mockery, quickly going {{memetic|Mutation}} due to its FanDisservice and bizarre imagery -- even getting one of her self-professed idols to [[http://music-mix.ew.com/2013/10/02/sinead-oconnor-miley-cyrus-open-letter/ ask her to stop]]. There's no doubt that [[NoSuchThingAsBadPublicity this is exactly what she wanted]], as her new image sent her from a washed-up {{Former|ChildStar}} TeenIdol in the making[[note]]Her acting career had pretty much [[StarDerailingRole self-destructed]] by this point, thanks to the one-two punch of ''Film/SoUndercover'' and the [[ForeignRemake American remake]] of ''Film/{{LOL}}'' in 2012.[[/note]] to one of the biggest pop stars in the world virtually overnight. She's lampshaded the change a little, saying that, under Disney, she was expected to act like an adult, and now ''as'' an adult, acts as a child.
* Music/HilaryDuff, Disney's ''Series/LizzieMcGuire'', somehow managed to avoid this, despite several close calls. She keeps a low profile in the press, doesn't publicly party, drink, or go out without underwear, and keeps mostly to family-friendly roles like ''Film/ACinderellaStory'' and ''Film/RaiseYourVoice'' (saying she turned down a lot of darker roles that would upset her teen fanbase). There were some minor controversies involving her relationship with 10-years-her-senior [[Music/GoodCharlotte Joel Madden]], and her roles on ''Literature/GossipGirl'', where her character was involved in a ''[[ThreeWaySex ménage à trois]]'' with Dan and Vanessa, and in ''Film/WarInc.'', where she played a spoiled, slutty foreign pop star who gets the main character's attention by ''putting a live scorpion down her pants''. Of course, it helped her image that, in the former case, most of the MoralGuardians' ire was aimed at the show's writers and at Creator/TheCW rather than at Hilary, and in the latter, that her character was a tragic ''parody'' of young, oversexed {{idol singer}}s, complete with a pimp who planned on having her "star" in a porn movie. In any case, all of these blew over very quickly, and failed to tarnish her squeaky-clean image, so it's clear she's overall succeeded in averting this. It also helps that she married a hockey player (generally the least scandal-prone of the major sports leagues) and had her first baby, ''within'' wedlock, with him, at the relatively young but perfectly reasonable age of 23. She lampshaded it in an interview on ''Chelsea Lately'', when they talked about how she got pregnant.
--> "Everybody thinks I'm a good girl, but I figured it out."
* It's rumoured that the reason Lalaine got PutOnABus from ''Lizzie Maguire'' partly because of her drug habit.
* Creator/ZacEfron and Music/VanessaHudgens of ''Film/HighSchoolMusical'', who [[RomanceOnTheSet dated in real life]], caught a bit of flak for such terrible things as making out on the beach and letting it be known that they were *gasp* doing things of a more intimate nature. A camera catching a condom falling out of Efron's pocket as he walked the red carpet led to a short-lived outcry. Seeing as how they were pretty much a perfectly-normal couple in their mid-twenties, it was all a little ridiculous. They have both politely but firmly explained this. Repeatedly. Given the fact they remained a steady couple for over three years despite being barely out of their teens, stayed together right at the height of their media frenzy rather than taking advantage of their new fame, were obviously practicing safe sex (see the alleged condom), guarded their private relationship fiercely and even post-break up were genuinely amicable and never used the paparazzi to turn on each other, you'd think parents might see them as ''good'' example for teens (especially as they came off as more mature than a lot of Hollywood relationships), but apparently they had to be as squeaky clean as their high school counterparts.\\
Hudgens' multiple nude photo scandals, however, are a far straighter example. On top of the usual outcry about a kid-friendly actress posing naked, there were also concerns about Vanessa's age when she took the pictures -- while she's in her early twenties now, she was [[JailBait about 17 or 18]] when the first ''High School Musical'' film came out, which is also around when some of the photos (at least the first batch of them) are believed to have been made. Of course, the fact that the photos weren't made for public consumption is pretty much lost on the MoralGuardians. In addition, the leaks of said photos probably [[TropesAreTools helped Hudgens break out of her Disney type casting]] more easily than her ''High School Musical'' co-stars -- she's since taken roles in films like ''Film/SuckerPunch'' and ''Film/SpringBreakers'' and the role of Mimi in a Hollywood Bowl production of ''Theatre/{{RENT}}'', all of which have her dressed in provocative outfits (and in the case of ''Spring Breakers'', doing nude scenes), and she's done several [[PublicExposure sexy photo shoots]] for fitness and fashion magazines.\\
Efron, too, has had troubles with this. He became known as a party animal after the ''High School Musical'' series wrapped up, with multiple short-lived stints in rehab, to the point where Creator/LeaMichele (whose boyfriend and ''Series/{{Glee}}'' co-star Creator/CoryMonteith died of a heroin/alcohol overdose) [[http://hollywoodlife.com/2014/04/09/lea-michele-zac-efron-seek-help-drugs-cory-monteith-death/ begged him]] to give it up. Like Hudgens, he too has embraced his "bad boy" image, playing a [[WackyFratboyHijinx drunken frat boy]] villain in ''Film/{{Neighbors|2014}}''. Although not so much purity, Efron was also asked by Disney to downplay some of his hobbies to the public, like playing VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft, reading Manga (especially Manga/DeathNote), and generally being something of a nerd.
* Alexa (Pena)Vega seems as if she's trying to avoid this. She began her career with the ''Film/SpyKids'' films and light fare like ''{{Film/Sleepover}}'', but quickly switched to darker roles such as ''Film/RepoTheGeneticOpera''. She's also gone memetic for her HotterAndSexier turn in ''Film/MacheteKills'' and a cameo as a stripper in the second ''Film/SinCity'' movie. Ironically both of the latter two projects were by the man that directed her in ''Spy Kids'' - Robert Rodriguez.
* Sara Paxton exploited this when she was cast in the remake of ''Film/TheLastHouseOnTheLeft''. WordOfGod is that they wanted an actress with this, to prevent people from finding the eventual rape scene sexy. Ironically beforehand Paxton had starred in a family friendly film ''{{Film/Aquamarine}}'' playing a mermaid ''without'' a SeashellBra - complete with GodivaHair and two implied nude scenes.
* Kiely Williams might have harpooned her career with this. Starting out in the GirlGroup 3LW (which got their start during the [[TastesLikeDiabetes sugary sweet]] bubblegum pop era of the early 2000s) and then moving on to being in Film/TheCheetahGirls, she was one of Disney's poster children for a while. Then she does a little video called [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J96ujGstSUw "Spectacular"]]. To sum up the song, the girl goes out, gets really drunk (it's not hard to imagine she was possibly drugged), and has anonymous sex with a random guy. She can't remember his name, but she doesn't really care "because the sex was spectacular." Kiely tried to backpedal on this by saying it was supposed to encourage women to avoid these situations, but when it's really easy to turn the song's lyrics into essentially "I enjoyed getting date-raped," it didn't work.
* Adrienne Bailon has also been an enjoyable train wreck to watch since the Cheetah Girls group and movies ended. She hung around the Kardashians for a few years, and eventually staged a fake nude photo controversy cooked up by Bailon and a gossip blogger in an attempt to boost her career. Said controversy caused the group to back out of a planned UsefulNotes/MacysThanksgivingDayParade performance (to be replaced with Creator/MirandaCosgrove and Music/RickAstley), and the breakup of the group not long after.
* Creator/BrendaSong of ''Series/TheSuiteLifeOfZackAndCody'' appeared in ''Film/TheSocialNetwork'', where her character has a quickie with Andrew Garfield's character in a bathroom stall in an early scene (though no nudity is seen -- it ''is'' a PG-13 movie, even with all the swearing). In other scenes, she is seen drinking and [[DisproportionateRetribution setting a scarf on fire over a Facebook relationship status]]. However, her role in the film didn't garner any controversy, and she still appeared on ''Suite Life On Deck'' up to that show's finale in 2011. Rumors once circulated that she was pregnant with Trace Cyrus' baby. The two got engaged around the same time. Months later, she stated that she had never been pregnant and the engagement was called off. Many speculate that she miscarried. However, since she was no longer on Disney at this point, there wasn't much backlash to begin with.
* ''Suite Life'' and ''Film/HighSchoolMusical'' alum Music/AshleyTisdale posed nude (no frontal) for ''Allure''. The 26-year-old Tisdale is of age (obviously), and even made it a point to say in [[IReadItForTheArticles the article]] that she's "...not the young girl everyone thinks I am; I'm actually a woman." Creator/DisneyChannel doesn't seem to care about the shoot, though, since she still has a starring voice role as Candace on ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb'', and has reprised her role as Sharpay in a semi-recent Disney Channel spinoff movie.
* This happened back in the sixties to Creator/HayleyMills (star of the 1960 ''Film/{{Pollyanna}}'' film and ''Film/TheParentTrap'') when she was considered for the titular role in the 1962 ''Film/{{Lolita}}'' and Disney told her to step away from the film. It eventually ''did'' catch up with her in 1967 when she appeared in the British countercultural movie ''The Family Way'' (the same movie scored in part by Music/PaulMcCartney as his first venture outside Music/TheBeatles) . In one scene, she was [[ToplessnessFromTheBack filmed from the rear naked]]. [[MayDecemberRomance She married the middle-aged director]] of the film, Roy Boulting, in 1971 (though they divorced in 1975). She also appeared topless in the film ''The Deadly Strangers''.
* [[TheSixties 1960s]] Disney teen star Creator/TommyKirk's career reportedly came to an end both due to the star's [[SexDrugsAndRockAndRoll drug issues]], diva-like behavior on set and [[ValuesDissonance homosexuality]]. He's since gotten sober and regrets his on-set behavior.

