-> ''"Music/{{Apocalyptica}}, we love you boys!"''
-->-- '''[[Music/{{Metallica}} James Hetfield]]''', on their performance of Metallica music with him as the guest vocal.

Some creators get and accept the presence of a fan work or a parody of their work. After all, there are creative fans who are willing to make anything based upon a work they love. Also, there are some other creators who not only accept such works existing, but also enjoy the fan material and sometimes even showcase it to other fans.

While not everything that the creator would enjoy would become AscendedFanon, some works, ranging from fan art to song parodies and fan films, would be good enough to catch the attention of creators, or those involved in the source material. Not only could the creators outright state their enjoyment for the fan material, but they can even link that work to share with other fans. Sometimes such works can become {{Ascended Meme}}s.

Compare with CreatorPreferredAdaptation, where a creator dubs an adaptation to be ''superior'' to the original. Also compare AscendedFanon, PromotedFanboy, OfficialFanSubmittedContent. Contrast FanworkBan, SincerestFormOfFlattery. Creators may even offer ParodyAssistance.


[[folder:Anime and Manga]]
* Those who worked at Creator/FourKidsEntertainment enjoy ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries'', even though many of the jokes revolve around mocking them. It helps that most of the work they did that the Abridged Series mocked was enforced by executives and censors, and so they were never too happy with it either. The original Japanese producers, on the other hand...
* Several of the original English voices for ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' have expressed approval for ''WebVideo/DragonBallAbridged''. There are several Website/YouTube videos of the actors quoting lines from the series in-character. In fact, Creator/KyleHebert and Creator/ChristopherSabat (as DJ Sexdillionare) guest starred in some episodes and movies. It seems to be the mark of a successful AbridgedSeries whenever this happens, as ''WebVideo/YuYuHakushoAbridged'' has had a cameo from Creator/ChuckHuber in TheMovie.
* This appears to be the stance of some mangaka and creators, such as CLAMP and Type-Moon. This could be due to their own ties with {{Doujinshi}}.
* Creator/HidekazHimaruya was found to be this to his fanbase. To the point that he posted a drawing showing his thanks to them for all their work and even makes stuff every now and then ''explicitly'' for fans to work on.
* Creator/HayaoMiyazaki personally approved of Joe Hisaishi's reorchestrated score for ''Anime/CastleInTheSky'', written exclusively for the Disney dub. Even Hisaishi thought it was better than the original.[[note]]Unfortunately, the only way to hear it is to purchase the 2003 DVD edition or import the Japanese, Australian, or UK Blu-ray, because the current Disney DVD/BD release does not contain it. Why? Because many purists ''detested'' the new score. Ironically, it's now hailed as one of the best assets of Disney's dub now that it's gone.[[/note]]
* Hitoshi Ariga enjoyed this [[http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm22844598 video]] based on ''Manga/MegaManMegaMix'' so much that he asked the creator of the video if he could upload it to his [=YouTube=] channel.
* At Florida Supercon, [[http://atopfourthwall.tumblr.com/post/129307704528 Jabberwocky1996,]] a Troper on the site, asked Creator/CaitlinGlass, Creator/VicMignogna and Creator/DameonClarke what would happen if ''Film/TheHobbit'' crossed over with ''Anime/FullmetalAlchemist'' and who'd use the Ring. To everyone's surprise, all three ''loved'' the idea, with Glass suggesting [[CrackPairing Winry should get together with Legolas]], Mignogna jokingly suggesting Ed would shave his feet so he wouldn't be confused for a hobbit, and Clarke saying Scar would be fascinated with Gollum. They then expressed a desire to see it as a fic, to which the fan promised he'd write it.
* Creator/TaliesinJaffe, the English voice director of the original ''Anime/{{Hellsing}}'' anime and ''[[Manga/{{Hellsing}} Hellsing Ultimate]]'', is himself a fan of ''WebVideo/HellsingUltimateAbridged'', and he's mentioned it in some of the commentaries for the latter episodes of ''Ultimate''. He even got K.T. Gray (the English voice actress for Seras) to say the famous "Bitches love cannons" line in the commentary for Episode IX.

* ''Webcomic/GarfieldMinusGarfield'', a webcomic that takes ''ComicStrip/{{Garfield}}'' strips and airbrushes out all the characters except Jon, leaving a strip about a crazy man who talks to himself. Jim Davis enjoyed it enough to approve publishing a book of the best ones. The book also features a section of unused strips created by Davis himself.
* ''WebComic/SonicTheComicOnline'', a fan-made continuation of the long-defunct [[ComicBook/SonicTheComic Fleetway comic]], received messages of support from most of the creative team behind the original publication, some of whom have since contributed artwork and consulted on storylines.
* Creator/AlanMoore has said that Creator/HarryPartridge's ''[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YDDHHrt6l4w&ob=av3e Saturday Morning]] ComicBook/{{Watchmen}}'' and the ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague'' episode "ComicBook/ForTheManWhoHasEverything" are the only adaptations of his work which he approves of. Dave Gibbons loved it, too.
* Gary Larson wrote a ''ComicStrip/TheFarSide'' comic in which a female ape accused her mate of "doing more [[UnusualEuphemism 'research']] with that Jane Goodall tramp". As he related in his book "The Prehistory of the Far Side", Larson received a hostile letter from the Jane Goodall Society, threatening legal action over the strip. Shortly after that, he received a letter from the editors of ''National Geographic'', who wanted to print the strip in an anniversary issue. When Larson explained his difficulties with the Jane Goodall Society, one magazine editor commented, "That doesn't sound like the Jane Goodall ''we'' know." After some research, they found out that Goodall enjoyed the strip and was not aware of the Society's actions against Gary Larson. Larson later met with Jane Goodall at her research facility in Mgombe. In his words, "Everything's cool."

* Even though ''Film/{{Downfall}}'''s distributor, Contantin Films, temporarily blocked the ''WebVideo/HitlerRants'' parodies from Website/YouTube at one point, director Oliver Hirschbiegel has stated that he enjoyed them. He also stated they go along well with the message of the original film, which was to stop demonizing Hitler and the Nazis and show them as human beings.
* Creator/LloydAlexander, author of the ''Literature/ChroniclesOfPrydain'' series, claims that he actually enjoyed ''Disney/TheBlackCauldron'', which was loosely based on the first two books. This practically says a lot, considering that the film was a '''massive flop''' at the time. On the other hand, he also noted that he felt the film had almost nothing to do with his books anyway, and so was hardly an adaptation in the first place.
* In an interview with ''Entertainment Weekly'', Creator/ChristopherNolan said he saw ''Disney/TheLionKing'' [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?&v=1NRsPDhyHrc parody of]] ''Film/TheDarkKnightRises'' trailer and thought it was epic.
* Creator/TomHardy [[http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1678909/dark-knight-rises-bane-muffled-voice.jhtml also had good things to say]] about his parodies. "I have seen some brilliant stuff online about [my mumbling] 'Mmmm... [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=teuR--JbSm8 Batman doesn't beat up retards!]]"
* Creator/AlanRickman was interviewed by Creator/{{MTV}} at the New York premiere of ''[[Film/HarryPotter Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2]]'', saying, "''WebVideo/PotterPuppetPals'' is very beautifully done, that little piece of work. Can you get rich from that? I hope they did."
** [[http://moviesblog.mtv.com/2010/06/24/potter-puppet-pals-creator-addresses-daniel-radcliffe-spoofing-his-video/ According to]] Creator/DanielRadcliffe, he and his fellow cast-members used to watch ''PPP'' and found it very funny. They were even planning on doing a live-action version, but [[WhatCouldHaveBeen it fell through]].
** The cast also adored ''Theatre/AVeryPotterMusical'', to the point that ''Luna Lovegood / Creator/EvannaLynch'' joined the show's troupe for the third installment.
* [[Creator/PixarRegulars Lee Unkrich]], the director of ''WesternAnimation/ToyStory3'', is a huge fan of ''Film/TheShining''. Hearing this, artist fan Kyle Lambert [[http://www.comicsalliance.com/2012/03/11/toy-story-shining/ made some digital paintings]] combining the two films into one horrifically funny mashup. Unkrich was elated.
* Creator/DanAykroyd has said that he approves of all expansions of Slimer's role in the ''{{Franchise/Ghostbusters}}'' franchise because he considers the ugly little critter to be John Belushi's spirit.
* ''Film/ZeroDarkThirty'': [[http://www.esquire.com/features/man-who-shot-osama-bin-laden-0313-7 In an interview]] with ''Esquire'' magazine, the anonymous shooter of Bin Laden had complaints about several technical details of the raid but praised the film for its depiction of Maya, saying it showed her as the tough lady that she really is.
