If a director is seen in fiction, they will more often than not have a beard, possibly as a reference to one of the real life people below.

For UsefulNotes/TheGoldenAgeOfHollywood image of a director, see Creator/CecilBDeMille.
!!Real Life examples:

* Creator/DarrenAronofsky (stops shaving whilst working on movies)
* Creator/TimBurton ("artistic" goatee)
* Creator/JamesCameron (pre-''Film/{{Avatar}}'')
* [[Creator/TheCoenBrothers Joel and Ethan Coen]]
* Creator/FrancisFordCoppola
* Creator/GuillermoDelToro
* Creator/BrianDePalma
* Creator/DavidFincher
* Creator/JonathanFrakes (the originator of GrowingTheBeard itself)
* Creator/JimHenson
* Creator/DennisHopper
* Creator/RonHoward
* Creator/PeterJackson
* Creator/StanleyKubrick
* Creator/GeorgeLucas
* Creator/ChristopherNolan
* Creator/RobReiner
* Creator/JasonReitman
* Creator/MartinScorsese (on coke)
* Creator/RidleyScott
* Creator/KevinSmith
* Creator/StevenSpielberg
* Creator/EdgarWright

!!Fictional Examples:

* Steve Scott in ''VideoGame/GrandTheftAutoViceCity'', a reference to Creator/StevenSpielberg and Creator/RidleyScott (voiced by Creator/DennisHopper).
* Marty Di Bergi, "director" of ''Film/ThisIsSpinalTap'' (played by Rob Reiner, director of ''Film/ThisIsSpinalTap'').
* Chris Silverscreen in ''VideoGame/EliteBeatAgents'', who looks like the son of Creator/KevinSmith and Creator/StevenSpielberg.
* See also, [[http://www.bandwidththeater.com/magicfeather.html this]] episode of ''Bandwidth Theatre ''.
* Axel's director in ''VideoGame/{{Disgaea 2|CursedMemories}}'', being a demon, has a birdlike face which suggests a beard.
* The auteur elf from the 2009 Crimbo event in ''VideoGame/KingdomOfLoathing''.