CBeebies is a channel created by BBC for kids aged 0-6, with its name being a "babyish" version of CBBC, the channel for 6-12-year-olds. There are shows ranging from science to learning about vegetables and fruits to learning British Sign Language to learning how to cook (on a kid scale so they use blunt knives and scissors a lot).

It can be fun sometimes when you're tired of hearing the same episodes a million times to create [[EpilepticTrees Epileptic Trees ]] about the different shows.

Programs include:
* WesternAnimation/PostmanPat
* SomethingSpecial
* [[MrBloomsNursery Mr Bloom's Nursery]]
* NinaAndTheNeurons
* TimmyTime
* TingaTingaTales
* {{Zingzillas}}
* GrandpaInMyPocket
* [[OldJacksBoat Old Jack's Boat]] includes two familiar faces from ''Series/DoctorWho'': Wilfred Mott, the grandfather of Donna Noble, and Martha Jones.
* {{Teletubbies}}
* InTheNightGarden
* BabyJake.