* Rob Schneider stated that he loved the ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'' parody trailers from the episode "The Biggest Douche in the Universe", even saying that they were too ''easy'' on him.
* During a panel at Wonder Con, Creator/GuillermoDelToro gave a shoutout to the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fRAqvsD1uxw sweded trailer]] of ''Film/PacificRim''.
* Since the whole concept behind Walter in ''Film/TheMuppets'' is that he's an AscendedFanboy, it's only natural that in an interview he gave a ShoutOut to [[http://www.toughpigs.com/walter-the-muppet-reads-tough-pigs/ Muppet fansites]].
* As part of his sendoff after wrapping his part on ''[[Film/TheHobbit The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug]]'', Creator/OrlandoBloom "sang" along to the "Hobbits to Isengard" video. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5NGguk8VXYc&feature=share Watch him attempt to keep in sync here.]]
* On the commentary for ''Film/TheMummyReturns'', director Steven Sommers and editor Bob Ducsay give props to the [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8eA4SjwZO0 MTV Movie Awards parody of the film]], featuring Kristen Dunst as Evey, Jimmy Fallon as Rick and [[ParodyAssistance Oded Fehr as Ardeth Bey]].
* So many former ''Franchise/StarTrek'' actors have approved of ''Film/GalaxyQuest'' that [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Galaxy_Quest#Reaction_quotes_from_Star_Trek_actors there's an entire section]] on Wiki/TheOtherWiki's page about it. The best are from Creator/GeorgeTakei (who called it disturbingly accurate) and Creator/WilWheaton (who wanted to be cast as [[ActorAllusion a guy who hated the child actor]]).
* Creator/MattDamon thought the parody of him in ''Film/TeamAmericaWorldPolice'', as a mentally disabled person only capable of saying his own name, was hilarious and claims he would have even voiced him himself if Trey Parker and Matt Stone had asked. This was also the reaction of many of the celebrities lampooned in the film. The only exception was Sean Penn.
** Creator/GerryAnderson is also said to have considered it a rather more faithful adaptation of ''Series/{{Thunderbirds}}'' than [[Film/{{Thunderbirds}} the live-action movie]].
* After the early screening for Toho, they actually love ''Film/{{Godzilla 2014}}''. At the premiere, they showed their appreciation by crying with joy and smiling with happiness, as well as marketing it as a legit Godzilla movie and asking Bandai to get Monster Arts to make toys for it. A UsefulNotes/{{PlayStation 3}} game was confirmed with the 2014 Godzilla facing off the Heisei Godzilla, and a ton of merchandise to go along with it. There even a statue that plays the film's soundtrack with glowing spines and "atomic breath" effect. ApprovalOfGod indeed.
* Hiroshi Sakurazaka [[http://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2014/06/17/the-novel-author-is-happy-with-all-you-need-is-kill-live-action-film was quite satisfied]] with [[Film/EdgeOfTomorrow the Hollywood adaptation]] of his novel ''LightNovel/AllYouNeedIsKill.''
* Creator/NobuhiroWatsuki was [[http://shonenjump.viz.com/node/805 all praises]] for the [[Film/RurouniKenshin live action adaptation]] of his most famous work, ''Manga/RurouniKenshin''. He particularly praised the casting (especially Takeru Satoh as Kenshin, whom he wanted for the role from the beginning), and the addition of scenes and dialogue that he thought were improvements from his original work.
* Although he had his initial misgivings about ''Film/{{Paddington}}'', Michael Bond gave the finished film his approval when he saw it.
* Creator/RyanGosling is seemingly quite fond of the "Ryan Gosling won't eat his cereal" meme. When the creator of said meme passed away from cancer, Gosling paid tribute to him [[http://www.itv.com/news/2015-05-05/ryan-gosling-eats-his-cereal-in-honour-of-internet-meme-creator/ by finally choosing to eat]], fittingly doing it on Vine.
* ComicBook/HarleyQuinn's [[WesternAnimation/BatmanTheAnimatedSeries creators]] Creator/PaulDini and Creator/BruceTimm [[http://io9.com/bruce-timm-reacts-to-suicide-squads-live-action-harley-1702168821 both]] [[http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/MintyNewsAndReviews/news/?a=124858 approve]] of Harley's costume in ''Film/SuicideSquad2016''.
* Creator/SuzanneCollins was the one who had Effie replace the character Fulvia in ''Film/TheHungerGamesMockingjay'', loving Creator/ElizabethBanks's performance. In [[Literature/TheHungerGames the book]] Effie only appears briefly near the end, but Collins called the director and said "there's no way Effie can't be in the ''Mockingjay'' films.
* Creator/MelBrooks screened Film/HighAnxiety for Creator/AlfredHitchcock. When the movie ended, Hitch didn't say anything; he just walked out. The next day, Mel received a box with an expensive good bottle of wine, with a note saying "Mel: no need for anxiety about ''HighAnxiety.'' - Hitch"
* The original ''Film/MaryPoppins'', Creator/JulieAndrews, gave her wholehearted approval towards Creator/EmilyBlunt taking over the role. Blunt said she actually cried tears of joy.
* When asked who he wanted to take over the role of Wolverine, Creator/HughJackman stated he hopes Creator/TomHardy will be able to play it.
* Creator/TomCruise laughed his ass off when shown the [[http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/tom-cruise-clinging Tom Cruise Clinging memes]].
* Hollywood legend has it that Creator/AkiraKurosawa liked ''TheMagnificentSeven1960'' (a remake of his ''Film/SevenSamurai'') so much that he presented John Sturges with a katana as a trophy.
* When Creator/StephenHawking was screened ''Film/TheTheoryOfEverything'', the biopic of his life, he was so impressed that he allowed them to use his synthesised voice during the later part of the film ([[DisneyOwnsThisTrope as Hawking had his voice copyrighted]], they had initially tried to remake it from scratch, but were not happy with the result).

* The authors of the ''Literature/WarriorCats'' books enjoy the animations that fans have made - most notably, they've linked to [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1XYgtSCHvp4 SSS Warriors]] and [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S60zKT-M54o [=AlliKatNya=]'s "Gravity of Love" AMV]].
* ''Franchise/HarryPotter'':
** Creator/JKRowling has a section on her website to honor fansites who catalog her books, like Mugglenet or The Leaky Cauldron. She's also expressed that [[CreatorPreferredAdaptation she wishes she had thought up]] the ShrunkenHead on the Knight Bus in the ''Film/HarryPotterAndThePrisonerOfAzkaban'' film. She takes a "go ahead, I won't look" view toward fanfiction, though.
** ZigZagged with ''The Harry Potter Lexicon'', a fan-made website which indexed everything in the Potterverse. Rowling was more than happy with it as a website but once the owner published it as a real book she sued, because it was essentially the entire ''Harry Potter'' series as written by her only organized differently and with him as the purported author.
** When asked if she'd seen it via Twitter, Rowling tweeted that she thinks the Harry Potter / Uptown Funk parody [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zbdvogFyZZM Dark Lord Funk]] is a work of genius.
* Creator/GeorgeRRMartin was impressed by Russian artist Amok's amateur portraits of characters from ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire'' that he sent notes to make them more accurate and eventually [[PromotedFanboy commissioned him]] to make official ''A Song of Ice and Fire'' art. Especially notable as he's always taken a dim view of fanfiction.
* James Riley, author of ''Literature/HalfUponATime'', regularly posts fan art he receives for the series on its official blog.
* Tom Angleberger, author of [[Literature/OrigamiYoda the Origami Yoda series]], frequently posts pictures of origami made by fans on his blog.

[[folder: Live-Action TV]]
* The folks at ''Series/ThirtyRock'' loved the porn version of the show so much they had the actors playing essentially themselves in a porno Tracy Jordan was making to get back at Liz Lemon.
* Someone drew a comic [[http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lozhvvRoEa1qkqn8fo1_1280.jpg spoofing]] the average plot of an episode of ''Series/LawAndOrderSpecialVictimsUnit''. Chris Meloni, a former star of the show, [[http://31.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lozhvvRoEa1qkqn8fo2_500.jpg ordered a signed copy.]]
* While ''Series/LegendOfTheSeeker'' was on the air, a fan created a blog called [[http://www.deejayl.com/ "Gay for Kahlan,"]] which recapped each episode with light-hearted jabs and playing up the LesYay between Kahlan and Cara. The show's stars, Craig Horner and Bridget Regan, both said they and the crew loved it, and would read it every morning on the way to set. After the show wrapped, the crew [[http://twitpic.com/1vpl8f sent her a prop]] from the set as a thank you.