[[folder:Actors -- Non-Disney]]
* Anime Industry: Averted for the actors who worked for Creator/FourKidsEntertainment, which produces anime series that get {{Bowdlerised}} for younger audiences. Creator/AndrewRannells is currently starring in ''Theatre/TheBookOfMormon'' musical, Creator/JasonGriffith did a condom commercial, and most of the others (especially Creator/DanGreen) have done {{Hentai}} (animated pornography) at some point. Also, most of the actors that work for the company have dubbed earlier titles for older audiences, either for Creator/MediaBlasters (Creator/VeronicaTaylor doing ''Manga/SamuraiDeeperKyo'' comes to mind) or for Creator/CentralParkMedia.
** Similarly in the WesternAnimation world people would be surprised that Creator/FrankWelker, Hal Smith, Creator/JuneForay, and Allan Melvin who worked in many Creator/HannaBarbera productions together once did voice work in a pornographic animated film entitled ''Once Upon A Girl'' in which they can be heard swearing and using sexual slang while some of their characters engage in sexual activity.
* Tim Allen toned down his stand-up after he noticed more and more families coming after he did ''Series/HomeImprovement'' and once apologized to for starting out with F-bombs in one act. Now post-''WesternAnimation/ToyStory'', he asks venues to make concessions for families coming to see him.
* Creator/JulieAndrews got famous for playing two quintessential MagicalNanny characters in ''Film/MaryPoppins'' and ''Film/TheSoundOfMusic''. This gave her a squeaky-clean image that she came to resent. An attempt at getting out of it came in the film ''Film/DarlingLili'' where she plays a FemmeFataleSpy - who even does a ''striptease'' on stage! But the film flopped and she didn't see much success. She did however use her experiences of the TroubledProduction in her husband Blake Edwards's ''{{Film/SOB}}'' - where she plays an actress with a goody two shoes image who is convinced to appear topless in a film. But as of the 2000s, she has returned to working for Disney, albeit in a more AdamWesting manner of her earlier image.
* Creator/TomBaker kept himself under this, not allowing himself to smoke or drink in public in order to set a good example to his young fans, as well as acting like [[Series/DoctorWho the Doctor]] while out and about as much as reasonable. This did help build his mythos as being ''the'' Doctor, but doing this for as long as he did and as constantly as he did resulted in [[LostInCharacter serious damage to his mental health]] and was part of the reason why later Doctors had much shorter tenures.
** In public, Tom Baker held to the Doctor's standards, but in private, he was well known for drinking both before and during filming and being a right bloody terror to the production crew. This tendency only got worse in his later seasons, as he (rightly or wrongly) saw himself as the Doctor [[note]]The definite article, you might say[[/note]] and refused to take direction on how to play the character from anybody, be they directors or even the series producers. His problems were something of an open secret in the British media, so much younger fans could still believe the illusion of Baker being the Doctor, while older viewers more or less knew better.
** All in all, the bit of the BBC's adaptation of ''Series/TheLivesAndLovesOfASheDevil'' was well-received, but its sex scenes featuring a naked 'Dr. Who' were considered so shocking at the time that they are what most people remember of the show - the description for it on the BBC's website mentioned 'Tom Baker's thrusting buttocks' and many contemporary comedy shows spoofed it.
* Creator/IngridBergman, anyone? She first tried to get out of her goody-two-shoes image with ''Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde'', but it didn't work. Later on, she destroyed the image quite accidentally by leaving her husband for director Roberto Rosselini. The backlash was ''massive''. She was even denounced on the floor of the US Senate. How many victims of this trope can say that?
* The press had a frenzied field day when Elizabeth Berkley, formerly well-known for playing a straight-laced, [[SoapboxSadie vocally feminist]] high schooler on ''Series/SavedByTheBell'', played a nude, bisexual showgirl in, well, ''Film/{{Showgirls}}''. The flop of that [[StarDerailingRole killed her career]], though that probably had more to do with [[SoBadItsGood the quality of the film itself]] than her playing that sort of role.
* To get out of her contract on ''Series/SeventhHeaven'', Creator/JessicaBiel [[InvokedTrope invoked this trope]] by [[PublicExposure posing topless]] (not frontal) in ''Gear'' magazine. [[JailBait When she was just seventeen.]] This was enough to get her character PutOnABus for a good while, returning only sparingly and practically evolving into TheGhost with her own entirely off-screen storylines.
* While some of his earlier, lesser-known roles were not family friendly -- he has played a rentboy and a thief/male prostitute among others -- Creator/OrlandoBloom gained his recognition from the ''[[Film/TheLordOfTheRings Lord of the Rings]]'' and ''Franchise/PiratesOfTheCaribbean'' trilogies. The latter made him a teen and tweener idol, so the publicity campaign used with him portrayed him as a safe, non-sexual kind of boy next door that the parents of his 13-year-old fans could feel good about. His attempts to play to a more mature audience while maintaining the tween-friendly image were not very successful. After the last ''Pirates'' movie was released and it was no longer necessary to maintain a Disney-approved image, he pretty much became what he was: a normal single man in his late-twenties/early thirties who liked to have fun. To top it off, he began dating Miranda Kerr, a sexy Victoria's Secret model, and couldn't keep his hands off of her (they later got married and had a son, although they're now separated).\\
His "offenses" were no different from what one would expect from anyone else in his position and were actually pretty tame, but certain MoralGuardians within the fandom were outraged by his behavior, blowing every incident out of proportion and declaring him ruined because they felt he somehow let them down by not continuing to maintain an unrealistically pure image. Since then, he has moved on to roles more proportionate to his age, aimed at a more mature audience, and has been receiving a decent amount of acclaim for them, so the loss of his contractual purity hasn't hurt him much.
* Lisa Bonet was tossed off ''Series/TheCosbyShow'' for her role in ''Film/AngelHeart'' that included a sex scene, and loudly denounced by Creator/BillCosby. Years later, after Cosby himself was accused and sued by dozens of women for past sexual assaults and rapes, this moral grandstanding became the height of hypocrisy in hindsight.
* Child actor Brian Bonsall, best known for his role in ''Series/FamilyTies'' as sweet little Andy Keaton, was known for playing young innocent boys who were a bit mischievous in his feature film debut ''Film/{{Mikey}}'', in which he portrays a 9 year old serial killer who was abused by his original parents. In real life, he became a failed rockstar, drug addict, and eventually a fugitive of justice.
* Pretty much subverted by Steve Burns of ''WesternAnimation/BluesClues'' fame -- he has explicitly stated that he has no desire to kill the image of ''Blue's Clues''[='=] Steve by doing anything terribly unseemly. He's even said that he has refused requests to have sex in the Blue's Clues 'Thinking Chair' that he was given, on the grounds that it would feel like a bunch of parents were watching him do it. He ''has'' more recently pursued a career as an indie rock singer/songwriter and been photographed drinking, but this was long after he left the show.
** This comes up partially because of a role he took on ''Series/HomicideLifeOnTheStreet'' during his tenure on ''Blue's Clues''. It was because a child saw him in that role (why the parents allowed it is a mystery for a later time) that Burns made his public statement that he would not take on roles that might upset fans too young to understand that he wasn't really Steve on ''Blue's Clues''.
* There was some controversy when Creator/KeishaCastleHughes, who played Mary in ''Film/TheNativityStory'', got pregnant while unmarried and 16-years old. However, many Christian groups did praise her for going through with the pregnancy and raising the child.
* The [[TropeCodifier single most famous example]] is Marilyn Chambers. As a young model, her picture graced boxes of Ivory Snow detergent across the United States. When she became one of porn's most famous stars, Ivory Snow got a very quick repackaging. Also, contrary to popular legend, Marilyn Chambers was not the baby, but the young mother holding the baby.
* This trope was a big reason why Creator/BillCosby's sex scandal became as big an issue as it did. Ever since ''Series/TheCosbyShow'' in the '80s, he'd had a reputation as "America's Dad" and a role model for young people, especially young black men, and was known for his [[MoralGuardians criticism of violence and sexuality in the media]] (particularly HipHop). The allegations that he had {{date rape}}d a number of women over the course of his career, combined with [[ImplausibleDeniability his reaction to them]], destroyed that image and all but turned him into the American equivalent of Creator/JimmySavile. A number of articles published in the wake of the allegations (especially once it became clear that many of them were true) bemoaned how African Americans had [[BrokenPedestal lost one of their best role models in a storm of scandal]], and how "if you can't trust Bill Cosby anymore, who ''can'' you trust?"
* One year after the second ''Film/HomeAlone'' film came out, Macaulay Culkin was seen starring in the R-rated film ''Film/TheGoodSon'' where he plays [[EnfantTerrible a 10 year old psychopath]]. Among the things Culkin's character does are killing a dog with a homemade nailgun, causing a highway crash by dropping a dummy off a bridge, attempting to kill his mother, and as it's later found out, [[spoiler:murdering his younger brother by drowning him in the bathtub.]] Creator/RogerEbert's review can be found [[http://rogerebert.suntimes.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/19930924/REVIEWS/309240303/1023 here]].
** ...and yet, he still was caught in the trope when, a ''full decade later'', he played Michael Alig, the controversial founder of Club Kids, in ''Film/PartyMonster''.
* Creator/DakotaFanning getting raped in ''Film/{{Hounddog}}'' caused controversy until the critics came out of the theater stating they were [[{{Narm}} laughing at that part]], and the overall effect was pretty minimal.
** She might have had more luck playing Music/JoanJett's former bandmate Cherie Currie in ''Film/TheRunaways''. However, this movie didn't have a chance to cause much controversy on account of getting [[ScrewedByTheNetwork screwed by the studio]].
** Right now, she has several projects (''Mississippi Wild'', ''Now is Good'', ''Very Good Girls'') where the character she plays ends up losing her virginity.
* This happened to Sherri Finkbine, the hostess of Phoenix's localized ''Series/RomperRoom''. She had been taking thaliomide while pregnant and sought an abortion when she was convinced that her baby would be deformed[[note]]sure enough, when the baby was aborted it was revealed that it had no legs and one arm[[/note]]. The incident caused her to become linked with the pro-choice movement (this was all the way back in 1962). The incident also inspired a [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Private_Matter 1992 telefilm.]]
* [[http://www.deadline.com/2010/10/racy-glee-gq-shoot-creates-controversy/ The controversy]] over the ''Series/{{Glee}}'' photo shoot for ''GQ'' magazine. According to [[MoralGuardians the Parents' Television Council]], two 24-year-old women and a 28-year-old man posing for PG-13-rated photos "borders on [[YouKeepUsingThatWord pedophilia]]" just because they [[DawsonCasting play teenagers]] on a TV show that was [[PeripheryDemographic never intended to be]] [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids watched by children]]. Even worse was when the same group of people flipped out, using the same reasoning, when Creator/LeaMichele ''[[http://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/2011/02/04/glee-star-lea-michelles-sexy-switch-moms-mad/ wore a low-cut top]]'' on the cover of ''Cosmo''.
* For a long time, Adrian Hall, who played Jeremy Potts in ''Film/ChittyChittyBangBang'', would omit the movie on his resume and ask his manager to not mention it because he was afraid it would damage his credibility as an adult actor, i.e. that casting directors would only see him as a "child actor". But as he got successful in his adult acting career, he would put the movie on his resume and speak about it more often.
* Nicholas Hammond (aka Friedrich von Trapp) remarked in the special features of the ''Film/TheSoundOfMusic'' DVD that he had tried to avoid doing anything that would get him in the papers in a bad light because he "didn't want to ruin the image" and the rest of his castmates agreed with him. Slightly subverted in that A) they didn't seem to mind all that much and B) Nicholas is really the only one involved with film these days (in Australia).
** Heather Menzies (aka Louisa von Trapp) appeared naked in ''Magazine/{{Playboy}}'''s August 1973 issue and did nude scenes in a couple of B-Movies.
* Creator/AlysonHannigan, sweet little Willow Rosenberg from ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', managed to avoid this when she took on the role of kinky, foul-mouthed Michelle in ''Film/AmericanPie''. Perhaps the fact that Willow herself was allowed to grow up (and come out of the closet) may have had something to do with that.
** Or the fact that ''Buffy'' was never really aimed at the "corruptible" demographic to begin with.
** Michelle is also a [[SubvertedTrope subversion]] of this trope PlayedForLaughs. Throughout the movie, Jim and the audience are meant to think of Michelle as naive and irritating. Her infamous "band camp" story was meant to be a surprise, but [[TrailersAlwaysSpoil got ruined by the trailers]], and now it's [[ItWasHisSled what people associate most with the character]].
* The cast of the ''Film/HarryPotter'' films have faced this at one point or another.
** Creator/DanielRadcliffe invoked a wave of moral outrage when he appeared on London's West End as Alan Strang in a production of ''Theatre/{{Equus}}''. It's an incredible (albeit disturbing) role that any actor would be insane to turn down the chance to play. The MoralGuardians, however, only saw Naked!Film/HarryPotter -- which is probably [[NoSuchThingAsBadPublicity what the production company was banking on]], anyway.
*** Radcliffe has managed to avert this in other ways: around the release of the final ''Potter'' movie, tabloids started reporting that he liked his liquor a tad too much. However, at this point Daniel's in his 20s and he openly admitted he had a drinking problem and got help for it, so this story produced sympathy and "attaboy"s rather than parents screaming about "Harry" being a bad influence for their sweet little darlings.
*** Radcliffe seems to have become one of the defining subversions of this trope. Among those still following his career he's now known as an Indie character actor at least as much as he's known for being Harry. There was virtually no controversy over his role in ''Film/SwissArmyMan'', and he played an outright sociopathic villain in NowYouSeeMe2.
** Similarly, there was some uproar about Clémence Poésy (Fleur Delacour) appearing topless in a French movie, even though it was before she was even cast in the film.
** Creator/EmmaWatson has let it be known that she's willing to do nudity in other films, which means it's just a matter of time before the Moral Guardians scream about Hermione Granger showing her breasts in some movie or another. Watson has also been berated by MoralGuardians for the shocking crimes of... [[FelonyMIsdemeanor going to a nightclub and drinking]]. There's also a Creator/ParisHilton-esque crotch shot, which those guardians must have been specifically looking for in order to find it.
** Jamie Waylett (Vincent Crabbe) got this in 2009 after being arrested for possession of marijuana, being written out of the last two films (when his character [[spoiler:was slated to be killed off later]] -- they wound up replacing [[spoiler:Crabbe's death with that of Goyle]] for the movie to compensate), even though Crabbe isn't a particularly "wholesome" character to start with. Waylett later attracted further controversy after being charged with violence during the London riots in August 2011.
** On the other side, it seems pretty much no one cares that Creator/RupertGrint acted in ''Film/{{Cherrybomb}}'', playing a character who does drugs and steals cars. Then again, [[RonTheDeathEater he's a bad guy who's supposed to do bad things]].
** Evanna Lynch seems as if she's trying to avoid this. As she's the cast member who can be said to be most like her character, she has opted for darker roles to distance herself from Luna. ''Film/MyNameIsEmily'' in particular has her playing a suicidal teen.
** Harry Melling, who plays Dudley Dursley in the films, has lost a huge amount of weight over the years (to the point of having to wear a fat suit for the final movie) and is barely recognizable from his younger self. He's publicly stated he is happy about this so he can avoid ContractualPurity in his adult career as an actor.
* Creator/MelissaJoanHart:
** When ''Series/ClarissaExplainsItAll'' finished its run, Melissa was now an adult but her mother didn't want her to pursue DarkerAndEdgier roles - though this was apparently a business move to capitalise on her kid fanbase. Thus her next project was the family sitcom ''Series/SabrinaTheTeenageWitch''. She has said that once that was over, she found it hard to get cast, because people only [[IAmNotSpock saw her as a teenager]] (even though she was in her late 20s when the show finished). Thus people were startled at her playing a mother on ''Series/MelissaAndJoey''.
** During ''Sabrina'''s third season, the folks at Archie Comics were sent into a frenzy when she appeared in a racy photo shoot for Maxim - and they are infamously protective of their wholesome brand. According to WordOfGod they were annoyed that the shoot advertised Sabrina rather than Melissa, making it look like she was doing it as the character.
** This trope is also the reason Melissa kept her partying hidden from the public eye - claiming she spent a year doing drugs and rolling with a bad crowd (the Maxim photo shoot actually happened while she was on drugs).
--> "It's not that I wasn't a bad girl. I just didn't get caught."
* Possibly the most dreadful example of all was Anissa Jones of ''Series/FamilyAffair''. She was contractually obligated to make promotional appearances with her breasts bound, her hair in [[GirlishPigtails childish pigtails]], and clutching the Mrs. Beasley doll [[NotAllowedToGrowUp even as she grew into her teens]]. This is often cited as a major factor in her eventual death by drug overdose.
