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[[caption-width-right:311:When you're good to Mama...]]

->''Arrrrrrrre you gonna take me home tonight''
->''Ohh, down beside that red firelight''
->''Ohh, you know you let it all hang out''
->''Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin' world go 'round!''
-->-- "Fat Bottomed Girls", '''Music/{{Queen}}'''

The Big Beautiful Woman, or BBW for short, is a subversion of Hollywood's usual standards of size and beauty and is accompanied by BeautyTropes or AttractionTropes which draw attention to her assets with equal or greater {{Fanservice}} or MaleGaze than thinner women in the setting, and without being used as [[FanDisservice blatant irony]]. She's not used as a {{Foil}} or TokenMinority to make other characters look more attractive, like a PetHomosexual or BromanticFoil (a raunchy best friend that demonstrates how well-adjusted or advantaged the {{Protagonist}} is). Even if not the protagonist herself, she may be part of the BetaCouple or a BreakoutCharacter. Her weight may not even be (and, in most cases of the trope probably won't be) the basis of her beauty or attractiveness [[note]]Think about it: even HollywoodThin women are rarely fetishized for their lack of fat. Fanservice usually focuses on facial beauty, curvature, or leg shape, along with other feminine features.[[/note]]; attention may instead be drawn to her beautiful eyes, feminine features or, more blatantly, her breasts or posterior—but regardless, she is a knock-out.

When adding examples, avoid ladies who are HollywoodPudgy. She must be visibly heavy-set for the trope to be in effect. May be part of the TinyGuyHugeGirl Pairing. Sometimes paired with OfCorsetsSexy, as a number of full-figured women esteem corsets highly as a way to produce a perfect hourglass figure. Some StuffyOldSongsAboutTheButtocks (such as the page quote) are sung in praise of full-figured ladies. Contrast with BrawnHilda and AmazonianBeauty.

For authors who would like to use this trope, but prefer not to keep the change, a TemporaryBulkChange episode can be used to show off Fetish Fuel.

See also BigBeautifulMan (the SpearCounterpart) and ChubbyChaser (who may admire either of the above, if not both).



[[folder:{{Anime}} and {{Manga}}]]
* Cattleya from ''QueensBlade'', is noticeable chubby, muscular, and has gigantic breasts. Like all the other fighters in the series her clothes don't leave much to the imagination. She wears a NakedApron like dress.
* From ''{{Bizenghast}}'', there's [[http://sadwonderland.deviantart.com/art/Nareesha-25746201 Nareesha.]] She's full figured and has the title of WorldsMostBeautifulWoman.
* Tsumugi from ''Manga/{{Pochamani}}'' is described as heavy by herself and all the other characters, but she is also one of the most popular girls in her school and the girlfriend of one of the most handsome underclassmen there.
* Pine-Pine from ''Anime/SpaceDandy'', a chubby wolf-like girl who works with Scarlet at the registry office. She takes Scarlet to a cocktail party to get her a date, but Pine-Pine ends up getting most of the attention from the guys there.
* Tsuji Santa, character designer of Anime/SuperSonico, has a soft spot for curvier girls. This is most present in his original character, [[http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2014/01/17-1/if-you-werent-sufficiently-overwhelmed-by-super-sonico-meet-super-pochaco Super Pochaco]].

* In ''ComicBook/{{Invincible}}'' Atom Eve gains a lot of weight during her boyfriend Mark's ten month absence. While she's very insecure about her weight, Mark reassures her he's not only okay with her body but he likes her new look, the couple still have a very active sex life, and she still wears her very tight fitting superhero costume (albeit now with a skirt).
* In ''Comicbook/EmpireState'', Jimmy's love interest Sara is plus-sized, and she doesn't exactly have trouble getting dates (though she does, initially, have trouble getting dates who measure up to her standards).
* South Asian-American Fatima in ''The Adventures Of Olivia'' gets as much action as the rest of the cast as [[CoolOldGuy The Admiral]] lovingly referred to her as his "hefty little narwhal" after she gave him his first RagingStiffie in ''years,'' was presumed [[OutWithABang dead, but definitely happy]] and proved her sex appeal against a JerkAss gym trainer by doing three patrons at once on the spot.
* Lucy Chaplin of ''Halloween Man'' had a major weight gain along with most of Solar City's supermodels after an old schoolmate of hers filled the city with a weight gain gas in an attempt to [[StrawFeminist make an army of Rubenesque amazons to kill all men while simultaneously ending body image issues.]] After failing to reverse the gas's effect, Lucy Chaplin became a celebrity role model for overweight women and the models found success in full-figured clothes modeling.

