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This type of music video, rather than featuring the band performing the song, is presented as a visual narrative. These can be original stories, homages to a favorite TV show or movie, or anything else the performer or director comes up with. The video can also directly relate to the story of a ConceptAlbum.

{{Concept Video}}s are a signature of the early-'80s "Golden Age" of MTV.

Often these make use of TalkyBookends.

Compare with LyricsVideoMismatch, where a music video has an actual narrative, except that the story is different or even not related to the lyrics.
!! Examples:

[[folder: Rock]]

* Music/TheBeatles are known for being among the first bands to make music videos. The videos for "Can't Buy Me Love" and "Strawberry Fields Forever" (pictured) are examples of a Beatles concept video.
* Music/TheRollingStones's "Under Cover of Night": Man tries to sneak out of fascist Latin-American country.
* Most of {{Gackt}}'s music videos fit this trope:
** ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amXKQ351QBw Returner ~Yami no Shuuen~]]'' is about a woman awaiting the return of her samurai husband from the battlefield. Gackt sings the lyrics from the woman's perspective while playing the role of the husband in the video.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JVc7YNca2Kg Flower's]] music video deals with the loss of a friend and Gackt's grief over it.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLMLCvRBAA0 Last Song's]] music video is about the grief of a man who's girlfriend just broke up with him, and his attempts to write her one last song.
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Icf2gAlvws Kimi Ga Oikaketa Yume's]] music video shows a man waiting at a cafe for his girlfriend. Despite many attempts, he can't get any of the waiters to wait on him, and starts to get frustrated that nobody seems to be paying any attention to him. He eventually leaves, only to have a car drive straight through him and a waiter walk right through his body. He then realizes the reason nobody can see him is because he is dead. He was killed on the way to the cafe.
* Music/ZZTop's videos from the ''Eliminator'' album are also mini-movies unto themselves.
* Music/ArcticMonkeys' video for "Leave Before the Lights Come On" from ''Music/WhateverPeopleSayIAmThatsWhatImNot'' is pretty notable, given that the band members don't appear in it ([[spoiler: Although Matt Helders, the drummer, does a cameo at the very end]]). It is about a girl who attempts to jump off of a building before being saved by man. When he takes her to a cafe afterward, she tries to seduce him, but he maintains that he already has a fiance/wife, but she continues to pursue him. In the end, [[spoiler: after he firmly tells her to stop following him around, she goes back to the building, before revealing that the whole suicide act was a ruse all along to win men's attention]].
* J-Rock band Orange Range did two videos for their song "Onegai! Senorita", one a basic PerformanceVideo, the other a ConceptVideo that was a pastiche of {{Toku}} and the Japanese drama ''[[Franchise/TrainMan Densha Otoko]]''.
* "Music/ByTheWay" by the Music/RedHotChiliPeppers had a very funny video about lead singer Anthony Kiedis being kidnapped by a taxi driver.
** The "Otherside" video from ''Music/{{Californication}}'' casts them as characters in a German Expressionist film. [[SurrealMusicVideo It's very weird]].
*** And in "Californication" they were stuck in a video game.
* The music video for "Jaded" by Music/{{Aerosmith}} features a fairy tale about a princess who has everything she ever wants, except feelings.
** It also appears to be at least somewhat inspired by the film ''Film/InterviewWithTheVampire''.
* The Decemberists' "O Valencia!" is a sad little tale of love and revenge that works quite well with the song.
