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->''"Colonel Smithers looked exactly like someone who would be called Colonel Smithers."''
-->-- '''Creator/IanFleming''', ''Literature/{{Goldfinger}}''

Making a character look like the person they're supposed to be is perfectly legitimate character design. Then there are extreme cases where a character has some sort of incredibly rare or impossible combination of traits or even deformity that just works amazingly well with what they turn out to look like.

A hero with [[PlayingWithFire fire powers?]] He'll have been born with red and yellow hair that [[ImprobableHairstyle naturally stands up]] to look like fire, yellow eyes, [[PersonalityPowers a naturally hyper and excited personality]], and he'll always wear bright red, yellow, and orange. Got a gal who finds a magical artifact that gives her MartialArtsAndCrafts powers of Books? Then she'll "coincidentally" also have [[{{Meganekko}} huge glasses]], normally wear a librarian's tweed suit, wear her hair in a bun, and otherwise look like she was born for the job of [[SomethingPerson Library Lass.]]

This doesn't count for characters who get their appearance ''from'' who they are. [[Franchise/{{Batman}} Two-Face and the Joker]] don't count because their appearances ''caused'' their insanity, and vice-versa. The Penguin got his nickname ''from'' his combination of upper crust background, long nose, pot belly, and penchant for tuxedos. Likewise in terms of powers, [[ComicBook/XMen Colossus]] is a [[ChromeChampion man made of steel]], so being super strong and tough like steel should be logical. Those with VoluntaryShapeshifting powers are also excluded. They have actual mental control over their appearance, so it makes sense it would match up.

But then there are characters who don't just wear clothes and accessories that work with their [[ElementalPowers elemental theme]] and [[ColorCodedForYourConvenience color]] in TheTeam, but perfectly and completely embody who they are both in clothes and personal appearance. It encompasses their [[PersonalityPowers personality]], [[CharacterAlignment moral alignment]], [[MartialArtsAndCrafts profession]], and even [[GoodHairEvilHair hair]].

See also MonsterOfTheAesop for the Mook version of this trope, ObviouslyEvil for the villain version, and PersonalityPowers for the... well, personality version. Compare ColourCodedForYourConvenience, ColorCodedCharacters, and ColorMotif. Contrast FreakyFashionMildMind. If it's the person's ''name'' that's astonishingly appropriate, rather than his/her appearance, that's StevenUlyssesPerhero.

Supertrope to ElementalEyeColors and ElementalHair.



[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
* In ''Manga/{{Bleach}}'', [[MadScientist Szayelaporro Granz]] happens to have broken mask remnants that resemble the frames of rectangular glasses.
* A few of the Contractors in ''Anime/DarkerThanBlack'', who generally combine this with PersonalityPowers. For instance, Bertha was an overweight ex-opera singer (and it showed)- her power was to [[MakeMeWannaShout destroy things with her voice]], and Brita was a SexySecretary acting as a HoneyTrap whose [[PowerAtAPrice remuneration]] for her teleportation powers (which leave her ''naked'') was to [[IntimateHealing kiss people]]
* ''Manga/{{Naruto}}'' has a ''lot'', given the show's [[LoadsandLoadsofCharacters large cast]].
** [[BigBad Orochimaru]], whose pale skin, prehensile tongue, and slitted eyes make him look very much like the snakes he uses in battle. [[spoiler:later it reveals that his true form is a giant snake composed of tiny white snakes. And to think that he was creepy enough.]] He even looked like that when he was a little kid (before he could have done any of the self body modification that let would justify most of it), which really raises the question of just who the hell his parents were to pass on genes like that.
** The Jinchuurikis in all have some sort of physical traits of the Bijuus. Naruto has the whisker marks on his face (which get bigger as he used the Kyuubi's power), the Jinchuuriki of the Nibi has cat-like eyes, Killer Bee has two marks in the shape of ox horns on his left cheek plus a rope belt whose ends stick out behind him like tails, and [[spoiler:Kushina had bright-red hair just like the fox (which on cover even [[ExpressiveHair had sticking up into nine tails when she was angry]])]]. It does not appear these are really cases of RedRightHand as the markings in some cases are shown to be present even before the Bijuu in put inside them, as with Naruto himself.
