->[[caption-width-right:220:[[FamousLastWords "A subject and a sovereign are clean different things."]]]]

Charles I (1600 1649) was son of James I and the second king of Great Britain from TheHouseOfStuart. Many who first saw him thought that he would be an improvement over his father.

How wrong they were.

His antagonism of Parliament & the Church of England and his mishandling of rebellions in Scotland and Ireland sparked the EnglishCivilWar which would end in his execution and the setting up of the Protectorate under OliverCromwell.

Charles was a man of good moral character but his autocratic attitude and lack of personal warmth made him a lot of enemies. He remains one of the most controversial and tragic figures in British history.

The states of North & South Carolina were named after him (in Latin). Maryland is named after his queen Henrietta Maria (the story that this was a sly reference to the Virgin Mary by the province's Catholic proprietors is generally considered untrue).

!!Tropes related to Charles I:
* AffablyEvil - Charles was always polite, even when threatening his subjects.
* DeadArtistsAreBetter - Thanks to the Icon Basilica released after his death.
* EstablishingCharacterMoment: He did not bother with a coronation procession.
* [[IllGirl Ill Boy]]: It was not until he was 4 years old that he was well enough to travel to London to be with his family.
* [[GeorgeWashingtonSleptHere Charles I Slept Here]]: A ''lot'' of country houses and hotels insist the King spent the night there.
* ManipulativeBastard
* OffWithHisHead: This wasn't the first time a monarch in Britain had been executed (see MaryQueenOfScots) but the first time it was done by the monarch's subjects. Needless to say, this event shocked the crowned heads of Europe.
* UnexpectedSuccessor: He was never supposed to be king until his older brother Henry died of sickness

!!Works related to Charles I:
* ToKillAKing, played by RupertEverett. He is, of course, the titular king.
* Played by Creator/StephenFry in ''Series/{{Blackadder}}: The Cavalier Years''. Fry [[NoCelebritiesWereHarmed based his portrayal of the king]] on his contemporary royal namesake, [[BritishRoyalFamily Prince Charles]].
* In the first ''[[Literature/{{Alatriste}} Captain Alatriste]]'' book, the titular captain is recruited to waylay and assassinate a couple of Englishmen travelling through Madrid. One of them turns out to be a young Charles, visiting Spain in secret to consider marrying the Infanta of Spain.
* A portrait of King Charles can be found in the dining hall of ''Series/DowntonAbbey''.