* Music/ElectricSix are good at making bizarre but cohesive music videos with a concept. Although not always linear, they match the song enough to usually qualify as a [[DepartmentOfRedundancyDepartment non-non-sequitor]]. For one of their albums they even decided to try to make a music video for every single song and ''almost'' managed to.
** The video for "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m3zPlvT6unM There's Something Very Wrong With Us]]" has the vaguely menacing, although seemingly mundane at first, narrative of the lead singer sporting a receding and aged hairline driving around Portland, Oregon while being tailgated by an ambulance. This is interspersed with shots of troubled night-life. It's only when the video reaches around thirty seconds to its end that [[spoiler: it is revealed the driver is Death, piloting a hearse, who dons his full cowl along a cheap plastic Halloween scythe and has beat the ambulance and the paramedics to their mutual destination.]]
** Down At Mcdonnelzzz appears to be about a centaur with a Vanilla Ice haircut and a plastic katana crashing the night shift of a Mc Donald's with a giant 90's-style parking-lot party, complete with numerous 40-oz bottles of liquor and a [[Franchise/BackToTheFuture Delorean]]. The film also parodies Mc Donalds' corporate trademarking by having scantily-clad women eat pixel-blurred hamburgers with lusty gusto.
* Music/{{Muse}}'s "Music/KnightsOfCydonia" is the best 7 minute B-Movie ever. It appears to be a lost sci-fi Kung-Fu Western from the 80s, complete with lasers and last-minute rescues.
** ''Sing for Absolution'' as well, which is much more [[TearJerker serious]] in tone, but has even more VisualEffectsOfAwesome.
* Music/TheKillers' video for When You Were Young is a sordid love story set in Mexico with some great production values
* Music/DavidBowie knows this form well, and was one of the very first recipients of the [=MTV=] Video Vanguard Award (1984). A few examples:
** 1979's "D.J." contrasts the public life of a StepfordSmiler radio deejay with the mental breakdown he's undergoing in private.
** 1979's "Look Back in Anger" has him as an artist who finds that touching a portrait of himself as an angel affects ''his'' face instead of the portrait's.
** 1980's "Music/AshesToAshes" is a terror-enriched video which presents Major Tom's adventures as hallucinations of a man bound up [[CuckoosNest in an asylum]]. (The concept is loose enough that it also works as a SurrealMusicVideo.)
** 1984's ''Jazzin' for Blue Jean'', like ''Ghosts'', qualifies as a ShortFilm -- it's a comic tale of a CelebrityLie that features Bowie in two roles.
** 1997's "I'm Afraid of Americans" has Bowie fleeing the "Johnny" of the song...but is this would-be killer just a figment of his imagination?
* Music/TomWaits' video for ''Downtown Train'' does involve him wandering around at night singing the song, but it also his neighbours' mixed reactions to this bizarre act. An elderly woman tries to pour water on his head.
** "Lie To Me" is filmed entirely in still-shots.
* Music/{{Garbage}}'s [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8C5NLfYdZaE music video]] for ''Film/TheWorldIsNotEnough'' portrays the lead singer as a fembot / walking timebomb being constructed in an underground lair. She kills and replaces the actual lead just before she's scheduled to go onstage and perform the song, and finishes by blowing up the entire concert hall.
** And ever since ''Series/TerminatorTheSarahConnorChronicles'', it's [[ReverseFunnyAneurysm kind of hilarious]].
* Depeche Mode's videos started pretty badly, [[TheNineties until]] Creator/AntonCorbijn introduced a more concept-driven impetus "([[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m0AKJMGxwpE Enjoy the Silence]]" probably the most iconic from his era.)
** "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j1of3nildR4 Useless]]" looks like anormal just-the-band-playing video, [[SubvertedTrope until you reach the end]].
** [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K65PQiFfsrU Home's]] vouyeristic alien.
** More recently you've had the horror-thriller ("[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IvfcnpJRf0Q&ob Wrong]]"), the drama "([[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fo0lC_K7iyY Peace]]") and the classical witch-hunt ("[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8onMJT7Os6g Personal Jesus - Stargate Mix]]").
* Music/FooFighters:
