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->''"Creator/RogerEbert felt {{Creator/Elvira|MistressOfTheDark}}'s appearance was worth mentioning in his review, but I suspect he had a minimum word count to meet before his review went to press, and if you’re going to break out the shovel to up the word count, you might as well talk about the chick with the great rack."''
-->-- ''Website/TheAgonyBooth'''s recap of ''[[http://www.agonybooth.com/movies/Tribute_to_Burt_Reynolds_Hal_Needham.aspx?Page=5 Stroker Ace]]''

It could have had great humor, brilliant action sequences, diabolical villains or even philosophical ideas that could make you think. What everyone remembers, however, is the female lead's [[YouCanLeaveYourHatOn striptease]] in the UsefulNotes/{{Sweeps}} one year. Or, in an even more extreme case, a [[MaleFrontalNudity penis]] when it pops up on screen. This trope refers to the actions of characters rather than characterization.

This is the common tendency for {{fanservice}} to overshadow everything else about a work, regardless of the amount that actually occurs in it (sometimes the most remembered bit of {{fanservice}} actually comes from promotional materials, which [[NeverTrustATrailer don't accurately depict what actually happens in the show]]). At the extreme end, it becomes AllThereIsToKnowAboutTheCryingGame... with boobs. This can be so powerful and effective in Hollywood that the HollywoodHypeMachine will go into overdrive and make an actress who bared all (or most) of herself an instant, overnight household name. Don't laugh--[[Film/AmericanPie Shannon Elizabeth]] and [[Film/WildThings Denise Richards]] got ''years'' of movie roles because of this trope. At times this effect can become self-perpetuating: the mainstream audience first discovers a work due to its fanservice, and when word starts to spread about it, the fanservice is what newcomers hear about first as well. Ultimately, large portions of the audience may end up knowing nothing else about the work.

Of course, one person's fanservice is another's FanDisservice. This is particularly prominent ("[[DoubleStandard for some reason]]") any time there's a [[MrFanservice dude on display]] in a work with any meaningful proportion of straight men in the audience. But hey, remembered positively or negatively, it's all the same in the end--hype is hype. Such {{inver|tedTrope}}sions go below all the same.

For the more romantic equivalent, see MostFanficWritersAreGirls. See also FreudWasRight. When viewers watch a show specifically for fanservice, they're JustHereForGodzilla. See also FanserviceExtra and DancingBear. OneSceneWonder is a similar phenomenon, but mostly unrelated. If the fanservice is controversial, the work may be OvershadowedByControversy. See also SignatureScene, which is often this. A subtrope of NeverLiveItDown.


[[folder: Advertising]]
* The German materials wholesale chain Hornbach once had a TV commercial that tried to sell wooden ceiling panels with a couple having hot sex in a bed. The German comedian Michael Mittermeier pointed out the flaw of this concept: Nobody remembers the name of the company because nobody has ever been interested in their logo once it pops up, interrupting the sex scene.
--> "Fuck that company, I wanna see those two shaggers again!"
* The T-Mobile cellphone company had a series of ads in the late 1990's/early-2000's featuring well-known-for-hotness actress Catherine Zeta-Jones. Surveys showed viewers remembered the ads quite well, but typically couldn't recall the nature of the product, let alone which company she was shilling. Notable is the fact that Zeta-Jones wasn't naked or being seductive - just a famous and pretty woman talking about... something.
* Commercials for Fiat automobiles have become notorious for this, with absurd pinup situations like [[WardrobeMalfunction "a scorpion snips off a girl's bikini top with its claw"]] or "[[HistoricalBeautyUpdate several impossibly gorgeous women do their laundry in a village in colonial America]] - right after taking it off their own bodies."
* ''[=GoDaddy=]'', the web hosting company, is mostly known for running ads featuring female NASCAR driver Danica Patrick, playing up her sex appeal. Some don't even know what the company does! This trope crosses over to Danica herself arguably, since much of her fame comes from her simply being an attractive female NASCAR driver.

[[folder: Anime & Manga ]]
* ''Anime/AgentAika'' and ''Anime/NajicaBlitzTactics'' have plenty of fight scenes, but everyone is more interested in massive amounts of {{Panty Shot}}s.
* ''Nisemonogatari'', the sequel to ''LightNovel/{{Bakemonogatari}}'', has several interesting characters with very witty fast cut dialogue, amazing visuals and Creator/AkiyukiShinbo's unique directing style, not to mention the subtext of the meaning of original and imitation regarding everyday life. But you will all fondly recall the moment where you nearly died of laughter or shame when Koyomi brushed his sister Karen's teeth and it was supposed to [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything remind you of something]].
* ''Manga/CannonGodExaxxion'' is a near-''[[Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion Eva]]''-level deconstruction of {{Super Robot|Genre}} stories, particularly of the "[[AlienInvasion aliens invade]], teenager's [[MadScientist scientist grandfather]] gives him [[HumongousMecha a robot to fight them with]]" variety and has a lot to say about the nature of heroism and the truth. Ask people about it on the Internet, though, and all you'll hear is talk, often derisive, about certain scenes with {{Lolicon}} undertones (and, uh, one with possible ''over''tones, but still).
* There's a scene in ''Anime/DarkerThanBlack'' where November 11 lounges around [[spoiler:Amber's headquarters]] buck-naked. Naturally, fan tributes kind of fixate on it.
* ''Anime/DivergenceEve'' has a very serious and complex sci-fi plot, but that doesn't get talk about much. Instead, most people focus on the fact that almost every female (not an exaggeration) has breasts the size of their heads and wears extremely tight-fitted clothing. It's almost impossible not to talk about the fanservice because of how omnipresent and out of place it is with the seriousness of the plot.
* ''Anime/EdenOfTheEast'' is an OntologicalMystery story that revolves around a man who wakes up with eight-billion yen and no memory as he seeks to find out who he is, why he erased his own memory, and just what the secret organization that gave him all that money expects him to do with it. You would probably not know this from talking to its fans, however, because they're all too busy giggling over [[http://omochikaeri.files.wordpress.com/2009/04/eden_of_the_east.jpg this]]. And once they get over that, they must contend with the [[NakedPeopleAreFunny vast horde of naked dudes]] that shows up later in the series.
* ''Manga/ElfenLied'' is probably best known as that manga with huge amounts of nudity and gore. Most of the nudity is in the context of MindRape, psychology and abuse, but that small detail easily falls to the side.
* ''Manga/FairyTail'' has lots of well endowed female characters who wear skimpy clothes and have several scenes where they are naked. The male characters also get some of this. Hiro Mashima's previous series ''Manga/RaveMaster'' was also like this but in the second half.
* ''Manga/FrankenFran'' must be some weird medical fetish manga, judging by the covers. Nevermind the horrific versions of each cover on literally the next page or the fact it's a horror-fueled BlackComedy.
* If you know just one thing about ''Anime/{{Free}}'' it's probably that a bunch of hot muscular swimmer guys get half naked a lot. As the anime seems to have been deliberately intended as a [[FemaleGaze female-directed equivalent]] to the all-prevalent moe fanservice anime, this was probably expected, and the producers and advertisers have certainly made the most of it.
* The first thing you're likely to hear about ''Literature/FromTheNewWorld'' is that [[YaoiGenre there's gay romance in it]]. The second thing you'll hear about is the [[YuriGenre lesbian romance]]. If you're lucky, someone might also mention the {{dystopia}}n psychological horror plot that takes up 99% of the screentime.
* ''Manga/HighschoolOfTheDead'' is about a group of teenagers trying to find their missing families amidst an unexplained [[ZombieApocalypse zombie outbreak.]] But with all the [[PantyShot panty shots]], [[MaleGaze cleavage]], {{gainaxing}}, [[Radar/HighschoolOfTheDead innuendo]], and sex related humor, it becomes easy to forget about the plot related aspects. It's even been known to turn viewers off to it, [[ComplainingAboutShowsYouDontWatch before they even give the show a chance.]]
* ''LightNovel/HorizonInTheMiddleOfNowhere'' is a sprawling high fantasy world with the benefit of a veteran writer with several series under his belt, each sharing common themes and concepts throughout their shared universe. Every trope is examined, played with, and ultimately justified. The HolyShitQuotient is high, the sound track is orgasmic, and the world building is matched only by the sheer amount of characterization. On the other hand, [[MemeticMutation balloon tits]].
* Ask the majority of the ''Manga/IkkiTousen'' fandom what they remember the most - chances are {{panty shot}}s, [[{{Gainaxing}} boobs]] and [[GirlOnGirlIsHot lesbians (explicit or subtext)]] will be more common answers than anything remotely related to Literature/RomanceOfTheThreeKingdoms.
* Based on the way both fans and anime news sites talk about ''LightNovel/IsItWrongToTryToPickUpGirlsInADungeon'', you'd think it was focused on nothing but the character Hestia and her infamous boob ribbon.
* ''Anime/JapanAnimatorExpo'' is a series of shorts organized by Creator/HayaoMiyazaki (the brains behind Creator/StudioGhibli) and Creator/HideakiAnno (creator of ''Anime/NeonGenesisEvangelion''). They're a means for names in the anime business to create things without interference from production committees or studio censors, and what gets produced are hugely varied in themes but always visually amazing, whether it's sweet, action-packed, breathtaking, humorous, profound, depressing, or anything else. However, the only short that gets a lot of talk, besides the ''Evangelion'' ones, is "[[http://animatorexpo.com/mememe/ Me! Me! Me!]]" a music video about an otaku's [[DisneyAcidSequence fever dream]] that consists largely of crowds of gyrating half-naked or fully naked women eager to jump ([[ImAHumanitarian and eat]]) his bones, set to pulse-pounding techno/rap.
* The {{Stripperiffic}} heroine of ''Anime/KillLaKill'' makes the series a GuiltyPleasure by design for many viewers. However, those who endure often come to appreciate the series' other strong points, such as humor, fights and larger-than-life characters.
* Averted in ''Manga/KoiKaze'', a series built around a brother and sister who grew up apart and later fall in love, which could have made it a hentai fest... but they indeed went for the moral high ground and never once showed a sex scene between the two protagonists. A kiss is all you will get. [[spoiler:This is unfortunately true only in the anime. Toward the end of the manga they do indeed have sex, though very little is actually shown.]]
* ''Anime/MagicalGirlLyricalNanoha'' only had fanservice manifest as a HotSpringsEpisode, very early in the series, but it's the reason most commonly cited (right before the TransformationSequence and LesYay) by people who [[HypeAversion don't want to watch it]].
** Later seasons proudly fly the fanservice banner, making Nanoha known pretty much as a GirlsLove series with magical girls in it. It's one of the few to have adult females in an ([[HideYourLesbians ambiguous]]) relationship and even rarer in that they adopt a daughter.
* ''Anime/MagicalPokaan'' was a CuteMonsterGirl version of ''Anime/GalaxyAngel'', but what everyone seems to remember most is DarkSkinnedBlond {{Stripperiffic}} [[OurWerewolvesAreDifferent wolfgirl]] Liru, who went on to become a BreakoutCharacter.
** Other memorable incidents include Yuuma's occasional MarilynManeuver due to ChunkyUpdraft and a FuroScene featuring [[GagBoobs overdeveloped]] [[VoluntaryShapeshifting tanuki]] "{{g|enderBender}}irls".
* Mention ''Manga/MahouSenseiNegima'' and most people will inevitably think of Fanservice or ClothingDamage. Yes, the manga has a lot of fanservice, but it also has a ton of CharacterDevelopment, an epic plot, and a ton of [[CoolVersusAwesome awesome fights]]. Still doesn't keep the fanservice from overshadowing just about everything else in the popular perception of the series.
** As with the previous example, it doesn't help that the early volumes were more {{fanservice}}-heavy than later ones. To make matters worse, a lot of people's only exposure is the first anime, which is severely lacking in a lot of the more combat oriented storylines. Ironically, the second anime lacks any fanservice what-so-ever.
** In-universe, Takane D. Goodman is remembered by others for getting naked a lot ([[ClothingDamage although never by her own choice]]) and little else, except for her co-workers, who try to console her about that.
** In fact, Takane is so used to it that, [[spoiler:when she challenges Negi (and loses)]] in chapter 345, [[spoiler: when she ISN'T stripped of her clothes (which is how Negi usually and accidentally wins against her a lot), she's insulted, and DEMANDS that he undress her.]]
* In ''Manga/MaicchinguMachikoSensei'', the main point of the series was fanservice so it's easy to overlook the fact that the show involved episodes about a HauntedHouse, SeaMonster, and more than a few episodes where Machiko and her students [[TheyFightCrime take on criminals]].
* Aside from being a gorey MindScrew {{Mon}} genre deconstruction, ''Manga/{{Narutaru}}'' is most well known for Norio. He's an androgynous crossdressing boy [[spoiler:who dies in an awful, awful way]].
* The seventh ''Manga/OnePiece'' movie ''Anime/TheGiantMechanicalSoldierOfKarakuriCastle'' is an adventure involving a golden crown, giant robots, a giant turtle, and a (non-canon) explanation for how Luffy got the name for his Gear power-ups. All of that is brushed aside for Nami and Robin's breast enhancements, constant bouncing, and fetishistic outfits.
* ''LightNovel/ThePetGirlOfSakurasou'' is almost entirely character drama, TearJerker moments, and realistic struggles with life and romance. But most non-fans are only aware of the [[SexSells heavily advertised couple of scenes]] where a [[{{Cloudcuckoolander}} spaced-out girl]] [[InnocentFanserviceGirl gets naked]]. And the title translates to "The Pet Girl Of Sakura Hall," making the whole thing look like a HaremSeries.
* Between official art and a massive {{Yuri Fan}}dom, the first thing you're likely to learn (or at least assume) about ''Anime/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica'' is that there's ([[AmbiguouslyGay probably]]) [[HoYay/PuellaMagiMadokaMagica a lot of homoeroticism in it.]] Oddly enough, the actual fanservice (what little there is) isn't mentioned as much, other than the [[MemeticMutation "naked space hugs" scene]]. The importance of horror scenes is also overstated, making the would-be viewers assume it's chock-full of shocking violence; there's barely even any visible blood (not one drop in the original series), and [[spoiler:most of the deaths are undone via GroundhogDayLoop or CosmicRetcon]]. It's really a [[{{Tragedy}} tragedy]], not horror.
* ''Anime/QueensBlade'' has a fairly good story behind it, most people probably never saw it. Everyone either just hears about the "acid boobs" in the first episode and turns away, or conversely got hooked on the series BECAUSE of the acid boobs. Or they [[ComeForTheXStayForTheY came for the acid boobs and stayed for the story]].
* The anime adaptation of ''Manga/RosarioToVampire'' contains much more {{fanservice}} than the manga, with breast and {{panty shot}}s galore, which has caused some backlash from certain parts of the fandom, but usually not to the point that it ruins the series for them. At least not until the 2nd season, which largely discards the plot in favor of [[UpToEleven even more fanservice]].
* Parodied in ''Manga/SayonaraZetsubouSensei'' in an episode about how people will easily get distracted by something and completely ignore the more important issue. A straight example is when Chiri battled aliens but nobody remembers her deed as the sole witness was completely fixated on her bizarre underwear. Another straight example that lampshades the entire episode was when Nozomu was lamenting over how the viewer survey answered that they were more interested in the fanservice segment where Komori was flirting with Majiru over the alien invasion plot.
** Even the aliens were more interested in that segment than the invasion itself. Which is why they were so easy to defeat.
* ''Seikon No Qwaser'' has a number of cool elements, such as memorable characters, literal ElementalPowers, CharacterDevelopment and kickass battles. Sadly, all of that tends to be overshadowed by the breast feeding and bondage.
* ''Manga/{{Sekirei}}'' has a strong, character-driven plot and excellent fight scenes. But what most people know about it is the WorldOfBuxom and {{fanservice}} bordering on softcore at times. Many are surprised to learn the author is a woman.
* With ''Anime/{{Simoun}}'', everyone remembers the underaged lesbian powered airplanes.
* ''Anime/SkyGirls'', the spiritual predecessor to ''Anime/StrikeWitches'' and ''Anime/VividredOperation'' was about [[OlderThanTheyLook somewhat cute]] girls in suggestive skin tight suits piloting flying MiniMecha and battling aliens aiming to destroy humanity. It had decent characters and an engaging plot with many twists, but... well, just look at the trope name again.
** ''Strike Witches'' is ostensibly about an elite flying unit battling an alien invasion with magic, but apparently the only people possessing the right kind of magical powers are pre-teen and teenage girls willing to fight aerial battles in their underwear. Countless panty shots ensue. In fact, it's easier to count the scenes ''without'' panty shots.
** ''Vividred Operation'', by the same director, is a pseudo-MagicalGirl series about cybernetically enhanced girls fighting giant evil robots. But more importantly: they don't wear pants (and when they do, they're [[WhoWearsShortShorts very short ones]]), and there are ''lots'' of ass-shots.
* ''Anime/StreetFighterIITheAnimatedMovie'' had a prominently large proportion of male viewers watching it only for Chun-Li's ShowerScene. Apparently {{fanservice}}-loving Creator/MasamiObari noticed and provided respective shower scenes as well on the ''VideoGame/FatalFury'' and ''VideoGame/BattleArenaToshinden'' [[TheAnimeOfTheGame spin-offs]] he directed.
* The only things most people seem to remember about ''Anime/GargantiaOnTheVerdurousPlanet'' are the scene where Amy dances for Ledo in a skimpy outfit and the BeachEpisode, despite the fact that the rest of the series has about as much fanservice as a Disney movie.
* ''Manga/ToLoveRu'' does have a rather diverse cast and interesting universe, as well as a number of serious emotional scenes. If you talk about TLR to anyone though, that probably won't be the first thing that comes to their mind. Not that you can blame them. Try looking for even one manga chapter without gratuitous nudity and/or underwear shots.
* ''Anime/{{Witchblade}}'' is the story of a woman trying to make a life for herself and her 6 year-old daughter after a massive disaster takes away everything from her, including her memories; all while dodging Child Protective Services and getting caught up in a corporate power struggle. It's also the story of said woman turning into superpowered warrior with a ridiculously {{Stripperiffic}} outfit and getting into fights that are the very definition of OrgasmicCombat. Guess which part people remember more (hell, guess which part is used to ''market'' the show?)

