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[[caption-width-right:326:[[NoJustNoReaction No, Bowser... just]] ''[[NoJustNoReaction no]]''. [[note]][[VideoGame/SuperPaperMario And when they]] ''[[VideoGame/SuperPaperMario do]]'' [[VideoGame/SuperPaperMario get married...]] [[TheEndOfTheWorldAsWeKnowIt things don't go so well.]][[/note]]]]

->''"If the Evil Overlord tries to force me into marriage, I will insist on a ceremony so expensive that it will debilitate his industrial capacity."''
-->-- No. 9 of ''[[http://www.geocities.ws/evilsnack/truelove.html The True Love List]]'', ''JustForFun/TheUniversalGenreSavvyGuide''

The villain's EvilPlan isn't always to take over the world, or to kill the hero. Their goal may be far more personal and sinister – he's going to force the heroine to marry him.

This is often a [[{{Bowdlerize}} G-rated version]] of RapeAsDrama -- in fact, the whole concept usually carries at least [[MaritalRapeLicense an implicit threat of rape]] [[FridgeHorror when you think about it]]. (This can be a common source of FridgeHorror for adults looking back on the many, many beloved works aimed at children that use the trope.) It's an intensely personal threat to the heroine, one that plays up her femininity and vulnerability, especially since the marriage is assumed to be permanent and irreversible. If the heroine has a heroic male LoveInterest, as she usually does, it serves as a [[PostRapeTaunt threat to his masculinity]] as well. It also provides a convenient excuse for scenes where the villain puts the heroine in [[FanService compromising positions]]. And it can lead into all sorts of [[WeddingAndEngagementTropes Wedding Tropes]] -- SpeakNowOrForeverHoldYourPeace is almost mandatory.

Often, the villain is motivated by [[VillainousCrush twisted affection or at least lust]], but it can also just be about [[GoldDigger getting legal access to her money and property]], or [[HeirInLaw to her title]]. On the other hand, he might just be the kind of sick bastard who [[ForTheEvulz enjoys the idea]] of keeping someone trapped in a legally binding relationship that they find repulsive for the rest of their life. Or maybe [[DisposableWoman the heroine herself is pretty much irrelevant]], and it's really just about [[StuffedInTheFridge claiming ultimate victory over the hero by stealing his woman]].

If the villain does this by kidnapping his desired bride, it's a subtrope of IHaveYouNowMyPretty; when combined with VillainousCrush, it's also AbductionIsLove. If he threatens someone else and offers to relent if the heroine agrees to marry him, that's the G-rated variant of the ScarpiaUltimatum. In cultures with ArrangedMarriage, he might convince the heroine's parents or guardians to force her into marriage. {{Evil Sorcerer}}s will use their powers to HypnotizeThePrincess. The villain might even attempt to trick the heroine into [[AccidentalMarriage unwittingly doing something that counts as a legally binding wedding]]. (The ShotgunWedding, where a third party forces the couple to marry, is only an example of this trope if one of them [[TheChessmaster planned the whole thing]].)

Female antagonists who use this trope are much less common than male examples, and are usually portrayed a bit differently. They're almost always [[LoveMakesYouCrazy motivated]] by a VillainousCrush (since VillainessesWantHeroes), and may even verge on being a [[{{Yandere}} really unstable]] AbhorrentAdmirer [[DoubleStandardRapeFemaleOnMale rather than an outright villain]]; for some reason, female {{Gold Digger}}s are more likely to rely on seduction rather than coercion. Their male victims are also much more likely to foil the villainess's plan on their own, while female victims almost always [[DamselInDistress have to be rescued]] [[RescueRomance by their male love interests]].

There is even a trope for the special BigDamnHeroes moment when it prevents this kind of marriage: SpeakNowOrForeverHoldYourPeace.

Not to be confused with ShotgunWedding or TheBabyTrap.

Related tropes: VillainousCrush; IHaveYouNowMyPretty; DisposableWoman; DamselInDistress; HypnotizeThePrincess; MadLove; AbhorrentAdmirer; AbductionIsLove; SaveThePrincess. Often TruthInTelevision -- in fact this one's a very old real-world practice -- but it's way more depressing in RealLife.

