'''Changeling Bullet Hell''' (AKA Changeling Danmaku) is a very short toy minigame. There isn't a title screen. The main permise is to dodge bullets and changelings to rack up a high score. The game can be played as the second downloadable game [[http://clubderp.wordpress.com/camwood-minigames-series/ here]].

!!!!Tropes in this minigame
* BulletHell: ALL OF IT.
* OneHitPointWonder: You only have one hit until GAME OVER.
* LuckBasedMission: Whereas the changelings spawn.
** Also how they shoot and when.
* NintendoHard: Sometimes. It's so jerkish.
** Hit the edge of the screen? GAME OVER!
** Everything has a larger hitbox then you, because you have 2 pixels for one.
* ShoutOut: To a few things despite it being a toy minigame.
** ANY game with BulletHell, PERIOD.
** As the name implies, WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic. Specifcally the changelings.
* TheCameo: Every minute a touhou style bomb occurs. [[OneHitPointWonder Not that you]] [[NintendoHard will get there.]]