''Don't examine this too closely.''

Said by {{producer|s}} Creator/DonaldPBellisario on March 17, 1990 at a sci-fi fan convention in response to a persistent fan with very specific questions about the way things worked on ''Series/QuantumLeap'', a series Bellisario had produced.

Bellisario's Maxim is an unashamed admission of {{handwav|e}}ing details unnecessary to the enjoyment of a show, and an exhortation to not let the obsession with those details get in the way of the story. Implicit in the Maxim is a request to understand that the story is being told by a small production team that (due to the limitations of the medium) has to work quickly, with a [[NoBudget limited budget]] and [[CosmicDeadline tight deadlines]], and has to dodge ExecutiveMeddling, all while trying to turn out the best product it can.

Frequently quoted in various fan communities in response to excessive FanWank, and to arguments about {{Canon}}, {{Fanon}}, WordOfDante, WordOfSaintPaul, and WordOfGod. At its worst, it's misused to cover up cases where a creator genuinely did a bad job.

See also {{MST3K Mantra}}, FridgeLogic, ShrugOfGod, RuleOfCool, AWizardDidIt, WillingSuspensionOfDisbelief, and AnthropicPrinciple. Contrast MoffsLaw.
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