For in-depth information on the subject, see the [[http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Forced_marriage article]] on Wiki/ThatOtherWiki.





[[folder:Anime & Manga]]
* ''Manga/{{Berserk}}'' features a {{Cult}} that captures Casca and brings her to their leader, the Great Goat. He immediately decides to marry her on the spot and viciously attacks her love interest Guts when he comes to save her.
* ''Manga/CatsEye'': Mitsuko Asatani is at one point forced to marry the son of the owner of a pharmaceutical company, who threatens to bankrupt her father's company (that works by selling said company's products) if she refuses. When they learn of this, the Kisugi sisters, [[Fiction500 being obscenely rich]], ''[[UnclePennybags create their own pharmaceutical company to take over the support role]]'', thus freeing Mitsuko to tell him no during the ceremony before [[CrowningMomentOfFunny hitting him in the face with a pie]].
* The rare gender-flipped variant can be found in ''Manga/CrimeZone'', in which the demonic pure-blood vampires seek to make the main character Shiro their groom for some sort of sinister purpose. Vampires are both commonplace and well-known mass killers in this setting, so Shiro is understandably terrified and it's played dead seriously.
* Prince Sincline / Lotor's main goal in ''Anime/GoLion'', the Americanized ''Voltron'', and all the sequel series, aside from taking over the galaxy, is to get Princess Farla[[note]][[SpellMyNameWithAnS Spelled "Fala"]] in Media Blasters' subtitled version.[[/note]] / Allura to marry him.
* In ''LightNovel/InfiniteStratos'', Ichika saves Laura's life. [[ChronicHeroSyndrome Being Ichika]], he doesn't think much of it. She, however, [[DefrostingIceQueen doesn't so much melt as go up like a torch]], saves ''his'' life, then [[ForcefulKiss sticks her tongue down his throat]] [[WackyMarriageProposal and declares him her wife]].
* ''Manga/OnePiece'':
** The lion-mouthed fiend [[InvisibleJerkass Absalom]] tries to make [[GoldDigger Nami]] his bride after seeing her naked while she bathing. Using his Devil Fruit power of invisibility, he succeeds in abducting her and drugs her with sleeping pills so she won't refuse him at the altar. Thankfully [[ChefOfIron Sanji]] [[WeddingSmashers interrupts]] to save her making it a DamselInDistress scenario.
** Vander Decken is another stalker who is after the Mermaid Princess Shirahoshi for his bride, forcing [[OverprotectiveDad Neptune]] to lock his daughter away. He's got a good reason, as Vander Decken sends her love letters (and ''flying axes''), believing he must either marry or kill her.
* ''Anime/PrincessTutu'':
** PlayedForLaughs when the ballet instructor threatens his students that they will have to marry him if they fail their task.
** And then weirdly played straight (albeit GenderFlipped) when [[DarkMagicalGirl Princess Kraehe]] threatens to marry [[PrinceCharming Mytho]]. Although it's more "Oh no, [[DistressedDude Mytho]] [[LawfulStupid got into]] [[OnceAnEpisode another scrape]]" than anything else.
* In ''Franchise/SailorMoon'', Queen Beryl's obsession with Endymion/Mamoru is her motivation for almost everything she does, though by the end of the Dark Kingdom arc she's rather expanded her villain goals. This is most evident in the [[Manga/SailorMoon manga]], where her unrequited love for Endymion and jealousy of Princess Serenity is what drew Metallia to her in the first place.
* In ''Anime/SenkiZesshouSymphogear'', after revealing that saving "Mankind" was just saving himself, Ver tells Maria they should talk later about repopulating the human race.
* In ''Anime/{{Shinzo}}''[[note]]The {{Macekre}}d version of ''Mushrambo''.[[/note]], the Reptile King Ryuma (one of the seven Enterran generals) decides to do this to Yakumo, the last living human, to prove his superiority over her. He says something to the effect of "Anyone can kill their enemy. Only the truly powerful can ''marry'' them", and further compares it to a snake wrapping a rabbit inside its coils and keeping it there instead of eating it.
* In ''Anime/SpeedGrapher'', Kagura is forced to marry Suitengu [[spoiler:after her mother dies, giving him control of the family fortune]].