[[folder: Comic Books ]]
* InUniverse, Jade lampshaded this in ''Franchise/GreenLantern'' when she laments that ''everyone'' saw her spread in ''Bikini Magazine''. (Of course, it's kinda hard to forget a [[GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe green-skinned babe]] in a bikini, but that's besides the point.)
* Carol Danvers long time black uniform (which she had to discard when she went from Comicbook/MsMarvel to Captain Marvel) is one of the most beloved fan service costumes out there.
* Long before she briefly married Comicbook/CaptainAtom, Plastique made her debut in ''ComicBook/{{Firestorm}}'' issue 7 as a [[UsefulNotes/{{Quebec}} Quebec separatist]] terrorist with an [[ActionBomb explosive-laden]] [[SpyCatsuit catsuit]]. Most memorably, of course, was the way Firestorm defeated her by [[TheNudifier disintegrating her costume]], carrying off her bombs to detonate safely, and undermining her attempted martyrdom and political statement by leaving the hapless villainess [[DefeatByModesty standing naked in front of live TV cameras]].
* What are the [[MostCommonSuperPower two things everyone remembers]] about Comicbook/PowerGirl?
* What does everyone remember about ComicBook/{{Nightwing}}'s appearance in ComicBook/SecretSix? That there is a blatant shot of his ass in his ''very'' tight uniform [[http://www.flickr.com/photos/deense/4713693113/ The artist even wrote "Hot" when she signed it!]]
** Similarly, people who aren't familiar with pre-Secret Six Catman mostly know him because of an extended flashback sequence where he's living among lions in the wild without a stitch of clothing on. And once he gets back to civilization he [[WalkingShirtlessScene will usually only put on a token pair of pants]] when not on the job.
* ComicBook/XMen
** Comicbook/{{Psylocke}}. Even leaving aside her years in Marvel UK (pilot, secret agent, dead fiance, killed her brother's EvilTwin when he tried to rape her...), remember those years she spent as the team's primary {{telepath|y}}? How about those two times she [[{{Badass}} took on Sabretooth with nothing but her psychic powers and won?]] ... Nothing? Okay, how about that time she got turned into a generic Asian babe and spent years doing nothing but pose in a thong?
** Comicbook/EmmaFrost and her preference for as skimpy as can be costumes without getting herself arrested.
* ''Comicbook/BattleChasers'' is remembered for three things, and two of them were on Red Monika's chest. (The other, even more unfortunately, was the book's chronic lateness.)
* "Of course ''Comicbook/{{Empowered}}'' is a good series! It's got a truly courageous female character who highlights the inherent sexism in superhero comics. It does surprising things with its main cast's character development. It's really funny. It's got more {{bo|undAndGagged}}ndage and ClothingDamage than you'd think possible to fit in a comic... hey, where are you going?"
* ''Comicbook/{{Gen 13}}'': Everyone remembers Fairchild super legs, and Rainmaker who [[spoiler:kissed]] Fairchild.
* ''Comicbook/NovasAventurasDeMegaman'' had rampant nakedness. However, that only started with issue 12 of 16. The comic is now mostly known for this.
* ''ComicBook/{{Valkyries}}'', a ''Comicbook/TwoThousandAD'' strip was this in spades. In fact, fans complained that it was nothing but {{Fanservice}}. ''ComicBook/DroidLife'' parodied this with ''Valkyries: From The Neck Up''.
* ''ComicBook/{{Watchmen}}'' has a naked blue superhero, and something about a dead comedian.
* Few readers know the ''Franchise/ArchieComics'' only for the beautiful girls drawn by Dan De Carlo, especially Betty and Veronica. There is a reason why they appear so often in bikini or other skimpy outfits..
* All know ComicBook/{{Vampirella}} for her iconic {{Stripperific}} red sling suit.