* Creator/DeborahKerr was usually typecast as the EnglishRose (with the exception of UK drama ''Black Narcissus'') until her appearance as depressed adulteress Karen in ''Literature/FromHereToEternity''. It's still considered one of her best roles of all time, even though she took the role only to shake up her image.
* Completely averted when nudes of Creator/JenniferLawrence leaked online in 2014. The vast majority of public response wasn't directed at her, but the people who shared the photos. It turns out that hacking into a person's online account, stealing their private pics, and posting them online are far more heinous crimes than a grown woman taking sexy pics intended for her partner's eyes only.
* Katy Manning got some flak for posing naked with a Dalek in a men's magazine some time after she left ''Series/DoctorWho''. Some fans even bring it up while criticizing Jo as being a helpless victim for male characters to kidnap and slaver over, even though the character in the show is generally strong and plucky and not especially sexualized (although by no means a completely unproblematic blow for feminism).
* Taylor Momsen is starting to get this after adopting a much racier public image, which she puts down to firing her stylist. She has publicly stated that she doesn't want to be compared to squeaky-clean Disney stars, and "doesn't fucking care" about being a good role model for young girls. She's best known for ''Series/GossipGirl'' but began her career as a child actor.
* This still dogs Creator/MaryKateAndAshleyOlsen, even as real-life scandals hone in on them.
* This trope dates back to the [[UsefulNotes/TheSilentAgeOfHollywood silent days]], at least. Creator/MaryPickford ("America's Sweetheart"), one of the biggest stars of the early cinema, was known for her [[TheIngenue ingenue]] roles and her long, flowing ringlets. After she cut off her curls and played an adult role -- at the age of ''37'' -- in ''Coquette'', she lost her popularity (despite winning an UsefulNotes/AcademyAward), and retired from films shortly thereafter.
* Creator/BilliePiper:
** She got some flak for posing in ''Arena'' just before her debut as Rose Tyler in ''Series/DoctorWho''. She later had to specifically warn her young fans from that show that it would not be a good idea for them to watch ''Secret Diary of a Call Girl''. She didn't get much heat from the tabloids for switching to the more risqué role, however.
** Piper was also criticized in the press for being photographed partying around the time of her marriage to radio presenter Radio/ChrisEvans. She was then best known as a former teen pop star once touted as the British answer to Britney. In fairness, it was more about the fact that she was a teenager and Chris Evans was in his mid-thirties, and when they got married, they'd only been dating for six months. Since Billie's pop career had pretty much died (and her acting one was yet to take off) when she started dating Evans, and since he was an extremely wealthy radio and television presenter (worth an estimated £30million), it was as much about the unseemliness of the apparent "golddigger/dirty old man" dynamic as much as Billie being a role model for teengalagers. Much was made in the press, for example, of Chris buying her a pricey sports car for her birthday when she hadn't even passed her driving test yet. By the time of their divorce six years later, Billie was in her mid-twenties and the 16 year age gap between them seemed less important. But the point is that she seems to get a lot more of the flak from the relationship than he does. Although it's most likely partly down to good old misogyny (she must be a gold-digging whore, he's a man who couldn't be expected to resist a young hottie), it seems like her contractual purity plays a part too.
* Numerous Franchise/PowerRangers have surprised the fandom with their career moves following the show:
** Jason David Frank (Tommy Oliver from [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers four]] [[Series/PowerRangersZeo different]] [[Series/PowerRangersTurbo seasonal]] [[Series/PowerRangersDinoThunder arcs]]) is now an [[UsefulNotes/MixedMartialArts MMA]] fighter. This isn't too shocking to the fandom, who knew that "JDF" is probably the most skilled martial artist in the show's history, but a lot of eyebrows were raised about the [[http://cdn.buzznet.com/media/jj1/2009/09/jdf-mma/jason-david-frank-mma-01.jpg massive number of tattoos he's picked up along the way.]] No wonder he was always wearing large sweaters in ''Dino Thunder''. Perhaps softening the blow is the fact that he's also a devout Christian, running a Christian MMA clothing line called [[http://www.jesusdidnttap.com/ "Jesus Didn't Tap"]].
*** Frank also appeared on MTV's sex drama ''Undressed'' after leaving the franchise (but before returning for ''Dino Thunder''). Nobody really noticed, though that says more about the show than about Jason. Hilariously enough, the majority of his scene were with actress Alyson Kiperman, who '''also''' became a Power Ranger (Yellow in ''Series/PowerRangersWildForce.'') Ranger fans have been laughing their asses off since.
** Cerina Vincent (Maya from ''[[Series/PowerRangersLostGalaxy Lost Galaxy]]'') reappeared after ''Power Rangers'' in a NakedPeopleAreFunny role in ''Film/NotAnotherTeenMovie''. She's also shown up, clothes-optional, in some [[BMovie B-grade]] horror films for the college set. Allegedly, she became concerned about being {{typecast|ing}} for nudity and even haggled with a director over how many inches of her derriere would be revealed in a movie (which the director verified with a ruler).
** Ricardo Medina Jr. (Cole from ''[[Series/PowerRangersWildForce Wild Force]]'') eventually showed up on the reality competition ''Kept'' for VH-1. It was, in a nutshell, a show with a lot of muscular guys being male models and being photographed in their underwear or even in their birthday suits with a SceneryCensor. Ricardo was considered to be quite a JerkAss by both the other contestants and some viewers, and was ultimately eliminated from the show for simply being too vain to have around. He has since become an exotic dancer in an all-male revue.
*** Apparently the NostalgiaFilter is stronger than this trope, as he's returned to ''Power Rangers'' as the WorthyOpponent [[TheRival Rival]] in ''[[Series/PowerRangersSamurai Samurai]]''. This may be helped by the fact that it's been almost ten years since ''[[Series/PowerRangersWildForce Wild Force]]'', Medina (now going by "Rick") looks very different now, and his acting skills having improved considerably.
*** Also worth pointing out, he was still with the revue ''while'' being on ''Power Rangers'', though the group is one in the vein of Chippendales, being classier and not getting down to actual nudity on-stage.
* Paul Reubens, the man who played Pee-Wee Herman, was quite infamously hit with this. ''Series/PeeWeesPlayhouse'' was originally an AffectionateParody of '50's [[SubvertedKidsShow kiddie-show hosts]] created for a Groundlings comedy sketch, filled with {{double entendre}}s and [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar subliminal adult humor]]. However, the character was [[MisaimedFandom mistaken]] [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids for an actual kids' entertainer]] as he became successful, causing Reubens' act to get [[LighterAndSofter more family-friendly]] and his personal life to be taken over by the character. Thus, his arrest for masturbating in an adult theater, and his subsequent arrest for having pornography in his house (not child pornography, as rumored), came as a shock to those who weren't familiar with his older material. This caused comedian Wanda Sykes to remark, "Just where is Pee Wee allowed to masturbate?"
* Creator/MollyRingwald appeared nude in the film ''Malicious'', going against her "sweet teenage girl" image. However, the film wasn't really memorable, and she hadn't been a teenager for over a decade at that point, so the ripples were minor. Before that, Creator/DavidLynch offered her the role in ''Film/BlueVelvet'' that eventually went to Creator/LauraDern, but her parents refused to let her do it, worried that it would ruin her "sweet teenage girl" image.
* In 1988, sixteen-year-old Creator/WinonaRyder, known at the time for family-friendly roles in films like ''Film/{{Lucas}}'' and ''Film/{{Beetlejuice}}'', was begged by her agent not to star in the R-rated BlackComedy ''Film/{{Heathers}}'', fearing that her career would be over. The same week Winona received the script, a schoolmate of hers committed suicide, which inspired her to do the film (whose plot revolves heavily around teen suicide) in spite of potential career damage.
* Though not beginning as a child, Bob Saget had this happen to him over a sixteen-year stretch divided between ''Series/FullHouse'' and ''Series/AmericasFunniestHomeVideos''. He attributes his current profanity-overflowing, exceptionally dirty and rather mean-spirited stand-up routine in part to this, claiming, "That show gave me [[HollywoodTourettes Tourette's]]." In actuality, he was an exceptionally dirty comic, even before ''Full House''. At his roast, Jeff Garlin in the character of one of the producers of ''Full House'' mentioned an incredibly tasteless joke that Bob told that warmed the producer up to him. People who knew him in college also claimed he did dirty humor, even back then. While he may attribute it to his family shows, his dirty persona may have deeper roots than he lets on. Unlike many cases here, Saget actually enjoys the stigma that follows him, just for the shock that appears on people's faces in the audience, who didn't know better.
* Likewise, Saget's ''Series/FullHouse'' co-star, John Stamos, was best known for his role on the show as Uncle Jesse. He grew tired of being in family friendly TV shows and movies. So he decided to shed this image by auditioning for the most raunchiest part he could: the MadeForTVMovie ''Fatal Vows: The Alexandra O'Hara Story'' in which he portrays Nick Pagan, a seemingly nice man who is actual a serial killer and later tries to burn his five year old son to death in the bath tub.
** After his tenure on ''Series/{{ER}}'', however, most of his family-friendly stigma is gone. Since then, he's been in a few commercials and has done a few episodes of ''Series/LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit''. One particular episode he stars in has him as a pig who exploits a multitude of women for sex in order to have copious amounts of children, and he sweet-talks them out of whatever job they may have.
* German-Austrian actress Rosemarie Magdalena Albach, aka [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Romy_Schneider Romy Schneider]], had her career and her private life damaged by playing [[RebelliousPrincess Rebellious Empress]] "Sissi" in three blockbuster movies.
* On the subject of ''Series/SesameStreet'' Muppeteers...
** Carroll Spinney (Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch) describes a bad encounter in his autobiography. One day, some moron drove onto his lawn, rolled down the window and yelled, [[WhatAnIdiot "Hey! You the Bird? Do the voice!"]] Spinney says he wished he could yell "Get the hell off my property!" in Oscar's voice, but instead just silently went inside in case any of his young fans were watching.
** Kevin Clash was the Muppeteer of Elmo, [[Series/{{Dinosaurs}} Baby Sinclair]] and numerous others. In 2012, he took a sabbatical from ''Sesame Street'' after a young man claimed that the two of them had a sexual relationship when he was 16. Clash did not deny the relationship, but claimed it happened after the young man had turned 18. The accuser later withdrew the allegations, but a series of other accusers came forward in its wake. Needless to say, the "sabbatical" has turned into a full-on departure, with Ryan Dillon taking over Muppeteering duties for Elmo since.
* A big furor was kicked up when Music/BritneySpears' sister Jamie-Lynn got pregnant at age 16. She was the star of {{Creator/Nickelodeon}}'s hit KidCom ''Series/Zoey101''. It is widely believed that the scandal was responsible for the show [[CutShort not getting a fifth season]].
* Creator/KristenStewart became a victim of this after photos of her smoking pot outside her house were published. She began as a child actor and then got her big break as Bella Swan in ''Literature/{{Twilight}}''. Knowing how Kristen Stewart and Creator/RobertPattinson [[MoneyDearBoy feel about their roles as Bella and Edward]], it's entirely possible that the reason she didn't take that joint inside is because she was hoping on this trope coming into play. She and Pattinson have admitted that they don't go along with contractual purity because neither would see being dropped from the ''Literature/{{Twilight}}'' series [[CreatorBacklash as such a bad thing]]. She was also probably smart enough to know that she and Pattinson were ''the'' faces of the franchise, and could do just about anything except murder or kiddie porn and still be asked back for the next one. Kristen faced similar accusations when rumours came out of an affair between her and the married director of ''Film/SnowWhiteAndTheHuntsman''. Both were dropped from the franchise after the first film, although Kristen herself claims she was still offered scripts and just turned them down.
* Creator/TaraStrong sometimes tells the story at cons of how she turned down a role in a horror film because it would have required her to be topless for a scene, and she doesn't want her young fans (or perverts) looking up nude photos of her online. Although she doesn't object overmuch to jokes about being a "hot mom" (even by her own kids), and has listened and approved of a song saying she has a "nice badonkadonk", as well as touting vintage dresses from an LA clothier called, appropriately enough, "Stop Staring!"
* ''Series/KamenRiderBlade'' was hit with news that Tsubaki Takayuki, who played TheHero, had previously appeared in a gay porn film. This was considered quite a black mark and put a question mark over whether he would appear in future nostalgia cash-ins, though he did reappear for ''Series/KamenRiderDecade'' and ''Series/KamenRiderExAid'''s Gorider special, where he's one of the main central plot points of the story[[note]]Namely, [[spoiler:[[BigBad Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm]] disguises as Kenzaki as part of his masterplan, only to be foiled by the ''real'' Kenzaki because Dan uses the powers of an Undead, which attracts Kenzaki's attention as the Joker Undead]][[/note]]. Kind of surprising when you consider that Japan does not have too many MoralGuardians and their media displays a huge ValuesDissonance with the majority of the west.
** A similar incident threatened when it emerged that Hikaru Yamamoto, who plays Akiko in ''Series/KamenRiderDouble'', had supposedly posed for scantily-clad pictures on the internet. This occurred before the show had broadcast, and the incident died down quickly, since the pictures were not fully proven to be her.
** Don't mistake ValuesDissonance for a lack of MoralGuardians. Japan has its fair share, as the crew behind ''Anime/MobileSuitGundamSEED'' found out when they caught hell for implying a sex scene between Kira and Flay.
** Then again, Adult Video actresses have appeared in {{Toku}}satsu; the reason why ''Blade'' caused a blackmark is because a lead was caught being in porn when the actresses of some female ''Franchise/SuperSentai'' villains (actual humanoid villains rather PeopleInRubberSuits) such as Kaglessia from ''Series/EngineSentaiGoOnger'' and Zonette from ''Series/GekisouSentaiCarranger'' were AV actresses before their ''Sentai'' work and didn't catch much flak. [[DoubleStandard They only have problems when the heroic characters are caught in porn.]]
* Creator/ShirleyTemple proves this is OlderThanTelevision.
** She caused an uproar in the press when was seen drinking, which would've been shocking if not for the fact that she was in her mid 20's at the time. Then again, some states still had alcohol prohibition laws on the books, so this is also a case of ValuesDissonance. And speaking of...
** At age 17, she escaped what she considered a difficult family by marrying a war hero. That was hardly shocking in 1945. Also not shocking was the fact that the "war hero" tore through her money, beat her black and blue, and used her contacts to land acting jobs, all the while trash-talking her to directors so they wouldn't hire her and she'd have to depend financially on him. Shocking was when she decided she'd had enough and divorced the lout. [[ValuesDissonance She was denounced in every pulpit and every fan magazine in America as a filthy homewrecker.]]
* Gabriel Thomson, who plays the uptight and geeky Michael in ''Series/MyFamily'', caused a minor outcry in the UK press when he was arrested for drug possession. He is best known for his role as Sasha in ''Film/EnemyAtTheGates'' at age 8 and then joining the cast of ''My Family'' at 13.
* Elijah Wood, having played [[Film/TheLordOfTheRings Frodo Baggins]], was quick to avoid typecasting by playing [[Film/SinCity a horrible mute cannibal who mounts women's heads on his wall]] and [[Film/EternalSunshineOfTheSpotlessMind a listless pothead that tries to manipulate a girl's forgotten feelings because he's that desperate for a date]]. Oh, and one of the two "Hollywood Phonies" who taze Creator/AndySamberg in the butt in a [[Music/TheLonelyIsland Lonely Island music video]]. Of course, he's done films since he was a kid (he played Film/{{North}}, for crying out loud), so it's not like typecasting was ever a problem for him.
** This may or may not be what Sean Astin (who of course played Sam) was going for when he showed up as [[Series/TwentyFour CTU Los Angeles]]' [[{{Jerkass}} insufferable prick]] of a [[TyrantTakesTheHelm new boss]].
* Creator/MadelineZima, best known as the little girl in ''Film/TheHandThatRocksTheCradle'' and as youngest child, Grace, on ''Series/TheNanny'', later was [[Series/{{Heroes}} making out with]] Creator/HaydenPanettiere and [[Series/{{Californication}} punching David Duchovny in the face while fucking him]].
* H.B. Warner and Dorothy Cumming, who played Jesus and the Virgin Mary in the 1927 silent film ''The King Of Kings'', were forced by director Creator/CecilBDeMille to sign agreements stating that they wouldn't take any unsavory film roles during a five year period, in order to protect their "holy" screen images. In addition, [=DeMille=] also forbade them from [[FelonyMisdemeanor attending ball games, playing cards, going to night clubs, swimming, and riding in convertibles]] during filming.
** During filming, [=DeMille=] allegedly paid an anonymous woman to leave the country, as she was trying to blackmail Warner over some unknown scandal.
* Israeli [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arutz_HaYeladim Children Channel]] presenters are, according to their contract, not allowed to drink in public. This became a bit of a problem (just a bit, as it seems no-one really cared) once when one of them, [[http://www.imdb.com/name/nm2601667/ Dana Frieder]], did this a while back.
* Creator/NealMcDonough has a policy that he will not film love scenes of any kind due to his strong Catholic beliefs - he will not kiss any woman who is not his wife. He was even fired from ''Scoundrels'' [[http://deadline.com/2010/03/no-sex-please-im-neal-mcdonough-30156/ because of it]].


