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->''"Old Aunt Susie just came back\\
With the child and the child is black."''
-->-- '''Cole Porter''', "Well, Did You Evah?"

No, this article is not about [[IThoughtItMeant chocolate candies shaped like human babies]]. Nor is it about [[ToiletHumor the result of]] [[RefugeInVulgarity curing a bad case of constipation.]]

Two parents, who are the same race or species, are having a child. Except when the child is born, it is either racially mixed or has some other trait(s) it couldn't have possibly received from its parents. In other words, [[MamasBabyPapasMaybe mommy had an affair and was knocked up with the cad's baby]].

Even before [[DaddyDNATest DNA testing]], this can resolve the question of whether or not the baby is the father's. If the mother is the main character, expect her to either have been raped, or not know why she had a child that doesn't look like its father. In very old stories, the theory of "[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maternal_impression maternal impression]]" may be used to explained it -- either seriously, or as a way of bamboozling the putative father.

The most well-known subtype of this is a white couple that gives birth to a half-black child. The title comes from a scene in the movie ''Film/{{Life|1999}}'' where the (white) warden of an all-black prison sees his illegitimate grandson for the first time, and is revolted to see that the kid is racially mixed. Then you have cases where the father [[WhatAnIdiot has no idea the kid isn't his]] when it's clear to everyone else.

As these are sure to be {{Three Month Old Newborn}}s, expect the race to be completely obvious from birth, even though a black newborn's skin tone usually takes awhile to darken.

In RealLife, this can also happen if both parents are of mixed race, then their hidden recessive genes can come out to the point of having a child that appears to be fully of one race. [[http://www.nbcnews.com/health/black-white-twins-brothers-same-mother-1C9926227 Sometimes]] the infant's parents are of different races, while sometimes both parents are themselves mixed race. In one instance in the Netherlands, a white couple who underwent IVF found themselves the parents of a black infant because the lab hadn't sanitized its equipment adequately after performing an IVF procedure for a black couple. However, the old wives' tale of a white parent and a light-skinned black parent (possibly [[PassFail passing as white]]) producing a dark-skinned baby is quite literally one in a million.

Compare ObliviousAdoption, which tends to be more innocent, and RandomSpeciesOffspring, which is more fantasy oriented and doesn't involve cheating. If it's not a plot point, it's likely HollywoodGenetics at work.
%% A reminder: A white baby born to black parents is a straight example of this trope, not an inversion.


* Almost literally in a commercial for Klondike Krunch bars. A pair of Klondike Original bars have a baby who is a Klondike Krunch bar, which makes the father suspicious. While the family is at home, [[CheatingWithTheMilkman the milkman]] (a Krunch candy bar) shows up at the door, and the father looks at the mother, shocked. The commercial ends with the narrator saying, "Klondike hooks up with your favorite flavors to bring you the best ice cream ever [[{{Pun}} conceived."]]

[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Anime/VisionOfEscaflowne'' has a variation of this: while Prince Chid is supposedly the son of an interracial couple between Marlene and the Duke of Fried, even complete strangers pick up on the fact that the very Anglo-Saxon Chid has ''no'' physical resemblance to the father. [[spoiler:It's then quickly revealed that not only is Chid's real father actually Allen, but that the Duke of Fried ''knows'' this despite his vocal insistence that Chid is his own son]].
* Becomes a recurring plot point in ''LightNovel/{{Gosick}}'' [[spoiler:where the queen fell in love with the alchemist Leviathan, an African man]]. The birth of their child and [[spoiler:the subsequent murder by a cuckolded king play a major role]].
* In ''Manga/SensualPhrase'', this is the backstory of Sakuya. His mother was raped by a white man, so when she found out she was pregnant, she decided to wait to see what the baby looked like. If it looked like her husband, she'd keep it; if not, she'd give it up for adoption and lie that it was stillborn. The baby came out Asian, so she called her husband to come away from his work overseas... but when the baby opened his eyes, they were blue. Since she didn't want to tell her husband about the rape, he thought she had cheated on him, and threw her out.
* In ''Manga/NarutoGaiden'', Sasuke's daughter, Sarada, comes to doubt being the daughter of Sakura when she realizes that neither of her parents wear glasses while she does. Adding to her suspicion is her mother's inability to answer basic questions and her discovery an old picture of her father with Karin, who does wear glasses. [[spoiler: Turns out that it's a RedHerring and Sakura was indeed Sarada's biological mother all along.]]
* In ''{{Anime/Pokemon}},'' a Trumbeak and Toucannon have a clutch of eggs that all hatch into Pikipek, except for one which turns out to be a Rowlet.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In an issue of ''ComicBook/TeenTitans'', Red Panzer reveals that he's ashamed of his dark skin, because he was raised by a die-hard Nazi father. At first, his father suspected that his wife had been unfaithful. The truth, which Red Panzer thought was worse, was that his mother had black ancestors.
* ''{{Deadpool}}'' had a case of this with his daughter, Ellie Camacho. He had Ellie with AmbiguouslyBrown Latina, Carmelita Camacho. [[DependingOnTheArtist Ellie's appearance varied considerably]] during the first volume of Gerry Duggan's run. But since the latest volume started in 2016, she's been consistently depicted as more black. [[http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/silverfang2/29185537/1136006/1136006_1000.jpg Some]] [[http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/silverfang2/29185537/1135776/1135776_1000.jpg examples]] [[http://ic.pics.livejournal.com/silverfang2/29185537/1142546/1142546_original.png include these]]. In addition to her [[https://static.comicvine.com/uploads/original/11131/111317321/5963733-grown-up+ellie.jpg appearance]] in the Deadpool 2099 story arc.
* Averted in the case of Marvel super villains the Mandrill and Nekra. The former was a black child born to white parents, while the latter was a white child born to black parents, but this was due to nuclear genetic tampering and not infidelity. That didn't prevent them from being outcasts from their families and from society in general.
* After the (not so) pious Helene (by Creator/WilhelmBusch) marries rich fat guy Schmöck (whose name doesn't coincidentally sound like shmuck), she bears twins who look very much like her lover (and cousin) Franz.
* In ''ComicBook/TheSuperiorFoesOfSpiderMan'', Boomerang's ImagineSpot that accompanies a dinner with his girlfriend shows him getting married to her with [[ComicBook/DoctorStrange Dormammu]] as his best man. When it shows him raising their children, it's very clear that Dormammu is the father.
* [[https://dynamite.com/previews/C725130175434/Boys57CovA.jpg The cover]] of ''ComicBook/TheBoys #57'' depicts this. Bonus points: the man on the right is Stormfront, [[ThoseWackyNazis a Nazi.]]
* ''ComicBook/{{Urbanus}}'': Urbanus' son Bumba is black because he and Urbaniëtte conceived him while Urbanus was covered in shoe polish.
* In one ''ComicBook/{{Condorito}}'' strip, the title character plays a doctor who receives a man carrying a baby, the man says that his child was born with "deeply shut eyes" and that he may need surgery to correct them, upon looking at the child Condorito asks him if him or his wife had any oriental relatives which the man denies, Condorito then answers "Then it's you, my friend, who need to open your eyes because your child is Japanese".
* ''ComicBook/RedEars'': In an African village a local Chief accuses the visiting European scientist of getting frisky with one of his wives when the baby comes out white. The scientist tries to convince him otherwise by pointing to a flock of white sheep which, thanks to the miracle of genetics, has an unexplained black sheep in its midst. The Chief then whispers that he'll stay quiet about the scientist's escapades if he'll [[BestialityIsDepraved return him the favor]].