** Many fans figured that Kisame, a man who fights with water jutsu and a sword called "sharkskin", was a [[LittleBitBeastly shark-man]] as a result of [[spoiler:fusing with Samehada and becoming even more shark-like]], but then we eventually saw that, no, he looked like that even before [[spoiler:getting Samehada]]. He's just like that by coincidence. He's not the only native of the Hidden Mist Village with shark-like appearance (especially [[spoiler:Samehada's previous owner, also by coincidence]]), though it's more extreme for him than for the others. Apparently there's just a segment of the population in that town with ''really'' odd genes. Or, you know, a really [[{{Squick}} unhealthy]] [[BestialityIsDepraved attraction to sharks...]]
* ''Manga/OnePiece'' probably provides a thousand examples:
** The most "prominent" would be Usopp's long nose. It signifies his lying personality (a reference to Pinocchio, of course) and some fans even speculate that it helps him aim better when shooting. It goes beyond his nose. His entire body, from his oversized feet and bony limbs to his skull cap all make him look like a giant marionette puppet brought to life. Even his dream is a parallel to Pinocchio's dream. A fake who wants to be real.
** One of the funnier examples is seen in a cover arc when it's shown that beneath his heart-shaped sunglasses, Jango has... ''heart-shaped eyes.''
** Subverted with Whitebeard, who certainly has an epically suitable white ''mustache'', but no beard. However with Japanese translation it becomes more of White Facial Hair explaining why he is named Whitebeard without a white beard.
** A lot of Devil Fruit users leave the impression that they are designed around the powers they receive from eating the eponymous fruits (which is the point of the trope). The most jarring example has to be the user of the Moku Moku no Mi (Smoke-Smoke Fruit), who is a CigarChomper named, well, '''Smoker'''.
* There is a minor side character in the ''Manga/RanmaOneHalf'' manga who cooks okonomiyaki. His face looks like a spatula. Also the Gambling King, who is a professional (though lame) gambler, looks like a king out of a card game, and wears a coat with ''hanafuda'' designs on it. The French Cuisine arc had the governess dressed in 20th century French gown in modern Japan, with her hair tied up to resemble a roast chicken. Although plot-justified (sort of), a Takoyaki chef spent the majority of his life wearing a Octopus mask.
* ''Franchise/SailorMoon'': While it's not natural, Usagi Tsukino and (to an even greater degree) her daughter Chibiusa wear their hair in a way to look like [[MoonRabbit rabbit ears]]. Likewise, Michiru's hair looks like ocean waves, while Makoto's original school uniform and hairstyle are meant to evoke a Delinquent, which she is rumored to be (but actually isn't, subverting the trope).
* Hayato/Chumley in ''Anime/YuGiOhGX'' looks like a koala (strangely not mentioned in the dub), naturally this is his deck theme.
* ''Anime/YuGiOh5Ds'': Andore of Team Unicorn, has hair resembling a unicorn's mane complete with a massive spike in its centre.
* Nezu from ''Manga/{{AKIRA}}'' is [[spoiler:TheMole]] and [[MeaningfulName his name means "rat"]]. He has squinty eyes and an overbite and his nose has a generally rat-like appearance.
* Like Michiru above, Erika from ''Anime/HeartCatchPrettyCure'' has hair that looks like ocean waves, [[MakingASplash fittingly enough]].
* If you showed someone a cast shot of ''[[Anime/AnoHanaTheFlowerWeSawThatDay Ano Hana]]'' and told them that one of the characters was a ghost, they probably wouldn't have any trouble figuring out which one it is: It's obviously the girl with the pale skin, silver hair, and white sun dress. Naturally, she looked like that even when she was alive.