[[folder: Inversions ]]

There are some notable aversions and inversions, where the actor or actress's first role (or at least breakout role) is in a decidedly adult production, only for them to move onto more family-friendly fare. Compare BleachedUnderpants, RatedGForGangsta.
* The exact opposite of this trope happened when Linda Blair, who played [[CreepyChild Regan]] in ''Film/TheExorcist'', tried to break into romantic comedies. After scaring the living daylights out of America, people had a hard time taking her seriously in lighter roles.
* Creator/JenniferConnelly's first leading role was in Creator/DarioArgento's ''Film/{{Phenomena}}'' making her roles in movies such as ''Film/RequiemForADream'' not that drastic a change.
* Creator/KirstenDunst is another notable aversion who made her breakout role as a child vampire in the ''distinctly'' family-unfriendly ''Film/InterviewWithTheVampire'' at the age of 12. She broke out of the "cute fluffy blonde" image as Lux in ''Film/TheVirginSuicides'' (she was 16 during filming) after doing some [[LittleWomen children's movies]] and the odd [[BringItOn teen flick]]. In her twenties, she admitted to occasionally smoking weed and drinking too much. This doesn't seem to have caused much outrage except among a few fringe loonies who can't distinguish Dunst from [[Film/SpiderManTrilogy Mary Jane]].
* The trope was played in [[{{inversion}} reverse]] with Creator/BradleyJames and Creator/KatieMcGrath. Both starred in the family-friendly ''Series/{{Merlin}}'', but their first television roles involved the former [[Series/DisConnected having sex in a toilet cubicle]] and the latter [[Series/TheTudors being taken from behind by Henry VIII]].
* Creator/HeatherMatarazzo, like Connelly, also started acting at thirteen, her breakout role being in the ultra-dark cult classic ''Film/WelcomeToTheDollhouse''. This made her rather, ahem, [[{{Gorn}} disturbing]] [[OurVampiresAreDifferent demise]] in ''Film/HostelPartII'' not quite as shocking. Still pretty messed up, though.
* Creator/NataliePortman has been playing non-family-friendly roles for most of her career (see e.g. her role as a stripper in ''Film/{{Closer}}''), but because of her stint in ''Film/ThePhantomMenace'', her general avoidance of partying, and her Harvard degree, she is seen as a good role model for young girls. She then parodied this in the ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' sketch "Natalie's Rap", in which she reveals through rap that she drinks, does drugs, has promiscuous sex, enjoys killing and beating people ([[KickTheDog and dogs]]) for fun, and has a general disdain for her younger fans.
* This trope was {{double subver|sion}}ted by Meg Ryan, who played a number of sexy and borderline-dark characters early in her career, like Donna Caldwell in ''Film/ThePresidio''. However, in TheNineties she became [[TypeCasting known almost solely]] for her cute and perky roles in {{romantic comed|y}}ies -- to the point where there was considerable audience backlash whenever she tried to return to her dramatic roots in films like ''Film/CityOfAngels'' and ''In the Cut''.
* Another inversion is Creator/KathleenTurner, who gained early prominence with steamy roles in films like ''Film/BodyHeat'', but then shifted almost entirely into lighter, fluffier fare like ''Film/PeggySueGotMarried'' and ''Film/RomancingTheStone''.
* Brazilian model Xuxa (show-name; her real name is Maria da Graça Meneghel) started her career with naked pictorials and softcore porn movies. Then she became that country's biggest children's TV hostess. Unlike most of the people on this list, she's never seemed to make any bones about her pornographic past, even making statements to the effect that "sex symbols and children go hand in hand." That said, she did successfully sue Google and various other sites to block search results for [[OldShame one film in particular]], ''Amor Estranho Amor'', namely because it has a scene where she ''seduces a 12-year-old boy'' while dressed as a teddy bear (said outfit having about the same amount of cloth as one, even).
* Creator/DrewBarrymore zig-zagged through this. She began her career as a child star in films such as ''{{Film/ET}}'' and ''{{Film/Firestarter}}'' but soon became infamous for rampant drug problems before she was even a teenager. She still worked in the industry however, and the film ''Film/PoisonIvy'' was essentially her playing on the public's [[MetaCasting perception of her]]. After getting sober in the 90s, she carved out a career as a respected adult actress - in films that were far more squeaky clean like ''Film/NeverBeenKissed'', ''Film/EverAfter'', ''Film/TheWeddingSinger'' etc.
* A [[ZigzaggedTrope zigzagged]] case can be found for FormerChildStar Creator/MaraWilson. She first gained fame as the younger daughter character in ''Film/MrsDoubtfire'', but played (mostly) family-friendly roles in films such as ''Film/ASimpleWish'', ''Film/{{Matilda}}'' (as the title character) and ''WesternAnimation/ThomasAndTheMagicRailroad'', her final movie. She retired from acting while still a child in 2000, graduated from college while studying drama, and is as of 2014 a blogger, playwright, burgeoning novelist and volunteer social worker in UsefulNotes/NewYorkCity. Despite being in her late twenties, and having not been in any kind of acting role outside of online web project and college stage acting, she often receives (online and in person) negative comments from many fans that their childhoods were ruined [[SheIsAllGrownUp regarding how her figure filled out]] in the years since she left Hollywood, and commentary about her often profane language, liberal outspokenness and more adult humor on her website, Website/{{Twitter}} account and writings. She has also expressed some horror that journalists reviewing the [[TheMusical Broadway musical version]] of ''Matilda'' recommended fans of the musical see a performance of her play, ''Sheeple'', [[WhatDoYouMeanItsNotForKids emphasizing that the play]] is ''not'' for kids. In her 2016 autobiography she revealed that her parents had a rule that she could only do family-friendly films while she was still a child. She also describes a very straight example from when she and a group of other child actors were part of a charity camping trip - and they got punished for playing Spin The Bottle in their tent. It apparently made the organisation look bad to be seen doing such a thing.

* Creator/RobertCrumb, one of America's edgiest, most perverted cartoonists, said that drawing cute things became a "curse" that he could never completely shake, not in terms of his audience but as something that has pervaded his own personal artistic style. Considering the spectacular depth and intensity of Crumb's perversity, this revelation was shocking in and of itself and pretty much confirms the truth of this trope.
* Several key animators who worked on ''WesternAnimation/FindingNemo'' animated on ''WesternAnimation/SouthParkBiggerLongerAndUncut''.
* Creator/FleischerStudios animator Myron Waldman, who mostly headed softer cartoons like many of the later WesternAnimation/BettyBoop cartoons and the more sentimental ''WesternAnimation/ColorClassics'', headed only two WesternAnimation/{{Popeye}} cartoons ("Can You Take It" and "Problem Pappy").
* Several well-known animators who worked on classic Warner Bros, MGM, Paramount, and Terry Toons shorts animated the raunchy X-rated ''WesternAnimation/FritzTheCat''.

In general, sports stars are often forced to act as "role models" to an even greater degree than most celebrities are.

* Charles Barkley famously used this stigma to great effect in a Nike commercial that began with him saying, "[[IAmNotSpock I am not a role model]]." The MoralGuardians that protested the commercial apparently [[DramaticallyMissingThePoint skipped the second half of the ad]], where Barkley expands on this: "''Parents'' should be role models. I get paid to play basketball, ''not'' to raise your kids."
* In a book about Joe Namath, the author relates how he and Joe were in an elevator and Joe was drinking from a beer bottle. When the elevator arrived at their floor, Joe saw some kids and had to stash the bottle under his shirt.
* Olympic swimming hero Michael Phelps had a photo of him partaking of a bong (which technically could have had something like tobacco... [[ImplausibleDeniability oh, who're we kidding]]?), was plastered all over the Internet. He was banned from national competition for three months and Kellogg's dropped him from their sponsorship list. He ''did'' dodge the big Olympic-sized bullet as the rules are only about "performance-'''enhancing'''" drugs[[note]] Marijuana could only be considered as such if there was a giant bag of Doritos at the end of the pool.[[/note]] ''during competition''.
** Also, he was in Ann Arbor, Michigan. You know, the city where the [[StrawmanU local campus]] hosts a "Hash Bash" every year on its central quad (the Diag), and where getting caught with marijuana is a civil infraction -- no worse than a ''parking ticket''.
* This seemed about to happen (or at least some people seemed to be trying to make it an issue) following the Women's hockey final at the 2010 Winter Olympics when, after the game, the Canadian team were photographed doing such "unladylike" things in celebration after the arena had emptied such as smoking big stogies, enjoying beer and champagne, and goofing off driving the Zamboni around the rink while whooping it up. Members of the International Olympic Committee (who don't really like women's hockey being an event to begin with) tut-tutted in disapproval and made noises about considering whether Canada should keep the gold medal. Most of the public, and the Canadian reps, pointed out that had the ''male'' hockey players been seen celebrating after what was for some the biggest game of their lives [[DoubleStandard no one would have said anything]]. The image of IOC president Jacques Rogge being tarred, feathered, and hung from a totem pole in Stanley Park probably had nothing to do with the matter being dropped.
* Tiger Woods had his career wrecked virtually overnight (although it didn't last that long) when various parties revealed that he had a long and colorful secret love life after years of being presented as a role model for all ages.[[note]]The "overnight" part was the news story of how he crashed his SUV in his gated community...leaving the house after his (now ex-) wife Elin Nordegren confronted him with her knowledge of his extramarital affairs.[[/note]]
* Baseball Hall of Famer Kirby Puckett's long established "good guy" image was forever ruined when in September 2002, he was arrested for allegedly groping a woman in a restroom in the Redstone American Grill in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. To make matters worse, a 2003 ''Sports Illustrated'' article from Frank Deford documented Puckett's alleged indiscretions (such as cheating on his wife and being all-around abusive to her).
* In an interesting aversion, baseball great Stan "The Man" Musial cultivated ContractualPurity when he started playing for the St. Louis Cardinals in the 1940s and never broke it for the rest of his life. He stated that he ''did'' see himself as a role model and strove to be one. He was 92 years old at the time of death and St. Louisans still absolutely adore him -- so much that they campaigned for him to receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom and he did receive it in January 2011. While this was wonderful for Stan, it's impossible for any other Cardinal (or any player) to live up to. Of course, it was probably easier to live life as a role model before the invasive modern celebrity culture had developed.
** Albert Pujols was also the victim of this trope when he signed with the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim for a 10-year, $250 million contract. Fans had essentially determined that Albert was Stan's successor (and in a lot of ways he is/was: both are/were family men, philanthropists, etc.), and since Stan never left St. Louis, Albert is obviously the worst traitor in the history of traitors ever for doing so. [[BewareTheNiceOnes Some Cardinals fans burned their Pujols jerseys]] and others (mostly older fans) turned the whole thing into a morality play and immediately started going on about Stan and the good ol' days. A few people took the time to understand why the whole things actually happened, though.
** As for Pujols' predecessor at first base for the Cardinals, Mark [=McGwire=], he along with a great many baseball players (including Sammy Sosa and Barry Bonds) forever lost their "role model" status when their links to steroids were uncovered. [=McGwire=] himself was actually up front about one steroid he had done, androstenedione, which despite being banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency, was at the time available over-the-counter and ''not'' banned by MLB.
* Suzy Favor Hamilton was a three-time Olympic marathon winner when it was discovered that she rented out as a call girl, which torpedoed her career.

* During the 1980s and 1990s, Michael Gallagher wrote for Creator/MarvelComics, often contributing to squeaky-clean titles such as the comic versions of Series/{{ALF}} and Franchise/CareBears among others. He then moved to Archie and set the tone for the early ''ComicBook/ArchieComicsSonicTheHedgehog'' with many of the same tricks he used on his Marvel work: NoFourthWall, HurricaneOfPuns, and stock parodies. Come the mid-1990s, he moved over to ''Magazine/{{Mad}}'', where he performed a curious zig-zag. His early material was mainly ''ComicStrip/SpyVsSpy'' gags drawn by ''Sonic'' collaborator Dave Manak, but upon pairing up with artist Tom Bunk, Gallagher began writing horribly grotesque gags such as a boy popping a zit so large that he drowns in his own pus, or a mother saying that her kids "eat like a bird" before vomiting directly into their mouths. But when paired with any other artist, Gallagher generally continues to write relatively lighthearted fare.

Pop stars in particular are held to this on account of their fanbases typically being largely comprised of teen and tween girls.