* In 2008, a fan film of ''Star Trek'' was made, called ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kFqAME7dx58 Of Gods and Men]]''. While the production is [[SturgeonsLaw of similar quality]] to other fan-made films, this one is notable for featuring many ''Star Trek'' alumni as main characters in both familiar and new roles, and was directed by Tim Russ, who also played his ''[[Series/StarTrekVoyager Voyager]]'' role of Tuvok (who had previously been established to have [[Really700YearsOld been alive]] in the ''TOS'' era).
* Creator/ArnoldSchwarzenegger was a fan of ''Series/SaturdayNightLive'''s [[TheAhnold Hans and Franz]], appearing in one sketch, and later using their CatchPhrase "girlie men".
* Creator/DavidTennant saw Creator/LiamDryden's video titled "David Tennant is Stalking Me" and sent him an email to let him know that he found it funny, later asking Liam to make a follow-up video alerting fans to online imposters.
* Laura Main of ''Series/CallTheMidwife'' stated that she was deeply touched and proud of the fact that the shipping Turnadette (Sister Bernadette/Patrick Turner) has become so beloved by the fandom.
* Unlike Creator/JasonDavidFrank and Saban themselves, Austin St. John, Creator/AmyJoJohnson, and Steve Cardenas like the ''Franchise/PowerRangers'' DarkerAndEdgier short film ''Power/Rangers'', with Cardenas even making light of Rocky's rather severe AdaptationalVillainy. [[spoiler: Carla Perez, who played Rita Repulsa in American footage, reprised the role of Rita in it.]]
* The two main showrunners for the revival series of ''Series/DoctorWho'' enjoy the works of ''AudioPlay/BigFinishDoctorWho'' so much that they have both directly given the audio series a new lease of life.
** When the 2005 series came back on, then-showrunner Creator/RussellTDavies had to insist to the BBC to allow Creator/BigFinish to continue producing Doctor Who audios due to their outstandingly high quality of the writing and acting. Most licensed works across all other formats featuring previous Doctors were being abruptly shelved to prevent confusion for the fans and to give sole focus to the new, upcoming Doctors. Russell himself would then have occasional collaborations with the company a decade later, allowing them the adaptation of [[Recap/DoctorWhoNewAdventuresDamagedGoods one of his novels]] as well as the usage of his monsters since he retained their copyright ownership.
** Under Creator/StevenMoffat, the Big Finish Doctor Who series was given permission to use post-2005 characters and concepts, beginning with ''Series/{{Torchwood}}'' and UNIT, apparently at Moffat's own insistence. The audio series were also, unconditionally, [[AscendedFanon given full "canon" status]], the 8th Doctor's stories anyways, since he'll most likely never have a lot more TV adventures, in one of [[Recap/DoctorWho50thPrequelTheNightOfTheDoctor his episodes]].
** The BBC's ''Doctor Who'' social media team themselves occasionally advertise the Big Finish audios on their pages, which is rare because they are explicitly not allowed to advertise third-party products.
* ''Franchise/TeenageMutantNinjaTurtles'' co-creator Peter Laird is quite well-known for despising the female turtle Venus de Milo from the infamous live-action series ''Series/NinjaTurtlesTheNextMutation'', but the franchise's other co-creator Kevin Eastman stated in [[http://www.monkeysfightingrobots.com/kevin-eastman-talks-tmnt-2-comic-death-and-venus-de-milo-awesome-con an interview]] after Nickelodeon's acquisition of the franchise that he actually likes Venus as a character and hopes for her to make a comeback someday.
* The Canadian TV series ''Series/MurdochMysteries'' significantly changes several characters from the way they were depicted in creator Maureen Jennings' original novels. Despite this, Jennings is a strong supporter of the show, is directly involved as a creative consultant and has even directly written several episodes herself. Jennings has even said that star Yannick Bisson looks exactly the way that she always imagined Detective Murdoch in the novels, except for the moustache Jennings always gave him.
* As with ''Murdoch Mysteries'', ''Series/MissFishersMurderMysteries'' takes quite a few liberties with the [[Literature/PhryneFisher source material]], but author Kerry Greenwood likes it anyway.
* Early in its run, Spanish late-night show ''Buenafuente'' featured in its regular cast "Latin crooner" Miguel Chiclé, a parody of Music/MichaelBuble. When the real Bublé was a guest on the show, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-mpUn8Tt0dk he had a lot of fun with his impersonator]].

* Music/WeirdAlYankovic's parodies are sometimes met with this from other artists. This isn't surprising, since he insists on seeking approval from them first before he records them, so they know what to expect. Of course, the fact that his interest in parodying an artist is a sure sign they've hit the big time helps ease things along.
** The most notable aversion was Coolio, who felt that "Gangsta's Paradise" was too serious and intense a song to be parodied, and was upset when "Amish Paradise" was released. Yankovic felt bad about it and had been incorrectly told that he had Coolio's approval. Eventually, Coolio got over it and [[http://yankovic.org/blog/2006/01/08/weird-and-coolio/ gave Al a hug]]. As Al put it, "I doubt I'll be invited to Coolio's birthday party, but at least I don't have to wear a bulletproof vest to the mall anymore."
** Music/DonMcLean has gone on record as saying that he and his children loved Al's [[Film/ThePhantomMenace "The Saga Begins"]] parody of Music/AmericanPie so much that they've found themselves accidentally starting to sing the lyrics to Al's version during live performances.
** Music/MichaelJackson was a big fan and he enjoyed the parodies of his work. [[ParodyAssistance He also lent Al the set from the music video of "Bad"]] to shoot the music video for "Fat". In fact, Jackson was such a fan that he gave Al permission to spoof any of his songs in perpetuity, but asked that he not record a parody of "Black and White" because he felt that its message was too important. Though Al did parody the song (his version is called "Snack All Night") and occasionally performs it live, he kept his promise and has never put it on any of his albums.
** Kurt Cobain of Music/{{Nirvana}} was incredibly flattered when Weird Al asked for permission to parody "Smells Like Teen Spirit". Al reports being incredibly nervous when forced to admit that the lyrics were all about how indistinct and mumbly Cobain's vocals were, but Cobain loved the idea (in fact, he allowed it on the grounds that Al didn't write about food, like many of his [=80s=] hits). The entire band reportedly laughed hysterically when they saw the video, and Cobain called Yankovic a "musical genius" in his journals. He even said that a Weird Al parody was when he knew the band had "made it."
** Chamillionaire of "Ridin'" fame loved the parody "White and Nerdy" and even featured it on his [=MySpace=] page shortly after release. He was even impressed by Al's rapping abilities. And then he name-dropped "White and Nerdy" in the sequel, "Ridin' Overseas".
** Mark Mothersbaugh of Music/{{Devo}} congratulated him for "Dare to be Stupid" and called it "the perfect Devo song".
** When Yankovic approached Music/LadyGaga's management to spoof "Born this Way," he got turned down. Gaga herself heard about it, tore her management team a new one, and gave Yankovic a green light to spoof what he pleased. She even said that she saw the parody as a continuation of her original version.
** On the flip end, Weird Al himself is very receptive to [[FanVid fan content]]. In fact, he has a list of his favorites [[http://weirdal.com/archives/links/#fanvideos on his website.]]
* CountryMusic parodist Music/CledusTJudd:
** He has often gotten approval from the original artists on his parodies, also with some ParodyAssistance (e.g., Music/BradPaisley playing lead guitar on "More Beaver", a parody of his own "Me Neither", or the director of Music/FaithHill's "This Kiss" video doing a shot-for-shot parody for "Christ-Mas").
** Double-subverted with Judd's parody of Music/GarthBrooks' "In Another's Eyes", which he planned to parody as "In Another Size". Garth originally asked Judd not to parody it, but later changed his mind.
** Music/LukeBryan loved Judd's swan song "Luke Bryan", a parody of "Blurred Lines" that poked fun at him.
* Despite her reputation as a serious, intense ballad singer, Music/CelineDion has a really good sense of humor, and is really good at taking a joke. When ''SNL'' was doing their [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2jANxIS0g4I parody of her]] in the wake of ''Titanic,'' she thought it was so hilarious, she invited Ana Gasteyer to her show in New York, where she did her Celine Dion impression for the crowd. On another occasion, when promoting her French album ''Sans Attendre'' on TV, she invited another imitator, Véronique Dicaire, on stage.
* Corey Taylor of Music/{{Slipknot}} was asked what he made of "Psychosocial Baby", a mashup of the Slipknot song "Psychosocial" and "Baby" by Music/JustinBieber. Contrary to the opinions of many Slipknot fans, he loved it and found it hilarious.