* Himemaru, from the HaremComedy manga ''Manga/RappiRangai'', is a ninja who specializes in traps, both setting them up, and immobilizing opponents with ropes. He also has a ''very'' feminine appearance. That is, he's a [[UnsettlingGenderReveal trap]] who works with traps. It seems he was always like that, as he mentioned having "the most beautiful face in [his] village". Even his own father was shocked when he realized how much Himemaru looks like his mother.
* Onpu Segawa from ''Anime/OjamajoDoremi''. She is the idol girl and musical themed. Her head has a shape of a Music Note due to the help of her side ponytail. "Onpu" means "musical note".

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* Pyro, a villain with fire powers in the ''ComicBook/XMen'' series, has yellow hair that sticks up in irregular spikes that look like flame.
* Franchise/{{Batman}}:
** Arnold Wesker of the composite Batman villain Ventriloquist and Scarface believes that his dummy is behind his actions (which may be true) and is utterly submissive to the commands of Scarface. His appearance is that of a thin, bald, older man with glasses that hide his face that emphasizes his physical and mental weakness to Scarface (or for creating the personality of Scarface).
* ''ComicBook/FantasticFour'':
** Reed Richards was tall and thin even before those cosmic rays turned him into a RubberMan.
* Franchise/ArchieComics' ''Madhouse'' sometimes features Lester Cool and Chester Square. Chester head is ''cubical'', making his face and profile ''square''.
* One story from the ''Disney/MickeyMouse'' comics had a minor side character called Peter Porto who was a specialist on postage stamps. He not only had the oddly PropheticName which just seemed to destine him to become said expert, he also had a face that looked like a stamp. Of course, he could be so obsessed that he'd cut his beard and hair to look like that, but his face was a frikkin ''rectangle''.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* ''Fanfic/ChildrenOfAnElderGod'': Asuka is a temperamental, hot-blooded redhead, wears red clothes, pilots a red war mecha, ''and'' has fire powers.
* ''Fanfic/PokemonMaster'': Subverted with Misty. She is short-tempered, hot-blooded, rash, passionate... and a redhead. However her elemental powers are not associated with fire and heat but with water, ice and cold.
* [[FanFic/RainbowDoubleDashsLunaverse Corona, The Tyrant Sun]]. Fiery mane and tail, blank glowing white eyes, snow-white coat, all broadcasting the message "mad sun goddess blind to the monster she's become".
* ''Blog/AskTheMainFour'': Inverted with Kenny. His face is so innocent looking that even straight boys find him cute, however, he is the one with most Porn websites bookmarked.

* Gaetan "Mole" Moliere, the excavation expert in ''Disney/AtlantisTheLostEmpire'', has buck teeth, tiny eyes (actually, telescoping lenses) and large, claw-like hands, not unlike the animal he's nicknamed after.
* ''Film/XMenApocalypse'': All of the Ancient Egyptian Horsemen resemble their 1983 homologues an awful lot. Death is a fiercely loyal blonde, just like Angel, who inherits her title; Famine is a tall black woman with a mohawk-like haircut, just like the next Famine, Storm; War wears a helmet similar to Magneto's and looks a bit like him; and Pestilence, while being the least similar to his counterpart, shares with Psylocke a penchant for physical combat and the skills for it.

[[folder: Literature]]
%%* The page quote from Creator/IanFleming's novel ''Literature/{{Goldfinger}}''.
* In Creator/RogerZelazny's ''Literature/LordOfLight'' this is one of the defining characteristics of gods. So much so that they can be identified even if you've never met them before.
-->Those who look upon gods then say, without even knowing their names, "He is Fire. She is Dance. He is Destruction. She is Love."
* Requisite Discworld examples:
** In ''Discworld/MakingMoney'', Moist notes that Hubert is one of those names you can automatically put a face to. There might easily be Huberts who are tall and thin, but the Hubert he is introduced to is a good proper Hubert, that is to say, stubby and plump. (He is a bit off-model by having red hair, but it's no great distraction.)