* Music/TheBeatles had something of a (relatively) clean-cut, madcap, teen-friendly "mop-top" image, and were a youthful breath of fresh air in America following the JFK assassination. They were advised to stay away from politics, and kept much of the rougher aspects of their personalities and humor (and [[SexDrugsAndRockAndRoll burgeoning marijuana use]]) under wraps. Then came John's "[[BlasphemousBoast more popular]] [[BiggerThanJesus than Jesus]]" misquote, and later Paul's admission in the British press of trying LSD. Though it took a toll on their "[[IdolSinger Beatlemania]]" image, [[TheSixties the changing times]], their refusal to tour, and their [[NewAgeRetroHippie psychedelic]], [[ImportantHaircut facial hair-wearing]] period would soon follow with ''Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band''. They would be GrowingTheBeard in [[IncrediblyLamePun more ways than one]]. By the late '60s, the group would develop a [[CerebusSyndrome more serious image]] for the rest of their careers.
** It went the other way in their own country. From the moment they emerged into the public consciousness, the Beatles were seen in the media as [[MoralGuardians corrupting the morals of British youth]]. With their (comparatively) long hair and [[DeadpanSnarker snarky image]], they were quite unlike the clean-cut would-be home-made Elvis clones that came before, like Music/CliffRichard, TommySteele, MartyWilde, or BillyFury, whom one could comfortably take home to tea with one's mother despite those rebellious stage names. By the time the Beatles had hit America, however, Music/TheRollingStones (and, heaven forbid, Music/ThePrettyThings) had emerged and one's mother could then accept the Beatles as cuddly.
* Music/BoneThugsNHarmony after ''Tha Crossroads'', much to the chagrin of fans that prefer their darker, harder stuff.
* Charlotte Church began her career aged 12 as a classical singer with a squeaky-clean image that played on her background from a Catholic family in Wales. As a teenager, she was photographed smoking, drinking and going to clubs; and stated repeatedly that she wanted to shed her "choir girl" image, to criticism from fans and the press. She also made offensive comments about Pope Benedict XVI, frequently swore in interviews and engaged in a public feud with the pop group Scooch. She did eventually release a moderately successful pop/rock album, and is now better known as a TV presenter and the ex-girlfriend of rugby player Gavin Henson. Church addressed the problems of this trope herself in her statement to the Leveson Inquiry regarding phone-hacking by journalists.
** The thing about this (and a large part of her contribution to the Leveson Inquiry) is that while half the press condemned her for doing anything not sweet and innocent, the other half had a [[JailBaitWait countdown to her 16th birthday]].
* The band Music/{{Evanescence}} was originally considered a ChristianRock band, and their albums sold in Christian book and music stores. Early on, they began stressing in interviews they [[NotChristianRock did not want to be considered a Christian band]], and their label asked Christian music stores to stop selling their [=CDs=]. It was probably a wise strategy, since it's unlikely an artist strongly affiliated with the contemporary Christian music scene could have sold 15 million albums worldwide.
** In general, Christian Rock bands that tour with secular bands that include anything remotely resembling strong language in their lyrics (not just profanity, but lyrics that are "too dark"), drink alcohol (even offstage) or endorse "liberal" (read: not unambiguously right-wing) viewpoints will be accused of betraying the scene/faith by MoralGuardians.
** A perfect example of this is the the soul-metal band King's X, which, despite [[NotChristianRock always denying]] that they were a ChristianRock band, picked up a large Christian fanbase in the '90s due to their religious beliefs and their vaguely spiritual lyrics. Then frontman Doug Pinnick came out as being gay, and suddenly their fanbase condemned them as "traitors" to the Christian rock scene.
** A less extreme but still notable example is Amy Grant, who garners a lot of flack from the Christian music scene for drinking and occasionally swearing.
* Believe it or not, Music/EltonJohn got hit with this in 1976, when he identified himself as bisexual in an interview with ''Rolling Stone'' magazine and basically sabotaged his status as a TeenIdol at the height of his fame. [[AvertedTrope Everything turned out okay, though]].
* This happened to Music/MCHammer when he tried to get a tougher image. The {{irony}}: earlier in Hammer's career (before the mainstream success), he ''was'' a hardcore rapper. He later crossed over with a more dance-oriented sound, which was given note in the Music/IceCube diss track "True To The Game".
* Rapper Nelly arguably damaged his mainstream career by making the "Tip Drill" video. Before it came out, Nelly was being groomed to be like the next Creator/WillSmith (but with more street cred), as a rapper who had mass appeal and wasn't like the other hardcore gritty rappers in the mainstream. So now there's this huge backlash and Nelly's career seemed defined by that raunchy vid. It arguably sapped his career's momentum.
* Jo O'Meara, formerly of the squeaky-clean pop group Music/SClub7, got this in 2007 when she appeared on ''Celebrity Series/BigBrother'' and was accused of racism towards fellow contestant Shilpa Shetty. Also happened to her bandmates Bradley [=McIntosh=], Jon Lee and Paul Cattermole while they were still in the band, after they were cautioned for drug possession. Notably averted by Rachel Stevens, who has successfully moved onto her own pop career with a sexier image; and Hannah Spearritt, now better known for TV's ''Series/{{Primeval}}''.
* Music/JessicaSimpson started out as a Christian pop singer with a clean and innocent public persona -- she even [[SuppressedMammaries taped down her breasts]] for performances because her promoters felt that [[BuxomIsBetter her natural bustiness]] would hurt her good girl image. When she became a mainstream pop star, her record company convinced her to adopt a [[HotterAndSexier sexier image]]. Simpson then started wearing more revealing clothes in public, posed for magazines such as ''Maxim'', and played [[MsFanservice Daisy Duke]] in ''Series/TheDukesOfHazzard'' film. The change in image from "squeaky-clean gospel singer" to "mainstream sex symbol" did not sit well with some of her fans, and she was accused by many of being a bad role model.
* Music/TaylorSwift has openly stated she believes in this trope and that she has a responsibility to her younger fans. Here's [[http://tasteofcountry.com/taylor-swift-60-minutes-raising-next-generation/ a clip from her interview with ]] with ''Series/SixtyMinutes'' where she discusses it.
-->'''Swift''': It'd be really easy to say, "I'm 21 now. [[WesternAnimation/SouthPark I do what]] [[Series/{{Maury}} I want]]. You raise your kid." But that's not the truth of it. The truth of it is that every singer out there with songs on the radio is raising the next generation, so make your words count.
** In more recent times, though, Swift has garnered quite a bit of controversy (mostly among her own fans) for the ridiculous amount of short-term relationships she's had during the last few years. Many fans have branded her a slut -- somewhat curiously, given that a repeated claim of many of her ex-boyfriends is that she ''doesn't'' put out. ([[Music/OneDirection Harry Styles]] [[http://www.hollyscoop.com/taylor-swift/harry-styles-dumped-taylor-swift-for-being-a-prude went as far]] as to call her "an asexual prude.") Others ([[http://www.digitalspy.com/music/news/a292306/taylor-swift-has-basic-formula-for-songs.html such as]] Creator/ConanOBrien) have joked that the reason for her constant cycle of breakups is so she could have an endless stream of material to write sad songs about. On the more mainstream front, Swift managed to dodge the cleanliness bullet by sexying up her image so slowly that no one noticed it until it was done.
* Music/LinkinPark received some flak from MoralGuardians when they began using profanity on their album ''Minutes to Midnight''. Their first two albums, ''Hybrid Theory'' and ''Meteora'', were notably G-rated in comparison to the band's NuMetal peers.
* Subverted with Music/JustinBieber, whose 2013-14 period of weird tabloid antics had gotten him flak from the MoralGuardians and late night comedians alike. To wit: getting caught leaving a brothel in Rio De Janeiro; being filmed sleeping by a Brazilian prostitute he hired; constantly missing, canceling, or showing up hours late for shows and meet-and-greets with his young fans; getting caught spraying graffiti (graffiti showing his support of convicted felon and girlfriend-beater Music/ChrisBrown) in Colombia; abandoning his pet monkey in Germany; desecrating the Argentinian flag onstage (an offense punishable by imprisonment in Argentina); getting into a fight with a British paparazzo; smoking marijuana; reckless driving; public urination (while inexplicably shouting "FUCK BILL CLINTON"); writing that he hoped Anne Frank would have been a fan of his after visiting the Anne Frank House, and [[ArsonMurderAndJaywalking showing up in baggy overalls and a baseball cap to meet the Prime Minister of Canada]]. Add the fact that Bieber is coming of age and a [[Music/OneDirection new teen phenomenon]] from across the pond has already toppled him from his throne, and it sounds like his career should be deader than dead at this point. But he eventually shook this image off and experienced a CareerResurrection.
* Speaking of Music/OneDirection, MoralGuardians seem to be invoking this almost instantaneously over them following a newspaper's release of two of them smoking marijuana.
* Most KoreanPopMusic idol groups and {{idol singer}}s, at least at the start, are made to conform to the "innocent and celibate" ideal so as to act as role models and to go along with fan fantasies. That means a great outcry usually follows whenever an idol gets caught doing anything that breaks that ideal, from smoking to even just ''dating''. This is also why anyone who does a sexy or rebellious concept often gets much flack from both fans and the public. Some idols get to grow out of it without much criticism, others are expected to remain pure their whole careers (even when they are in their ''20s or near 30s'').
** A particular infamous example is female soloist Music/{{IU}} the [[GirlNextDoor "Nation's Little Sister"]] who received massive backlash after uploading (accidentally or not) and deleting a selca of her in pajamas along with a topless Music/SuperJunior's Eunhyuk at her house, implying not only they dated but that they had sex. She luckily managed to avert it later with her next album which was quite successful and won back most of the public's respect.
** The same holds true for JapanesePopMusic idols, even with its own infamous example! In 2013, Music/{{AKB48}} member Minami Minegishi was caught leaving the house of a member of Japanese Boy Band Music/{{EXILE}}. AKB fans[[note]]in Japan; western fans were either much more sympathetic towards her or didn't really care beyond "it's her fault for breaking the rules of the group"[[/note]] were ''pissed'', so much so that she shaved her head (a symbol of remorse in Japan) made a tearful apology video begging not to be kicked out of the group. She was instead demoted to the Kenkyusei (trainee) unit. The whole thing was fairly controversial, sparking some moral debates that [[RuleOfCautiousEditingJudgement we won't get into]]. These days, she's pretty much back to star status.

American politicians are under even more pressure to act as "role models" than actors or athletes. While most voters are willing to accept certain levels of corruption from politicians, it's only the stuff that actually comes to the forefront that ends up hurting them. Typically, the quickest way for a politician's career to be derailed is to be caught in a sex scandal, [[ConvictedByPublicOpinion guilty or not]].

* UsefulNotes/BillClinton, US President from 1993 to 2001, had a reputation as a womanizer (including a sexual harassment allegation) going back to his time as governor of Arkansas in TheEighties. This was used against him during his first term campaign, but not only did it fail to derail him, but it may have actually helped [[NoSuchThingAsBadPublicity bring more attention]] to him, as he was an unknown "dark horse" candidate. However, this reputation was a key issue that his detractors frequently used against him throughout his presidency, culminating in his second term being dominated by the reveal of his affair with White House intern Monica Lewinsky. This led to Clinton being impeached (only the second US President to have this happen to him) on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice, ultimately being acquitted.\\
However, [[SubvertedTrope it was largely only in the media that it was such an issue]]. Despite the scandal and impeachment leading to Clinton being the ButtMonkey of countless sex jokes and late-night comics, he still maintained a high approval rating from the public, with only his detractors considering the affair to be a huge deal. In the end, he left office with a record high end-of-term approval rating, with voters viewing him as a BunnyEarsLawyer who left behind a strong economy even in spite of his own personal issues.
* UsefulNotes/AlGore, Clinton's Vice President, suffered on account of his belief in this trope. Despite the fact that Clinton still was popular during the Lewinsky scandal, Gore made the foolish move of distancing himself from Clinton on account of the scandal when Gore ran for president in 2000 and wouldn't let Clinton campaign for him. This cost him voters who liked Clinton and failed to win him the ones who didn't like Clinton. This is considered a key factor in Gore losing what political experts think should have been one of the easiest presidential wins ever.
* UsefulNotes/BarackObama might not have been elected US President in 2008 without this trope, as he might not have been elected to the US Senate in 2004. Obama's opponent for the seat, Republican Jack Ryan (no, not [[Literature/JackRyan that one]]) was ahead of him in the polls until a sex scandal involving his ex-wife, actress Jeri Ryan ([[Series/StarTrekVoyager yes, that one!]]), went public after their previously sealed divorce records were opened. Unlike usual political sex scandals, it wasn't an extramarital affair or an illegitimate child, but one that strictly applies this trope. Ryan had taken his wife to a bondage club several years prior and asked her to perform sex acts with him out in the open. Despite Ryan's denial and Obama asking the Democrats not to inject the issue into the campaign, the backlash forced Ryan to drop out of the race. His replacement, the fringe perennial candidate Alan Keyes, would go on to lose to Obama in [[LandslideElection a landslide so big]] that it gave birth to the term [[http://kfmonkey.blogspot.com/2005/10/lunch-discussions-145-crazification.html "crazification factor"]][[note]]Roughly speaking, it describes the portion of the electorate -- roughly 27% of the population on either side of the political divide -- who will ''always'' vote for their preferred party, no matter how crazy, vile, or repugnant their party's candidate is.[[/note]].
* US Congressman Anthony [[PunnyName Weiner]], Democrat for New York, from 1999 to 2011, had his political career shot down after he posted a link to a sexually suggestive photo of himself on his Website/{{Twitter}} account. He first denied that he had posted it but later admitted that he had and that he had exchanged sexual pics and messages with at least six other women. Weiner initially [[TheDeterminator refused to resign despite enormous pressure]] from his fellow Democrats and President UsefulNotes/BarackObama, only relenting after a sexually explicit photo was leaked. And then, a similar but different scenario (sexting women other than his wife) shot down his bid for New York City mayor, and his own attitude towards it has pretty much put an end to his political career (and, perhaps, his marriage). And then [[UnfortunateNames Weiner]] found himself caught in ''[[EpicFail another]]'' sexting scandal. [[CrossesTheLineTwice Three more times.]]
* US Senator [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Larry_Craig Larry Craig]], Republican for Idaho, from 1991 to 2009, had a reputation as an arch-conservative, speaking out against Bill Clinton during the Lewinsky scandal (see above) and staunchly opposing gay rights. This made his 2007 arrest for lewd conduct in an airport restroom (he later plead guilty to the lesser charge of disorderly conduct) even more ironic; matters were only made worse by his attempted denial, which made the term "wide stance" a MemeticMutation. The ensuing scandal forced him to choose not to run for a fourth Senate term in 2008.
* A case similar to Craig's happened to Representative Trey Radel, Republican from Florida, who in 2013 was [[http://gawker.com/coke-busted-gop-congressman-just-voted-to-drug-test-foo-1468175133 arrested]] for trying to purchase cocaine [[{{Hypocrite}} not long after]] backing a plan to make passing a drug test a requirement for receiving food stamps.
* During the 2007 Australian federal election, it was revealed that Labor candidate Kevin Rudd [[http://www.smh.com.au/news/national/rudds-strip-club-visit/2007/08/19/1187462058476.html had once visited a New York strip club while representing Australia at the United Nations]]. [[AvertedTrope He ended up becoming Prime Minister anyway]]. Given that he was generally seen as a buttoned-up and un-charismatic bureaucrat before the 'drunk with strippers' story got out, it may have actually helped him in the polls.

