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[-[[caption-width-right:240:[[DefensiveWhat What?]] [[ExactWords You did say you wanted]] [[VisualPun an image of a Big Cock.]]]]-]

->''"It's so big..."''
-->-- '''[[UndeadHorseTrope Many a cliche'd porno]]'''

"The bigger the penis, the better the sex."

This assumption is a staple of modern fiction when it comes to SexTropes. It's the reason why CompensatingForSomething is, by its very nature, an insult -- everybody knows that a ''real'' man has a big penis (or at the very least, an average one). A heroic character, when his penis is mentioned (which isn't all that often, except by [[DoubleEntendre innuendo]]), will usually have a big one.

Consequently, this is also the reason why villainous or [[StrawLoser loser]] characters are portrayed as having a [[TeenyWeenie small penis]], or a small [[PhallicWeapon something else meant to represent a penis]]. It's a deficiency that makes them bad people, or at least not cool like the heroes are, and may be [[FreudianExcuse a key to their underlying motivation.]] By further extension, GoodPeopleHaveGoodSex, to some degree ''because'' they're usually well-endowed. Expect many authors to give us the exact dimensions of this uberpenis, conjuring the mental image of a [=PoV=]-character either breaking out a measuring tape at a romantically inappropriate moment or somehow possessing their own finely-calibrated genitals.

Unsurprisingly, most writers don't really think through the RealLife implications of a twelve-inch penis. First, regardless of personal preferences, if a guy's penis is too big for his partner's orifices then intercourse will be awkward, physically painful, [[CantHaveSexEver or even outright impossible.]] Second, it assumes that intercourse is all there is to sex, thereby demonstrating certain failures of knowledge and imagination. Most women are unable to climax solely from vaginal stimulation and excessive length may prevent them from receiving the additional vulval and clitoral stimulation they need. Third, [[BlessedWithSuck truly extraordinary size can make it difficult or even impossible to sustain erection due to blood-flow complications]] making [[TheLoinsSleepTonight any degree of performance]] [[ExaggeratedTrope impossible]]. Fourth, while size can matter to women, girth benefits them more than length, and both take a back seat to technique because female genitals have evolved to accept a reasonable range of "inputs." One size does indeed fit all, so long as the "all" knows what they are doing.

SuperTrope to BlackIsBiggerInBed, which is the assumption that black men are "gifted" with bigger penises than men of other ethnicities. When a large penis has comedic value instead of (or in addition to) sexual value, see GagPenis. Contrast with TeenyWeenie, which is a penis which is smaller than the average, and often leads to mockery of the guy who has it because of this trope. The female equivalent to this trope is BuxomIsBetter. Often related to IKEAErotica and RagingStiffie. When taken to extremes can become a case of AnatomicallyImpossibleSex, or alternately of WritersCannotDoMath.

%% This trope only applies when the size plays (or is implied to play) a factor in sexual performance, not simply when a character has a large penis. Do not add examples that don't fit this definition.



* "Smilin' Bob" of Enzyte. Though the pill in question purports to be for erectile dysfunction rather than size, it's implied that "Bob" is rather well-endowed... presumably as a result of the pill in question. This actually got the company into legal trouble, as ''every'' implication in the ad (as they couldn't expressly say what it was for) pointed to this trope, running afoul of false advertising laws.
* There's a late-night infomercial for a penis-enlargement pill with "testimonials", and among them is a woman who calmly states that the biggest penis she has ever been with was "ten or eleven inches" like it was no big deal, acting pretty calm about the fact she most likely had sex with a small pony, a large dog, or a very abnormal man.
* "Over 88% of women say that size DOES matter. And the other 12% are lying."- Opening line from 'Extamax' commercial. It later uses the Empire State Building, and pictures labeled 'actual disappointment' and 'actual hopelessness'.
* Spam for [[SnakeOilSalesman penis-enlargement pills]]. Perhaps most notable, not to mention worrying, was the spammer who sent out e-mails with the subject line: "12 more inches ain't so bad, don't you think so?". [[GagPenis 12]] ''more'' inches?
* In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drmeHg2VuTo this]] Diet Rite commercial, a football player who's [[TakeOurWordForIt naked with a towel wrapped around his neck]] immediately gets the attention of a female reporter when she enters the locker room to conduct interviews. Her [[EatingTheEyeCandy eyes fixate on his body]] and [[ReactionShot she's clearly impressed]] by his package.
* There are quite a few crotch shots in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DdUEnEJNb9g this]] Jordache commercial.
* [[https://youtu.be/sZsJyCyGBSI A series of Japanese gum commercials]] alludes to this trope, with added {{Sexophone}} for good measure, as the woman is ''much'' more interested in the "Long Long Man" than her boyfriend('s gum).