** In ''Discworld/GoingPostal'', it's noted that looking like a piglet having a bright idea and sounding like a yappy dog doesn't ''necessarily'' mean Horsefry's an obnoxious UpperClassTwit, in much the same way as wearing red robes and a wig and sitting at the front of the courtroom doesn't necessarily mean someone's a judge.
* Someone in ''Literature/{{Fahrenheit 451}}'' was smart. At one point the protagonist takes a look around at his fellow firemen and realizes that it can't be coincidence that they are all grim, stoic-looking men with thick, carbon-black hair.
* ''Literature/HonorHarrington'' has Baron High Ridge, description of whose appearance ends in this:
-->If central casting had sent him to an HD producer for the role of an over-bred, cretinous aristocrat, the producer would have sent him back with a blistering memo about stereotypes and typecasting.
* ''Literature/SoLongAndThanksForAllTheFish'':
-->''...the wonderful girl's brother's name was Russell, a name which, to Arthur's mind, always suggested burly men with blond mustaches and blow dried hair... Russell was a burly man. He had a blond mustache. His hair was fine and blow dried.''
* In ''Literature/JohnDiesAtTheEnd'', this is a surefire way to know someone isn't real. Entities impersonating people tend to pull their appearance from your mind, so they look exactly as you'd expect them to. This is always a very bad thing
* Subverted, [[spoiler: then played straight]], by Laeshana in A.L. Phillips's ''Literature/TheQuestOfTheUnaligned''. At first, her golden hair clashes with her fire-magic and fiery personality. [[spoiler: However, this turns into a straight example when she becomes an orah, as orahs are both mages of light (and GoldAndWhiteAreDivine), and orahs are elementally unaligned, which in Caederian heraldry is represented by the color gold.]]
* Melisandre of Asshai in ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' looks exactly like you expect a supernatural priestess of a fire god look: outfit, hair, eyes - all is the color of a crazy fire extinguisher.
* In Meredith Ann Pierce's ''The Treasure at the Heart of the Tanglewood'', Broc the gardener is fat, squatty, and graying, with big meaty hands and a preference for gray clothing. Magret the cook is rawboned, sharp-featured, [[GenkiGirl energetic]], [[MotorMouth loud]], tends to talk with her hands, and has {{Skunk Stripe}}s in her hair. [[spoiler:If their [[MeaningfulName names]] weren't clue enough: [[BalefulPolymorph Broc spends most of the book as a badger; Magret, as a magpie]].]]
* Justified in ''Literature/{{Warbreaker}}'' with the Returned, people who [[CameBackStrong rise from death]] in new bodies as [[TheAgeless ageless]], prophetic beings and are worshiped as gods. Most get the flawless, seven-foot-tall HeroicBuild that one would expect of a deity, with some variation: [[LoveGoddess Blushweaver]] happily flaunts her MostCommonSuperpower, while the Allmother looks like everyone's favourite granny. [[spoiler:TheOlderImmortal Vasher]] reveals that they look like they think they ''should'' look thanks to a subconscious use of VoluntaryShapeshifting.

[[folder: Live Action TV]]
* In many incarnations of ''Franchise/PowerRangers'', the Rangers display a visible penchant for their Ranger colors even before empowering.
** ''Series/PowerRangersNinjaStorm'' and ''Series/PowerRangersJungleFury'' [[JustifiedTrope justify]] the pattern, as the colors of their ranger uniforms derive from the colors associated with the characters' existing innate powers. On the other hand, the ''Jungle Fury'' Red Ranger's favorite piece of civilian clothing is a black hoodie.
** ''Series/PowerRangersDinoThunder'' [[LampshadeHanging lampshades]] the trope: when Doctor Oliver becomes the black ranger, he points out that he'll have to do some shopping, as his wardrobe is somewhat black-deficient. Doctor O is the perfect choice for this one, as he had, in his younger days, served as [[Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers Green, White,]] and [[Series/PowerRangersZeo Red]] [[Series/PowerRangersTurbo (twice!)]] Rangers. Each time, the color change was ''preceded'' by a change in the dominant color of his civilian wardrobe.