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* [[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/5436315/1/Running_With_The_Wind_Book_One_A_Living_Lie This]] Literature/WarriorCats fanfiction. In it, Squirrelflight has been cheating on her mate Brambleclaw with his blue-eyed half-brother, Hawkfrost. When she has kittens, one of them has blue eyes. However, this indicates some [[ArtisticLicenseBiology artistic license]] as ALL kittens have blue eyes at birth, and it takes them at least six months for them to turn a different color. Even then, just blue eyes shouldn't be a clear indicator, nor can fur color. A litter of three kittens can have three different-colored pairs of eyes and three different pelts. Cats are also superfecund: any given litter can have more than one father.
* [[http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_m5j6hclrOC1ry4m96o1_r4_500.jpg Some fan art]] of ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' plays with this. Toddler Korra happily announces to her parents that she can bend, then demonstrates '''Fire'''bending to her '''Water Tribe''' parents. Her father casts a suspicious glance at his wife who is sweating and smiling nervously.
* In ''Fanfic/EarthAndSky'', it's shown that ponies of any type can be born to any parents, though it's more common for the kids to be the same type as one or both of their parents. In the case of Pinkie and Caramel, an Earth pony couple, both of their daughters are Pegasi.
* In ''FanFic/TheNewRetcons'', [[spoiler: Anthony figures out that James Allen can't be his son because a pale blonde (Elizabeth) and a pale redhead (himself) can't produce a tan brunette. Turns out when he threw a fit upon finding out Elizabeth wasn't a virgin on their wedding night, he drove her straight into Warren Blackwood's arms, leading directly to James's conception.]]
* Toyed with in the AU one-shot Naruto fic ''[[http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4061333/1/Red-Hair Red Hair]]'', in which Naruto (who apparently never learned about his parents in this universe, as the story was written before canon had him discovering their identities) is quite surprised when his youngest is born with, you guessed it, red hair. He thankfully never once thinks that Hinata cheated on him, as it is evident that the child has his eyes, but does wonder where the hair came from, briefly considering that the Kyuubi's chakra may have caused it. Tsunade quickly clears it up when she tells him the girl is the spitting image of his mother Kushina, [[DeadGuyJunior whom he immediately names the child after]].
* In ''Fanfic/ATasteOfTheGoodLife'', Scootaloo is a pegasus filly born to a unicorn mare with a unicorn husband. While this isn't necessarily impossible in canon, it's clear to everyone (except maybe Scootaloo) that her father is her "Uncle" Snare Drum, a pegasus.
* ''[[WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic MLP: FIM]]'' fanon often depicts unicorn "Dinky Doo" as being the daughter of pegasus Derpy Hooves and earth pony Dr. Hooves.
* In [[http://askcraigsspookygang.tumblr.com Ask Craig's Spooky Gang]], a ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' CharacterBlog set in a Monster AU, [[TheyKilledKenny Kenny]] is a zombie in a family of [[WolfMan werewolves]]. This is explained as supernatural in origin (as in the show, his parents [[spoiler:were involved with the Cult of Cthulu]] while pregnant with him), though it's shown to cause similar tensions to this trope (for example, his father calling him "no son of mine" at [[http://askcraigsspookygang.tumblr.com/post/138832838236 his birth]]).
* There's a ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' [[http://www.geocities.ws/prhiddenwar/Hw34.html fanfic]] out there that applies this to the Master Vile (dad, humanoid alien) Rita Repulsa (daughter, human alien) and Rito Revolto (son, talking ''skeleton'') family. Rita apparently takes after her (never seen) mother, while Rito bears an uncanny resemblance to his parents' former butler. Of course, the real reason is RelatedInTheAdaptation.
-->'''Rito:''' I always wanted to ask Jeffries what he thought about such a wild coincidence, but pop vaporized him on the day I was born. Never did figure that out.\\
'''Elgar:''' Uhhh. I don't think you've done the math there.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* In ''Film/MeMyselfAndIrene'', Charlie Bailygate's wife gives birth to three black sons, despite both he and his wife being white. He almost aggressively refuses to consider the possibility that they aren't his sons. Even after his wife leaves him for her black paramour, he continues to raise and love them as his own.
* Done in ''Film/TheBrothersSolomon'' where we are led to believe that one of the brother's sperm was used to impregnate the surrogate mother but as it turns out the baby was actually her black boyfriend's, but they were so clueless they didn't care.
* In ''Angelitos Negros'', an old Mexican movie, a white couple has a little girl... and she looks black. I don't remember the details very well, but the wife accuses the husband of being of black ancestry and is going to leave but... cue revelation. The black woman whom she thought to be her nanny was, in fact, her ''actual'' mother. After lots of melodrama the woman realizes what a dick she has been the whole film to her family and they all have a happy ending.
* ''Film/TheNakedGun 33 1/3'' had this at the very end of the movie, where Frank's wife gives birth to a black baby... or so it appears. As Frank is chasing his black partner Nordburg through the hospital, it turns out they were in the wrong delivery room, and the chief comes out of a separate room with Frank's actual wife and child ([[WhereDaWhiteWomenAt Cue OJ Simpson joke]]).
* In the 1994 Drew Barrymore film ''Boys on the Side'', Drew's character finds out she's pregnant while on the run for killing her abusive boyfriend. Her new police officer boyfriend has fallen in love with her and is there when the baby is born... a black baby, from her cheating on her then-boyfriend.
* In an recent Russian movie, roughly translated into English as "Stop Fooling Around", has a white Siberian couple having a black son. It is immediately explained, though, that the mother's father was an American WWII sailor, resulting in a black grandson.
* In the Ron Howard film ''Film/{{Parenthood}}'', ne'er do well son Tom Hulce comes home and his family is shocked -- shocked! -- to see his son Cool, because he's Black.
* [[SubvertedTrope Bait-and-switched]] in ''Film/TheConstantGardener''. The protagonist's wife has an [[MistakenForCheating ambiguous relationship]] with her black coworker throughout the film, and after she goes into labour we see her nursing a black baby. [[spoiler:Turns out she miscarried, and is looking after the child of a single teenage mother on the same ward who's dying of TB.]]
* Parodied in ''Film/ScaryMovie4'', where Brenda gets with the Amish guy from not-''Film/TheVillage'', and in the WhereAreTheyNowEpilogue, is shown giving birth to a baby that is very obviously sired by [[spoiler:[[Franchise/{{Saw}} not-Jigsaw]].]]
* In Creator/RodgersAndHammerstein's ''Film/{{Cinderella}}'', a white King played by the guy who designed the ''[[Film/{{Titanic 1997}} Titanic]]'', and his queen Constantina who is played by Creator/WhoopiGoldberg manage to have Prince Christopher, who is... Asian!
* Happens in ''Literature/BarneysVersion'' with his first wife Clara: Barney [[ShotgunWedding marries her because she's pregnant]] even though they don't really love each other. [[BlackComedy When the baby is stillborn]], the doctor asks who the father was, and when Barney replies it was his child, he says "then you must be... an albino."
* Hilariously subverted in ''Film/DueDate''. Ethan continuously hints at his suspicions of Peter's wife cheating on him with her BlackBestFriend, Darryl. Towards the end of the film, Peter walks into a delivery room and stares in horror at a newborn black baby; thankfully, he just walked in the wrong room.
* In ''Film/{{Life|1999}}'' the Superintendent's daughter, Mae Rose, gives birth to a very obviously not white child. This leads to a [[IAmSpartacus hilarious scene]] where the Superintendent lines the prisoners up and compares the baby to each of them, trying to root out the father.
* In ''Film/{{Stilyagi}}'', the father of Polly's son John is not Mel, but a nameless visiting black man from America.
* In ''Film/SupermanReturns'' Superman is upset to learn that Lois Lane has had a son with her fiancé. Then the kid starts tossing furniture around.
* A rare fatherless version in ''Secrets and Lies''. The mother finally meets the daughter she gave up for adoption when she was 15, and is very surprised to see that she is black. At first she is sure it is a mistake as she would have remembered sleeping with a black man, then she DOES figure it out [[spoiler:evidently she was raped by an unseen assailant]]. She had assumed her white boyfriend was the father.
* In the German low-brow comedy ''Erkan und Stefan'', Stefan imagines walking through a park with the sexy woman he met, and their children. But then he notices (what, only now?) that the baby in the buggy looks just like his HeterosexualLifePartner Erkan. Complete with his trademark moustache.
* ''Film/{{Skin}}'' is based on the true story of Sandra Laing, a dark-skinned girl born to white South African parents during apartheid (see Real Life, below). The film makes the point that both black and white South Africans usually have more mixed heritage than they usually admit, making racial classification far from simple. Interestingly, her father is never portrayed as questioning whether she's his daughter, but essentially disowns her when she marries a black man.
* In the comedy ''Crazy Boys in Spain'' (''Les Charlots Font l'Espagne''), the Charlots tried to help a white boy locate his parents at a camping site. The boy kept asking for chocolate. 4 minutes later his black parents showed up. No explanation was given.
* ''Film/AfterTheThinMan'': Asta the dog, a white terrier, comes home to the missus to see she's got a litter of puppies... one of which is too darkly colored to be his. He spies a nearby black Scottish Terrier sneaking through a hole under the fence and drives off the intruder angrily, then fills in the hole.
* The mexican movie ''¿Qué Culpa Tiene el Niño?'' centers around a girl from an upper class family who gets drunk in a party and ends up pregnant, with the only suspect being a younger man named Renato. The boy accepts to marry the girl and look after the kid and the movie is about them learning to accept their differences. At the end of the movie it's revealed that [[spoiler: The kid is asian and looks nothing like Renato. Turns out the parent was a small asian man who was also in the party. Renato knew he wasn't the father all along but decided to go with it because he didn't want the baby to grow without a father like he did]].

* In one [[UrbanLegends urban legend]], a white couple's black firstborn is explained by the husband, at his bachelor party, having had unprotected sex with a prostitute whose previous customer had been a black man. The [[GenderFlip gender-flipped]] version has the wife being impregnated by a black male stripper at her bachelorette party.

* One joke about a chocolate baby CrossesTheLineTwice:
-->'''Son:''' Father, you and Mom are white, but I am black. Why is that so?\\
'''Father:''' Son, that was such a wild time, [[BestialityIsDepraved just be happy you don't bark]].
* A similar one, between an African shepherd and an European priest:
-->'''Shepherd:''' Father, I have an urgent problem to discuss with you.\\
'''Priest:''' Yes, my son?\\
'''Shepherd:''' See, my wife just gave birth to a completely white baby. You're the only white man around here!\\
'''Priest:''' Let's not jump to conclusions, my son. It might be a simple coincidence, an accident of nature. See, for example: all of your sheep are white, but the last one born is black!\\
'''Shepherd:''' ''{lowers his voice]'' Sheesh, okay, okay. I'll shut up about the baby [[InterspeciesRomance if you'll shut up]] [[BestialityIsDepraved about that sheep.]]
* An English expectant father goes to see his newborn...who is black. As soon as he comes in, his wife screams at him, "NOW [[InsaneTrollLogic try to deny you're sleeping]] [[ArtisticLicenseBiology with that Nigerian woman]], you bastard!"
* Similar to the one above, a DumbBlonde has a c-section, and after the baby is examined and returned to them, she sees its [[RedHeadedStepchild wispy red hair.]] Horrified, she turns to her husband and gasps, [[ArtisticLicenseBiology "Oh my god! You cheated on me!"]]
* This classic joke: An old man on his deathbed is surrounded by his family: His wife of many years, and his three sons, two of which are strong, handsome men, the third which is somewhat scrawny. As the man is breathing his last, he asks the sons to leave the room so he can talk privately to his wife. "My dear," he says, "I do not wish to pass from this world with any doubt, please tell me, for this has vexed me for many years, my third son, so unlike the other two, is he really mine? Do not lie to me as I lay dying!" The wife takes a deep breath. "I swear to you, he is truly yours." And, with that, the man dies satisfied. The wife breathes a sigh of relief. "Thank God he didn't ask about the other two!"
* Another classic: A prince spots a humble peasant toiling in the fields and notices a startling resemblance between them.
-->'''Prince:''' Say, did your mother ever work at the palace?\\
'''Peasant:''' No, but my father did.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Milkman_joke The subject of an old joke]]: "You have the mailman's eyes."
* A traveling salesman walks up to an old farmhouse, where several sheep are wandering around outside. A little girl is sitting on the porch. She looks up at him and asks, "Are you my da-a-a-a-a-addy?"
* A woman gave birth to a black boy while her husband was away. She writes him:
-->"My dear. I gave birth to a boy. However, I had lactation problems, so the baby was nursed by an Ethiopian. You won't believe it, but the baby turned black."
-->The husband is amazed. He writes to his mum about that. Soon after, he receives a reply:
-->"Dear son. When you were born, I, likewise, had lactation problems, and you were nursed by a cow, but it wasn't until now that you grew [[CuckoldHorns horns]]."
* There is a joke about a woman who gave birth to a red haired boy, with no one in the family having that hair color. The doctor is kind enough to help her, so he questions her husband about the frequency of his sexual life... which turns out to be low enough for him to blame it on ''rust''.
* One joke about a farmer going to a divorce lawyer: The laywer tries to find some grounds on which the farmer can leave his wife. When the lawyer asks "Is she a nagger?", the farmer replies "No, we're both white. But my wife had a baby recently and he's a nagger, so that's why I want a divorce".
* There is a joke about a Chinese couple having a chocolate baby. They named the child "Sum Ting Wong". Note that the joke came way before the mess-up regarding the names of the pilots in the Asiana Airlines Flight 214 disaster.
* There is a joke where an old man marries a younger woman. Two years in a row he brings her to the birthing ward. Each time, the doctor is amazed, but the old man merely states that "one should keep the engine running". The third year, the doctor says "get your oil changed, the baby is black already".

