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[[caption-width-right:256:[[VideoGameLongRunners "Mr. Mario, I feel that you and I are destined to do battle, again and again, for as long as the gods see fit."]]]]

A climactic confrontation with a unique, stronger than average, and often monstrous enemy creature known colloquially as a "boss". It has several important features, depending on the genre of game in which it is found.

In old-school {{Shoot Em Up}}s and 2D {{Platformer}}s, the boss comes at the end of a level or series of levels (commonly called a "world"). He will often require a [[PuzzleBoss special trick]] to defeat, or have a targetable WeakSpot.

In {{FPS}}, [[ThirdPersonShooter 3PS]]'s, and 3D {{platformer}}s, they divide up the game. They might be common or uncommon, gigantic or small, complex multi-stage affairs or simple exercises in [[HeroTrackingFailure circle strafing while shooting]].

In {{RPG}}s, they wait at the end of dungeons (though the larger dungeons may have multiple boss fights). They have a mountain of HitPoints. If they're [[FinalBoss the last one]], you'll most likely fight them [[SequentialBoss more than once]]. Most have a [[OutsideTheBoxTactic specific weakness]].

In a FightingGame, the boss is simply the last character you fight, in that even when the rest of the battles have you going up against a randomly-selected opponent, the boss is always the same. The boss is typically not a playable character (though circumstances may allow him to be unlocked later), and tends to be the [[SNKBoss most difficult opponent]]. Occasionally, the penultimate battle will ''also'' be against a "boss". (The penultimate opponent is often dubbed a "MiniBoss"). Recent fighting games however have added elements from other genres into the mix.

Often accompanied by unique, tense, action-packed BattleThemeMusic. Sometimes, special {{Fight Woosh}}es and {{Fanfare}}s are also made just for this event.

Note that in some games, the boss isn't ''always'' at the end of any given level or dungeon.


