Contact is two things coming together or touching. Like your hand contacting the mouse, so that you can get to one of these pages that you probably meant to navigate to:

!!Media Pages
* ''{{Literature/Contact}}'' - A SpeculativeFiction novel by Creator/CarlSagan
* ''{{Film/Contact}}'' - A 1997 film based on the above novel
* ''Pinball/{{Contact}}'' - The first electro-mechanical {{pinball}} game, invented by Creator/HarryWilliams
* ''{{VideoGame/Contact}}'' - An EasternRPG on the UsefulNotes/NintendoDS
* ''Contact'' - A short film
* ''Contact'' - An animated short film
* ''Theatre/{{Contact}}'' the 2000 Tony award winning musical
* ''Literature/FirstContact'' - A 1945 Creator/MurrayLeinster novelette

* FirstContact - The very first contact between humans and aliens.