[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* Roberto from ''Anime/{{Monster}}''. If we are to believe the obese prostitute with whom he was having sex.
* [[ReallyGetsAround Panty]] from ''Anime/PantyAndStockingWithGarterbelt'' certainly believes this, but this trope is actually subverted when she tries to have sex with [[spoiler:Brief after she regrows her hymen]] in the final episode -- his size just makes it even more painful.
* Averted in ''Koibana Onsen'', Shuuhei's large penis makes it even harder for him to get intimate with his girlfriend who has anxiety problems.
* Randel Oland from ''Anime/PumpkinScissors'' is implied to sport his very own biggus dickus thanks to his many hospital visits and a persistent nurse who just wants a urine sample from him. It kind of becomes an obsession for her and a horror for Randel himself.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* ''ComicBook/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'': Season 9. "I prefer lovers with big, thick dorsal fins."
* Several characters in the Italian porn series ''Ramba''. Deconstructed; it is shown as being painful to the women involved, and is sometimes used to deliberately torture them.
* In the ''ComicBook/LoveAndRockets'' "Palomar" stories, Gato, who has been married to both Pipo and Guadalupe, has a huge one. Pipo has apparently become accustomed to it and doesn't think much of average-sized men. She dates Igor, of comparable size (Gato and Igor actually compare in a bathroom), and later has several sexual encounters with an unnamed, sleazy-looking character who dwarfs even Gato and Igor. She has no problem with his size in any opening. But then there's Fritzi, who has a fulfilling sex life with mostly average-sized men - ironically including Pipo's son Sergio - and is twice married to the "love of her life," Scott the Hog. He's described as having a barely functioning "choad."
* ''ComicBook/KillerCondom'' and ''ToTheBones'' by Ralph König:
** Exaggerated, parodied and deconstructed: Inspector Maccaroni sports ''a 40 cm thing''. He's shown having a first time with a rentboy, who thinks he cannot handle it despite his profession. Maccaroni claims that "''they all whine like that in the beginning, but in the end, they all love it''". However, Maccaroni is unhappy because he feels that his lovers only love his penis and think they tend to forget that "''there's a person hanging from it''".
** Discussed: Maccaroni meets a similarly well-endowed porn actor, and they have a talk about how very large penises can be troublesome.
* ''Titi Fricoteur'' The titular character is a pre-teen KidAnova in Late 19th/Early 20th century France that was noticeably hung from birth and is basically grade-school gigolo sleeping with numerous girls and [[LikesOlderWomen women old enough to even be his]] ''[[GrandmaWhatMassiveHotnessYouHave grandmother]]'' "studying" under a CoolOldGuy with the same endowment and reputation around town.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* Many authors with a favorite male character are likely to give them a large penis in adult fanfiction.
* ''Fanfic/ACrownOfStars'': Played straight. According Asuka, Shinji's penis is nearly twice larger than BigBad's and former BigBad's. Moreover, the latter two abused her sexually, were pretty lousy in bed and made her feeling dirty, whereas Shinji made her feeling good, happy and special.
* ''Manga/{{Evangelion 303}}'': Subverted. According Asuka, Shinji's size is pretty average. TheirFirstTime went a pretty awkward deal because they had no idea what they were doing, and they started off with intercourse straightaway. Nonetheless, their lovemaking improved after a bit of "practice" and their sex life became very fulfilling.
* Actually averted [[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/93809/a-pleasant-surprise in this fanfic.]] The [[http://www.fimfiction.net/user/kalash93 author]] has actually had sex, so RealityEnsues. The story, [[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/93809/1/a-pleasant-surprise/a-pleasant-surprise A Pleasant Surprise,]] is simultaneously one of the sweetest and most realistic depictions of sex in fanfiction. It's explicitly stated that being too large is quite painful.
* Shows up again in another Kalash93 story called "[[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/106068/relax Relax]]." It's implied that not only does the protagonist not have a prodigious endowment, but that the sex is actually better for it. This is an example of TruthInTelevision. Average and somewhat smaller are actually the most ideal penis sizes because they can be easily and comfortably accommodated by women of varying sizes and equipment.
* [[http://community.livejournal.com/fanficrants/1798922.html The fanfic version of this trope]], taken to its logical extreme. (The link doesn't go to the fic itself, just the fanfic-rants post about it. The fic itself, unfortunately, is [[MissingEpisode lost]].)
-->'''valorously:''' That's bigger than some children. IT COULD GET ON DISNEYLAND ATTRACTIONS BY ITSELF.
* Trevor "Hotshot" Cole of ''Roleplay/DCNation'' had a brief stint as a porn actor. When this is discovered, his female teammates and their friends track down the film and make a movie night of it. Batwoman (Kathy Duquense from DCAU) is notably impressed at Trevor's "door prize from God".
* Actually played for drama in ''Fanfic/MisfiledDreams'', about how it being too big might not actually be pleasing for a woman, but rather painful.
* Averted in ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10486210/1/Trolling-the-League Trolling the League]]'' when Manga/{{Naruto}} can't get fully inside [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries Poison Ivy]] because he's too big. While Naruto notes he's never had this problem with his wife Xanna, he also admits that she's a demoness (and later goddess) and thus fully capable of altering her anatomy at will.
* Downplayed in ''[[http://cartoon.adult-fanfiction.org/story.php?no=600095039&chapter=4 How I Learned to Love the Wild Horse]]'' where multiple women make clear that a bit above average is nice but there is such a thing as too big. Donna even states to Arnold (whose only experience with sex is watching hentai) that the odds a woman can take 9+ inches are about the same as the odds a man has that much: incredibly low.
** She also warns him against believing that a woman's cervix is an automatic orgasm button, and guys with large enough equipment should press it as often and as hard as possible.
*** "If you think about using this baseball bat you call a ---- like a battering ram, I'll rip it off and make you WATCH while I use it the right way!"
* ''Fanfic/PokemonResetBloodlines'', despite being a harem fic, averts this. The author specifically has made no comments on character penis sizes, and specifically points out in authors notes and the omake of chapter 36 the madness this trope gets (by pointing out that a 12 inch penis is basically having a Pichu in your shorts). He also notes the problems that come when combining this trope with [[TeenyWeenie having all the characters not in the author's favor have the opposite problem]], referring to it as 'Penis Bashing'.

* This seems to have been a RunningGag with Creator/MadelineKahn in Creator/MelBrooks movies:
** In ''Film/BlazingSaddles'', the hero actually manages to convert Kahn's [[TheVamp Lili Von Schtup]] (hired by the villain to seduce him) to the good guys purely by [[SexFaceTurn impressing her with his penis]]. An extended cut of the scene reveals she was sucking on his ''elbow''.
** In ''Film/YoungFrankenstein'', prudish Elizabeth finds her true love when The Monster rapes her... after it's revealed that he also has a monster ''penis.''
** In ''Film/HistoryOfTheWorldPartI'', Empress Nympho's selection of men for an orgy definitely works on this criterion.
--->'''Servant:''' You made some pretty big decisions!
* Inverted in ''Film/AChineseTortureChamberStory'', where it's also a plot point: Gott has such an impossibly large penis that no woman will have sex with him. He's also a very nice guy, so he refuses to force his arranged wife to take it. Eventually, the size of his genitals and what happens to them are the single most important plot point. This movie is weird.
* Inverted in ''Film/FullMetalJacket'', where a Vietnamese hooker doesn't want to have sex with a black Marine, because she thinks that his penis is too big. He demonstrates that it isn't.
* ''Film/LadySnowblood'' averts this. When the blackmailer Genjiro reveals his gigantic penis, the reaction from Oyuki, the title character, is not adulation, but horror. Genjiro himself is aware of the implications of his large penis, noting that one that large will usually cause the receiving woman serious pain. (In the manga it was made clear that Oyuki was a lesbian.)
* Aversion: In the film ''Kinsey'' Alfred Kinsey and his wife have come to a doctor because they're having trouble consummating their marriage. The doctor explains that sometimes, if a woman with a thicker-than-usual hymen is matched with a well-endowed man, it can make sex tough. He holds out a (short, roughly 6") ruler and asks Kinsey's wife to point to the ruler, indicating how big the... member in question is. She hesitates, then points to a spot in the air TWO INCHES past the end of the ruler. The doctor just raises his eyebrows a bit and says, "I'm surprised you didn't pass out."
* The main character in TheSeventies film ''Welcome Home Brother Charles'' kills his enemies and pleasures their wives with his ridiculously large and prehensile penis. And of course, it's {{Blaxploitation}}.
* Dirk Diggler in ''Film/BoogieNights''. His very large penis is the main reason he got into the porn business. Dirk was based on the real-life porn star John Holmes, who was famous for the same reason.
* Discussed in the German movie ''Der Eisbär''. The titular character worries a bit if he's "inadequate". A female friend of his ex tells him that it's not length that matters, but girth. He shares that information with others later.
* In ''Film/DontBeAMenaceToSouthCentralWhileDrinkingYourJuiceInTheHood'', this is how Ashtray misinterprets Dashiki's comment that he can't live up to his "responsibilities".
-->'''Dashiki:''' Oh, so you're man enough to come up in me, but you ain't man enough to take care of what comes out, get my nails done, pay my rent, ''and'' get me a new car? You know what? You ain't nothing but a little boy.
-->'''Ashtray:''' Ain't all about the size of the boat! It's the motion in the ocean.
-->'''Dashiki:''' ...That's not what I'm talking about.
* In ''Film/LegallyBlonde'', a woman named Brooke is accused of murdering her [[MayDecemberRomance (considerably older) husband]] [[GoldDigger for his vast wealth]]. Brooke herself points out that she was already superrich ''before'' she and her husband got married, so it's not like she actually needed his money--Brooke also makes it very clear that her husband had much more interesting qualities about himself besides his money. Three guesses as to what those "qualities" are.
* ''Film/ShowdownInLittleTokyo''. According to Murata, Kenner has "the biggest dick I've ever seen," said with a complimentary tone. Unsurprisingly, he's portrayed as a sexual dynamo.
* Scoonie from ''[[Film/{{Neighbors2014}} Neighbors]]''. Plus a bit of GagPenis.
* The first extended piece of dialogue from ''Film/ReservoirDogs'' is [[Creator/QuentinTarantino Mr. Brown]]'s forceful theory on how Music/{{Madonna}}'s "Like a Virgin" must be about this.
* Discussed while the titular witches in ''Film/TheWitchesOfEastwick'' are planning their "perfect man." One says he should be "huge," while another disagrees because her ex was well-endowed and nearly ripped her in half. The result: a [[KavorkaMan portly, middle-aged Jack Nicholson]].
* ''Film/{{Caddyshack}}'': In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkzMtzHni_0#t=2m01s this scene]] [[PoolScene at the pool]], Lacey Underall sees Tony D'Annunzio in [[WalkingSwimsuitScene a speedo]], [[FemaleGaze admires]] [[ShirtlessScene his bare torso]] and she's [[ReactionShot impressed by his package]]. She's also [[ReactionShot impressed]] by Danny Noonan's bulge.
* Hillary literally does break out a measuring tape when she reunites with a former lover in ''Film/TopSecret'', and is shown staring at it wide-eyed while holding it in a way that implies a spectacular result.
* ''Burglar'' (1987). Creator/WhoopiGoldberg's character has to hide in the closet while burglarizing an apartment, because TheCasanova who owns it has come home unexpectedly with a woman [[TheImmodestOrgasm whom he makes enthusiastic love to]]. Afterwards he opens the closet while stark-naked. He doesn't see Whoopi who, judging by her JawDrop, is impressed by what she sees.
* The Italian sex comedy ''Exploits of a Young Don Juan'' features a scene where the titular teenage character first undresses to have sex with his maid. Not only is she visibly shocked once he takes off his underwear to reveal his arousal he pivots to close the nearby door but a sudden wind is generated by his simple turning enough to close the heavy wooden door immediately without touching it, implying his erection is acting like a rudder.
* ''Film/TheKidsAreAllRight'': [[spoiler: When the lesbian Jules finds herself inexplicably making out with the male Paul they make their way to the bed where she finally pulls down his underwear only to offer an astonished "Whoa... Hello!!!" They proceed to have amazing sex afterwards.]]
* In ''Film/AbsolutelyAnything'' one of Neil's first wishes is for a really big dick. He's given one that's so big he can't stand up.
* The Adam Sandler remake of ''Film/TheLongestYard'' has a rare non-sexual version. When trying to recruit one of the more muscular prisoners, portrayed by Wrestling/{{Goldberg}}, to his team in the showers, Sandler is trying to sell him on the virtues of being able to inflict pain on the guards.
-->'''Crewe''': Yeah, either that you can hit him over the head with that hammer.
-->'''Joey Battle''': I wanna hurt him, not kill him.
-->'''Caretaker''': Lets get outta here before that thing bites someone!
* Towards the end of the 1999 remake of ''Gloria'', the eponymous gangster's moll forces a group of Mob guys to strip at gunpoint so she can make her escape. One of the more unassuming members of the crew turns out to have hidden talents, eliciting an appreciative "Mikey! Who knew?" from Creator/SharonStone's character.
* ''Film/OutrageousFortune''. The two female protagonists realise the charred corpse of their lover in the morgue isn't him because his penis isn't big enough. Unfortunately telling the investigating officer this just gets them thrown out of the police station.

