[[caption-width-right:300:[[SchmuckBait Go ahead, try it. It won't hurt you.]]]]

->''"By the powers of naughtiness, I command this particular drop of hot sauce to be really,'' '''REALLY''' ''hot!"''
-->--'''Drop of Hot Sauce''', ''WesternAnimation/SpongeBobSquarePants''

One of the most common ways to induce [[FireBreathingDiner fiery breath]], [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin Blazing Inferno Hellfire Sauce]] is one of the most dangerous substances known to man. This stuff is so ferocious it ''gives off heat'', and may even set flammable materials alight when applied directly to them. In extreme cases, flammable materials might go up just by being ''next'' to this stuff.

As a rule, it's usually made from a special pepper that only grows in one obscure (and probably nonexistent) location in the jungles of wherever. It can only be safely harvested wearing full hazmat gear and a tank of compressed oxygen connected to a breathing mask. Often, other ingredients used in the making of the sauce include lava, uranium, and [[TestosteronePoisoning pure unadulterated anger]]. The sauce often must be specially requested, since no restaurant is just going to leave something like that out in the open. It may actually be illegal in some countries.

Naturally, the BigEater can't get enough of the stuff. He puts it on ''everything'' he eats, and probably carries a bottle (or bottles) with him in case there's no other source. Any other character who dares taste a drop of the stuff will soon be making a beeline for the nearest large body of water (or outhouse) to dunk their head into, but there's always one character who considers it a necessary condiment for every meal, and may even occasionally ''[[HotSauceDrinking drink it straight]]''.

The spiciness of food, especially of chili peppers and Scotch bonnets, is measured on the Scoville scale. The number of Scoville Heat Units a food has is equal to as many grams of sugar syrup one gram of that food needs to be mixed with, evenly, before its "hotness" is undetectable by a taster. Basically, the more capsaicin a food item has, the hotter it tastes. Extracted pure capsaicin tops the scale with a Scoville rating of up to 16,000,000. While the scale is generally considered scientifically inaccurate, it still remains a pretty good (if imprecise) way to comparatively judge just how hot a certain pepper actually is.

For the sake of comparison, at the bottom of the scale is the bell pepper, with a Scoville rating of 0; the jalapeño pepper has a Scoville rating of 2500-8000; the tabasco pepper is rated at 30,000 to 50,000, and the habanero pepper has a rating of 100,000 to 350,000. The crown for "hottest chili pepper" has, in recent years, been in a state of flux. Up to February of 2011, it was the Ghost Chili. The Ghost Chili claim was usurped by the Naga Viper Chili, which, at 1,359,000 is more than 1/4 the hotness of police-grade pepper spray (5,000,000). In March of that year, the [[http://thepepperseed.com/peppers/the-worlds-hottest-chilli-pepper-trinidad-scorpion-butch-t/ the Trinidad Scorpion Butch T chili,]] which clocks in at 1,463,700 SHU unseated the Naga Viper. In 2012, the [[http://thepepperseed.com/peppers/trinidad-scorpion-moruga-the-worlds-hottest-chilli-pepper the Trinidad Moruga Scorpion,]] which hits a blistering 2,009,231 SHU, unseated the Butch T. Then, in 2013, The Scorpion was trounced by [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Carolina_Reaper the Carolina Reaper,]] which can peak over 2,200,000 SHU.

Compare GargleBlaster and KlatchianCoffee for alcoholic and caffeinated drinks respectively. [[ThingsManWasNotMeantToKnow Woe betide us if they are ever combined]], though BlazingInfernoHellfireSauce is often an essential ingredient in a HideousHangoverCure (or it might simply be used as one by itself).[[note]]However, in real life a glass of beer can help take the edge off a dose of Blazing Inferno Hellfire Sauce because capsaicin is soluble in alcohol. But not water. Stronger alcohols therefore provide more relief, though one may wish to spit or use something like Listerine mouthwash, which also contains alcohol, to remove the stuff. As capsaicin is also fat-soluble, an alternative is fatty dairy products like whole milk and cheese (But avoid swallowing for the really hot stuff or it will just move the problem downstream.)[[/note]] Sometimes shares the corrosive effects of HollywoodAcid, generally indicated by its [[AteTheSpoon dissolving a teaspoon]] or similar. A very common form of MasochistsMeal. Will likely result in a FireBreathingDiner. As you may have guessed by now, in both real life and in fiction peppers and sauces of this class tend to have NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast.