[[folder: Film A-M ]]
* ''Film/{{Ten}}''. Bo Derek runs in slow motion on the beach.
* ''Film/TheAlphabetKiller'': Pretty much a movie about Creator/ElizaDushku's breasts.
* ''Film/AngelHeart'' was a twisted horror-noir movie staring Creator/RobertDeNiro, Mickey Rourke, and directed by the guy who did Music/PinkFloyd's ''Music/TheWall''. Not ringing any bells? How about the sex scene involving the daughter from ''Series/TheCosbyShow''? Ok, now you remember.
* ''Film/{{Ashanti}}'': In the first fifteen minutes, statuesque model and leading lady Beverly Johnson goes skinnydipping in bright sunlight. Then she gets kidnapped by slavers, and her husband Creator/MichaelCaine spends the rest of the film probably doing something or other involving finding out what happened to her.
* ''Film/{{Australia}}'': Creator/HughJackman slowly and shirtlessly pours a bucket of water over himself... in Australia.
* ''Film/BasicInstinct'': Interrogation scene. Sharon Stone's leg moves. Basically that brief flash of flesh is the only thing most people remember from this film. There's a reason it's described as the film that ruined a million [=VCRs=].
* ''Film/BatmanReturns'': Creator/MichellePfeiffer in her stitched-together black vinyl Catwoman outfit was virtually the only thing to garner a positive response in Creator/TimBurton's sequel when it was released in the summer of 1992 (though it has since been VindicatedByHistory). What's interesting is that there are other prime examples of Fanservice in ''Returns'' (a hot blonde [[NakedInMink in a snow-bunny and little else]], another hot blonde getting her breasts fondled by the Penguin), and Pfeiffer overshadowed ''those'' too.
* ''The Betsy'' has a wonderful scene where Kathleen Beller slips off her clothes and takes a nude swim. There was a car in the movie too, but who cares?
* The film prints of ''Big Bad Mama'' lost most of Angie Dickinson's nude scene. The reason? Projectionists kept stealing frames of it.
* If it is remembered at all, the Creator/PamGrier movie ''Film/BlackMamaWhiteMama'' is remembered as a GirlsBehindBars flick with lots of naked women and lesbian domination (in fact, the work page on this wiki used to describe it as such, in a rather exaggerated fashion). The action plot where the protagonists escape prison and the ensuing womanhunt tend to be forgotten.
* ''Film/BlackSwan'': If the early hype was to be believed, it was about Creator/MilaKunis having lesbian sex with Creator/NataliePortman[[note]]Or making out with Portman and going down on her body double[[/note]]... and something about ballet?
* ''Blame it on Rio'' is remembered for Creator/DemiMoore and Michelle Johnson's scenes, but above all for the scene in which Michelle Johnson's character takes a naked Polaroid selfie as part of an attempt to seduce her dad's best friend -- who's played by Creator/MichaelCaine, making this a MayDecemberRomance with a large dose of {{Squick}}.
* ''Blood On Satan's Claw'' is an extremely well-made and chilling British horror film from 1971. It is mostly remembered for two scenes, featuring future and past ''Series/DoctorWho'' actors respectively.
** The first is where Linda Hayden (as Angel Blake) tempts Anthony Ainley (as Reverend Fallowfield) with her naked body right in the church. Because he is ([[PlayingAgainstType for once]]) one of the good characters, he turns her down.
** The second is where Wendy Padbury is gang-raped and then killed by Angel's Satanic cult. [[AllMenArePerverts Zoe fanboys often]] [[UnfortunateImplications ignore the context of this scene and instead focus on a half-second of nipple]].
* ''[[http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0103843/ Blown Away]]'' is an obscure thriller from 1992 only two groups of people will remember: Fans of "The Two Coreys" and fans of [[Series/{{Baywatch}} Nicole]] [[Series/CharlesInCharge Eggert]] (who is naked for at least 20% of the movie).
* ''Film/TheBlueLagoon''-- though far less actual naughty bits were shown than people remember, thanks to judicious use of camera angles and GodivaHair.
* It's doubtful even the people that made ''Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw'' would remember it if it didn't have the only nude scenes of [[Series/WonderWoman Lynda Carter's]] career.
* ''Film/{{Bound}}'', from the way some people talk about it, you'd think it was an hour and forty minutes of lesbian sex.
* The movie ''Film/TheBlingRing'' is known mostly the movie in which Emma Watson licks her lips during dancing, wears PaintedOnPants and does a pole dance. And something about robbing celebrities. The executives seems to have invoked this with the trailer containing shots of one of the female chaarcters in her underwear, the infamous lip-licking scene and the girls in sexy outfits
* ''Boy on a Dolphin'': Do an image search for this movie and see how many of the results show Sophia Loren's SexySoakedShirt scene.
* ''Film/BringItOn'' films, notably with the first one with performances of Creator/KirstenDunst and Creator/ElizaDushku.
* The way people talk about ''Film/BrokebackMountain'', you'd think it consists solely of Creator/HeathLedger and Creator/JakeGyllenhaal having sex in a tent, plus a part with Creator/AnneHathaway topless.
* ''Film/TheBrownBunny'' probably had a plot ([[LeaveTheCameraRunning or not]]), but is mainly remembered as the film where Creator/ChloeSevigny performs un-simulated fellatio on the writer/director/star. [[OvershadowedByControversy And then the war of words with the director and Roger Ebert.]]
* ''Film/CabinFever'' is known on [[Wiki/TVTropes This Very Wiki]] mostly due to a sex scene between two characters. And a really stupid scene involving a kid screaming about pancakes and doing lame kung-fu moves.
* ''Caligula''. It's about the life of a Roman emperor...and a whole LOTTA sex going on...also, Creator/HelenMirren's breasts, in case anyone's interested.
* ''Career Opportunities'' is a thoroughly forgettable 1991 teen comedy about two people getting trapped inside a Target for the night and having to deal with robbers. Forgettable, that is, except for Creator/JenniferConnelly demonstrating BuxomIsBetter and {{Gainaxing}} by wearing a white cotton tank top for the whole movie, including a scene where she bounces on a coin-operated children's pony ride (in one of the most gif-able moments in film history).
* ''Casual Sex?'': Lea Thompson and Victoria Jackson toasting their buns at a nude beach. And ...
* ''Film/{{Catwoman}}'' is remembered for being terrible and having Creator/HalleBerry in a really sexy leather costume. In that order.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheChipmunkAdventure''. The movie is often remembered for the Chippetes. More specifically for their several PantyShot scenes and when Brittany and Jeanette, in BellyDancer outfits, have to get past a swarm of snakes charming them singing a song named "[[IntercourseWithYou Getting Lucky]]".
* ''Film/{{Closer}}'': Creator/NataliePortman works in a strip club. That's pretty much all most people can remember.
* ''Film/CoolWorld'': The only thing anyone remembers in the whole movie is Holli Would.
* ''Film/TheCounselor'' is a movie about drugs, murder, despair, [[MeaninglessMeaningfulWords incomprehensible dialogue]] and Creator/CameronDiaz [[TheLastOfTheseIsNotLikeTheOthers humping a Ferrari]].
* It's difficult to think that ANYONE would have heard of ''Film/CruelIntentions 2'' had it not been for the shower scene... but even that is pushing it, as those few people are very few and far between. The original ''Film/CruelIntentions'' is remembered for the lesbian kiss scene between Creator/SarahMichelleGellar and Selma Blair... which, interestingly enough, was in [[Literature/DangerousLiaisons the novel]] the movie was based on. A novel written in the ''Eighteenth Century''.
* ''Literature/DangerousLiaisons'': Creator/UmaThurman is 18 and topless.
* Debate over the sex scene in ''Dead Calm'' tends to overshadow everything else about it. There are endless posts on the Website/IMDb message boards asking whether [[Creator/NicoleKidman Rae]] enjoyed it, did it only to get [[Creator/BillyZane Hughie]] to lower his guard, did it to get him to lower his guard but enjoyed it anyway, got pregnant, etc.
* Jacqueline Bisset. ''The Deep''. Wet T-shirt. That scene made "wet T-shirt" a household phrase, even among people who never saw the movie.
* It's hard to remember anything in ''Film/DetroitRockCity'' other than the scene where the guys play a prank that involves knocking down all the stalls in a women's restroom - revealing a teenage girl literally caught with her pants down on a toilet.
* Downplayed in ''Film/DontLookNow''; its unusually long sex scene between Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie is memorable for being one of the most definitive in a mainstream movie. Even then, it doesn't quite match the impact of the conclusion.
* ''Film/TheDreamers'' was Creator/EvaGreen's major film debut... and she certainly doesn't disappoint, spending most of her runtime either engaged in sexual acts, undressing or just baring it all. The overarching plot (set against the 1968 Paris riots) is an afterthought at that point, and Green has capitalized on it by being MsFanservice in just about every project she's appeared in since then.
* The best-known part of ''Film/EasternPromises'' is the bathhouse fight scene, which features Creator/ViggoMortensen fighting off two guys [[FullFrontalAssault completely naked]].
* The biggest selling point of ''Film/{{Entrapment}}'' is the scene where ClassyCatBurglar Creator/CatherineZetaJones squirms her ass [[LaserHallway under a laser tripwire]].
* Although the sequels are known for a high degree of {{chainsaw|Good}}s and ass-kicking, the original ''Film/{{The Evil Dead|1981}}'' is best known for the bit where Ash's sister gets raped [[WhenTreesAttack by a tree]]. Including director Creator/SamRaimi, who ''still'' regrets leaving that scene in the final cut.
* ''Film/EyesWideShut'' is best known for being the last movie by Creator/StanleyKubrick, and having both Creator/NicoleKidman naked (at times kissing equally nude Creator/TomCruise) and an orgy by masked people.
* ''Film/FastTimesAtRidgemontHigh''? That's the movie where the chick from ''Film/{{Gremlins}}'' gets naked, right? During the VHS era, many video rental stores reported tracking issues during Phoebe Cates' topless scene because people would rewind it and watch it over and over again.
* ''Film/{{Fanboys}}'': Creator/KristenBell in the Leia costume. To save you ten minutes of searching right now; she wears it at the END of the movie while they're standing in line at the cinema.
* ''Film/FantasticVoyage'': The science of size-changing was always highly suspect, but Racquel Welch getting the "antibody corset" clawed off her wetsuit was a scene that made the whole movie worth it.
* ''Femme Fatale'' is mostly about Rebecca Romijn-Stamos lezzing it out with Rie Rasmussen. And something about a very successful ManipulativeBitch. Maybe.
* ''Film/FromDuskTillDawn'': Creator/SalmaHayek as the stripper. You don't care about anything else in that movie, do you?
* ''Film/FightClub''. Known by diehard fans as a funny, compelling and provocative dramedy about psychology, technology and consumerism. Remembered by most viewers for the {{fight scene}}s: male viewers for the thrill of [[GoodOldFisticuffs guys beating the crap out of each other]], female viewers for the sight of a shirtless, sweating Creator/BradPitt.
** And for the guys - someone banging Creator/HelenaBonhamCarter. Slide!
--->I haven't been fucked like that since grade school!
* ''52 Pickup'' is an intense thriller. With Kelly Preston and a lot of other naked women.
* ''Fire on the Amazon'' is only notable for a rare, extended Creator/SandraBullock sex scene; although strategically placed hands and shadows covers her nudity, just the novelty of Bullock naked in various sex positions is enough to keep the movie from descending into oblivion, since she's made it quite clear she's never doing a scene like that again.
* While ''Film/ForgettingSarahMarshall'' is still memorable for a variety of merits, it's rare for someone to have a conversation about it without mentioning [[MaleFrontalNudity Jason Segel's penis.]] This may be intentional: his two naked appearances happen suddenly, [[NakedFirstImpression right at the beginning]] and [[BrickJoke right at the end]], making this aspect of the movie hard to, well, forget.
* The only thing anyone seems to remember about the ''Film/{{Friday the 13th|2009}}'' reboot was the rather gratuitous sex scene halfway through. Not entirely true: there also was a SexySilhouette-style sex scene near the beginning and that SkinnyDipping chick with an impressive rack.
* ''Full Body Massage'' was a 1995 TV movie that essentially served as a vehicle for the buxom Creator/MimiRogers to be topless. And bottomless.
* As mentioned by ''WesternAnimation/FamilyGuy'' in the first ''Franchise/StarWars'' episode, ''Film/{{Gia}}'' has Creator/AngelinaJolie naked and [[GirlOnGirlIsHot making out with a chick]].
* ''Film/TheGift2000'' is all about a young Katie Holmes baring her breasts and yelling the F-word at some guy. ''Film/HaroldAndKumarGoToWhiteCastle'' {{lampshade|Hanging}}s this trope beautifully with an exchange between [[ThoseTwoGuys Rosenberg and Goldstein]]:
-->'''Goldstein:''' We're gonna watch ''The Gift'' on HBO. Supposedly Katie Holmes shows her titties in this movie!
* Creator/{{Disney}}'s ''Disney/TheGreatMouseDetective'' is often remembered for the BigLippedAlligatorMoment in the BadGuyBar with the lady mouse singer and then flinging off her modest dress and cape to reveal [[http://static.tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pub/images/Mouse_7221.png a blue leotard]] with a [[FluffyFashionFeathers feather]] {{showgirl skirt}}.
* ''Grim Prairie Tales''. Many remember just the "unbirthing" end to one of the stories.
* Goths and hippies may love ''Gypsy 83'' for its story and characters, but most everyone else just remembers Sara Rue's giant rack.
* Creator/SigourneyWeaver's earlier thriller movie, ''Half Moon Street'' (about an academic who takes to escort work to pay for her [=PhD=]) is generally remembered for the fact she spends a great deal of it in the nude. One scene of a topless Sigourney on an exercise bike, tends to lodge in the mind.
* Hours after ''Film/HarryPotterAndTheDeathlyHallows'' was released, all anyone talked about was the ghost images of Harry and Hermione getting naked and making out.
* ''Havoc'' is often remembered for Creator/AnneHathaway's boobies. (This was predated by a few years with a similar scene (also with Hathaway) in ''Film/BrokebackMountain'', but well ... you know.)
* ''Film/TheHidden'' with Claudia Christian as a stripper. Who somehow [[OutWithABang screws a guy to death]].
* The 2000 British crime movie ''Honest'' was only notable even at the time of its release because the Appleton sisters from the girl group All Saints showed their breasts in it.
* ''The Hot Spot'': A by-the-numbers mystery starring Don Johnson. The only reason it's remembered is because Jennifer Connelly did her first nude scene in it.
* Anyone remember ''Film/TheDarjeelingLimited''? Heard of the short tie-in film ''HotelChevalier''? No? It's the one where Creator/NataliePortman gets naked onscreen for the first time. Now do you remember? (Portman was [[http://www.cbsnews.com/news/natalie-portman-no-more-nude-scenes/ so annoyed]] by the focus on her nude scene that she hasn't done another one since.)
* ''Film/HowardTheDuck'': Three things people remember about the movie (other than "It sucked") -
## "Duck Tits" [[WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic (Whoo-ooo!)]] - A gratuitous shot of a female duck's NonMammalMammaries when Howard is being pulled through the portal.
## Beverly (Lea Thompson), clad only in a t-shirt and panties, crawling around on her bed, shot lovingly from behind.
## Later in that same scene: the AlmostKiss between Howard and Beverly. More people remember the near-kiss than WHY it was a near-kiss. (A possessed Dr. Jennings busting through the wall to nab Howard.)
* In ''[[Film/TheHowling Howling II]]'', Sybil Danning rips her bodice open to expose her breasts, and this shot is shown repeatedly in the end credits montage. Creator/RogerEbert's review nominated the repetitions of the shot as the movie's second and third interesting moments, though other viewers have counted more (repetitions, that is).
** Apparently this was because Danning said she'd do only one nude scene, so the producers decided to get the maximum bang for their buck.
* ''Film/TheHunger'' is about Creator/SusanSarandon getting it on with Catherine Deneuve. Oh and Bowie and something about vampires?
* ''I Love Trouble'' may have been about two bickering reporters chasing down a conspiracy but all anyone remembers is Creator/JuliaRoberts getting caught skinny dipping by boy scouts.
* The key plot point everyone seems to remember about ''In The Cut'' is either Mark Ruffalo's penis or [[PlayingAgainstType Meg Ryan's boobs]].
* ''Film/InnocentBlood'' has Anne Parillaud very naked, and front-loaded -- it's the first thing you see after the establishing shot. Remarkably few people stick around for the succeeding 110 minutes of Anne Rice-style vampire angst.
* ''Film/IntoTheBlue'' is about Creator/JessicaAlba wearing skimpy swimsuits and [[FormFittingWardrobe very tight panties]] (with a reprise of Miss Alba underwater behind the end credits), and [[MaleGaze the camera going between Ashley Scott's legs.]] There's also something about treasure hunters and drug dealers in the Bahamas, but...
* Even among those who haven't seen it, the horror film ''Film/{{Jack Frost|1997}}'' is known for the scene where the evil snowman rapes [[Film/AmericanPie Shannon Elizabeth]] with his carrot-nose.
* ''Film/TheIntruders'' is a mediocre suspense-thriller film where Creator/MirandaCosgrove is often in form-fitting sleepwear along with a shower/towel scene and a swimsuit scene.
* ''Film/JamesBond'' films are [[GirlOfTheWeek naturally prone to this]]:
** ''Film/DrNo'' - Honey's bikini scene
** ''Film/DieAnotherDay'' - Creator/HalleBerry comes out of the water, which was a direct homage to the scene in ''Dr. No''.
** And ''Film/GoldenEye'''s FemmeFatale that [[MurderousThighs killed people with her thighs]].
** Barbara Carrera as Fatima Blush in ''Film/NeverSayNeverAgain''..."Sign it!"
** ''Film/CasinoRoyale2006'', adversely, may be best remembered for a scene of Creator/DanielCraig in swim trunks. And the torture scene.
** ''Film/{{Goldfinger}}'', naked woman covered in gold BodyPaint. This scene, as well as the interviews / directors cuts / pictures of the actress getting painted / etc etc single-handedly spawned an entire genre of porn.
** And every credit sequence in the ''entire series''. Hmm, what's that you say? The Supervising Art Director for ''Film/GoldenEye'' was -- HOLY CRAP A TWO-HEADED WOMAN WITH A GUN COMING OUT OF HER MOUTH! BOOBS AND EXPLOSIONS -- oops, credit's gone. Darn. Oh! Wait, I think he's called Neil Lamont! Yeah...sorry for being distracted.
* ''Film/JennifersBody'': That's the movie where Creator/MeganFox makes out with a [[{{Meganekko}} cute, nerdy]] [[Creator/AmandaSeyfried chick]], right? And... bites people?
** Speaking of Creator/AmandaSeyfried, what did she do in ''Film/{{Chloe}}'' except get naked with Creator/JulianneMoore?
* A somewhat literal behind-the-scenes example with ''{{Film/Juno}}'' screenwriter Creator/DiabloCody. What detail about her never fails to get brought up by interviewers?
* ''Just One Of The Guys'' is about Joyce Hyser dressing up as a guy and showing her breasts to the guy she loves who thinks she's a guy. No one else remembers anything about the movie other than that (or Joyce's brother knowing everything in the world about [[Magazine/{{Playboy}} Playmates]] and Joyce having to borrow the info later).
* ''Film/TheKentuckyFriedMovie'' is that movie with "''[[CatholicSchoolGirlsRule Catholic High School Girls in Trouble]]''" and that sketch where the guys on the news watch a couple having sex (which starts when her bra comes off). There may've been other things too.
** Of course there was: There was also [[BiggerIsBetterInBed BIG JIM SLADE!]]
*** Let's not forget "People often mistake me for my daughter."
* ''Film/{{Labyrinth}}''? That's the movie about Music/DavidBowie's crotch, right? Or as WebVideo/TheNostalgiaChick says, it taught pre-teen girls some very interesting differences between males and females. It's also about Creator/JenniferConnelly dressed up [[EverythingsBetterWithPrincesses as a princess in very flattering and form-fitting gowns at various moments]].
* ''Film/TheLastPictureShow'' was acclaimed by critics upon release. Today, it's remembered mainly for Cybill Shepherd's nude scenes.
* ''Film/{{Lifeforce}}'': The naked space-vampire movie. (Oh, and Creator/PatrickStewart is in it briefly.)
* ''Film/LostAndDelirious'' : SchoolgirlLesbians Piper Perabo and Jessica Pare are [[GirlOnGirlIsHot pretty hot together]], but you'd think nothing else happens in the movie.
* ''Film/LostHighway'': If you can't get past the labyrinthine plot, you'll probably only remember Patricia Arquette's controversial forced-striptease scene at Mr. Eddy's house.
* ''Film/MagicMike'' is a rare male version. To be fair, the movie is about male strippers, but a lot of the movie discusses the problems with the lifestyle. The movie also suffered from NeverTrustATrailer, with the trailers marketing it as a comedy with a lot of stripping.
** There's also the first time we get to see Olivia Munn and her breasts on screen just as the movie got started, no less!
* The thriller ''Malicious'' is only remembered for Creator/MollyRingwald going topless (she did it to get rid of her "sweet teenage girl" image).
* ''Film/TheMaskOfZorro'' was a well made, old fashioned swashbuckler and a highlight of the 1998 movie season, but the only thing anyone seems to remember is the scene where Catherine Zeta-Jones got her clothes cut off by Antonio Banderas (not surprising really since the advertisement campaign for the movie consisted of that scene and a big flaming Z on a hillside).
* Lad magazines say that it's worth watching the [[TrueArtIsAngsty angsty]] and [[TearJerker depressing]] ''Film/{{Melancholia}}'' just to see Creator/KirstenDunst naked.
* ''Film/MrAndMrsSmith'' is remembered for two things- breaking up Brad and Jennifer's marriage and Angelina Jolie in a dominatrix outfit.
* The scene in ''Mischief'' where Kelly Preston goes full frontal to the strains of The Platters' "My Prayer". We dare anyone to come up with anything else about this movie (without Googling).
* ''Film/MulhollandDrive'' apparently consists entirely of random weird stuff surrounding [[GirlOnGirlIsHot a hot lesbian make-out]] between Creator/NaomiWatts and Creator/LauraElenaHarring. Except that really ''is'' all that happened.
* ''Film/MulhollandFalls'': ''Again'' with the Creator/JenniferConnelly...