[[folder: Professional Wrestlers]]
* The face of WWE Wrestling/JohnCena has stated in the past that this is pretty much the sole reason that it would be difficult for him to become a villain. He enjoys the charity work that he does, and it would be difficult for him and the WWE to give it up without a replacement handy. This trope was also the reason there was such a scandal over him getting divorced from his wife. Because Super Cena isn't suppose to have marriage problems like a normal guy.
* Wrestling/{{Cameron}} frets over this on an episode of the reality show ''Series/TotalDivas''. She considered getting a boob job, being [[ACupAngst unhappy with her current size]]. She ultimately decided against the surgery because she was afraid it would send a bad message to younger fans.
* Wrestling/MollyHolly speaks against this trope in her shoot interview. As she was a Christian in real life, many dirtsheets 'reported' that she left WWE because they wanted her to "play the T&A card" - and apparently disliked the Fanservice heavy [[Wrestling/WWEDivaSearch Diva Search contests]]. Molly said she wasn't bothered by T&A, describing it as "a part of show business". Fans also seem to forget that she still participated in plenty of bikini shoots during her time in the company.
* Wrestling/{{Lita}} similarly may have had this trope in mind. She said one of the reasons she refused to pose for ''Playboy'' was because she had so many young girls as fans. Indeed many of the next generation of WWE Divas cite Lita as their idol when they were younger and she reportedly would receive so many presents from fans at events that she wouldn't be able to take all them with her -- so she may have had a point. Of course she still had no problem with going out on TV with her thong showing and removing her top during matches so it's likely she wasn't that concerned with purity per se. When she turned heel on TV and became HotterAndSexier (including a live sex celebration on ''Raw'') the majority of fans [[XPacHeat hated her guts in real life]] so it wouldn't have mattered what she did.
* Wrestling/TerriRunnels also turned down an offer to pose for ''Playboy'' because she didn't want to harm her daughter's reputation.
* In late 2010 WWE signed 7 ft wrestler Isis The Amazon and advertised her for NXT Season 3. When it was found that she had erotic fetish photos online, she was removed from the competition and later released[[note]]Though her release was more likely due to her bitching about this openly to any interviewer who asked[[/note]]. Ironically her replacement {{Wrestling/Kaitlyn}} also had erotic photos online and never faced any backlash from it.
* WWE seem to flip-flop on the issue of racy photos. Some Divas such as Wrestling/MickieJames and Wrestling/CandiceMichelle did softcore porn in the past but it never affected their standing on TV. Mickie especially was pushed as a TokenWholesome during the PG Era (though her character did begin as a PsychoLesbian). Likewise Wrestling/GailKim was rehired during the PG Era, despite having done topless photos for a Korean cell phone company. Wrestling/EvaMarie also worries about it on an episode of ''Series/TotalDivas'' when racy pictures are found from her past. Some nude selfies of both Wrestling/{{Paige}} and Wrestling/DanaBrooke have been discovered online, but neither woman has suffered any known consequences for them. [[Wrestling/RusevAndLana Lana]] did some nude scenes and photoshoots from her modelling and acting days, but no one at WWE seems to have cared.
* Serena Deeb was abruptly released from WWE while in the middle of a red-hot storyline. The reason was because the company was annoyed at her being seen drinking and getting rowdy in public - when she was supposed to be playing a Straight Edge character on TV.
* In their 2012 shoot interview the Wrestling/BellaTwins talked about how scared they were of breaking PG when they first debuted. As Nikki put it, "we were like the G-girls" and said they didn't want to alienate their kid fanbase. Nikki accidentally broke PG when she did some sexy gestures coming out with Miz and [[Wrestling/JohnMorrison Morrison]] (forgetting their entrance was in slow motion) - and was reprimanded by Stephanie. The twins eventually avoided this and became HotterAndSexier after their FaceHeelTurn. Nikki Bella also got breast implants, though it was after they had left WWE.
* WWE Diva Wrestling/AshleyMassaro caused a bit of a scandal in mid-2008 when she was linked with a high quality escort service. Although she was released that year, she still appeared on TV twice after the story broke - and claimed that she had asked for her release to care for her sick daughter. Also the OneSteveLimit may have come into play - as reports surfaced that it could have been a second Ashley Massaro, a Las Vegas based bikini model.
* WWE's policy actually doesn't mind a Diva having done racy pictures in the past - as long as said Diva discloses them to the company. However the company frowns upon women using Amazon Wish Lists[[note]]A list of bookmarked products that the user wishes to buy; it's often used by female entertainers to get fans to buy them presents[[/note]] and grooming of male fans. It's said to be up there with public drunken behaviour and drug use.
* It was widely speculated before being flat out stated by Wrestling/TripleH himself that the main reason why Wrestling/{{Chyna}} isn't in the Hall of Fame or was asked to do one-off appearances was because of her porn career, rather than her frosty relationship with the [=McMahons=] (especially with Stephanie, Hunter's wife). In fact, many HOF inductees don't have the best relationship with them (i.e. Wrestling/BrunoSammartino), but Chyna was such a train wreck that not even Vince, who is always willing to put aside a grudge for the sake of entertainment, would let her anywhere near the WWE in any capacity. [[DeadArtistsAreBetter Now that she has passed away, WWE seems open to letting her into the Hall of Fame now.]]
* Wrestling/KellyKelly may have invoked this in order to get released by the company. She wanted to take a hiatus from wrestling, but the company would not release her. She took part in a rather racy photoshoot for a calendar and put some of the photos up on her website. The office ordered her to take them down (as WWE is PG) but she refused - and they finally released her.
* Wrestling/TrishStratus did some rather risque photos in her fitness modelling days but toned her shoots down as her wrestling career took off. Likewise her outfits became a little more modest and she repeatedly refused to pose for Playboy. She's said this is because she wanted to be remembered for her wrestling, rather than being BestKnownForTheFanservice. She's also said that she can be sexy with her clothes on.
* Wrestling/StacyKeibler likewise says that she will never pose nude because she wants to "leave some things to the imagination."
* WWE implemented a policy around 2006-2007 stating that no talent under the age of 21 was allowed to be called up to the main roster. This was primarily in response to the antics of both Wrestling/KellyKelly and Kenny Dykstra (19 and 20, respectively), both of whom were avid partyers at the time. While this was before the transition to PG, it nonetheless did no favors for the company's image or their characters on TV. Thus, the policy was to ensure that the talent on the road had the general maturity to rein it in and keep these things in mind.
** About a decade later, WWE amended the policy, stating that no talent under the age of 21 was allowed to be ''signed''. No official reasoning was given for the change, but it's speculated that this was in response to several older call-ups who were signed young that displayed immature behavior on the road (such as Wrestling/{{Paige}} and Wrestling/BoDallas). Any talent that was already signed that technically broke the rule was grandfathered.
* Wresting/SethRollins was caught in a scandal in early 2015 in which nude photos of both himself and NXT developmental Diva Zahra Schreiber, whom was having an affair with Rollins at the time, were leaked online by Rollins' then fiancée, Leighla Schultz. Neither Rollins nor Schreiber were punished for the incident (Rollins even became WWE World Heavyweight Champion shortly after) because it was ultimately a personal matter and they weren't responsible for the photos leaking, though Schreiber was fired a few months later after fans discovered [[NoSwastikas Nazi]] related images on her Instagram account.
* One of the reasons why Wrestling/HulkHogan is considered to be a DarthWiki/FallenCreator in recent years. The AllAmericanFace of the WWF since the mid-1980s who told children to train hard, eat their vitamins, say their prayers and believe in themselves was revealed to have taken steroids for at least 15 years during the steroid scandal in the early 1990s, and was said to have been a PrimaDonna who buried other talents that he felt were a threat to his top spot. Then two decades later, he was caught using the N-word multiple times during a sex tape with another man's wife. His WWE Legends contract was terminated and Hogan himself was [[{{Unperson}} unpersoned]] in the process.
* Wrestling/RomanReigns was all but anointed to succeed to Wrestling/JohnCena as face of the company, much to the despair of the fans. And then he violated the Wellness Policy and got suspended. Obviously, the face of the company cannot have that kind of black mark on his record. He ate three cleans in the space of a month and suffered numerous humiliations -- Rollins took numerous shots at him during his suspension while building to the Shield Triple Threat on RAW, his cousins the Usos lifted Wrestling/DeanAmbrose, one of the men who pinned him clean, on their shoulders during Dean's celebration for his win, and Wrestling/StephanieMcMahon verbally eviscerated him live in front of the entire RAW roster for losing the title to [=SmackDown=]. It's fairly obvious the company is beginning to de-push him in favor of others, and that Reigns' chances of officially succeeding Cena have gone down immensely. For what it's worth, as of Late 2017, Reigns is well on his way to reclaiming his previous spot.
* Averted with {{Wrestling/Asuka}}. While she has never gone as far to pose nude, she was a well-known MsFanservice in her pre-WWE days, being a Gravure model, releasing a few DVDS and ''more than a few'' pictures, portraying a PsychoLesbian, kissing her fellow female wrestlers, allowing male wrestlers to grope her and even once added a stipulation to a match against Lin Bairon that the loser would have to [[ShamefulStrip remove her top and bare their breasts to the audience]][[note]]She won but only only got as far as pulling down Lin's bra-strap before she managed to run off[[/note]]. None of this has stopped her becoming arguably the most dominant female wrestler in WWE history.

* The same stigma exists against school teachers; one of the first things that Education programs drill into you is never to be seen doing things that your students aren't old enough to do (with the possible exception of driving a car), for fear that it may affect your credibility as an authority figure. This doesn't mean teachers ''don't'' cut loose of course; they're just mindful of where they go and what they post on Website/{{Facebook}}.
** There was a story about a teacher who was fired for having pictures of her drinking wine on Facebook. Another, more saddening story was about a woman where either her insurance or disability payments were cut off because she had depression, but had pictures posted of her having fun on Facebook [[note]]Depression patients are not depressed ''all the time'', but tend to cycle in and out of the depressive state periodically. And even those who are actively depressed can still ''fake'' it.[[/note]].
** Something similar happened to a Florida teacher who was arrested for drinking with her husband in a bar where sexual shenanigans were going on in the back. The police dropped the charges. The school board didn't.
** A bill in the [[http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2012/02/13/423412/arizona-bill-would-likely-prohibit-teachers-and-professors-from-teaching-any-book-with-profanity/ Arizona state legislature]], introduced in early 2012, would make it illegal for teachers to "engage in speech or conduct that would violate the standards adopted by the Federal Communications Commission concerning obscenity, indecency and profanity if that speech or conduct were broadcast on television or radio." In essence, if passed, every teacher in Arizona would have ''literal'' ContractualPurity. Thankfully, the bill did not pass, as it would ban the teaching of every novel that contained sexual situations or the word "fuck" (so all YA) and it would ban the teachers from being nude or having sex in the privacy of their own houses.
** In Britain at one time quite a few schools reached a tacit agreement with their older students whereby one designated pub was out of bounds to students and another was out of bounds to teachers. The legal drinking age in Britain is 18 so many older students could do so within the law, but it was also tacitly acknowledged that quite a bit of under-age drinking amongst their classmates was going to go on.
** A literal trope for many teachers at Protestant Christian schools. Many of them have to sign [[InsistentTerminology "covenants"]] forbidding them from drinking and having sex out of wedlock. Many of them will also enforce this for ''students'' as well. This means that they can get in trouble for stuff they do off-campus.
* A second grade teacher who took a sick day, appeared on Howard Stern's show in a bikini, and returned to find herself out of a job due to violating a school morality code. [[http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/years/2008/0627081jarry1.html She ended up suing the school district.]]
* Then there was the much-publicized case of a school-teacher being found to have previously [[OldShame starred in porn]], with two camps cropping up - those that believed her history shouldn't be factored in as long as she was done with it, and those that believed it sapped all credibility and respect from her. Seeing as she's been fired twice since being found out the first time, [[DownerEnding it's fairly obvious which side won out]].

