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->''"This... this girl's stomach is a Cosmos unto itself! It's connected to the void of the universe!"''
-->-- '''Eating Contest Judge''' (on Fuu), ''Anime/SamuraiChamploo''

This is a character (who may or may not be fat) that regularly eats enough for an entire football team, often devastating the whole table -- and sometimes the entire restaurant with their insatiable hunger. Combined with a speed-eating technique that makes food seem to vanish spontaneously from the plate. Primarily a [[ComedyTropes comedy trope]], a common sight gag with this kind of character in cartoons or anime is having piles upon piles of plates and bowls stack up as the character chows down. CutASliceTakeTheRest is another common joke involving this type of character.

Don't interrupt a Big Eater's meal, or worse, try to steal his or her food, as this is a [[BerserkButton very good way to piss the character off]]...

It can be used as a way to fulfill the needs of many RequiredSecondaryPowers and thus make a character's abilities more believable. Characters with a HealingFactor, SuperSpeed, or the ability to [[VoluntaryShapeshifting change shape and size]], would normally have to [[NoConservationOfEnergy flout the laws of physics]] [[ShapeshifterBaggage at every turn]], but a BigEater can simply explain that the extra mass and energy come from over the top eating binges. Magic users in general can use this trope and say that they cast from their calories, which would explain why mages are often rather thin characters (though obese wizards aren't unheard of). For this reason, in action series, this is often a trait belonging to the KidHero, BoisterousBruiser, or other types of [[HotBlooded high energy]] characters. Because many wild animals exhibit this in real life it's also a popular trait for WildChild and RaisedByWolves characters.

Typical dialogue in a restaurant:
->'''Other party member:''' We want portions of , please!\\
'''Big Eater:''' [[IllTakeTwoBeersToo portions for me too!]]

Another typical line goes thus:
->'''Big Eater:''' ''(after ordering enough for everybody)'' [[BaitAndSwitch So what are you guys having?]]

In comics and manga it's become common to make a [[TheComicallySerious Comically Serious]] character or {{Badass}} a Big Eater as a way to add a humorous quirk that doesn't take away from the character's seriousness. A common justification for a female big eater is that all the fat goes straight to her [[MostCommonSuperpower breasts]]. Consequently, female characters with big boobs are often big eaters. Occasionally they have BizarreTasteInFood or are ObsessedWithFood when not eating.

[[BigFun Jolly la]][[BoisterousBruiser rge characters]], [[ExtremeOmnivore Extreme Omnivores]] and [[PersonalityPowers people with eating related powers]] tend to be Big Eaters by default. The FatComicRelief is a very common form of BigEater. However the best examples are people who will eat anything and everything, and are still very small.

Although it's often PlayedForLaughs, serious examples are known to exist. Such as if the Big Eater is suffering from bulimia or if the character's over-eating is caused by some sort of emotional problem.

TruthInTelevision, though without proper exercise it can lead to obesity. People with higher metabolisms are better able to avoid weight problems caused by overeating and teenagers are known for being able to eat amounts of food that will make them fat if they continue to eat like that in their 20s and beyond. Most wild animals need to be this because they usually have no idea when or where their next meal will be, especially in harsh environments like deserts or the arctic.

See ExtremeOmnivore for when someone doesn't limit themselves to things usually considered food. If two [[BigEater Big Eaters]] are [[CookingDuel pitted against]] each other it's an EatingContest. If this is a villain's most well-known vice (especially an obese villain), see VillainousGlutton. Players can invoke this trope in any video game where the characters have a HyperactiveMetabolism and eat food to heal their injuries.


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[[folder:Audio Plays]]
* [[AudioPlay/ExitTunesPresentsACTORS Tenshou Academy]] has a couple of these.
** Satsuma, resident [[TheSmartGuy smart guy]] who eats constantly to make up for all the calories he burns while thinking.
** Mike, who asks for seconds mere minutes after he'd been ladled out an ''o-mori'' (ginormous) portion of curry rice.

* In the Kinsey Sicks song "Don't Reign In My Buffet" Rachel almost leaves the show she's performing to go chow down at the buffet in the casino next door.
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6NAp9JXzLHQ "Me So Hungry,"]] a parody of 2 Live Crew's "Me So Horny."
* "Three Hundred Pounds Of Hongry," a song from the perspective of a ChubbyChaser (who seems to be something of an encourager) rhapsodizing over a [[BigBeautifulWoman Big Attractive]] [[BigHandsomeMan Person Of Indeterminate Gender]] (who seems to be something of a feedee).
* In Music/{{Mamamoo}}'s "Um Oh Ah Yeah" MV, Wheein plays a chubby guy who is eating or drinking something in every shot he is in.

[[folder:Pro Wrestling]]
* The {{Wild Samoan}}s were known for coming to the ring devouring raw fish.
* Royal Hawaiian would devour two pineapples at a time on her way to the ring in Wrestling/{{GLOW}}.
* Sky Deviler was always hungry in Wrestling/KaijuBigBattel.
* At Smackdown in Iraq, John Cena rapped about his opponent Wrestling/TheBigShow and how unlikely he was to lose to him because "This aint no pie eating contest!". Wrestling/KurtAngle would later make the same joke, proclaiming he would accept Big Show's challenge to ''any'' athletic competition, but warning him that pie eating contests did not count as athletic.
* Wrestling/AliciaFox has the reputation of eating everything [[LethalChef but her own cooking.]]
* Wrestling/DolphZiggler confirmed this, saying that a mere one hour workout will make him hungry (granted, his is probably ''a little'' more intense than average Joe) and that he is always looking for something to eat.
* At Sudbury for Pro Wrestling Eve, Alpha Female went to market in between workouts(which consisted of pressing Nikki Storm) to obtain meat, which she ate raw after rinsing in a sink.
* DTU and Wrestling/{{AAA}} wrestler Niño Hamburguesa, who routinely breaks out sandwiches before his matches are even finished.
* The motif of Wrestling/{{Ryback}}, right down to his theme opening with "FEED! ME! MORE!"
[[folder:Stand-up Comedy]]
* New Zealand comedian Billy T. James had this as part of one his jokes. He and his friends roll up to a fast food joint and are asked to take their order. He asks for "Five burgers, six fries, eight Cokes..." before turning to the back and asking "You guys want anything?".