[[folder: Film N-Z ]]
* ''Film/TheNameOfTheRose'': James Bond is a crime-solving monk, and all everyone remembers is the hot peasant girl and the novice getting it on (it is, admittedly, a well-done sex scene). Fun fact: Creator/ChristianSlater was only 15 when he did that scene.
* ''Film/NotAnotherTeenMovie''? Isn't that the movie where some dude comes out wearing only whipped cream, two cherries and a banana? No that's the one with the constantly naked foreign exchange student whose actress happened to be the same who played [[Series/PowerRangersLostGalaxy a Yellow Power Ranger]].
** ''And'' the one where the lead character has an orgasm in front of her whole family, ''and'' the one where the dude's sister wants to bang him, ''and'' the one where the one chick is getting banged while naked against a window...
* ''Film/OneMillionYearsBC'' is mostly remembered for [[NubileSavage the poster]] showing Raquel Welch in a FurBikini.
* ''Film/OriginalSin'' had a steamy sex scene between Creator/AngelinaJolie and Creator/AntonioBanderas near the beginning of the movie. Nobody really cares about what happened after that.
* 1982's ''Film/{{Paradise}}'' was a forgettable shameless ripoff of ''Film/TheBlueLagoon''. There are only two reasons anyone remembers it today: For the minority - it's Phoebe Cates' film debut (predating ''Film/FastTimesAtRidgemontHigh'' by 4 months and filmed when she was 17). For the ''vast'' majority - Phoebe Cates is naked at damn near every opportunity. Film buffs ''might'' recall it as part of [[Series/CharlesInCharge Willie]] [[Series/{{Bibleman}} Aames']] filmography.
** Michael Medved told the British magazine ''Starburst'' that "the camera is never more than two inches from Phoebe Cates' breasts and that's basically what the movie is about."
* ''Perdita Durango'' is a barely-remembered 1997 film about a criminal couple who kidnap two people in an attempt to sacrifice them before they go on a mission. The only thing memorable about the film is a sequence where female supporting character Estelle (Aimee Graham) is tied up and raped by Romeo (Javier Bardem), and whether or not she enjoyed the experience.
* ''Personal Best'' is about Mariel Hemingway and Patrice Donnelly having lesbian sex. Oh, and uh... something about the Olympics.
* When ''Film/Piranha3D'' was released in 2010 the underwater nude ballet scene quickly became the most famous thing about the movie, with the only competition from Jerry O'Connell's character getting [[GroinAttack his penis bitten off]].
* ''Powder Blue'' featured Creator/JessicaBiel's first nude scenes. And, well, other stuff.
* ''Film/TheRocketeer'': ''Again'' with the Creator/JenniferConnelly...again.
* ''Film/TheRunaways'' is basically about Dakota Fanning making out with Creator/KristenStewart.
* Hey ''Film/RequiemForADream''! Isn't that the somber, thought-provoking film that explores the horrors of drug addiction? Nope, its just one scene of Creator/JenniferConnelly doing "ass to ass" with another woman.
* ''Film/{{Saturn 3}}'' had a very brief shot of [[Series/CharliesAngels Farrah Fawcett's]] nipple.
* ''Film/TheScorpionKing'' had Creator/KellyHu walk around wearing virtually nothing (or not even that) for most of the movie. Wrestling/DwayneJohnson too. There was a plot?
* ''The Seduction'': Morgan Fairchild getting naked. And something about an obsessive stalker.
* ''Film/TheSevenYearItch'' is remembered more for the [[AllThereInTheManual publicity shot]] of Creator/MarilynMonroe [[MarilynManeuver having her skirt lifted by a subway vent]] than any actual scene from the movie (or [[AdaptationDisplacement the play]], for that matter).
** Not only is the shot you're picturing not actually in the movie, but the ''entire scene'' isn't in the play, being made up just for the aforementioned publicity stunt. What's more, it still isn't: people who go see revivals of the play frequently complain that [[BeamMeUpScotty "they didn't do the subway scene."]]
* ''Film/{{Shame}}'' is about Creator/MichaelFassbender's junk and some other stuff.
* ''Sherrybaby'': Creator/MaggieGyllenhaal spends a good portion of the movie naked (as opposed to ''Film/{{Secretary}}'', where she's only naked at the end), including one scene where she's just out of the shower. Anyone remember the plot to this thing? [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Something about a druggie trying to get rid of her daughter, right?]]
* ''Film/ShockCorridor'': Constance Towers's extended striptease isn't the only thing that sticks in your head, but it certainly is unforgettable.
* ''Film/{{Sirens}}''. Full frontal nudity from many famous ladies (Creator/ElleMacPherson and Portia de Rossi, to name two). The dream scene in the lake is the one most folks remember.
* ''Film/{{SOB}}'': This satire on the nature of Hollywood should be remembered as Creator/WilliamHolden's final movie. Instead most people remember it as the movie in which Julie Andrews and Creator/RosannaArquette appeared topless. (The Julie Andrews scene was a major plot point of the film, as a sleazy producer is trying to get Andrews' character to show her breasts for {{Fanservice}}).
* ''Film/{{Species}}'' was a pretty forgettable sci-fi horror film. The only reason anybody still remembers it is because the hot blonde in it spent a lot of time walking around naked. The same can be said for its sequels.
* ''Film/{{Stealth}}'', with Creator/JessicaBiel in a bikini. It was only one scene. She also wears very snug military uniforms, to the extent that ''The New York Times'''s review of the movie includes the phrase "wiggling her shapely rear" in the very first sentence.
* Everyone remembers ''Film/StrawDogs'' for three reasons:
** Susan George gets raped [[NotIfTheyEnjoyedItRationalization and likes it]].
** '''Giant beartrap.'''
** Creator/DustinHoffman going ''batshit crazy''.
* The 1951 West German movie ''Die Sünderin'' ("The Sinner") caused the biggest German movie scandal after World War II and is best remembered for a brief scene in which the female lead, Hildegard Knef, poses in the nude for her lover, a painter. In a striking example of this trope at work, you will often read or hear it said that the Catholic and Protestant churches wanted to have the film banned because of this one brief scene, which supposedly was indicative of the "prudish 1950s". In reality, the churches and other critics were very much unconcerned about the nudity, but declared the film deeply immoral because the heroine works as a prostitute to finance an operation on her lover's brain tumor and the film ends with her assisting in his suicide and then killing herself, all told in a way that the critics saw as a glorification or encouragement of prostitution, living out of wedlock, euthanasia and suicide. In particular [[StrawmanHasAPoint the assisted suicide was a highly controversial subject]] [[ThoseWackyNazis due to what had passed for "euthanasia" during Nazi rule]]
* ''Film/{{Swordfish}}'' is the movie where Creator/HalleBerry showed her breasts for the first time. There was also something about a hacker... This was to the point that a good deal of marketing focused on how much extra (reputedly $500,000) she was paid specifically for agreeing to flash her breasts for no particularly good reason in a single scene.
* ''Film/MonstersBall'' is largely remembered the same way because of Creator/HalleBerry's steamy sex scene, but it was good enough on its own merits to win her an Oscar. Though the scene in question is known equally for the {{narm}} attached to it ([[MemeticMutation "Make me feel GGGRRRRRRD!"]])
* If you've ever heard of ''Film/TheTallGuy'' at all, you'll know it as that movie where Creator/JeffGoldblum and Creator/EmmaThompson [[DestructoNookie get naked and break shit]].
* As the WhoWearsShortShorts page says about ''ComicBook/TamaraDrewe'', specifically Gemma Arterton as the title character strutting about in said clothing, "No one remembers the movie; everyone remembers the trailer that primarily featured this sequence."
* From the ''Franchise/{{Terminator}}'' franchise:
** ''Film/Terminator3RiseOfTheMachines'' is oft remembered for having a hot female with no clothes on at the start of the movie, who then gets into tight leathers for the rest, and can [[GagBoobs INFLATE HER OWN BOOBS]].
** ''Film/TerminatorSalvation'' homages this with Moon Bloodgood showing her boobs. Scene was cut from the theatrical release to qualify for a PG-13 rating, but was re-inserted into the special extended Blu-Ray edition. Watch the movie with this scene included, and Sam Worthington, Creator/ChristianBale, AntonYelchin and everybody else being all angsty doesn't matter anymore.
* The common consensus is that the best scene from the ''Film/LaraCroftTombRaider'' movie is when [[ActionGirl Lara]] is showering, then gets out of shower and briefly uses a ModestyTowel before casting it aside for a ToplessnessFromTheBack shot and side boob.
* What makes ''Film/TotalRecall1990'' different from all the other Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger movies? Two -- no, in this movie it's ''[[http://i.somethingawful.com/inserts/articlepics/photoshop/04-25-08-movies/KillerFuzzball.jpg three]]'' [[{{Multiboobage}} things]].
* Creator/JamieLeeCurtis in ''Film/TrueLies''. Screw the Harrier chases, the many, many explosions or Arnie at his LargeHam best. Everyone remembers Curtis' shadowy striptease first and foremost. The backseat {{Catfight}} between Curtis and TiaCarrere comes second.
* ''Film/TheUnborn'' is all about Odette Yustman's ass. So much that [[MaleGaze her butt is the main focus]] on [[http://i.imgur.com/cKenann.jpg the poster]].
* ''Film/UTurn'', or that one movie where Creator/JenniferLopez has a sex scene.
* ''Film/MoneyTrain'', which stars Woody Harrelson, Wesley Snipes, and a rare sight of Jennifer Lopez's bare bosoms.
* ''Film/UnderSiege'' is that movie where Erika Eleniak jumps out of a cake topless. Or more accurately, the movie where Erika Eleniak jumps out of a cake topless then later on Tommy Lee Jones gets a knife stuck in his head.
* {{Subverted|Trope}} with ''Film/UnderTheSkin''. While the movie may become known as "that movie where Creator/ScarlettJohansson gets naked," the way the scenes play out are more disturbing than erotic. Than again, there will still be those turned on.
* For most of Website/{{tumblr}}/ Creator/TomHiddleston fans in general, ''Unrelated'' is that one movie where Tom jumps naked into a pool.
* ''Film/VarsityBlues''? Isn't that the movie where some chick comes out in a whipped cream bikini? Of course not. It was also the movie where high school students discover their teacher is secretly a stripper.
* Never mind Tim Roth doing a MoneyDearBoy role, ''Film/VirginTerritory'' is all about Hayden Christensen making whoopee with naughty nuns.
* ''Film/{{Walkabout}}'' had a barely-legal Creator/JennyAgutter going full-frontal in a lake. Also something about Australia. We think.
* From what is said on the message boards on the Website/IMDb you'd think that ''Film/{{Watchmen}}'' consisted of 160 minutes of a blue penis. Now with [[http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v33/youkai/watchmen.png helpful pie chart]].
* ''Film/{{Whiteout}}'' had a scene where Kate Beckinsale was [[{{Fanservice}} taking off her clothes]] before [[ShowerScene taking a shower]] even though such "Hollywood Showers" are not allowed at the South Pole due to water restrictions. What's the plot of the movie? Nobody seems to remember.
* The most memorable things about ''Film/TheWarriorAndTheSorceress'', aside from the fact that it stars a sword-wielding David Carradine, are the fact that the Sorceress is topless the entire time, and a [[MultiBoobage woman with four breasts]] who has an erotic dance scene and then [[{{Squick}} tries to kill Carradine with a tentacle that comes out of her vagina.]] She's even [[http://www.impawards.com/1984/warrior_and_the_sorceress.html on the poster for the movie]] (unless it's meant to be some ''other'' chick with four boobs), with the Sorceress nowhere to be seen.
* ''Film/WhoFramedRogerRabbit'' might as well have been named ''Jessica Rabbit Makes It Okay To Think An Animated Character Is Hot''. She's not bad. She's just drawn that way.
* ''Film/TheWholeNineYards''. There was the toplessness of Amanda Peet, and something about money...
* ''Film/WildOrchid'' is only remembered for the love scene near the end between Creator/MickeyRourke and Carre Otis that, in the unrated version at least, was so realistic that close to a quarter century later people are still debating over whether they did the nasty for real (for the record, both actors deny it).
* ''Film/WildSide'': Try to remember anything else about this movie besides the two-minute-plus lesbian love scene between Anne Heche and Joan Chen.
* ''Film/WildThings'' is actually a pretty good "whodunit?" that has twists and turns... and DeniseRichards' champagne-covered breast implants. Mention ''Wild Things'' to a male and ask them to name a scene from it; it'll either be that or the part where she makes out with Neve Campbell's body double. Ask a female, and it'll be Kevin Bacon's junk.
* ''Film/TheWingsOfTheDove'', a lengthy involved plot about some people in olde timey days trying to get rich, and then right at the end several glorious minutes of Creator/HelenaBonhamCarter speechifying in the buff.
* ''Film/WithnailAndI'': A complex and tragic BlackComedy about the end of a friendship and a metaphor for the end of TheSixties? Maybe, but it's also that movie where Creator/PaulMcGann is almost naked a lot.
* ''Film/WomenInLove''. The 1969 adaptation of D.H. Lawrence's novel included Glenda Jackson's Academy Award winning performance, but today, the film is largely remembered for the sweaty naked wrestling scene with Alan Bates and Creator/OliverReed, and having one of the first depictions of male frontal nudity in a major studio film.
* ''Film/YesterdayTodayAndTomorrow'' was an acclaimed Italian picture that won the UsefulNotes/AcademyAwardForBestForeignLanguageFilm, so it probably isn't forgotten. But let's face it, it's best remembered for the scene where Creator/SophiaLoren does a strip tease for her lover.
* ''Film/{{Zapped}}'', the 1982 Teen SexComedy in which Scott Baio uses magic powers to make Heather Thomas's sweater pop open and to blow the dresses off of every cute girl at the prom. [[OldShame (Costar Willie Aames denounced the film after finding religion.)]]