* Played straight, but with inverted colors in the ancient Greek romance ''Aethiopica'' by Heliodorus of Emesa (c. 3rd century AD): Queen Persinna of Ethiopia, wife to King Hydaspes, gives birth to a white daughter. Fearing that she will be accused of adultery, Persinna gives the girl (who is called Chariclea) away. The narratives follows Chariclea's turbulent life until, after many adventures, it is revealed that Chariclea is, in fact, the perfect image of a picture of Andromeda that her mother had been looking at while she conceived, and so Chariclea really is Hydaspes' daughter with "maternal impression" explaining her looks.
* The title story in Creator/JhumpaLahiri's short story collection ''Literature/InterpreterOfMaladies'' has this too. Bobby, Mrs. Das's illegitimate child with her husband's co-worker, is significantly fairer than his siblings. However, no one really guesses about Mrs. Das's infidelity just by looking at the child since she and her husband are both fair-skinned Indians.
* Arthurian legends, collected and written into a novel by Creator/ChretienDeTroyes, explain that Sir Yvain has a half-brother from a previous marriage when his own father took a dark-skinned Moor as a wife in Spain. Demonstrating just how [[ArtisticLicenseBiology shockingly little provincial Europeans knew about genetics]] when interacting with people from other races... Yvain's brother has checkerboard-colored skin, with alternating light and dark patches. (Ironically, such things ''have'' been known to happen in real life, with mosaicism and genes that are only partially expressed, but they are extremely rare, and in any case it is clear that these northern Europeans who had rarely seen a Moor except on the battlefield ''honestly believed'' that this would be the result of a mixed coupling).
* In ''Literature/ThePrivateMemoirsAndConfessionsOfAJustifiedSinner'', the antihero's mother spends a lot of time praying fervently with the local minister. The child resembles said minister; the author attributes it to maternal impression, but in a manner that suggests his tongue is in cheek.
* In explaining the RedHeadedStepchild idea, the backstory of ''Literature/ThePrisonerOfZenda'' also falls into Chocolate Baby. In the 18th century, the prince of {{Ruritania}} visited England and met the beautiful wife of a certain English nobleman. The two men fought a duel, the prince leaving the country with serious wounds and the Englishman later dying of a chill. Some months later, the wife gave birth to a red-headed child and it wasn't much of a mystery who his real father was. Thus, it's been an embarrassment to their family since then whenever someone is born with red hair.
* In the short story "Désirée's Baby" by Kate Chopin, a foundling girl who appears to be white marries, and has a baby who's obviously mixed. [[spoiler:After her husband turns her out, Désirée apparently kills herself and the child. At the end of the story, it's revealed—in a letter written by his mother—that the ''husband'' is the one who's mixed. He burns the letter to protect his good name.]]
* In ''Passing'', Nella Larson's exploration of black women who engage in or resist passing themselves off as white, the fear passing women have of giving birth to children who could not pass comes up in conversation.
* Jewel in ''Literature/AsILayDying'' is [[RedHeadedStepChild red-haired]] and noticeably taller than his father and brothers. It's revealed that he was the lovechild of his mother and the local minister.
* In A.B. Guthrie's novel ''The Big Sky'', Boone's wife gives birth to a red-headed baby, which makes him think she cheated on him with his red-haired friend. In a rage he kills his friend, beats up and abandons his wife, and goes back home to Kentucky... [[spoiler: where he finds out that red hair runs in his family. Whoops.]]
* Used in one of the ''Literature/{{Outlander}}'' books in which Claire saves a white (also possibly married) woman's abandoned child. As a doctor, she's able to identify (despite the child being recently born) that the father was black, and strongly suspects it might have been why the child was abandoned, the setting of the novel being the mid-18th century.
* A rare 'Vanilla Baby' variant in ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'': King Robert Baratheon has black hair. His wife Queen Cersei, is blond, as are all three of their children. Nobody initially thinks anything of it, since there's nothing particularly strange about children resembling their mother. On closer investigation, however, ''all'' of Robert's illegitimate child have black hair. Furthermore, throughout history, every time a black-haired Baratheon fathered a child from a blond woman, the baby had black hair. This is used as proof that that the royal kids aren't his. [[spoiler:They were fathered by the queen's twin brother, Jaime.]]
* In ''Morpho eugenia'' by A. S. Byatt (filmed as ''Angels and Insects''), a brown-haired man married to a blonde woman has lots of blonde children that resemble their mother remarkably much and him not at all. It's not until [[spoiler:he finds her in bed with her brother]] that he really sees the oddness of this.
* The ''Literature/{{Conqueror}}'' books do this with eye colours -- Chagatai, Ogedai, and Tolui all have the same golden eyes as their father, Genghis Khan, but Jochi, the eldest brother, has brown eyes. The fact that Borte fell pregnant with him around the time of her kidnapping doesn't help matters, and Chagatai takes great pleasure in telling everybody that Jochi is a 'Tartar bastard'.
* In ''The Sacrifice of Tamar,'' Tamar's grandchild is born with dark skin. Her Orthodox Jewish son is filled with righteous wrath, believing his wife cheated on him; the daughter-in-law can only cry and deny it. Then Tamar confesses to her son that he was conceived when she was raped by a black man. She never told anyone, because she had made love to her husband that same night and always hoped the baby was his.
* ''Literature/WarriorCats'': Even before it was revealed that Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze are [[spoiler:the kittens of Leafpool and Crowfeather]], everyone already knew it. None of them look anything like [[FieryRedHead Squirrelflight]] and Brambleclaw, except for the eye color of both Squirrelflight and Hollyleaf. Squirrelflight is a ginger cat with green eyes. Brambleclaw is a brown cat with amber eyes. Jayfeather is a gray cat with blue eyes, Hollyleaf is a black cat with green eyes, and Lionblaze is a golden brown cat with amber eyes. [[spoiler:Crowfeather is a black/gray cat with blue eyes. Leafpool is a brown cat with amber eyes. Three guesses who Jayfeather, Hollyleaf, and Lionblaze's real parents are...]]
** There are also Oakheart and Crookedstar. They're both brown, and [[spoiler: their parents, Shellheart and Rainflower, are gray.]]
* In ''Family Tree'' by Barbara Delinsky, Clair, the wife of a man, Hugh, from a very upper-crust white family gives birth to a daughter that has caramel skin. The husband's family (except the grandmother) immediately disowns the child and the husband accuses the wife of cheating and leaves her for a short time, even though a DNA test proves that he is the father. It turns out that [[spoiler: the husband's family ''supposedly'' has black ancestry due to the rumor that the man's grandmother had an affair with her (half) black groundskeeper and became pregnant. When her son was born, he had white features and she promptly passes him off as her husband's child. The grandfather reveals the secret of the alleged affair to his son and he reconciles with his wife and daughter.]]
* ''Literature/{{Wicked}}'': Elphaba's green skin is a testament to her father not being her mother's husband (although in this case potions, rather than genetics, are to blame).
* A rare example of a central character intentionally cheating on her (white) husband with a man of a different race comes from Andrea Levy's most popular novel, ''Literature/SmallIsland''. Also notable in that [[spoiler:Despite his racist beliefs, her husband Bernard wants to keep the baby and raise him together.]]
* The original ''Literature/ForrestGump'' novel ended with Jenny giving birth to one of these, lying to Forrest that it's his, and he's stupid enough to believe it. In the film the son is white and obviously Forrest's.
* In the book ''Literature/WaitingForJune'' the white character is pregnant and everyone assumes her best friend, who is black, is the father, especially when the baby comes out black but it turns out that the father [[spoiler:is Native American and the mother is half black]].
* In the book version of ''Literature/TheHelp'' it's revealed that [[spoiler: Constantine, an old maid that raised Skeeter, was half-white and half-black. Thus when she gave birth to a white child, she eventually had to abandon her, because people kept assuming she'd either kidnapped her or was just the babysitter.]] Years later, the child returns and completely upsets people when they realize the truth.
* One of the [[UsefulNotes/{{Islam}} hadith's]] has a follower of Mohammed complain to him about his wife giving birth to a black child. Mohammed reminds him that he had no complaints when his red camels gave birth to a grey one.
** The man guessed the camels' ancestor was grey aka. recessive genes. Mohammed then replied that maybe same case happening to him (his or his wife's ancestor was black).
* In a weird variation, one character from Creator/LarryNiven's ''Literature/AGiftFromEarth'' was treated like the Chocolate Baby despite having been fathered by a Crew man on a Crew woman, because the man who fathered him had ''had testes transplants'' from an organ-banked Colonist.
* In the epic, ''Literature/JerusalemDelivered'', Clorinda is described as pale skinned, despite the fact that both of her parents are Ethiopians. Apparently, her mother's excessive praying to an icon of St. George caused this (as well as her exception martial skills).
* Featured in the back story of Tanis [[MeaningfulName Half-Elven]] from the ''Literature/DragonLance'' series. His elvish mother and her husband had been ambushed by human mercenaries who murdered her husband and raped her. Her royal brother-in-law was horrified when she gave birth to the clearly half-human Tanis, but still raised him as if he were family even though he constantly [[FantasticRacism faced prejudice for being half-human]] among the generally xenophobic Qualinesti elves.
* Discussed in ''Good Soldier Svejk'' by Yaroslav Hasek. (Since it's set in 1914, Svejk has some odd ideas about how heredity works.)
-->A medico who used to go to The Chalice once told us that it's not quite as simple as all that. A half-breed like that [1/4 Ethiopian, 3/4 Czech] brings half-breeds into the world again and they can't be distinguished from white people. But suddenly in a later generation a [[HaveAGayOldTime negro]] turns up. Imagine the catastrophe! You might get married to a young lady. The filly is quite white and suddenly she gives birth to a negro baby. And if [[ScienceMarchesOn before her ninth month]] she went without you to the Variety Theatre to watch wrestling where a negro was performing, I think the whole thing would give you something to think about.
* Toyed with in Literature/LikeWaterForChocolate: [[spoiler: Tita's FieryRedhead sister Gertrudis runs off with a Revolutionary soldier named Juan... and their firstborn son is dark-skinned ''which neither of his parents is'', so Juan believes Gertrudis is cheating on him. Tita clears this up via showing him some letters that explain the truth: Gertrudis's biological father is an unnamed black man whom [[EvilMatriarch Mama Elena]] [[ParentalMarriageVeto wasn't allowed to marry]], and had a years-long affair with instead. Therefore the "chocolate baby" looks like ''his maternal grandfather'' rather than either of his parents -- save for [[WhatBeautifulEyes his blue-green eyes]], inherited from Gertrudis.]]
* In ''Sarum'', a Neolithic stonemason's wife gives birth to a daughter whose very long toes mark her as the offspring of his neighbor, whose own enlongated toes were also inherited by the neighbor's legitimate children. Unusually, the stonemason accepts the little girl without reservation on the sensible grounds that ''she'' hasn't done anything wrong, but schemes to get even with his wife and her lover.
* Parodied in ''[[Literature/DanShambleZombiePI Slimy Underbelly]]'', in which the villainous EldritchAbomination Ah'Chulhu was born with a tentacled head and a human body. To a CosmicHorror mother, whose husband is outraged by the child's ''human'' features.
* The prologue of ''Silver Phoenix'' has one of the emperor's concubines give birth to an obviously mixed-race baby. A coverup ensues when it becomes clear that the child isn't the emperor's.
* In ''Literature/SecondApocalypse'', Serwe's baby is officially the child of Kellhus, but it's obvious that he's really the son of Cnaiur. Both of the child's official parents are blond and pale, but the child has Cnaiur's darker Scylvendi features. Furthermore, all of Kellhus's actual children share his blond hair, even though ''their'' mother is brunette.
* Used in the short story ''El "Clis" de Sol'' (The "Clis" of the Sun) by Costa Rican author, Manuel González Zeledón, the story deals with a dark-skinned old man whose (also dark-skinned) young wife gave birth to two beautiful twin girls who happen to be white and blond; despite this, the old man is extremely proud of them, and when asked why his daughters are white when both him and his wife are dark-skinned, he laughs it off and says that when his wife was pregnant there was a "[[TitleDrop Clis of the Sun]]" (solar eclipse) and she happened to be outside when it passed, so that's why they're white. When asked how he came to that conclusion, he answers that it was that young Italian teacher who was in the town a several months ago who explained it to him.
* In ''Literature/TheThornBirds'' Father Ralph notices that the oldest Cleary son Frank has black eyes, which is all but impossible given that his mother Fee has gray eyes while his father Paddy has blue. During an argument, Paddy blurts out the fact that Frank is in fact NOT his son, but the result of Fee's affair with a married Maori politician who abandoned her after she got pregnant. Ralph realizes he must have suspected this all along, as not only does Frank's eye color not match his parents or siblings, neither does his stature or coloring--short instead of tall and dark, rather than fair.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'': King Robert Baratheon, his brothers, his forefathers, and even his bastard children all have dark hair. All three of his children by Cersei Lannister are blond. They were fathered by Cersei's twin brother Jaime. Everyone in the Seven Kingdoms knows this but Robert.
* ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'': Barney's mother never married, and is implied to have been fairly... ''[[UnusualEuphemism outgoing]]'' in her fertile years, resulting in Barney being white and his half-brother, James, being black. When Mrs. Stinson gives her two sons a name, "Sam," and an address, the two brothers naturally [[GeneHunting go on a quest to meet one of their fathers.]] When they meet Sam, they discover he's black, meaning he's James's dad, not Barney's. Nevertheless, Barney fails to make the biological connection and assumes Sam is his father, too!
* ''Series/MyNameIsEarl''
** Joy's second child, Earl Jr., was black, despite Joy and Earl both being white (Joy's first child, Dodge, was conceived before they met so he was always treated as not being Earl's biological son). Earl was too shocked at first to really get upset and Joy tried to explain that Earl might have had a "repressed Black gene" in his lineage from his great-grandmother. Earl doesn't really believe it, and asks the doctor to confirm his suspicions (which the doctor does, in no uncertain terms.)
** A later episode had Joy explain to her parents that Earl Jr. was 'reverse albinism' "You know how two black people can have an albino child..."
** The trope was then sent up in the cliffhanger of the final episode, when [[spoiler:everyone thinking that Earl Jr. was Darnell's child, a DNA test reveals he's not the father either. And in a twist of fate, it turned out Earl ''was'' the father of Dodge, conceived at a Halloween party (wearing a costume and mask) and Earl was blind drunk.]]
* On ''Series/DesperateHousewives'', the Hispanic couple Gabby and Carlos had their Asian maid as a surrogate, but the baby turned out to be black. It turned out there had been an embryo mix up and the child wasn't related to them at all.
* Played realistically on an episode of ''Series/{{ER}}'' where Benton, while working in Louisiana as a small-town doctor to make some extra money, and ends up caring for a near-term teenage girl. Her father's racist attitude clues Benton into the fact that it's possible the baby will be mixed-race, in which case, the girl and child might both be in danger. The baby is white when it's born, to the angry relief of the girl's father, but then Benton warns the girl and her mother that it's not always so obvious at first. He arranges for the girl and her newborn daughter to spend a few days in town by claiming the baby is jaundiced (which the grandfather accepts) so that if the baby's skin begins to darken, they'll be safe. It turns out the baby is white, after all, and he sends them home.
* On ''Sophie'', the titular character is devastated when her boyfriend Rick leaves her for her best friend Melissa, especially since Sophie is pregnant with what they all thought was Rick's baby. It turns out Rick wasn't the only one cheating when Sophie gives birth to a black baby. The father is a black man named Andre whom Sophie had a one night stand with.
