[[caption-width-right:350:Sure, it'll one-shot anyone you fire it at, but how the hell are you supposed to aim or reload it?]]

->''"Gimmicky shit like that has no place in a real fight. Watch, and I'll prove it."''
-->-- '''Raiden''' on Sundowner's Scissor Swords, ''VideoGame/MetalGearRisingRevengeance''

It's awesome, powerful, unstoppable... but not as useful as it might seem (if it's useful at all).

Yes, it seems that the designers put so much time into maxing out the "ultimate" factor of the ultimate attack that they forgot to actually make it usable. Maybe it [[YouRequireMoreVespeneGas requires too many resources]] to use, causing its allure of "awesome" to be lost as fast as your party's money. Maybe it requires some sort of bizarre set-up to enact, making your normal attacks and spells much easier to apply inside of battle. Maybe it has a considerable chance of [[CriticalFailure failing]] or [[DeathOrGloryAttack backfiring]] that makes it unreliable from the start. Or maybe in mathematical terms it doesn't deliver as much bang for the buck as "inferior" alternatives.

Whatever the reason, it will get used once, as a test drive, and then never again. Yeah, it's awesome, but you've got a game to win here. Keep in mind, Awesome, But Impractical is not CoolButInefficient, which is where something appears to be awesome, but has no real benefit to using. Sometimes Awesome, But Impractical moves carry a situational advantage, or are so DifficultButAwesome that even highly skilled players have trouble using them -- but there '''is''' an advantage over normal moves if you can afford to pay the penalties. Sure, maybe that mini-nuke will [[TotalPartyKill irradiate and possibly kill your party]], but [[GodzillaThreshold if you're in a big enough pinch, possibility of death beats guaranteed death, so you may as well try it.]]

The very act of using a million tons of firepower on a few weaklings (a.k.a [[ThereIsNoKillLikeOverkill Overkilling]]) is also awesome but impractical.

Mind you, if you care about doing cool stuff over winning, [[TropesAreNotBad they can be quite fun]]. A [[StopHavingFunGuys competitive player]] will never look at them twice; this can be one of the good things about being a {{Noob}}.

Related to the BraggingRightsReward and InventionalWisdom on occasion. See also UselessUsefulSpell, BlessedWithSuck. Contrast TooAwesomeToUse, BoringButPractical, GameBreaker, and SimpleYetAwesome. Compare ''and'' contrast DifficultButAwesome; there, the focus usually is on Impractical turning out to be Awesome. Crosses with DeathOrGloryAttack when a miss will result in nasty consequences, and PowerfulButInaccurate when lack of accuracy is the reason for the impracticality. ScaryImpracticalArmor is a SubTrope, as well as ImpracticallyFancyOutfit. In RealLife, this trope is often the reason behind IWantMyJetPack, and why a RareGun is rare in real life but common in fiction.

''Please add only examples whose impracticality is shown within the work. If it works fine in-universe but later thought renders it clearly impractical, that's FridgeLogic.''

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