** [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eBG7P-K-r1Y Everlong]] tells a story involving bizarre dreams from which the dreamer can connect back to reality by way of a phone call. Also Dave Grohl's giant bitchslap of death. Combined with ''Franchise/EvilDead''.
** The "Walk" video is an updated WholePlotReference to ''Film/FallingDown'', with Dave Grohl in the role of William Foster: Grohl even wears the same outfit, although he's carrying a guitar case instead of a briefcase.
* Music/ImagineDragons:
** The band spends their video for "It's Time" exploring a desolate wasteland of a city, and eventually [[spoiler:launching an explosion that parts the storm clouds and sends frontman Dan Reynolds to the heavens.]]
** Their video for "I Bet My Life" has Dane Dehaan explore environments of sea, air, and land.
** "Roots" has Dan Reynolds reflect on childhood memories (represented via home movies) and exploring remote New Zealand locales in an attempt to reconnect with his past.
** See Imagine Dragons' entry on LyricsVideoMismatch for more examples.
* Music/ToriAmos has a couple of videos like this, including:
** "A Sorta Fairytale", which is a touching story about a leg lady and an arm man falling in love, then transforming into full human beings.
** "Jackie's Strength", which is about a bride-to-be avoiding her wedding ceremony, then meeting her young self at the end.
** "Spark", which is about a woman tied up in the woods trying to escape from her kidnapper. She finally gets to the road, and she stops a car. [[spoiler:She tries to get the people in the car to cut the rope tied around her hands. Instead, they presumably cut her and leave.]]
* Music/{{Journey}}'s Steve Perry did two, the first, "Oh Sherrie", in which he gets fed up with his director's pretentious [[strike:Shakespeare]] HeroicFantasy-inspired ConceptVideo, stomps off the set, and sings the song to his girlfriend instead. The second is "Strung Out", a prequel to "Oh Sherrie" in which he meets the pretentious director and the clueless record company representative, and they rail-road him into the ConceptVideo idea.
** And Phil Collins did a ConceptVideo for "Don't You Lose My Number", in which potential directors keep proposing increasingly-trite Concepts for his next video.
** The video for Christine [=McVie's=] "Love Will Show Us How" is also about the making of a music video for the song. HilarityEnsues.
* Music/{{REM}}:
** "The Great Beyond" combines this with VideoFullOfFilmClips: The band is doing a live [=TV=] broadcast/recording session interrupted by commercials (clips from the film the song was written for, ''Man on the Moon'') -- then Michael Stipe discovers the FourthWall: tap the camera lens, and any [=TV=] broadcasting them shakes...it ends when he smashes the wall and they emerge on a street one of the [=TV=]s was sent scooting along.
** The video for ''Man-Sized Wreath'' features an enigmatic figure being pursued by animated squares, playing a PacManFever - type video game, and finally imitating a certain Tianmen square protester, with a limousine composed of the aforementioned squares replacing the tank. It's... [[MindScrew odd]].
* Music/PaulMcCartney has done a few as a solo artist.
** "Off the Ground" has Paul flying.
** One of the videos for "The World Tonight" is Paul playing with Linda outdoors--and I don't mean musically. (It's clean, though.)
** "Your Loving Flame" has Paul fighting to get to a light, when everything is blowing the other direction or otherwise trying to obstruct him.
** "Dance Tonight": Paul gets a package that contains mischievous ghosts, including one with a mandolin. He does play at the end, but the song is finishing by then.
** He's also done them with others: "Say Say Say" was a duet with Michael Jackson where they (and Linda) are traveling musicians/conmen.
* Much of Music/{{Queen}}'s video for "I Want To Break Free" was taken up by a sequence which recast the band in drag as a parody of the British soap ''Series/CoronationStreet''.