* There's a very graphic and deeply disturbing female-on-male rape scene early in the first book of ''Literature/{{Orcs}}''. It seems that a lot of people stopped reading there.
* D.H. Lawrence is widely known for ''Literature/LadyChatterleysLover'', and that book is remembered for one specific scene. It could even be argued that the ''entire book'' is this trope; it's hardly the author's best work, but it's still the most recognized Lawrence title. Why? The entire book is about sex. In the UK, it's arguably for the fact that it being about sex resulted in an obscenity trial. The jury found the experience to be rather stimulating.
* ''Literature/HowNotToWriteANovel'' offers three examples for the 'list of ingredients' method of descriptions gone wrong: the living room, the zoo, and the porn studio. Which one does everyone remember? The porn studio.
* Creator/StephenKing's ''Literature/{{It}}''. Yeah, that one scene in the sewer, which wasn't in the TV miniseries for obvious reasons.
** And that other similar scene which also wasn't included in the TV miniseries for even more obvious reasons.
** Closest we get to {{Fanservice}} in the miniseries? [[FanDisservice Eddie Kaspbrak (the scrawny, asthmatic kid) being confronted by Pennywise in the boys' shower at school while wearing only a towel.]]
* Creator/TerryPratchett's ''Literature/{{Discworld}}'' novels tend to avoid or skirt over sex or erotica. However, Discworld/{{Thud}} has a scene which smacks of genuine contrivance, maybe as a TakeThat to fanfic writers who insist on pairing off the most unlikely characters in contrived scenes where they inevitably get off with each other. Sally and Angua end up knee-deep in mud, naked, and squaring off for what could either end up as a cat-fight or something else; Sally subverts either result with a joke about how people might so much want to see this that they'd pay good money for it.
** In-universe it's occasionally noted that most people come to the Ankh-Morpork Royal Art Museum only to see the painting ''Three Large Pink Women and One Piece of Gauze'' and nothing else.
* ''Literature/FlowersInTheAttic'' by Creator/VCAndrews is, to hear both its fans and critics tell it, a story all about a really romantic or incredibly creepy sex scene involving underage BrotherSisterIncest; a rather awkward one that lasts for all of about half a page in a 400+ page paperback. It's a ''horror novel'', people.
* In the ''Literature/SwordOfTruth'', there are a few examples that stand out above all the others, though there's [[AuthorAppeal enough material]] that most of them don't even stand out.
** The "spirit house" becomes a running gag between Richard and Kahlan.
** Kahlan, leading the D'Harans against the Order, wearing only bodypaint.
** Nicci, riding out against an army with her dress pulled down so nobody would notice her face.
** Nicci, abusing the Maternity spell she cast on Kahlan.
** Denna. But [[{{Squick}} we wish we could forget]].
* Discussed in ''Literature/DaveBarrySleptHere'', where Creator/AnnetteFunicello is cited as the cultural contributions made by ''The Mickey Mouse Club'':
-->Annette had a ''major'' impact on many us male Baby Boomers, especially the part where she came marching out wearing a T-shirt with her name printed on it, and some of the letters were considerably closer to the camera than others. If you get our drift.
* Ever since ''Series/GameOfThrones'' became known as "that show that's like ''TheLordOfTheRings'' but with Porn and Politics" (which [[CommonKnowledge it isn't]]), ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' has become known as an "Adult" "GrimDark" or "X-rated" fantasy series. It does contain sex scenes, but most of them are PG-13 at worst, and many of them are implied rather than shown. However, judging how some people talk about them, you'd think it's all skin, all humping, all the time.
* Vatsayana's ''Kama Sutra'' is an important Hindu philosophical text that includes detailed discussions about the spiritual components of pleasure and beauty, the challenges of balancing pleasurable living with virtuous behavior, and the elements of healthy human relationships. It also includes several rather graphic discussions of sex. Guess which part most Westerners are aware of? [[note]] No, despite what you may have have heard, the ''Kama Sutra'' is ''not'' a "sex manual". While it discusses sexuality and relationships at length, it also discusses many more innocent forms of personal pleasure, such as food and flower-arranging.[[/note]]
* When the female lead of ''LightNovel/SpiceAndWolf'' first appears, she is stark naked. She's not human, but that can lead people to the wrong conclusions easily enough, and seeing her illustrations (or images from the anime or manga adaptations) without context can [[OffscreenInertia lead one to assume that she goes around naked frequently]], when in fact she prefers to wear clothes in her human form because she gets cold without her fur. Ironically, despite her reputation, she dresses much more conservatively than most anime women (usually a full-length dress and at least one layer with long sleeves).
* ''LightNovel/HighSchoolDxD'' is infamous for its gratuitous {{Fanservice}} (particularly in the anime adaptation) and a perverted hero who constantly talks about breasts. However, said hero is an AffectionateParody of {{Shonen}}-style protagonists who is [[ChivalrousPervert genuinely heroic and respectful towards women]], and the characters and setting are surprisingly well-developed.

[[folder: Live Action TV ]]
* ''Series/ArrestedDevelopment'' keeps it off camera, but has an amusing in universe example in the season one episode "Missing Kitty".
-->'''Cop''': Well, we have a restaurant full of people saying that you threatened Kitty the last time she was seen.\\
'''Michael''': How does anybody even remember this?\\
'''Cop''': She showed her knobs in a Steakhouse, sir.
* ''Series/TheAvengers'' episode "A Touch of Brimstone" is the one where Mrs. Peel wears the [[{{Fanservice}} leather bustier]].
* The 2005 series of UK ''BigBrother''. Kinga, on her first night found a novel place to put an empty wine bottle. Anyone remember who won the competition?
** [[ComicallyMissingThePoint Anthony.]]
* Francois Arnaud of ''Series/TheBorgias'' mentioned in an interview that everyone wants to talk about his character's leather pants and [[IncestYayShipping extremely]] [[IncestSubtext close]] relationship with his sister. Admittedly, the incest thing is kind of a big part of the [[TruthInTelevision Borgia legend]].
* ''Series/{{Brookside}}'', the soap opera set in Liverpool where Anna Friel kissed another girl. One of the first acknowledgements on British TV that lesbians existed, and avant-garde for its time.
* The makers of ''Series/{{Californication}}'' know that everyone remembers the stripper, and consequently there are a lot of babes getting naked throughout the course of the show.
* ''Series/CharliesAngels'' is the one with the three bouncy braless chicks. Oh, they were detectives or something. (Ironically, although the Angels were indeed braless, and Cheryl Ladd's micro-bikinis from Season 2 onwards were indeed legendary, the show was actually more straightlaced than people recall.)
* ''Series/{{Charmed}}'' has this tendency pretty strongly. But the strongest example is the episode "Coyote Piper." This episode is best known for Piper doing a sexy dance in a ShoutOut to ''Film/CoyoteUgly''. The rest of the episode has nothing to do with the movie, or coyotes, but the episode was named after that one {{Fanservice}} scene which has only minor importance to the plot.
* ''Series/{{Chuck}}''. Creator/YvonneStrahovski regularly strapping weaponry on whilst wearing underwear. Also, the constant presence of the {{Catfight}}.
* ''Series/TheDailyShow'' had a bit of fun when Creator/GeorgeTakei got married and out of all the ''Franchise/StarTrek'' stills available, the news put up a picture of Sulu fencing shirtless. "Oh my" indeed.
* Mention ''Series/DarkAngel'' and most people will think of Creator/JamesCameron, unusually for James Cameron projects, second (or, if you're there for Jensen Ackles, third). What comes first? Creator/JessicaAlba. Not Max--Creator/JessicaAlba.
* Audiences can't seem to agree what they like more about ''Series/{{Dexter}}'': the sex, the violence or the creepy intro.
* ''Series/DoctorWho'' has a lot of cases:
** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS6E2TheMindRobber "The Mind Robber"]] is a surreal story set in a world of fairy tales, mythology, classical literature... and [[{{Zeerust}} a newspaper comic serial from the year 2000]] and what's the first image that comes to mind? Zoe's bum. In a tight catsuit.
** Jon Pertwee's tenure as the 3rd Doctor is infamous for the number of times companion Jo Grant (played by Katy Manning) inadvertently(?) flashed her knickers on camera, thanks in large part to the character's entire wardrobe seeming to consist of nothing but the shortest miniskirts the costume department could get away with putting her in on the air.
** "The Deadly Assassin" - an OutOfGenreExperience, WorldBuilding of Time Lord culture, a NoirEpisode, a horrible zombie Master, as much SurrealHorror as the BBC budget could allow, so shockingly violent it nearly got the show canned. It is remembered for all of that, but you'll still be hard-pressed to find a member of the Classic Who EstrogenBrigade that isn't going to mention the fact that Tom Baker spends most of the story wearing a see-through white shirt and there's [[SexySoakedShirt a bit where he gets wet and strikes a pose]].
** Pretty much the entirety of Louise Jameson's (Leela) time as companion to the 4th Doctor. Tight leather mini-dresses split to the hip, prominent cleavage, and plenty of poses emphasizing both.
** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS17E2CityOfDeath "City of Death"]] has sparkling Creator/DouglasAdams wit, a man aging to death and the villain being defeated by a punch. Main popular memory -- Lalla Ward in a SexySchoolwoman outfit.
** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS20E4Terminus "Terminus"]] has a leprosy-like disease, a man going back in time and creating the universe, and Turlough with the Black Guardian. What does everyone remember? Nyssa taking off her skirt.
** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS21E5PlanetofFire "Planet of Fire"]] has ''two'' examples of this trope, one for the boys and one for the girls. What do the boys remember? Peri in a Bikini. What do the the girls remember? Turlough taking off his tight short shorts and wearing a wet shirt and speedos.
** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS21E6TheCavesOfAndrozani "The Caves of Androzani"]] features the regeneration from Fifth to Sixth and actually has the Fifth Doctor being {{badass}}. The memory? The excellent view of Peri's trembling cleavage while she's holding the regenerating Doctor.
** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS26E3TheCurseOfFenric "The Curse of Fenric"]] completes the epic storyline of the struggle against the dark gods and cosmic forces the Doctor has been playing TheChessmaster against. The memory? Half a second of Sophie Aldred's knickers.
** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS27E12BadWolf "Bad Wolf"]], where everybody is fighting for their lives in game shows that try to kill you, and what does everyone remember? Jack Harkness, naked in front of millions of viewers. [[SugarWiki/FunnyMoments Their viewing figures just went up.]]
** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS30E17E18TheEndOfTime "The End of Time"]], part 1 features the return of the Master and Donna's grandfather Wilf and the Doctor coming to terms with his impending regeneration, as well as [[spoiler:the return of the Time Lords themselves while the Master turns almost every human into clones of himself]]. What do people remember? TheMaster a) emerging naked from a swirl of blue energy b) tied up to a chair with several straps, with his legs spread c) the Master wearing ''a red leather collar with a leash'' d) the Master in ''a straitjacket'' and finally, e) ''the Master in a pink dress''.
** [[Recap/DoctorWhoS31E1TheEleventhHour "The Eleventh Hour"]], Eleven's very first episode: we have a gambit involving a computer virus that draws the authorities to the MonsterOfTheWeek, as well as an undertone of abandonment as Amy Pond waits for 14 years for her Doctor. What do people recall? The Doctor of stripping down in front of his companion Amy and her friend Rory. Naturally, Rory looks away, but Amy doesn't -- and neither do the fangirls. Of course, what any guy who watched the episode will remember is Amy in the police uniform.
* ''Series/{{Dollhouse}}'' features lots of beautiful [[InnocentFanserviceGirl constantly naked people]] frolicking and Creator/ElizaDushku in dominatrix outfits.
* ''Series/TheDukesOfHazzard'' is primarily remembered for a pair of short shorts. They are even commonly called "Daisy Dukes" after the character that wears them.
* In the ''Series/{{Firefly}}'' episode "Trash" the crew stole something and then there was Mal, [[SceneryCensor in the desert, naked.]]
** I'm still thinking of the episode "War Stories", where Inara takes a female client to bed.....I'll be in my bunk.....
** It is also the series where ''one of the main characters'' is a prostitute. Oh, sorry, [[InsistentTerminology "Companion"]].
* ''Series/{{Friends}}'' has many, many memorable moments. But arguably none more memorable than Creator/JenniferAniston in the Slave Leia outfit.
* For some reason, ''Series/GameOfThrones'' has the rather bad habit of gratuitous nudity and [[{{Sexposition}} laying down important exposition while sex is happening in the scene]]. Episode 7 had Petyr Baelish delivering a rather important, character-defining monologue in the midst of making two whores "play" with each other.
-->'''Website/TelevisionWithoutPity Recap:''' I really can't emphasize enough how distracting it is that he's delivering this monologue while two naked ladies are theatrically pleasuring each other.
** "The action and/or [[AnyoneCanDie beheadings]] are slowing down too much in this scene! Bring out the giant retard walking around with his dick hanging out for no reason!"
** Podrick Payne has received almost none of his characterization from the books [[note]](in which he's a shy and awkward yet stubbornly loyal 10-year-old orphan)[[/note]], which may have had the producers concerned that viewers didn't know who he was. Cue a prolonged sequence in which Tyrion arranges for Podrick to be serviced by three prostitutes, who subsequently refuse payment for it, followed by TWO scenes of other characters discussing why they did such a thing. If that doesn't get people to remember him, nothing will.
* The TV Movie ''The Girl, the Gold Watch, And Everything'' would be completely forgotten were it not for Pam Dawber's brief nude scene (badly lit, but still pretty daring for U.S. television).
* ''{{Series/Heroes}}'' is that show where a whole load of stuff about eclipses, helices, and conspiracies to take over the world keeps getting in the way of Creator/HaydenPanettiere being all bouncy, cheerleadery[[note]] even though by the final season her character was no longer a cheerleader[[/note]] and indestructible and ZacharyQuinto and Milo Ventimiglia being all broody and [[ShirtlessScene forgetting their shirts]]. And indestructible.
* The promo for the shocking, [[TearJerker heartbreaking]], Emmy-winning ''Series/{{House}}'' episode "House's Head" featured its scene of Cuddy doing a strip tease for House. (The episode itself did, too, [[NeverTrustATrailer for a wonder]].)
* Music/JanetJackson's "[[NippleAndDimed wardrobe malfunction]]" at the 2004 UsefulNotes/SuperBowl Halftime Show caused a ''shitstorm'' of controversy which is still occasionally joked about, and the NFL has only brought in "safe" classic rock bands (like Music/{{Prince}}, apparently) ever since. Now do you remember who was actually ''playing'' in the championship game that year?[[note]]The New England Patriots beat the Carolina Panthers 32-29. Now you do.[[/note]] Which is sad, because it was one of the most exciting Super Bowls ever.
** Even more so because most people do not actually remember the scene as it happened, since it was over far too quickly to notice unless you were paying complete attention. That, or you thought it was AllPartOfTheShow when it happened. Most people know the event [[DoNotDoThisCoolThing only from its media coverage]].
** This was also subverted in the same Super Bowl. Everybody remembers Janet Jackson. Decidedly fewer remember the guy dancing in the end zone with a football over his wedding tackle.[[note]]This may be less remembered because CBS didn't show the streaker on TV, while Janet's breast briefly made it to camera.[[/note]]
* A lot of people who are only vaguely aware of ''Series/{{Jessie}}'' know it as "that Disney Channel show with the really pretty redhead in it." If going by episodes, we have:
** "Evil Times Two" is "that episode where Debby gets in a mudwrestling catfight."
** "Make New Friends But Hide the Old" is "that episode where Peyton dresses like a Barbie Doll" (complete with GagBoobs).
** "Throw Momma From the Terrace" is "that episode where Debby and Peyton dress like Rockettes."
** "Lizard Scales and Wrestling Tales" is "that episode where Debby dresses as a Franchise/{{WWE}} Diva" (or a [[{{Bowdlerise}} Disneyfied]] version of one).
** "Creepy Connie 3: The Creepening" is "that episode where [[Series/ANTFarm Sierra McCormick]] ties up Debby and [[Series/DogWithABlog G. Hannelius]]."
** "Someone Has Toupay" is "that episode where Debby dresses like a FilmNoir FemmeFatale."
* [[Series/KamenRiderOOO That Kamen Rider series]] where the main character is constantly seen in nothing but his boxers.
* ''Series/TheLWord'' is a softcore lesbian porn show with boring dialogues in-between that nobody that matters cares about.
--> '''Series/{{House}}:''' You may as well turn the sound off until the interesting parts show up.
* Before the mini-series ''Literature/{{Labyrinth}}'' had even aired, it was being anticipated as the show in which KatieMcGrath would get naked. The very first clips uploaded onto Website/YouTube? Her nude scenes, of course.
* ''Series/LegendOfTheSeeker''
** It's actually surprisingly hard to find clips that don't contain Cara or Kahlan, though mostly Cara. Why does this count as this trope? Tight red leather. Low neckline. Tabrett Bethell. On second thought, this might not be such a bad thing.
** Bath house scene.
** Everyone remembers that Richard's first scene was shirtless.
** Pretty much the only main character who ''hasn't'' had this treatment is Zedd, although even he is remembered for his NakedFirstImpression with [[FanDisservice nothing but a live chicken]] to block the view [[http://thetorchonline.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/zedd.jpg (thankfully.)]]
* Remember the episode where ''Series/MorkAndMindy'' first kissed? No? Remember the one where Mork befriended a caterpillar and then thought it died when really it was just becoming a butterfly? No? Remember the one where Mork was captured by the sexy Nectrotons, whose leader was played by Raquel Welch?
* It appears the Creator/DiscoveryChannel website attempted to invoke this one on those who browsed the ''Series/{{Mythbusters}}'' [[http://dsc.discovery.com/fansites/mythbusters/photogalleries/photogalleries.html photo galleries]], inviting us to see the "Bathtub Test" album by saying "See production stills -- including pictures of a half-naked Adam -- from episode 19".
* ''Series/NYPDBlue'' is about butts and cops. But mostly butts. [[FanDisservice Dennis Franz' butt]].
* ''Series/{{Oz}}'': That's the show where Christopher Meloni and his co-mates get naked and show off their penises before raping other naked guys in the shower, right? Was there also great dialogue, realistic characters, great acting, and amazing storylines, or was that just a rumor?
* Mention ''Series/PowerRangersWildForce'' and people will think of two things: the ten Red Ranger CrossOver and the previous year's Pink Ranger in [[HellBentForLeather head to toe leather]].
** ''Series/PowerRangersLostGalaxy'' is basically a DarkerAndEdgier season with a Red Ranger that [[BattleStrip can't keep his shirt on]], a [[MostCommonSuperPower well-endowed]], half naked JunglePrincess, and a reformed villainess that is still HellBentForLeather.
* Creator/TheBBC miniseries of ''Literature/PrideAndPrejudice'' is remembered by many female viewers for the part in which Creator/ColinFirth [[SexySoakedShirt dives into a pond]].[[note]] So infamous is this scene that a massive statue of a wet Creator/ColinFirth as Darcy was residing in the middle of a lake in Hyde Park. [[http://www.howaboutwe.com/date-report/there-is-a-giant-inflatable-mr-darcy-floating-in-londons-hyde-park/# Seriously]] [[/note]].
* ''Series/{{Sherlock}}'''s ''A Scandal in Belgravia''... That's the one where both [[NakedFirstImpression Irene Adler]] and the [[ModestyBedsheet great detective himself]] are naked at some point, right?
* ''Series/{{Smallville}}''
** Comicbook/LoisLane is Superman's future wife and star journalist of the ''Daily Planet''. In the opening credits, her background scene is still her stepping out of the water in a bikini.
** Laura Vandervoort as Comicbook/{{Supergirl}} likes to wear very skimpy outfits, and wanders around the house in only her underwear. However, [[JustifiedTrope considering her ensemble in every other appearance...]]
* ''Series/SpartacusBloodAndSand'' is nicknamed "Spartacus: [[{{Gorn}} Blood]] and Boobs".
* ''Franchise/StarTrek'':
** The ''Series/StarTrekTheOriginalSeries'' episode "The Menagerie" is often remembered for being "TheOneWith the [[GreenSkinnedSpaceBabe green chick]]." Website/SFDebris puts it best:
-->"The late Susan Oliver. She's a talented actress, author, director, a pioneer of women's aviation... and if you go to her Wiki/{{Wikipedia}} [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Oliver page]], ''this'' is the image of her they put up: her dancing as the green woman!" [[note]] The image on Wikipedia has since been changed, possibly in response to this review.[[/note]]
** In response to low ratings, Jeri Ryan was injected into the latter half of ''Series/StarTrekVoyager''. Even today, most fans speak fondly of Seven of Nine's stupidly-tight catsuits, choosing to overlook such a cold-blooded ratings ploy. The show benefited greatly from Ryan's acting chops and respect for her character, elevating what could have been a fluff role. So, as ratings ploys go, this was an inspired one, even if the rest of ''Voyager'' remains fuzzy.
** The second ''Series/StarTrekTheNextGeneration'' episode, "The Naked Now", was a sequel to ''TOS''' "The Naked Time". But the only thing anyone remembers is Tasha Yar checking to see if Data is fully functional.
** ''Series/StarTrekEnterprise'' became infamous for Jolene Blalock showing the top half of her bum in one episode, wearing a [[HandOrObjectUnderwear hand bra]] in another,[[note]]Ironically, that was Linda Park, not Jolene Blalock[[/note]] and getting oily in the decontamination room in many other episodes.
* ''Series/StargateSG1'' has the episode where everyone is infected with an anti-Goa'uld device, but that's sort of secondary to Dr. Fraiser opening up her shirt (and revealing her bra) because she's infected and hot.
** The pilot episode "Children of the Gods", had full-frontal nudity in its original airing on Showtime. It was edited out in later airings on regular cable (replaced by a couple long closeups of Teal'c's face), but is retained in the DVD release.
* ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'' is best known for three things. One of those things is its ridiculously attractive cast.
* In the 6th season of ''Series/{{Survivor}}'' (The Amazon). The Winner Jenna comment will be best know for stripping for Peanut Butter and Oreos along with her friend Heidi.
* ''{{Franchise/Terminator}}: Series/TheSarahConnorChronicles'' is mostly about Creator/SummerGlau in her underwear and various other abbreviated outfits. The marketing people played this up with the famous promotional image of Summer Glau's partially-disassembled robot character, wearing nothing but GodivaHair. The show is notable in that two groups of people will remember it for different things: the first for Summer Glau, and the second for Creator/LenaHeadey.
* ''Series/TopGear'', Series 13 -- few people remember where the presenters went to do a classic rally (Majorca), but everyone remembers James May's co-driver: buxom glamor model Madison Welch.
* Say ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'', and the reaction is most likely to be "gay sex". While it's true that the show mentioned gay sex at least once an episode, and the straight main character was briefly turned gay in only the second episode, and there was at least one episode mostly focused on a character having gay sex with an alien, it barely ever actually ''showed'' the sex.
* ''Series/TrueBlood'' is that show where Creator/AnnaPaquin gets naked. A lot.
** And has lots of sex with her vampire boyfriend who has a weird way of pronouncing her name.
** And a tall, blonde vampire having sex at warp speed with a hot Estonian dancer... who also has sex with [[HoYay Pam]].
** And said blonde vampire having [[WallBangHer sex with his hot sister]] [[spoiler: (she's not his biological sister)]].
* ''Series/TrueDetective'' likely attracted much more viewers after Creator/AlexandraDaddario got fully naked in the second episode. [[https://twitter.com/AADaddario/status/435672641966313472 The lady herself agreed.]]
* Successfully done in ''Series/{{Xena|WarriorPrincess}}'' and ''Series/HerculesTheLegendaryJourneys'', less so in ''Series/{{Sheena}}'' and ''Series/TheBeastmaster'', each for the guys and girls respectively. Then came the to a lesser extent for both ''Series/{{Andromeda}}''.
** Most people only remember the series ''Series/XenaWarriorPrincess'' as ''Xena: Lesbian Princess'' because no one can remember anything else other than [[HoYay Gabrielle and Xena kissing and bathing together]]. The writers admitted to keeping the UnresolvedSexualTension all along.
** Some people only remember Xena because someone discovered a new transneptunian object bigger than Pluto, causing a major stir in the astronomy community, and temporarily named it "Xena." Its tiny moon was dubbed "Gabrielle" upon being discovered.