** ''Series/PowerRangersTimeForce'' has the [[YouGottaHaveBlueHair green-haired]] RubberForeheadAlien Green Ranger. Make of that what you will.
** When Bridge, SPD Green, waves his hand to read the area's energy, a green trail is left behind. In a later ReunionShow, he's been promoted to Red. ''Use of his mutant power also has changed to red'' when he uses it.
* In ''Franchise/SuperSentai'' the show that provides source material for ''Power Rangers,'' if a season has a redhead, expect him to be a red ranger. There have been two, the Red Rangers of ''Series/JukenSentaiGekiranger'' and ''Series/EngineSentaiGoOnger,'' with two non-Red Rangers whose hair was more reddish-brown, the Green Ranger of ''Series/SamuraiSentaiShinkenger'' and the Black Ranger of ''Series/TensouSentaiGoseiger.'' (''Power Rangers'' averts this, as the only two redheads they've had were a Yellow and White Ranger.)
* ''Series/PushingDaisies'' features a brightly dressed cast, however Ned, the main character, always wears black, white, or grays, probably to emphasize his solitariness and his shy, reserved disposition. May also be connected to his ability revolving around death.
* The Loan Shark in the sixth season of ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'' is an actual shark in a suit.
* A [=FedEx=] commercial parodies this trope to heck and back. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4U-dYleBVFo Don't you agree, Harry?]]
* When the four horsemen appear in ''Series/{{Supernatural}}'', they are easily recognized by their appearance. War is slick looking, middle aged mobster type who drives a blood-red muscle car. Famine is an emaciated man who is too weak to walk anywhere, has to be carried every where, relies on a wheelchair and a nasal cannula and is chaufered in a gas-guzzling parade of black SUV. Pestilence is a disheveled, run down older man who sneezes on everything leaving disgusting gobs of mucus and drives a rusted, pea green pinto with a license plate that reads 'Sick and Tired'. Death is a gaunt, but distinguished looking gentleman dressed in a black suit and tie who looks, appropriately, like a mortician and drives a sleek, pale white car from the 50s with a license plate that reads 'bye bye.'
* ''Film/TheColourOfMagic'' initially shows the Unseen University librarian as a man with a thick orange beard, which makes him look surprisingly like an orangutan ''before'' the event that turns him into one.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* ''TabletopGame/WarhammerFantasyRoleplay'' has a variation. Wizards and priests develop traits of their magic type or god. For example, fire mages will develop red, flickering hair and a quick temper, while priests of the sea god start having mercurial temperments.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer 40000}}'': The Space Wolves start out as Blood Claws, eager and bloodthirsty, with many having red hair. As they grow older and survive more battles, their DNA changes them to have wolf-like characteristics like grey hair and yellow eyes. And then of course you have the forces of Chaos, who really, really like looking ObviouslyEvil.
* ''TabletopGame/{{Exalted}}'': Justified with the Dragon-Blooded, as they are quite literally elemental forces within mortal bodies.
* It occurs in ''TabletopGame/MageTheAscension'' naturally due to how character creation works. Mages are always people with extreme commitment to a particular world view before their Awakening. For example, a member of the Celestial Chorus is a mage who works magic through their commitment to god, by whatever name they address god. They tend to already be clergy, and if not, religion is already such a big part of their life that it'll likely show through in the character design.
* As one of the major {{Trope Codifier}}s of most tropes in HighFantasy and HeroicFantasy, ''TabletopGame/DungeonsAndDragons'' (and by extension ''TabletopGame/{{Pathfinder}}'') classes each have stereotypical looks which most characters fit. Players looking for an image for their character can likely just use Google to search for their race/class combination. Canny players can actually subvert this trope to fool enemies with disguises and magic, provided their GM is not a KillerGameMaster who spoils plans out of sheer malevolence.
* Justified in ''TabletopGame/MysticEmpyrean'', in that Eidolons (ie. a PlayerCharacter) get powers directly based on their personality traits. Gruff people grow an armored shell, pessimists suck the light out of the room, dutiful people sprout [[CombatTentacles writhing chains]], and artistic people start to turn into living paintings.