* Sophie from ''WesternAnimation/{{Anastasia}}'' is a beautiful, full-bodied Russian blonde of minor Noble position and great wealth living in Paris and housing the former Ruling family.
* Gloria, the hippo in the ''WesternAnimation/{{Madagascar}}'' movies. Designed to be sexy. In fact, her large size became a status of attraction to [[RomanticFalseLead a male hippo]] named [[BigBeautifulMan Moto Moto]] (the name so nice, you say it twice).
** And it would seem that hippos as a species find chubbiness attractive, since Moto Moto and Gloria's flirting is made entirely of fat jokes.
** Gloria is also surprisingly {{Acrofatic}}, allowing her to pull off some sexy dance moves, too.
* Hyacinth Hippo in the ''Dance of the Hours'' section of ''Disney/{{Fantasia}}''. Not only did the alligators end up fighting over her favor, her movements were modeled after footage of a real ballet dancer, then given the appropriate amount of heft.
* Sarah aspires to become this in ''Halloween [=H20=]'' and her boyfriend seems to approve.
--> '''Sarah:''' I love food. I hope I get really big and dumpy. It's like my life's ambition.
--> '''Charlie:''' I find that very hot.
--> '''Sarah:''' You are so Renaissance.
* ''Film/{{Chicago}}'' provides the page image - Matron "Mama" Morton, whose introductory song features her shaking her stuff in a burlesque-show sort of setting, flashing leg and bouncing her breasts to the approval of the audience and rattling off bawdy double entendres. Of course, when you're being portrayed by Music/QueenLatifah, it's really second nature no matter what you're doing or wearing.
* Eep and Ugga from ''WesternAnimation/TheCroods'' are designed to be thick, broad and heavy-set and they are perfectly happy as such.
* ''Film/PitchPerfect'' has Fat Amy, a boisterously extroverted FatAndProud college student. After joining the Bellas, she is hit on by the rival group's resident {{jerkass}} (she is revealed to have the Jerkass's phone number) and at one point she is seen in a pool laughing it up with very attractive people of both genders. She also mentions that one of her reasons for joining the Bellas was to have a distraction from "all of [her] boyfriends".