* Music/{{Madonna}}, especially by the mid-'90s.
* All anyone remembers about house music producer and DJ L'il Louis? [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_Kiss_(song) That track]] with the woman having a '[[TopGear Lady Chatterley crisis]]' over it.
* All anyone remembers about The Lunacy of Duke Venomania in the Franchise/EvilliousChronicles is the attractiveness [[{{Bishonen}} titular character]] and how he magically brainwashes a harem full of woman he kidnapped into being his sex slaves. And the [[MythologyGag cameo from Josephine]]. In fact, it's the best known song in the series for this reason. You'll find few people who know the backstory or emotional themes behind the whole ordeal.
* Music/NineInchNails? They're the 'fuck you like an animal' guys, right? And the guys where Bob Flanagan gets nude and gets tortured and killed by a machine whilst he basks in masochistic pleasure?
* Music/{{Shakira}}'s most famous lyric is surely the one about having "small and humble" breasts. Oh yeah, and her Music/HipsDontLie either.
* Neo-Soul singer D'angelo, got this hard after his "Untitled" music video....
* Benny Benassi's videos. "Satisfaction", for example, was a mocked-up commercial video of women in bikinis using power tools.
* The Dandy Warhols gained a lot of notoriety for keyboardist Zia [=McCabe=] playing topless. The number of guys showing up just for that caused her to pretty much stop. And their most famous song? "Bohemian Like You," due to the video with a few seconds each of full frontal nudity from a WrenchWench and a [[FanserviceWithASmile waiter]].
* MTV Brazil has stated that in their country, before Dave Grohl recorded an album with Music/QueensOfTheStoneAge, they were just the band of that guy who played naked during Rock in Rio.
* Inverted in Music/LadyGaga's "Telephone". The video is so full of {{fanservice}} and Fetish Fuel that [[BigLippedAlligatorMoment it's Best Known for]] the Sandwich. For poorly explained reasons, Gaga and Beyonce go into roadside cafe, make poisoned sandwiches that kill everyone, and seem pretty pleased with their work.
* Not quite fanservice, but the video clip for Latin band Miranda's song "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8X4wF8OOKU Ritmo & Decepción]]" is only remembered by some due to the brief Music/{{Restart}} cameo.
* Rapper ''Petey Pablo'' had a video called ''Freek-A-Leek''. But the only thing people remember from it is the model Esther Baxter aka ''"Ms. Freek-A-Leek"''.
* Christina Millian had quite a few music video's early in her career. But the only video people seem to remember is ''"Dip It Low"''.
* R&B group H-Town is mostly known for being that trio who danced like raunchy shirtless male strippers and sung ''Knockin The Boots''.
* Everybody remembers the music video for "Here I Go Again" by Music/{{Whitesnake}} because it features 1980s hottie Tawny Kitaen writhing around sensuously on the hood of a car. The video became even ''more'' famous when viewers discovered that there's a nipple slip that the censors missed (the video was quickly edited to remove the split-second of nudity). This has unfortunately fed the prejudice that Whitesnake's music is automatically stupid, [[OvershadowedByControversy even though they stand as one of the most ambitious and sophisticated pop-metal bands in the history of the genre]].
* Music/DavidLeeRoth once did a cover of Music/TheBeachBoys classic "California Girls". The only reason anybody still remembers Roth's version is because the music video featured more girls in bikinis than Cancun during Spring Break.
* Some of the more positive Website/YouTube/Failblog comments regarding the music video for "Dying Naked" by Music/{{Skelteria}} were about the Reaper Girl.
* Music/DonnaSummer had a decades-long career, yet is best remembered for faking a bunch of orgasms on "Love To Love You Baby."
* While Tiffany (last name Darwish) is still best known as one of the most popular mall singers of the 1980s (she's the redhead, the blonde was Debbie Gibson), she has been singing and recording albums ever since. She released an album in 2000 called "The Color of Silence," which was highly praised and considered one of the best pop albums of the year. However, it wasn't until she did a ContractualPurity-shattering photoshoot for ''Playboy'' that she got any mainstream attention to let people know the damn thing existed.
* "Wrecking Ball"? Oh, you mean the music video where Music/MileyCyrus rides a {{styrofoam|Rocks}} [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin wrecking ball]] like a tire swing naked? You might also remember her [[DoesThisRemindYouOfAnything licking the sledgehammer]].
** Or the vaguely horrifying [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xljA6zJn4I parody]] by Ron Jeremy. Good luck BrainBleach -ing that one away.

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* Creator/SternElectronics' ''Pinball/{{Viper}}'', the game that everyone remembers for the naked chrome {{Fembot}} on the backglass.

[[folder: Professional Wrestling]]
Female wrestlers who are both attractive and competent wrestlers are few and far between in Wrestling/{{WWE}} (Wrestling/TrishStratus, Wrestling/MickieJames, Wrestling/{{Lita}} are few who are) and to a lesser extent, Wrestling/{{TNA}} where BeautyIsBad with fans. Since the Wrestling/AttitudeEra, WWE often hires [[FauxActionGirl ex-models who are not properly trained]] and/or [[HatesTheJobLovesTheLimelight have no desire for wrestling and are only there for money and fame]] instead of actual wrestlers. Since most wrestling fans are male, said women usually get a free pass because of their sex appeal. [[SmartMark At least from casual fans, anyway.]]
* Wrestling/StacyKeibler, who voluntarily turned down a title run for admitted lack of wrestling skills and is best known for her [[ShesGotLegs 42" legs]]
* Wrestling/TorrieWilson. She never held a title [[WhatCouldHaveBeen though she would have been the inaugural Diva's Champion had she not retired]] or did anything too important in the ring other than walking around in belly shirts and thong bikinis, [[OldShame something that she seems to regret]].
* Wrestling/{{Melina}} subverts this. She could wrestle very well and eventually became WWE's second most popular Diva (behind Mickie James), but most fans remember her as "that SpicyLatina girl who dated Wrestling/JohnMorrison and did splits on the ring apron".
* Wrestling/{{Maryse}} was a top heel in the Diva's division despite having a very limited moveset. [[DracoInLeatherPants She's an insanely gorgeous French blonde with a good character, though.]]
* Wrestling/AshleyMassaro. She couldn't wrestle her way out of a paper bag, but was a smoking hot Playboy cover girl with a very "unique" [[BuffySpeak punk rock skater girl-type thing]] going. It wasn't entirely her fault since she wasn't trained properly.
* Rosa Mendes almost never wrestles and is used mostly as a {{Jobber}} when she does. Most of her success has been as an eye candy manager.
* "Queen" Sharmell Sullivan is an especially notable subversion in that she neither wrestled ''nor'' served up any fanservice, but simply worked as a valet for her husband Wrestling/BookerT, [[DamselInDistress got menaced by the male heels]] and [[ScreamingWoman screamed a lot]]. This was because she was injured early in her career.
* Wrestling/KellyKelly could almost be a TropeCodifier. She initially debuted as an exhibitionist and performed stripteases for the fans. (Like Ashley Massaro, she didn't even get the proper training before her WWE debut, which Keibler, Wilson and even Sullivan did, albeit briefly.) She later started wrestling and got a push despite being average in the ring (at best) and unable to properly run the ropes. Smarks have torn her apart over it.
* Wrestling/BrookeAdams is not particularly bad in the ring, but most people only like her because she's hot and has a fantastic ass.