* AdvancingBossOfDoom \\
A boss that keeps chasing you and you have to continually flee from.
* AfterBossRecovery \\
After a boss battle, you get lots of healing items, or are healed fully for whatever reason.
* AntiClimaxBoss \\
A boss that turns out to be much easier than the plot implies it to be.
* AttackItsWeakPoint \\
If you see a feature that's out of the ordinary on a boss's body, such as a weird eye, chances are that's what you need to attack.
** GoForTheEye \\
If the boss has a giant eyeball, nine times out of ten that's its weak point.
** InCaseOfBossFightBreakGlass \\
If the boss has a glass cockpit, frame concealing energy core or generally any other glass part on the boss's body, nine times out of ten that's its weak point too.
* AuthorityEqualsAsskicking \\
The higher a character is in his hierarchy, the better he is in a fight.
* BackgroundBoss \\
A PlatformGame boss that stands in the background and unleashes attacks into the foreground.
* BaitAndSwitchBoss \\
You see a normal-looking boss, who's suddenly removed or killed and replaced with a ''much bigger or nastier one''.
* BarrierChangeBoss \\
A boss that changes what element it's weak to.
* TheBattleDidntCount \\
When you defeat a boss in battle, they'll just shake it off like it was nothing.
* BattleshipRaid \\
The boss takes up the whole level.
* BestBossEver \\
Yeah, it was a tough fight, but it was awesome and you ''really'' looked forward to kicking that guy's butt!
* BonusBoss \\
An optional boss who is often much more difficult than even the FinalBoss of the game.
** LegacyBossBattle \\
An optional or out-of-context boss from another game by the same developers or company. Some can be normal story bosses, though.
* BossArenaRecovery \\
Where you can find recovery items during a boss battle itself.
* BossBanter \\
When a boss talks to you during combat.
* BossCorridor \\
That one empty hallway right before the BossRoom.
* BossDissonance \\
Where the difficulty level of the bosses and the rest of the [[VideoGame game]] are totally different.
** EasyLevelsHardBosses
** HardLevelsEasyBosses
* BossGame \\
A [[VideoGame game]] that consists of nothing but boss battles.
* BossInMookClothing \\
A "normal battle" with an enemy that, as it turns out, does a very good job at wiping the floor with you.
* BossOnlyLevel \\
A level consisting entirely of a Boss Battle.
* BossRemix \\
The music that plays during the boss fight is a remix of some other tune in the [[VideoGame game]].
* BossRoom \\
The room in a {{video game}} where the boss and the player exchange blows.
* BossRush \\
A segment in which you're forced to fight a collection of previously-defeated bosses in sequence.
** BossBonanza \\
When a segment contains a surprisingly high number of new bosses in sequence.
* BossSubtitles \\
Where the boss is introduced with a big show of its name and a title or descriptive line.
* BossVulnerability \\
Some bosses are more susceptible to attack than others. This {{trope}} lists all types.
* BossWarningSiren \\
A warning siren is heard or seen just before a boss battle.
* BraggartBoss \\
A blustering, over-the-top buffoon who confronts the heroic party, often completely out of nowhere, [[IncomingHam pompously and dramatically introduces himself,]] and challenges the heroes to battle.
* BreatherBoss \\
A surprisingly easy, but not plot-critical, boss.
* BullfightBoss \\
A boss that charges at you over and over again.
* CatAndMouseBoss \\
Where you and the boss take turns chasing each other.
* ChasingYourTail \\
A boss battle where the player and the boss run around in circles trying to catch and/or escape each other.
* ClimaxBoss \\
A boss fight usually occurring at a critical point in the plot, typically challenging.
* CognizantLimbs \\
A boss with multiple parts of his body, each of which acts as a separate monster and can be targetted separately.
* CollapsingCeilingBoss \\
A boss who shakes the foundation and makes debris fall out of the ceiling onto your head.
* ColossusClimb \\
Where the boss is many, many times the size of {{the hero}} and must be climbed to reach a weak spot.
* ContractualBossImmunity \\
Any overpowered or instant-death skill will be useless on big bosses.
* CoresAndTurretsBoss \\
A completely mechanical boss that mainly consists of turrets (which shoot at you) and cores (which you shoot at).
* CowardlyBoss \\
A boss that the party fights, that then randomly runs after taking a certain amount of damage, forcing you to have to hunt that boss down and fight them again.
* CrosshairAware \\
The player will be fighting a boss, and a target sight will be shown tracking the player.
* CutsceneBoss \\
You don't even get to fight this boss, except maybe with a QuickTimeEvent.
* DamageSpongeBoss \\
The most basic boss type: Strong attacks, lots of HitPoints; the only strategy is to hit it until it dies.
