BJK, or Benjamin Joseph Kuniyoshi (or simply Ben) White is the tea-powered indie author of what he likes to call 'books'. Or what ''I'' like to call 'books', because I'm already sick of referring to myself in the third person. Let's refresh ourselves with a new paragraph, shall we?

Oh, hello! You came with me, I wasn't sure if you would or not. I write in the genre of 'YA that's also for grown-ups who like YA'. It's a niche, I admit. Most of my stories also fall squarely into the sub-sub-genre of 'girls kicking arse', not just because GirlsNeedRoleModels but also because, well, I just like writing strong female characters. Girls are more fun. Also, [[Franchise/MassEffect Commander Shepard]] is a woman, I have no idea where these bizarre rumours about Shepard being a man came from.

Now, let's get listy-listing! These are the books I've published (or will publish), by series:

'''Literature/MiyaBlackPiratePrincess''' - The story of a girl who would do anything to protect her home.

I: Adventure Dawns

II: Freedom & Responsibility

III: Fractured Lives

IV: This Impossible World, This Impossible Girl

V: Every Glorious Tomorrow

'''CharlottePowers''' - The diary of fifteen year-old would-be Greatest Superhero Charlotte Powers. (Alternately, "An odd combination of stream-of-conscious anxieties and high-flying save-the-world goals written by an overzealous, na´ve teenaged girl in her wristwatch computer diary".)

1 - Power Down

2 - Power Play

3 - Hidden Power

4 - Rising Power

5 - Power Overwhelming (TBR 2013)

'''[[{{Literature/ResonanceBookOneBirdsOfPassage}} Resonance]]''' - Dark fantasy ensemble thing about young people gaining powers in a vaguely post-apocalyptic world.

Book One: Birds Of Passage

Book Two: Against Darker Days

Book Three: Blood For Blood (TBR sometime maybe I don't know don't push me)

'''Imogen Shroud''' - Gloomy girl fights depression, zombies.

1 - The Undying Apathy Of Imogen Shroud

2 - The Enduring Unlife Of Imogen Shroud (TBR?)

'''Other Books'''

The Boy & Little Witch - Whimsically charming (and charmingly whimsical) tale of two best friends and their journey across a lonely land in search of their stolen headwear.

'''Future Projects'''

Bright Battle Story: Tactics Heart - In essence, the story of how one Obstinate Neutral dwarven rogue decides to Take On The System and put her team of seemingly useless, low-tier characters up against high-tier teams. Less of a parody of {{Role Playing Game}}s and wargames, more of an underdog sports story except with an SRPG setting rather than baseball or whatever. I won't lie; I am in love with this story.

Injuring Eternity (provisional title) - Something of a love letter to ''Series/SapphireAndSteel'' and ''Series/DoctorWho'' and other great British scifi TV shows. Involves timey-wimey stuff as well as themes of loss, determinism, loneliness, inevitability and so forth.

You can read more about many of these books on my website thing, which is here:

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Linky-links to my books' Amazon pages are on some of those sites, too. I'm focusing on e-publishing right now, so if you have a Kindle or similar, well, ho ho, eh? Ho ho! Hem hem hem hah! And let's say no more about it.