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->'''Starsky:''' Looks like you just punched your last ticket, amigo.\\
'''Hutch:''' I'm sorry, did you just tough-talk a dead body?
-->-- ''Film/StarskyAndHutch'' (2004)

When the hero (or in some cases the Villain) has just killed someone, often in a gruesome manner, they do a Bond One-Liner.

The classic Bond One-Liner is typically a bad {{Pun}} or ObligatoryJoke on the manner in which the victim was dispatched. It may also be a direct answer to the victim's own attempt at a one-liner. It may be a sign that the character has [[HeroicComedicSociopath sociopathic tendencies]]. Often works on the basis of CrossesTheLineTwice.

Alternately this may happen when the hero is discussing the victim with a third character often with the third character wondering why the victim is not present.

The {{Trope Namer|s}} is Film/JamesBond, who does this in every single one of his films.[[note]]The early films were done under the onus of UsefulNotes/TheHaysCode, and used these quips to downplay the violence; later films [[RuleOfFunny simply carried on the tradition]].[[/note]] Ditto Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger, but [[{{pun}} Bonds' have more pun]].
* (After [[EveryCarIsAPinto a hearse explodes]]) [[Film/DrNo "I think they were on their way to a funeral."]]
* (After decapitating someone) [[Film/{{Speed}} "He lost his head."]]
* (After disemboweling someone) "I'll say this for him: [[Film/OnHerMajestysSecretService he had a lot of guts."]]
* (After tethering someone to a rocket) "He got rather carried away."
* (After shooting someone with a harpoon) [[Film/{{Thunderball}} "I think he got the point."]]
* (After [[ChainsawGood cutting someone in half]]) [[Film/TheRunningMan "He had]] [[Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer to split."]], or He's HalfTheManHeUsedToBe".
* (After [[DestinationDefenestration throwing someone out a plate glass window]]) "Smashing."
* (After throwing a machete through someone, impaling them to a tree.) [[Film/{{Predator}} "Stick around."]]
* (After [[ElectrifiedBathtub throwing an electric heater into someone's filled bathtub]]) [[Film/{{Goldfinger}} "Shocking, positively shocking."]]
* (After [[AndShowItToYou ripping someone's heart out]]) "I always knew you were '''heartless!'''"
* (After [[SquashedFlat crushing someone to death]]) "You sound somewhat flat."
* (After [[FeedItABomb forcing a grenade down someone's throat]]) "Something he ate disagreed with him."
* (After throwing someone to a shark) [[Film/LicenceToKill "He disagreed with something that ate him."]]
* (After injecting someone with inflatable gas pellets in a shark-infested pool, [[PopGoesTheHuman causing them to swell up like a helium balloon until they explode]]) "[[Film/LiveAndLetDie He always did have]] [[SmallNameBigEgo an inflated opinion of himself.]]"
* (After breaking a toilet in a prison cell causing someone to shock themself with their own jumper cables) "Never disposed of sewage with toilet before. [[ComicBook/{{Watchmen}} Obvious, really.]]"
* (After [[Film/TheWorldIsNotEnough proving his accuracy literally]]) "I [[WouldHitAGirl never]] [[WouldntHitAGirl miss]]."
* (After [[ThrownOutTheAirlock opening the airlock with someone in there to send them off into space]]): [[Film/{{Moonraker}} "He had to fly."]]
* [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill (After slicing off someone's arms with a circular saw, dunking their legs in liquid nitrogen, incinerating their torso with a flamethrower, kicking their charred body into a refrigerator and condemning them to the bottom of the Arctic ocean)]] "Ouch."

Alternately, a Bond One Liner can be a snarky response to the now-dead enemy's attempted PreMortemOneLiner, or an IronicEcho of something they said to the hero earlier.

Note that while William Peterson's one liners on ''Series/{{CSI}}'', David Caruso's one liners on the ''Miami'' sister show and Creator/JerryOrbach's on ''Series/LawAndOrder'' are often similar in content, they fail the test for this trope, as Grissom and Briscoe were never the killers, only [[DeadpanSnarker snarkers]]. In general, see QuipToBlack for cheesy one-liners right before a cut.

Also, when said ''before'' killing, it's a PreMortemOneLiner (which, for the record, Film/JamesBond says just as often). It's also possible to combine the two, with separate quips before and after killing the victim. If the character is making smartass quips about their own impending death then it's a GallowsHumor version of a FacingTheBulletsOneLiner.

'''As a DeathTrope, beware of unmarked spoilers.'''


* BondOneLiner/{{Film}}


[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* In the first English dub of ''Anime/DragonBallZ'', Frieza, on surviving the Spirit Bomb, killed Krillin by making him explode before snidely commenting "Pop goes the weasel".
** In ''Manga/DragonBall'', Krillin himself gets a hilarious one when he defeats Chiaotzu in the World Martial Arts Tournament. At first, the latter's telekinesis has Krillin on the receiving end of a borderline CurbStompBattle, but Krillin breaks his concentration by asking him basic math questions, including "What's 9 - 1?" After Chiaotzu lost, Krillin coolly says, "the answer is 8!"
* ''Manga/OnePiece'' has its fair share.
** Zoro gives one to Kaku after [[NoSell No Selling]] his ultimate attack with his Asura technique and then defeating him that also doubles as a BrickJoke.
--> '''Zoro''': I have a message from that other Galley-La Leader... You're fired.
** One notable one after Sanji savagely defeats Jabra with his new [[PlayingWithFire Diable Jambe]] technique goes something like this, depending on the translation:
-->'''Sanji''': Food is a gift from God. Spices are a gift from the devil. I guess it was a little too spicy for you.
** The Creator/FUNimation dub changes it to include Oda's ItRunsOnNonsensoleum explanation for how the technique failed to harm Sanji, since he ignites his leg to use it:
--> '''Sanji''': God may have created food, but the devil created spices. If you think that kick was hot, my heart was burning even hotter.
** Usopp manages this in the Thriller Bark arc. One of the CoDragons, GothicLolita Perona, had a Devil Fruit that let her create ghosts, which would hollow out the spirit of anyone they passed through. That is, they would sink the victims into depression. Usopp's pessimism made him immune to that technique, which had never failed to disable an opponent. Then, after a chase, she fooled Usopp into thinking that she was invincible by displaying flight, intangibility, and size alteration. Usopp caught on that it was just another astral projection, and upon finding her real body, used his own lying skills to scare her into unconsciousness using only [[ItMakesSenseInContext glue, toy cockroaches, and a balloon]]. Then we have this:
-->'''Perona''': ''(already unconscious, collapses)''
** Sanji does this to another Co-Dragon in the Thriller Bark arc, Absalom, who had been attempting to make Nami his bride (against her will, but she was unconscious during Sanji's fight). He pummels him with a massive salvo of kicks, slamming him into the wall and leaving an imprint, before putting a cigarette in his mouth and saying:
-->'''Sanji''': You wanted to get married? I now pronounce you man and wall.
** Brook is no slouch, either…though in contrast with how badass his YouAreAlreadyDead swordplay is beforehand, his Bond One-Liners are a little too silly. From after he takes down [[ItMakesSenseInContext an army of mutated soldier ants]] who had neglected him because he didn't have any meat on his bones ([[DemBones being a living skeleton]]) in Strong World, we have a line that roughly translates to:
-->'''Brook''': Yes, I am nothing but bones, but that's only because I wanted…to drop a few pounds.
** Another Brook example from the Dressrosa arc. He's facing Jora, a demented woman whose Devil Fruit lets her turn anything into abstract art, and she's imprisoned Nami, Chopper, and a new ally of theirs named Momonosuke in a sculpture that will kill them in ten minutes' time. Brook only rejoices, claiming to see the beauty in her art, and volunteers to do a song for the occasion. Jora eagerly reverses her power over his violin and bow…but it turns out his bow was his cane, which was his sword. One YouAreAlreadyDead later, he sheathes his sword, Jora falls unconscious, and her powers are reversed. Brook's reaction? Roughly translates to…
-->'''Brook''': My apologies, but I don't think I 'see' the point in art after all! Because I…don't have any eyes!
* In ''Manga/YuYuHakusho'', Kurama defeats Roto by secretly planting a Death Plant seed in his chest. The plant sucks up Roto's body fluids and then sprouts from his corpse. Kuruma remarks, "What irony. Such beauty, sprung from such an ugly soil."
* In ''Manga/SpeedGrapher'', Tatsumi [[BoundAndGagged tapes up and gags]] Kagura's teacher, Ms. Wakaba, in order to take her place. When asked what happened to Ms. Wakaba, he replies "She got a bit tied up".
* In ''Manga/FairyTail'', Natsu shouts "[[ChessMotifs Checkmate!]]" after taking down the king of Edolas. His friends inform him he's supposed to say it ''before'' capturing the king in chess.
* In ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'', [[MaskedLuchador Mask de Masculine]] calls himself "The Superstar", has star-themed attacks, and boasts that a Superstar can never die. Renji reduces him to a pile of ash and comments on how the Superstar finally burned out.
* In ''Anime/MegamanNTWarrior'', during a battling tournament, Chaud is in a double-battle against an annoying teen who is constantly bragging about his Netnavi's "awesome moves", once the battle begins Protoman not only defeats the annoying teen's Netnavi, and the Netnavi's of their respective battling partners in one hit.
---> Chaud: (Sarcastically) Oh, that's too bad. I was looking forward to seeing your awesome moves.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''ComicBook/BatmanTheDarkKnightReturns'' gives us this (somewhat infamous) gem:
-->'''Mutant Gang Member:''' (''facing Batman and holding a child hostage'') Back off, man. I'll kill the kid.\\
(''Batman takes a step closer'')\\
'''Mutant Gang Member:''' Believe me, man. I will!\\
(''Batman stops, his eyes narrow'')\\
'''Mutant Gang Member:''' ''Believe'' me!\\
[[spoiler:(''[[BatmanGrabsAGun Batman takes a gun from a fallen mook and]] '''[[OOCIsSeriousBusiness shoots the gang member dead]]'''[[note]]To this day, it's debated if he shot the gang member in the head or the wall next to it, ''Film/BatmanReturns'' style.[[/note]]'') ]]\\
'''Batman:''' I believe you.
* Comic/[[{{Animesque}} Amerimanga]] LampshadeHanging: in ''LightNovel/DirtyPair: A Plague of Angels'', Kei and Yuri reveal that their [[HeroesRUs employer]], the 3WA, included a "Combat Quips" course teaching this trope along with the rest of their training.
* ''ComicBook/TheUltimates'':
** The final issue of vol 3 gives us the worst Bond One Liner imaginable. After a robot calls the Wasp "the mother" (ItMakesSenseInContext), Ant-Man, her ex-husband, destroys it and shouts "If she's the mother...'''I'm the mother-fucker'''!" [[MemeticMutation Do Not Want!]]
** Issue 13 of ''Ultimates 2'' gives us this little gem from ComicBook/CaptainAmerica.
--->'''Captain America:''' Surrender? Do you think this ''A'' on my head stands for [[CheeseEatingSurrenderMonkeys FRANCE]]?
* ''Comicbook/{{Watchmen}}'':
** Rorschach kills a mook trying to arc weld his way into Rorschach's cell by standing on the bed and smashing his toilet with his foot so that the water would reach the poorly insulated arc welder and shock the guy. In TheFilmOfTheBook this is changed to him smashing the mooks head into the toilet and ''then'' shocking him, but the follow-up line is the same.
--->'''Rorschach:''' Hrm. Never used toilet to dispose of sewage before. Obvious really.
** Also from this same issue, after Rorschach has just finished using a restroom [[spoiler: to drown Big Figure]]:
--->'''Rorschach:''' There. Did what had to be done. Can leave now.\\
'''Silk Spectre:''' You're sure? After all, we don't want to go diving headfirst into things!\\
'''Rorschach:''' Hrm. Good advice. Sure there are many who'd agree with you.
* The formula for a [[ComicBook/TheAuthority Midnighter]] line seems to be taking a well known saying and substituting the word "me."
-->'''Midnighter:''' It's not the fall that kills you. It's me.\\\
'''Midnighter:''' Look both ways before you cross me.\\\
'''Midnighter:''' Live by the sword, die by me.\\\
'''Midnighter:''' [[ShoutOut People shouldn't be]] [[Comicbook/VForVendetta afraid of their governments.]] They should be afraid of me.
* ''ComicBook/TomorrowStories'': Greyshirt once fought a man suspected of beating his wife at the newspaper presses where he worked. Long story short, the guy falls into the machine, with hundreds of papers being covered in his blood. When asked for comment, Greyshirt said "I guess now we know what's black and white and red all over."
* In the final issue of ''ComicBook/{{Flashpoint}}'', Batman [[spoiler:who, in this universe, is actually Thomas Wayne]] ends up putting a sword through Zoom as he's boasting how the Flash could never kill him lest [[spoiler:he breaks time again.]]
-->'''Batman:''' [[spoiler:Doctor's]] advice: never stand still in the middle of a war.
* ''ComicBook/{{Planetary}}'': John Stone, the books Bond {{Expy}} uses one of these in a Steranko-style '60s flashback story after shooting a hole in an enemy plane's refueling hose and blowing it up with a flame thrower.
-->'''John Stone''': Got a light?
* In ''Comicbook/BlackestNight'', Heatwave pumps out enough fire to melt Black Lantern Rainbow Raider's ring and destroy him. He quips, "'''Everything''' has a melting point."
* There's a funny [[SubvertedTrope subversion]] in ''ComicBook/{{Hawkeye}}'' when [[WildCard Barney Barton]] has helped his brother Clint fight off [[TheMafiya the Tracksuit Draculas]].
-->'''Barney''': Sorry about that. Our guests didn't, uh... Guess you could say those guys really... [[RealisticDictionIsUnrealistic They really]]... Those two guys, they... I threw 'em off the fire escape.
* ''ComicBook/AlphaFlight'' #23 has Snowbird and Tanaraq fighting. Tanaraq says she doesn't "have the heart" for it. Her response is, "Neither have you!" while ripping his heart out of his chest.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''FanFic/ATeachersGlory'': Subverted, but awesomely so. [[ShrinkingViolet Hinata]] quips "Are we having fun yet, cousin?" just before she collapses at the end of their fight. Awesome because it was almost played straight: Neji collapsed seconds after she did.
* ''Fanfic/HaloTheArtOfWar'': Deconstructed when [[RagtagBunchOfMisfits Spearhead's]] constant quip-throwing as they rack up a bodycount is a sign of them having Issues, in contrast with the quiet professionalism of the other Spartans.
* ''Fanfic/HarryPotterAndTheMethodsOfRationality'': [[MemeticBadass Neville]] gets a good one as he takes on Ron in the Three Armies Arc.
-->'''Neville''': [[CombatPragmatist I don't fight fair.]] [[TryingToCatchMeFightingDirty I fight like]] [[spoiler: [[CrazyAwesome Harry Potter]]]].
* In ''ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}'' fic ''Fanfic/HellsisterTrilogy'', Kara Zor-El throws her EvilCounterpart into an anti-matter star and says:
-->'''Supergirl:''' Hellsister, go to Hell.
* ''Film/JudgeMinty'' the FanFilm has this after Minty kills the last member of the gang of Cursed Earth outlaws, who tried to [[VillainsWantMercy beg himself out of it]].
-->'''Gang member:''' I had no choice!
-->'''Judge Minty:''' [''shoots gang member''] Me neither.
* ''FanFic/KitsuneNoKenFistOfTheFox'': Itachi lets off this quip after having shot [[MasterSwordsman Kyusuke]] four times in the torso: "The gun is always mightier than the sword." [[spoiler:Only it turns out Kyusuke is wearing a bulletproof vest]].
* ''FanFic/OnceMoreWithFeeling'': Shinji muses that one of the advantages to [[PeggySue time travel]] is that he can finally use the snappy one-liners he thought up too late.
-->Anyone for fried squid?
* ''On Her Undying Majesty's Secret Service'', a ''Main/GirlGenius'' fic: Ardsley Wooster comments that a villain who's just fallen to his death in rising sewer waters was "in over his head." But then, Wooster is a Bond Expy...
* ''FanFic/PoniesAndDragons'': In a session where the Mane Six are playing as [[AttackOfTheFiftyFootWhatever giant ponies]], Applejack's character slips on a patch of ice....and ends up [[AssKicksYou sitting on an evil pony Baron and his knights, instantly squishing them all flat.]] After everyone's done laughing, Applejack has this gem:
--> '''Applejack''': "Well, at least that's one bad guy who'll never be a pain in the rear again!"
** Also doubles as an IncrediblyLamePun.
%% * ''FanFic/PrettyCurePerfumePreppy'': "We're having roasted cheese for dinner tonight!"
* ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4450093/1/ The Secret Diary Of Cameron Baum]]'': Chapter 6, where Cameron killed a thug by smashing his head with a door, but not before telling him a joke John told her earlier.
-->"When is a door not a door?"
-->"Please. The shakedown was Frank's idea. Keep the money. Please. I need a doctor..."
-->"When is a door not a door?"
-->"I don't...please..."
-->''(after killing him)'' "When it is a ajar, It is a joke. I'm a real hoot."
-->The man does not laugh. He lacks a mouth. But his brains are everywhere.
* ''Fanfic/ThisBites'':
** After Tashigi knocks out Mr. 3 in Chapter 19:
-->'''Tashigi''': That was for my men, you bastard...
** Nami to Kalifa in chapter 37:
-->'''Nami''': Science lesson: be it a cloud or a body, Iron ''still'' conducts electricity.
** Conis to Captain Sharinguru in chapter 41:
-->'''Conis''': We're all the heroes of our own story. Guess the world just found mine more interesting than yours.
* ''FanFic/WhiteDevilOfTheMoon'': Jadeite has just been obliterated by a Divine Buster after [[WeddingSmashers attacking Kyouya Takamachi's wedding in an attempt to assassinate Nanoha]]. Nanoha's sister Miyuki wipes her swords, which are covered in youma blood after the battle, off on her ruined bridesmaid's dress and says, "Does anyone ''else'' have a reason why these two should not be wed?"
* In ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer''/''ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}'' story ''Fanfic/TheVampireOfSteel'', a Kryptonian criminal called Zol-Am to two vampires who looked to have him for dinner and he ''literally'' fried:
-->'''Zol-Am:''' Never hunt on an empty stomach. You get careless that way.