* [[AccidentalPun Played with]] in ''Literature/ABrothersPrice''. At the beginning of the novel, his sister tells Jerin to make himself trousers with a codpiece to let potential wives know "what they're buying". However, no woman who actually gets to see him naked, and might be sexually interested in him, makes any comments on his size. They all seem to be much more interested in his pretty face and, in once instance, [[SterilityPlague sperm quality.]][[spoiler: Also, his primary talent is in using his mouth and hands, which Ren describes as "magiclike".]]
* Despite his short stature, this is Owen's deal in ''Literature/APrayerForOwenMeany'' according to Hester.
* This is standard procedure for romance novel heroes.
* Averted with sex blogger Abby Lee in her memoir ''Girl With A One Track Mind''. Abby has lovers of different penis sizes and doesn't believe it makes a difference to the quality of the sex.
* Played seriously in Harlan Ellison's short story "Literature/IHaveNoMouthAndIMustScream", in which one of the main characters, Benny (a formerly gay and very handsome scientist), is transformed by AM into an apelike creature with horse-like genitalia. This may be ValuesDissonance and/or UnfortunateImplications in action, as gay men can be as fond of this trope as straights (see, for example, the work of Tom of Finland); Ellison implies that AM made Benny ugly and partially retarded ''because'' he was handsome and smart, and that making him over-endowed was to make him appealing to the one woman trapped in AM.
* Creator/JohnVarley:
** After her first session with a new love interest (actually a previous love interest [[GenderBender who'd been a woman when the main character was a man]]), the heroine of ''Literature/SteelBeach'' specifically references this trope when she bitches at length about the tendency of first time Female-to-Male {{gender bender}}s to check off the "HUNG" option even though they'd just been girls themselves and really ought to know better.
** Also averted in Varley's ''[[Literature/GaeaTrilogy Titan]]'' series, when a woman from a monogender LadyLand informs her first male lover in all seriousness that she's very happy his penis isn't too big -- she was raised to believe men constantly rape women (often to death) with enormous penises. The first time she sees one, she actually giggles, because she can't believe ''that's'' what she's been warned about. He takes it as a compliment anyway.
*** She also discovers early on that the Titanides' rear penises do match the horror stories (think horse) but intimate relationships between humans and Titanides do happen because the [[OurCentaursAreDifferent centaur-like]] Titanides are an artificial species deliberately engineered to also have [[MaleToFemaleUniversalAdaptor human-scale genitals]] between their front legs.
* In the ''Literature/AnitaBlake'' series, the titular character has a small harem of increasingly well-endowed lovers, culminating finally in Micah, whose penis is so large it actually becomes a plot point. Also shows up in the author's other series, ''Literature/MerryGentry''. In both, SerialEscalation results in characters who are proportioned like fire extinguishers.
* In Creator/DavidDrake's ''Cross the Stars'', Don "Mad Dog" Slade dismisses the notion that a large penis equals sexual prowess ("It's not the size of the tool, it's the skill of the workman") but not until after the author mentions that his army buddies briefly called him "Tripod" before an earlier nickname reasserted itself. Drake is actually asserting this trope under the guise of dismissing it.
* Deconstructed, and the deconstruction exaggerated, in the ''Literature/EarthsChildren'' series. Jondalar, the male lead, is so well-endowed that he's never met a woman who can take his full length. He's developed SexGod-level foreplay skills partially as a compensation mechanism, but the end result is that he always has to hold back for fear of inflicting pain on his partner. When he meets the female lead, Ayla, he finds out that she has sufficient, y'know, endowment to receive his full endowment; this is supposedly one of the things that mark them as soul mates. (Never mind that those who'd read the first book, ''Clan of The Cave Bear'', know there's probably a [[RapeAsDrama not-so-wonderful reason]] Ayla can take him without complaint.) Though it [[CursedWithAwesome (probably) sucks to be him]], his ongoing {{wangst}}ing about the issue--combined with the fact that, once he and Ayla hook up, it's almost never brought up again--earned him the derogatory nicknames "Jondalar The Wonder Penis" and "Dongalar."
* Mario Puzo takes a rather large detour from describing the Corleone family saga in ''Film/TheGodfather'' to describe Sonny's large penis. The moment makes it into the movie as well if you're looking for it during the wedding scene - watch his wife's hand gestures carefully. However, this is one of the few realistic examples: His wife complains how painful sex is, and Sonny's mistress Lucy has an enlarged vagina. Lucy needs vaginal reduction surgery later on, in order to have good sex with lesser men than Sonny.
* There is an ''Literature/ArabianNights''-inspired story in which two illicit lovers earn a single wish each at the story's beginning. The hero uses his one wish for the obvious type of self-improvement, allowing him to better please his lover: a genie's human betrothed. When the genie and her father come to kill her lover, the bride-to-be uses a magical bag to reduce the hero's penis to near-microscopic size. Seeing this, the genie is so humiliated to have lost his bride to such a poorly-endowed man that he departs in shame. Disgusted, the father disowns his daughter, leaving her to whatever feeble pleasure she might gain from wedding the ill-equipped hero... not realizing that she has one wish left.
* In one of Pu Songling's fairy tales, the protagonist is too well endowed for any (human) woman to handle safely. So then a {{Kitsune}} tries to seduce him, he is overjoyed. Alas, he proves too big even for the shapeshifting fox, and the narrator quips about how chasing away werefoxes [[WhoYouGonnaCall could become his profession]].
* Mocked in one of the ''Literature/{{Deathlands}}'' novels; Doc Tanner's sometime [[NoSocialSkills girlfriend]] Lori runs off and has an affair with a local [[AllGirlsWantBadBoys bad boy]]. She then returns to the group, complaining that his big dick came with a small brain. Ryan dryly remarks that he "hears that's often the way".
* In the ''Literature/RedDwarf'' novel ''Better Than Life'', in the [[LotusEaterMachine Better Than Life simulation]], Rimmer tries to invoke this trope by acquiring artificial bodies with bigger and bigger penises, to the point where they approach GagPenis levels. Unfortunately, instead of improving his sex life, it simply reveal Rimmer's huge insecurities, a point he is forced to confront himself over when he sees Lister's humble but happy life.
* There is a Russian poem (traditionally attributed to [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ivan_Barkov Ivan Barkov]], although the only thing experts agree upon is that it's not the case) called "Luka Mudischev". It is a story about a widow who looked for a really big dick, and found a 35 cm one attached to the eponymous guy (his last name meaning something akin to "Big Balls")... Let's just say that the end is TRULY ghastly.
* In ''The Hellfire Club'' by Creator/PeterStraub, the villain SerialKiller Dick Dart is repeatedly stated to have this. He's awfully proud of it, too, saying that his name was [[PunnyName rather appropriate]]. He claims that women are crazy about him because of it, and he's shown to get ''very'' frustrated when he can't make Nora climax.