* ''Toy/{{Bionicle}}'''s Toa followed this trope to the letter in the beginning. However, recent story has been trying to avert this; the last unique team of Toa was a group of mismatched rogues trying to get used to their new elemental roles.

* ''VideoGame/KingdomHeartsII'' has Organization XIII, which averts or plays this trope straight as per Tetsuya Nomura's design of the members.
** Played straight with Axel (redhead with caustic attitude and fire powers), Marluxia (pinkhaired, mellow (if not cruel) personality, controls flowers), Larxene (sadistic, lightning powered blonde), Lexaeus (built like a rock, controls earth), Zexion (controls illusions, his bangs droop and cover one eye completely), and Roxas (a denizen of darkness with powers over light, wears black and white patterned clothes under the uniform black coat).
** And then averted with Vexen (controls ice and is a mad scientist, but has no distinguishing physical characteristics), Xigbar (controls space, but despite yellow eyes, pointed ears and a long black ponytail, looks normal), Demyx (controls water, has a...mullet thing), and Xaldin (controls wind, has long black dreadlocks).
** As for the other three, that's more of a YMMV issue. The leader, Xemnas, controls [[PowerOfTheVoid Nothing]]. While his hair is white (and his voice is near-emotionless), this is only because the being he is the Nobody of has the same hair color. Then there's Saix, who controls Lunar powers, and has bright-blue hair and bright yellow eyes. However, whether you believe Lunar elements to be represented as blue flames is up for your interpretation. And finally, there is Luxord: He's blonde with a few piercings. That can be attributed to his being a gambler, but his power is over Time.
* Laverne from ''VideoGame/DayOfTheTentacle'' is a CloudCuckoolander, and thus has an equally unhinged appearance, complete with different colored eyes and a MadEye.
* Fewer of the Gym Leaders in Franchise/{{Pokemon}} fall under this category than you might expect - most just have type-appropriate clothes and StevenUlyssesPerhero type names, HOWEVER there are also a lot of gym leaders that fit this trope to the letter:
** Elemental triplets Cilan, Chili and Cress specialise in grass, fire and water, their eyes and hair are improbably coloured green, red and blue respectively.
** Lt. Surge has the spiky blond hair you would expect from an electric Pokemon trainer.
** One notable aversion is Candice of Snowpoint City. She's an ice gym leader, but her personality is much more outgoing like a fire trainer would be. She lampshades it after her battle.
-->"Do you think I should try to act more like an Ice-type Gym Leader? Like, do you think I should be more cool and distant? That sort of thing I have trouble with."
* The film version of Sauron (before he lost the ring) may deserve some blame, but the title character of the VideoGame/{{Overlord}} series looks exactly like what you'd expect. Glowing eyes, shrouded face, spiky plate armour, the works.\\\
In the first game, this is of course a direct subversion: because you're given the glowing eyes and spiky plate armor, the trope is invoked to [[spoiler: prevent the realization that you ''aren't'' in fact the original evil Overlord. If you pay attention, there's even a hint at the beginning of the minions modifying your eyes]].
* From ''Franchise/AceAttorney'':
** ''VisualNovel/ApolloJusticeAceAttorney'': Guy Eldoon is an ex-surgeon who sells noodles, and his hat and hair look like a bowl of ramen. When he takes it off, [[spoiler:the hat is a wig, and he has the hairstyle you would expect a doctor to have. In fact, he strongly resembles the Medic from ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'']].
** ''VisualNovel/AceAttorneyInvestigations'': Quercus Alba is ancient and sturdy, like a white oak tree (which has the scientific name ''Quercus Alba''). He also has plants growing all around his office.
* Scarface from ''Videogame/MegaManXCommandMission'' is a peculiar example...maybe. Was he built ''with'' the scar? Did he change his name to Scarface after his face was scarred? Was he always named Scarface for no good reason until his face was actually scarred? [[WildMassGuessing Is the name completely unrelated, and he's just a really big Al Pacino fan?]]