[[folder:Live Action Television]]
* ''Series/OneThousandWaysToDie''. Just about every single death ends in a Bond One Liner
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' both used and subverted this trope, as Buffy would nearly always have a Bond One Liner after (or just before) killing a baddie, but occasionally she would be mocked for using a stupid-sounding one, or the vampire would interrupt her while she was saying one.
** [[LampshadeHanging Brought to the attention of the audience]], when Willow tries to do a OneLiner in the first episode of season three ("Anne"), and when it doesn't work out, she explains that Buffy always says something clever, and she thinks it throws the bad guys off their guard.
** Also parodied in "The Zeppo", when Xander tries to pull off a Buffy-style one-liner.
-->'''Xander:''' You know, you gotta learn that if you're gonna play with fire then you'll have to be... ''(bad guy runs away) ... HEY! I wasn't finished!
** Tara gets one, but she doesn't go for humor.
-->'''Tara:''' Nobody messes with my girl.
** Near the end of the two-part series premiere, in a dark nightclub, about to be killed by a vampire, Buffy shouts out "But there's one thing you forgot about... SUNRISE!" and throws a microphone stand through a nearby closed window. As the vampire cringes in anticipation of his death, then realizes it's just a yellow light outside shining through the window, she explains "...It's in about nine hours, moron" and stakes the vampire from behind. How fun.
** In the Season 1 finale, Buffy knocks Giles out to keep him from facing death in her place - she then tells Ms. Calendar: "When he comes to, tell him...I don't know, think of something cool and tell him I said it."
** The show even goes so far as to imply that this is one of her ChosenOne powers: when she (temporarily) loses her abilities in "Helpless," she remarks to a recently-defeated foe "If I were at full Slayer strength, I'd probably be punning about now."
** On the show, {{one liner}}s are apparently the trickiest part of programming a life-like RobotGirl. Willow's attempt to (re)program the Buffy-bot to mimic the real slayer's style fails miserably, resulting in lines of gibberish after a successful slay.
---> That'll put marzipan in your pie plate, Bingo!
** Averted in the following episode when the real Buffy knocks down the demon biker's leader in an apparent ShesBack moment...and [[CameBackWrong then says nothing at all]].
** In the series finale, after Buffy [[spoiler:kills Caleb by splitting him in two with her new scythe]]. When Angel asks her where he is, she replies "He had to split." Subverted when immediately after she bursts out laughing.
** Also subverted for TheWorfEffect when Buffy first fights Glory, who delivers her own Bond One Liners ''while Buffy is punching her in the face''.
** "Hey Ken, wanna see my impression of Gandhi?" (SPLAT)
--> '''Lily:''' Gandhi?
--> '''Buffy:''' ''({{beat}})'' Well, you know, if he was really pissed off.
* Played with in an episode of ''Series/{{Angel}}'', where Wesley, after impaling a demon which constantly laughs says, "Who's laughing now? ... Well, you. But I still win."
** The [[Recap/AngelS01E01CityOf series premier]] finishes with an epic combo of PreMortemOneLiner and Bond One-Liner, when a SmugSnake vampire masquerading as a Hollywood talent agent gloats about how [[BigBad Wolfram and Hart]]'s protection allows him to murder with impunity.
--->'''Russell:''' I pay my taxes, I keep my name out of the paper, and I don't make waves. And in return, I can do anything I want.\\
'''Angel:''' [[PreMortemOneLiner Really. Can you fly?]]\\
''[[[DestinationDefenestration boots him out of his office window where he burns in the sunlight]]]''\\
'''Angel:''' Guess not.
* In ''Series/{{Lost}}'': Fake Locke (who just murdered two people as the smoke monster): "Sorry you had to see me like that"
** [[spoiler: In the GrandFinale, he receives one himself after Kate shoots him in the back (though he doesn't die right away): "I saved you a bullet!"]]
* ''Series/DoctorWho'':
** In "Revenge of the Cybermen", the Fourth Doctor gives an unusually thespian variant after murdering a Cyberman by injecting it with gold dust - "...[[Theatre/{{Macbeth}} dusty death. Out, out -!]]". Fortunately, Sarah Jane breaks him off just as he gets [[LargeHam into it]].
** The Fourth Doctor in "The Hand of Fear", after tripping a treasonous megalomaniac into a bottomless pit - "The gravity of the law finally caught up with him".
** In "The Deadly Assassin", the Doctor interrogates Time Lord politician Chancellor Goth after defeating him in a mental duel, who dies as the Doctor talks to him - "Typical politician - no answer to a straight question."
** Criticised by the Fourth Doctor in "The Creature From the Pit": "I suppose [[CouldSayItBut you could say]] the yolk's on him, if you were the sort of person who said that sort of thing, which fortunately I'm not."
** Unfortunately, the Sixth Doctor ''became'' that kind of person in "Vengeance On Varos" when, after witnessing two orderlies fall into a horrible certain death in an acid bath (owing to circumstances that the Doctor, if not directly, was at least partially responsible for), he murmurs "Forgive me if I don't join you." with a bit of a smirk on his face.
** In "The Two Doctors", Six killed a cannibal with cyanide taken from a butterfly-collecting kit and followed it by quipping "Your just desserts" over his food-obsessed opponent's corpse. He later told his companions that the villain had been "moth-balled".
** In "Revelation of the Daleks", Six gets two, after Davros's hand gets blown off - "No 'arm in trying", followed by "Want to shake hands?"
** In "The Greatest Show in the Galaxy", the Seventh gets a couple in: "Join the club" after knocking out a robot clown with a juggling club, and "Just the ticket" after immobilising a homicidal robotic bus conductor.
*** In "The Happiness Patrol" from earlier in the same season, a minor villain's punning mockery of the gruesome murder of a political prisoner is used as an explicitly invoked MoralEventHorizon moment. Which may ''just possibly'' be a TakeThat at the Sixth Doctor and the previous era's writers.
** In "Day of the Moon", After [[spoiler: slaughtering a roomful of Silents]] [[ActionGirl River]] gets asked what kind of doctor she is.
---> '''River''': Archaeology. Love a tomb.
** From the same episode, [=FBI=] agent Canton Delaware shoots a Silent and then quips:
---> '''Canton''': Welcome to America.
** In "The Husbands of River Song", the Doctor takes out a robot by plugging it into dozens of financial firewalls. He quips "He had a bad day on the market" to a bystander, makes his exit - and then doubles back to apologise for the joke.
-->''[[LampshadeHanging "Sorry, I appreciate that wasn't really funny but I couldn't help saying it."]]''
* Parodied in an episode of ''Series/SheSpies'', where D.D. and Shayne spend several minutes trying to guess what one-liner Cassie will use after dealing with the villain of the week.
* ''{{Series/Dollhouse}}'''s Ms. De Witt, with British accent and deadpan delivery, was begging for one of these. She finally gets one in "Getting Closer", after [[spoiler: Boyd]] shoots [[spoiler: several of Rossum's men]] in De Witt's office. Her only comment? "I think we can both agree that that carpet is finally done for."
* Subverted in the ''Series/MysteryScienceTheater3000'' episode ''Danger! Death Ray'', which has the bots continuously chiding the Bond-esque hero of the movie for an inability to come up with any but the lamest of Bond One Liners (when he remembers to say anything at all).
-->''[{{Mook}} dives to his death from hotel window.]''\\
'''Bart Fargo:''' That's too bad.\\
'''Crow:''' Oh, COME ON! What about "He really ''fell'' for me"?! "His hopes are ''crushed''"?!
** In ''Secret Agent Super Dragon'', another lame spy film on MST, Joel explains how all spies have to go through a training regimen that includes a class on "Post-kill puns".
-->'''Tom:''' You know, guys, I've just realized that being a spy is one of the only times when a pun is actually ''acceptable!''\\
'''Crow:''' Yeah! Ironically, death actually softens the blow of the pun.
** And again in ''Film/AgentForHARM'', which features probably the wussiest Bond clone ever who fails to make a single quip throughout the entire movie, a fact which Mike and the Bots are quick to admonish him for (along with his generally being boring and smarmy).
* Both a QuipToBlack ''and'' a Bond One Liner, Horatio Caine of ''Series/CSIMiami'' is told he is a dead man. He [[InstantDeathBullet promptly kills]] the man who said that and replies "Join the club." Cue the theme music. ([[MundaneMadeAwesome YEAAAAAAHHHH!]])
** Weebl and Bob [[http://www.weebls-stuff.com/wab/CSI/ make an entire episode out of lampshading Caine's one-liners]].
* Occasionally used in the 60s spy series ''Series/TheManFromUNCLE'', usually delivered by Napoleon Solo after he has dispatched a THRUSH {{mook}}. Given when the series aired and its premise, very possibly a deliberate {{Homage}} to ''Film/JamesBond''.
** Creator/IanFleming, who created Bond, did concept work for the show.
* A rather dark example from the second season finale of ''Series/{{V 2009}}'' [[spoiler: "Now ''that's'' how you kill your mother."]]
* A variant from ''Series/{{Flashpoint}}'''s first-season episode "Planets Aligned". The bad guy has a six-shot revolver, and has spent five, each shot causing the two [=SRU=] members chasing him to count it off: "That's three..." Two [=SRU=] members are trying to get him to stand down. In desperation, the gunman turns the revolver on himself.
-->"That's six."
* Played with in ''Series/TheMiddleman'', after Wendy sneaks up behind a villain and injects him with tranquilizer:
--> '''Middleman''': Like a Bengal elephant.
--> '''Wendy''': The one who does the takedown gets to say the catchphrase.
--> '''Middleman''': Oh. I'm sorry. Be my guest.
--> '''Wendy''': Swift justice. ''(blows on tranquilizer gun)''
--> '''Middleman''': Swift justice? Really?
--> '''Wendy''' ''(defensively)'': It was in my delivery!
--> '''Middleman''': Ah.
* In ''Series/{{Farscape}}'', Aeryn probably has the best one. Minutes after she gave birth to a baby whom was basically a MacGuffin for the villains, she shoots the commander of said villains (a commander who subjected her to no small amount of pain in efforts to discover the identity of the baby's father) squarely in the head and deadpans "It's a boy. In case you were wondering." Do. Not. Fuck. With {{Mama|Bear}} [[IncrediblyLamePun Bearyn]].
* One of this sketches from ''Series/MontyPythonsFlyingCircus'' is The Bishop, whose protagonist is a bishop (yes, with the crook and big hat and everything) whose attempts to thwart Mafia-type murders of the clergy always end in Bond One Liners.
** Another sketch features Atilla the Hun (John Cleese) as a dad in a typical cheesy sitcom, giving his delighted kids a present - a severed head. "I want you to get ''a-head!''"
* In ''Series/{{Heroes}}'', after [[PeoplePuppets puppetmaster]] Doyle's twisted game of RussianRoulette, Claire smashes a chair over his head and tersely says, "Show's over."
* Garak in ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' loved these. After snidely berating then gunning down an old rival Cardassian, he quips "A pity. I rather liked him."
** Garak, after being introduced to Dr Bashir's [[ShoutOut very James Bond-like]] Holosuite adventure games, found himself wishing he'd been in that kind of intelligence service. Perhaps that's what gave him the idea to add the Bond One Liner to his repertoire. Whether or not that's the case, that type of one-liner certainly fit with [[DeadpanSnarker his personality]].
* In one episode of ''Series/HogansHeroes'', the Heroes have blown up a fuel truck. Hogan makes a comment, addressed to Klink, to the effect that the driver should have put up a "No Smoking" sign.
* In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIfSQW499Xc this]] ''Series/ThatMitchellAndWebbLook'' sketch (at about [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIfSQW499Xc#t=1m38s 1:38]]) the two are discussing why they don't want to risk Film/JamesBond showing up - because he threw a guy who insulted him out the window onto a fence railing.
-->'''Mitchell:''' Everyone's in shock, except for James, who strolls over to the window, glances down, and says, "What a piercing bore."
-->'''Webb:''' "A piercing bore"? There's no such expression!
-->'''Mitchell:''' Well, right next to the railing was a rock crusher. It's pretty clear he'd wanted to say "what a crushing bore" but missed and was making the best of a bad job...
** A later episode reveals that [[CaptainErsatz Agent Suave's]] one-liners are provided courtesy of a couple of third-rate comedy writers in a van outside the mission location, who in turn get them from a big book called ''1001 Super-Spy Quips''. Unfortunately, this backfires on them when it's discovered they're also providing this service for the villain.
* In ''Series/{{Community}}'' episode "[[Recap/CommunityS2E06Epidemiology Epidemiology]]" Troy gets out a few based on the costume of the person he just hit, before running out of ideas.
-->Troy (directed at Annie dressed as Little Red Riding Hood): "Hey Annie what nice fists you have....IN YOUR FACE!"
* ''Series/BabylonFive'': Marcus Cole, upon beating the snot out of every single patron in a bar because he wants answers:
-->Bugger. Now I have to wait for one of them to wake up.
* Creator/ConanOBrien has a lot of fun with Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger's tendency to do this. Once, when asked what The Schwarzenator would say if he killed someone with a knife at a wedding (part of the US citizenship exam), he stated "Ay Nhau Prounhaunz You Man... Ahnd Naif!"
** HilariousInHindsight now, as Creator/JasonStatham used this line in ''Film/TheExpendables2''.
* ''Series/PersonOfInterest'': Reese, although he's very soft-spoken and polite about it.
* ''Series/WizardsOfWaverlyPlace'': Mason gets a great one in ''The Wizards Return'', when he tells Alex that he'll handle Dominic.
--> '''Mason:''' "Go on, love. I'll just stay here - and have a snack."
* The ''Series/BlueBloods'' episode "Ties That Bind" has Danny in a gun battle against some cartel thugs. After dropping one, Danny hides behind his car and counts the bullets from thug #2, then pops out and orders him to drop it when the guy runs out. [[ItWorksBetterWithBullets The guy tries to fire, it clicks]], and he goes for a backup piece and Danny puts two in his chest.
--> '''Danny:''' Learn how to count.
* The ''Creator/InvestigationDiscovery'' program ''Deadly Women'' provides an example of this in a dramatization of the murder of Stanley Cumberbatch at the hands of his ex-wife, Millicent. After stabbing a sleeping Stanley multiple times with a knife, Millicent stares down at the corpse and blood soaked bed and says the following:
--> '''Millicent Cumberbatch:''' Rest in peace, Stanley!
* In ''Series/TerminatorTheSarahConnorChronicles'', [[spoiler:Weaver]] making a Bond One-Liner after killing an inconvenient employee is the first sign that she's much more complex and self-aware than the usual Terminator.
* ''{{Series/Arrow}}'': In the episode "Unfinished Business", when Diggle goes to [[spoiler:rescue Oliver at the mental institution]], he manages to take down [[spoiler:the doctor's assistant]] after some struggling with a defibrilator discharge at his head. Dig gets up and says a single word on the matter: "Clear".
* In ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD,'' when the team is trying to find a KillerRobot loose in the base, Mack and Elena begin having CasualDangerDialog about how the robot's creator should have seen this coming since it's what happens in every movie ever, and even mention a few specific films. So naturally, when Mack has a shot at the robot just as it's going on about how it's transcended its original nature by the power of [[EvilIsNotAToy the]] [[TomeOfEldritchLore Darkhold]], he sneaks up and [[TalkToTheFist interrupts its speech]] by way of [[KilledMidSentence an ax to the head]]. Head goes thud. Body goes thud. Everyone stares at Mack, who says: "Roll credits."
* In ''Series/TheFlash2014'', the episode "Going Rogue" has one of Leonard Snart's mooks saying that he wants out after their heist to an armored truck gets foiled. When he turns around, Snart promtply shoots him and quips: "Well, when you're out, you're out."
* ''Series/MadanSenkiRyukendo'': "Embrace the darkness and sleep."
* ''Series/BlakesSeven''. Being an amoral [[TheSnarkKnight Snark Knight]], Avon certainly isn't going to be left out. After an assassin is bitten by their own [[AnimalAssassin spider-creature]] and dies screaming, [[BigBad Servalan]] calls up and demands to know what is happening. Avon answers, "I'm afraid your friend is feeling the pinch."