* In the Season 8 ''Series/LawAndOrder'' episode "Blood", a baby is given up for adoption by her parents because [[spoiler: she's black, really really really dark-skinned, and the parents are evidently white, although it eventually turns out that the father is also black, but so light-skinned that he's been passing for white his entire life, and the man's social-climbing ex-wife killed the second wife, who was trying to reclaim the baby, to keep the secret from getting out so that she wouldn't have to live with the social stigma of having been married to a black man and having borne a son by him, a son who would therefore also be considered black by the one-drop rule and so would presumably have a miserable life from that point onward]]. Whew. A bit for ArtisticLicenseBiology here -- while two mixed-race parents can definitely have a baby darker than either of them, the new wife here was Swedish.
* Referenced in an ''Series/AshesToAshes'' episode -- a suspect's alibi rests on his having been there when the police came to break up the domestic dispute resulting from one of these.
* Done on ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' where Gul Dukat leads a Pah-Wraith cult, which includes a pregnant woman and her husband. She gives birth to an obviously half-Cardassian baby, and everyone believes Dukat when [[FromACertainPointOfView he says it's a miracle]]... at least, until they find out he doesn't intend to commit suicide with the rest of them.
* The ''Series/ColdCase'' episode "Libertyville" plays with this trope as the victim is a black man passing for white who marries a white woman and has a daughter. However, this is not why he was killed. The daughter has white features. She and her mother meet their black relatives during the MedleyExit.
* Done implicitly due to actor selection in ''Series/PowerRangersMysticForce''. Udonna, who looks Irish, has a son with Leanbow, who looks Spanish. The kid, Bowen, looks Arabian, with skin about eight shades darker than either of theirs - a shade fairly close to that of his parents' close friend Daggeron. No comment is made on this matter.
* Waynetta Slob in ''Series/HarryEnfieldAndChums'' feels that she's failing to keep up with the other families in the neighbourhood as she lacks a 'Brown Baby'. So Wayne gets one for her... Waynetta takes out a separation. Wayne then gets a black girlfriend (played by Naomi Campbell), who gives birth to a brown baby that the Slobs adopt after getting back together. In short, it's a very rare ''gender reversal'' example of this trope!
* ''Series/NipTuck'': Christian assumes that the baby Gina is carrying is his, which she claims is true. Big shock when the baby is born and he is black. Very black. Gina, as a sex addict, has had countless different partners. It evolves into a protracted legal battle when Christian wants to be a father to the boy anyway, but Gina doesn't want to share custody with him (since Christian is not the real father). Christian then gets in touch with the biological father so they can have Gina declared unfit as a parent. The father, who is a middle-aged, married man, admits that while he regrets the affair, he and his wife have decided to raise the child by themselves. The judge ultimately accords them custody and cuts out both Gina and Christian.
* ''Series/{{Glee}}'':
** In the first episode, Caucasian Rachel has two dads, one white, one black. She doesn't know which of her fathers is biologically related to her. Justified when her fathers were actually cast; they were played by the white Creator/JeffGoldblum and the light-skinned, mixed-race Brian Stokes Mitchell.
** Referenced when seemingly pregnant, white Terri talks to her sister. Probably an ActorAllusion -- the actress who plays Terri also played Gina in the ''Nip[=/=]Tuck'' example above and both shows were created by Ryan Murphy.
--->'''Terri:''' If I tell you something, do you promise not to tell anyone?\\
'''Kendra:''' Oh my god. Is the baby black?
* ''Series/WhoseLineIsItAnyway'': One game involves enacting generic soap-opera scenes, but as {{Funny Animal}}s, and the child of a bull (Brad Sherwood) and a cow (Ryan Stiles) is described as "something unexpected". [[CrazyAwesome Colin Mochrie]], saddled with this role, squeezes out from between Ryan's thighs... and ''baas''.
-->"You've been sleeping with Carl!... after the Rams game?!... He's covered in WOOL you ''HARLOT!!!''"
* In the Lifetime series ''Any Day Now'', main character Renee had an aunt who was half-white and had married a white man. In the present day, Renee had to meet up with her cousin and the man's wife was shown as a little taken aback to see this lily-white man and black woman being cousins.
* ''Series/{{Californication}}''. One of Hank's one-night stands insists he got her pregnant right up until the baby is born... which is when she (finally) remembers having sex with a hot black Starbucks barista around the same time as her dalliance with Hank.
* In the series 2 finale of ''Series/SeaChange'', Trudi gives birth to a Vietnamese baby, after everyone had spent half a year thinking that the father was Jack, who is white. This winds up being ''better'', because Jack is the ex-husband of Trudi's sister, and it sidesteps the [[{{Squick}} squickiness]] of Jack's children having a half-sibling who is also their cousin.
* In an episode of ''Series/TheDickVanDykeShow'', Rob becomes convinced that their baby, Richie, somehow became switched with someone else's baby at the hospital. He contacts the other people and invites them to their house to discuss the issue. When they come in, they're a black couple with a black kid ... and they think it's pretty funny.
** So did the audience; they laughed so long and hard that the normally single-take scenes featured a very noticeable cut where the audience's reaction suddenly drops off. They tried re-shooting, but once the big reveal was out, the follow-ups just weren't as significant.
* In the US version of ''Series/{{Shameless}}'' Liam Gallaghar is a very dark skinned baby. Everyone assumes that the mother had sex with a black man during one of her drunken episodes. Frank Gallaghar treats the baby with the same care (or lack of) as his other children and it's never an issue for anyone. When tests are finally done [[spoiler: it is revealed that Frank is actually the father, thus [[SubvertedTrope subverting the trope]]. His grandmother supposedly had an affair with a black man.]]
* Subverted in the second series final of ''Series/KathAndKim''. When Kim's baby, who none of the main cast have seen yet, is brought in, she's Indian. Cue flashback to seven episodes earlier when Kim tried to seduce an Indian waiter the night she got back together with Brett. Then a nurse comes in and apologizes for the mix-up.
* Done on ''Series/BlueHeelers''. The woman, a high school teacher, claims that her baby is a result of recessive genes, as her grandmother was Maori. Neither her husband, the hospital staff or the police are fooled, and it's soon confirmed that she's been having an affair with an Aboriginal student.
* On ''Series/{{Sisters}}'', Teddy's [[note]]short for "Theodora"[[/note]] fiance Dr. Sorenson has an ex-girlfriend who is pregnant with "his" baby. When the baby comes out, it's part-Asian. Dr. Sorenson is relieved, and doesn't hold a grudge.
* In the miniseries adaptation of Armistead Maupin's ''Literature/TalesOfTheCity,'' society wife [=DeDe=] has cheated on her husband, Beauchamp, with a Chinese grocery boy -- and gotten pregnant. Though she goes to great lengths to keep the secret, she breaks down and confesses to a friend during a visit to an art gallery that she's got good reason to fear that the betrayal will be obvious once everyone sees the baby. The friend assumes this means the baby will be brown, but [=DeDe=], increasingly upset, says no, it won't be brown. When the friend asks what color the baby ''will'' be, [=DeDe=], now too upset to speak, points at a nearby painting -- a solid yellow canvas.
* A recurring sketch on ''Series/RowanAndMartinsLaughIn'' involved the Farkel Family -- a huge family of rhymingly named red-headed, glasses-wearing children belonging to the dark-haired Fanny Farkel and her oblivious, equally dark-haired husband Frank (Jo Anne Worley and Dan Rowan). The entire family is introduced to visitors one after another along with their trusted friend and neighbor, the red-headed, glasses-wearing Fred (Dick Martin), who complements Frank on his "fine-looking family."
* On ''Series/ThePractice'', a woman was accused of murdering her husband. Her neighbor alibied her, and she was acquitted. This trope comes in because [[spoiler: the woman was nine months pregnant, insisted on going through the trial even when she was in labor, and would not take a plea deal. She was white, as was her dead husband. The neighbor who alibied her was African-American. The acquittal happened just before she was rushed to the hospital... where she delivered a dark-skinned baby.]]
* One episode of ''Series/TooCute'' focused on a family of Siberians: proud white and gray-furred parents Maksim and Solomeya... and their litter of black-and-white kittens, whom the narrator notes look more like the handsome black tom next door. Oops?
* On ''Series/SwitchedAtBirth'', one of the main characters is abandoned by her father in her early childhood because of this trope—the Latina mother can't explain to the dark-featured Italian father why they have a pale-skinned, red-haired, blue-eyed baby. (It turns out that [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin she was switched at birth]] with another baby, who grows up dark and busty in a houseful of pale, waifish redheads. ''Her'' parents explained away her strange coloring as a sudden recurrence of the family's Italian heritage.)
* A variation in ''Series/{{Roots}}''. When Kunta Kinte finds Fanta as an adult, she refuses to have sex with him since she is her master's bedmate and any children she has have to be brown (indicating that they are the product of a mixed race couple).
* A sketch on ''Series/ChappellesShow'' has Dave quitting his job after Oprah announces him to be the father of her child. She apologizes when the baby turns out to look just like Dr. Phil. Cue Dave saying "Stedman, we gonna get this bitch."
* ''Series/CallTheMidwife'':
** In this BBC series, there's a classic case [[spoiler:with the heartwarming twist that the husband accepts what happened and dotes on his newborn son even though the kid couldn't be any more obviously unrelated to him. (The husband was in his 50s and it was a second marriage for both of them; he had lost his first wife to cancer and never had any children, so he was simply happy to be a father.)]]
** Played straight in a Series 3 episode where [[spoiler: a mother knows her child is not her husband's but a black man. When her husband finds out he is angry and the baby is put up for adoption. To make matters worse, the traumatised woman has to lie that the baby was stillborn.]]
* ''Series/InLivingColor'' had a recurring skit called the "The Dysfunctional Home Show". One episode featured the wedding of the pregnant (white) daughter and her black groom. During the ceremony, she goes into labor and gives birth to a white baby. When the angry groom demands to know why the baby is white, every white man -- including the priest -- bolts from the room.
* In the ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' parody of the ''Music/InsaneClownPosse'' song Miracles:
-->'''Thrilla Killa Klown:''' Ass Dan's kids look just like Ass Dan! And my two kids look just like Ass Dan! ''[gets a confused look for a second]''
* On ''Series/ArrestedDevelopment'', Michael meets a white and black gay couple who gave their sperm to a white woman who would act as a surrogate for them. They say they mixed sperm from each of them together because they don't want to know which of them is the father. Michael looks at them incredulously, obviously thinking that the presence or absence of this trope, when the time comes, will give it away.
* Discussed in a "Six Million Dollar Man & Bionic Woman" sketch on ''Series/TheBennyHillShow'': Steve asks Jamie if she cheated on him because neither of them have red hair but their kid has bright red hair. She blames rust from their bionic parts.
* In the ''Series/BlackMirror'' episode "[[Recap/BlackMirrorWhiteChristmas White Christmas]]", a white couple break up because she becomes pregnant and wants to have an abortion over his objections. In this world, however, a break-up can involve being "blocked", which means they can neither see nor hear each other, appearing only as outlines on each other's AugmentedReality [[ElectronicEyes eye implants]]. Seeing her outline is enough for him to realize she hadn't gone through with the abortion, and to know when she's had the baby (who is similarly blocked). He watches the child grow up for years, embittered that he was being kept from his own daughter. Eventually, the mother dies, lifting the block, and when he actually sees the girl for the first time, it's obvious one of her parents was East Asian.
* Averted with Hyde from ''Series/That70sShow'' when it is revealed in one of the later seasons that his mother's husband wasn't his biological father, his biological father was a black man that owns a record store franchise. He jokes that his mother must have been relieved the he "came out white". Everyone acts awkwardly around Hyde's father when they find out, except Hyde himself.
-->'''William Bartnett:''' Hi, I'm Hyde's father. I'm black, and that's okay.
* ''Series/TheBoldAndTheBeautiful'' put a twist on a standard "Who's The Daddy" storyline after Amber drunkenly slept with both Caucasian boyfriend Rick and African-American best friend Raymond at separate intervals. She grew more and more terrified as her due date approached, knowing that if Raymond turned out to be the father, it would be very obvious. Ironically, it turned out Rick was the father after all.
* ''Series/InspectorGeorgeGently'': In "Gently in the Blood", the VictimOfTheWeek is a single mother with a dark-skinned baby. Attempting to ascertain the identity of the father forms a major part of the investigation. It ultimately turns out to be her boyfriend, who dumped her after the baby was born, not believing it to be his. The father was actually half-Arab, but unaware of this.
* ''Series/NewTricks'': Plays a role in the solution to "The Curate's Egg". A Polish woman had an affair with the black son of TheVicar. When she became pregnant, she married her boyfriend, hoping the baby would be white and she could claim it was his. The baby was not white.
* Used in an Creator/EugenioDerbez sketch of "La Familia P. Luche", in which Ludovico and his wife tell their young son the story of him being born:
-->'''Ludovico:''' When you going to be born, ''I just [[ExactWords couldn't believe]]'' I was going to be a father!\\
''[flashback of Ludovico with his then pregnant wife]''\\
'''Ludovico:''' Oh no! That child is not mine! I'm pretty sure it's of that Japanese ex-boyfriend of yours!\\
''[back to the present, cue a close-up shot of the very Asian-looking kid]''
* In the ''Series/OnlyFoolsAndHorses'' episode "From Prussia With Love", Del and Rodney befriend a pregnant German girl who doesn't want her baby, and Del concocts a scheme to sell the baby to the Boyces, who are having trouble conceiving. In the end, it turns out the father of the child is West Indian. Marlene wants to go ahead, but Boycie doesn't see how they can claim it's theirs.
-->'''Marlene:''' We could say it's a throwback.\\
'''Boycie:''' For God's sake, Marlene! I might be able to con people into buying my cars, I might even be able to convince them you conceived and gave birth in seven days flat, but how the hell am I going to persuade them my granddad was Louis Armstrong?
* ''Series/{{Maury}}'':
** Apparently TruthInTelevision: An [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SflqPlSQElw episode]] featured a white woman who cheated on her also-white husband with a black man, had his baby, and passed it off as her husband's. The boy was clearly mixed-race, but her husband was fully convinced he was his son and was devastated by the obvious DNA test results. You kind of feel sorry for the guy when he breaks down crying, even if you can't help but wonder how this got past him in the first place.
** There was another episode where two white parents had two very dark-skinned black children. Since the woman had cheated around the time of their pregnancy they were afraid that they were both unsure of the father. However it turns out her husband ''was'' their father, as the segment ends with Maury telling the audience [[AnAesop how not everything is what it seems]].
* ''Series/HopeAndFaith'' has an episode where the sisters' father had a fling with Faith's friend Mandy, and Mandy shows up pregnant. He decides to marry her to care for his child. Then she goes into labour at the wedding, and the baby is black. Naturally the wedding is off.
* Addressed in ''{{Series/Shadowhunters}}'' when Clary finds out [[spoiler: Valentine is her father]]. She tries to suggest that Luke might be her real father, due to his affair with Jocelyn in the past. Luke is black by the way, and points out that they'd probably ''know'' if he was her father - since Clary is an extremely fair-skinned redhead.
* In ''{{Series/Versailles}}'', the lily-white Queen of France and her even paler husband King Louis XIV are hoping their child turns out to be a boy, but the queen is nervous about her pregnancy and doesn't want many people there to see it. As it turns out, the day of the birth everyone has to be kicked out of the delivery room because the baby is not only a girl- she's also half black.
* In ''{{Series/Poldark}}'', [[spoiler: Elizabeth gives birth to a dark haired son a month early who is probably Ross's child, not her husband George's.]]
* A humorous fan-theory about ''Series/TheCosbyShow'' invokes this trope to explain why the two eldest daughters Sandra and Denise are significantly lighter-skinned than the rest of the family. It's suggested that during Claire's law school days, she had an ongoing affair with a white classmate or professor, and thus the girls are actually biracial like their actresses. The irony (or FridgeBrilliance) of this theory is that interracial dating was [[MonochromeCasting something of a taboo]] on the show.