* ''VideoGame/{{Tekken}}'' has it's share of fighters who look like their martial arts styles or personalities. Bryan Fury in particular is a good example of what somebody evil with insane fighting capabilities is really going to look like.
* The students in ''Franchise/{{Danganronpa}}'' (Besides some standouts) will usually devote their lives to their specific skill, meaning they naturally fit the part of "Ultimate/Super Highschool Level X" in every possible way. Sometimes their effort to fashion themselves into their specific roll can reveal some interesting HiddenDepths.
* Pikango from ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaBreathOfTheWild'' is a travelling painter who keeps his long white hair tied up in a ponytail with the tip dyed black, making it look like a paintbrush.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* Most of the characters of ''VisualNovel/HatofulBoyfriend'' are birds, but they also have noncanon gijinkas or human forms so they can be drawn as humans sometimes. Most of these have only vague relation to their actual bodies - hair color and feather color rarely matches, eye color is often different, and most of them wear clothes that don't reflect their feather colors and patterns at all. Then there's Tohri Nishikikouji, the [[http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/hatoful/images/b/b7/HolidayStar.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20120712202701 golden pheasant]], whose [[http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/hatoful/images/2/29/Screen_shot_2012-08-08_at_12.39.58.png/revision/latest?cb=20120808113933 gijinka]] reflects basically every aspect of his actual form, with all of the disparate elements of a golden pheasant, from tiger-striped nuchal cape to gold-and-red crest to green-and-black scapulars to blue secondaries to brown-and-bronze tailfeathers.
* Duke "Wolf" Vale in ''VisualNovel/VillainousNights'' has white hair, blue eyes, and a SugarAndIcePersonality to go with his [[AnIcePerson power to generate ice and cold]].

[[folder:Web Comics]]
* Alluded to in ''{{Webcomic/Erfworld}}'', with the magic of [[WhateverMancy Signamancy]]. The basis of the magic is people's appearances, with the implication that their exterior appearance is tied to their personality, disposition, and true nature. Parson eventually realizes that the ReferenceOverdosed nature of Erfworld gives him many of the powers of a Signamancer. Some specific examples:
** Any character rendered with a grey face, such as Jack and Maggie, have suffered a terrible trauma and not yet recovered from it. When Jack is Decrypted this signamancy instantly changes, which has interesting implications.
** Sylvia: FieryRedhead that seems to have a preoccupation with fire and a reckless attitude towards danger.
** King Slately: A ruler that lets his warlords run the show. Very short, fat, mostly bald with gray hair, unlike his (mostly) heroically-proportioned sons.
** Jillian: [[spoiler: When she became a Queen, she lost some muscle and her "Warrior" look to seem more "Royal." Additionally, she is how we learn that preparing to pop an heir has a signamantic effect on a female ruler akin to pregnancy.]]
** Wanda: In flashbacks to her darkest hour, she looks emaciated and withered.
* Everyone in ''Webcomic/CucumberQuest'' will have some kind of character design element that is perfectly in line with their name. For example, Bacon's hair is wavy and greasy and looks like bacon while Peridot's is boxy and resembles green gemstone.
* In one ''ComicStrip/{{Nodwick}}'' comic, the group manages to defeat several opponents (primarily spellcasters) by first having a chat with their tailors. Once they know what theme the customer is going for, figuring out their [[ElementalRockPaperScissors weaknesses]] is a snap.
* Hige-san of ''Webcomic/OjisanAndMarshmallow'' is a Tabeko marshmallow fanatic, and it's very hard not to think that he would be, given that his features are soft and roundish, and his color scheme is primarily white like a marshmallow.
* Webcomic/SlightlyDamned: This trope is [[InvokedTrope invoked]] (or more accurately enforced) by the [[OurAngelsAreDifferent angels]], naturally they look like pale humans with [[PointedEars pointy ears]] and [[MysticalWhiteHair pure white hair]] but have to get their hair dyed the same color as their [[ElementalPowers element]] as well as wear cloths the same color and get the element's symbol tattooed on their upper arm.