* None of Music/TheBeatles objected to ''Music/TheRutles'', and Music/GeorgeHarrison liked the idea enough to produce and appear in the ''All You Need Is Cash'' {{mockumentary}}. John Lennon loved ''The Rutles'' so much that when their first film came out, he watched it almost nonstop on loan from the studio, and when time was up he very reluctantly gave the film back. Apparently Paul [=McCartney=] was a little bit wary at first, but his wife Linda assured him that it was all right.
* Music/TheyMightBeGiants post many fan videos of their music on their Facebook page and website, among various other things. A popular flash for "Certain People I Could Name" garnered much attention from them.
* ''Music/{{Apocalyptica}}'' started out their career covering songs by Music/{{Metallica}} on 4 cellos. Metallica liked their arrangements so much that they played with Apocalyptica [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x18q6qElb98 playing music written by the former in arrangements done by Apocalyptica]].
* [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beatallica Beatallica]], a band whose oeuvre consists entirely of Beatles/Metallica mashups (example songs: "The Thing That Should Not Let It Be" and "And Justice For All My Loving") was aided in a minor legal dispute with Sony (who currently holds the rights to most of Beatles songs) by Lars Ulrich.
* Bob Rivers parodied Joan Osborne's "One Of Us" into "What If God Smoked Cannabis". Osborne liked it so much, she [[RecursiveAdaptation covered the parody herself]].
* Music/MichaelBuble [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c5DvQgIKe2M loved]] Music/BadLipReading's parody of "Haven't Met You Yet": "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YjaZNYSt7o0 Russian Unicorn]]". And {{Music/Gotye}} [[https://twitter.com/gotye/status/198394844203327492 tweeted the parody]] of his "Somebody That I Used To Know".
* [[Music/LedZeppelin Robert Plant]] has said that comedy tribute band Dread Zeppelin is his favorite of all the LZ tribute bands out there.
* In an interview, Music/RebeccaBlack was asked which parody of "Friday" was her favourite, which was the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zzfQwXEqYaI Brock's Dub]] version.
* When asked in a radio interview about his opinion of Time Lord rock band [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lg6b-yuabjI Chameleon Circuit]], Creator/DavidTennant said that "They're quite good, aren't they? It's like proper, decent music."
* Music/TaylorSwift tweeted her love for Music/WalkOffTheEarth's cover version of her song "Trouble".
* Taylor's reaction to Music/RyanAdams' cover album of her ''1989'' album, done in Adams' AlternativeCountry style has been extemely supportive and positive. She has been promoting in on her Website/{{Twitter}} account as enthusiastically as with one of her own albums. [[note]]It helps that Adams was an influence on her songwriting as she grew up.[[/note]]
* Music/BarryManilow reportedly enjoyed Music/RayStevens' parody of him on "I Need Your Help, Barry Manilow".
* Music/OneDirection showed approval for fanfiction spoof cartoon [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1o3fcUH-yPQ The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction]]
* Music/{{Voltaire}} apparently browses the AMV sections of Website/YouTube and even told someone "Nicely done!!!!" (yes, with all the exclamation marks) on their [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x4sYij5qRyE AMV of his song]] ''Crusade''.
* {{Music/Lorde}} [[http://time.com/3503400/lorde-south-park-ya-ya-ya/ thought]] ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'''s parody of her (where she turns out to be Stan's dad Randy crossdressing as her) was pretty funny, and even recorded a clip of herself going "ya ya ya ya, I'm Lorde" just like Randy does.
* The Website/{{Tumblr}} blog "[[http://thischarmingcharlie.tumblr.com/ This Charming Charlie]]", combining ''NewspaperComic/{{Peanuts}}'' strips with lyrics from Music/TheSmiths, is another example of mixed reaction, garnering a cease-and-desist from Universal Music on behalf of Johnny Marr and praise from Morrissey. Since the two jointly hold the copyright, and they have to agree in order to pursue a claim, and [[CreativeDifferences they don't]], the site remains.
* Perturbator reposted [[https://soundcloud.com/armor-dillo/slamualizer this Slam Remix]] of "Sexualizer". James Kent, the man behind Perturbator, is ''incredibly'' humble and tends to have this reaction to any and all fan works of his stuff.
* Bryan White who is responsible for the song, "God Gave Me You", was amazed how the song was used for GMANetwork's variety noontime show ''Eat Bulaga'' for their "kalye-serye", [=AlDub=], which shows the host Alden Richards' [[CourtlyLove courtship]] to Yaya Dub (Maine Mendoza in RealLife) which is done by lipsynching various songs as a way of conversing each other and it is in split screen.
* While [[Music/NineInchNails Trent Reznor]] hesitantly gave Music/JohnnyCash permission to cover Hurt at first, he describes hearing it for the first time felt as if Johnny Cash had stolen his girlfriend, and loved the legend's interpretation of the song.
* Music/{{Devo}}'s [[Music/QAreWeNotMenAWeAreDevo cover]] of "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" is seen by Music/TheRollingStones as better than the original.
* Music/PaulSimon of Music/SimonAndGarfunkel [[http://www.metalinsider.net/web-2-oooh-yeah/paul-simon-and-russell-crowe-really-like-disturbeds-cover-of-the-sound-of-silence-no-seriously gave his approval]] to Music/{{Disturbed}}'s cover of "The Sound of Silence" after they performed it on ''Conan''.
* Composer Alberto Ginastera gushed about Music/EmersonLakeAndPalmer's adaptation of his work "Toccata", praising it as "diabolical" and saying that the band had "captured the essence of my music, and no one's ever done that before". Music/AaronCopland also liked the band's adaptations of "Hoedown" and "Fanfare for the Common Man". On the reverse side, Keith Emerson, who wasn't always thrilled with covers of his band's work (most likely because it's so difficult to play and few people have the chops to pull it off properly), praised Music/JordanRudess' covers of ELP, most notably "Tarkus".
* Music/PinkFloyd drummer Nick Mason gave praise to [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nXdBLpnH9Y this video]] of a Brazilian keyboardist's {{Mondegreen}}ified version of "Another Brick on the Wall, Pt. 2" on his Facebook account, saying: "When you sound this good you don't need to know all the words..."
* Creator/TallyHall wrote a song that depicted Shia Lebouf as a cannibalistic SerialKiller. Not only did he tweet about it, [[spoiler: he made a cameo in the music video, applauding the actors on stage]].

[[folder:New Media]]
* Because of the [[CreatorWorship closeness]] between the contributors and the site's fans, and the fact some of the contributors are [[PromotedFanboy promoted fans]] of the site [[NotSoDifferent themselves]], it is not perhaps surprising that the contributors of Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses are fond and receptive to fan works.
* Creator/DougWalker is rather receptive about fan works based upon his characters, [[RuleThirtyFourCreatorReactions Rule 34]] or otherwise.
** For instance, he sung a fan-made song to the tune of "[[WesternAnimation/HowTheGrinchStoleChristmas You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch]]", relating to WebVideo/TheNostalgiaCritic's review of the live adaptation of ''[[Film/HowTheGrinchStoleChristmas The Grinch]]'', in his section of the 2011 [[Website/ThatGuyWithTheGlasses Channel Awesome]] Holiday Video. He also linked to a Website/{{Newgrounds}} cartoon featuring TGWTG characters on his Facebook page. And he's also read the Xoanon's [[{{Novelization}} novelizations]] of WebVideo/{{Kickassia}}, WebVideo/SuburbanKnights and WebVideo/ToBoldlyFlee on Fanfiction.com, and enjoys them for having differing elements to the films themselves.
** On twitter, Beth Elderkin and Tamara Chambers both liked a ''Film/LegallyBlonde'' dub (with Critic as Elle and Hyper as douche ex) of one of Critic's rejections of Hyper in ''Film/ThePhantomOfTheOpera2004''.
** ''WebVideo/ToBoldlyFlee'', Terl of ''Film/BattlefieldEarth'' spelled his name as Turrell. This led to fan speculation that Turrell was so busy learning to conquer galaxies that he doesn't actually know how to spell his name. While Turrell was named that for legal reasons, a commentary by some of the reviewers indicated they heard of this theory and found it hilarious.
** Creator/AllisonPregler follows [[https://twitter.com/ash_ehhhhhhhhh a Twitter account]] someone made of her SuddenlyVoiced cat [[LargeHam Ash]] and [[https://twitter.com/Obscurus_Lupa/status/297644979042537472 is receptive]] to non-Rule 34 fanart she sees.
** During their [[DVDCommentary cast commentary]] for ''WebVideo/SuburbanKnights'', WebVideo/{{Phelous}} and Creator/BradJones brought up the [[WebVideo/BadMovieBeatdown faux-Film Brain]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3vlLfQ9oGao review of the film]], saying they found it "really funny".