** Queen's video for "A Kind of Magic" casts Freddie Mercury as a magician and Brian May, John Deacon, and Roger Taylor as bums living in an abandoned theater. In the middle segment, they are transformed into the actual band by ThePowerOfRock.
* Music/TomPetty's "Don't Come Around Here No More" adapted its visuals from ''Literature/AliceInWonderland''.
* The famous video for Music/{{Radiohead}}'s "Just" has the band playing in a room while, outside, passers-by stop and ask a man why he's lying down in the street. The conversations are related via {{subtitles}}.
** Radiohead has had several other concept videos as well. "Karma Police," from ''Music/OKComputer'' for example, is about a man on foot being pursued down a country road in the middle of the night, as seen from the perspective of the driver chasing him.
* The various Music/ArcadeFire videos appear to take place in the same animated world.
* The video for Music/{{Pavement}}'s "Painted Soldiers" combines a little performance footage (actually just Scott Kannberg recording guitar and vocals in a studio) with a plot about the members of the band getting word of being fired, one by one... [[spoiler: At the very end, it turns out they've all been replaced with members of Music/VerucaSalt, who mime to the song in a video-within-a-video. [[WhatCouldHaveBeen The original concept]] had them all replaced by Music/{{Weezer}} instead, by the way).]]
* Adam and the Ants' ''Prince Charming'' mixes Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty (hell I ''am'' getting old).
** There's also ''Stand and Deliver'', where Adam dresses as a "[[TheHighwayman dandy highwayman]]" who robs an old rich guy on horseback while taunting him and his wife about their lack of fashion sense. He then proceeds to crash through a window onto their banquet, dance on the tables while taunting more people, get arrested, and escape the gallows with the rest of the band.
* Music/TakingBackSunday's "Faith: When I Let You Down" tells the story of the OMGWTFTBS Cat, an anthropomorphic cat that abandons Taking Back Sunday for fame in Hollywood.
* The video for "Love Is a Battlefield" by Music/PatBenatar. It's one of the first videos to have dialogue (however briefly) that wasn't in the song.
* Music/TheyMightBeGiants' "I'm Impressed": Cardboard fascist robots playing BloodSport in a coliseum.
* Perhaps the best example is Glenn Frey's video for "Smuggler's Blues", which was a full-fledged four-minute movie.
* Blues Traveller's video for ''Run Around'' was a tribute to ''Film/TheWizardOfOz'' with the characters trying to get into a dance club.
* The Darcys' "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5UuwVctf3wM Don't Bleed Me]]" is about people trying to flee a doomed Toronto.
* Music/DeltaRae uses this for several of their videos:
** ''Bottom of the River:'' A crowd drags a woman (possibly a witch and played by Brittany) from her bed in chains. Only she survives.
** ''Dance in the Graveyard:'' A group of musicians in Dia De Los Muertos leads people to a graveyard, where the spirits of their departed loves manifest so that they can [[ShapedLikeItself dance in the graveyard]] together.
** ''Scared:'' A couple (played by Elizabeth and Eric) attempt to run a con on a dangerous criminal. When things go wrong, the woman bolts, leaving the man to take the fallout.
* Creator/EdKowalczyk has a three-part story about a man who's hanged, and wanders around as a ghost in the videos for "Seven", "Angels on a Razor" and "The One".
* Music/{{Genesis}} did a few of these too.
** 'Jesus He Knows Me' features the band as televangelists all asking for money. (A clip at the end parodies Michael Jackson's own dance at the end of 'Black or White'.)
** 'Invisible Touch' is a mix of PerformanceVideo and the boys just messing about.