** [[OurDemonsAreDifferent Demons]] take it even further by looking completely different depending on their element([[CastOfSnowflakes and even then demons of the same element don't look the same.]])
*** Water demons are about 5ft tall and most (but not all) are amphibian or reptilian in appearance and are [[WaterIsBlue colored blue.]]
*** Fire demons are 6ft tall and typically resemble predatory mammals or reptiles and have colors like [[AmazingTechnicolorPopulation red, orange or purple.]]
*** Wind demons are 7ft tall with [[LeanAndMean lanky]] bodies, [[WingedHumanoid wings]] and look like winged mammals, birds or flying reptiles.
*** Earth demons are 12-14ft heavily muscled [[GiantMook giants]] who's appearance invokes large land animals and most have [[RealIsBrown colors you'd find on real animals]] like brown, black, grey or white.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* Both used seriously and spoofed in the Literature/WhateleyUniverse, since it is a comic book [[TheVerse world]]. For example, Fireball has the manic nature, the clothes, the coloring... but she dyes her hair to make it look flame-colored, she's really a strawberry blonde.
* Literature/LandGames: All of the main characters are genetically engineered to perfectly represent their families, which typically includes giving them eyes and hair the same as their House colors.
* Averted in {{Literature/Worm}} in which everyone with powers starts as a physically normal person. While some change appearance later or due to their power(s) most don't even go that far, instead faking stuff like fancy hair as part of their disguise.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''Transformers'':
** In ''WesternAnimation/TransformersAnimated'' Constructicons look remarkably like human construction workers, right down to the hardhats and exposed buttcracks.
** Particularly bad in [[WesternAnimation/TheTransformers the original animated series]] and ''[[Anime/TransformersCybertron Cybertron]]'', where (in a bizarre variation on MorphicResonance) characters' bodies include [[KibblesAndBits vehicle mode parts]] for vehicles they ''don't actually turn into yet'', making it seem like quite a coincidence that the hood of a Lamborghini Countach just ''happens'' to look exactly like Sideswipe's chest.
** For a sort of odd reverse example, see the original series episode "Only Human". Rodimus Prime, Ultra Magnus, Springer and Arcee get turned into humans, and promptly manage to find a set of four outfits which perfectly match their robotic color schemes.
* In the X-Men adaptation ''WesternAnimation/XMenEvolution'' (as well as in some of his other continuities, such as the mainstream comics) the appropriately flame-empowered Pyro has orange hair that sticks up, in what is a very classic use of this trope.
* In one episode of ''WesternAnimation/SushiPack'', an actor who played an electricity-themed villain in a ShowWithinAShow had a face that was extremely similar to his character's electric face.
* The "fire-powered" character with the stand-up two-tone hair, etc. described in the Trope blurb is a perfect description of Hotstreak (pictured) from ''WesternAnimation/StaticShock'' (except that he's a villain, not a hero). To top it off, he already had his hair dyed like that before he got his powers.
* In ''WesternAnimation/ThunderCats2011'' Young King Lion-O is obviously marked as TheChosenOne, destined to master his AncestralWeapon, the Sword of Omens, a sword that OnlyTheChosenMayWield with accompanying PsychicPowers. His mane is a paler shade of its PowerCrystal, his OccultBlueEyes, a paler shade of its cross-guard. This phenotype is shared by his father and all other ancestors shown wielding it.
* ''WesternAnimation/WeBareBears'': In "Dog Hotel" Joshy, the guy running the desk at the Waggington Hotel for Dogs, is an excitable young man who not only acts a lot like a BigFriendlyDog, but has a haircut that makes him look like he has dog ears.
* ''WesternAnimation/MiraculousLadybug:'' Gabriel Agreste uses a moth as the symbol for his fashion house, and has a lot of subtle moth motifs in the décor of his mansion. [[spoiler: Both the fashion line and the mansion are established facts in the Origins episode, and so were clearly built up well before he became Hawkmoth.]]