* DegradedBoss \\
Once you beat the boss, it comes back as a normal enemy later.
* DidntNeedThoseAnyway \\
When a boss is literally "falling to pieces".
* [[DiscOneFinalBoss/VideoGames Disc One Final Boss]] \\
Yeah, that guy who blew up your [[DoomedHometown home]]? You beat him and '''he''' was someone's minion.
* TheDragon \\
The villain that's second in power after the BigBad, and is often the penultimate boss.
* DualBoss \\
A battle against two bosses at once.
* DuelBoss \\
A one-on-one boss fight, in a game that primarily involves team battles.
* DuelingPlayerCharacters \\
Two PlayerCharacters fight each other in a single-player video game.
* EarlyBirdBoss \\
A boss that appears early on and is difficult primarily due to your characters' lack of stats and abilities that they will acquire later.
* FightingYourFriend \\
A Boss Battle in which you fight against a character who's explicitly on your side.
* FinalBoss \\
This is it, man! One last challenge before watching the ending!
** FinalExamBoss \\
A boss that must be defeated by using just about every item, power-up, and skill you've acquired in the game.
** NoFinalBossForYou \\
When doing things a certain way makes you skip out on a {{final boss}} or two.
** TrueFinalBoss \\
Where a second "{{final boss}}" appears after the first one, but only when particular requirements are filled.
** PostFinalBoss \\
An [[AnticlimaxBoss easy]] to [[ZeroEffortBoss effortless]] boss battle after the real {{final boss}} in order to wrap up the plot.
* FinalBossNewDimension \\
You have to enter a different "dimension" to fight the {{final boss}}.
** AmazingTechnicolorBattlefield \\
Lookit all the pretty stars and streams and blinky things!
* FinalBossPreview \\
A fight in mid-game with the FinalBoss or his [[TheDragon second-in-command]], which you will [[HopelessBossFight inevitably]] [[HeadsIWinTailsYouLose lose]].
* FisticuffsBoss \\
A boss where you can't use weapons or abilities, just plain old duking it out.
* FlunkyBoss \\
A boss that has several of its minions fight alongside it.
** WeaponizedOffspring \\
A creature gives birth to CannonFodder as a defense mechanism.
* FreeFallFight \\
A boss that you fight [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin in freefall]].
* GetBackHereBoss \\
A boss that you have to keep chasing after or stake out in order to beat.
* GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere \\
A boss that comes out of nowhere and has no relevance whatsoever to the actual plot.
* GoddamnedBoss \\
A boss that's not dangerous, but is frustrating for reasons beyond difficulty.
* GoldfishPoopGang \\
Comic relief antagonists who keep popping up, requiring you to fight them multiple times through the game.
* HeadsIWinTailsYouLose \\
A boss battle where you get a GameOver if you lose, but if you win, the boss immediately proceeds to beat you in a cutscene.
* HeWasRightThereAllAlong \\
A boss who's hiding in the BossRoom, and won't reveal itself until the player does something.
* HighAltitudeBattle \\
In which {{the hero}} of a {{video game}} has to go up in the sky and defeat the enemy.
* HighSpeedBattle \\
Where {{the hero}} and villain are fighting whilst one is chasing the other on moving vehicles.
* HopelessBossFight \\
An incredibly powerful boss which you are supposed to lose to, and won't get a GameOver when you do.
** SeeminglyHopelessBossFight \\
A boss fight seems hopeless until a cutscene makes it winnable.
* InstantDeathRadius \\
When the boss has a far-reaching and very deadly melee attack radius, such that trying to fight him up close is suicide.
* ILetYouWin \\
A boss battle which seems normal, but after which the boss says he actually let you win to further his nefarious plans.
* JawsFirstPersonPerspective \\
An underwater boss who is revealed by a first-person view from the boss's perspective before it jumps {{the hero}}.
* KingMook \\
A boss who resembles an enlarged or [[PaletteSwap palette swapped]] version of a regular enemy, possibly with a [[NiceHat crown or some other identifying feature]].
* LevelInBossClothing\\
A battle that plays out more like a level than like a normal boss fight.
* LoadBearingBoss \\
A boss-type monster whose destruction [[NoOntologicalInertia causes the location to collapse or self-destruct.]]
* LoneWolfBoss \\
The boss is not associated with the BigBad in any way. He's a villain all on his own.
* TheManBehindTheMan \\
So you thought that guy was the BigBad all this time? He was small potatoes. ''This'' is the real Big Kahuna.
* MakeMyMonsterGrow \\
A villain grows to enormous size before the big beatdown.
* MarathonBoss \\
A boss that takes a really, really, ''really'' long time to beat.
* MiniBoss \\
A distinct, generally unique [[DegradedBoss (up until that point, anyway)]], stronger-than-average monster that you encounter within a level.