* This seems to be a matter of AuthorAppeal [[ChubbyChaser for]] Creator/TerryPratchett.
** In ''Discworld/{{Maskerade}}'' Agnes Nitt is described as "good-looking, in an expansive sort of way"; all she's missing is the confidence, which her SplitPersonality Perdita has in spades.
** In ''Soul Music'', a Valkyrie is described enthusiastically: "[she was] as much woman as you could get in one place without getting two women."
** Lady Sybil Ramkin, who first appears in ''Guards! Guards!'' and becomes the wife of Samuel Vimes, is one gifted with the robust figure of a well-to-do lady who runs a shelter for Swamp Dragons. In that novel it is said that "[her] bosom rose and fell like an empire." Later, in ''The Fifth Elephant'', she demonstrates a talent of those who are so gifted by expertly singing an aria from a famous Dwarf opera.
** In one of the Witches novels, Nanny Ogg's thoughts reveals that this is considered the ideal in Lancre; a Lancre man might cast an eye at a skinnier, more conventional lady, but when he intends to settle down, he almost invariably goes for a chubby woman. This is based on the "practical reasoning" that A: such a woman is usually [[StoutStrength pretty strong]], which comes in handy in a rural farming-based household, and B: women who get like that normally enjoy eating, which means they are good at cooking.
* Mary [[spoiler:Callahan, later Callahan-Finn]] of the Literature/CallahansCrosstimeSaloon series, who's listed at two-fifty and gives Jake a raging hard-on when he first sees her. Zoey is later described as a nine-tenths scale model of Mary, which still puts her at 225. Jake even admits this is [[ChubbyChaser his Fetish]].
* Literature/CiaphasCain book 7, ''The Emperor's Finest'', features a planetary governor's daughter trying to seduce Cain. That woman, Mira DuPanya, is described by Cain himself as carrying a lot of weight very well. She even wears a stylized military uniform several sizes too small to exaggerate the effects of [[CurvesInAllTheRightPlaces her womanly figure and her sizable assets.]]
* In Melissa Scott and Lisa Barnett's ''Point of Hopes'', merchant Iniz Allyns is described as being "as large as any two women, and four times as lovely."
* In ''ASongOfIceAndFire'', Roose Bolton eventually comes to feel this way about his third wife, "Fat" Walda Frey, and he even admits to Theon that he's become oddly fond of her. Considering [[SoftSpokenSadist who's saying this]] it's definitely notable. He also specifically chose her because he was given the pick of women from [[MassiveNumberedSiblings House Frey]] and was offered his prospective bride's weight in silver for her dowry. Being a MagnificentBastard, he picked the fattest one.
* Queen Neferishu in ''Literature/ChroniclesOfMagravandias'', in contrast with the willowy standards of beauty of the Mewtish people. Prince Bayard, who usually sleeps with anything with a pulse, has apparently said "she's the only weighty woman he'd ever consider taking to bed."
* Lula in the Literature/StephaniePlum books is a former prostitute and quite a large woman. It is mentioned by the main character that being big works well for Lula.
* According to most of the cast of Cherie Bennett's ''Life in the Fat Lane'', the protagonist is one. [[WeightWoe She disagrees]].
* [[ActionGirl Ramy Dusotes]], one of the two eponymous [[BountyHunter bounty hunters]] from ''Literature/RieselTalesTwoHunters''. She's described as full-figured — not large, but not particularly slim, either. Her business partner, [[{{Jerkass}} Runge Margavo]], isn't very supportive of this due to his shallow obsession with supermodels and frequently complains (in his mind, with comical exaggeration) about her weight. However, he does on one occasion of absent-mindedness allow his gaze to caress her curves while she's not looking and is "taken in by her beauty" according to the narrative, though he quickly snaps himself out of it after reminding himself of who he's looking at.
* Empress Laisa Toscane-Vorbarra in the ''Literature/VorkosiganSaga'' is described as having "a figure that made Miles, for one, just want to sort of fall over on top of her and burrow in for the winter..." This proves to be a source of chagrin for Lady Alys, the Emperor's social secretary, who had tried unsuccessfully for years to catch Emperor Gregor's eye with an endless parade of tall, slender, pretty women, only to have him fall in love with a short, plump, pretty woman entirely of his own accord.
* Mina Duplessis, the heroine of the comic neo-noir ''Literature/MrBlank'' and its sequel ''Literature/GetBlank'' is a plus-sized model and is consistently described as the most beautiful woman in the book.
* AuthorAppeal in Celia Kyle's romance novels. Nearly all of her female protagonists angst about being fat, and the male protagonists always reassure them that they're gorgeous.
* Camila Sagastume, a woman who briefly appears to challenge Aureliano Segundo to an eating contest in ''OneHundredYearsOfSolitude'', is described as "totemic" and "gigantic," and is even known across the land as "The Elephant." But she's also drop-dead gorgeous, even when devouring an ''entire side of veal''--Aureliano wishes to have a different kind of "tourney" in bed with her, and calls her the "ideal woman." Camila is also one of the few examples of BeautyEqualsGoodness in the novel: she's sweet, kind, and caring, willing to call the contest a tie rather than see Aureliano put himself into a food coma.
* Easter of ''Literature/AmericanGods'' is well-rounded, well-endowed woman, described in excessive detail as being so fat that her thighs rub against each other when she walks... and is one of the most seductive and desirable women in the story. {{Justified|Trope}} as she used to be a Celtic fertility goddess, and as such must posses the correct figure (which ''was'' considered the epitome of womanly beauty back in the day).
* An evil example appears in Stephen King's ''TheDarkTower'' series. Sylvia Pittston, a [[PreacherMan wandering preacher]] who arrives in the town of Tull and establishes a religion there, is over two hundred and fifty pounds. But despite her large size, she inspires lust in all of the men who see her, including [[TheHero Roland]] and [[spoiler: [[TheDragon The Man in Black]], whose encounter with her left her pregnant with [[BigBad The Crimson King's]] child]]. Sylvia eventually convinces the entire town to try to kill Roland; [[spoiler: he massacres them all, including her]].
* In the Joseph Conrad short story "Falk," the character known only as Hermann's niece. The narrator rhapsodizes at length about her size.