[[folder: Religion]]
* Mary Magdalene's status as "Prostitute" is [[PopularHistory firmly ingrained in descriptions of her]], although not in Literature/TheBible. Compare how often Matthew's old job of "Tax Collector" is referred to.
** When "David danced before the [[foldercontrol]]

[[folder: Lord ]]
, what was he wearing? If you said he was naked, congratulations, you were too caught up in the titillating idea that he was naked to read what it says he ''was'' wearing[[note]]2 Samuel 6:14 says "a linen ephod"; 1 Chronicles 15:27 agrees and also says "a robe of fine linen", and neither precludes the possibility that he was wearing more[[/note]].
* There are entire books of the Bible (ironically, all of them in the sterner and more morally righteous Old Testament) that seem to be nothing but ShamefulStrip, SlutShaming, and pornographic love poetry, which will be all that horny teenagers remember about them if they're forced to read them in Christian school.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* Mention the card Elvish Ranger to any ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'' fan and prepare to hear about [[http://magiccards.info/ai/en/67.html its art featuring an elf woman in a]] FurBikini. Nobody seems to know that the card came with an alternate art version [[http://magiccards.info/ai/en/68.html featuring a conservatively-dressed male elf]] or [[http://magiccards.info/po/en/90.html the other printing with a very conservatively dressed female elf.]]
** [[http://gatherer.wizards.com/Pages/Card/Details.aspx?multiverseid=201191 Gwendlyn Di Corci.]] Players remember the art of a mostly naked woman, but probably don't remember whatt he card does.
* All most ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'' fans seem to remember about [[ChurchMilitant the Sisters of Battle]] is that they're an AmazonBrigade in a ''very'' male-dominated setting, and that one of their troop options literally wear nothing but three scraps of paper (and a [[ChainsawGood Chainsaw Sword]]). Also, apparently the Dark Eldar do nothing but rape everything to death. As do [[TheHedonist Slaanesh worshipers]].

* Historically, the cancan dance, performed in places such as the Moulin Rouge and the Folies Bergčre. The dance was consider a scandal of the time not because of [[ShesGotLegs their legs]], but because of the [[PantyShot open drawers]] that exposes [[CountryMatters their hoohas]] when they do their high kick.
* ''Theatre/{{Equus}}'': That play where [[HeyItsThatGuy Harry Potter]] is naked. Prior to the 2007 revival, shorthand was it had [[LessDisturbingInContext something to do with naked teenagers and a horse]].
* ''Film/TheFullMonty'': That other musical based on a film where some guys get naked. Which, to be fair, [[JustifiedTrope is what it is mostly about anyway]]...
* ''Theatre/{{Hair}}'': That musical where everyone gets naked. (Also ''Theatre/OhCalcutta''.)
* ''Theatre/{{Salome}}'': Richard Strauss's {{opera}} in particular is best known for the "Dance of the Seven Veils" (as in, the title character takes them off).
* ''Frankenstein'': That play where, depending on the night, Creator/BenedictCumberbatch or Creator/JonnyLeeMiller would open the show naked.
* The stage adaptation of ''Film/TheGraduate'': Mrs. Robinson gets naked on stage (actresses in that role have included Anne Archer, Amanda Donahoe, and Linda Gray).
* ''The Blue Room'' is that play where Creator/NicoleKidman (or Sigrid Thornton, if you saw it in Australia) appears nude on stage.
* ''[[OrpheanRescue Orpheus in the Underworld]]'' by Music/JacquesOffenbach is best known for Act 2, Scene 2 where the lovely ladies in showgirl skirts dance a can-can across the stage. It helps that the tune they dance to not only is the best-known of the entire operetta and is also the one that for most people immediately springs to mind whenever they hear the word "can-can".
* Creator/RichardWagner was no stranger to this.
** ''[[Theatre/TannhaeuserUndDerSaengerkriegAufWartburg Tannhäuser]]'' opens inside the ''Venusberg''.
** ''[[Theatre/TheRingOfTheNibelung Das Rheingold]]'' opens with the Rhine Maidens frolicking underwater in a scene that scandalized many in the 1870s. One critic referred to it as ''das Hurenaquarium'' ("the whores' aquarium"), which angered the husband of one of the singers who had been in that scene so much that he took the critic to court.
** Act 1 of ''[[Theatre/TheRingOfTheNibelung Die Walküre]]'' closes with long-separated twins Siegmund and Sieglinde about to have sex, just when (in the words of Wagner's stage instructions) "the curtain falls quickly". Compared to that, even the much-loved "Wotan's farewell and fire magic" at the end of act three faces tough competition.

[[folder: Video Games ]]
* The ''VideoGame/DeadOrAlive'' series. Even though it's easily one of the best 3D fighting game franchises in the market on its own merits, the vast majority of people only remember the anatomically impossible female fighters and their JigglePhysics, for better or for worse. Mind you, Tecmo isn't trying to mask it or anything. They ran straight to the endzone with that knowledge (and zero regret) when promoting ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Jfzh2s3jlE Dead or Alive 3]]''. Even ''5'', which tried to tone down the "doll-like" features of their female fighters and make them more natural looking, offered all sorts of sexy incentives for preorders like fuzzy bunny bikini costumes and squishy mouse pads. Also the ''Xtreme'' series as a volleyball/jet ski game is basically the video game development equivalent of an ExcusePlot. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6fp2yw6OCJg Observe.]] Did you notice much sports action in that trailer?
* ''VideoGame/{{Skullgirls}}'' has a rather cool art style, a good story for a fighter, some interesting characters with personalities that shows they actually have more depth to them then just their looks, some even having a tragic past but still been an up beat inspiration and good role model, and is an overall fun and solid tournament fighter but most people who haven't played the game for more then 10 minutes or at all often get stuck on its admittedly not so hidden fan service. Keep in mind said fan service is played for laughs and is only focused on for a few moments to deliver a punchline or two once in a while and then the game moves on and usually stays focused on the story for the most part.
* ''VideoGame/DantesInferno'' is about Lucifer's enormous schlong. Or it's about a more action-y take on one of the best known depictions of hell, and quite possibly being the first mass marketed media about the subject for a while.
* ''Franchise/FinalFantasy'':
** ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX2''. The plot? The GuideDangIt HundredPercentCompletion? The triumphant return of the Franchise/FinalFantasy Job System last seen in ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyTactics''? It's all overshadowed by the girls' {{stripperiffic}} dresspheres.
* To some fans, ''VideoGame/FireEmblemAwakening'' might as well be called "Super Ultra Waifu Fanservice Simulator 3000" due to its DatingSim elements and BeachEpisode DLC, never mind that it's supposed to be a medieval fantasy Turn-Based Strategy RPG. This is also most likely the reason that [[HotWitch Tharja]] and the [[SheIsAllGrownUp grown-up]] HotterAndSexier Tiki are the most well-known characters from the game.
** The next game in the series, ''VideoGame/FireEmblemFates'' is not faring much better in this regard. From the get-go, a lot of focus was placed on the character [[MsFanservice Camilla]] and her... assets. The eventual announcement of more fanservice-y elements in the game, such as the infamous face-rubbing game, hot springs, and the ability to dress your characters in swimsuits have split fans.
* Why should you play ''VisualNovel/{{Snatcher}}''? You get to flirt with all the women! And there's nudity! And something about Communist robots taking over the world with ReplicantSnatching, probably. Might as well play ''VisualNovel/{{Policenauts}}'' for the same reason. You can flirt with every girl in the game; you can even grope them!
* Since Creator/BioWare has, for the longest time, been the only major WesternRPG producer who consistently included {{Romance Sidequest}}s in their games, you'd be forgiven for thinking that that was all their games were about if you never played them. Curiously, you'd get that impression regardless of whether you listened to the detractors or to the die-hard fans.
* There are some people who have never even played ''VideoGame/StarFoxAdventures'', yet almost [[UsefulNotes/FurryFandom everyone]] knows about Krystal, [[ChainmailBikini who mostly goes around in just a bra and a loincloth]].
* ''Franchise/TombRaider'': Lara Croft has huge guns - oh, and pistols, too. A lot of people play the game through on all difficulty levels and get all the trophies-just to unlock the bikini costumes, and to angle the camera to get the best view of Lara's ass.
* ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoSanAndreas'': Three words--[[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_Coffee_mod "Hot Coffee" Mod.]]
* ''VideoGame/PrinceOfPersiaWarriorWithin''. Shahdee is a minor character who gets dispatched not far into the game, yet thanks to her [[ThongOfShielding outfit]] and [[MaleGaze introduction sequence]], many remember her like she was the focus of the game.
* ''VideoGame/{{Darkstalkers}}'' is about a busty, drool-inducing, barely-clothed [[HornyDevils succubus]] who is sexier than sex, wanders the earth looking for a good time, and appears in most of [[VideoGame/CapcomVsWhatever Capcom's crossover titles]], [[SarcasmMode right]]? And sometimes people vaguely remember the CatGirl, whose motivation is, um... SavingTheOrphanage... and some kind of Chinese undead girl who has blue cleavage and attacks with... um... dunno. Morrigan's the sole Darkstalker in four games: ''[[VideoGame/CapcomVsSNKMillenniumFight2000 Capcom vs. SNK]]'', ''[[VideoGame/CapcomVsSNK2MarkOfTheMillennium Capcom vs. SNK 2]]'', ''VideoGame/MarvelVsCapcomClashOfTheSuperheroes'', and ''VideoGame/TatsunokoVsCapcom''. Demitri, who is [[WordOfGod the series' protagonist]], has only shown up in two fighters: ''[[VideoGame/SNKVsCapcomSVCChaos SVC Chaos]]'' and ''VideoGame/CapcomFightingEvolution''. However, this only concerns fighting game appearances and Demitri has appeared in non-fighters like ''VideoGame/NamcoXCapcom'' and ''VideoGame/CrossEdge'' alongside Morrigan herself. He also fits this trope in a roundabout way: Demitri himself is known more for his [[GenderBender Midnight Bliss attack that transforms male characters into attractive female versions of themselves]] and [[FanservicePack females into a more fetishy version of themselves]] ([[FanDisservice usually]]).
* ''VideoGame/DragonQuestIV'' was the first ''VideoGame/DragonQuest'' game to have multiple party members with distinctive personalities, rather than use a predetermined party or a team of PlayerMooks. Of all the characters, MsFanservice [[{{Stripperiffic}} Maya's]] artwork is leaps and bounds more voluminous than any other character in the series.
** [[{{Stripperiffic}} Jessica]] of ''VideoGame/DragonQuestVIII'', appearing as the only one who can change outfits on maps and ''puff-puff'' the enemies into various states of confusion with her sex appeal abilities.
** Similarly, ''VideoGame/DragonQuestIII'' summed up in four words: [[ActionGirl Female Warrior]], ChainmailBikini. Most of the other female classes are also excessively popular, particularly the [[MinidressOfPower Sage]], [[NaughtyNuns Cleric]], and [[PlayboyBunny Jester]]. ''DQIII'' did (and still does) have a lot going for it such as the then-big reveal that [[spoiler:the game's a prequel to its two preceding entries (''you're'' the eponymous Erdrick/Loto whom the trilogy is named after)]], and [[spoiler:Ramia, the bird your party flies around the map on, even shows up in the [[VideoGame/DragonQuestVIII eighth game]] as the Godbird Empyrea]], but if there's one thing emblazoned in the fandom's minds, it's the women... and the game ''[[GameFavoredGender encourages]]'' this!
* In ''[[VideoGame/FirstEncounterAssaultRecon FEAR]] 2'', Alma rapes you. That's right, YOU! Oh yeah and some other stuff happens.
* ''Franchise/{{Pokemon}}''
** Ask a ''Pokémon'' fan to think of a female character, and chances are they'll think of [[VideoGame/PokemonBlackAndWhite Skyla or Elesa]] first due to their [[{{Stripperiffic}} outfits]].
** [[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl Dawn]] is quite recalled for her short skirt, however [[VideoGame/PokemonRedAndBlue Leaf's]] is barely longer.
** Leaf actually has the same size chest as May, but she's often ignored because she has yet to have a canon appearance within the games and has no anime appearances.
** And of course there's [[VideoGame/PokemonDiamondAndPearl Cynthia]], who hangs out in a resort along with Skyla and Elesa.
** For a male example, [[PokemonRubyAndSapphire OmegaRuby and AlphaSapphire]] are praised for making Archie and Maxie into total {{Mr Fanservice}}s and also some other stuff that the games apparently changed.
* ''VideoGame/SummonNight'' is most well-known in the west for its {{Gay Option}}s and its other fanservices, mostly in the ''Swordscraft Story'' series though. It doesn't help that the box of one of the games displays a screen of Pratty saying she [[ItMakesSenseInContext kisses girls all the time]].
* ''VideoGame/MagiciansQuestMysteriousTimes'' is known for being both an "''VideoGame/AnimalCrossing'' clone" and "an ''VideoGame/AnimalCrossing'' clone where you can be gay."
* ''VideoGame/HarvestMoonDS Cute'' is somewhat infamous within the fandom for the RomanticTwoGirlFriendship GayOption that was taken out of the international versions.
* Creator/{{Vanillaware}}'s title ''VideoGame/DragonsCrown'' became an example of this pretty much immediately after its characters were revealed. Fans are less concerned about the quality of the title (which, granted, is nothing to worry about since Vanillaware's releases are consistently good) and more concerned about how much Fetish Fuel the [[HotWitch Sorceress]] and {{Amazon|ianBeauty}} provide.
* Ask most people about ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'' and they'll say "Yeah, I know that game. [[NeverLiveItDown Isn't it that fighting game]] with [[UnsettlingGenderReveal the boy who dresses up as a girl]]?" Yep. ''VideoGame/GuiltyGear'' is a game with intense fast-paced combat, an interesting {{Animesque}} setting and [[AwesomeMusic/GuiltyGear a ridiculously awesome soundtrack]], yet it is doomed to be forever remembered as "The Game That Gave Us [[WholesomeCrossdresser Bridget]]."
** Another common sentiment is "Is that the game which gave us [[MsFanservice Dizzy]]?"
* ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' is about a world of super-powered magical action girls (many of which are {{Cute Monster Girl}}s who are ReallySevenHundredYearsOld). Who have interesting ([[NoHuggingNoKissing but never romantic]]) relationships with each other. Which gives way to tons of fanart (cute, gorgeous or [[RuleThirtyFour very risque]]) and awesome music. "Shoot em ups"? What's a "shoot em up"? [[note]]Unlike other examples on this page, the creator does lament that it's not best known as a shoot em up. Bummer.[[/note]]
* ''[[VideoGame/AdvancedVariableGeo Advanced V.G.]]'' has [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yvTsagnxr0o a surprisingly deep combat system]] and an intricate storyline involving a group of super-empowered waitresses being pitted against [[GattacaBabies genetically enhanced]] [[TykeBomb hybrids.]] But, [[NeverLiveItDown thanks to the notoriety]] of the [[HGame H-Game series]] that preceded it, most seem to think it's all about [[ShamefulStrip women having to strip]] and [[spoiler: being raped]].
* ''VideoGame/AgarestSenki'' effectively uses this as a selling point. 5-generation-long romance story? The whole game is a NintendoHard with TimedMission and HundredPercentCompletion? Screw that, [[NeverTrustATrailer US publishers]] know that players are playing for fan services, and RPG elements are just extra.
* CompileHeart [[AgarestSenki may]] [[{{Neptunia}} have]] [[MugenSouls beaten]] their record with their latest game called ''VideoGame/GenkaiTotsukiMonsterMonpiece'' thanks [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=31SF5DDMu8o to this trailer.]]
* Any and all discussion of ''{{TERA}}'' will be dominated by and centered around the rights of the female playable characters to wear {{Chainmail Bikini}}s, and whether or not people who play as Elins are pedophiles because they wear the same stuff that all the other females are wearing
* ''VideoGame/MuchiMuchiPork'' is known less for the bells and whistles of a Shinobu Yagawa shmup like [[DynamicDifficulty rank]] and crazy scoring mechanics, and more for its pandering to plus-size fetishists.
* The two ''VideoGame/QueensBlade'' video games are creditable, if short, [[StrategyRPG strategy RPGs]] with a genuinely interesting combat system and a meaty level of [[NintendoHard challenge]]. People remember them for two things: (1) [[Anime/QueensBlade the parent franchise]] and (2) ClothingDamage.
* ''VideoGame/ArTonelico'' is best known among non-fans for two things: its music, and the copious amounts of fanservice and innuendos.
* ''Franchise/{{Metroid}}'': SamusIsAGirl, and shucks her armor and clothes in the best ending.
* While ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' series itself avoids this trope being a highly popular with little fanservice, its spin-off, ''VideoGame/HyruleWarriors'', isn't so lucky. Even though it's a ''VideoGame/DynastyWarriors'' game based on ''The Legend of Zelda'', for people who aren't interested in the game, they usually know about [[EvilisSexy Cia's cleavage and Ganondorf's redesign]] ([[AdaptationalBadass though to be fair the other Zelda characters' redesigns are also well known]]).
* ''VideoGame/{{Rust}}'': Inverted, since it's [[DoubleStandard male frontal nudity]], but yeah— you start balls-out naked, and that's about what half the Internet knows about the game. There's a mosaic by default, but it can be disabled. Pants are a highly treasured bit of loot.
* Inverted with various pornographic ''{{VideoGame/Qix}}'' knockoffs, where they're remembered more for their blatant copyright infringement and the women turning into abominations such as [[{{Franchise/Hellraiser}} Pinhead]] than the actual erotic content.
* ''VideoGame/SenranKagura'' is best known for its [[LoadsAndLoadsOfCharacters large cast]] of [[GagBoobs particularly]] [[JigglePhysics bouncy]] schoolgirls and utterly shameless fanservice with a penchant for [[ClothingDamage leaving said girls in lingerie]]. Those who've actually played the game report competently-executed and enjoyable brawlers, with an actual plot that is not only well fleshed-out, but almost devoid of fanservice, portraying the Shinobi as people with their own goals, values and sacrifices.