* Creator/WaltDisney actually kept himself under this, being quite a chain smoker, to the point where he eventually succumbed to lung cancer, but he made a point of making sure never to be seen smoking in public, as he wanted project a wholesome personal image.
* Random House has been [[https://www.theguardian.com/books/booksblog/2008/aug/01/childrenswritersdontmisbeha trying]] to enforce this for children's ''authors''.
* Needless to say, most ministers of religion are subject to some very restrictive morality contracts. With Catholic priests and nuns being held to a vow of celibacy. Ministers and Priests of other Christian denominations generally are held to standards of chastity (i.e. no sex before marriage and only having sex with your spouse).
* Several of the presenters of UK children's magazine show ''Series/BluePeter'' have fallen afoul of this, with BIG NEWS in the tabloids that some presenters have been caught on camera smoking (shock!) or drinking (horror!).
** And Janet Ellis, who was ''allegedly'' sacked for being single and pregnant.
** On the other hand, Richard Bacon being [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blrj2JpuWMs sacked]] after being caught taking cocaine was pretty reasonable.
** And Peter Duncan was fired for having appeared in a soft porn film. Though in this case, the adult film role in question was one that he did ''before'' joining ''Blue Peter''; he was fired for not having revealed it to the BBC during his application (although had he done so, he would probably never have been made a presenter in the first place).
*** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rbf16bBaTdg Hilariously]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TtF5L9bKfO8 parodied]] [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIkxhzejQfQ by]] ''Series/TheArmstrongAndMillerShow''.
** He was brought back for a second stint about a year later, though. His replacement in the meantime was Michael Sundin, whose brevity on the show was ''not'' due to having appeared in a gay porn film (he wasn't actually in any of the sex scenes). He wasn't offered a new contract for the simple reason that he wasn't very good at the job.
* This even happens with ''buildings.'' Several years ago one blogger posted pictures he'd taken of the house from ''Film/AChristmasStory'' and complained about how the owners had made several exterior renovations to the house. The house was auctioned off on eBay in 2004, and the new owners restored the house to the way it looked in the movie and [[http://www.Film/AChristmasStoryhouse.com/ turned it into a museum]].
* This is subject to ValuesDissonance. Take Argentina, where they have former nude models or actresses hosting children shows, like [[http://www.yosoypanam.net/ Laura Franco (AKA Panam)]], and they don't mind. It helps attracting more viewers, like the fathers that watch the show with their children for the ParentService.
* Lest you think this is purely an [[{{Eagleland}} American]] trope, try following any TeenIdol in Japan (even those [[NotAllowedToGrowUp grown into their twenties]]!) and you'll see this in spades. If a girl kisses, goes on a date, or heaven forbid, admits to having sex, [[YokoOhNo she is torn apart by]] [[FanDumb rabid fans]] who are apparently so lonely and hopeless, they can only imagine younger girls as a [[{{Moe}} pristine virginal fantasy]] and the companies also enforces rules forbidding romantic relationships whatsoever. Anything that shatters that illusion brings on their vicious ire. Just ask Creator/AyaHirano, who got into a bit of trouble just because she was wearing a ring in a picture. Or worse, Minami Minegishi of Music/{{AKB48}}, who was demoted to trainee and ''[[TraumaticHaircut shaved her head]]'' after she broke her band's "no dating" rule (having been found out dating by the scandal-hungry weekly magazines/tabloids, which helps enforce the management's rules). (The demotion was the band's idea, but the head-shaving was Minegishi's.) Yeah, you think America's MoralGuardians are bad, they're still [[YearsTooEarly way behind]] hardcore Japanese {{Otaku}}.
** Of course, this only applies to more "traditional" idols like Kashiwagi Yuki and Mayuyu Watanabe. Sashihara Rino was also caught in a similar incident as Minami but despite suffering from a demotion by being put into the smaller NMB48 and later to HKT48, she managed to spin it to her favor and proceeded to become the most popular of the NMB48 elections after the scandal and secure second place in the 6th Senbatsu General elections.
** An even more extreme example is that when voice actresses were once gravure or porn actresses. The best they could receive is to have no or little future roles. On worst, it would be ''outright ban'' from the voice acting industry, like former voice actress Eriko Ishihara (who played Atsuko in ''Anime/DiamondDaydreams''); she was banned from the voice acting industry in 2004 when news broke that she also was an AV idol while doing voice acting.
*** Although probably there are some aversions or subversions on this, such as Creator/ChiakiTakahashi. All that was known in her career before hitting big as [[VideoGame/TheIdolmaster Azusa Miura]] is that she's a rather daring gravure idol, appearing nearly nude in many pictures of her, this is despite that Azusa is actually a character who, being an idol, adheres to the trope, and while a bit of TheDitz, is a little shy about her figure and would rather be caught dead than doing anything [[FanNickname Chiaking]] does in real life. While she's not exactly a top billed seiyuu, she still managed to get quite a bit of roles in anime, video game or foreign dubbing at times, although usually [[PigeonholedVoiceActor pigeon holed]] into MsFanservice characters or shows that have ecchi elements.
** Heck, Japanese fans do this to fictional characters too. Probably the most infamous example is ''Manga/{{Kannagi}}'', where one chapter of the manga hinted that Nagi had a boyfriend once (not that she had sex, just that she was romantic with a guy). Cue angry fans decrying the series and the author, saying "I don't want a second-hand wife", and the author subsequently ending the series for health reasons, which most people believe is the stress she suffered from dealing with said fans. Making it even more bizarre is the fact that Nagi is ''[[ReallySevenHundredYearsOld hundreds of years old]]'', and her fans are ''still'' outraged that she might have dated a guy at some point during her centuries-long existence.
** Although LesYay and HoYay is an exception to the rule. A seiyuu or idol can almost admit they are homosexual or bisexual and no one bats an eye at them. Creator/HitomiNabatame and Creator/ShizukaIto may be this, though the latter recently admitted to having gotten married to someone outside of the entertainment industry.
* [[http://notalwaysright.com/tit-for-tattoo/2955 This]] from Website/NotAlwaysRight -- as usual, with extra delicious HypocriticalHumor on top.
* Self-parodied by Creator/RonHoward on both ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' and ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons''. He poked fun at his squeaky-clean image by drinking a beer during his opening ''SNL'' monologue and asking Homer to buy him vodka in a ''Simpsons'' episode.
** SNL flat-out parodied it [[http://snltranscripts.jt.org/82/82cfilm.phtml with a 1982 sketch]] where Ron is interviewed by Creator/EddieMurphy, who can't see past Ron's past as a child actor, and "just can't picture little [[Series/TheAndyGriffithShow Opie]] [[Series/HappyDays Cunningham]] doin' it."
* Lauren Conrad of ''Series/LagunaBeach'' and ''Series/TheHills''. Throughout the "Orange County" franchise, Lauren is characterized as a squeaky-clean aspiring designer who's caught in an innocent and chaste LoveTriangle between Jason Wahler (the "bad boy" on the show) and Stephen Colletti (who is the "saint" of the series). In actuality, though, Lauren caught a serious amount of flack from viewers and the media during the third season of ''The Hills'' when it was alleged that she made a sex tape with Jason. This happened despite the fact that she was a mid-20's woman at that point, who had grown out of her teenage years. The negative press that spiraled out of this revelation (and the interest by the paparazzi) may have been part of the reason why she eventually left the show.
* Creator/JimHenson received flak at one point for... dating. Just dating. He was as baffled as you probably are right now, and it got dropped fast.
** If it was after he became famous for Franchise/TheMuppets and ''Series/SesameStreet'', the flak was probably because he was, you know, married. He and his wife separated for a time, but never divorced. So the MoralGuardians may have had a point there. Where he really was frustrated was when he got flak for doing Muppet productions that were not necessarily family-friendly, as, ''Sesame Street'' aside, he had created the characters to produce ''adult'' shows. The first episode of ''Series/TheMuppetShow'' is actually titled "Sex and Violence" (though it doesn't really have much of either.)
* It's not at all unusual to hear about professionals like teachers and newscasters getting fired after posting a sex ad on Craigslist. This becomes FridgeLogic and {{hypocrisy}} when you realize that the original accuser would have been ''browsing'' the sex ads on Craigslist in order to see it in the first place, barring the occasional case of a Craiglist browser specifically pointing out the ad to MoralGuardians [[ItAmusedMe for shits and giggles,]] not caring that they're ruining someone's career in the process.
* Often a problem seen on the resumes of female {{seiyuu}}, expect to see a lot of fake names for female seiyuu in HGame works and some like Creator/YuuAsakawa erased her records of working in hentai when she married. Male Seiyuus however are unbashedly allowed to admit they do Hentai, let it be regular hentai or BoysLove. But God forbid a popular male seiyuu get married and have children, as poor Creator/MamoruMiyano found out.
** There is now an otaku movement to create a law barring female seiyuu from dating or marrying, even demanding that they be virgins. Yes, really.
* Back in the '20s and '30s, the Ford Motor Company enforced this for ''factory workers''. Ford had an army of {{private detective}}s to spy on employees and ensure that they were living morally clean, upstanding, good Christian lives, free of such sins as adultery, alcoholism and atheism, under the belief that moral workers were more productive workers. (This is the same reason why big business generally rallied in support of alcohol prohibition at the time.) Failure to follow the Ford morality clause could get workers fired.
** This issue was one of the (many) problems that ultimately derailed Fordlândia, Ford's attempt to build a rubber plantation in the Amazon in order to reduce the company's dependence on rubber from British Malaya. The lifestyle that the company tried to enforce -- no women, no alcohol, no tobacco, and American food in the cafeterias -- was so alien to the Brazilian workforce that a settlement called the "Island of Innocence", filled with bars, nightclubs, and brothels, developed just five miles up the river to serve the increasingly frustrated workers (who rioted in 1930).
* Vanessa L. Williams was crowned Miss America in 1983. 10 months after winning the crown several nude photos of her (which had been taken before she became Miss America) were sold to Penthouse magazine, who then published them. The resulting scandal was huge and Williams herself became the target of death threats and hate mail. Eventually she was convinced to resign as Miss America and title instead went to the runner-up. This was averted in the long run, however. As a singer and actress, she has had the most successful post-pageant career of any Miss America in the pageant's entire history, and is generally the only one most people can name offhand.
* Averted on ''Series/RuPaulsDragRace''. More than one contestant has done porn in the past (with one such contestant going on to win), and [=RuPaul=] has never commented when these revelations are made, implying that he doesn't care and that it doesn't affect his decisions. Granted, GLBT media tends to be ''much'' more forgiving in this area than the mainstream.
* A non-adult version with Creator/SoichiroHoshi and Creator/ToruFuruya: when Tōru was chosen to voice Ribbons Almark in ''Anime/MobileSuitGundam00'', he decided to go by an alias. Soichiro Hoshi also had an alias when he voiced a MonsterOfTheWeek in ''Series/SamuraiSentaiShinkenger''.
* Bob Jones University in Greenville, South Carolina is one of several Christian colleges known for having overly complex rules for its students and teachers, based on its interpretation of the Bible. Students are forbidden from listening to rock music, forbidden from having unmarried sex, forbidden from watching virtually any form of non-Christian entertainment (except for PG movies with a chaperone), and female students are required to have chaperones when leaving campus. Students have actually been expelled for criticizing the university, which has also received criticism from Christians and non-Christians alike. Similarly, Brigham Young University requires students and faculty to conform to a Mormon-influenced "Honor Code", including no drinking alcohol or caffeinated beverages, no beards for men, and a vow of chastity (which actually skirts the issue of homosexuality by making ''any'' sexual conduct a possible expulsion offense).
* A really disgusting example occurred in Scotland in 2009, when the ''Sunday Express'' newspaper printed a [[http://wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunday_Express_Dunblane_controversy front page attack piece]] on some survivors of the Dunblane school massacre, which had happened thirteen years before, for allegedly insulting the memory of their dead schoolmates by talking about [[FelonyMisdemeanor drinking, fighting and sex]] on social networking sites. It was suspected that the story was inspired purely by the fact that they had reached 18 and were no longer protected by Press Complaints Commission rules about intrusion into their private lives.
* [[http://sputniknews.com/art_living/20160620/1041628577/miss-britain-tv-sex.html?utm_source=farkexchange 2015 Miss Great Britain winner Zara Holland had her title revoked by the committee]] after she had sex with another contestant on the reality show ''Series/LoveIsland''. Pageant organizers stated "we cannot promote Zara as a positive role model moving forward… We wholly understand that everyone makes mistakes, but Zara, as an ambassador for Miss Great Britain, simply did not uphold the responsibility expected of the title." The InternetCounterattack for the SlutShaming was prompt and vicious.
* ''Creator/AyaHirano'' is a magnet for this expectation, yet she's made it clear that she has no intention of living up to it. She was dismissed from her agency when it came out that she'd been sleeping with three of her four bandmates, but she ''immediately'' [[TenMinuteRetirement got a new agency]] and kept her iconic roles. She's taken a fair amount of heat for it from [[{{Otaku}} certain fans]], but her career is strong enough that she can afford not to care.
* This concept is taken UpToEleven with military officers in most countries. Get caught doing scandalous things while still holding a commission and you can get CourtMartialed for "Conduct Unbecoming an OfficerAndAGentleman" - and can even earn you ''prison time''. A CUBO conviction is also considered grounds for '''moral turpitude''' which can lead to a complete revocation of all retirement benefits, so even retired officers must watch out [[note]] Retired personnel aren't considered as "out" like discharged personnel are - they are considered to still be listed on the rolls as "Retired Reserve" and therefore retain their commission and rank.[[/note]]
** There is a very good reason for this. Notwithstanding the moral implications of trusting your life to an officer who might be [[YourCheatingHeart sleeping with your partner behind your back]] or looking to pull a UriahGambit to [[DeathOfTheHypotenuse get you out of the way]], there are strategic consequences of such behavior. An officer who sleeps around willy nilly may either leak important military secrets, or become blackmail fodder.
* Women applying for police-officer positions in Indonesia, as well as teaching positions in Brazil, have been subjected to humiliating [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Virginity_test "virginity tests."]] ([[RealityIsUnrealistic Not that]] [[ConsummationCounterfeit those tests would have proven anything anyway.]]) Men applying for such positions were subjected to no such testing or inquiry about their sexual history/lack thereof. Needless to say, this has drawn much outrage, both in those countries and internationally.
* For many jobs in general, you're always told that you're the face of the company that you work for, even when you're not at work. Getting into trouble with the law, doing unsavory acts, or even going behind the company's back to bad mouth them on social media is a quick way of getting fired.

!!Fictional Examples:


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* ''Anime/PerfectBlue'' has an IdolSinger moving into more risque activities. [[LoonyFan Some]] [[StalkerWithACrush people]] [[AttemptedRape aren't]] [[AxCrazy happy]].
* ''Anime/{{Macross}}'':
** ''Anime/MacrossDoYouRememberLove'': Hikaru is chastized by his superior officer, Misa Hayase, for having been found kissing IdolSinger Lynn Minmay, never mind it was ''her'' idea, because the press had a field day with it, splashing the incident all over the tabloids. Later, after Hikaru "borrows" a training Valkyrie fighter to take Minmay on a joyride. Her manager/cousin claims that it would be the end of her career if the press got hold of it.
** In ''Anime/MacrossFrontier'', Ranka is suspended from her school after partaking in a "Miss Macross" contest... which is completely official and government-approved.
* An interesting case in ''Manga/PokemonSpecial''. White freaks at the idea of one member of her star Tepig couple evolving, thinking that they would no longer be as marketable if it happens. As such, she ''forces'' Tep to stop evolving by ''shaking'' him real hard.
* In the episode "Fallen Angel Rina" of the {{Hentai}} series ''Cool Devices'' Rina, a pink-haired IdolSinger is lauded for her GirlNextDoor image... and her manager basically starts pimping her until she reaches the point where [[spoiler: she masturbates on stage with the microphone at a concert.]]
* In ''Manga/AKB49RenaiKinshiJourei'', members of the [[IdolSinger idol group]] [=AKB48=] are forbidden from entering into any love relationships. This particular rule is even directly referenced by the sub-title.
* One story in ''Manga/BlackJack'' centers around a fifteen-year-old idol who is going through an ectopic pregnancy. Because she was marketed on the appeal of being a wholesome girl, her manager is desperate that this all be kept under wraps. [[spoiler:The story gets out anyway, and Black Jack is disgusted that the manager is more upset that the idol has lost her appeal, rather than being glad that she survived.]]
* ''Manga/IdolNoAkahon'' has the titular group of idols get told that they shouldn't date (or be caught in anything resembling anything remotely scandalous) by the CEO of their talent agency to avoid alienating their fanbase.
* ''{{Manga/Bakuman}}'' starts with then-middle-schoolers Mashiro "Saiko" Moritaka and Miho Azuki promising to marry each other when she becomes a seiyuu and he a mangaka (as part of the duo Ashirogi Muto), and she voices the female MC of their manga's anime. Since then, they've had as squeaky-clean a relationship as you can think of, never even kissing, and having a long-distance relationship in which they barely saw each other. Still, when the public got hold of their relationship, both Azuki and the Ashirogi Muto caught a lot of flak.
* This is part of the reason why Fuuta and [[IdolSinger Kirari]] have to keep their marriage a secret in ''Manga/LoveLucky'', and also why Fuuta is hesitant to consummate their marriage, since it would destroy her pure image.
* The implication of this plays a big role in Manga/Heroine Voice. Suzu Ayase was a popular IdolSinger who got egged on by websites that accused her in dating an anime producer and going home with a fan of her work. Though these charges aren't real, they did play a part in her quitting idol work and relocating to a different voice acting agency. For that matter, being only ''seventeen years old'' meant she had no idea how to handle any of it.