[[folder:Live Action Television]]
* [[PlayfulHacker Penelope Garcia]] of ''Series/CriminalMinds'' is notably bigger than the other women of the BAU, but that doesn't seem to stop her and [[MrFanservice Morgan]] from constantly exchanging cheerily flirty banter. Nor does it stop her from actively dating and having sex.
* Amber of ''Literature/{{Huge}}'', is one of the campers in a summer weight-loss camp, though she's the least fat girl in the camp. She's fawned after by the entire male population of the camp, this even includes a handsome camp counselor named George.
* In an alternate reality episode of ''Series/{{Friends}}'' where Monica had never lost weight, she's still quite attractive with a doctor for a boyfriend and Chandler even still falls for her.
* Carla of ''Series/DancingOnTheEdge'' is a beautiful jazz singer and Dierdre is the owner of an underground club; both get sincere compliments on their beauty over the course of the series.
* ''Series/LivingSingle'' has Khadijah James, played by Queen Latifah. She receives plenty of flirtation and admiring gazes from men throughout the series, including a very taken, infatuated young employee named Ivan (who tells her, while getting her signature, that "[she has] a very nice 'S'"). In fact, body type is rarely if ever made an issue among the four very differently-built women on the show (aside from running jokes about Regine being short and buxom, and Khadijah simply being buxom).
* On ''Series/{{Roseanne}}'', Darlene's boyfriend, David, winds up admitting to having a sex dream about the titular character. Roseanne's husband, Dan, certainly has no qualms with her figure (and in fact has sex dreams involving a regular customer at Rodbell's who's built quite similarly to Roseanne), and one of Nancy's girlfriends even becomes attracted to her and kisses her.
* ''Series/ParksAndRecreation'' has Donna who has managed to attract a lot of guys. In one episode, Ben tries to ask a bunch of fire-fighters for them to remove their thing else-where. One of the firefighters seems pretty mad. Until Donna shows up and asks him to do what Ben just said, he does what she says and it's implied to be all because he has the hots for her.
* Mercedes Jones of ''Series/{{Glee}}'' has grown into this. While in high school she felt insecure about her body, when she moves to Los Angeles to start a music career, she begins to embrace her figure. She even dates resident BrainlessBeauty Sam, who frequently compliments her on her gorgeous looks.
* Played with in an episode of ''Series/{{Louie}}'', wherein Louie meets a fat woman named Vanessa who's attractive, funny, charming and has no trouble attracting men; despite this, Louie is reluctant to pursue a relationship with her, which she concludes is out of fear that a man who looks like him "belongs with" a woman of her size.
* ''Series/GreysAnatomy'' has Callie, who provides at least as much {{Fanservice}} as the other women on the show.
* Parodied on ''Series/MadTv'' with [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh2j9KWSWuM this]] "Reality Check" sketch. Especially at the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mh2j9KWSWuM#t=4m29s 4:29 mark]].
* Quinn on ''Series/{{Homeland}}'' has a one night stand with one in season 4 and even breaks the cheekbone of a man that makes fun of her.