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* The eighth issue of ''Webcomic/{{Sonichu}}'', the most sexually explicit one, is also the most infamous.

[[folder: Web Original ]]
* A Website/YouTube video on a channel known as Vlogvetica featured a naked guy walking in the background, for maybe one second, and was never pointed out in the actual video. Guess what every single comment was about.
* For that matter, there are entire [=YouTube=] channels out there (seriously, countless numbers of them) ''dedicated'' to Fanservice. If they don't feature titillating scenarios created by the site owner, they'll include all manner of Fanservicey scenes from films and television - in some cases, from movies and shows that are terrible or extremely obscure and worth watching ''[[JustHereForGodzilla only]]'' [[JustHereForGodzilla for the fanservice]].
* "But You Screw One Goat", the former name of BestialityIsDepraved, is the punchline of a joke that owes its humor as much if not more to the trope under discussion here than the one that actually bore its name.
* From [[Wiki/TVTropes This Wiki]] on the BodyPaint page at one point:
-->'''Troper:''' I saw an Israeli war movie (forget the name, sorry) that began and ended with a scene showing the protagonist and his girlfriend rubbing paint all over each other while making love. Not sure what this had to do with the rest of the movie.
-->'''Other troper:''' Who cares?
* Any sex scene in ''Roleplay/SurvivalOfTheFittest'' quite often eclipses the character. Case in point, there's a reason that She Bop (girl on girl rape) is the most infamous thread of V3. So far as characters go, Rosa Fiametta of V4 often gets this treatment, to the point where her characterisation is simplified to just being a sex maniac due to the frequency with which she gets it on.
* WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic
** He gets kidnapped in The Game Heroes ad. Fangirls completely failed to notice what they were selling, being distracted by the pretty boy getting manhandled and a gun being put to his head.
** The ''Film/SurfNinjas'' review is a DyingDream episode, with lots of clever SarcasmMode, a nice scene where The Other Guy and friends are looking after Critic, and Optimus Prime bringing him back to life by dying for his sins. And what do people remember? "[[ShirtlessScene GEEEEEEENIUS!]]"
** ''Film/TransformersDarkOfTheMoon'' and ''Film/Jungle2Jungle'' reviews...? Oh! They're the ones where Doug just shows off the epic job his wife did on messing up his neck, right?
* From the way TGWTG fandom tells it, you'd think the whole eighteen minutes of the WebVideo/{{Sonic}} movie was just Creator/DougWalker getting abused and then made to kneel.

[[folder: Western Animation]]
* A weird example when it comes to ''WesternAnimation/Ben10UltimateAlien'', in that this isn't a fan's, but a ''writer'''s point of view. Most fans remember [[BigBad Aggregor]] as a MagnificentBastard and [[{{Badass}} the most competent villain in the show]] [[spoiler:(if a bit of an AntiClimaxBoss toward the end)]]. When asked about his opinion of the character and the reason he doesn't want to bring him back in Ben10Omniverse, however, Derrick J. Wyatt's answer usually is to complain about the fact the character ''[[WalkingShirtlessScene doesn't wear a shirt]]''.
* One of the more notable ''WesternAnimation/CatDog'' episodes is the extreme muscle growth episode "Pumped". It's most likely the only episode non-fans can remember off the top of their heads.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheModifyers'' only aired a half episode pilot before it was rejected. The only reason most people know it ''[[SugarWiki/NeedsMoreLove even existed]]'' is because of [[WeirdAlEffect the unofficial porn parody of it]], which has spawned loads of hentai fanart of [[XMakesAnythingCool Xe]][[TheProtagonist ro]].
* The film ''Animation/ElArca'' is mostly remembered for Panthy's dance scene. Wasn't it also based on Noah's Ark?
* The existence of short series ''WesternAnimation/FishPolice'' is only remembered because it had lots of quite un-cartoonish passionate kissing as well as other content that was considered too risque for children's TV. It was also remembered as [[DuelingShows one of the early competitors]] of ''WesternAnimation/TheSimpsons'' (along with ''WesternAnimation/FamilyDog'' and ''WesternAnimation/CapitolCritters''--a ''Simpsons'' Halloween special even had [[TakeThat a sight gag that showed those three shows on tombstones]]) that got canceled due to all three shows being critical and ratings disasters (though gaining cult followings years after being taken off the air).
* ''WesternAnimation/HeManAndTheMastersOfTheUniverse1983'' was a successful children's cartoon in the '80s. What do people talk about to this day? The homosexual undertones.
* The ''Film/{{Spaceballs}}'' animated series was largely disliked except for all the women with oversized breasts.
* ''WesternAnimation/SymBionicTitan'''s memorable characters, great animation, and plethora of catchy music are sadly far out-shined for most by Kimmie's infamous ass dance in episode 10. Say it with us now: [[GettingCrapPastTheRadar SHAKE IT, BAKE IT, BOOTY QUAKE IT!]]
* ''WesternAnimation/TheAvengersEarthsMightiestHeroes'': The Season 1 episode "The Casket of Ancient Winters" is primarily remembered for a brief scene at a poolside with Hawkeye in swimming trunks, and the [[MostCommonSuperpower very busty]] Wasp in a bikini. Also Hulk, but he's [[WalkingShirtlessScene always shirtless]].
* ''WesternAnimation/TimeSquad'': Today's fans enjoy talking for hours on end on how fabulously gay Larry 3000 was and the blatant homosexual innuendo that revolved around the series entirely.
* Possibly due to it [[GirlShowGhetto being female geared]], many men mainly remember ''WesternAnimation/{{Braceface}}'' for the breast expansion episode.
* From the way people discuss ''WesternAnimation/TotallySpies'' you would think it's nothing but pandering to every fetish possible.
* ''WesternAnimation/MiraculousLadybug'' is mostly known for having a [[MrFanservice cute boy]] in a skintight [[{{Catgirl}} cat]] [[AnimalThemedSuperbeing costume]] as the second main character.

[[folder: Real Life ]]
* Katrina Darrell was in the auditions of Season 8 of ''Series/AmericanIdol''. This is the infamous "Bikini Girl".
* That ''American's Greatest Inventor'' show? The one with the Naughty Knot Lingerie.
* And practically every girl/girl group act who was talentless but ''hawt'' on shows like ''America's Got Talent'' and the like, where their looks swayed the male judges but not the female one(s).
** In the first season of ''Series/AmericasGotTalent'', the first presentation of stripper Michelle L'Amour was specially memorable: judges Creator/DavidHasselhoff and PiersMorgan had to physically struggle against judge BrandyNorwood not to have their buzzers pressed.
* UsefulNotes/BillClinton was the President of the United States for eight years (1993-2001). The only thing that many people remember about him was his many sex scandals (Paula Jones, Gennifer Flowers, and, most infamous of all, Monica Lewinsky). Parodied on ''Series/MockTheWeek'' when the panel suggested that then British Prime Minister Gordon Brown should have a sex scandal so that no one would remember his actual policies.
* When Brandi Chastain ripped off her soccer jersey and displayed her (not particularly immodest) sports bra.
** Now name the event, year, and opponent. [[spoiler:Winning the 1999 Women's World Cup against the Chinese team]].
** Thanks to a combination of this and SmallReferencePools, quite a few people don't remember it was Chastain that actually did this and instead attribute this to Mia Hamm, since she's the only female soccer player a lot of people can name. They don't even remember the person, just the bra.
** Pointed out by ''Magazine/{{MAD}}'' in their "50 Worst Things About Sports" issue, listing this and "Anna Kournikova {{panty shot}}s" as the only things that will ever be remembered about female athletes.
** And now we can add the Venus and Serena Williams in tennis; they're either known as those two AmazonianBeauty tennis sisters, or the ones that mainstreamed loud, aggressive, yet unexpectedly ''[[OrgasmicCombat passionate sounding]]'' grunts and shouts to the sport. Nevermind that for the better part of a decade they were indisputably the #1 and #2 tennis players in the world, only trading the spot back and forth between each other, and almost unbeatable as a doubles team.
** Another example is Michelle Jenneke's pre-race dancing. People remember that who couldn't tell you her name, nationality, the event she was racing in, and the outcome of the race. (Jenneke's Australian and she was racing in the 100 meter hurdles race at the 2012 World Junior Championships in Athletics in Barcelona, Spain. She finished in fifth place and American Morgan Snow won the event.)
* Any famous nude statue or painting. If someone mentions Creator/MichelangeloBuonarroti's ''David'', the first thing that comes to mind for many people is ''not'' the fact that it portrays him before the battle with Goliath.
** Michelangelo broke from the norm with ''David'' depicting him ''about to fight'' Goliath, instead of after his victory. Thus David is missing the artifacts that would normally give it away to the uninformed viewer, such as the head of Goliath or an empty sling. This is probably what happens when you show generations of people a statue of a nude man with the only explanation "This is David, he's a beautiful work of art." The statue itself is supposed to be meaningful both in its grasp of human determination to fight oppression and in its portrayal of human anatomy, but all anybody remembers is "naked".
*** His relative lack of... um... endowment is also often brought up, as well as the fact that he is not circumcised, as would have been the Jewish practice.
**** FridgeBrilliance when you realize the reason he's... shrunken is he's [[OhCrap about to fight Goliath.]]
* Any and all "sex tapes" scandals. Whether or not the person is at all notable is irrelevant, as is the fact that it is indistinguishable from amateur porn, famous people having sex is ''clearly'' interesting. Most notably, Creator/ParisHilton basically built ''an entire career'' using this trope.
* Creator/KimKardashian, whilst she built the majority of her career on a sex tape with singer Ray J, is basically the epitome of MsFanservice. Does anyone actually have any idea what she does? More to the point, does anyone care?
* More than a few studies have found that while sexual content makes an ad memorable it only helps them remember they saw a sexy ad, they're often no better at remembering what it was trying to sell.
* The Los Angeles debuts of ''Film/FourWeddingsAndAFuneral'' was going to be Creator/HughGrant's big debut in America. However, his girlfriend, unknown actress Elizabeth Hurley, showed up wearing a {{Stripperiffic}} Versace dress [[http://www.stylebiscuit.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/10/liz-hurley-versace1.jpg held together with giant safety pins.]] Hurley was on the cover of every fashion and celebrity publication, which both launched her career and made Versace a household name.
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Channing_Tatum Channing Tatum]] seems to be heading down this road. While a [[SugarWiki/HeReallyCanAct good actor in his own right]], once news leaked that he worked as a male stripper for a year before finding success as an actor, it's all anyone wants to talk about, and although he's capitalizing on it with the movie ''Magic Mike,'' it tends to bleed over into his promotion of other movies, like ''The Vow.'' Not even the episode of ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'' he hosted was immune to exploiting this: he admitted it in the monologue, was shirtless in a couple of sketches, and even played a male stripper in the final sketch of the night.
* Joe Manganiello has been hit with this so hard there's [[http://bitchmagazine.org/post/big-dick-richie-joe-manganiello-magic-mike-feminist-magazine-sex-object cultural commentary]] about it (article contains some potentially-NSFW ''Magic Mike'' screenshots.) Between his WalkingShirtlessScene on ''Series/TrueBlood'' and his run as "Big Dick Richie" in ''Film/MagicMike,'' some female bloggers have noticed that almost every appearance he does is less about asking about him or his movie roles and more about the female presenters pawing at him, getting him to take off his shirt, and asking questions like what kind of underwear he wears. They've started to notice (some amused, some a little more worried) that women have been objectifying him the same way they complain about men objectifying women. For what it's worth, Manganiello himself seemed to get a little frustrated with it after a while, but seems to be a good sport about it, apparently saying at one point he's done all the serious classical theater already and is just having fun at this point.
* In the first 2012 Mexican presidential candidate debate, [[http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/upshot/julia-orayen-former-playboy-playmate-steals-show-mexican-223108792.html everyone remembered the former Playboy model.]]
* In spite of the number of channels it runs, the variety of movies it shows, and its attempts both past and present to make more mainstream original programming, Creator/{{Cinemax}} is still mainly remembered for soft core porn and plenty of it - to the point where it's still frequently referred to as [[FanNickname "Skinemax"]].
* Do you remember Dennis Kucinich or anything about his politics when he ran for the 2008 Democratic Nomination (against Obama and Clinton)? How about the hot six-foot tall redhead that was his wife?
* Averted by Creator/SylvesterStallone. Most people are not aware that he started as a soft core pornography actor.
->'''[[JustForFun/StatlerAndWaldorf Waldorf]]:''' You know, it's funny, but I don't remember any fanservice in this show.\\
'''Statler:''' At our age, we can barely remember the show at all!\\
'''Waldorf:''' Well thank goodness for that!\\
'''Both:''' Dohohohohohohoh!