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[[folder: Advertising]]
* In a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fbminOZZcio TV spot]] for Tabasco brand Sauce we see a man eating a slice of pizza while regularly dousing it with the sauce; he has used at least two full bottles and is working on a third. He gets bitten by a mosquito; then as the mosquito flies away it explodes, to the man's quiet satisfaction.

* ComicBook/GastonLagaffe once made a hot sauce that [[AteTheSpoon burned through the cup he kept it in]] and sent the cartoonist Yves Lebrac screaming up the walls after one little taste.
** He made another one so hot it started crawling across the room, and imprisoned itself in the key locker.
* In one ''ComicBook/LuckyLuke'' episode, Billy the Kid used a bottle of Tabasco to escape from jail, by letting it burn through the bars.
* A "Nobby's Piles" strip in ''ComicBook/{{Viz}}'' has Devil's Brand Fiery Habanero Pepper Sauce Bang! Bang! Molto Explosivo. In a dark cupboard. [[HilarityEnsues Next to the pile cream.]]
* Used in a ''ComicStrip/FoxTrot'' strip where Jason is loading up a plate of nachos with a variety of hot sauces, finishing with the "Habanero Death Sauce". When Paige sees this, she exclaims surprise as Jasons "bravery". Jason then points out it isnt HIS nachos, its actually Peters. Paige says thats what she was refering to, just as Peter comes back, starts eating again, and tells Jason he better not have messed with his food.
* In the ''ComicStrip/{{Zits}}'' strip [[http://zitscomics.com/comics/may-5-2015/ seen here,]] Jeremy and Pierce use extra-hot Sriracha sauce on their pizza. Jeremy's one surviving taste bud doesn't know when to quit.
* While ''what'', exactly, she used wasn't made clear, Comicbook/{{X 23}} once loaded up lunch from a street vendor in Madripoor with something that even had Comicbook/{{Gambit}} — the Rajin' Cajun himself — doing a double-take. Laura nonchalantly explains that she prefers spicy foods because of the bland and flavorless diet she was raised on by the Facility, and no doubt her HealingFactor boosts her tolerance.

[[folder: Fan Fic]]
* In the ''Franchise/GIJoe'' fanfic ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/6099032/1/Burn Burn]]'', Gung Ho makes a 12-quart batch of gumbo, with ''one ghost pepper per quart''. [[ForbiddenFruit Roadblock's warnings only serve as advertising for the rest of the team]]. HilarityEnsues.
* In ''FanFic/TheStalkingZukoSeries'' fireflakes are very spicy to Non-Fire Nation with everyone complaining of the pain it causes their mouths. Averted with Fire Nation colony cuisine, which A: has evolved to use less spices due to the difficulties in bringing them from the homeland, and B: has absorbed elements of Earth Kingdom cuisine.
* ''FanFic/GuideMeHome''; Ursa makes a traditional Fire Nation dinner for the Water Tribe men she's travelling with. All of them end up doubling over in pain. To be fair, she ''did'' warn them it would be a bit spicy.
* In ''FanFic/XMenNewClass'' Julian and Santo challenge each other to eat a [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinidad_moruga_scorpion Trinidad Moruga Scorpion]] pepper — at the time the story was written the hottest pepper in the world — in front of the entire student body, and both begin to panic at the thought of actually having to go through with it. [[spoiler:Laura steps in and humiliates them both by eating it without so much as blinking.]]
* ''Fanfic/TheGreatAlicornHunt'': Pinkie Pie's mother uses some amped up Tabasco frosting on her home-baked cupcakes. Poor Twilight Sparkle takes a bite and goes running for the ice cream parlor and uses an entire, freshly opened tub of vanilla ice cream to put out the flames.
* [[https://www.fimfiction.net/story/54477/celestia-and-luna-eat-a-hot-pepper Celestia and Luna Eat A Hot Pepper]] Pretty much what it says on the tin. To settle a dispute over staff, Twilight convinces the two alicorns to have a duel. Both eat a [[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trinidad_moruga_scorpion Mareuga Scorpion]] pepper grown by Zecora, first to drink milk loses. Celestia ends up breathing fire from the heat, accidentally melting her throne, while Luna nearly goes insane from the pain in her determination to win. Both end up losing, going for the milk at the same time.
* ''FanFic/ThePiecesLieWhereTheyFell'': Page Turner likes her food ''spicy''. She's mentioned as freaking other ponies out by snacking on jalapeños, has eaten and enjoyed red habaneros, and is looking forward to trying hotter peppers like Phantom Peppers (AKA Bhut jolokia, the Ghost peppers) and Dragon's Breath (at the time of writing, the hottest pepper on record). [[spoiler: It is later revealed that to Changelings, anger has a “spicy” flavor to it. And since she feeds off Night Blade’s anger mixed with love, Page has developed a taste for that spicy flavor.]]