* Creator/RoosterTeeth, themselves subject of [[{{Franchise/Halo}} a Fanon]] [[{{Creator/Bungie}} Showcase]], has also shown off fan videos of their works, such as [[http://roosterteeth.com/members/journal/entry.php?id=2795751 putting]] [[Machinima/RedVsBlue Caboose]] in ''VideoGame/HaloReach'''s Firefight, [[http://roosterteeth.com/members/journal/entry.php?id=2671920 creating compilations of]] [[MemeticMutation Geoff's laugh]], or [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=khPiwFTekhQ redubbing the entire opening heist scene of the Dark Knight]] with dialogue from the Achievement Hunter Heist videos.
* WebVideo/TheAngryVideoGameNerd
** The intro to the review of ''VideoGame/SuperMarioBros3'' and ''Film/TheWizard'' had several fan covers of the theme song with Creator/JamesRolfe and Justin Kyle watching and laughing, with a title screen thanking the fans. The Cinemassacre site also hosts some fanart and fan-games as well.
** James Rolfe subscribes to [[WebVideo/TheHappyVideoGameNerd Derek Alexander's]] Website/YouTube account, a parody / homage / self-proclaimed ripoff of the AVGN that takes the AVGN's formula and inverts it - instead of drinking beer and playing awful retro games, the HVGN drinks wine and celebrates underrated {{Cult Classic}}s.
** One episode was devoted entirely to fanmade AVGN video games (and the recently released ''VideoGame/TheAngryVideoGameNerdAdventures''), from games available on the internet, to physical homebrew cartridges that he was given at conventions and meetups. Particular praise went to a hacked version of ''Mega Man 2'' that featured the Nerd in Mega Man's place.
* Jason Steele of Creator/FilmCow was quite amused by the [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4zfk_VTKWo German dubs of]] ''WebAnimation/LlamasWithHats''.
* Creator/LittleKuriboh sometimes shares ''WebVideo/YuGiOhTheAbridgedSeries'' fanart etc. that he enjoys.
* The creator of the video [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3usaGfn7r0w Doritos - Make Your Own]] is noted to have enjoyed [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhDdCROtChM a parody of his video]] done in ''WebVideo/PoniesTheAnthology II''.
* Serris of Roleplay/DarwinsSoldiers has given his explicit approval for others to create fan works set in this universe.
* [[UsefulNotes/HillaryRodhamClinton Hillary Clinton]] loved [[http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/texts-from-hillary Texts from Hillary]] on {{Website/Tumblr}}, and even contacted the blog's creators and gave them an autographed copy of a "Hillary Texts" post she made herself.
* Matt and Pat, the main characters in ''WebVideo/TwoBestFriendsPlay'', stated that they enjoy the fan-made {{crossover}} ''[[http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLmP_kiQtxzkwNoN5V20_5OopM9D7Ml7kc Two Best Sisters Play]]'', enough to feature the series's Website/YouTube channel on their personal channel page (probably also because its creator is the animator for their own episode openings).
* Faulerro is an abridger who does ''WebVideo/NullmetalAlchemist'', a parody of ''Anime/FullmetalAlchemist'' in the style of another abridger, purpleeyeswtf of ''WebVideo/NonePiece''. The latter enjoyed it enough to appear in one of the former's episodes.
* WebVideo/{{Smosh}} has approved of ''WebVideo/TheAnnoyingOrange'' gang [[{{MST}} trashing]] the trailer for [[TheMovie their movie]], linking the video on their Twitter account for all their followers to see (which, in a fit of {{irony}}, was later retweeted by Orange for all ''his'' followers to see).
* Nice Peter and [=EpicLLOYD=], the guys behind ''WebVideo/EpicRapBattlesOfHistory'', have expressed their enjoyment of the videos of [=YouTuber=] [[http://www.youtube.com/user/erbfunnies ERBfunnies]], who essentially takes the rap battles and makes WebAnimation/{{YouTube Poop}}s of them. Lloyd has commented on two of the user's videos -- "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sLeWsNL1Rgw Free Willy.]]" (based on "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dl7CLaZFG1c George Washington vs. William Wallace]]") and "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YPQsHDZlGSs O.J. Simpson.]]" (based on "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KfkR5o_bcSg Jack the Ripper vs. Hannibal Lecter]]") -- voicing his approval, while the ERB account itself made such a comment on "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rv36ou42yWM Dude Smoothie.]]" (based on "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krQHQvtIr6w Rick Grimes vs. Walter White]]"). [=ERBfunnies=] acknowledged the latter comment in [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N8rxTexd20w this video]].
* In ''Creator/ProZD'''s [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LdNx86H2gAY audio version]] of ''[[Creator/TelltaleGames Telltale]]'s Franchise/ScoobyDoo'', the actual ''Telltale Games'' Youtube account in the comments can be spotted saying "lol".
* ChooseYourOwnAdventure [[MultipleEndings bad ending]] blog [[http://youchosewrong.tumblr.com/ YOU CHOSE WRONG]] [[http://youchosewrong.tumblr.com/post/28054441795/from-choose-your-own-adventure-3-space-and was contacted by]] the company behind the ''Literature/ChooseYourOwnAdventure'' books, who praised the site and submitted some of their staff's favorite bad endings.
-->''"[I]magine how pleasantly stunned I was when [[http://www.cyoa.com/ the folks who publish the Choose Your Own Adventure series]] reached out to praise You Chose Wrong and submit a staff-selected sampler of favorite failures – such as today’s platonically perfect gem featured above.\\
Thank you, CYOA folks, for dispelling my adult paranoia as effectively as you engendered its childhood counterpart."''

[[folder:Stand Up Comedy]]
* Creator/EddieIzzard has said he's impressed with various Website/YouTube videos that take his routines and make them into stop-motion Franchise/{{Lego}} films.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* Mark Rosewater, the head designer of ''Franchise/MagicTheGathering,'' not only approves of fans who design their own cards and sets, he actually writes official articles on the site intended to teach them how to make good, fun cards that play well. He DOES note that he's not allowed to look at any fan-made cards [[OurLawyersAdvisedThisTrope for legal reasons]], but he still very much supports custom card-making.

* Creator/LinManuelMiranda frequently [[Website/{{Twitter}} retweets]] fan art of ''Theatre/{{Hamilton}}'' and posts pictures of him posing at the stage door with various fan artists, like the creator of [[http://thehamwing.tumblr.com/ The Ham Wing,]] a site that mashes up ''Hamilton'' with ''Series/TheWestWing''.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The ''Franchise/AngryBirds'' fansite [[http://www.angrybirdsnest.com/ AngryBirdsNest]] was created in 2010 with developer Rovio Entertainment's permission, and Rovio has acknowledged them on the official ''Angry Birds'' website, as well as an ''Angry Birds Seasons'' [[http://www.angrybirdsnest.com/angry-birds-seasons-the-pig-days-level-1-3-walkthrough/ "Pig Days" level]].
* Jun Senoue, who writes music for the ''Franchise/SonicTheHedgehog'' games, praised the soundtrack of ''VideoGame/SonicBeforeTheSequel'''s [[UpdatedRerelease SAGE 2012 re-release]].
* Creator/ValveSoftware
** One of Valve's founding principles was to do that opposite of id Software, whose release of source code was a combination of throwing the fans a bone and Carmack showing off his programming genius. No matter how thriving or prolific the mod community became id dismissed them as geeky hobbyists, amateurs and peons, and made no attempts to support them when communities and distribution channels were at risk of disappearing. Valve from the beginning hosted modding forums, and file databases and file sharing.
** The company posts fan-works of ''VideoGame/{{Portal}}'' and ''VideoGame/{{Portal 2}}'' on the games' Facebook page. These have included [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JZIVmKOdrBk "This is Aperture"]] and [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4OV2UofPFg a video of "Still Alive" done with lasers.]]
** In an earlier example, Valve [[http://www.steampowered.com/Steam/Marketing/message/2236/ approved and publicized]] a ''VideoGame/HalfLife2'' fan film titled ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1UPMEmCqZo Escape from City 17]]''.
** Every once in a while, the official ''VideoGame/TeamFortress2'' blog [[http://teamfortress.com/?tab=news showcases]] fan works for the game, such as {{Music/Brentalfloss}}'s Team Fortress 2 [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UbaGodU_Gkw theme song.]]
** There is ''VideoGame/BlackMesa'', a FanRemake of ''VideoGame/HalfLife1'' in the Source Engine, which Valve added to Steam through Greenlight. Valve allowed it on condition they remove "Source" from the name (so people wouldn't think it was an official Valve release), and on condition that they got first dibs on playing it.