* [[Music/{{Queen}} Get on your bikes and ride!]] (and the song also has suggestive lines such as "Heap big woman you gonna make a big man out of me!")
* [[ThisIsSpinalTap Big bottom! Big bottom! Talk about bum-cakes, my girl's got 'em!]]
* ''Perfect 10'' by the Beautiful South. "She's a perfect 10/But she wears a 12" Unusually, it's a duet, and both the male and female singers comment favourably on the size of their partner - although Wikipedia says [[BiggerIsBetterInBed that's not the kind of size the woman is talking about]].
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JtrBgA_IfuY When she's bouncing down the street, she's a whole heap of honey and ain't she sweet?]]
* [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtoMjMAfylY The bigger the figure the better I like her, the better I like her the better I feed her, the better I feed her the bigger the figure, the bigger the figure the more I can love!]]
* [[DropkickMurphys "The Spicy McHaggis Jig"]]: "[Spicy was] Always looking for chicks over four hundred pounds / One night at the pub a girl caught his eye / big as a house, just the right size / the broad was enormous, stacked to the hilt / Spicy soon noticed a bulge in his kilt!"
* In [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzh8G4HdWVU What I Go To School For]] by Busted, the [[TeacherStudentRomance teacher]] is played by plus-size model [[http://www.judgmentofparis.com/Lorna.htm Lorna Roberts.]]
* Double subverted in a music video by 90's R&B singer Kelly Price where she leaves a man who won't accept her for her size, only for a stud to drive up and ask "What does it take to make a big beautiful woman like you happy?"
* The obscure pop song, ''Two Ton Tessie''[[note]]Most people may know the BananaSplits version[[/note]]
--> "She's got big red lips, and big brown eyes. She's everything my mama has, it's king sized. Oh well, Two Ton Tessie! Two Ton Tessie! Well, she's big and round and I love every pound!"
* Cherry from the animated band StudioKillers is a perfect example of this trope. She's beautiful, sexy, flirty, and adores other women of all shapes and sizes.
* Hoagy Carmichael's "Huggin' and Chalkin'":
--> I got a gal who's mighty sweet\\
Big blue eyes and tiny feet\\
Her name is Rosabelle Magee\\
And she tips the scales at three-oh-three
* Sinergia's song "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZqxznlqIQ0 Mujer robusta]]" ("Heavyset Woman") is all about a dude who's literally crazy for his BBW girlfriend.
* German Hip Hop group "Fettes Brot" uses this trope in the party song "Erdbeben" (earthquake), where they celebrate girls shaking their huge (and beautiful) asses, while thin girls envy them for their asses' "shakability".
* The plus-size burlesque group The Glamazons (especially [[MsFanservice Caramella.]])
* Music/{{Mika}} song "Big Girl (You Are Beautiful)".
* [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4fb9bYJgPgA Sie ist zwei Tonnen pure Eleganz, sie tanzt mit mir wie'n schöner Elefant!]][[labelnote:Translation]]She is two tons of pure elegance, she dances with me like a beautiful elephant. Like all things, it sounds better in the original language.[[/labelnote]]
* Music/{{ACDC}}'s "Whole Lotta Rosie" is based on a night the singer spent with such a woman.
* An Music/IronMaiden B-side, "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NL4tsMCIEII Nodding Donkey Blues]]", is a SpinalTap-like song about such a woman.
-->She was a big girl, she was big.\\
I mean she was big, she was [[PrecisionFStrike fucking]] huge! Enormous!\\
Needed a sign overhead!\\
You could have sailed the Hindenburg between her legs and not even have landing permission!
* [[http://youtu.be/XvzsGNuVnmg Amor De Gorda]] by Mermelada Bunch is about the singers saying that, given the chance, they'll choose the bigger girl. The video, showing an audition "for fat ladies only", presents many BBW, along with a couple of HollywoodPudgy gals and a couple of thinner women padding themselves so they can audition.
* The song [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N66BdKF442g I Want A Fat Babe]] by parody group ''Snack Treat Boys''.
* Lo-Rider's song ''Skinny'' is all about a skinny girl. The [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eKUGltGwN3U music video]], on the other hand...
* Meghan Trainor's song "All About That Bass" enforces this trope while also encouraging larger people as well possibly thin people to enjoy how they look. The song's music video also shows that Meghan Trainor is not so bad looking herself despite not being no size 2. [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7PCkvCPvDXk#t=33]]


[[folder: Mythology]]
* The Gravettian-era ''[[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Venus_of_Willendorf Venus of Willendorf]]'' is a famous carved statuette bearing such a figure.
* [[JapaneseMythology Ame-no-Uzume]] combines this with BigFun and [[ItMakesSenseInContext saves the world by inventing the strip-tease]].
* Factoring in ValuesDissonance, AFormYouAreComfortableWith and [[DependingOnTheWriter Depending on the Artist,]] [[ClassicalMythology Aphrodite]] was depicted as this [[NewerThanTheyThink rather than the runway model typically shown in present-day]] and when [[AnthropomorphicPersonification in human form,]] [[DishingOutDirt Gaia and similar earth goddess]] generally appear as the literal and MostTriumphantExample of the trope.


[[folder: Professional Wrestling]]
* Rosie Lotta Love who had a brief stint in TNA. A very plus-sized woman, she debuted smooching Jeromy Borash and described herself as "big, bad and beautiful".