* From Creator/TerryPratchett's ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' novels:
** Played straight in ''Discworld/GuardsGuards'' After the Watch corner the villain, Captain Vimes orders Carrot to "throw the book at him". Carrot, who [[BluntMetaphorsTrauma has trouble with metaphors]], literally [[ThrowTheBookAtThem throws his copy]] of ''The Laws and Ordinances of the Cities of Ankh and Morpork'' at the villain, causing him to stumble backwards over a ledge and fall to his death. Sergeant Colon remarks "What a way to go. Killed by a wossname, a metaphor," which Nobby Nobbs follows up with "Looks more like it was the ground."
** Subverted in ''Discworld/TheFifthElephant'' when Samuel Vimes think of a few possible lines, then mutters "The hell with it" after killing the villain in proactive self-defense, because if he ''had'' been able to joke about killing someone, then it would have been too much like murder.
** In a later novel, ''Discworld/GoingPostal'', the narration indicates that if protagonist Moist von Lipwig had been "a hero," he would have thrown off a one-liner after tricking a monster into a gruesome death, but "since he wasn't a hero, [[StressVomit he threw up]]."
* Creator/SandyMitchell's ''Literature/CiaphasCain'' novels are replete with these, some witty, some silly, all ''hilarious''.
** Appears most frequently in the third book with current villains' battle cries:
*** "Blood for the Blood God!" "Fine, he can have yours!"
*** "Blood for the Blood God!" "Harriers for the cup!"
*** "Blood for the Blood--" '''''[[DropTheHammer CRUNCH!]] Gurgling Sounds''''' "Well he's not getting mine..."
* In the very first ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'' book, Visser Three [[spoiler:kills Elfangor by morphing into a monster and eating him.]]
--->'''Visser Three''':
* ''Painfully'' subverted in the seventh book of ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}: Literature/GauntsGhosts''.
* If this ''Franchise/StarWars'' example doesn't count, it comes seriously close. In Luke Skywalker's final duel (atop a cliff, [[RuleOfCool naturally]]) with [[ExpandedUniverse Lumiya]], when she slips and falls, he grabs her arm. After saying "I'd never let you fall," he cuts her head off. [[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome Awesome!]]
** PlayedWith a little because unlike most examples, he's being incredibly serious.
* Parodied in ''[[Literature/AlcatrazSeries Alcatraz Versus the Scrivener's Bones]]'', when Alcatraz unleashes a HurricaneOfPuns using the word [[spoiler:soul]] after [[spoiler:tricking the VillainOfTheWeek into taking a book in the Library of Alexandria - which constitutes a contract to allow the Library's curators to claim your soul]]. All right, so it's not ''technically'' killing, but that's part of the joke.
* In ''Literature/JohnDiesAtTheEnd'', John gets several (of varying quality) after he "introduces" some wig-monsters to a folding chair.
** "Have a ''seat'', bitch!"
** "You've been sentenced to get the ''chair'', motherfucker!"
** "You wants the committee, asshole, then you best meet with the ''chair''!"
** "Anybody else want to donate blood to ''chair''-ity?"
** "There's some dessert! With a ''chair''-y on top!"
* In the novelization for ''Revenge of the Sith'', the newly fallen Darth Vader uses several of these while killing the Separatist leaders. For example, when one cries, "We surrender! Please -- you're a ''Jedi!''", he responds "You fought a war to destroy the Jedi. (Stab) Congratulations on your success."
* Averted in ''Literature/BlackDogs''. After their first fight, Sadrao says "well, that was invigorating!". And the protagonist, Lyra, instead of some witty remark, just throws up.
* Summer Rowe the genius engineer in ''Literature/{{Lacuna}}'' wants a gun like all the rest of the crew so she can deliver an Webcomic/{{XKCD}}-inspired line.
-->'''Rowe:''' Because, you know, Webcomic/{{XKCD}}. They had this comic where they rated ‘potential action movie one liners’ from most-probable to least-probable, and when we find the Demons I’m dying to pull out my gun and just go... ‘Bangarang, ''motherfucker''.’ Like, from Peter Pan, the original novel. … seriously, that’d be so awesome.
** [[spoiler:(later))]]
--> [[spoiler:'''Rowe:''' (puts the rifle against the Toralii's chest) Bangarang, ''motherfucker''.]]
* The ''Literature/AlexRider'' series by Anthony Horowitz uses this all the time (which is fitting, since it's a deconstruction/homage to James Bond):
** Launching a snowmobile at Dr Grief in ''Point Blanc'', [[IncrediblyLamePun "It looks like I sleighed him."]]
** In ''Skeleton Key'' when he uses a magnet-crane on Conrad, a villain with metal pins in his body, he remarks: "What an attractive man."
** Damien Cray the villain of ''Eagle Strike'', the fourth book, gets thrown out of Air Force One while "riding" a food trolley: "He went off his trolley."
*** For the record, though, Cray died by TurbineBlender.
** In ''Crocodile Tears'', [[spoiler:Desmond]] gets one after killing [[spoiler:Bulman]] and putting his cadaver into a bulldozer: "It looks like [[spoiler:Bulman]] got what every journalist dreams of - a scoop."
* Nick Diamond from the Diamond Brothers Mysteries does this quite a lot.
* ''Literature/TheDresdenFiles'' "For my next trick, anvils!" - said after redirecting an [[DiabolusExMachina entropy curse]] onto a vampire causing said vampire to be [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments hit by a frozen turkey that fell out of a plane.]]
** "Moo."
* Tamora Pierce's [[Literature/SongOfTheLioness Lioness Rampant]] has one when after Alanna kills [[spoiler:Alex]] she asks "Is this what it means to be best?"
* Averted in ''Film/MysteryTeam''; [[spoiler: Duncan]] seems more stunned about killing someone than anything, and [[spoiler: Charlie]]'s only quip is:
--> I hope those were baby teeth.
* In ''Literature/SpaceMarineBattles'', Sicarius attempts one. [[spoiler:However, the Necron he has just "killed" prompty stands up and turns the tables on him.]]
-->'''The Undying''': [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: I am the king of the immortals! ]]
'''Sicarius''': We are the slayers of kings!
* In ''Literature/ArtemisFowl'', Mafia metal man "Loafers" keeps a notebook filled with these corresponding to the occupation of the target that he killed, including such gems as: "I'm just doing this because I knead the dough!" (After killing a baker, naturally)
* ''Literature/TheWarAgainstTheChtorr''. In the short story ''Enterprise Fish'', someone accuses the JerkAss protagonist [=McCarthy=] of being NotHimself after being changed into a HalfHumanHybrid, but changes his mind when [=McCarthy=] delivers a Bond One Liner after watching another JerkAss get swallowed whole for ignoring the DoNotTauntCthulhu trope.
* In ''The Short-Timers'', a Vietnam War novel by Gustav Hasford, [[SociopathicSoldier sociopathic Marine]] Animal Mother, after beheading (already dead) Viet Cong female sniper quips: "Rest in pieces, bitch."
* ''Literature/JourneyToChaos'': Eric shows off his new confidence by throwing out one of these after defeating an academic mage in mercenary style, "leave the battlefield to the professionals, schoolboy."
* In [[http://parahumans.wordpress.com/2013/07/18/sting-26-1/ Chapter 26.1]] of ''Literature/{{Worm}}'', when Nice Guy's JediMindTrick superpower is preventing the heroes from realizing he's an enemy they have to kill, Imp's PerceptionFilter superpower lets her through his defenses. She slits his throat, kicks him down the stairs into an acid trap, and tells his dying body: "My schtick."[[note]]This also serves as a MythologyGag, as [[http://parahumans.wordpress.com/2012/08/02/interlude-13%C2%BD-donation-bonus/#comment-3340 the original inspiration for Imp was actually the original version of Nice Guy]].[[/note]] Also, previously in [[https://parahumans.wordpress.com/2013/03/09/scourge-19-6/ chapter 19.6]] [[AntiHero Skitter]]'s comment after inciting Miss Militia to blowing [[EvilTwin Eidolon's clone]], just after treading him with her bugs' [[RazorFloss silk]] affected by [[TimeStandsStill Clockblocker]]'s power. Her comment on the [[LudicrousGibs result]]?
-->''[[HealingFactor Flicker ]] that.''
** The sequel, ''Literature/{{Ward}}'' has Damsel of Distress give one of these after she kills Beast of Burden for attacking her and ordering her to stop pissing him off when she hadn't actually done anything this time.
-->'''Damsel:''' "''You'' stop."