* Used to absolutely nightmarish effect in ''Manga/TokyoGhoul[=:Re=]''. Mutsuki is kidnapped by deranged StalkerWithACrush Torso, and told that they are going to be get married. What makes it even worse is that [[spoiler: Torso reveals he's cut off Mutsuki's limbs, but not before giving his helpless "bride" a wedding ring]].
* ''LightNovel/VampireHunterD'': In the first volume and the 1985 film, Count Magnus Lee is determined to marry Doris Lang.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* In an early appearance, Namor was battling the ComicBook/FantasticFour, then [[ScarpiaUltimatum offered to spare the surface world]] if Sue would agree to marry him and [[WeCanRuleTogether become Queen of Atlantis]]. She agreed, but when he saw that she wasn't thrilled about the whole thing, he threw a fit and stormed off. Not very long after, he decided it was time for Sue to be his queen, abducted her, and informed her that her indecisiveness in choosing between himself and Reed had forced his hand. Furious at being kidnapped, Sue refused to cooperate and was soon rescued by the rest of the Fantastic Four. It happened yet again many years later after Reed returned from the dead and Namor realized he still had feelings for Sue. He assaulted her, told her that she was his because he had claimed her, and attempted to abduct her against her will to be his bride. Reed defended her and ultimately Namor gave up after realizing Sue loved her husband deeply.
* Doctor Doom has tried to do this to Storm more than once. (Another time, he simply decided to [[TakenForGranite turn her into a trophy]]; one way or another, [[AbhorrentAdmirer he has an odd thing for her]].)
* ''{{ComicBook/Sabretooth}}'' did this in the ''{{ComicBook/Daredevil}}''. Some teens, or 20-year-olds are down in the tunnels after the Morlock massacre, thinking it's open turf. Sabretooth is already there, and has claimed the tunnels for himself. He yells for the two boys to leave, but grabs the girl that was with them -wanting her for a mate. Her friends tell him to let her go, but Creed yells now that she's his, he would die for her. After the girl is saved by Daredevil, she says that Creed barely touched her and that he was very gentle & sweet to her. Because of that, Sabretooth attacking her during the fight with Daredevil actually surprised her.
* ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'': sometime in [[TheFifties the 1950]]'s, ComicBook/LoisLane inexplicably [[{{Chickification}} transformed]] from an ambitious, independent career woman to someone whose [[AcceptableFeminineGoalsAndTraits primary goal in life was discovering Superman's secret identity and using it to blackmail him into marrying her]]. This was especially bad in her own comic, ''Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane''. The [[UsefulNotes/TheSilverAgeOfComicBooks Silver Age]] was a strange time.
* In the ''Franchise/SuperMarioBros'' comic book, Bowser tries to do this to Peach several times. The top image comes from a scene in ''ComicBook/SuperMarioAdventures'' where Bowser tells Peach she ''must'' marry him, accompanied with a threat of what he'll do if she doesn't.
* In ''ComicBook/XMen'' the Morlocks seemed big on this, at least at first. Originally there was a rare female example where Angel's AbhorrentAdmirer, Callisto kidnapped him to force him to marry her, [[http://shirtless-superheroes.blogspot.com/2007/06/captive-angel.html as seen here.]]
** And later in the same storyline, another Morlock, Caliban tries to make Kitty Pryde marry him. [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy He relented when he realized she didn't love him.]]
* [[spoiler:Arkady/Dmitry]] does this to Jena towards the end of ''ComicBook/NikolaiDante'' to cement his claim to the throne. [[CruelMercy And to punish Nikolai.]]
* In ''ComicBook/{{Runaways}}'', Xavin tries to pull this on Karolina during the "Star Crossed" arc, because they are desperate to stop the war between the Skrulls and the Majesdanians.
* ''ComicBook/DeathOfTheFamily'': After kidnapping her mother, ''ComicBook/TheJoker'' threatened to kill her unless ''ComicBook/{{Batgirl}}'' (aka Barbara Gordon, [[ComicBook/TheKillingJoke the one he crippled for years]]) agrees to marry him. He reveals he plots to cut her arms and legs off and lock her away to make sure she doesn't run away and cheat on him.