* In Creator/JohnRingo's ''[[Literature/CouncilWars There will be Dragons]]'', a small (4'1'') elf says she used to be married to a yeti. When asked why, she says, "Think about how big his hands are. Now think lower." The stunned audience goes, "Wha... how...?" and she replies "Everyone's the same height lying down."
* Two of Tom Reamy's works of fiction (a short story and a novel) featured women raped to death (torn apart) by ridiculously well-endowed humanoid monsters (a demon and a minotaur). In one, the investigating detective measures out some massive amount of seminal fluid during the autopsy. Tom wrote well but he may have had issues of some sort.
* In ''Literature/OneHundredYearsOfSolitude'' Aureliano [[spoiler:Babilonia]] is well endowed. With him, sometimes the trope's PlayedForLaughs (like when he gets drunk with his friends and uses his wang for tricks), sometimes averted (his sex scene with his friend [[HookerWithaHeartOfGold Nigromanta]], in which his size scared her at first), and sometimes played straight (his sex life with [[spoiler:his unknown aunt]] Amaranta Ursula).
** José Arcadio was also very well endowed, to the point that it is the reason why he runs off with the gypsies.
* Deconstructed in one of the ''MontgomeryChronicles'' books by JudeDeveraux: a minor character has a huge penis, but has a lousy sex life because not even the most experienced professionals will want to risk themselves handling ''that''. Being given for him to rape is used as a sadistic threat against the female protagonist.
* Subverted in ''Literature/{{Fool}}'' by Creator/ChristopherMoore. The main character's apprentice, Drool, sports a GagPenis. Several women comment that they wouldn't shag him even if he wasn't mentally retarded, as they wouldn't be able to sit down for a week. The only woman who can ride Drool without any problems is a ghost. On the other hand, Drool, despite being dangerously retarded, IS considered great in bed when a woman finally lays with him. The ghost (who rode him and did all the work) spends most of the book chasing Drool, and the two women tricked into sex with him love it, even if they are sore afterwards. So it's more a DoubleSubversion.
* Deconstructed in Graham Swift's ''Waterland''. One character's too big for sex.
* Mentioned in the ''Discworld/MenAtArms'', about dwarves. It's never confirmed whether it's true or not and the only (nonhuman) dwarf that asks about it keeps mistaking it for being well endowed with money.
* Deconstructed in the 13th century ''[[Literature/TheIcelandicSagas Brennu-Njáls saga]]''. Although this is bowdlerised in some translations, the exact nature of the curse that the Norwegian Queen Mother places on Hrútr Herjólfsson is that he becomes so large when sexually aroused that it is impossible for him to have intercourse with his wife. This ends in a divorce.
* The subject of Creator/RobertBurns' "Nine Inch Will Please A Lady."
* Zigzagged in ''Literature/{{It}}''; during the sewer sex scene, Beverly finds that Ben is the most well-equipped of the Losers Club. It's very painful for her at first, but he also gives her her first orgasm.
* A rare villainous ([[VillainProtagonist protagonist]]) example from Creator/LRonHubbard's ''Literature/MissionEarth'': after some extreme nonconsensual BDSM torture sessions, alien spy Soltan Gris is given enhanced equipment by a well-meaning but perverted doctor. When he goes back and rapes the women who abused him so, his oversized penis not only [[NotIfTheyEnjoyedItRationalization makes them forgive him and beg for more sex afterward]], [[RapeAndSwitch it also cures them of their lesbianism]] (since of course they couldn't properly enjoy sex without a man's involvement), ''and'' leads them to invite all their lesbian friends to be cured by his penis. The author also takes the trope further by emphasizing how not only does Gris' new size make sex better, but also the volume of his ejaculate.
* ''Literature/MalazanBookOfTheFallen'':
** PlayedForLaughs with Ublala Pung. [[AllAmazonsWantHercules All the amazonian women]] want Ublala for his physical assets, but poor Ublala just can't deal with them not giving him any emotional support in return, so he runs away.
** And then discussed and averted with [[HugeGuyTinyGirl Karsa Orlong and Samar Dev]]. The former is, admittedly, from what passes as a race of giants in the series, and the latter a normal human woman, so Karsa is quite aware of the.. impracticalities.
** Also averted when Felisin Paran finds Beneth's immense size physically painful, even though Beneth himself is quite proud and thinks his assets are great.
* As part of their MarySue qualities, the male heroes of the works of Creator/GaryJennings tend to be well-endowed, in particular [[Literature/{{Aztec}} Mixtli]] and [[Literature/TheJourneyer Marco Polo]].
* The male protagonists of the ''Literature/ImmortalsAfterDark'' series by Kresley Cole personify this trait. All sixteen (so far) of them, without exception. Experienced female protagonists, even those over two thousand years old, will note their partner as being the largest they've ever had. Except for sometimes requiring some judicious preparation for the women to receive them, there's never any real problem making them fit. Nobody outright ''says'' that it's because of their giant cocks, but they inevitably blow the women's minds in bed, even with just intercourse.
* In the 1001 Arabian Nights, Shahryar's wife is unfaithful because she's completely addicted to her slave who has a huge member.
* The Japanese fairy tale "Aji Marapainu" [[note]] [[Franchise/ShinMegamiTensei "Mara"]] you should recognize, so the title *probably* means [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin "Lord Biggus Dickus"]] [[/note]] plays it for drama and realism. The ''aji'' (nobleman) can call himself lucky that he has a load of servants carrying his giant ''mara'' behind him on a wheelbarrow, but practical life is a ''painu'' [[{{Pun}} in the assu]] for him. Things get worse when a woman with a giant ''hoto'' (do you need a translation?) hears of him and wants to become his wife. He refuses to have sex (maybe not enough blood?) and the woman stalks him, leading to both drowning in a tragic accident.
* Discussed in Creator/DavidGemmell's ''Literature/HeroInTheShadows''. In a scene that would be utterly hilarious if it didn't end with [[KickTheDog her death]], a female supporting character -- [[InVinoVeritas drunk]] and [[AloneWithThePsycho unaware of the Big Bad's secret identity]] -- treats him to a [[BrainBleach brain-burningly candid]] discussion of the relative endowments of two of the heroes, eventually concluding that length, girth and technique are all similarly important. It would be nice to think that the trauma this conversation caused him contributed, in some small way, to his eventual defeat.
* Author Creator/SidneySheldon loved to use this with either his good or bad male characters, but true to form, consensual sex was always good, whereas rape was even more painful and traumatizing.
* Averted in Jacqueline Carey's [[Literature/KushielsLegacy Kushiel's Legacy]] series. Despite all the sex scenes, the actual size of penises is never commented upon, nor is it implied that good lovers have bigger ones or less-masculine men are less endowed. Possibly, what with all the sex they have and the openness with which they go about it, D'Angelines know this trope is a myth.
* Regardless of the other merits of Gordon Merrick's novels, many people remember him for his emphasis on handsome, hung characters.
* Wee Davie and Curtis in Creator/IrvineWelsh's ''Literature/{{Skagboys}}'' and ''Literature/{{Porno}}'', respectively.