* One of the ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'' bonus videos, called "Sargeisms", was entirely dedicated to Sarge giving off large quantities of Bond- and {{Pre Mortem One Liner}}s.
-->"Dr Sarge says take 2 barrels of this Shotgun and call me when you're dead!"
-->"Or my personal favorite 'You just got Sarged!'"
** Which is taken up again in Episode 3 of Revelation where Sarge and Grif is kicking Wash's ass and just about to shoot with his Shotgun against some exploding barrels saying ''You just got...'') and flubbs it up by shooting before he is finished. He lampshades this with ''Goddammit I messed up my one-liner''.
** A less humorous example occurs in ''Reconstruction''. Washington takes Delta's advice that South Dakota no longer "hamper their progress" and points a gun at her. She starts to say "What are you going to do, [[KilledMidSentence shoot-]]" after which Wash says, "Yes. Good suggestion."
** "My name is [[spoiler: Leonard Church]], and you will FEAR MY [[spoiler: LASER FACE]]!"

* The magazine ''Slate'' features [[http://www.slate.com/id/2169950/fr/nl/ the results of a contest]] for reader-submitted Bond One Liners.
** The winner of that contest was "Flights of angels sing thee to thy rest, pissant."
* ''Magazine/{{Mad}}'' did a parody of the movie ''Film/{{Charade}}'', focusing on its lighthearted tone in the face of mayhem. The glamorous leads trade quips as their adversaries die horribly, like when one is found drowned in a bathtub: "Too bad he died before he had a chance to ''come clean!''" - "This crime has a familiar ''ring'' to it!"

* In LEGO's ''Toys/{{Bionicle}}'', [[BigBad Teridax]] [[DevourTheDragon eats/absorbs Nidhiki]] in order to gain more power for his fight with the Toa Metru. Apparently [[EvilFormerFriend Nidhiki]] did not go down easily, because Teridax would later describe the event with, "I lost because I disagreed with something I ate."

* [[Music/LupeFiasco Lupe Fiasco's]] song "The Coolest" features one. After gunning down Michael Young History, who was bragging that he was the "Coolest mothafucka in the world," his killer remarks:
-->"Ain't too cool now, is you, nigga?"
* In the very old ballad "Lady Isabel and the Elf Knight", Lady Isabel elopes with a knight and when they come to the seashore he boasts that he's drowned six king's daughters here "And thou the seventh shall be". But Lady Isabel tricks him and shoves him off the cliff herself, and depending on the version, says one of two things: "Six king's daughters hast thou drowned here,/Go keep them company." or "...and the seventh has drowned thee."

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* After Wrestling/WadeBarrett threw Wrestling/RandyOrton down a flight of stairs, {{Kayfabe}} sending Orton to the hospital, Wade quipped, "[[AnimalMotifs The Viper]] is now extinct."

* Also parodied in one of the "Party Planner" sketches on [[Creator/TheBBC BBC Radio 4's]] ''[[Series/ThatMitchellAndWebbLook That Mitchell And Webb Sound]]'' (and on the TV adaptation). When the two characters are trying to decide whether or not to invite Film/JamesBond to a party, one recounts an event from a previous party at which Bond threw somebody out of a window for saying that his cigarette case was "gay". The victim landed on a railing spike and was paralysed.
-->'''Webb:''' Everyone's in shock, apart from James, who strolls over to the window, looks down and says: "What a piercing bore."\\
'''Mitchell:''' "Piercing bore"? There's no such expression!\\
'''Webb:''' Well, the railing was next to a crusher. It was pretty clear that he'd meant to say "crushing bore", but had missed, and was making the best of a bad job.