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''Gurps'' has no rules against having the Very Beautiful advantage with Fat or Very Fat

* Seraghina from ''Theatre/{{Nine}}'' is supposed to be a large woman who is beautiful and sexually confident, and teaches the protagonist about romance and sexuality in his childhood (the film adaptation had a decidedly HollywoodPudgy Seraghina).
* A number of notable burlesque performers, including Miss Dirty Martini, World Famous BOB, and Jezebel Express. Quite a bit bigger than your average burlesque performer, but wear just as few clothes.
* Tracy Turnblad, Edna Turnblad, and Motormouth Maybelle in {{Hairspray}}. Very evident in the latter's song titled "Big, Blonde, and Beautiful."

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/FableIII'', there are posters around Bowerstone for a plus-sized dancing girl named "Big Bess."
** A female PC in either ''Fable II'' or ''Fable III'' could be one; while fatness normally detracts from attractiveness (except in the case of "fat-loving" [=NPCs=] found on Knothole Island in II), one could overcome this with the right hair, make-up, and outfits.
* Polly in ''VideoGame/SkiesOfArcadia''. Her long-lost husband notes that she's gotten a little bigger since he saw her last. He certainly doesn't seem to mind though, seeing as they end up having ''ten more children'' in the game's epilogue.
* Edith Up in ''VideoGame/RaymanOrigins'', who rules over [[LevelAte a candy-and-sweets-themed world]] and is noticeably chubbier but no less scantly-clad than the other fairies.
* Ririka Yamamoto, star of the h-game Debu Plus ("Fatty Plus"). The sequel Debutopia has three plump sisters for the player to woo.
* Kurumi Kasugaoka from the cancelled dating sim ''Hachi Koi''. Portrayed as extremely chubby, cute and LOVES sweets. [[WhatCouldHaveBeen Most of her wooing minigames would have revolved around feeding her.]]
* Justine in ''VideoGame/ShadowsOfTheDamned'' was an odd example before her death; a glamorous opera singer, the ''public'' saw her as beautiful despite being fat, but from her own perspective her weight made her ugly and undesirable.
* In the second ''DragonsLair'' game, whilst traveling through the Garden Of Eden we meet (and are chased by) Eve, who can easily be described with the four Bs; big, blonde, [[BuxomIsBetter busty]] and beautiful. Despite Dirk's attempts to escape her, she's shamelessly displayed in an outfit even skimpier than Daphne's.
* Dating sim makers Nitroplus have released artwork of the extra-busty, plump-tummied, thick-thighed Super Pochaco, though it has not been revealed what game she will appear in (an unnamed background character in the Super Sonico anime is believed to be her, but it has not yet been confirmed).
* ''Videogame/TeamFortress2'': In one of the comics, we get to see the Heavy's sisters, and one of them, Zhanna, seems to have similar bulk as [[StoutStrength him]]. Doesn't stop her from being just as attractive as the other two to the characters in-universe, and her fanservice-y outfit doesn't hide her assets in any way.

