Bazooka frenzy is a term used to define a character who, usually for unexplained reasons, uses some kind of incendiary or explosive device to destroy an object at random (note that it must be done intentionally). This trope could also be seen as a sub trope to being {{Ax Crazy}}.

One doesn't need to use a bazooka to be categorized into this trope, [[StuffBlowingUp bazookas are just fun.]]



* ''Roleplay/{{Shadowhunter Peril}}'''s Veronica Marie Carter is this to a T. Despite already being [[AttentionDeficitOohShiny horrendously distracted by everything else going on]] around her and setting demonic pies after her friends just for [[ItAmusedMe shits and giggles]], Veronica often tends to pull a bazooka out of her purse and [[KillItWithFire light up the nearest object or person in a ball of flame.]] As to why the Resistance keeps her around when all she does besides killing demons is attempting to kill her teammates, remains a mystery.