* The calypso song "Man Smart (Woman Smarter)", popularized by Harry Belafonte, contains a mini-story about a Jamaican man who goes with his wife to the hospital, but when the baby is born, its eyes are blue - meaning it's not his child.
* The song by Mecano ''Hijo de la Luna'' tells the sad story of a Gypsy woman who prays to the moon for a husband. The moon says she will have a Gypsy husband, but that she must sacrifice her firstborn child to the moon. When the child is born, it is entirely white, like an albino - not cinnamon-colored like either of its parents. The father thinks he has been tricked, and stabs his wife to death, and abandons the baby on the hillside. [[TheChessmaster The moon happily adopts the baby.]]
* The narrator of Music/TheWho's "Substitute": "I look all white, but my dad was black".
* In Music/RayStevens' "Fred", the title dog (whom Ray treats as a human friend) brings home a female dog who is pregnant. In the final verse, Fred gets hit by a car just before the female dog gives birth. Ray then remarks, "Now old Fred's gone and I'm kinda glad / 'Cause if he were here now he'd sure be mad / 'Cause ain't one of them pups looks anything like him."
* Music/SteelyDan's "Haitian Divorce": "it changed, it grew, and everybody knew." This after a "divorce" which just consisted of the wife flying down to Haiti and partying for a few days.
* The Sonora Santanera's [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-5xhGx2TBw "Capullo y Sorullo"]] tell the story of a marriage, the eponymous Capullo(the wife) Sorullo(the husband) who are very very white, and very very blonde("like butter") and have 9 children, eight are blond like them, but the ninth end up being black. PlayedForLaughs, as when Sorullo eventually asks to Capullo about it, turns out the black kid was the only one that was his.
* "Lil' Nigga Ain't Mine" by Jaheim is about a "vanilla" baby. The baby is described as a light-skinned, light-eyed, redhead baby. Both Jaheim and his girlfriend are dark skinned.
* A variation: "Embarassment" by Music/{{Madness}} is, according to WordOfGod, about racist '''parents''' being angry that their daughter has had a mixed-race baby.
* Italian popular folk song "Tammurriata nera", written in 1944, is about a Neapolitan woman giving birth to a black baby, much to the neighbors' shock. The song implies that, during that period, many women had sex with American soldiers for money (when it was consensual, of course).
* In the music video for "Can't Truss It" by Music/PublicEnemy, a married black woman in the 1800's is raped by 3 white men, and becomes pregnant as a result. She never tells her husband about the rape, and he's all excited about having a baby with her. The truth comes out when she gives birth, and he is absolutely crushed. To add insult to injury, one of the white men who raped her gives her husband a sort of PostRapeTaunt.