[[folder:Religion and Mythology]]
* [[Literature/TheBible Judges 15:16]]- ''Then Samson said, "With an ass's jawbone I have made asses of them. With an ass's jawbone I have killed a thousand men."'' (He had just used the jawbone of a donkey / wild ass as a weapon).
** One possible translation made to preserve the pun is something like "With the jawbone of an ass, [[RhymesOnADime I have heaped them in a mass]]."
** A ''thousand'' kills? That is an assload of bodies.
** In the original Hebrew, the word for "donkey" sounds like the word for "heap" making a better pun.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* To quote the now legendary FanFic/OldManHenderson after running over [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu Hastur]] with a gas tanker rigged with C4;
--> '''Old Man Henderson''': "Henderson here. Figured out what the nasties are weak against."
--> '''Jimmy''': "What's that, Mr. Henderson?"
--> '''Old Man Henderson''': "Point blank annihilation."
* [[TabletopGame/{{Chess}} "Checkmate."]]

* Theatre/{{Macbeth}} has been told he is invincible to all those "of woman born." So naturally, upon killing Young Siward:
-->'''Macbeth:''' Thou wast born of woman.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* [[spoiler:Ford Cruller]] gets his SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome in ''VideoGame/{{Psychonauts}}'' when he turns the BigBad's main weapon ([[spoiler:super-strength sneezing powder that makes the victim literally sneeze their brains out]]) on him in the climax. The one liner? [[spoiler:Geshundheit]]. However, said villain survived.
* ''Blood Omen: VideoGame/LegacyOfKain'':
--> '''Moebius:''' Aye, you have seen my plans, vampire, as I've seen your destiny; the future says you die.
--> '''Kain:''' But I ''am'' dead...
--> (Chops off Moebius's head)
--> '''Kain:''' As are you.
** Kain reverses this in ''Defiance'', confronting Moebius after self-resurrecting sans his vampiric heart. Moebius tries to paralyze Kain, only to have his hand forcibly placed on Kain's chest. Kain follows with "I always was considered heartless."
* Many boss battles in ''The VideoGame/HouseOfTheDead III'' and ''4'':
--> '''James:''' (after defeating Temperance, a several-stories-tall obese zombie) "Temper this, buddy!"
--> '''Kate:''' (after defeating the same boss) "How do you like my no-fat, all-lead diet?"
--> '''Lisa:''' (after defeating the Sun, a tree-like creature) "I never was any good at gardening."
--> '''Lisa:''' (after beating Death, on the [[RecurringBoss 2nd]] [[{{Determinator}} encounter]]) "When a lady says no, she means it!"
--> '''Kate:''' (after defeating The Star, who had challenged Kate and James to a "test of strength") "Looks like you're the one who failed the test!"
** Even more so in ''VideoGame/TheHouseOfTheDeadOverkill'', Where everyone (including the narrator) do this all the time:
--> '''Agent G:''' (after killing a clown in the carnival) "Stop clowning around."
* {{Lampshaded}} in ''VideoGame/KingdomOfLoathing'', at the end of the level 12 quest. In fact, there are two versions, depending on [[spoiler:which side you defeated]]:
-->After [[spoiler:blowing up the hippy camp via gas leak: You stare open-mouthed at the carnage that used to be the hippy camp, then remember you're obligated to make a witty remark. "Thanks, guys," you say, as you strut off the battlefield, "it's been a gas."]]
-->After [[spoiler:blowing up the frat house: You stare blankly at the destruction around you, then realize you're obligated to make a witty remark. "Remember, kids," you say as you strut off the field, "idiots and explosives don't mix."]]
** It is possible to both avert the lampshading and the trope itself in the [[spoiler: third]] ending ([[spoiler:combining a flare-gun, 999 dead hippies and 999 dead frat orcs, defeating ''both'' sides]]). To replace it, there is a PreMortemOneLiner, pointing out something both The Man and The Big Wisniewski have forgotten.
* The video game ''VideoGame/{{Gun}}'' uses this in Hoodoo Brown's death.
--> '''Hoodoo Brown:''' I'M HOODOO BROWN!\\
'''* BANG* ''' '''* CRASH* '''\\
'''Colton:''' You were.
* In the original ''VideoGame/MetalGearSolid'', (meaning the PSX one), Snake uttered this after shooting down Liquid in his Hind:
-->* upon seeing the flames shoot high* \\
Snake: That takes care of the cremation.
** Pumped UpToEleven (like [[MundaneMadeAwesome everything else]]) in ''Twin Snakes'', where the line is delivered while Snake [[UnflinchingWalk calmly walks away from the explosion in slow motion.]]
** Even [[UpToEleven worse]] in the novelization of Metal Gear Solid, where just about every line of Snake's is a groan-inducingly lame one-liner.
* Interestingly, ''VideoGame/WorldOfWarcraft'' contains a few of these. Pretty much any major Bosses will give some quips when they kill someone. While most are just general boasting, a few qualify. From Memory:
---> Ionar (Lightning Elemental): "Shocking, I know."
---> XT-002 (a giant robot [[PsychopathicManchild with the personality of a child]]): I guess it doesn't bend that way!...
---> Durumu the Forgotten (A mutated demon with many eyes): "Do you see what I did there?"
---> Khadgar (in response to a demon lord taunting that he and the player were "doomed to fail"): It seems ''you'' were doomed to fail, Lord Kalgorath!
* ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'': The characters will drop their own Bond One Liners, independent of the player's input. This often happens when you kill the same player four times without being killed by them in response, earning a "Domination".
** The Demoman does this at the end of "Meet the Demoman," after blowing a bunch of BLU team mercenaries to bits with a massive sticky-bomb trap.
---> Oh, they're gonna have to glue you back together - '''IN HELL'''.
--->'''Sniper''' "How many times have you died? I'm actually getting impressed!"
** Being styled after 1960's spy fiction, and possibly Bond himself, the Spy is naturally the king of this trope.
--->"Sorry to 'pop-in' unannounced."
--->(To Scout) "You died as you lived: running away!"
--->(To Pyro) "You look like death warmed over..."
--->(To Engineer) "Did I throw a wrench into your plans?"
* Parodied/lampshaded in the "Dashwood and Argyle" radio series in ''VideoGame/{{Fallout 3}}'' after Argyle dispatches a traitorous FemmeFatale:
--> '''Dashwood''': Good God Argyle, you- you ripped out her heart!\\
'''Argyle''': I always knew this broad was heartless...get it boss? Heh-heh, heartless...\\
'''Dashwood''': Your kung-fu skills are unparalleled old chum, but your comic delivery leaves something to be desired.
* In ''VideoGame/FalloutNewVegas'', [[MemeticBadass Boone]] has one if you take him along to kill [[BigBad Caesar]].
--> ''"Thumbs down, you son of a bitch."''
* In the ''Franchise/MassEffect series'', Renegade Shepard can have a few of these. The most famous comes in the second game, where a mook Shepard asked a question from responds, "I've got nothing more to say to you." Shepard pushes him off of a very tall building before saying, "How 'bout 'goodbye'?"
** The Citadel DLC closes out the series with one of the finest examples ever. [[spoiler:After Shepard catches his/her clone and their accomplice, Maya Brooks, Shepard is obviously barely restraining him/herself as Brooks taunts them. If you play as a Renegade, you'll get this amazing exchange after Maya is already in cuffs:]]
--> [[spoiler:'''[[SmugSnake Brooks]]''': Admit it Commander. You'll miss me.]]\\
[[spoiler:''Brooks breaks out of her cuffs and starts running. Shepard pulls out their pistol and shoots her in the back.'']]\\
[[spoiler:'''Shepard''': [[CrowningMomentOfAwesome Not at this range, I won't]].]]
** In both the Paragon and Renegade versions of the above events, skipping the interrupt [[spoiler:will result in one of Shepard's squadmates doing it instead.]]
-->[[spoiler:'''Brooks:''' You know you'll miss me.]]\\
''[[spoiler:Brooks tries to run away, but a gunshot is heard. She falls over to reveal one of Shepard's squadmates with his or her gun still raised.]]''\\
[[spoiler:'''[[BewareTheNiceOnes Kaidan]]:''' Not likely]]\\
[[spoiler:'''[[BoisterousBruiser Ashley]]:''' I was really hoping I'd get to do that.]]\\
[[spoiler:'''[[CowboyCop Garrus]]:''' You know, I meant for that to be a warning shot. Ah, well.]]\\
[[spoiler:'''[[ProudWarriorRaceGuy Wrex]]:''' ''(to Shepard)'' You're getting slow.]]\\
[[spoiler:'''[[BadassBookworm Tali]]:''' Well I won't miss you, you crazy [[PardonMyKlingon bosh'tet]].]]\\
[[spoiler:'''[[AdventurerArchaeologist Liara]]:''' As escape attempts go, I've seen better.]]\\
[[spoiler:'''[[TheBigGuy James]]:''' I don't think so.]]\\
[[spoiler:'''[[AbusivePrecursors Javik]]:''' Problem solved.]]
* Ah, Snarky!Hawke, what would ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'' be without you? S/he delivers this awesome one-liner to Duke Prosper after [[spoiler: you kill him by throwing him off a cliff]]:
--> '''Snarky!Hawke:''' It looks like the Duke... has fallen from grace.
* In ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerTiberianDawn'', [[TheStarscream Seth]] is Nod's Second in Command, giving the player briefings for the first half of the Brotherhood's campaign. He eventually plans to betray [[DarkMessiah Kane]] and the player; in a briefing where he's about to send the player into a hopeless attack on the Pentagon, he claims "You see, power shifts quickly in the Brotherhood". Seth is shot by Kane about thirty seconds after this; shoving the corpse aside, Kane says "Yes... power shifts more quickly than some people think". Even more badass because this the '''first line''' you ever hear Kane say. It's even funnier at the end when Kane quips "Oh, and congratulations on your promotion." looks down at the dead Seth and then back to you.
** Alternatively, ANYTHING said by the Commandos. "Real tough guy! Nice Faceplant! I've got a present for ya! Keep 'em commin!" etc, etc.
** The Navy [=SEALs=] in ''VideoGame/CommandAndConquerRedAlert2'' have lines such as "That was left-handed!" and the classic "Lil' C4 knockin' at ya door!".
* ''VideoGame/StarWarsRepublicCommando'' has Trandoshans (bipedal fat, green ugly lizard aliens) with flammable-gas-laden backpacks. Shoot one in the back, and the backpack will ignite, lifting the unfortunate Trandoshan ten feet up like a jetpack before exploding. Quirky teammate Scorch will comment on this with lines like "Woo! Fireworks!" or "Hey, I didn't know Trandoshan could fly!"
* The original ''VideoGame/ResidentEvil'', with Chris's iconic line after killing Plant 42: "Looks like we got to the ROOT of the problem!"
* ''VideoGame/CityOfHeroes'': When fighting bosses, if they [[strike: kill]] [[NeverSayDie defeat]] you, many will say something witty.
* ''VideoGame/NoMoreHeroes'': "It's open mic night in hell, old man. Sing all you want down there."
* ''VideoGame/{{Dystopia}}'': Players can use context-specific taunts after kills.
* In ''VideoGame/SWAT4'', some of your squadmates have some one liners after finding a dead/incapacitated suspect along with normal chatter
--> ''*after killing a female robber at a convenience store*'' "Guess her Bonnie and Clyde days are over."
--> ''*after killing a gang member at the A-bomb nightclub*'' "I'm not much of a dancer, but neither is this one now."
* The ''Franchise/JamesBond'' games are naturally full of these. One, in ''VideoGame/AgentUnderFire'', if you choose to push The Jackal off instead of shooting her to death, M calls asking what happened. Bond's response? "She's fallen for me."
** In ''VideoGame/EverythingOrNothing'' one of the funniest is actually a CallBack to ''Film/AViewToAKill'' when M mentions that Nikolai Diavolo was tutored by Max Zorin, which Bond replies with: "Yes, we once played bridge together. He lost."
* In ''VideoGame/SplinterCellConviction'', Sam Fisher will throw out one of these after a fight ends.
** Fisher gets a famous one in one of Blacklist's side-missions should you take out a guard dog:
--> '''Grim''':"The file says he owns a prize winning showdog. Purebred."
--> '''Fisher''':"Time to update the file."
* ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIV'': Niko Bellic (after killing his job interviewer): "I guess I didn't get the job."
** ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIVTheBalladOfGayTony'': Luis Lopez (after blowing up a subway train): "You're out of service!"
* In ''VideoGame/{{Borderlands}}'' each character will automatically taunt any elite opponent or any opponent that dies to a critical hit after getting a kill
--> [[SociopathicHero Mordecai]]: "So big, so angry, so ''dead''."
* As a ''Film/JamesBond'' parody, naturally [[Franchise/RatchetAndClank Clank]] has plenty of these in his ShowWithinAShow in ''VideoGame/RatchetAndClankUpYourArsenal''.
** As well as in the game ''VideoGame/SecretAgentClank''.
* Chuck Greene from ''VideoGame/DeadRising2'' is pretty good at these.
--> ''*boss falls onto table saw after declaring "I'm twice the man you are!"*'' [[MemeticMutation I]] ''[[MemeticMutation saw]]'' [[MemeticMutation what you did there.]]
--> ''*boss is killed by zombie in a bridal gown*'' You may now kiss the bride.
** In Off the Record, Frank West delivers even more of these than Chuck did.
-->''*Boss is crushed by a falling platform*'' "Sorry. I'm not into flat chicks."
* JC Denton uses one in ''VideoGame/DeusEx'', after casually blowing up Gunther Herman with his killphrase "Laputan Machine".
-->'''JC''': Sticks and stones...
* Rico Rodriguez from ''VideoGame/JustCause 2''.
--> ''(after blowing up a pipeline or other large structure)'' "Don't take it personally. It was a design problem. That's all."\\
''(after blowing the hell out of a satellite broadcast facility and free-falling to the ground)'' "And that concludes our broadcast day."\\
''(after completing any settlement by blowing stuff up or collecting pickups)'' "It's a tough job... But someone's gotta do it."\\
''(blowing up a statue that the villain erected to himself)'' "Ouch! That's gonna hurt the big man's ego!"
* Caleb, of ''VideoGame/{{Blood}}''. However, he only gets specific when defeating bosses, otherwise they're usually generic comments on how much pain he's dishing out, or an EvilLaugh.
--> ''"You kids shouldn't play so rough... somebody's gonna start crying."''
* Everyone in the ''VideoGame/UnrealTournament'' series excels at these: bots will automatically taunt after killing another character, and players can set it so they automatically taunt after a kill as well.
* ''VideoGame/GearsOfWar'': Many of the main characters spout off one-liners, especially after scoring a [[BoomHeadshot headshot]].
--> '''Marcus''': "Look ma, no face."
--> '''Baird''': "Mmm mmm, juicy!" and "A little too much off the top there, sorry about that."
--> '''Dizzy''': "HAAAAAA! TAKE IT!"
* ''VideoGame/VegaStrike'' has a node in each DialogueTree for killing another unit. Mostly for flavour, but some are funny. Rlaan turn out to have a WarriorPoet streak.
--> '''[[IntrepidMerchant Merchant]]''': "And I aint gonna sell you a new one, neither."\\
'''[[BountyHunter Hunter]]''': "[[UnusableEnemyEquipment It's a pity there's not enough left of that to mount]]."
* At the beginning of ''VideoGame/BatmanArkhamAsylum'', Joker escapes from custody by strangling a guard with his handcuffs:
--> '''Joker''': ''The choke's on you!''
* ''Franchise/{{Halo}}'' gets these for the player characters in Firefight mode, and [=NPCs=] in general, sometimes preceded by a PreMortemOneLiner. In some games, even the player characters in Campaign will have these.
* ''VideoGame/TombRaider'' has Lara Croft raining these. Some notable examples:
-->'''Mook''': For some people, like yourself, we get a special bonus!
-->'''Lara''': I'm flattered.
-->'''Mook''': I mean, I could even retire early from you!
-->'''Lara''': Then you'd might like to mind the bell.
-->''Mook gets thrown off the rooftop from a swinging bell''
-->'''Lara''': Happy retirement.
* Pit delievers quite a few in ''VideoGame/KidIcarusUprising'', which, given [[NoFourthWall the nature of the game]] are lampshaded more often than not.
-->''Defeating [[GiantSpaceFleaFromNowhere the Space Kraken]]:''
-->'''Pit''': Calimaried!
-->'''Palutena''': What a sucker.
-->''Defeating [[ShockAndAwe Phosphora]]:''
-->'''Pit''': Did you see ''that'' thunder!
-->'''Phosphora''': ''[[AnalogyBackfire No]]'', [[AnalogyBackfire because you can't]] ''[[AnalogyBackfire see]]'' [[AnalogyBackfire thunder.]]
-->''Defeating Cragalanche:''
-->'''Pit''': In your rock face!
-->'''Viridi''': [[LampshadeHanging That's your idea of a victory taunt? Please.]]
-->''Defeating [[spoiler: the [[WombLevel Heart of Hades]]]]:''
-->'''Pit''': Your heart wasn't even in it!
-->'''Pit''': [[ItMakesSenseInContext And I'm still just talking to myself...]]
-->''Defeating the Space Kraken, [[BossRush again]]:''
-->'''Pit''': That's right, you tentafool!
-->'''Palutena''': [[SarcasmMode Tentafool? Uh, nice one, Pit.]]
* ''VideoGame/BrainDead13'': In Vivi's Salon, [[spoiler:when Vivi gets pushed into the Beautifier and gets defeated by it, but not killed, Lance makes a BadassBoast at her]]:
-->[[spoiler:'''Lance:''' Hey, Viv! I'll take a rain check on that... ''bite''!]]
** Of course, this will turn into a SedgwickSpeech if he doesn't avoid Fritz's attack and get out of the salon.
** Before that, she also delivers this Bond One-Liner to Lance after she has [[OffWithHisHead cut off his head]] [[AnArmAndALeg or his hand]]:
-->'''Vivi:''' ''[innocently]'' [[Series/FamilyMatters Awww, did I do that?]]
* As an AffectionateParody of 80's action movies, ''VideoGame/FarCry3BloodDragon'' has quite the collection of these for various actions.
* ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'': Lulu of all people pulls these when she casts Black Magic, with such gems as:
--> (Using [[KillItWithIce Blizzara]]) Let me break the ice!
--> (Using [[KillItWithWater Water]]) Thirsty?
--> (Using [[ManaDrain Osmose]]) Care to share your thoughts?
* ''VideoGame/BravelyDefault'': [[spoiler: Kamiizumi]] pulls one of these if you [[spoiler: do Qada's sidequest before his]], [[spoiler: Kamiizumi]] gets fed up with [[spoiler: [[MadScientist Qada's]]]] boasts about his superiority, and [[TalkToTheFist shuts him up.]]
-->'''[[spoiler: Qada]]''' And... and then... the world shall be--
-->[[KilledMidSentence *eviscerated*]]
-->'''[[spoiler: Qada:]]''' ...mine...
-->'''[[spoiler: Kamiizumi:]]''' Not the world of the living.
* In ''VideoGame/AlphaProtocol'', you have the option of giving Thorton several of these depending on how ruthless you are. The crown example probably comes from mob-boss Konstantin Brayko, if you take him with you to fight his treasonous ex-boss who is protected by [[TheDragon an olympic boxing champion]].
-->'''Surkov:''' Championchik!\\
'''Brayko:''' Your bodyguard is busy winning gold medal in dying. I gave him 6.4 on the dismount, but he did not stick the landing. [[PreMortemOneLiner But, you can talk to him soon.]]
* In ''VideoGame/SaintsRowTheThird'', you wind up crushing Phillipe Loren under a giant metal ornament. When the boss realizes this, he makes a BondOneLiner, or depending on the voice you've chosen, comments on his lack of one.
-->'''Boss''': Damnit. I should have thought of a "Belgian pancake" joke.
** ''VideoGame/SaintsRow2'' has this at the end of the Brotherhood storyline.
-->'''Boss:''' (holding a gun to [[spoiler:Maero]]'s head) Any last words?
-->'''[[spoiler:Maero]]:''' Go to hell.
-->'''Boss:''' (pulls the trigger) Sorry, didn't catch that.
* In ''{{VideoGame/Desperados}}'' after killing an enemy with a knife:
-->'''John Cooper:''' "Next please!"
* ''VideoGame/SaintsRowGatOutOfHell'': After crashing the wedding of Satan's daughter.
-->'''Johnny Gat:''' ''[shoots Satan in the face]'' I love weddings.
* In ''VideoGame/TelepathTactics'', Emma makes a snide comment referencing [[ClimaxBoss Archos]]' overconfidence after she takes him out.
-->'''Archos (at the start of the battle):''' Frankly, I thought there'd be more of you. You do realize that you're all as good as dead, right? Oh well--not my problem. [[{{Greed}} I can just say that there were more of you, then sell off the excess golems]].\\
'''Archos:''' Aha...ahahahaha! I'm...I'm dying?...\\
'''Emma:''' Looks like you should've brought more golems after all.
* According to the [[AllThereInTheManual lore]] of ''{{VideoGame/Destiny}}'', Hunter [[TheCallPutMeOnHold Shin Malphur]] dropped a particularly cool line after killing his mentor's murderer, [[FallenHero Dredgen Yor]], with his [[TakeUpMySword mentor's gun]], [[HandCannon The Last Word]].
-->'''Dredgen Yor''': Many times I thought you’d faltered. Given up...But here you are. This is truly an end...
-->'''Shin Malphur''': ''[shoots him dead]'' Yours, not mine[[note]]this line has a [[DoubleMeaning double meaning]], the obvious one being the end of Yor, instead of Malphur, but also concerning the name of Malphur's weapon, the Last Word. This line is the actual flavor text of the in-game weapon.[[/note]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Persona 5}}'': Whenever a party member prompts an All-Out CombinationAttack, they'll drop a line right after the enemies have been cut to pieces, and get a splash screen with a BadassBoast of some kind on it:
** PlayerCharacter: '''THE SHOW'S OVER'''
** Ryuji Sakamoto: '''FREAKIN' BORING'''
** Ann Takamaki: '''OMG!! WE ARE SO AWESOME!'''
** Yusuke Kitagawa: '''IT WAS FUN WHILE IT LASTED, GOODBYE'''
** Makoto Niijima: '''JUSTICE HAS PREVAILED.'''
** Haru Okumura: '''ADIEU'''
* In ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcomClashOfSuperHeroes'', should Onslaught be victorious, depending on his form, he'll either declare "You shall be the first to fall" or the more haunting "The Dream is Dead."
* Haiji Towa from ''VideoGame/UltraDespairGirls'' has this to say after you defeat Nagisa Shingetsu, who has issues regarding living up to expectations:
--> ''Guess he wasn't "expecting" that! ...Sorry, that wasn't very funny.''
* Happens occasionally in ''VideoGame/{{Overwatch}}'', though due to the way it's coded, your character may sometimes wind up talking tough to an inanimate object like a BearTrap.
* ''VideoGame/KingsQuest'' is fond of these any time you die. Below are just a few examples (to put it lightly):
** After you get eaten upon falling into the moat: "The moat monsters appreciate your good taste."
** After you get rolled over by a rock: "A crushing defeat."
** After you jump off a cliff: "Your attempt at cliff diving was a smashing failure."
** After you get killed by an ogre: "You were warned ogre and ogre again..."
** After a wolf devours you: "How many times have you been told not to wolf down your food?"
** After you drown into a cistern: "Well, well, well! Water you going to do now?"
** After a dragon burns you with his breath: "By venturing too close to the dragon's flame, you made an ash out of yourself."
** After you fall off a beanstalk: "Looks like you had a bad fall this spring."
** After you fall off the path in a dark cavern: "[[MajorInjuryUnderreaction WHOOPS!!]]"
** After you fall from the sky: "Next time, keep your feet off the ground and your head out of the clouds."
** After a giant makes a human pancake of you: "The giant did a smashing job of defeating you."
** After you get headbutted to your doom: "You found a hidden joke, but unfortunately became the butt of it!"
** After being [[ImAHumanitarian cooked for dinner]] by a wicked witch: "The witch has turned you into a gingerbread man. Or is that a Graham cracker?"
** After you get mauled by a rat: "Rats!"
* In ''VideoGame/CallOfDutyInfiniteWarfare'', after Salen Kotch finishes his FinalSpeech (or [[KilledMidSentence doesn't]], if the player is so inclined), Nick Reyes stabs him in the throat and tells him "Captain has the comm."
* In the ''VideoGame/DiabloII: Lord of Destruction'' opening cinematic, a hapless messenger tries to warn the [[DemonLordsAndArchdevils Prime Evil]] Baal not to attack the city of Sescheron. Baal congenially plays along with the parlay... briefly.
-->'''Baal:''' I will take your position... into consideration.\\
''[Baal detonates the messenger with a wave of his hand]''\\
'''Baal:''' Well! It seems your terms... are unacceptable. ''[EvilLaugh]''