[[folder:Comic Strips]]
* Happens all the time in various versions of ''ComicStrip/FlashGordon'', with Ming the Merciless trying to make Dale Arden marry him.

[[folder: Fan Works]]
* In ''Fanfic/TheLionKingAdventures'', Hila plans to force Nala into marriage after beating Simba in ''The Royal Challenge''.
* In the Walt Disney Zorro flick ''The Eagle's Gaze'', the antagonist pulls one of these during the climax by threatening to torture a character's friend in front of her if she doesn't comply...
* ''FanFic/AFutureOfFriendshipAHistoryOfHate'': Megalos Tyrant (one of [[BigBad Ruinate]]'s [[CoDragons heralds]]) seduces Rarity in his [[VillainWithGoodPublicity public persona]] of [[PrinceCharming Regal Rule]], lavishing her with all the trappings of a royal lifestyle, and then proposes to her. She initially accepts, but when she realizes everything she'd be giving up to run away to his kingdom with him, she turns him down... at which point he attempts to kidnap her and ''force'' her to marry him. He nearly gets away with it, if not for the [[BigDamnHeroes timely arrival]] of the other Elements of Harmony.
* Given a downright ''bizarre'' spin on the ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' [[AlternateUniverseFic fanfic]] ''[[http://www.fimfiction.net/story/74622/king-of-chaos King of Chaos]]'', where the [[EvilOverlord current ruler of Equestria]], [[TheCaligula Discord]], basically forces his CourtMage [[TrappedInVillainy Twilight]] [[OnlySaneMan Sparkle]] to marry him. Why? Because he wants to attend Shining Armor's and Princess Cadence's wedding--[[ThePrankster only to sabotage it, of course]]--and he isn't related to either, whereas [[LoopholeAbuse Twilight is Shining's younger sister]]. He ''also'' probably did it [[ManipulativeBastard just to mess with Twilight as well]]. Somewhat subverted in that Discord's not really interested in...consummating the relationship, instead opting to just [[InnocentCohabitation share a bed]].
* ''Franchise/TheLegendOfZelda'' fanfiction that features the sorceror Vaati, like in his appearance in Four Swords (See Video Games), seeking to make Zelda his bride. In some stories, though, he actually succeeds and becomes King of Hyrule.
* Happens to Meg in ''[[Fanfic/MegsFamilySeries Meg's Family]]'' when she [[DealWithTheDevil sold her soul to]] [[TheDevil Lucifer]] in order to get on the cheerleading squad, with the intent of making Meg his bride. Of course, Meg's ''actual'' husband [[spoiler: and Lucifer's son]] Zack and their daughter Maddie wouldn't have any of it.
* In Literature/HarryPotter fanfic ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/4816968/1/Do-Not-Meddle-In-The-Affairs-Of-Wizards Do Not Meddle In The Affairs Of Wizards,]]'' after Harry is forced to return to Hogwarts, it is described how many girls plan to take advantage of his (supposed) lack of knowledge of magical customs to put him in a position where he is forced to marry them. Ginny Weasley takes it further than anyone, even [[spoiler:taking a potion that gets her pregnant with Harry's child without having sex with him, expecting Harry to marry her for the child's sake. Unfortunately for her, Harry forces her to say the truth in front of witnesses and uses the life debt she owes him so that she will give birth and then give the child up and never attempt to contact him.]]
* In ''Fanfic/TheUltimateEvil'' -- an AlternateUniverseFic of ''WesternAnimation/JackieChanAdventures'' --, once [[DemonLordsAndArchDevils Shendu]] is restored to his true form, he takes [[VillainousCrush Valerie Payne]] (his [[BalanceBetweenGoodAndEvil Other]] and his imprisoner's descendant) with him to his palace with the intention to make her his queen once he has conquered the world again. Fortunately he's stopped before any of that can happen.
** Nine hundred years earlier, Shendu forcibly took [[PrecursorHeroes Lo Pei's]] daughter Lo Mei as his bride after [[MurderTheHypotenuse killing the young man she loved]] [[ForcedToWatch before her eyes]], intending to father a legacy of his own. This is what caused [[PapaWolf Lo Pei]] to start the uprising that led to Shendu's imprisonment, though Lo Mei died in the process by [[spoiler:[[DrivenToSuicide her own hand]] when the grief over losing her lover became too much]].
* In ''FanFic/{{Drakigo}}''- a variation of ''Film/BramStokersDracula'' with ''WesternAnimation/KimPossible'' characters- after Shego Dracula is bitten by a vampire, he talks about how she will a queen of undying beauty by his side; trope is subverted as Shego immediately kills him out of anger at the implication that she would ever choose him over her dead love.
* ''Fanfic/TheVow'': Once [[WesternAnimaton/KungFuPanda2 Lord Shen]] takes over Gongmen City, he tells his prisoner and former fiancée Lady [[SwansASwimming Lianne]] that he will wed her once he has conquered China. He says that to be his way to get back at her for seemingly rejecting him upon his banishment, but [[EvenEvilHasLovedOnes he does want her and only her as his spouse]]. [[spoiler:After he forgives her when he's told of [[PleaseSpareHimMyLiege her real role in his banishment]], they spend a night together. After Shen apparently kills Po, he decides to marry Lianne a day after, both out of love and [[AltarTheSpeed to cover their night]], leaving her no choice. However, when Lianne tells Shen at the altar that he'd have just needed to propose to her, he's [[MyGodWhatHaveIDone hit by massive compunctions]], interrupts the ceremony when it's Lianne's turn to say the marriage vows and gives her her freedom, [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy having realized that he'd rather see her happy]] than chained to him on the road [[IveComeTooFar he doesn't believe he can step from]]. To his surprise, Lianne gives her marriage vows and [[IWillWaitForYou promises to wait for him]] before she leaves.]]
* Discord and Fluttershy's relationship in ''FanFic/BrideOfDiscord'' starts out this way, after Discord asks for a bride as one of his demand for not reeking havoc on Equestria and harming the princesses, which Fluttershy volunteers for, but it becomes more mutually romantic as the story goes on.
* In ''[[Fanfic/TheStanfordAdventureClub Thicker than Water]]'', the Heterodyne patriarch wanted a bride for his son and outright bewitched a war prisoner to force him to give his daughter Teodora to them, right before casting an amnesia spell upon the whole family to ensure they wouldn't try to rescue her. To her groom's credit, he genuinely wants for her to be happy and it's implied their married life wasn't truly awful.

