"Career Killer" can refer to several things depending on the context. Please see the relevant article for what you are looking for.
!!If you're looking for a character who has made a ''career'' out of ''killing'' people, see:
* ProfessionalKiller, or
* MurderInc, a formal organization thereof

!!If you're looking for something that can kill your ''career'', we have multiple tropes for that:

For writers, artists, producers, etc., a "Career Killer" is a work that ends up being more harmful than helpful to their careers:
* AudienceColoringAdaptation: a work within a long - running franchise that colors the public perception of the franchise as a whole.
* CreatorKiller: a work which threatens the viability or harms the reputation of its writer(s) or producer(s).
* FranchiseKiller: a work within a long - running franchise that destroys hopes for further sequels.
* GenreKiller: a work that results in an entire subgenre falling out of fashion.
* StarDerailingRole: a work that damages the reputation of performers taking part in it. It may be a result of ContractualPurity.

Taking a new job can also destroy a career:
* GeorgeJetsonJobSecurity: a job that comes with a boss who likes to fire people for the most minor mistake.
* KickedUpstairs: a character is deliberately promoted to a high - ranking but unimportant role, in order to remove them from their current, more important role.
* PromotedToScapegoat: a character is deliberately promoted to a seemingly important role, in order to use them as TheScapegoat.
* ReassignedToAntarctica: a reassignment to a remote location intended as a punishment or to simply get rid of a character.

!!Of course, there are also career moves that can get someone killed:
* {{Retirony}}: A MauveShirt who has held a dangerous job for many years dies within days of their retirement date.
* UriahGambit: a character is deliberately given a particularly dangerous reassignment in hopes they won't come back.