** In general, Valve is extremely supportive of fan works, even going out of their way to release and support tools to help make them, particularly {{Game Mod}}s. Valve's reason for being so benevolent toward these efforts? In a plot worthy of ''Film/TheLastStarfighter'', they use them as a means of [[PromotedFanboy scouting for talent]].
* Creator/{{Bungie}} is pretty benevolent toward all fan works of its material, regularly showcasing notable ones like ''Machinima/RedVsBlue'' or ''Webcomic/HaloAFistfulOfArrows'' on its news.
* Creator/HideoKojima said he was very impressed of ''[[FanFic/MetalGearSolidPhilanthropy Metal Gear Solid: Philanthropy]]'', and was moved by the filmmakers' passion and respect for the ''VideoGame/MetalGear'' series.
** He also liked the reaction videos to and the various parodies of the ''VideoGame/DeathStranding'' announcement trailer. In particular, he said his favourite that he'd seen was ''[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPRfvorM1uA Beer Stranding.]]''
* Reverge Labs puts up fan art of ''VideoGame/{{Skullgirls}}'' every Friday as part of FanArt Friday on their developer blog.
* Creator/TimSchafer [[http://twitter.com/#!/TimOfLegend/statuses/24399893377 tweeted]] about [[https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=1&sqi=2&ved=0CCkQtwIwAA&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DNWa1eiHPhKw&ei=VEqPT5zjF6rdiAL8n5GiAw&usg=AFQjCNGg6z4DJ4JowQNgYNY3-1E9tPhSJg&sig2=acKsHXnuVf8Y1kEa7dqpOQ a fanmade mashup]] of ''VideoGame/{{Psychonauts}}'' footage with audio of the ''Film/{{Inception}}'' trailer and considered it well-done.
* ''[[VideoGame/BitTrip BIT.TRIP COMPLETE]]'' (the CompilationRerelease for UsefulNotes/{{Wii}}) includes, as UnlockableContent, remixes of songs from the first three games by a fan named Mike Dannebaum, and songs inspired by the games by [[http://www.precisehero.com/ PreciseHero.]]
* There was [[http://www.dukenukemreloaded.com/ a project]] to remake ''VideoGame/DukeNukem3D'' using the Unreal engine. Gearbox, the current holder of the ''VideoGame/DukeNukem'' IP, approved of the effort. That is, until [[ScrewedByTheLawyers Interceptor read the details of the]] [[FanworkBan personal license they were granted...]]
* Creator/{{Capcom}} has not only acknowledged the existence of Maximillian's ''WebVideo/AssistMe'' series by linking the videos on their website, they even sponsored the ''Ultimate Assist Me'' series so Max and the crew wouldn't have to pay for the production costs out of their pockets like they normally do. Taken even further in the finale of ''Retro Assist Me'': where [[spoiler: Yoshinori Ono makes a cameo at the end.]] The only thing preventing it from being AscendedFanon at this point is that it's still a fanmade work and not official.
* Creator/{{Bethesda}}'s official blog had linked to ''WebVideo/FalloutNukaBreak'', considering a "great work". They also [[https://twitter.com/ElderScrolls/status/142683335909572608 tweeted]] ''Webcomic/{{Prequel}}'' -- [[https://twitter.com/ElderScrolls/status/149170403187757056 twice.]]
** Not to mention that every ''[[Franchise/TheElderScrolls Elder Scrolls]]'' and ''[[VideoGame/{{Fallout}} Fallout]]'' title produced and/or published by them comes complete with a modding kit that is essentially the API they used to build the game world. And ''[[VideoGame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim Skyrim]]'' wound up being the launch title for Steam Workshop.
** On a similar note, there's ''WebVideo/FalloutLanius'', which got approval and support from both Obsidian Entertainment and Bethesda.
* ''VideoGame/DoubleDragon'' creator Yoshihisa Kishimoto [[http://www.theverge.com/gaming/2012/9/4/3276130/the-man-who-created-double-dragon praised]] ''VideoGame/AbobosBigAdventure'' and doesn't mind unofficial derivative works as long as they're good and have something to do with the franchise.
* Ted Price, president of Insomniac Games [[note]]the original ''Franchise/SpyroTheDragon'' trilogy, ''Franchise/RatchetAndClank'', and ''VideoGame/{{Resistance}}''[[/note]], while bashing later entries in the ''Franchise/SpyroTheDragon'' franchise (mostly the ObviousBeta ''VideoGame/SpyroEnterTheDragonfly''), [[http://www.insomniacgames.com/community/showthread.php?36367-Why-Insomniac-Games-will-never-make-another-Spyro-game has also stated that]] "Digital Eclipse did a great job on the GBA titles" [[note]]Referring to ''VideoGame/SpyroSeasonOfIce'', ''VideoGame/Spyro2SeasonOfFlame'' and ''VideoGame/SpyroAttackOfTheRhynocs''[[/note]].
* [[Creator/Swery65 SWERY]], the game directior of ''VideoGame/DeadlyPremonition,'' loves any and all fan-works of the game, and regularly links to pieces of fan art and writings on the game on his Twitter account. In a Game Developer's Conference presentation, he even explained that creating fan-friendly characters and worlds is a part of his game design philosophy, because it gives fans a way to enjoy the game even when they're not playing it.
* The Dreamcast version of ''[[VideoGame/SoulSeries Soulcalibur]]'' contained an extensive, unlockable fan art gallery. Unfortunately, these galleries aren't included in later ports of the game due to the fact that over a decade has passed since the original release and thus it is difficult or impossible to track down the original artists so they can re-sign the usage rights for new consoles, as well as some of the art being blatantly sexual in nature (and thus affecting content guidelines from other companies).
* ZUN is generally quite supportive of ''VideoGame/{{Touhou}}'' fan work, and usually only demands that the products are clearly marked as unofficial fan material. It's even believed to be part of the reason canon is so vague and UnreliableNarrator-driven; it leaves more space for fanon.
* Overkill Software, makers of ''VideoGame/PAYDAYTheHeist'':
** They saw a group of fans create a skill calculator for the sequel to help other fans get a better understanding of what each skill does and how much of a bonus some skill tiers give since the in game description can be either vague or outright wrong. Overkill gave the calculator their seal of approval. Due to some "anti-fan" moves from overkill, the site has since gone down with it showing no signs of going back up.
** They later gave their seal of approval to [=HoxHud=], a community made HUD upgrade that shows additional information about the game as well as other features, such as holding down the action key. The sound that [=HoxHud=] plays to show it's running, ("[=HoxHud=], Initialized.") was provided by Hoxton's voice actor himself.
* Creator/HanakoGames has an official section of their forum for fan art and fan fiction, and Hanako has been known to hold fan work contests with free games as prizes. [[note]]She doesn't allow RuleThirtyFour on her forum, but that's because it ''is'' an all-ages forum.[[/note]]
* Creator/RockstarGames has been looking over the top-rated jobs people make in ''Grand Theft Auto Online'', and adding the best ones to the game proper, as 'Rockstar Verified'. They also regularly post news on their Social Club site about fanmade videos and crews that pique their interest.
* ''VideoGame/TheSilverLining'', a fan-created sequel of the popular ''VideoGame/KingsQuest'' series of adventure games, received a ringing endorsement from creator Roberta Williams, who was overjoyed to see her characters in [=3D=].
* Hajime Tabata, director of ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyXV'', approves of Photoshopped memes of a scene with Noctis and company in a car, which was first shown in the Tokyo Game Show 2014 trailer. With that, Square Enix rolls out transparent PNG files of that scene for everyone to poke fun with, which counts as ParodyAssistance.
* Creator/{{Nintendo}} employees have been careful not to give "official" approval/praise to fan works, if only for legal reasons, but they rarely pursued fans for creating them, and [[http://nintendoeverything.com/nintendo-ips-can-officially-be-used-for-fan-projects-endorsement-scheme-announced-for-japan/ later]] announced an endorsement scheme for fan projects.
* The developers of ''VideoGame/XCOMEnemyUnknown'', Jake Solomon and Ananda Gupta, have [[https://twitter.com/agauntpanda/status/401702145831223297 regularly]] [[https://twitter.com/solomonjake/status/624583121548247040 shown]] their support for [[https://www.youtube.com/user/Beaglerush Beaglerush,]] an influential player of their games. They would later [[https://twitter.com/beaglerush/status/393240150911635456 give]] him a code to review the upcoming Enemy Within expansion. In turn, Beaglerush goes through every single piece of [[https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/18RgjzMfgO1CYuaoRQH2tAZ7nP4UvBtIKZpTRR7dzaUs/htmlview?sle=true#gid=942779548 fan art]] submitted to him, especially praising talented artists and writers such as Vesmolol's [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10974108/1/Alive-and-Impossible fanfiction.]] Jake and other developers have also been very vocally impressed by the ''[[VideoGame/XCOMLongWar Long War]]'' GameMod and cited it as a major reason for including modding tools and assets with ''VideoGame/XCOM2''.