[[folder:Films -- Animation]]
* Jafar tries to force Jasmine to marry him in ''Disney/{{Aladdin}}'' by hypnotizing her father so that he'll set up an ArrangedMarriage. It's not entirely clear why he doesn't just HypnotizeThePrincess; her father's rather WeakWilled, and Jasmine is [[RebelliousPrincess definitely not]], so this way might have just been easier. (Even the Sultan does manage to snap out of Jafar's hypnosis on his own at least once.) This example is somewhat unique in that Jafar is really using her as a way to become Sultan. In fact, Jafar's original plan was to simply kill both Jasmine and the Sultan once the marriage had been carried out. Though Jafar was not above creeping on Jasmine after she thought Aladdin was dead and even asks Genie to make her fall in love with him when she was being defiant.
* In ''Disney/BeautyAndTheBeast'', Gaston uses the ScarpiaUltimatum version on Belle when her father is going to be committed to an insane asylum. It didn't work.
* ''Disney/TheLittleMermaid'' Ursula in a beautiful form [[HypnotizeThePrincess hypnotizes]] Prince Eric. This is partly to prevent Ariel from fulfilling her bargain of making Eric fall in love with her in three days, and partly out of spite.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheAdventuresOfTomThumbAndThumbelina'' the Mole King tries to marry Thumbelina and fails.
* Didn't make it into the final version of the film, but this trope was ''very'' heavy in one scene that was cut from ''Disney/TheLionKing''. [[http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I0WATOVmLtQ Scar was going to attempt to force Nala to marry him.]] Later, a similar scene found its way into the Broadway version.
* The evil penguin Drake from ''WesternAnimation/ThePebbleAndThePenguin'' demands that Marina choose him as a husband during the mating ritual, or go to a watery grave ("Right this way to the Drake estate / or write your epitaph!")
* In The Scarecrow, Count Grisham plans to marry Polly so that he can take her money. Inevitably, the title character gets in his way.
* ''WesternAnimation/StrangeMagic'': Roland after failing to woo Marianne (who knows he's a [[YourCheatingHeart cheating jerk]]), decides to simply force her to marry him by using a {{love potion}}.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheSwanPrincess'': The villain Rothbart once tried to take Odette's kingdom by force, but it didn't work out so well. So he kidnaps Odette and [[BalefulPolymorph turns her into a swan]] every time the moon sets until she agrees to marry him and give him a legal claim to the throne. That doesn't really go his way either.