* Samantha Lovi from ''TheZombieHunters''. Her heavyset figure can actually make her seem more attractive than the other female cast.
* TheBlondeMarvel is a chubby superheroine that's the MsFanservice of her series
* Carol from ''BetweenFailures''. Her 'ample figure' is attractive to at least two other cast members.
* Karen of ''PennyAndAggie'' is no lightweight, even post-makeover, but has "learned how to work it." Also subverted a bit in that the confidence is an act; she remembers her pre-makeover days and fears that people (especially her boyfriend) will "realize" she's not pretty.
* Jamie from ''Webcomic/GirlsWithSlingshots'', and to a lesser degree her sister Fiona, both of whom are also BigFun and also blessed [[BuxomIsBetter in the upstairs department]]. Candy, less busty and with a side of freckles, would also qualify if she weren't an [[{{Jerkass}} abusive misandrist]].
* Faye from ''Webcomic/QuestionableContent'' appears to have put [[TheCasanova Sven Bianchi]] off skinnier women forever.
** ArtEvolution takes Marigold Farmer from the "skinny nerd" stereotype to the "chubby nerd" stereotype, at which point she falls into this category as well, [[IAmNotPretty protesting the whole way]]. Lampshaded with some regularity, such as when Faye lends her a swimsuit.
--->'''Faye:''' Too good. She looks better in it than I do.
* The titular character in ''Velamma'' is this in [[StatuesqueStunner both senses of the term given she's broad-shouldered, at least as tall as young men and only dwarfed by men in her age range.]] It ''starts'' with a neighbor boy seeing her as [[InnocentFanserviceGirl unintentional]] MrsRobinson then a (previously) UnluckyChildhoodFriend and [[NotBloodRelated desperate brother-in-law]] before [[SerialEscalation escalating]] with various kinds of [[AThreesomeIsHot threesomes]] and orgies that she's [[UnwantedHarem initially reluctant about]] until [[YourCheatingHeart finding out her husband's been cheating on her for years]] and feels relieved enough to embrace being [[DudeMagnet Dude]] ''and'' ChickMagnet.
* Greta Gravity from ''Webcomic/{{Spinnerette}}'' is extremely busty, and on the chubby side otherwise too. Justified in that her gravity powers rely on her adipose tissue. She intentionally gained weight (not that she was happy about it) in order to enhance her powers.
** The titular heroine disguises herself as one with a fat suit in her civilian identity to hide her extra arms.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* The woman in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&v=4PTjT4U7Fsk&feature=endscreen Dodudindon]] is tall and thick in contrast to the thin and small bird-like people all around her, even when her hoop dress is peeled off... especially the [[TinyGuyHugeGirl tiny guy]] that follows her around whom she teases endlessly.
* Germaine of the NeuroticallyYours videos decided to get fat, believing that it would stop people from treating her as a sex-object. Unfortunately, most of her fat simply added to her hourglass figure and drew even more attention from [[ChubbyChaser fat admirers.]]
* Clara from ''TheGuild'' is a full figured ManicPixieDreamgirl who got married and had kids, but never grew out of her wild tendencies. The skinny, spineless Codex spent a whole season pining for the hot stuntman Wade. Clara ended up making out with him shortly after she met him.
* There are whole sites dedicated to galleries of photographs of [[BigBeautifulWoman plump/chubby/fat girlfriends/friends/neighbours,]] and [[RuleThirtyFour erotic fiction]] about women who fatten up, intentionally or not, to become [[BigBeautifulWoman BBWs.]] There is also a lot of fanart and fanfiction with the same idea, but based around favorite characters.
* [[http://www.writing.com/?i=1 Writing.Com]] has an enormous number of "Choose Your Own Adventure" stories that the reader can add to. The majority of them are Weight Gain stories or Fanfiction, or [[BreadEggsBreadedEggs Weight Gain Fanfiction]].
* [[http://www.judgmentofparis.com/ The Judgment of Paris]] is a huge resource focusing on plus-size fashion models (who are by definition required to be both curvy and to be viewed as attractive in their milieu), with endless images & videos and plentiful discussions of the whole concept of plus-size female beauty.
** [[http://www.judgmentofparis.com/board/showthread.php?t=1588 This]] work-safe "thickspiration" video juxtaposes present-day [=BBWs=] with classical art. (Originally available [[http://www.youtube.com/user/TamChronic#p/a/u/1/H71cl8imO28 here]], but Website/YouTube has flagged it.)
* "Lard Biscuit Enterprises" has a whole section on [[http://www.lardbiscuit.com/hotchicks.html "Hot Chicks"]] which, as the name of the site suggests, is full of fuller figured femme fatales.
* "Dimensions Magazine" is a webzine for and about [[BigBeautifulWoman BBWs]] (and their DistaffCounterpart BHM - Big Handsome Men) and FatAdmirers. It includes a [[http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/Weight_Room/stories.html Classic Story Library]] [[http://www.dimensionsmagazine.com/forums/index.php and a message board with more and newer stories on it.]]
* [[http://www.curvage.com/ Curvage Forum]] started out as "Fat Celebs" and was dedicated to pictures of fat/fattened celebrities. Its expanded focus includes Celebrities, Friends and Girlfriends, as well as including sections for art/fiction, lifestyle discussion, other-topic chat and weight gaining tips.
** There are other forums dedicated to similar topics.
* [[http://www.deviantart.com/ DeviantArt]] has many, many people on the site solely for the weight gain [[BigBeautifulWoman BBW]] pictures and stories. About twenty percent of them are Furry art as well.
* MySpace is absolutely ''full'' of people whose profile seems to be no more than a hosting page for their gallery. Those galleries are full of folders and each folder is a collection of picture of a topic related to {{BBW}}s, such as ''{{BBW}}s In Tight Clothes'', ''{{BBW}}s Eating'' or ''Before & After They Became {{BBW}}s''. In fact, a lot of women post folders full of pictures of themselves as they go from being skinny to being a {{BBW}}.
* [[http://www.youtube.com Youtube,]] similarly has a lot of users dedicating their entire video gallery to nothing but videos of large women eating a lot, wearing clothes that used to fit (often trying to pop off the buttons), playing with their belly rolls and even comparing early, slimmer, videos to those from months or years later when they have potentially doubled in weight or more.
* [[http://fatwonderwoman.blogspot.com/ Cartoonist Jamar Nicholas has a blog devoted to artists' pin-ups of a fat Wonder Woman]].
* The erotic cosplayer known as Luu, who released albums called "Real Debu" (debu being Japanese for "fatty" or "chubby") and "Cutie Fat Luu" sometimes poses with desserts, and is one of the few cosplayers out there who can ''truly'' pull off [[QueensBlade Cattleya.]]
* Surreal computer animator WendyVainity considers herself one, and loves animating characters with huge wobbling masses of flab.
* On ''Website/NotAlwaysRight'', [[http://notalwaysright.com/should-stop-giving-herself-a-good-dressing-down/34350 this lady]] is convinced that [[IAmNotPretty she's still carrying too much baby fat]], and tries to buy a shapeless black dress to disguise her figure for an upcoming ball. Neither her husband nor the salesperson agree, and the salesperson finally tricks her into trying on a curve-hugging mermaid-cut gown. The husband's reaction:
---> “THIS ONE! WE’LL TAKE THIS ONE! …and after the ball, we can make a sibling for the baby.”
* In [[http://wonder-city.dreamwidth.org/ Wonder City Stories]], the superhero The Fat Lady is not only an immensely powerful superhuman, but also a sexy knockout celebrity who sings opera.
* Ayane Shuin of [[https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLLmqnVDJCk8iFtdx9J_zAVPHlETRZT5OZ Porkchop 'n Flatscreen]] and [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OSXpWrVmPxM&list=PL87517581C646496C&index=1 Chubby Mermaid]] is a super strong, full figured ninja girl who has the largest and most defined female features of the series, in contrast to her friend, [[LadyLooksLikeADude Mai]]. Her size is also PlayedForLaughs on [[http://youtu.be/io9r9Xgo2Uo?t=4m43s occasion.]]