* Creator/NobuoUematsu's reaction to hearing the Music/OverClockedRemix track [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7xFhULStbkQ "The Impresario"]] (a cover of the opera from ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyVI'' InTheStyleOf [[Music/ANightAtTheOpera "Bohemian Rhapsody"]]) was to say he owed the creators of the remix a beer.
* [[Film/{{Tron}} Cindy Morgan]] posted an approval of the new [[SequelNonEntity Yori]] skin for ''Tron: Run/r'' on her Website/{{Tumblr}} feed.
* Creator/HidekiKamiya, the creator of ''Franchise/DevilMayCry'' and ''VideoGame/{{Bayonetta}}'', tweeted that he was looking forward to the result of ''WebAnimation/DeathBattle'''s "Dante vs Bayonetta" match. However, a short time later, he changed his mind and denounced it, saying he would rather Dante and Bayonetta team up instead of fight each other.
* ''VideoGame/YandereSimulator'': [=YandereDev=] has posted fan work, such as videos and artwork, of the game on the blog. He's even said that fan work is one of the few things he wants to be emailed about, since he likes seeing it and makes him feel like programming the game is worth it. He's also commented on Website/YouTube videos of the game, and lent his voice to the outro of [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-BG00B2nrI4 "Senpai Notice Me: A Yandere Simulator Musical"]] by ''WebVideo/RandomEncounters''. His [=YouTube=] channel also lists liked videos, many of which are [[LetsPlay Let's Plays]] and other related works for ''Yandere Simulator''.
* Michiel van den Bos, the original composer of ''VideoGame/DeusEx'' 's UNATCO Theme, [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BodNRjVCHjU&lc=z133y1pb1rfldjjy404cixmjrninf3mxxec said that]] [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BodNRjVCHjU Triple-Q's mashup of it with]] Music/{{DMX}}'s ''X Gon Give It to Ya'' "made my day." Meanwhile, Music/AlexanderBrandon [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QHEJ6fURMUg&lc=z13ewdwoavzxfxg0523mjbnirpf5f1yb204 approved of the mashup with Wan Chai Market]].
* Eipix, the developer behind the ''VideoGame/DarkParables'' series, discovered a [=PowerPoint=] presentation about the games on Website/{{Tumblr}}. They contacted [[Tropers/LadyNorbert the fan who made it]] for permission and have used it as official marketing on their social media sites. (They also thanked her for making the page about the games on [[Wiki/TVTropes This Very Wiki]].)
* Junichi Masuda of Game Freak went on record as saying that ''VideoGame/PokemonUranium'' sounded impressive and that he hoped the devs would make more games. [[YankTheDogsChain Too bad Nintendo didn't share the former sentiment...]]
* Creator/JamesArnoldTaylor [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OIh6sXRM_yQ voices his approval]] of a ''VideoGame/FinalFantasyX'' mod that replaces all audio with Tidus' laugh.
* Doug Drexler, a popular AscendedFanboy within the ''Franchise/StarTrek'' series, was tickled pink when he was approached by Cryptic Studios for approval of making one of his popularly designed ships, the ''NX-Refit'' (namely a ''NX''-class from ''Series/StarTrekEnterprise'' outfitted with a secondary hull that makes it a go-between of the ''NX''-class and the popular ''Constitution''-class) for ''VideoGame/StarTrekOnline''. In fact, Cryptic Studios approached CBS for permission to use this and they suggested they talk to Drexler himself.
* While ''VideoGame/{{Pyst}}'' often gets a bad wrap, ''VideoGame/{{Myst}}'' co-creator Rand Miller has said he loves it and even has a copy of it in Cyan's vault.
* The Creator/NaughtyDog team have had [[https://gamerant.com/crash-bandicoot-n-sane-trilogy-naughty-dog-impression/ warm praise]] for Vicarious Visions' work on the ''VideoGame/CrashBandicootNSaneTrilogy''.
* ''VideoGame/LSDDreamEmulator'' creator Creator/OsamuSato not only approves of, but would like to work with the ''[[http://lsdrevamped.net LSD: Revamped]]'' project, an attempt to recreate the 1998 game in modern HD.

* ''Webcomic/PennyAndAggie'' and ''Webcomic/{{QUILTBAG}}'' writer T Campbell often links, in his Website/{{Twitter}} feed and Website/{{Facebook}} page, to fics, fan art and {{Remix Comic}}s he particularly likes.
* Creator/AndrewHussie sometimes links to fanworks made for ''Webcomic/MSPaintAdventures'' that he likes.
* As noted Jim Davis famously gave his approval of ''Webcomic/GarfieldMinusGarfield'', including writing a few strips of his own for the site, and an introduction for the print collection.

[[folder:Web Video]]
* WebVideo/MatthewSantoro likes most fan-art done of him.
* WebVideo/MrRepzion frequently posts fan-art done of him online.
* The members of the LetsPlay/{{Yogscast}} often reblog fan-art done of them on their respective Tumblr and Twitter pages, although they do have some limits and some of them don't take as kindly to some forms of fanfiction, mainly shipping.
* LetsPlay/{{Sips}} is a huge fan of the "Sips Sings" series, having provided some vocals to various tracks over the years and tweeting most new releases. Similarly, Trott of LetsPlay/HatFilms was very complimentary of [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vql5pVcpfKE the episode guest starring him and the other two members]].
* LetsPlay/PewDiePie [[https://twitter.com/pewdiepie/status/557984911605633024 tweeted his approval]] of the parody that LetsPlay/HatFilms did of his "pack opening" video.
* Let's Players such as LetsPlay/PewDiePie and LetsPlay/ChaoticMonki regularly put up handpicked fan art as either the thumbnail or in the beginning of their videos.
* ''[[http://thealjavis.deviantart.com/art/Elements-of-Justice-Poster-Art-526890895 My Little Ace Attorney: Elements of Justice]]'' is one of the more promising {{fan sequel}}s to ''WebAnimation/TurnaboutStorm'' (some of the voice actors from the original reprise their roles). [=NeoArtimus=], the author of ''Turnabout Storm'', gave her blessing to the author and wished him good luck with the project.
* [[http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Tropers/Jabberwocky1996 Troper Jabberwocky1996]] asked Lewis Lovhaug of ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall'' if he could write a fic series where Linkara is a girl that is based on storylines of the show. [[http://atopfourthwall.tumblr.com/post/129307704528 Lewis gave him his blessing]] to write it.
* The folks behind ''WebAnimation/DeathBattle'' actively encourage people to make Let's Watches of their videos. They are especially fond of LetsPlay/RisGrestar's work.
* Creator/RoosterTeeth absolutely love their fans' work. Creator/MontyOum was quite generous when it came to approval of fan works of ''{{WebAnimation/RWBY}}'', and frequently shared cosplay photos, fanart, and [=AMVs=] that caught his eye on his Facebook page. He was also very supportive of [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3FmWA9-t6Io a Japanese fandub of the series]]. [[http://i.imgur.com/3dSobzB.png He even gave tips on making RWBY OCs for fanfics]]. Two examples take the cake:
** ''VideoGame/RWBYGrimmEclipse'' was originally a fangame before Rooster Teeth [[AscendedFanfic snatched it up and made it official]].
** "[[https://soundcloud.com/the-gypsy-caravan-1/answer-to-me-taiyangs-theme-1 Answer to Me]]" was a fanmade {{Leitmotif}} for Taiyang Xiao Long, Yang and Ruby's father. [[LamarckWasRight Taking cues from "I Burn"]], it's a long BadassBoast in music form interlaced with PapaWolf. The real awesome, though, is that in the comments below, you'll see that Jeff Williams (the face of the RWBY composers) himself personally popped onto the Soundcloud page to praise it. This particular bit of awesome, combined with the song's popularity, has led to many fans clamoring for the makers to [[AscendedFanfic use it as Taiyang's official theme]], which is not without precedent at Rooster Teeth.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* In general, the showrunners and writers of ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' tend to enjoy a lot of the fanworks created by the PeripheryDemographic:
** Blog/EquestriaDaily was formed in January 2011 as a fansite, and is regularly updated with fan material. Not only does Creator/TheHub acknowledge its existence, but it also sent official material, from an extended cut of "Equestria Girls" to exclusive interviews with the show's creative staff.