[[folder:Pro wrestling]]
* The trope was never outright used but suggested by commentators relating to Valentina Laree, who looked nothing like the rest of her "[[UnrelatedBrothers family]]"([[Wrestling/MickieJames more peachy brunettes and fairly brown Powhatan Amerindians]])

* ''Radio/ThisAmericanLife'' had an episode called ''Slow To React'', which featured a mixed-race man who had been born to a white girl who got pregnant in high school, she quickly married her white boyfriend, never mentioning that she'd also been sleeping with a black classmate. When the baby was born, he seemed light-skinned enough that she figured she was in the clear. Over the next few months, his skin darkened, but by then, everyone was used to thinking of him as white. Even when it became painfully obvious, no one wanted to say it out loud. He was in college before he really admitted to himself that he was part black.

* Creator/WilliamShakespeare uses this one in ''Theatre/TitusAndronicus,'' in which the empress Tamora gives birth to a black child, the son of MagnificentBastard Aaron the Moor rather than Tamora's husband Saturninus. Tamora's sons (by her first husband) want the baby killed, but Aaron prevents them from doing so. Then he kills the midwife to make sure no one knows what happens and lies to the emperor that the baby was stillborn.
* An old Venezuelan play, ''Salto Atras'', plays with this: The baby from the marriage between a very white upper-class girl and her very white and German husband is born dark-skinned. The girl swears that she didn't commit adultery, so her stiff and [[ValuesDissonance comically bigoted parents]] try to dispose of the baby and [[SwitchedAtBirth find a whiter one to replace him]] before her husband finds out, while they try to discover if there are any "dark secrets" in the family tree who can explain this happening. They couldn't make the switcheroo, but when the husband meets the baby he is delighted. Turns out that his grandmother was a SassyBlackWoman from the coastal town of Barlovento who was imported to Germany by his grandfather out of love, so the baby reminded him of the mulatto relatives his in-laws haven't met yet.
* In one production of ''Goldilocks and the Three Bears'', the adult bear costumes were brown, but Baby Bear's costume was white. When Papa Bear asked, "Who's been sleeping in my bed?", a man in the audience said, "Well might he ask."

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/BaldursGate'', a human man is tipped off about his human wife having an affair with party member [[TheCasanova Coran]] by the fact she ''somehow'' managed to have a half-elven baby.
* Dagram Thaurissan and Moira Bronzebeard will have one in ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft''.
* ''VideoGame/TheSims'':
** Can happen in ''VideoGame/TheSims2'' (responsible for ''Machinima/TheStrangerhood'' above) even if you've ensured the skin color of both parents, supervised the... conception... and played that family to full term. It's a bug, but still funny. ''Sims 2'' is really horrible at determining genetics with integrity. This is why some stickler-for-detail storytellers have resorted to using [=SimPE=] to retcon pre-created children's histories, rather than play the family out the recommended way.
** Another possible cause is user-made custom skintones that have been modified to abide by the game's genetics system, but were assigned weird values.
** ''VideoGame/TheSims3'' is a little better at mixing genes of parents together, since it operates on either-or range sliders rather than an either-or default skintone assignment. Meaning, two parents of the same range slider can have a child that is the average of slide values on that same slider. Hair color, however, operates on a LamarckWasRight basis. And is also prone to weird bugs.
* In ''VideoGame/MaxPayne 3'', during the chapter in the football stadium you can stop to watch TV. One of the [[ShowWithinAShow fictional shows]] is ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xz0FAcz0nME Amor e Damas]]'', a [[SoapWithinAShow parody]] of Brazilian ''[[SoapOpera telenovelas]]'' in which the [[ShockingSwerve shocking reveal]] is the pregnant woman, after getting into a fight with [[YourCheatingHeart her husband's mistress]] and going into labor, giving birth to a curupira (a creature from Brazilian folklore with ginger hair and backwards feet).
* According to [[http://unrealitymag.com/index.php/2010/10/29/why-fable-3-is-an-embarrassment-to-video-games/ this article]], it's possible for this to happen in ''VideoGame/FableIII''.
* ''VideoGame/GoldenSunDarkDawn'': Amiti is the only white boy in [[FantasyCounterpartCulture Thailand-counterpart]] Ayuthay. Furthermore, he's a blue-haired Adept in a nation of dark-haired non-Adepts. And he's ''still'' shocked to learn that [[HeroicBastard he was fathered by a foreigner]].
* In-universe in ''VideoGame/KnightsOfTheOldRepublicII'', The Handmaiden is this to other Echani, since her species has little genetic variation so full-blooded same-sex siblings look like identical twins. She takes after her non-Echani mother, a Jedi named Arren Kae, who is strongly implied to be [[spoiler:Kreia]], who was not married to her father. This makes her stand out like a sore thumb next to her full-blooded Echani half-sisters, even though [[OnlySixFaces the game itself uses the same model for all of them]]. When questioned about this by the player character The Handmaiden expresses surprise since non-Echani rarely tend to notice the difference.
* In ''VideoGame/{{Xenogears}}'', Elly believes herself to be this, being a purple-eyed redhead with two blond, blue eyed parents and is convinced that her father's wife is not her real mother, and believes she's actually the daughter of her childhood nanny, a "[[FantasticRacism Lamb]]" (surface dweller) woman. Her parents themselves never seem to think twice about her being their daughter, and in the end it turns out to be because Elly is the {{Reincarnation}} of Elhaym, one of the first humans on the planet, and looks the same in every incarnation regardless of her parents.
* Pretty much the entire plot of ''VideoGame/FiveNightsAtFreddysSisterLocation'''s ShowWithinAShow, ''The Immortal and the Restless'', centers around this trope: Vlad the vampire insists that Clara's baby cannot possibly be his son. Despite the very ''obvious'' signs that this trope is averted.
* In ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'' Lissa feared she was this since she didn't have the [[BirthmarkOfDestiny Brand of the Exalt]] anywhere on her body like her brother and sister did. [[spoiler: Her KidFromTheFuture Owain ''does'' have the Brand, proving she really was a member of the royal family. It's further confirmed in ''VideoGame/FireEmblemFates'', where Owain/Odin's daughter Ophelia ''also'' has the Brand (and if Shigure or a male Kana are fathered by Owain/Odin, they ''also'' have it on them).]]
* Can be done accidentally with the Human Noble in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins''. Most of the origins have at least one unseen parent who the PlayerCharacter might conceivably take after (the only other exception is the City Elf, whose MissingMom makes a cameo in DLC). Bryce and Eleanor Cousland, however, are both quite pale, leading to some incongruity if their child has one of the darker skin tones available in character creation.
* Averted in ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 4}}: Sean will always look like a mixture between the races and skintones of Nate and Nora, regardless of how you customize them.