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* Pam Poovey from ''WesternAnimation/{{Archer}}'' definitely qualifies, as even [[ChubbyChaser Archer himself will attest]]. The fact that she's larger than the other women in ISIS does nothing to prevent her from being one of the resident [[SexGod Sex Goddesses]] and [[StoutStrength Action]] [[ActionGirl Girls]] on the show.
* [[PerkyGoth Debbie]] from ''WesternAnimation/AmericanDad!'', [[ChubbyChaser Steve's fat on-and-off girlfriend]]. He even calls her "you big beautiful creature" at one point.
* Flame Princess from ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' qualifies. She's short and chubby, but Finn thinks that the princess is the most beautiful creature he's ever seen. Storyboard artist Rebecca Sugar describes Susan Strong as one; this combined with [[AmazonianBeauty her muscles]] makes Susan [[StoutStrength considerably stronger]] than your usual BigBeautifulWoman.
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}''
** One episode had Fry and Bender stranded on the moon. A farmer offers them shelter with the stipulation that they stay away from his [[FarmersDaughter three beautiful robot daughters]]: two [[Series/TheDukesOfHazzard Daisy Duke]] types and The Crushinator, a pink combine / tank. Later, we see Bender fleeing from an irate, shotgun-wielding farmer.
-->'''Fry:''' Oh, Bender. You didn't touch the Crushinator, did you?\\
'''Bender:''' Of course not! A lady that fine, you have to romance first.
** In "300 Big Boys", the reveal that the professor's new girlfriend was one of these who had been using stem cells to hide her true appearance, just like he had. They both smile and resume the torrid kissing.
* The Damsel in [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k5A7xDKx6is this short animation movie]]
* In the ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'' episode "Soos and the Real Girl", Soos ends up on a date with Melody, a chubby girl who is something of a DistaffCounterpart to Soos.