[[folder: Jokes]]
* So, Father and Son $Insert-Ethnic-Minority-Here have been invited to a big banquet. They don't have a freaking idea what all these culinarities are, but Son observes that everyone takes only tiny bits from the [[BuffySpeak yellow stuffy]]. Aha, he thinks, that must be the most precious food of all, and he tries a teaspoon of it. Aaaargh! Tears stream from his eyes. "Why are you crying?" "When I tasted it, I was somehow reminded of the sad story when Grandpa was slaughtered in the Big Generic Massacre." Now Father takes a whole tablespoon...and also breaks down crying. "Why are you crying?" "Because you weren't born yet then to be slaughtered alongside Grandpa."

[[folder: Music]]
* Cheech Marin's rapid stream of Spanish in the middle of "Taco Grande" by Music/WeirdAlYankovic translates approximately to: "Good evening, sir. Welcome to Enrico's Casa de Salsa. We have many delicious entrees. If I might recommend the Burning Hell Chicken, very delicious. Your eyes will burn up, your stomach will be on fire, you'll be in the bathroom for a week, do you understand what I'm saying, stupid silly gringo?!"

[[folder: Newspaper Comics ]]
* In one ''ComicStrip/{{Garfield}}'' strip, Jon challenged Garfield to a hot pepper eating contest; Jon won when Garfield tried to eat a Peruvian Death Pepper, but it was a hollow victory for Jon, seeing as it caused Garfield to belch fire on him. The strip provides the page image for PyrrhicVictory.
* In a ''ComicStrip/CalvinAndHobbes'' strip, eating his chili too fast causes Calvin to imagine himself as "Mt. Calvin", which erupts into a volcano.


[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Oh Hot Damn Sauce in Florida. The buffalo wings version was put to interactive use at the July 27th Wrestling/{{N|ationalWrestlingAlliance}}WA FUW show to help pay for the medical bills of Nathan Dodds.

[[folder: Radio]]
* ''Radio/OurMissBrooks'': In the episode "Mr. Boynton's Barbeque", Mr. Boynton prepares a "mild" hot sauce for his cookout as he believes his usual sauce would be too much for his guests. [[spoiler:Miss Brooks and Walter Denton cook up a blazing mixture of tabasco and horseradish to spring on Miss Brooks' rival Miss Enright. However, a mix-up results in Miss Brooks receiving her own doctored dish. No matter, Miss Brooks can hold her hot sauce. She eats calmly and remains a DeadpanSnarker throughout. The same can't be said be Miss Enright and Mr. Conklin. They eat Mr. Boynton's supposedly minor sauce and run away practically screaming for water!]]

[[folder: Stand Up Comedy]]
* The Newcastle 'magmaloo' in a routine by Creator/JasperCarrott (based on a real curry).
* Rondell Sheridan has a bit about when he tried to look like he spoke Spanish on vacation in Mexico, and ordered "mucho grande caliente" (essentially something very extremely hot) from a restaurant.
* Creator/BillCosby has a routine about Chinese mustard and the time when he took a girl to a Chinese restaurant as a teenager. being broke, he attempted to get as much as he could for his money and dunked his entire egg roll in the mustard. His description of his reaction on biting into it is priceless.
* Jürgen von der Lippe told a story similar to Creator/BillCosby's, only that it involved sambal oelek, and a schoolmate whom the girl had brought along claimed that sambal oelek was Chinese mustard.[[note]]It's not. Sambal oelek is ''raw, '''freshly-ground''' chili paste.''[[/note]] Made sense, the waiters were yellow, the mustard was red. Jürgen learned the hard way how sambal oelek burns. And how it burns ''twice''.
* In ''Zapped!'', Michael Mittermeier included stories of a (fictional) trip to [[BigApplesauce New York]]. One of them is a visit to a Mexican restaurant. What he didn't know then was that "hot", when describing chili, doesn't mean "a little hot" but "Lucifer-style". Since he was hungry, he ate up all of his chili and only noticed how hot it was ''after'' he had eaten it. The most appalling thought, however, was that the chili had to get out again sooner or later. Michael chose the easy way: He went to a hospital and demanded the chili be removed surgically. BrickJoke ensues, but that's [[AnotherStoryForAnotherTime another story]].

