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Oh sure, most coats in RealLife and fiction are worn for warmth and other kinds of protection, but just as often in fiction, they can be used to say something about a character, or add a slight touch of style to a scene. Whether it's a [[HellBentForLeather leather jacket]], a trench coat, a [[SharpDressedMan suave blazer]], or a [[PrettyInMink fur coat]], these garments can fulfill a lot of tropes.

These tropes can overlap with various other tropes, like CostumePorn, BlingOfWar, RuleOfGlamorous, RuleOfCool.
+ TheCapedIndex\\
They're like coats, but without sleeves.
+ CraniumCoverings\\
A coat can be paired with a hat, or other something similar.
+ DressesGownsAndSkirts\\
A nice thing to wear under a coat.

* BadassLongcoat\\
RuleOfCool says the right coat makes characters look even better.
* BadassLongRobe\\
Same as above, but applies to a robe.
* BlackCloak\\
A black coat, robe, or cape, can make a character look sinister and mysterious.
* CoatCape\\
Wearing a coat over the shoulders still looks cool.
* CoatHatMask\\
Not all superheroes use tights and capes.
* CoatFullOfContraband\\
Your coat is fully lined with a black market.
* CoatOverTheShoulder\\
Drape your jacket over one shoulder, and you can't help but look stylish.
* TheCoatsAreOff\\
Coats can add extra pounds to carry, so taking them off means one doesn't want to hold back in a fight.
* ComfortingComforter\\
Coats can be used in this way.
* ConspicuousTrenchcoat\\
There are plenty of instances where this garment stands out like a sore thumb.
* GasMaskLongcoat\\
You want your HazmatSuit to look cool? Add a coat.
* HerBoyfriendsJacket\\
Sharing this means they're going steady.
* LabcoatOfScienceAndMedicine\\
In fiction, it's the most immediate way to tell someone is in these fields.
* NakedInMink\\
Any fur garment will do to cover up nudity (while still implying it), but a coat is the most common.
* NotSoBadassLongcoat\\
It looks iconic, even though you're not kicking ass in it.
* NoShirtLongJacket\\
The best of both being shirtless and having a cool coat.
* PimpDuds\\
The classic pimp look includes a funky 70s coat.
* PlagueDoctor\\
Add a bird mask with your coat, and you're treating some pretty heavy old-timey epidemic.
* PrettyInMink\\
Luxury fur garments are commonly done as jacket and coats.
* RaincoatOfHorror\\
The latest in horror movie fashion.
* SexyCoatFlashing\\
Guess what she's not wearing under it.
* TotemPoleTrench\\
In that coat are two or more smaller people standing on each other.
* TrenchcoatBrigade\\
John Constantine inspired wearing coats among his knockoffs.
* TrenchCoatWarfare\\
Hiding an arsenal in your coat lining.
* YouMustBeCold\\
The garment given over is often a coat.
Don't forget to put these tropes on, or you'll CatchYourDeathOfCold.