[[folder: Pop]]

* Music/MichaelJackson is one of the kings, though ''not'' the originator, of this type of video.
** "Music/{{Thriller}}": Where a date turns into a real, live, dancing horror movie.
** "Music/{{Bad}}": Features Mike as a young man coming home from a prep school, and confronting his old friends from the 'hood.
** "Speed Demon": Michael becomes a claymation rabbit named Spike in order to escape obsessive claymation fans. (Part of the ''Film/{{Moonwalker}}'' anthology film.)
** "Remember the Time": He's a magician who tries to rekindle the flame with an old lover... who is now married to the Pharaoh of Egypt.
** "Who Is It?": Directed by Creator/DavidFincher, as Michael realizes his lover is actually a wildly successful prostitute. The darkest and most adult video he ever made and, possibly due to his kid-heavy fanbase at the time, it was never shown on U.S. television and appears only on the ''Dangerous: The Short Films'' compilation video.
** ''[[Film/MichaelJacksonsGhosts Ghosts]]'', a pastiche of black-and-white horror films combined with an allegory about his treatment by...well, everyone who wondered about his conduct with children, incorporates three songs ("2 Bad", "Ghosts", and "Is It Scary") and runs ''38 minutes'' total, qualifying as an actual short film.
* Music/LanaDelRey is very fond of making short films from her songs. She has since released two thirty-minute long films, containing references to her songs from ''Music/BornToDie'' and ''Ultraviolence''. Her video for "National Anthem" is seven minutes long, and "Ride" is about ten minutes long as well.
* All of Music/LadyGaga's videos since ''Paparazzi'' have been this.
* Music/FallOutBoy have had many concept videos, including ones about vampires, {{High School Dance}}s, and some that end with AllJustADream. Quite a few of them [[LyricsVideoMismatch have very little to do with the actual lyrics of the song]], and they can get quite surreal. The Youngblood Chronicles is a series of 11 music videos for every song on their album Save Rock and Roll, which form one single (though still MindScrew-y) narrative when watched together.
* Several of Music/PanicAtTheDisco's videos, including "I Write Sins Not Tragedies" (a circus wedding filled with clowns in lingerie), "The Ballad of Mona Lisa" (a funeral with the ghost of the dead person trying to prove the murderer), and "Lying Is The Most Fun A Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off" (a world where people's heads are encased in fish tanks and breathe underwater). "Build God, The We'll Talk" probably belongs here, too, and might be the best example. It's all about a "porno mime" and a groupie falling in love, having a relationship (all in mime) then that relationship falling apart through (mimed) infidelity.
* Two of {{Music/Pentatonix}}'s videos thus far have been Concept Videos.
** Their first video, for their cover of "Starships" by Music/NickiMinaj, has them mustered out of the space program, whereupon they construct a spaceship out of random household objects.
** In the video for their cover of "Aha" by Music/ImogenHeap, the band members (as zombies) stalk a man and his girlfriend.
* Music/EltonJohn's ''This Train Doesn't Stop Here Anymore'' had a video with the concept of showing Sir Elton ... but not as he is now; instead, it's the mid-70s version, played by [[spoiler:Justin Timberlake]]. Elton saw the performance and was spooked by how dead on it was.
* Music/KateBush used to love making weird mini-movies for her songs in the 80s. Notable examples include:
** "Experiment IV", a horror movie pastiche in which a bunch of government scientists in a spooky military facility, including Dawn French and a pre-''Series/{{House}}'' Hugh Laurie, create an unstoppable sonic weapon. As you expected it might, the weapon, played by Kate Bush in a ghost outfit, rampages around and kills everyone horribly. Hoorah!
** "Cloudbusting" - this one is based on the life of Wilhelm Reich. The reclusive scientist pursued by naughty government types is played by Donald Sutherland, Kate Bush plays his eight-year old son (in a hilariously unconvincing child costume) and H.R. Giger designed the very cool rain machine.
** "Hounds of Love" - a pastiche Hitchcock thriller.
* Music/{{Coldplay}}:
** "The Scientist" was made into a heartbreaking story of...on second thought, it's best to watch it without knowing what happens.
** "Talk" has the main band landing their '50s UFO-style spaceship on a seemingly desolate planet, finding a giant robot and activating it, after which it starts following them until they reach a mountain with a hole carved to fit the robot's contour. The video ends with the band returning to their spaceship and bidding the robot farewell as he sets himself inside the mountain's carved-out hole, but as he finds out one of the switches on his chest is stolen by one of the band members, he captures the spaceship in mid-flight and takes a bite out of it, [[DownerEnding presumably killing them.]] Then, the robot walks away, [[NotSoInnocentWhistle whistling.]]
** "Strawberry Swing" is a stopmotion video with Chris Martin (the band's lead singer) as a superhero, with the enemies and background drawn on the floor in chalk.
* Music/HayleyKiyoko's music videos are all basically arthouse films.
* Music/{{Bjork}}'s "Bachelorette" video is a multiply recursive story of a girl who finds a book in the woods... about a girl who finds a book, in the woods.
** As are All is Full of Love (lesbian incest robots being deconstructed), Cocoon (a naked woman being wrapped in a thread secreting from her nipples), Where is the Line (blob thingies attacking a pinecone), Triumph of a Heart (about a woman leaving her cat husband to go out partying, then coming back home with a hangover), Wanderlust (going travelling on a buffalo in a river with a rather aggressive backpack) and Army of Me (who knows).
* The Chemical Brothers' "Believe" was a short film about a man experiencing hallucinations that a large piece of machinery from the factory where he works is following him. Not only was it dramatically cohesive and quite frightening, the visual effects are some of the best seen in any kind of film of the past five years.
* "Take On Me" by Music/{{Aha}}.
* Concept videos with no budget or plot: "Video Killed the Radio Star" by the Buggles & "Fish Heads" by Barnes & Barnes.
* Back in the 60s, a popular Korean crooner finds himself suddenly unable to debut his brand new song due to... [[PottyEmergency personal reasons.]] The producers' solution - put the five attractive backup singers in the limelight for once, and they sing it instead - and the song becomes a massive hit. The name of this impromptu new girl group? [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yz9LQy0rmq0 The Wondergirls.]]
* Do Not Forsake Me oh My Darling's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbUhmwSObto "Episode 1: Arrival" video]] is a shot-for-shot remake of the title sequence to Series/ThePrisoner, with drummer\vocalist Sophia Cacciola as the title character and bassist Michael Epstein playing everyone else. The band even uploaded a version that has the actual ''Prisoner'' title sequence [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KcWB4B_nBM playing out in one corner of the screen]], so you can see just how much detail was put into the recreation.
* Roìsìn Murphy's clip for "Movie Star". Drag queens and lobster rape, anyone?
* MyleneFarmer's videos, also from the '80s, rival Michael Jackson's in professionalism and elaboration. All of them were produced by director Laurent Boutonnat, who co-wrote many of the songs. The videos take the form of short (or not-so-short) films with entire storylines, frequently themed after literature, history or religion. Often, they contain plenty of symbolism, violence, sex and generally give more depth to the song itself. Most notably:
** The video of "[[GrowingUpSucks Plus grandir]]", one of her first, is particularly [[RapeIsASpecialKindOfEvil horrifying]] about the end of childhood and innocence, and the fear of death. It was aired only late at night due to its content.
** "[[BadGirlSong Libertine]]"'s video plays in the 18th century. It shows the eponymous [[EthicalSlut Libertine]] in the stuck-up world of pre-French Revolution nobility. Famous with many young Francophone boys since its release for having [[FanService nudity aplenty]].
** "Pourvu qu'elles soient douces" is a sequel to Libertine. Libertine is found [[spoiler:NotQuiteDead]] by a garrison of British soldiers. TheRival also makes a return. Sex and graphic violence abound when the garrison is first seduced by a gang of prostitutes [[spoiler:and then bombed by the attacking French army]]. This clip was originally aired in theatres before the start of the main film, but pulled when executives feared ''it would be better than the following film''.
** "[[ProtestSong Desenchantée]]" shows Mylène in a concentration camp, first acquiescing but then leading a revolt against the injustice committed there.
** Many of them were much longer than the song they accompany (up to 15 minutes), making viewers stay for more than just the music. As common in French films, [[spoiler:DownerEnding Downer Endings]] are common.