[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* ''Series/{{Coupling}}''[==]'s Patrick Maitlan had a sex toy molded after him coming in at about ten inches.
-->'''Jeff:''' [[TakeOurWordForIt Even that bit?]]\\
'''Patrick:''' ''Especially'' that bit.
* ''Series/SexAndTheCity'':
** Subverted in an episode where Samantha hooks up with a guy who warns her that he has an enormous penis. She is excited at first... until she sees it. When they do have sex, it turns out that it's too huge for her to take.
** In another, she meets a man who is the model for the second-most successful sex toy in the United States (#1 in Canada). It turns out that he's tired of women only seeing him as a walking penis, and tries to impress her with his poetry. She's not interested in his poetry.
** Played straight in another episode, when she is in a steady relationship with a guy whose "equipment" isn't up to her standards, so the relationship ends up being very chaste. She tells her friends both of them have reached an unspoken agreement: he doesn't complain about the lack of sex, and she doesn't mention his below-average penis. Naturally, this turns out not to be the case. He takes her to a couple's counselor, where Samantha finally spits out her problem with him. The guy gets offended and leaves, while she just shrugs.
* In an episode of ''Series/{{Rome}}'', Atia sends Servilia the gift of a slave with a ''gigantic'' dick. Yes, we see all of it.
-->'''Atia:''' A large penis is always welcome.
* The MTV series ''Series/TheHardTimesOfRJBerger'' focuses on the class punching bag. One day, he gets pantsed during an assembly, and his underwear falls down in the process, granting the whole school an eyeful of his large dick. Suddenly, his social life changes radically.
* Averted in the J-drama ''Series/{{Trick}}''. Physics professor Jiro Ueda's oversized penis is frequently commented on, and although it once impressed another man, when it comes to women, it renders Ueda a virginal loser and the butt of jokes.
* The fundamental premise of ''Series/{{Hung}}'' is that the main character, being, well, [[TitleDrop hung]] (and thus being well hung), can get work as a high-class gigolo.
* On ''Series/{{Friends}}'', Rachel finds Chandler naked and handcuffed in her boss' office, although the audience sees him in tighty whities. In any event, she needs him to stay there so her boss won't know she broke in. She bribes him by promising to be complementary in her description, making him a legend and "this generation's Milton Berle." The legend lasts all of two hours.
** Luckily for Chandler, when he and Monica get together she's genuinely impressed, nicknaming him "Mr Big" and certainly doing ''something'' with a tape measure. Previously it was implied Chandler was average in that department, meaning he may not be the biggest but clearly the size that pleased Monica.
* In a sketch of the ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' episode hosted by Susan Dey, she plays a judge in a courtroom scene where the defendant is supposedly well-endowed. Since this fact was important to the case, he is required to expose himself to the judge and jury. With the camera trained on Dey, the lawyers and the jury box, there is the sound of the defendant's fly being unzipped followed by the sound of his member hitting the table with a loud thump.
* Implied in an episode of ''Series/MyWifeAndKids''. Jaye paints a picture of her husband Michael in the style of Michelangelo's ''David''; when it's unveiled at the art gallery, a woman gasps "Lordy, how do you find time to ''paint''?!"
* Rose from the ''Series/TheGoldenGirls'' was taught that the difference between boys and girls by her mother showing her a bull on the farm, which gave her a false impression about men and a surprise on her wedding night.
-->'''Rose:''' Boy that bull would have been jealous.
* On ''Series/ParksAndRecreation'' we meet Jerry's wife Gayle...who is played by Christie Brinkley. [[UglyGuyHotWife Jerry isn't even close to being in her league]]. While personality really does go a long way (Jerry and Gayle are both really kind-hearted, wholesome Middle Americans), one gets the sense that Jerry's... skills... also help. After all, Chris (played by RobLowe), who met Gayle the previous season while dating their daughter ([[TheUglyGuysHotDaughter she takes after her mother]]), has this exchange at the Gergich Christmas party:
-->'''Ben''': So Gayle and Jerry...
-->'''Chris''': I've thought about it a lot, there's no logical explanation.
** In one episode, Jerry goes to the doctor to get checked for mumps. The doctor has this to say afterwards:
-->'''Dr. Harris''': That man has the largest penis I have ever seen. I don't even know if he has the mumps, forgot to check, I was distracted... ''by the [[GagPenis largest penis]] I have ever seen.''
* On ''Series/{{Bones}}'', in the Season 2 episode "Man in the Mansion," Brennan sleeps with Sully for the first time, and comes to work the next day looking VERY happy. It turns out that [[IronicNickname Sully's nickname 'Peanut' is in the grand tradition of nicknames like calling the big man Tiny...]] to the point where Sully doesn't even SHOWER with the other guys, presumably not to embarrass them.
-->'''Brennan''': He's statistically outside the morphological norm.
* Hilariously deconstructed with an experimental 'penis enlargement spray' in an episode of the show ''{{Testies}}'', the character's penis becomes so large that merely getting an erection causes him to pass out from hypovolemia and he has to get a transfusion to make love.
* In a third-season episode of ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'', Robin returns from a vacation in Argentina with a new boyfriend. Ted, who still has feelings for Robin, begins to feel jealous because Robin's new boyfriend is both handsome and charming. However, when Robin tells Ted that he's got a bigger penis than her new boyfriend, Ted is elated and immediately stops feeling inferior to the new guy.
-->'''Ted''': Name one way I'm better than that guy.
-->'''Robin''': You're bigger.
-->'''Ted''': Don't patronize me, if anything he may even be a little taller.
-->'''Robin''': No, Ted. You're bigger.
-->''[{{beat}}]'' ''[GilliganCut to Ted in the bar with Marshall and Barney]''
-->'''Ted''': '''''I win!'''''
-->'''Future!Ted''': [[BlatantLies Kids, I can't remember exactly what helped me get through the whole Robin-Gael incident.]] [[SuspiciouslySpecificDenial I'm sure that it was something profound and meaningful and not at all macho and petty.]]
** This becomes HilariousInHindsight given the guy who played the new boyfriend (Enrique Iglesias) repeatedly making comments about his lack of endowment years after that episode was aired.
** As a whole, the series plays this trope very realistically: Ted, Barney and Marshall are the ones worried about size more than any other aspect, having an inhumanly large dick is often among Barney's lies; although Marshall is mentioned to be above average, Ted and Barney are implied to be average. Lily and Robin, though, are far more interested in other aspects such as strength, technique, traction, speed, duration and so on, to the point that Robin does not care about size, having even dated a guy with an admittedly small dick, and they only broke up because he was not up to do something weird she liked -- which even Barney and Ted admitted feeling uncomfortable with. On Lily's side, Marshall's big size is not enough for her, as she states he is lacking in other aspects, such as not being very adventurous and having no traction. RealityEnsues: women do tend to think about other aspects; a big dick alone does not mean a guy is good in bed or is able to satisfy her, if he does not know which spots to hit or does not have a good technique.
* In the ''Series/SirensUS'' episode "Rachel [=McAdams=] Topless", when ManlyGay Hank sees Billy naked, he compliments Billy on his enormous penis (describing it as bigger than a horse's) and proceeds to hit on him.
* A later season episode of ''Series/JustShootMe'' reveals that series [[TheChewtoy chew toy]] Finch, despite being short and scrawny, is apparently very well equipped. He just didn't realize it, because his short stature meant he spent his entire life avoiding any situation where public nudity would be required such as communal showers or locker rooms, and just assumed that any mentions from the women he dated was just what all women said to their hookups. His only exposure to dicks other than his own was apparently from porn, which made him think he was about average.
* Similar to the above example, Neil from ''Series/MenAtWork'' is revealed to be well endowed when a woman he hooks up with after his long-term girlfriend dumps him refuses to have sex with him. At first the other guys think it's because he's too small, until [[GagPenis Neil mentions that he can't find condoms that fit]]. Turns out said girl was too intimidated and didn't think she'd be able to take it all in, and that his previous girlfriend took some time to get used to his size. The other guys immediately designate him the new alpha male of the group.
* Parodied in an episode of ''Series/SonOfTheBeach'', where TheAhnold is shown to have a massive censor bar, while the main character whom everyone plays up as a magnificent male specimen despite being pasty and pudgy is shown to have a censor bar about the size of a french fry.
* In the first season of ''Series/AllyMcBeal'', Ally and Renee attend a sculpting class featuring Glenn, a well-endowed model. Ally briefly dates him afterwards.
* In the ''Series/CharliesAngels'' episode "Toni's Boys", when Kris [[EatingTheEyeCandy watches]] Arnie the [[ChippendalesDancers male stripper]] rehearse, she [[ReactionShot gets excited]] upon seeing his junk.
* In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEP9aU-ynm0 this newscast]], Wendy Rieger unwittingly reveals that she's a size queen and that 10 inches is her ideal penis size when she asks meteorologist Chuck Bell what 17 inches of snowfall looks like. (Notice how she measures 17 inches at the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEP9aU-ynm0#t=0m38s 40 second mark]].):
-->'''Chuck''': That looks like about 17 inches, right now.
-->'''Wendy''': That's about 7 inches too much.
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'':
** Tyrion Lannister boasts of this trope to a prostitute in his EstablishingCharacterMoment as a DepravedDwarf. "The Gods gave me one blessing." This becomes a BrickJoke when it saves his life several season later, after a slaver decides to kill Tryion and sell his cock to a merchant because a dwarf penis is rumored to have magical powers. Tyrion quickly points out that the merchant will have no way of knowing the penis came from a dwarf if it wasn't still attached to him.
-->'''Slaver:''' It would be a dwarf-sized cock!\\
'''Tyrion:''' ''Guess again!''
** Theon Greyjoy had a good reputation with women, supposedly because of his well-endowed part. [[spoiler: That reputation would comeback to haunt him, once Ramsey Snow/Bolton captured and emasculated him in Season 3.]]
** Hodor's package is Osha-approved and shown to the audience.
** {{Subverted}} by Pod in Season 3. While discussing his status as a SexGod, Ros reports that he's not especially endowed.
* ''Series/OdysseyFive''. When Kurt Mendel shares a couple of escort girls with a synthetic human, he's annoyed when they ignore him after catching a look at the implied bigger 'equipment' of the synthetic.
* On ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'', this is revealed as the reason the demon Crowley ended up in Hell in the first place. Back when he was human, he [[DealWithTheDevil sold his soul]] for a bigger penis.
-->'''Crowley:''' Just trying to hit double digits.
* ''Series/ShastaMcNasty'': In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n0Yj1r6Bz3M#t=0m28s this scene]] Scott, Dennis and Randy find out that Cindy Margolis' boyfriend has a large penis when he takes off his towel to [[SexyDiscretionShot join her]] [[ShowerOfLove in the shower]].
* In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCekRQrDLJ8 this scene]] from the "Go Fish" episode of ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', Buffy, Willow and Cordelia are shown staring at Xander's bulge when [[FemaleGaze they see him coming out to the pool]] in a [[WalkingSwimsuitScene speedo]] and [[ReactionShot they're clearly impressed]] by his bulge.
* Averted in ''Series/{{Lucifer}}''. Despite being ThePornomancer, Lucifer states that he's of average size in terms of equipment.
* ''Series/TheShannaraChronicles'': Wil is apparently well-endowed, as Eretria comments "I'll never call you 'short tips' again" after they have sex.
* ''Series/LegendOfTheSeeker'': Captain Krimmel in "Mirror" is apparently [[UnusualEuphemism "heavily armed"]], according to Gwyldor, the man who impersonates him with magic.
* ''{{Series/Misfits}}'': Jeremy, the boyfriend of Nathan's mom, is well-endowed. Alisha and Kelly comment about this, to Nathan's distress.