[[folder:Web Animation]]
* This occurs at the end of ''Machinima/TheStrangerhood'' for [[spoiler:Dutchmiller and Catherine. Their kid looks disturbingly like Dr. Chalmers, the only African-American in the cast.]]

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* When Aeris plays the Moogle mating game in ''Webcomic/FinalFantasyVIITheSevening'', Cloud points out there's one yellow moogle among the white and pink ones.
-->'''Aeris:''' MOGRITA, YOU WHORE!
* [[http://www.loadingartist.com/2013/01/23/salty-tears/ This]] ''Loading Artist'' manages to make it literal ''and'' inappropriate.
* In one of the ''Webcomic/SomethingPositive'' 1930s strips ([[http://www.somethingpositive.net/sp1937010.shtml this one]], to be exact), where black midwife Hetty is delivering a white girl's illegitimate baby, and the girl's parents freak out when it's a black child, ''blaming her'' for "getting the black all over that baby" when she delivered it. As she replied: "Woman, I pull 'em out. I don't put 'em in."
* ''Webcomic/DanAndMabsFurryAdventures'':
** Abel is revealed to be an extreme complicated version of this in his side comic. Specifically, Abel is born with wings, something that is not at all unheard of in the setting but is unusual and indicates that his parents couldn't really have had them. He and his mom receive large amounts of flack over this from everyone but his father steadfastly believes that she was faithful. As part of TheReveal Abel finds out that [[spoiler: his dad is a shapeshifter who killed his mom's real husband and has been impersonating him since before Abel was born. Abel's wings and other oddities are part of his race's ShapeshifterDefaultForm]].
** It's also heavily insinuated that this is the case with Devin, since his father [[http://www.missmab.com/Comics/Abel_50.php took one look at him and walked out the door]]. This has naturally led to [[EpilepticTrees rampant speculation]] among fans.
* A sort-of example in ''Webcomic/VinciAndArty''; Vinci is a raccoon. His parents are chihuahuas. Arty assumes Vinci must have been adopted, but it turns out both his parents had "recessive raccoon genes" from further back, so Vinci is "a pureblooded raccoon, but I could have registered as a pureblooded chihuahua".
--> Artist's Note: Fortunately, Russ knew the mailman was a three-toed sloth.
* Implied in ''Webcomic/TheKennyChronicles'' with Death Golden-her parents are baboons and she's a lemming. Her name comes from the heart attack she gave her "dad".
* ''Webcomic/SaturdayMorningBreakfastCereal'':
** Pre-empted in [[http://www.smbc-comics.com/index.php?db=comics&id=1993#comic this strip]].
%%** [[https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=507464485941234&set=a.456449604376056.98921.367116489976035&type=1&relevant_count=1&ref=nf This one]] approaches the concept from a ... [[JustForPun different angle]]. Link Broken
** [[http://www.smbc-comics.com/index.php?db=comics&id=1041#comic This]] [[IWantGrandkids strip]] does it in the bonus comic (put the mouse over the red dot).
* In ''Webcomic/{{Krakow}}'' Guinness is the only naga in a family of humanoid demons. At one point her older sister tries to convince her that her mom had an affair with the mailman but it's later shown that her maternal great-grandma is also a naga so it was just recessive.
* Very... odd example in ''Dueling Analogs'' [[http://www.duelinganalogs.com/comic/2010/11/24/other-m-part-iii/ here]]. In this case, it's because Samus is part Metroid. The bigger questions is: what is she doing with ''Mega Man'' and how did he even ''expect'' the baby to be his? He's a ''robot''. The more you think about that comic the less sense it makes.
* In ''Webcomic/PokemonX'', it's indicated that [[spoiler: Brendan gets his white hair from Mailman Joe.]]
* Justified in ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'' with [[HospitalHottie Dr. Edward Bunnigus]]. Because her parents are severely inbred, eugenics laws mandated that they have [[DesignerBabies genetically-tailored]] children instead of natural. They wanted a daughter with the body of a stripper and the intelligence of a brain surgeon, and don't mind at all that she's black.
* Reynir from ''Webcomic/StandStillStaySilent'' is a strange inversion, since he is the only one of five siblings who is actually genetically related to both his parents. He is the youngest of five children, and is a GreenEyedRedhead (like his father) where his four siblings are blue-eyed and dark-haired. His siblings are proto-DesignerBabies, created from ova and sperm taken from donors immune to ThePlague, whereas he was unplanned and natural (when he is depressed, he describes himself as "a mistake"). While Reynir has no doubt that his family loves him, he resents the fact that he isn't immune, and therefore can't do a lot of things his older siblings can.
* ''Webcomic/{{Oglaf}}'' has [[http://oglaf.com/misbegats/ this subversion]]. The queen has a surrogate mother bear her royal heir, but one of the "twins" is [[FishPeople an egg]], causing the queen to question its legitimacy. [[SwitchedAtBirth Note that the midwife is a fish woman.]]
* Strongly implied in ''Webcomic/{{Blindsprings}}'': Princess Tamaura is the youngest child and the only redhead in her family. She is also a strong nexus of Orphic power in an imperial line that is clearly dying out and the AltText describes her as raised in a cloister. Her older sister Ariana is enraged that Tamaura has usurped her place as the high priestess, a position that appears to be reserved for the youngest child, and refers to Tammy as a "pretender". All of this leads to a lot of muttering about "Bastards at Court" behind Tammy's back where she can hear it.
* ''Webcomic/{{Erfworld}}'': Played with. Due to the mechanics of Erfworld, every Ruler is a TrulySingleParent; they choose to have their capital produce a child, and roughly sixty turns later the child is popped. Normally, the child looks and acts very similar to their parent, just like the real world. However, when Queen Jillian of Faq pops a son, he looks and acts quite a lot like the Transylvitan warlord who Jillian has been sleeping with. He even has the flight special, which is ''very'' rare for warlords out of Transylvito.


