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[[caption-width-right:264:Clash of the Catchphrases!]]

->'''Robin:''' Holy cow!\\
'''Batgirl:''' You just ''had'' to say that.
-->-- ''[[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries The New Batman Adventures]]'', "Critters"

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An expression used by a character numerous times in a work. Merely uttering this phrase in the office will clue others in to the character you're referring to.

To be a Catch-Phrase, the phrase must be ''repeated multiple times'' in an identifiable way--what is simply the most memorable line of a movie is not a Catch-Phrase unless it is repeated by the same in-universe character. When it's the ''audience'' that adopts a character's line as a Catch-Phrase, it's a MemeticMutation.

If the character has a BadassCreed, it will probably double as a Catch-Phrase.

BeamMeUpScotty is a false or oft-misquoted Catch-Phrase.

A SuperTrope to:
* AbandonedCatchphrase
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* VerbalTic

Compare ArcWords, OneLiner, OtherStockPhrases, WordPower.

Contrast with AuthorCatchphrase, which is when a phrase is recycled across unrelated works by the same author/actor/creator.

Not to be confused with the gameshow ''Series/{{Catchphrase}}'', which was just named for this trope.


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