An ''Interesting'' WebAnimation/{{YouTube Poop}}er who started making poops in 2009, but didn't open a channel until 2011. Most of his videos are AdobeFlash poops.
Relevant tropes:
* ImAHumanitarian. [[SidTheScienceKid Sid,Gerald,May,Garbriella, and teacher susie]], eat Sid's grandma.
* MindScrew. A couple of his poops are this. [[ This]] one is a good example.
* GainaxEnding. Some of his poops end this way, See the Mind Screw entry for a good example.
* JitteryDragon. He has recently started re-uploading some of JitteryDragon's Poops.
* ScreamerPrank. Some of his poops end with this.
* LostEpisode. Most of the 2008-2010/11 poops are lost, due to his computer crashing.
* DarkerAndEdgier. Compared to his older poops, Some of his newer ones are this. 2 Shits and a turd [[ is an example]]
* SomethingCompletelyDifferent. Started making RollerCoasterTycoon videos, (Eventually went back to making poops.)