[[folder: Webcomics]]
* Black Mage from ''Webcomic/EightBitTheater'' in [[http://www.nuklearpower.com/2007/04/30/episode-840-new-guard/ this comic]]
-->'''Thief:''' I don't think he heard you, BM.
-->'''Black Mage:''' He got the message though.
* [[http://www.th3rdworld.com/web-comic/Holiday-Wars/episode/Holiday-Wars-Episode-51 In this strip]] of ''Webcomic/HolidayWars'', AprilFoolsDay discusses one liners and then uses one as he defeats UsefulNotes/LaborDay in a fight.
* Subverted in [[http://www.dominic-deegan.com/view.php?date=2008-02-13 this]] ''Webcomic/DominicDeegan'' strip. "Aw man, I totally should've shouted that afterwards!"
** Also played with at the end of the [[http://www.dominic-deegan.com/view.php?date=2006-06-27 War In Hell]] arc. After his enemy is dispatched by Stonewater using an ice attack on his earthly form, Karnak muses that this is the perfect time to deliver a line like, "Hell's frozen over," but Karnak's always hated those jokes.
*** [[spoiler:Considering, before he became a demon lord, he knew Donovan Deegan who is known for his {{Pun}}s,]] this may qualify as FridgeBrilliance.
* ''Webcomic/RobAndElliot'' discuss the fact that James Bond must get depressed whenever he [[http://clayyount.com/raecomics/2008/1/29/its-depressing-being-bond just shoots a guy]].
--> "I guess you... got... shot."
* [[http://www.squidi.net/comic/amd/view.php?ep=1&id=359 Something witty.]]
** Similarly, one issue of ''Webcomic/ScudTheDisposableAssassin'' has Scud stick his gun in a target's mouth and say "Something funny." before pulling the trigger.
* ''Webcomic/TheAdventuresOfDrMcNinja'': Gordito kills a [[NinjaPirateZombieRobot ghost wizard]], then waits until the end of the chapter before [[http://drmcninja.com/archives/comic/11p54/ delivering his quip]]. The AltText on the page [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] this.
** Gordito does this repeatedly in the chapter where they fight zombies. [[LampshadeHanging The Doctor tells him he's trying too hard,]] so he just starts saying them more quietly.
* A beautiful one from ''Webcomic/BreakfastOfTheGods'', after [[spoiler:[[SugarWiki/MomentOfAwesome killing Count Chocula by summoning the sun]]]]:
-->'''Dig 'em''': What ''was'' he?
-->'''Tony''': [[spoiler:Not much of a morning person]], obviously.
* ''Webcomic/GunnerkriggCourt'': Not a death, but the same principle: after Antimony destroys the Enigmarons' DeathRay, [[http://www.gunnerkrigg.com/archive_page.php?comicID=180 Kat insists]] (over Annie's protests) that the situation calls for a witty quote. The best that Annie can manage on such short notice is "I hope you like your... smashed... death ray!"
* Martellus of ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'', delivers a dark line after killing a Jager by repeatedly shooting him at point blank range after asking him some questions and having a perfectly civil conversation with him.
--> '''Martellus:''' and I know this: the best way to catch a ''monster'' is to be a ''[[http://www.girlgeniusonline.com/comic.php?date=20140414 bigger monster.]]''
* After being struck with a medicine ball, El Chupacabre of ''Webcomic/GoodwillHeroes'' delivers a nice one, much to Jazz Man's dismay.
--> '''CHUPE''' "Have a taste of your own medicine... ''ball''."
* ''Webcomic/SchlockMercenary'', when [[spoiler:Kathryn]] fried the opponents' PoweredArmor into flaking away.
-->'''Ennesby''': Wow. They're like popcorn.
-->'''[[spoiler:Kathryn]]''': ([[WhyDontYouJustShootHim shoots them]] before they recover) Weak simile. These have to be popped twice.
** Another particularly good example from an earlier arc:
-->'''Mook:''' I'll die before I-
--> (Plasgun shot)
-->'''Ennesby:''' "-finish my sentence", I think he was going to say.
* ''Webcomic/BladeBunny'' attempted this.
-->'''Bunny:''' I guess you can say that ... um ... [[{{Metaphorgotten}} something clever involving trees and killing people.]]
* In ''Webcomic/CommanderKitty'', [[http://www.commanderkitty.com/2011/12/04/to-the-rescue/ Fluffy attempts one of these. She quickly corrects herself, but the effect is lost.]]
* In ''Webcomic/MSPaintMasterpieces'' these are used by a lot of characters. Subverted on one occasion, when a badly-damaged Mega Man tries to do one after delivering the fatal blow, but passes out before he can finish.
* [[http://xkcd.com/813/ This]] Webcomic/{{xkcd}} strip has a few lines we're less likely to see as Bond One Liners.
* From ''Webcomic/{{Terra}}'' page [[http://www.terra-comic.com/wordpress/archives/1146#comment-23685 page 247]], as a comment on an attempted pre-mortem taunt:
---> '''{{Mook}}:''' ''(to [[FriendlySniper Grey]], whom he has by the throat)'' That slave is coming with me. But not before I snap your--
----> '''''[[BoomHeadshot BLAM!]]'''''
---> '''[[ActionGirl Alex]]:''' That ''slave'' isn't going ''anywhere''.
* In ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'', Spades Slick parodies this by failing repeatedly to come up with good time puns after killing Sawbuck [[ItMakesSenseInContext about five times in a row.]]
* In the ''Webcomic/{{Unsounded}}'' short story ''Vienne of Seferpine'', Vienne delivers one after [[spoiler:killing a government assassin who came to investigate her rebellious activities]]. It's not directly related to her kill, though, and is actually addressed to a bystander who previously gave her a chauvinist speech about how women can only do what their husbands allow them to.
-->Gerald cried out. Vienne regarded him over one shoulder, dropping the [[YourHeadAsplode pymaric]] in her pocket.\\
“No one ''lets'' me do anything,” she said.
* ''Webcomic/SluggyFreelance'': In "Six Months Later", when [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Kitten Stranglir]] is fighting [[OneWomanArmy Oasis]] and has just slammed her against the wall.
--> '''Kitten''': You know what, Red? I thought this fight was going to last longer.
--> (Three seconds later, she's dead and Oasis stands up.)
--> '''Oasis''': I didn't.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* [[Webvideo/GameTheory MatPat and Stephanie]] make a game out of this during [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c1Md2aOxpy0 one of their live streams]], when they're playing a game where you have to find 24 different ways to kill your boss. Stephanie starts it, and everyone else follows.
* ''Roleplay/SurvivalOfTheFittest'' has Eduardo Trinidad-Villa killed Tanya Bonneville by electrocution. His line?
-->'''Eddie:''' Original recipe or extra crispy?
** Bobby Jacks also pulls one out after setting off an unintentional chain reaction of events leading to the death of Michael Anders.
-->'''Bobby:''' Rube Goldberg would be proud.
* The ''EvilOverlordList'', Number Seven, lists the only acceptable One Liner for villains:
--> When I've captured my adversary and he says, "Look, before you kill me, will you at least tell me what this is all about?" I'll say, "No." and shoot him. No, on second thought I'll shoot him then say "No."
* Newt exemplifies this trope amazingly in "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YcFnvULy8zA How Aliens Should Have Ended]]".
* From ''WebVideo/NinjaTheMissionForce'', when the boombox ninja hits Gordon with a stone: "Guess you couldn't handle ''hard rock''."
* In the third SeasonFinale of ''AudioPlay/WereAlive'', Burt lures a behemoth into a pit formed by two gates. The behemoth is trapped by the inner gate and gets its arm ripped off and bleeds out. Burt's response: "He's unarmed!"
* This bizarre line from WebVideo/BleachMent:
-->''Yuzu'': "He called me fat so I called him an ambulance! And I AM [[ThisIsForEmphasisBitch the ambulance, bitch!]]
* In Creator/AchievementHunter's ''LetsPlay VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoIV'', one episode had the gang play Wanted Mode. At one point, a panicky Creator/{{Gavin|Free}} attempts to get in what he thinks is a car, but realizes that what he found was some sort of metal box. When he goes to call that out, he remembers too late that he was being chased by Geoff, who hits him with a rocket launcher.
-->'''Gavin''': "''Get in!'' Oh, that's not a car -- what is this? Hey, I found a metal bo--[[OhCrap UUUUOOOOAH!]]" ''[[KilledMidSentence (Gets hit with a Rocket Launcher.)]]''\\
'''Geoff''': "I just found a... [[PrecisionFStrike fucking British bitch.]]"
* In Creator/MoBrosStudios' ''Candace Opens an Interdimensional Portal'', the [[VideoGame/TeamFortress2 RED Spy]] delivers one after saving [[WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb Isabella]] from the [=BLU=] Spy.
-->'''[=RED=] Spy:''' Go to hell. And take your [[YouFightLikeACow cheap jokes]] with you.
* Happens OnceAnEpisode in ''WebVideo/WWESlamCity''.
* In {{WebVideo/Jerma985}}'s [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Se99Ff_nos4 'The Lob Slobs']], after Jerma and {{WebVideo/STAR}}_ managed to kill a sizeable amount of people in the vent using the grenade spam tactics, Jerma gave this trope out.
--> '''Jerma''': Welcome to the Lob Slobs den!
* In ''WebVideo/HellsingUltimateAbridged'' Walter manages to pair this perfectly with a PreMortemOneLiner when eliminating a group of traitors.
--> Who wants daddy's belt? ''[slaughters the traitors]'' Now, think about what you've done.
* The "Pistol of Armageddon" series of WebVideo/HitlerRants videos often translates Burgdorf's "DAS REICHT!" as this every time he uses the eponymous superweapon on something.
* In Entry #86 of ''WebVideo/MarbleHornets'', after Alex lists all of the people he's killed thus far and starts strangling Tim, [[spoiler:Tim manages to stab him in the side of the neck before saying "You missed someone."]]
* ''WebVideo/CriticalRole'' has a good few, being a livestreamed D&D campaign. One of the fan favourites comes from Percy, when he kills [[spoiler: Clarota]]:
--->'''Percy''' Some people have no sense of [[PrecisionFStrike fucking]] honour!
* [[RunningGag Every single]] ''WebAnimation/DeathBattle'' ends with one delivered by Boomstick. The combatants are also prone to giving out some good ones:
-->''[[spoiler:He-Man]]: (after killing [[spoiler:Lion-O]])'' Well, looks like [[spoiler:curiosity killed ''this'' cat]]!
-->''[[spoiler:Yang]]: (after killing [[spoiler:Tifa]])'' [[CallBack Nailed it]].
-->''[[spoiler:Hawkeye]]: (after killing [[spoiler:Green Arrow]])'' Ha! Eat your heart out, [[spoiler:Robin Hood]]!
-->''[[spoiler:Dante]]: (after killing [[spoiler:Bayonetta]])'' [[spoiler:How come I never meet any nice girls]]?

