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* ''Literature/{{Coma}}'', a 1976 medical ConspiracyThriller novel by Robin Cook.
* ''VideoGame/{{Coma}}'', a short, atmospheric little exploration/platformer game created by {{Newgrounds}} user Thomas Brush.
* ''VideoGame/TheComaCuttingClass'' (AKA ''VideoGame/TheComa''), a SurvivalHorror game by Devespresso Games.
* One of several tropes involving a comatose character:
** AdventuresInComaland, when a comatose character has a plot-relevant dream.
** AngstComa, when a coma is either caused by or is cured by resolving one's personal issues.
** ComatoseCanary, when a comatose character responds to someone talking to them.
** DudeShesLikeInAComa, when a character kisses/has sex with another while the latter is unconscious/comatose.
** ImprobablyQuickComaRecovery, when recovering from a very long coma is unrealistically fast.

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