* In Mc Chris's album Dungeon Master of Ceremonies, there is a skit where this is {{lampshade|Hanging}}d (so to speak). MC Chris learns that Jesus has a 4-foot penis, and asks if it hurts the women he has sex with. Jesus responds that he "magically extends their cervix up to about their chest area".
* Music/{{Voltaire}}'s "Worf's Revenge" to quote:
-->When the ladies see the beast I got between my thighs\\
They say "Perhaps today is a good day to die"
* Then, there's Rodney Carrington's song, "12 inch dick, a dozen roses and a pickup truck." The song is a man singing about the three things he has that are going to make his woman happy tonight.
* Amateur Transplants' "Titanic" subverts it:
-->Suddenly you panic, my dick is titanic, you know it won't fit, it's too long\\
You scream, you're sick, it's eight inches thick, and we try but it all goes so wrong...
* The [[PunnyName appropriately named]] Ivor Biggun sings many songs about the attractiveness of men with large penises. "John Thomas Allcock" stands out by disclosing the dimensions of the member in question. The eponymous John is described as [[ArtisticLicenseBiology having a penis that measured 4 feet 6 inches]] ''flaccid'' and consequently being irresistible to women.
* [[Music/{{Garbage}} Shirley Manson]] once said [[http://web.archive.org/web/19991007235640/http://www.cafemomo.com/inprint/9604details.shtml she believed]], even suggesting to write a song called "Size Queen". [[FlipFlopOfGod But a few years later...]]
-->[[SubvertedTrope I hate big cocks.]] [[http://absolutegarbage.net/articles/litter-from-america/ What’s the point of having something that bruises your cervix, hangs half out of you and takes about ten minutes to get stiff?]]
* Brazilian band Raimundos had a {{Squick}}y variant in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8dQNW8rTIU the spoken intro]] of a song. ([[spoiler:"She likes big scrotums because when it flips it fills the ass with dirt. [[TitleDrop Opa, peraí caceta!]]"]])
* The unrated version of the music video of Music/RobinThicke's song "Blurred Lines" features a topless blonde woman dancing in front of the words "Robin Thicke has a big dick". It's the most subtle thing in the video. Later, his wife (model Paula Patton) [[http://www.glamour.com/entertainment/blogs/obsessed/2013/10/paula-patton-baggage-claim.html actually confirmed it.]]
* In Music/{{Macklemore}}'s Thrift Shop, we have this:
--> Walk up to the club, like, "What up I got a big cock!"
* Music/JonLajoie's MC Vagina claims, as part of his BoastfulRap, that "[women] always have orgasms [[BlatantLies because my penis is so big]]/[[GagPenis 25 inches long and 12 inches thick]]."
* Music/{{Alphaville}}’s ‘Big in Japan’ is about a male prostitute in Japan who’s debating whether he should leave his lifestyle, which is vapid but easy because he’s ‘big’ in Japan. ([[IsntItIronic Yes, that’s what that song is about.]])
* Music/PansyDivision: Take a lucky guess what the song "Dick of Death" is about. I dare ya.
* Music/DieArzte: "Ich bin reich" ("I Am Rich"). The singer is boasting that he is shamelessly rich, duh. At the end of the song he tops it by stating that even if he wouldn't be, he still got the looks, is super smart, and hung like John Holmes.
* K.T. Oslin expresses her admiration for a [[http://bluerockpublicradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Shirtless-guy1.jpg runner's bulge]] in "Younger Men":
--> Woah, look over here\\
We got a cute little ol' runner to the right\\
Blue shorts, no shirt\\
Whoo! You're looking good darling\\
That's right, stay in shape
** Subverted in her BreakupSong [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MHLECetN2HQ "Come Next Monday"]]. One reason why she's breaking up with the guy is that his penis is too big for her:
--> X-rays show some\\
Excess [[http://sex-lexis.com/Sex-Dictionary/baggage baggage]]
* Sara Evans sings about her partner's package in "As If" (Notice the crotch shots in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=31UEGl9tvX8 the video]].);
--> Ooh yeah\\
I love the way you wear those worn out blue jeans\\
Walkin' around in the big sunshine
* AmbiguousGender: Music/FaithHill [[TakeOurWordForIt celebrates]] the [[WalkingSwimsuitScene speedo]] [[http://athleticsupporterblog.files.wordpress.com/2010/01/21acjan141.jpg bulge]] in "Sunshine And Summertime":
--> You'll see straw sombreros and T-top Camaros\\
And stereos blastin' in the parking lot\\
You'll see rock hard bodies and [[http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/bikini?s=t bikini]] hotties\\
And everybody's got it goin' on\\
And showin' what they got
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69mermWNac8#t=1m15s "The Penis Song"]] from ''[[Film/TheSweetestThing The Sweetest Thing Soundtrack]]''.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gTYyvTipx2g "Peacock"]] by Music/KatyPerry.
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u6ONiIwfLLU "Monster"]] by Fred Schneider.
* "Nasty Girl" by Vanity:
--> I need 7 inches or more\\
Tonight I can no longer hold it\\
Get it up, get it up, I can't wait any more
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ofkzvM7Skxg "Rock Lobster"]] by Music/TheB52s:[[note]]"Boy" is a slang term for the penis. "Boys" is a slang term for ''both'' the penis and testicles. "Surfboard" is slang for a large penis and it's also a woman-on-top sex position.[[/note]]
--> Boys in bikinis\\
Girls on surfboards\\
Everybody's rockin'\\
Everybody's fruggin'
* Implied in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cprBZvF_cmI "Toy Soldier"]] by Music/BritneySpears:
--> I'm tired of [[UnusualEuphemism privates drivin]], need a [[http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=general&defid=231278 general]] that ain't weak
* Music/ElioeLeStorieTese's "John Holmes", a wacky rendition of the famous porn star's career sung in the first person. Some versions of the song even have a very brief sample of one of his films inserted somewhere.
* Double Subverted in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=71MdBCgqFhA "Girls Lie Too"]] by Terri Clark:
--> Size don't matter anyway\\
Girls lie too