[[folder: Web Comics ]]
* Ms. B's restaurant in ''Webcomic/GrrlPower'' has [[http://www.grrlpowercomic.com/archives/192 a whole wall of them.]] Even just opening a bottle results in [[http://www.grrlpowercomic.com/archives/194 this.]]
** There are a few other candidates. The 'Fusion', restaurant, for example, serves incredibly spicy food and even [[http://grrlpowercomic.com/archives/697 has a waiver of indemnification,]] and Sydney makes a [[http://grrlpowercomic.com/archives/1883 "mean weapons-grade spaghetti sauce."]] Ultimately, though, this is one of Sydney [[MeaningfulName Scoville's]] schticks, so expect it to crop up a lot.
* ''Webcomic/TheOatmeal'' confesses his undying love for [[http://theoatmeal.com/comics/sriracha Sriracha hot sauce.]]
* ''Webcomic/SluggyFreelance''`s annual RunningGag of Torg and Riff exchanging a beer every year for Christmas/Hanukkah debuted in 1997 with [[http://www.sluggy.com/comics/archives/daily/19971226 Riff giving him hot sauce instead, and not telling him until he'd already chugged it.]]
* ''Webcomic/TheWhiteboard'': Howie's sells hot wings in several heat levels [[http://www.the-whiteboard.com/autotwb2135.html Hot, Extra Hot, Screaming Insanity, and Death by Nuclear Inferno]]. The Nuclear Inferno wings are a bit too much for [[http://www.the-whiteboard.com/autotwb2136.html most mere mortals.]] Doc still finds them [[http://www.the-whiteboard.com/autotwb2138.html "A bit on the bland side"]] despite flames and smoke coming from his ears.

[[folder: Web Original]]
* The whole basis of the series ''[[WebVideo/BradTries Flaming Brian's Kitchen]]''. ''Brad Tries'' itself got into this territory with the One Chip Challenge video, in which Brad tried a single chip infused with Carolina Reaper peppers - and found himself drinking an outlandish amount of milk and jamming cold Pop Tarts down his throat to make the pain go away.
* [[http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/ir/marzgurl/vlogs/30697-fourhorseburger The basis]] of one video belonging to WebVideo/MarzGurl; eating a so called [[NamesToRunAwayFromReallyFast Four Horsemen Burger]].
** This is a real thing, from [[http://www.mychunkysburgers.com/ Chunky's Burgers]] in San Antonio, Texas. The "four horsemen" name comes from roasted green chiles, habanero peppers, Serrano peppers, and ghost chilis. The challenge is to eat it within 25 minutes. After consumption, no milk or ice cream can be used to put out the fire for five minutes.
* The ''WebVideo/LoadingReadyRun'' sketch ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RX-rZKCU12g Hot & Saucey]]'' combines this with SerialEscalation, culminating in [[spoiler:a sauce that, if eaten, would wipe out all life on Earth]]. Other sauces shown kill the eater in messy ways, and another goes back in time to kill their grandfather and prevent their birth. The latter doesn't quite work, the drinker disappears from the timeline but returns later with a case of GenderBender.
* Plenty of these appear on ''WebVideo/HotPepperGaming.'' Reviewers are either asked to drink whole shot glasses of the stuff, or to dunk an already spicy pepper in super hot sauce and then eat the result. The end results are as might be expected: mostly consisting of sobbing and swearing.
* {{WebVideo/Markiplier}} hates hot sauce, but Markiplier loves to entertain the peoples. He's done at least three videos on his own channel where he drinks hot sauce and then tries to play a game while freaking out. In one case, he did it while sick, to "clear his sinuses" by drinking the smallest amount possible of an extremely powerful hot sauce (5 million scovilles, versus a habanero pepper at about 250,000 scovilles). The resulting freak out is hilarious, as is the fact that when he finishes, his sinuses are still clogged.
* REACT: [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DfulyX2IFFc The Hot Wings Challenge]] was ''not'' pretty.
* The point of WebVideo/HotOnes is to feed guests a succession of spicy wings with increasingly difficult questions to go with them. In fact, a variation of the pictured Blair's Mega Death Sauce was the hottest sauce for seasons two and three.