[[caption-width-right:367:[[CargoEnvy Wish you were that stick?]]]]
Actress born August 29, 1971, best known for such movies as ''SpyKids'', ''SinCity'' ([[ElijahWood Frodo]] eats her hand!), ''NightAtTheMuseum'' and ''Film/{{Watchmen}}''. She was also Mike Flaherty's girlfriend on ''Series/SpinCity'' before being [[ChuckCunninghamSyndrome dropped from the series]], and [[PayingTheirDues paid her dues]] with one-shot appearances in shows such as ''[[DoogieHowserMD Doogie Howser, M.D.]]'', ''QuantumLeap'', and ''TheWonderYears''. Since 2010, she has played a hot Polish therapist in ''Film/SuckerPunch'' and a HotScoop vaguely (''very'' vaguely) modeled on Maureen Dowd in ''Series/PoliticalAnimals''.
!!!'''This actress contains examples of:'''

* ThePoorMansSubstitute: In the short-lived series ''Karen Sisco'', she played the title character, who was first played by JenniferLopez in the film ''Out of Sight''.