* In ''ComicStrip/PearlsBeforeSwine'', Pastis' licensable character Bippy lost his licensable status when Rat got him drunk.

* A large amount of ''Film/DeathToSmoochy'' dealt with hosts of children shows living less-than-exemplary lives off-screen.
* In ''Film/ErnestSavesChristmas'', a famous children's show host wanted to break out of the kid scene and have a more serious role, but backed out of it when his role required him to swear. It's played with in that the character (who's a send-up to Mr. Rogers) clearly doesn't ''want'' to make the switch and still prefers working with children but his career as an actor had taken a big hit and he felt this was the only way to start getting roles again.
* The ''Franchise/{{Scream}}'' series:
** In ''Film/{{Scream 3}}'', Angelina, the seemingly-sweet [[TheIngenue ingenue]] actress playing Sidney in the [[ShowWithinAShow Film Within a Film]] ''Stab 3'' (loosely based on the events of the past films), turns out to be a prima donna who exploited the CastingCouch in order to get the part. [[spoiler:Unsurprisingly for a series that runs on mocking the cliches of {{slasher movie}}s, DeathBySex kicks in almost immediately after this is revealed. In the original version of the script, meanwhile, she was supposed to have been one of the killers.]]
** The ending of ''Film/{{Scream 4}}'', meanwhile, has [[spoiler:Jill positioning herself as a mediagenic, wholesome FinalGirl who the news media will fall in love with... except that she actually orchestrated the entire killing spree for [[AttentionWhore expressly this purpose]].]]

* In the novel ''Second Coming Attractions'' by David Prill, Ricky Bible is an actor who becomes famous for portraying ''Jesus''. Needless to say, he's ambivalent about telling anyone that he and his (unmarried) girlfriend are expecting a child.
* Spoofed in Creator/BenElton's ''High Society''. A drug-addled rock star who became famous through a reality TV show lifts the lid on one of his fellow contestants, who tried to win over the public with a sweet and squeaky-clean image but was secretly a coke-snorting porn queen.
* There's a short story in which a jaded ex-child-star's pregnancy must be accounted for without destroying her ContractualPurity, so her studio arranges a hasty marriage to an actor whose manly public image also needs shoring up. (The groom is secretly into gay child porn, though he's never acted on his urges.) For added publicity, they're cast in a live-broadcast production of a play about the search for a unicorn. At the climax of the show, right when the surgically-crafted goat "unicorn" is supposed to walk up to the actress in a TastesLikeDiabetes finale, the animal suddenly forgets its training, goes into a trance, and -- live on global television -- lays its head in the mother-to-be's ''[[VirginPower husband's]]'' lap.
* In W.E.B Griffin's ''Men At War'' series, there is Monica Carlisle, an actress who specializes in playing sweet young ingenues and mother of major character Eric Fulton. The studio that employs her goes to considerable effort to make her public think she really is like that, including things like covering up the fact that she has a son in his twenties (Who is only legitimate because she quietly married the father ''after'' she got pregnant to maintain her public image, and divorced him a year later), who would have been born when she was seven if one believes the birth date listed in her studio-produced biography. She's also ThePrimaDonna, who is despised by many of the lesser studio people who have to interact with her on a regular basis.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'': Invoked in-universe, where unmarried women are expected to be chaste and refined. This is referenced most concerning Margaery Tyrell, who is "officially" a virgin and behaves like a PrincessClassic in public but more like TheVamp in private.
* Dealt with in an episode of ''Series/{{Shark}}'', in which such an actress had been murdered.
* An episode of ''Series/DiagnosisMurder'' had the murder victim (the Executive Head of a [[Creator/{{ION}} PAX]]-style Christian TV network) given a fatal heart attack by video clips sliced into a show she's reviewing that had images of a lookalike practicing Satanism (which she did in college), something that would ruin anyone's career, let alone hers.
* ''Series/{{Entourage}}'':
** After making the ''Comicbook/{{Aquaman}}'' movie, Vincent is "branded" by the studio as being family franchise only -- which means that, until he completes all three movies in his ''Comicbook/{{Aquaman}}'' contract, the studio is unwilling to let him make his dream film ''Medellin'' (about drug lord Pablo Escobar) for fear of hurting the franchise. Of course, since admitting this to Vincent would naturally make him quite angry, the studio tries to deflect the issue by setting up a series of seemingly [[SnipeHunt impossible conditions]] before they'll let him make the movie. Which backfires even worse, because while Vincent may have accepted the problem if they had told him about it outright, the fact that they lied to him and sent him on a wild goose chase causes him to make an unreasonable demand of his own -- thirty millions dollars or he's not putting on the tights again.
** There is another story arc where Vince becomes romantically involved with actress/singer Mandy Moore when the two of them are cast in the ''Aquaman'' film together. When Mandy's handlers find out about the relationship, they attempt to force an end to it because they fear that Mandy's squeaky-clean, good girl image will be damaged if the public learns that she's involved with Vincent Chase, who has a reputation as a womanizing party animal.
* An entire episode of ''Series/{{Monk}}'', "Mr. Monk's Favorite Show", revolves around this concept.
* Parodied in one episode of ''Series/ChappellesShow''. One episode has a sketch in which comedian Paul Mooney plays "Negrodamus", a [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin black prophet]], who is asked why "White people love Wayne Brady so much." Negrodamus replies it is because "he makes Bryant Gumbel look like UsefulNotes/MalcolmX". A later episode has a sketch where Dave reminisces about spending time with Wayne, in which Wayne reveals himself to be so vile that Dave is ''afraid'' to hang out with him again. He's a pimp, murderer, and in one instance, actually says a line that he felt ''uncomfortable saying for comedy'', "[[CrowningMomentOfFunny Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch?]]"
* An interesting example happened in the 12th season of the Spanish series ''Series/CuentameComoPaso''. Back in the first season, six-year-old Ricardo Gomez was cast as 8-year-old Carlitos, and since the series has been on air for over 10 years, the now 16-year-old actor is playing an 18-year-old character who had to become sexually active as it was necessary for the series to reflect the Spanish "destape" age. A few people in Spain thought it scandalous when Carlitos and his girlfriend had sex. The scene was filmed overhead, so the nudity was minimal, but some people admitted to being uncomfortable watching the children they had seen grow up on TV having sex. However, the controversy in Spain was still relatively small compared to what one can imagine would have been the MoralGuardians outrage if something like this had happened in the US.
* In the British drama, ''Drop Dead Gorgeous'', a high school student is employed by a modelling agency, only to cause uproar when scantily clad photos of her are plastered about town.
* Lampshaded on ''Series/OnceUponATime''. When Emma runs into Mary Margaret late at night and asks what she's doing, Mary Margaret replies a little annoyed, "I'm a teacher, not a nun. I was on a date."
* In ''Series/TheLAComplex'', Alan Thicke plays the creator and executive producer of a ''Series/SeventhHeaven''-type show one actress auditions for. He expects everyone involved in the production to live as the Bible teaches. (This may be a TakeThat to Thicke's ''Series/GrowingPains'' co-star and current evangelical poster-boy Creator/KirkCameron.)
** could also be TakeThat or ironic ActorAllusion to Thicke himself as he has a reputation as a Ladies' Man and is one of the first to joke that his work on Pageants is all about access to the contestants.
* In ''Series/ThirtyRock'', Jenna Maroney at one point contracts to be the spokeswoman for the wool trade group, which includes a morality clause because of wool's wholesome image. This poses something of a problem for Jenna, since she does have a habit of getting into shenanigans and freaky sex, but then, she reasons, she can always do that in private. Her problem is that her boyfriend Paul is a "gender-dysmorphic bigenitalian pansexualle" who, long story short, [[WholesomeCrossdresser dresses up as Jenna for a living]] (and [[YourCostumeNeedsWork beat her in a Jenna Maroney lookalike contest]]). HilarityEnsues when the president of the wool trade group and his wife come to dinner and Jenna and Paul are trying to act normal...
* In an episode of ''Series/TheDrewCareyShow'', Drew wins a functional [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Batmobile]] in a contest, and is forced to give it back once he has sex in it, violating the morals clause.
-->'''Lewis:''' Batman's car has a ''morals clause''? He kept a young boy in a cave!
* In a second season episode of ''Series/{{Elementary}}'', a man's latex-clad body is found by a dominatrix. As it turns out the man is not at all into S&M - he was an important executive and upon retirement or death, his company owed him over 100 million dollar. The man who first found him was one of his coworkers. He dressed the body in the latex costume and called the dominatrix in order to later invoke the morals clause of his contract and void the payout. [[spoiler:Ironically, the victim absolutely was violating the clause, just not because of any taste in S&M - [[AssholeVictim he was sexually abusing his own son, who killed him when it seemed like his tastes might wander to his younger brother.]]]]

* "Centerfold" by the J. Geils Band. The speaker fondly remembers a young [[InnocentBlueEyes blue-eyed]], [[SweaterGirl sweater-clad girl]] from school that he had a crush on way back when, and sees her again as an adult later...in a porn magazine. He is initially shocked as it clashed with her squeaky-clean image, but eventually, he not only accepts it, but [[MyGirlIsASlut embraces it.]]

* In Creator/AynRand's unproduced play ''Think Twice'', a stage actress known for playing noble, innocent, TooGoodForThisSinfulEarth characters is desperate to play in a "cheap, vulgar commercial" comedy the part of a conniving social climber who drinks, swears and sleeps around. She declares she's done enough saccharine simpering, her producer be damned.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Paz in ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolidPeaceWalker'' is something of a parody of this treatment towards Japanese pop idols. She has blond hair, is a {{Pollyanna}} and is voiced (in the Japanese version) by a Japanese pop star, who even contributes an ImageSong for her for the soundtrack. [[spoiler: But Paz herself is a BitchInSheepsClothing, who is a lot older than she says she is and hates her false identity more than anything else on Earth.]]
* Brought up in the SNK {{Dating Sim}}s ''Days of Memories'', if the girl you-as-the-player want to romance is the pop idol Athena Asamiya. She will often be worried by how her career will be "tainted" if she begins dating the MC, [[spoiler: which ''will'' happen in more than one game: in ''Boku no Ichiban Taisetsu na Kimi'' her manager threatens to resign if Athena's image is harmed, and in '' Boku to Kanojo to Koto no Koi'' a scandal breaks out when some pictures of her and the MC are leaked to the I-net.]]
** Also alluded to in ''VideoGame/TheKingOfFighters XIII'': if Athena wins against [[ChivalrousPervert Benimaru]] she'll say "As an idol, scandals are taboo, so I can't go on a date with you! ♪", and in Story Mode [[CuteBruiser Yuri]] will directly ask Athena if it's true that she can't "hang out with friends in public or date and stuff", which Athena will confirm.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* In ''Webcomic/MegaTokyo'', Erika reveals that she once had a pregnancy scare that could have ruined her IdolSinger career, and her boyfriend broke up with her so that it couldn't happen again and she would be safe. This only made her hate her job for destroying her relationship, disappear from the public eye and become the snarky BrokenBird we know and love. ''Then'' she discovered that boyfriend was a big fat liar.
* When [[Webcomic/FriendlyHostility Safari Sam]] was outed, ''all hell broke loose'', beginning the comic's endgame.
* The major characters of ''Webcomic/LoveMeNice'' all need to maintain squeaky clean public personas to protect the image of the popular childrens' show they work for, to the point where one of them getting a boob job is cause for a minor crisis because it might make her look too mature and sexual for the part she plays on the show.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Happens in ''WebOriginal/ThePokemonSquad''. After ''[=KaBlam!=]'' was cancelled, June (who was fourteen at the time) was so upset, that she started smoking and drinking. At her age of twenty-five in the fanfic series, she is a full-blown alcoholic, smokes constantly, and in the episode "The Future is Evil", she starts pole-dancing at nightclubs.
** As for Henry, he tries not to get himself into trouble. He just has the occasional drink at a party.
** Doug Funnie, on the other hand, subverts this. While he's still as sweet as sweet can be (and even moreso), he's also an alcoholic, due to various problems in his life (which usually have to do with Barney, Roger never leaving him alone, the stress of being owned by two companies, and his job at [=McDonald's=] which is dressing up as children's characters for birthday parties)
** The main six from ''Recess'' caused a scandalous incident when they went to a resturaunt and ordered alcoholic beverages (and they were able to get them because T.J. explained to the waiter at the resturaunt that they were nine in 1997 so they were born in 1988 and could legally drink; however, those characters in the fanfic are under ComicBookTime and are still nine), and a little kid found them, noticed that they're the ones he saw on Creator/DisneyXD, and told his mom as they watched them drunkly sing the Texas song.
* Subverted in an WebComic/{{xkcd}} strip with a video of [[Series/MisterRogersNeighbourhood Mister Rogers]] fighting his wife. Despite the buildup, it's actually just him talking to her about how much he loves her in spite of their differences of opinion.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' deconstructed this ''brutally'' with "Britney's New Look", painting this as a deliberate invocation in the style of ''Literature/TheLottery'', where young starlets going into adulthood were routinely sacrificed to guarantee a good harvest. After they were done with Britney, they then turned to Music/MileyCyrus saying "Next year will be a ''good'' harvest."
** This trope was also used in a later episode, "Taming Strange", where Foofa from ''Series/YoGabbaGabba'' decides to adopt a more adult-oriented image. Her castmates and Sinead O'Connor try to talk her out of it, but they are unsuccessful, and Foofa gives a raunchy performance.
* ''WesternAnimation/BojackHorseman'' gives us Sarah Lynn, former child star of the titular character's old sitcom who, after getting some very bad advice from Bojack, spent the next twenty years from an adorable, catchphrase-spewing child to a sexed-up pop diva (and later tabloid-foddering train wreck) in an attempt to prove that she was an adult.