->''"No one knows what it's like''\\
''To be the bad man''\\
''To be the sad man''\\
''Behind blue eyes"''\\
-- "Behind Blue Eyes", '''Music/TheWho'''

The color blue in eyes is a recessive genetic trait exclusive. Like most eye and hair colors lighter than black or brown, it is found mostly in Caucasian people. To actually get blue eyes, both parents genetic material must select for it. Thus it is a rare trait, which is why brown and black tend to be more likely in people's eye color. Biologically, blue eyes slightly limit the light absorbed. People with blue eyes see better in the dark (incidentally, blue is more common in the colder regions of the world where there is less light and is a common sight amongst Arctic predators), but environments with harsh light are more likely to inflict eye damage.

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[[color:blue: '''Blue eyes''']] vary greatly in their meaning:
# InnocentBlueEyes: Beautiful, innocent "baby blues" or clear, pure, and shining. Either way, a popular choice for heroes and heroines. Common with HairOfGoldHeartOfGold.
# IcyBlueEyes: Piercing and icy, seeming to look right through you.
# CreepyBlueEyes: Given to particularly degenerate characters, sort of light and watery, and there are blue eyes that seem to be too ''open'' where one starts to hope they'll blink soon.
# OccultBlueEyes: Possessing the MagicalEye. In Mediterranean countries, the Demon's Eye amulet is always blue. (Xenophobia may explain this.)
# ElementalEyeColors: Any blue for MakingASplash and IcyBlueEyes for AnIcePerson.