[[folder: Hip-Hop/R&B]]

* Jay Chou, now known for [[Film/TheGreenHornet Kato]], is primarily a [=hiphop/R&B=] artiste whose music videos mostly count as this - sadly, the big-budget FX and recurring Chinese gangland motif led to allegations that it was all done with {{Triad}} money. All bets are out the window if you can get a cameo from [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lfiIMfeo0rQ&t=5m04s Danny Trejo]], though.
* Missy Elliot's "Sock It To Me", which borrows liberally from the ''VideoGame/MegaMan'' games.
* Music/TinieTempah's Wonderman video, basing itself on a kind of 'Bionic Man' superhero origin story, parodying most related tropes (Including having Ellie Goulding as a HotScientist throughout).


[[folder: Hard Rock/Metal]]

* Pelican's "Dead Between The Walls" and "Lost in the Headlights" share a tongue-in-cheek narrative about their status as an instrumental [[DoomMetal post-metal]] band. "Dead Between The Walls" starts out seeming like a straight PerformanceVideo with the band playing in a desert alternating with some atmospheric footage of a car speeding down an empty freeway. Then the driver (a bearded man who has more of a stereotypically "metal" image than the band themselves) gets out of the car and starts wandering the desert while wielding a microphone - it becomes apparent he's trying to track down the band and sing with them. He catches up to the band just in time for the song to end, and leaves disappointed. "Lost in the Headlights" starts with the same bearded man watching the "Dead Between The Walls" video, then continuing to try to track the band down, with much the same results.
* Music/{{Styx}}'s 'Mr Roboto' got this treatment, too. Then again, it came off a ConceptAlbum that inspired a Concept Concert ...
* Music/MyChemicalRomance's [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=egG7fiE89IU "Na Na Na Na" video]] is this at full blast, featuring an on going battle between the Killjoys and the BL/ind coperation in a dystopian desert wasteland.
** Repeated in the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hTgnDLWeeaM "Sing" video]], in the same 'verse.
** They have a pretty long track record of concept videos (or at least videos that feature equal amounts of concept/storyline and the band performing).
*** In fact, in the making of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMDIua7jC1Y "Famous Last Words"]] they comment on how strange it is for them ''not'' to do a concept video.
* All of the German industrial metal band Music/{{Rammstein}}'s videos except their first ("Du Riechst So Gut") are concept videos, some of which borrow from Quentin Tarantino films.
** The 1998 re-release of "Du Riechst So Gut" got a new music video which was a concept video. Yay, werewolves.
* Music/MeatLoaf's video for ''I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do '''''That''''')'' is "Literature/BeautyAndTheBeast" [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: [[Recycled INSPACE with motorcycles and directed by ]]
** His video for "Rock and Roll Dreams Come Through" is a post-apocolyptic romance with Creator/AngelinaJolie.
* Dethklok's Thunderhorse. It tells the story of a barbarian (Played by Nathan) who recieves word that his queen is being held captive and defiled by an evil dude (Skwisgaar). So he rushes to save her, killing the guards (played by the rest of the band) in the process.
** Murmaider, which is about mermaid murder, tells the story of a group of mermaids who murder some other creatures and their eggs, so a demon mermaid murders them, then the only survivor attacks the demon one.
* The video for Velvet Revolver's "She Builds Quick Machines" also went with the Western theme - cowboys attempting to rescue an angel chained up in a church.
* Music/TakeThatBand's video for "How Deep Is Your Love" sees the band being held captive by a stalker. And ends with [[spoiler:Gary Barlow, tied to a kitchen chair, being pushed into a reservoir.]]
* Tool's videos are a great example, particularly "Sober" and "Prison Sex." The band barely appears in these at all.
* Music/GunsNRoses "November Rain" is a particularly overblown example.
* Music/KillswitchEngage's video for ''Holy Diver'', an AffectionateParody of the original video by Ronnie James Dio, depicts a knight questing to free a Literature/SleepingBeauty type princess from the spell of an evil wizard.
* Battlelore's entire videography. It's not hard to imagine that if they had the time and budget, they would just make a ''Literature/LordOfTheRings'' FanFic film with their music as the soundtrack.
* Stabbing Westward's "Shame" alternates footage of the band playing in a rehearsal space with subtitled scenes of a woman trying to escape her psychotic stalker ex-boyfriend (fitting its ObsessionSong lyrics). Despite being full of creepy and dramatic moments, there's a humorous TwistEnding - throughout the rehearsal space scenes, band members keep covertly mouthing things and gesturing to each other, then leaving the room, eventually leaving lead singer Christopher Hall to play the song by himself... [[spoiler: It turns out the entire plot was a [[ShowWithinAShow movie-within-a-music-video]], which everyone in the band decided to sneak out of rehearsal to watch in the theater]]


[[folder: Other]]

* Music/TheResidents' videos usually bordered this and SurrealMusicVideo.
* Country queen Music/RebaMcEntire is famous for these - her music videos nearly always tell a cohesive story. Her breakthrough hit, "Whoever's in New England," was her first single to get a music video, and she's stuck with the same concept ever since.
* WebAnimation/MysterySkullsAnimated serves as one for the Music/MysterySkulls songs "Ghost" and "Freaking Out".
* In the [[ChristianRock Contemporary Christian Music]] genre, you'd have an easier time naming songs by recording artist Carman that ''didn't'' fit this trope.