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->''"Side note: TV is a place where the title of a show means nothing. You donít have to be an actual housewife to be on ''Series/{{The Real Housewives}} of Whatever'' and you donít have to be actually married to be on ''Divorce Court''."''
-->-- '''[[http://dlisted.com/2015/04/13/hot-slut-of-the-day-614/ Michael K.]]''' "''Hot Slut of the Day:'' Music/WuTangClan groupie whose boyfriend accused her of doing them all during an episode of ''Divorce Court''."

A series title that made perfect sense when it began, but after a number of changes to the premise, no longer makes sense to people who don't go back to the beginning. Sometimes a new element is put in to justify the title.

This usually happens when a movie named after a specific MacGuffin suddenly gets a sequel, and changing the title to something else might throw people off that this ''is'' a sequel. One of the ways to avert this is through a FranchiseDrivenRetitling, downgrading the original to a subtitle with the main title being something more consistent. They couldn't very well have called the ''Franchise/IndianaJones'' sequel ''[[Film/RaidersOfTheLostArk Raiders of the Lost Ark 2]]'', could they?

See also TheArtifact. Often a direct result of NothingIsTheSameAnymore and EarlyInstallmentWeirdness. Sometimes results in NewSeasonNewName. Happens often in poorly devised AlternateUniverse FanFiction. Eventually this could turn a title into a NonindicativeName. This can also happen on a larger scale with NetworkDecay. Compare TrivialTitle.

Not to be confused with MacGuffinTitle.


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