* MirrorBoss \\
A boss in a [[VideoGame game]] whose abilities are equivalent (if not downright identical) to those of the playable character.
* MookPromotion \\
A regular enemy who functions as a level boss.
* MultiStageBattle \\
A boss battle that takes place over multiple stages.
* OpenEndedBossBattle \\
A boss battle that you can win ''or'' lose without triggering a GameOver or [[MultipleEndings ending]].
* ParallelConflictSequence \\
Another battle is taking place at the same time as the main boss battle.
* ThePawnsGoFirst\\
The boss lets his underlings fight the hero(es) for a bit before joining in.
* PlatformBattle \\
A boss battle that occurs on FloatingPlatforms. Try not to fall off....
* PreAssKickingOneLiner \\
When a boss gives you a threatening phrase before fighting you.
* PuzzleBoss \\
A boss that is beaten by trickery rather than force.
* ReactorBoss \\
A final battle where you have to blow up the enemies' main reactor.
* RecurringBoss \\
A boss-type monster who you have to face several times over the course of the game, typically not [[SequentialBoss sequentially]].
* RecurringBossTemplate \\
Where bosses in the {{sequel}}(s) tend to act like their original counterparts.
* RingOutBoss \\
Where the boss himself has to be knocked or thrown back into a [[LavaPit dangerous substance]] or [[SpikesOfDoom obstacle]] to cause damage.
* RushBoss \\
A boss fight that doesn't take very long to beat, but can easily destroy you if you're not careful.
* ScriptedBattle \\
A battle that follows a script, either for a segment or for the entire thing, instead of acting like a regular battle.
* SequentialBoss \\
Multiple large-scale fights in a row.
* SheatheYourSword \\
A boss who can only be beaten by ''not fighting him''.
* ShieldedCoreBoss \\
A boss whose weak point is protected by some kind of protrusion which needs to be destroyed before it takes damage.
* SkippableBoss \\
Boss fights that feature some way to avoid fighting them altogether.
* SmashedEggsHatching \\
A boss's smashed eggs contain enemy monsters.
* SNKBoss \\
A NintendoHard boss battle that usually shows up in Fighting Games.
* StationaryBoss \\
A fight where the boss remains in one place.
** PivotalBoss\\
The boss is too big to move, so he turns to face you.
* TacticalSuicideBoss \\
The boss is impervious to the player's regular attacks, and would be impossible to defeat if one of its attacks didn't expose its particular AchillesHeel in the process.
** BossArenaIdiocy \\
The boss's weakness is something unique to the boss's own arena.
* TeleportSpam \\
A boss that teleports all over the place.
* TennisBoss \\
You have to reflect his attacks back onto him to defeat him.
* ThatOneBoss \\
An infamous boss known to be frustrating and/or difficult.
** ThatOneAttack \\
Almost got him! Almost... almost -- [[OneHitKill INSTANT DEATH?]]
* ThrowTheMookAtThem \\
FlunkyBoss? pull up those sleeves and throw his Mooks at him!
* TimeLimitBoss \\
Bosses which have to be beaten within a certain preset period of time or turns.
** BossArenaUrgency \\
Bosses who you have to beat quickly, or the boss will become impossible to beat.
* TragicMonster \\
Where an ally is turned into a monster and then has to be fought as a boss battle.
* TrainingBoss \\
Area or location where the player can practice their moves on a more or less undefeatable character, sometimes as part of a tutorial.
* TreacherousCheckpoint \\
What you thought was a safe spot was actually the boss.
* TrickBoss \\
A suspiciously easy boss which turns out to be a trick; the real boss is right behind him.
* TurnsRed \\
When the boss loses health, he gains power and abilities.
* UnderwaterBossBattle \\
Are your SuperNotDrowningSkills up to par?
* TheUnfought \\
An antagonist in the game who plays an important role in the story, but is never really fought as an actual boss. May overlap with BaitAndSwitchBoss and CutsceneBoss.
* VehicularAssault \\
Fight against a vehicle of some kind.
* VictoryFakeout \\
The boss is defeated, the stage is cleared and... wait, he's getting up again? What's he [[OneWingedAngel doing]]? [[OhCrap Uh oh...]]
* WakeUpCallBoss \\
An early boss who ends up being much harder than expected.
* WarmupBoss \\
The "test" boss or MiniBoss that appears at the end of the first level or after the [[VideoGameTutorial tutorial]].
* WhackAMonster\\
Fighting a Boss (or other critter) that is only vulnerable when it temporarily appears.
* WolfpackBoss \\
A boss consisting of several {{Mook}}s who wouldn't be difficult by themselves, but when acting together provide a significant challenge.
* YouWillNotEvadeMe \\
A boss that keeps coming after you or in general prevents you from running away.
* ZeroEffortBoss \\
A boss that is so easy that you have to actively try in order to lose.
** ForegoneVictory \\
When a boss literally cannot be lost to.