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}'', despite being spy fiction, [[RealisticDictionIsUnrealistic regularly averts this]], with the agents occasionally trying and failing to come up with a Bond One Liner when the time comes. However, one-off character Conway Stern has a knack for them, much to the others' annoyance.
-->'''Lana''': Sorry, Conway! You're... awww, wait, I had something for this...
-->'''Conway''': Is it something like, "You don't get off the ''hook'' this easy?"
-->'''Lana''': Damnit!
-->'''Archer''': Yeah, he's good at those.
* In ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'', Wan Shi Tong, a knowledge spirit gone rogue, is bragging about all the fighting styles he knows. [[BadassNormal Sokka]] drops out of nowhere and [[DidYouJustPunchOutCthulhu knocks him out by]] [[ThrowTheBookAtThem hitting him in the head with a heavy tome]], and quips "That's Sokka Style. ''Learn it''."
** ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'' takes it UpToEleven by having ''Mako'' of all people keeping ''an entire list'' on hand, just so he can say something cool whenever he captures a criminal at his job as a cop.
* Creator/AdamWest from ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'': ''"Perhaps it was The Noid who should have avoided me"''.
** During "Lois Kills Stewie", after Peter shoots Stewie, he says [[Film/LethalWeapon2 "It's just been revoked!"]] After Brian explains that this line doesn't work here, Peter tries another famous movie line: [[Film/WhenHarryMetSally "I'll have what she's having!"]]
*** That's... better??
* While technically a three-liner, in ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeagueUnlimited'' Time villain Chronos executes a mook for treason by [[spoiler:sending him through time to one minute before the dinosaur-killing asteroid impact]].
-->'''Chronos:''' Do you know what [[spoiler:killed the dinosaurs]]? [...] Well, Chucko does.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes'' short "The Unmentionables", a man tried to call the police from a phone booth while gang violence was going on, only to get [[HalfTheManHeUsedToBe cut in half]] by machine gun fire, with the operator quipping "I'm sorry, you've been disconnected."
* WesternAnimation/ScoobyDoo of all people gets to do this in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/ScoobyDooMysteryIncorporated''. After crushing an evil robotic double of himself, he says: "Play dead." This a is a follow-up to several dog-related puns Freddie unsuccessfully tried to use as Bond One Liners.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'':
** Being a [[NoCelebritiesWereHarmed thinly-disguised version]] of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Rainier "[=McBain=]" Wolfcastle uses these.
*** In "Last Exit To Springfield", [=McBain=] pops out of an ice sculpture, shoots everybody at the table down, and then quips, "Ice to see you."[[note]]This was strangely prophetic of Arnie's role in ''Batman & Robin''...[[/note]]
*** Another [=McBain=] movie in "King Of The Hill" has the hero jumping onto a jet in mid-air, tearing open the cockpit and breaking the pilot's neck. Marge, upon watching, chuckles and says "Now that's what I call ''breakneck speed''!" Bart immediately admonishes her, "[[DudeNotFunny Mom, a man just died.]]"
*** In "Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou?", after infiltrating a meeting of villains and killing every last one of them, he quips, "Meeting adjourned." A sexy woman shows up and he adds, "And now I am thinking of another meeting. In bed."
*** In a non-[=McBain=] movie in "The Bart Wants What It Wants", Wolfcastle plays a secret agent going undercover as a high school nerd. When hassled by a couple of jocks, he quips "The ''geek'' shall inherit the Earth," then picks one up and throws him ''through'' the other's chest.
*** During the same episode, Ranier says "Remember when I said I would eat you last? I lied." to a steak.
*** In the episode "The Way We Was", [=McBain=] is being chewed out by his superior, who finally says "You're outta here [=McBain=]!" [=McBain=] then shoves him out the window. [[CrossesTheLineTwice He falls several dozen stories, screaming the entire time]] before landing in a water fountain. "That makes two of us."
** Also seen in a Radioactive Man comic when the titular superhero [[HurlItIntoTheSun tosses a villain into the sun]] and asks, "Hot enough for you?"
** In "Lisa the Beauty Queen," Skinner is faced by the Blue-Haired Lawyer and his goons, claiming a copyright infringement by the school fair saying "The Happiest Place On Earth." He then proceeds to beat them up with frightening efficiency, before adjusting his tie and saying "Copyright expired."
** In the "Treehouse of Horror IX" story "Hell Toupée, [[ItMakesSenseInContext after killing the vengeful sapient scalp of the executed murderer Snake]], Chief Wiggum quips "That's what I call a bad hair day".
** In the ''[[Recap/TheSimpsonsS27E5TreehouseOfHorrorXXVI Treehouse of Horror XXVI]]'' segment "Wanted: Dead, then Alive", when Sideshow Bob whacks Bart multiple times [[DropTheHammer with a sledgehammer]], mutilating him to a bloody pulp:
-->"We're both going to be ''sore'' tomorrow!" ''[cackles in glee]''
* In ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad'', Stan just made a killing in the shock market.
** Only to get one-upped by Duper's one-liner: "Lucy! You got some 'splodin to do!"
* Dan in ''WesternAnimation/DanVs'' gets a couple in "Dan vs. the Dentist". After destroying the dentist's army of robots (ItMakesSenseInContext ... sort of), he quips, "Rinse ''that'' out and spit!" Then after causing his tooth-shaped lair to self-destruct:
--> '''Dan''': "Now ''that's'' what I call tooth decay!"
* ''WesternAnimation/StarWarsTheCloneWars'': General Grievous gets one in "Duel of the Droids" after he kills a greedy Gha Nachkt.
--> '''Grievous''': "There's your bonus."
* In the ''WesternAnimation/{{Superjail}}'' Season 2 episode "Lord Stingray Crash Party", Alice kills Mistress Kilda by grabbing her by the boobs and splitting her in half with her bare hands. She says this after she drops what's left of the body to the ground:
--> '''Alice''': I knew it. *squishes water balloon* Fake! Euro-skank.
* WesternAnimation/DuckDodgers has the titular character deliver one of these after dropping a giant ice boulder onto the Queen of Mars. She survives, but only due to CartoonPhysics.
-->'''Duck Dodgers''': ''Giant rock takes Queen.''
* In ''The [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries Batman]][=/=][[WesternAnimation/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries Superman]] Movie'':
-->'''Harley Quinn:''' ''[Watching the aircraft crashing with the Joker in it]'' Puddin!\\
'''Batman:''' At this point, he probably is.
* ''WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries'':
** In "The Mechanic", after the Batmobile explodes and Batman and Robin are assumed dead, one mook says, "[[WesternAnimation/LooneyTunes Ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-ba-Bat's all, Folks!]]" He then cracks up laughing.
** A non-lethal variant, after watching Batman make a coin logo fall on Two Face (a villain who often flips a coin to make decisions), [[NonLethalKO knocking him out]]:
--> '''Commissioner Gordon''' That's a first. A coin flips Two Face.
* A villainous example in ''Animation/TheSnowQueen2012''. The Snow Queen jokes about Vergard and Una's frozen bodies after killing them.
* After the [[BigBad Utrom Shredder]] is defeated in ''WesternAnimation/TurtlesForever'', Mirage Leonardo says, "The Shredder... Has been shredded."
* In the big conclusion of ''WesternAnimation/StarVsTheForcesOfEvil''[='=]s 4-part season 3 premiere, [[spoiler:[[BigBadWannabe Ludo]]]] of all people gets to deliver one to [[spoiler:[[BigBad Toffee]]]].
-->'''[[spoiler:Toffee]]:''' Only I know how this all turns out!\\
[[spoiler:''(Ludo pushes over a large pillar to crush Toffee)'']]\\
'''[[spoiler:Ludo]]:''' It turns out you're dead.
* In an episode of ''WesternAnimation/MortalKombatDefendersOfTheRealm'', Jax destroys a cyber enemy and goes "Rest in peace... or should I say Pieces!"

[[folder:Real Life]]
* According to [[http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2011/08/08/110808fa_fact_schmidle?currentPage=all this New Yorker article]], averted by the SEAL who shot Osama Bin Laden.
-->''"For God and country—Geronimo, Geronimo, Geronimo." After a pause, he added, "Geronimo E.K.I.A."—"enemy killed in action."''[[note]]Geronimo was the mission codename for Bin Laden[[/note]].
** In ''Film/ZeroDarkThirty'', they add, before it's confirmed that it's Bin Laden (leading to "Geronimo"), [[SpySpeak "We might have jackpot"]].
* Following his assassination of UsefulNotes/AbrahamLincoln, John Wilkes Booth jumped from Lincoln's stall onto the stage (where he twisted his leg) and declared "Sic semper tyrannis" to the audience before running off ("Thus always to tyrants", the Virginia state motto and a claimed statement of one of Julius Caesar's assassins). It's also said that he added: "I have done it, the South is avenged!"
* When Molotov was in Berlin for a conference sometime in late 1940 or early '41, [[UsefulNotes/WorldWarII the RAF bombed the city centre]] just to embarass the Germans. Quoth Churchill: "We were disappointed not to be invited to the proceedings, but decided to make sure we were not forgotten."
** It gets better. While they were waiting in their bomb-shelter, Joachim von Ribbetrop assured Molotov that Germany's war with The Commonwealth was going splendidly and that their enemies' military power had been destroyed. Molotov is reputed to have replied "[[DeadpanSnarker ...so why are we in here, then?]]"
* Another WWII example: The St. Nazaire Raid involved loading an obsolete Royal Navy ship with delayed-detonation explosives and ramming it into a drydock in occupied France. The ramming didn't go quite as expected, with the detonation not taking place at the expected time. Later the next day, while being interrogated, one of the captured sailors was told by a German officer that the damage inflicted by the ramming was minimal and easily repaired. Cue the EarthShatteringKaboom and the grinning sailor's reply of "We're not quite as foolish as you think!".