[[folder:Web Original]]
* ''LetsPlay/PlagueAndTreacheryOnTheOregonTrail'' contained an adulterous woman who tells her husband that their son isn't black, he just has Melanism. It turns out [[spoiler: he really does. However, he's still not the husband's son.]]
* Parodied in ''WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick'' with the "Baby Daddy Surprise" doll. The commercial has Dan exclaim that the dark-skinned baby doll in Elisa's arms isn't his child, then storm off to tattle on her.
-->'''Lindsay:''' ''[offscreen]'' With Baby Daddy Surprise, it's ''always'' a surprise!
* One ''Rage Comic'' has a woman having a black child. She tries to explain, but her husband -- white as a snowdrift, by the way -- is ecstatic because he thinks his son's "Gonna be an All-Star!"
* During LetsPlay/TheRunawayGuys' ''VideoGame/WiiParty'' series, they play a minigame involving rocking babies to sleep. [[LetsPlay/ProtonJon Jon]] ends up with a baby with noticeably darker skin than his Mii, leading to a lot of jokes along these lines:
--> "I'm going to have a hard time explaining this one to my girlfriend..."
* [[http://www.cracked.com/photoplasty_668_if-everyday-objects-went-to-war_p2/?view=article "If Everyday Objects Went to War" # 15]] from ''Website/{{Cracked}}''. A spoon gives birth to a spork. Her husband is not pleased.
* Played with in the ''WebOriginal/FurryBasketballAssociation'': Bruce Bounder's mother is a hare, and when she got pregnant by one of her [[ReallyGetsAround many boyfriends]], [[ShotgunWedding she gets married to the suspected father]], who is rabbit. When Bruce is born, he's pure hare, which means his mother got married to the wrong guy. His father is not pleased and never forgives Bruce for it, going so far as [[IHaveNoSon refusing to allow Bruce to use his patronymic.]] Bruce refuses to put his girlfriend's kids through the same thing and is a dad to both of them, even though he knows one isn't his for similar reasons.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Done in a somewhat literal way as a gag in the Creator/WarnerBros cartoon "Porky's Poppa" (1938), where Porky, "delivering" swaddled bottles of milk from a cow, discreetly overlooks the chocolate one.
* Joseph Gribble on ''WesternAnimation/KingOfTheHill'', who has obvious Native American features despite both his parents supposedly being white. His "father" Dale, usually an [[ConspiracyTheorist overly-suspicious nut]], is completely oblivious to the fact that his wife has been cheating with her "massage therapist" John Redcorn for the majority of their marriage. When Peggy learns of the affair (one of the last people to do so, told by Hank, who'd up to this point assumed she'd been aware all along but, like everyone else, was keeping quiet), she mentions Nancy claiming that Dale's grandmother was Jamaican. His conspiracy theorizing eventually kicked in for his son, so now he "knows" that his son is... an ''alien''!!! [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Born by impregnating Nancy with stolen sperm. Stolen from Dale.]] On another occasion, he finally realizes that Joseph looks different, and has a [[PsychicDreamsForEveryone psychic dream]] where he sees an Indian man having sex with Nancy. His conclusion?
-->'''Dale:''' I must be an Indian! That explains why I like tobacco so much! And hate the federal government so much!
* In the Disney cartoon "Ugly Duckling", [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar the duckling's father accuses the mother of cheating]]. After a short fight, they separate.
* A ''WesternAnimation/RobotChicken'' sketch features the Potato Heads in the delivery room. She gives birth to a carrot. After an awkward moment of silence, Mr. Potato Head looks at her, horrified, and spouts "You... ''whore!''"
* ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'':
** A particularly warped version turns up, in which Brian is thought to have impregnated Carter Pewterschmidt's prize-winning greyhound -- but when the puppies are born, they all look like ''Ted Turner''. This is HilariousInHindsight since TBS and Creator/AdultSwim now syndicate ''Family Guy'', but did not at the time of the original airing.
** When Peter destroys his TV, he decides to create his own InUniverse sitcom where he fathered a black child, called ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IWSCJ28Vp6w My Black Son]]'', who also happens to be a ninja.
* Similarly, an episode of ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' has the boys trying to crossbreed Cartman's pig with Kyle's elephant so they'll get pig-sized elephants. When the pig finally gives birth... "Hey. It kinda looks like Mr. Garrison."
* In ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond'' Mary and Warren [=McGinnis=], both redheads, have two black-haired sons. A popular fan theory is that this is the reason for their divorce. An odd example, because while he ''is'' the father, "[[FullyAbsorbedFinale Epilogue]]," an episode of ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeagueUnlimited'', reveals that [[spoiler:Warren [=McGinnis's=] reproductive DNA was overwritten with Bruce Wayne's without anybody's knowledge in an attempt to produce another Batman, making Terry and Matt Bruce's ''genetic'' sons despite being conceived by Warren]]. This wasn't intended initially, the writers came up with the idea after someone realized the genetic impossibility.
* Vaguely implied in ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'', of all shows: Cup Cake (earth pony) gives birth to a unicorn and a pegasus. Her husband Carrot Cake (also earth pony) gives an explanation involving far-back genetics and a relative who isn't even related by blood. Once he finishes the explanation he gives the audience a nervous AsideGlance and says, [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar "That makes sense, right?"]] That said, his unicorn daughter Pumpkin Cake does share his color scheme (same color mane and fur), and neither of them bears much resemblance to their ''mother'' either. And something like what Carrot described ''must'' have been going on in order for both of those pony types to have arisen even if Cup ''had'' cheated on Carrot with either a unicorn or a pegasus, as all the [[WingedUnicorn alicorns]] known to exist are female.
** Also Pinkie Pie; her father is brown, and her mother is silver, but, for some reason, she came out pink. Her twin sister Marble looks much more like the rest of the family, so presumably it's another weird genetic thing.
* ''WesternAnimation/RockosModernLife'' has this as a background joke. Near the end of the series, Filburt (a turtle) and his (cat) wife had several children... one of whom looked like Filburt's cow friend Heffer. The implied reason was that [[LamarckWasRight Heffer sat on the egg for them]].
* In ''WesternAnimation/MoralOrel'', Clay and Bloberta Puppington are brunettes. Their older son Orel is also brunette. The younger son Shapey? Blond. That was an early hint that Shapey's real father was Coach Stopframe. It's likewise hinted that Block Posabule and Lunchbox Hymentact were the same by their own non-matching hair colors, but this is never confirmed.
* [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar Wordlessly]] [[InvokedTrope invoked]] in ''WesternAnimation/TheAmazingWorldOfGumball'' episode "The Wicked": one of the [[ForTheEvulz pointless acts of cruelty]] Mrs. Robinson commits is switching the name labels on two very different-looking babies[[note]]"Different-looking" as in one family were [[CartoonCreature geometric shapes]], the other were [[AnthropomorphicFood living pizzas]].[[/note]] in a maternity ward. When their parents pick them up, each father looks at "their" baby, looks at the other father, [[MistakenForCheating shoots a furious look at their wife, and starts a brawl with the other father]].
* In the ''WesternAnimation/{{Thundercats}}'' episode "Leah", the title character's facial markings suggest that she is part-Cheetah since Cheetara (who is pure Cheetah) has similar markings. However, neither of Leah's parents have such markings, though the possibility that one or both of them might have Cheetah ancestry which showed up in their daughter's facial features cannot be ruled out.

[[folder:Real Life]]
* Often comes up on talk shows, where a black or part-black man will insist a light-skinned child can't be his. Usually, he'll get a reminder that this isn't the case, especially right after birth.
* [[http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/2115522.stm This]] 2002 news story tells of a mix-up at an IVF clinic that resulted in a white couple receiving black twins -- [[SwitchedAtBirth Switched Before Birth]]?
* Due to genetics, it is not unknown for couples both of whom are mixed-race to produce children who look much less racially mixed than either of them, in either direction.
** There have even been [[http://www.hoax-slayer.com/black-white-twins.html incidents]] in which couples have given birth to non-identical twins where one was apparently white, and the other black. [[http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/sep/24/twins-black-white Another example of black and white twins.]]
** A less-innocent example [[http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/9438648/ns/dateline_nbc/t/worlds-least-alike-twins/ here]]; both the mother's husband's sperm and the sperm of an ethnically-African man were used in the in-vitro fertilization. The likely cause was accidental contamination.
* A famous example is [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sandra_Laing Sandra Laing]] -- the "Black Afrikaner" -- who was the natural daughter of two conservative white Afrikaner parents in [[UsefulNotes/TheApartheidEra Apartheid South Africa]].
* There's a historical anecdote about a white upper class woman who lived in West India in the 17th century. She gave birth to a black child that died shortly after birth -- people put the blame on her drinking too much chocolate during her pregnancy. (So it was a real ChocolateBaby then.) Nobody ever suspected that the black male slave serving the chocolate to her bedroom might have had something to do with it.
* An inversion of the typical setup: a British Nigerian couple [[http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/3060907/Black-parents-give-birth-to-white-baby.html gave birth to a white, blue eyed baby girl.]]
* There was a special on cheaters on Discovery Health channel and there was a Chinese-American woman who was married to a Chinese-American man. However, they had trouble having children. She began having an affair with a black man and her husband did not find out until she had a dark skinned baby.
* [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mary_Boykin_Chesnut Mary Chestnut]], an upper-class Southern woman (her husband, James Chestnut, Jr. was a Senator from South Carolina before the war, and was a member of the Confederate Congress and a general during it) from a slaveholding family, kept a diary during the UsefulNotes/TheAmericanCivilWar. [[BestKnownForTheFanservice One of the things it's most remembered for]] is a comment on the situation of slave owners raping their female slaves and fathering children with them (who would become slaves themselves):
-->''This is only what I see: like the patriarchs of old, our men live all in one house with their wives & their concubines, & the Mulattos one sees in every family exactly resemble the white children -- & every lady tells you who is the father of all the Mulatto children in everybody's household, but [[ImplausibleDeniability those in her own, she seems to think drop from the clouds or pretends so to think]].
* In Greece, a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl named Maria was taken from a swarthy UsefulNotes/{{Romani}} family when people couldn't believe that they had such a fair-skinned daughter. [[http://www.cnn.com/2013/10/22/world/europe/greece-mystery-girl/index.html DNA tests]] proved that Maria was not their biological daughter...[[http://www.cbsnews.com/news/dna-tests-prove-roma-couple-in-bulgaria-are-parents-of-maria/ and that her her actual parents]] [[DoubleSubversion were also swarthy Romani.]]
* A downplayed inversion of the trope almost led to tragedy, when a [[http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-24634318 blonde blue-eyed daughter]] of UsefulNotes/{{Romani}} parents was taken from them by Irish authorities under the assumption that they couldn't ''possibly'' have a blonde child, which combined with the hype following the Maria case above (and likely some underlying stereotypes about the Romani) to assume she had been kidnapped. It took a DNA test to convince them that yes, the girl was indeed their daughter.
* For years, actress Eva Longoria believed herself to be adopted because she has black hair, dark brown eyes, and olive skin while all of her sisters have blond hair, blue eyes, and fair skin.
* Mary Kay Letourneau realized that her affair with (or more accurately, her molestation of) her 12 year old student was going to come to light when she discovered that she was pregnant, as aside from she and her husband's SexlessMarriage, her student was Samoan-American.
* The documentary ''[[http://www.littlewhiteliethefilm.com/ Little White Lie]]'' is about Lacey Schwartz, a woman born in a white Jewish family because of an affair her mother had with a black man. She did not find this out until she was in her late teens, as her parents explained to her and others that her dark complexion was allegedly due to a distant Sicilian ancestor.
* Fashion designer Christian Louboutin initially assumed that he was adopted according to a 2012 interview, feeling that he didn't blend well with the rest of his family who was "very French". Because of this, he made up his own backstory based on [[UsefulNotes/{{Egypt}} Egyptian]] culture as he was into [[AncientEgypt the pharaohs]]. In an ironic twist, one of his sisters [[http://www.telegraph.co.uk/fashion/people/facts-we-learned-from-christian-louboutin-documentary/ revealed]] in a 2014 interview that his biological father was ''indeed'' Egyptian, whom his mother had a secret affair with.
* This was a big case in the earlier centuries of Latin American countries after the Spanish colonization with Spanish, Native Americans, and African slave mix-racing one another. However, this was a huge issue among the Natives whose wives reportedly had affairs with both Spanish and African slaves so that their children would be free from tributes and hardships, and their children would ended up having white or dark skin. Given with all the genetic mixing, you would think this caused headaches for offspring who had to use this trope to determine the parentage of the baby.
* Biology professors often end up in the uncomfortable situation of explaining heredity of blood types and having one student say "wait, that doesn't make any sense, my mom and dad both are O Negative and I'm A Positive, what gives?".