[[folder:Professional Wrestling]]
* Wrestling/ScottSteiner was well known for bragging about the size of his penis, and judging by all the women that followed him around, it ''did'' mean he was skilled in the sex department.
* Val Venis always bragged about his penis and his skills in bed, which seemed to be true given the amount of semi-naked women that he usually hanged out with. There was also the fact that his [[WrestlingDoesntPay in-ring character]] was supposed to be a porn star.

* Perhaps the most sexually-explicit verse in Literature/TheBible is Ezekiel 23:20, which describes the prostitute Oholibah's bedroom antics (God's analogy for the spiritual adultery of the kingdom of Judah):
-->There she lusted after her lovers, whose genitals were like those of donkeys and whose emission was like that of horses.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons''' "Book of Erotic Fantasy" it is specifically averted. Your character's size has no impact at all on his sexual prowess. It also says a player can choose how big he is just like he can choose a character's eye color.
* In the free hentai RPG ''Big Breasts Small Waist'', the bigger a male character's...equipment is, the higher his Appearance stat is, and the more SEXP his partner gets from an encounter with him.

* In the Broadway production of ''Theatre/TheAddamsFamily'', Gomez tells Mal that the deed to his house was originally bestowed upon his ancestor Alphonse the Enormous by Queen Isabella of Spain for "services rendered". (When Mal asks what the "services" were, Gomez nervously repeats his ancestor's name and title a couple of times, and then says, [[DontExplainTheJoke "Do you want me to draw you a diagram?"]])
* Implied by the ghost of Creator/JohnBarrymore in ''I Hate Hamlet"
-->'''Andrew''': "You padded yourself to play Hamlet?"
--> '''Barrymore''': "Un-necessarily".
* Satan implies this about himself in ''Theatre/TheLastDaysOfJudasIscariot'', discussing his considerable "presence."

