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->''"Anyone who calls me by that name dies. That is the policy."''
-->-- '''Touko Aozaki''', ''LightNovel/KaraNoKyoukai''

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In short, some characters almost always get enraged when given a certain trigger.

Say you're dealing with a character who seems perfectly normal. They're a [[NiceGuy nice person]]; friendly, sociable, and well-adjusted, saving stray kittens and helping old ladies cross the street on the way to their day job of working at a soup kitchen.

[[BewareTheNiceOnes But then you make a mistake]]. You happen to mention in passing what you think is a fairly innocuous observation, maybe pointing out that they could stand to lose a little weight, or is [[HeightAngst a little on the short side]], or maybe could use a girlfriend or boyfriend, or you do something that you think is no big deal in their presence, like question WhoNamesTheirKidDude. And the character instantly goes ''ballistic'', flying into a screaming, frothing, sometimes [[BerserkerTears tearful]] UnstoppableRage, from which you will be lucky to escape with your life.

You have just pressed the Berserk Button.

The Berserk Button is one type of UsefulNotes/{{Trigger}}, where the response is one of extreme anger. That is, engaging the trigger turns an ordinary character into TheBerserker.

In comedic works, the Berserk Button tends to be a physical feature that the character is insecure or in denial about, like their {{height|Angst}}. Animals also don't seem to like having their [[IAmNotWeasel species misidentified]]. Comedic Berserk Buttons are often used to make an otherwise unflappable character lose their cool and go off on a hilarious rant. In cartoons, you can usually tell when a Berserk Button has been hit when the character who has it turns bright red and [[BurningWithAnger steam starts shooting out their ears]].

In dramatic works, the Berserk Button is often tied to something important about a character; a particularly hated enemy, or a painful failure that hits too CloseToHome. Insulting the memory of a dead family member, for example, or pitying someone who insists "DontYouDarePityMe." If you're unfortunate enough to hit someone's Berserk Button in a dramatic work, being on the receiving end of a rant is the ''very'' least of your worries depending on the situation and the character.

If a person seems to get angry over anything and everything, they have a HairTriggerTemper. For the trope's opposite, see KindnessButton. See also TraumaButton. Compare and contrast RantInducingSlight and RageBreakingPoint, where it's a series of events that causes them to no longer be able to hold back anymore.

'''This trope is not about anger in response to a loved one being hurt or threatened, because that is a reasonable response.'''

For other related tropes, see AngerTropes, ProtectiveTropes, ObsessionTropes and PrejudiceTropes.


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