** Similarly, Creator/LaurenFaust had stated that she was "[[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LR81xtj2w_U&t=5m55s kinda totally in love with]] ''VideoGame/MyLittlePonyFightingIsMagic''" and would like to play it when it's finished. She apparently found the idea cool enough that when the game [[ScrewedByTheLawyers received a C&D order]], she [[https://twitter.com/Fyre_flye/status/300098640150687744 offered to design original characters for a new project.]] She's since officially teamed up with the programmers to create [[VideoGame/ThemsFightinHerds Them's Fightin' Herds]].
** Music/WeirdAlYankovic posted a link to a [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WhOlAU4t9Hs mash-up of MLP and one of his polkas]] on his Twitter page, then later did the same thing with another mash-up by the same editor. Al even hinted he might be/would like to be on the show at some point. In season 4, he's a special guest voice in the episode "Pinkie Pride" as a party planner rival for Pinkie.
** Music/DreamTheater keyboardist Jordan Rudess once linked to a PMV featuring the band's song "Octavarium", saying he thought it was cool.
** The not-for-profit, fanmade episode ''WebAnimation/DoubleRainboom'' got approval from Hasbro for its creation. It ''also'' got approval from [[spoiler:Creator/CartoonNetwork for the use of ''WesternAnimation/ThePowerpuffGirls'']].
** Ashleigh Ball, voice of Applejack and Rainbow Dash, [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kj5_DccQ47w#t=1405 expressed fondness]] for the ''WebAnimation/PonyDotMov'' series, while simultaneously being disturbed by it.
** Example with official works: the episode "Make New Friends but Keep Discord" includes a couple of references to ''VideoGame/MetalGear''. Creator/HideoKojima himself tweeted these.[[note]]It's unknown if he missed the one from "It's About Time", though.[[/note]]
** Music/DevinTownsend [[https://derpibooru.org/406979?scope=scpe82b9885c0cd841819e68e93f58183f179d15ee9f apparently approves of a Ponyfication of himself and Anneke Van Giersbergen]][[note]]who provided guest vocals on a couple of his DTP albums.[[/note]]
** Creator/RebeccaShoichet gave a [[https://twitter.com/RebeccaShoichet/status/781638663822151680 thumbs up]] to WebAnimation/SilverQuill for his in-depth character analysis of Sunset Shimmer.
* Several of the writers from ''WesternAnimation/AdventuresOfTheGalaxyRangers'' lurk on the fan list, and Chris Rowley admits to have read some of the fanfic.
* Samantha Newark, who voiced the titular character of ''WesternAnimation/{{Jem}}'' is a fan of the ''extremely'' vulgar parody series ''WebAnimation/{{Jiz}}'', and thinks that it's hilarious to make something as sweet as Jem so profane.
* Christy Karacas, Stephen Warbrick, and a few other crew members associated with ''WesternAnimation/{{Superjail}}'' have been known to appreciate the fanart and cosplay in existence for the series, while Karacas finds the adult fanart hilarious. It culminated in Karacas doodling a quick "Thank you!" illustration for a Japanese/Korean joint-produced doujinshi.
* Creator/GregWeisman has an account on the WesternAnimation/YoungJustice Wiki. Also, it's sort of a meme in Tumblr fandom for the tie-in comic's artist, Chris Jones, to like or reblog someone's fanart or image edit, followed by the fan screencapping the notif and posting "He saw me!" Weisman also reused the explanation for Jeffrey Robbins knowing Hudson was a [[WesternAnimation/{{Gargoyles}} gargoyle]] introduced in ''The Goliath Chronicles'' in his official comic book follow-up.
* ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'':
** Creator/GreyDeLisle, the voice actress of Azula, shared Creator/DougWalker's vlog reviews with a smiley face. Doug was [[CheshireCatGrin somewhat concerned]].
-->'''Doug''': So Grey Delisle is aware of my Avatar Vlogs and commented with a happy face on one of them. Um...should I be concerned about this? That is, the last time Azula said she looked forward to a show, there was a circle of fire and an assortment of killer animals. Eh, it'd be a cool way to go. " :) " back at ya.
** Creator/DanteBasco, the voice of Zuko, also watched the vlogs. Appropriately, this became known soon after Doug released a vlog with immense praise for his acting. It even got to the point where Basco himself appeared as a guest star on a WebVideo/NostalgiaCritic episode.
** Bryan Konietzko and Mike [=DiMartino=] (shortened to "Bryke") often reblog fanmade sets of gifs from ''WesternAnimation/AvatarTheLastAirbender'' and ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra''. Similarly, Mike [[http://chiakinanami.co.vu/post/105759234684/mike-liked-korrasami-fan-art-its-canon-guys was screenshotted liking some fanart of]] [[spoiler:Korra and Asami]] after the final episode of ''Korra'' was released. Note that this was a day or two before Bryke would make the announcement of it being canon. They've also admitted that [[http://bryankonietzko.tumblr.com/post/104412462412/avatarjenny-im-really-sorry-about-the-amon various pun-related memes]] have become something of a GuiltyPleasure for them.
** Janet Varney, the voice actress of Korra, noted at a convention that some fans had been reluctant to give their fanart of [[spoiler:Korra and Asami]] kissing or about to kiss. She actively encouraged fans not to worry and said she would happily sign any such fanart.
* ''WesternAnimation/ChalkZone'' co-creator Bill Burnett posted [[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H_ja5tHZuyI this fan video]], where Rudy is an adult (and presumably forgot about [=ChalkZone=]) and Snap calls to catch up with him, on his Tumblr account and said it was awesome.
* ''WesternAnimation/SouthPark'':
** One episode has Cartman becoming a hall monitor and turning it into a copy of ''Series/DogTheBountyHunter'', with his own crew and big-breasted wife, Beth. Dog loved the episode, and the real Beth said they should've made her boobs bigger.
** [[Series/ToCatchAPredator Chris Hansen]] immensely enjoyed his depiction on ''South Park'', saying that it made him cool in the eyes of his sons.
** Creator/BillyMays' son enjoyed the pastiche of his late father in "Dead Celebrities", where he pitches products to Kyle's younger brother Ike from beyond the grave, and at one point even pitches a threat to physically attack another dead celebrity, which Mays' son says he felt his father would laugh the most at.
** Creator/{{Nintendo}}, of all people, seemed to enjoy the free promotion for the UsefulNotes/{{Wii}} in the "Go God Go" episodes. Not long after the episode aired, a poll on their website was made asking fans how badly they wanted the new console. One of the choices being "Worse than Cartman", which was at 80% when the poll closed. Nintendo later used a clip of him asking his mother for one in a montage for their [=E3=] 2007 presentation. They even gave Trey Parker and Matt Stone their own Wii consoles.
** [[http://www.mtv.com/news/1608939/kanye-west-responds-humbly-to-south-park-fish-sticks-slam/ According to this article,]] [[Music/KanyeWest Kanye West]] enjoyed the "Fish Sticks" episode, [[DownplayedTrope though admitted that their parody of him did hurt his feelings a bit.]]
* ''WesternAnimation/RickAndMorty'': As soon as co-creator and voice actor Creator/JustinRoiland found out that someone was working on a [[ServantRace Mr.]] [[NoIndoorVoice Meeseeks]] mod for ''Videogame/TheElderScrollsVSkyrim'', he not only posted his wholehearted approval, but even [[https://www.reddit.com/r/rickandmorty/comments/1xgqau/oooooh_can_do_dragonborn/cfg9eir offered to record extra lines for it.]]
* Patrick [=McHale=], creator of ''WesternAnimation/OverTheGardenWall'', notably geeked out about ''Garden Falls'', a fancomic crossing his show over with ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'', [[https://twitter.com/Patrick_McHale/status/554805917808885760 linking to it on Twitter and tagging]] ''Gravity Falls'' creator Alex Hirsch. Wirt's voice actor Creator/ElijahWood also expressed approval via exclamation points.
* Another Nostalgia Critic-related example: his video "Was Goofy Secretly a Badass?" was shared on Twitter by Bill Farmer (Goofy's voice actor) and James Marsden (Max).
* ''The Mystery Shack'', a fan-made ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'' gift shop, has Creator/AlexHirsch's approval.
* The episode of ''WesternAnimation/JusticeLeague Unlimited'' "For the Man Who Has Everything" was adapted from a story of the same name written by Creator/AlanMoore. Alan is very distainful of the mainstream comic industry and how it shamelessly milks its properties for all their worth. This also goes for other media attempting to use his work and he hated the Watchmen movie to use one example. The only work he has endorsed with his name is the aforementioned episode of Justice League Unlimited. This was possibly because they weren't his characters, and the producers bothered to ask him first with the episode itself being faithful to the original story and adapted well for the medium. Notably, his name actually appears in the credits for the episode.