[[folder:Video Games]]
* Discussed in ''VideoGame/SidMeiersAlphaCentauri''. The quote for one of the technologies has Nwabudike Morgan saying "Gentlemen, forget what your courtesans have told you: size does matter!"
** Also in a [[BawdySong Dirty Limerick]];
--> A handsome young Cyborg named Ace, / Wooed women at every base, / But once ladies glanced at / His special enhancement / They vanished with nary a trace.
--->Barracks Graffiti, Sparta Command
* In ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'', Rin actually freaks out when she sees Shirou naked. She was a virgin and ''extremely'' nervous (so was Shirou, for that matter); Saber and Sakura are admiring, but not shocked. [[VisualNovel/{{Tsukihime}} Shiki]], on the other hand, managed to impress even the relatively experienced Kohaku.
* Comes up at least OncePerEpisode in ''Franchise/DragonAge''
** In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeOrigins'', the Warden can make a remark along these lines when Wynne confronts him over his relationship with Morrigan.
--->'''Wynne:''' It's as if she's forgotten you exist above the waist!\\
'''Warden:''' To be fair, there is quite a bit of me ''below'' the waist.\\
'''Wynne:''' By the Maker! Is a little decorum to much to ask for!?
** In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'', Male!Hawke can, after sleeping with Fenris, quip that "it can be a lot to take in."
** Implied by Blackwall in ''VideoGame/DragonAgeInquisition'''s ''Trespasser'' [=DLC=], after his suggestion when Sera wonders why dwarves feel the need to make their tunnels so tall is that they're CompensatingForSomething. Sera asks what that says about Blackwall's big sword.
--->'''Blackwall:''' That's not compensation. That's a counterweight.
** Played straight with [[HornedHumanoid The Iron Bull]], as there are multiple references to people, possibly including the Inquisitor [[spoiler:or Dorian]], walking funny after spending the night with him. [[CovertPervert Josephine]] is also impressed when she accidentally sees him naked during his romance arc.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Averted in two ''WebComic/SaturdayMorningBreakfastCereal'' where it's pointed out that it's really more of a male ego thing. One strip has a man use a genie to wish that the human penis is a muscle that can be increased with working out instead of just being a genetic lottery. The result? Birth rates plummet as men become obsessed with increasing their size and sexual intercourse becomes physically impossible. The second has a breakthrough in genetic engineering lead to men requesting that their sons be given increasingly large penises. This leads to a kind of genital arms race, as women demand that their daughters get bigger vaginas, to keep themselves from getting torn open. Eventually, mankind hits a genital Singularity where all humans are literally just walking genitals. However, due to lacking the means to operate the genetic engineering equipment, that generations children revert back to normal humans.
* In ''Webcomic/BoyMeetsBoy'', Mikhael's "freakishly large" penis is supposedly the main reason why his and Harley's sex life is so good, which in turn seems to be one major reason why their ''relationship'' is so good. It's really [[MST3KMantra best not to over-analyze]] [[SlidingScaleOfSillinessVersusSeriousness this comic]].
* Averted in ''Cheer'' by Forview, a good-natured (and naturally NSFW) porn webcomic. If hand measurements are anything to go by, the boy is packing something like 8-10 inches. While the girls certainly enjoy themselves (and him), they do need to take care. The smaller girl is actually brought to tears by the discomfort until they find a way to negate the extra length, and even the bigger one needs him to be "super-gentle" with "the last inch".
* Deconstructed and played straight by Creator/{{Humon}}. In one of her stories there is a character who complains that his penis is so big that no one wants to be penetrated by him. The Lady tells him that he just needs to get with an expert. Then she calls her butler and asks for his opinion. The butler falls head over heels for the well-endowed man, mostly because of his ... size. (No worries, they are all a big, happy poly-relationship.)
* Kyle from ''Webcomic/JuvenileDiversion'' is well endowed, which leads to some very enjoyable times for Jenny.
* Peter of ''Webcomic/PeterIsTheWolf''. Other than that one "feature", Peter is the runt of his pack; small for a human, let alone a werewolf. But he still keeps his girlfriend happy.
** Of course, first time said girlfriend saw his wolf-form equipment, after she had changed back from her much larger wolf form, was "You put ''that'' in me?"
* Jason from ''Webcomic/SomethingPositive'' may be both a use and subversion of this trope. One one hand, he was extremely popular with the ladies prior to his marriage, but, on the other hand, the only woman we've actually seen reacting to it onscreen responded with an expression of terror and the words "Uh, Jason? Could you please put that big...thing back in your pants? It hurts my pelvis to look at it." [[TakeOurWordForIt We don't see the appendage in question, so you have to use your imagination.]]
* Richard of ''Webcomic/{{SSDD}}'' was apparently named "Dick" for a very good reason; even Norman feels inadequate by comparison and he's heavily implied to be {{asexual}}! But then his girlfriend has an affair with a more modestly endowed guy because, to quote, "girls aren't hollow".
--> ''[[http://www.poisonedminds.com/d/20120913.html If I did half the things I've done to you with Richard, I would have stabbed out my own kidneys.]]''
* Rory from ''Webcomic/{{Teahouse}}'', the youngest, shortest and most expensive of the courtesans because of his virginity, turns out to have an enormous penis, which persuades Lord Reed to become his exclusive client, despite the cost.
* Vilga from ''Webcomic/TheCummoner'' appreciates a well-endowed male. She hasn't found anyone who's ''too'' big--yet.
* Parodied by one-shot character ''Chad - The Man With the Worlds Largest Penis'' in ''WebComic/BiggerThanCheeses''. His equipment is so big, he requires a third pants leg, but according to him, it's much more a curse than a blessing. Women just find him terrifying, and usually just run away screaming. His ex-girlfriend described having sex with him as "giving birth to a car in reverse". Men hate him and consider him a threat to their masculinity, leaving him with no friends either, and he eventually commits suicide.
* ''Webcomic/{{Candi}}'' has the title character [[InVinoVeritas drunkenly listing off what she likes about her current boyfriend]], ending with "And he has a big penis!"

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Occurs in the Literature/WhateleyUniverse to many male Examplars, to the point that an in-universe sex manual about PowerPerversionPotential specifically warns about the danger of hurting one's partners through the sheer size of one's organ.
** the character Phase's body was changed by his mutation to appear female, but his genitalia did not change, and in fact got BIGGER.
** Chad/Merry/Paige/Petra suffers from this, except that s/he has [[{{Hermaphrodite}} both sets of equipment]].
** In the Gen 2 stories, Nick Brennan, Jr., a second-generation [[PettingZooPeople Horse Ani-Man]] who is also a mutant, gets some immediate attention the first time he visits the pool, in particular from one of the members in Venus, Inc. (the school's modeling club). She was so impressed by his equine proportions (even through a swimsuit) that she immediately lures him into a rendezvous. Apparently, she was quite please with the outcome, as the first thing she did after they parted was to post a glowing review of him on a hidden 'girls only' page of the school intranet.
* This trope causes much pain to ''WebOriginal/ProtectorsOfThePlotContinuum''. See the FanFic section for a couple of examples of what they've had to combat.
* Occasionally pops up in ''Literature/ChakonaSpace'', part of Garrek's popularity with vixens is suggested to be his "endowment". Leanna, being a genetically engineered (former) sex slave, is pretty large as well, no specifics but the only reason [[{{Hermaphrodite}} shi]] can look like a female is that hir penis is designed to retract into her pelvis. And speaking of genetically engineered sex slaves...
* Sites like ''Website/{{Literotica}}'' have a real problem with writers submitting stories where men have bizarrely proportioned genitals. Like a penis ten inches long and eight inches wide.
* In an alternate reality where WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic was never born, WebVideo/TheCinemaSnob instead became the world's greatest male porn star. Apparently all of the Nostalgia Critic's mass went into the...uh...(not-so-)Little Snob? Add this to his [[ArousedByTheirVoice voice, which spontaneously causes women to have orgasms]], and it's no wonder how he got his acclaim.
* A great deal of transformation fetish stories involve people being able to "take" endowments that would be normally anatomically impossible, due to [[AppliedPhlebotinum the virus/nanomachines/magic]].
** One story, by Nequ, {{deconstructed}} this trope, where a guy takes a pill that was supposed to give him a horse's stamina, but instead gives him a horse's endowment. Not only does this nearly kill him due to not being physiologically prepared for the transformation, leading to him blacking out, but it kills the woman he was having sex with. He's clearly traumatized by the incident.
* Combined with CompensatingForSomething here in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SV9Uu2T0q0E this]] Website/CollegeHumor video, where three women are disgusted by a guy in a fancy sports car, [[TeenyWeenie because he has a small penis]], but are aroused by the appearance of a guy in a very banged up car, thinking that the more banged-up the car, the bigger the guy's dick is.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* A running gag in ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}'' is that Cyril's is bigger than the titular super-spy's and leads to his "sex addiction." At one point, Cheryl and Pam hack into ISIS's health care records and find that Cyril was covered for a penis "ensmallment." After that, Pam hints there are 'a whole twelve reasons' why Lana is dating Cyril.
-->'''Lana''': Not to mention your... other... qualities...
-->'''Archer''': Oh, so he just gets a pass? Like Milton Berle?
-->'''Lana''': Yuuuuuup!
* In the ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' episode "T.M.I.", the Colorado Surgeon General and Randy Marsh both propose equations for "adjusted penis length", with bigger being better. The trope is twisted a bit, since in both normal measurements and the "adjusted" ones, supposedly wimpy characters like Butters get top results.
* Woody Johnson and the convict Meathammer from ''WesternAnimation/{{Brickleberry}}''. Meathammer is only stated but presumably true since the entire prison population agrees with him, while Woody is seen naked on several occasions, with his censor bar reaching his knees. Denzel as well, playing into a common humorous stereotype about African Americans.
* When Brian's ex-girlfriend returns with her new fiancee Derek in an episode of ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'', he quickly proves himself to be Brians superior in every single way, smarter, more handsome, kinder and richer. At one point, Brian resorts to following him into the bathroom to see if he has any "shortcomings". Judging by his response, he does ''not''.
--> '''Brian''': Oh come ''ON!!''
* ''WesternAnimation/RickAndMorty'' Rick is shown to be quite well endowed based on the censors when he is naked in "Big Trouble in Little Sanchez". Co-creator and voice actor Justin Roiland says Rick's penis is the size of a three year old's arm.