[[folder:Films -- Live-Action]]
* [[TheEvilPrince Humperdinck]] tries to do this to Buttercup in ''Film/ThePrincessBride'', because he needs a popular queen to murder so that he can pin the crime on a neighboring country and use it as a {{pretext for war}}. She was initially willing, but only because she believed her LoveInterest was dead; when he returned, Humperdinck turned it into a ScarpiaUltimatum.
* The Sheriff of Nottingham tries to do this to Maid Marian in ''Film/RobinHoodPrinceOfThieves'', and even tries to rape her during the ceremony as Robin and crew are beating down the door.
* ''Film/BigTroubleInLittleChina'': [[EvilSorcerer David]] [[YellowPeril Lo Pan]] originally wants to marry and sacrifice Miao Yin so he can become solid again. Eventually he decides to marry both Miao Yin and Gracie Law, sacrifice Gracie instead and live out his Earthly pleasures with Miao Yin.
* ''Film/{{Beetlejuice}}'': The title ghost's ultimate goal is to marry teenaged Lydia (a move that has {{Squick}} written all over it), because this will apparently allow him to stay in the world of the living indefinitely.
* ''The Spanish Main'' involves a Dutch captain turned pirate king who discovers that the ship they're... procuring... has the bride-to-be of the Spanish governor. He marries her to get back at the governor for putting him in prison.
* ''Film/{{Flash Gordon|1980}}'': Emperor Ming forces Dale Arden to agree to marry him [[ScarpiaUltimatum by promising to spare the lives of Prince Barin and Hans Zarkov if she does]].
* Matai Shang's plan to help Sab Than take over Barsoom in the ''Film/JohnCarter'' film adaptation involves having Sab force Dejah Thoris to marry him.
* ''Film/{{Legend 1985}}'': The Lord of Darkness' goblins capture the beautiful Princess Lily and take her to the dark castle, where Darkness falls in love with her and plans to marry her.
* ''Film/TheLostSkeletonOfCadavra'': The Skeleton declares that he will marry the alien woman Lattis and tries to have a wedding ceremony.
* ''Film/TheLoneRanger'': [[spoiler:Cole]] wants to marry Rebecca [[spoiler:so that her son can become his heir, since he's implied to be a eunuch and can therefore not produce a son of his own.]]
* ''Film/{{No Man of Her Own|1950}}'': Helen's evil ex-boyfriend decides to blackmail her, saying that he'll uncover her secret identity if she doesn't marry him and give him her family's inheritance.
* In ''Film/ToKillADragon'', the reason that Lancelot decides to interfere is that Elsa is being forcibly married to the Dragon (which would result in her death). When the Dragon is defeated, [[spoiler: the Burgomaster]] becomes a ruler and wants to forcibly marry Elsa himself.
* ''Film/{{Cinderella 2015}}'':
** Kit is a rare male victim of this trope, with the Duke marrying him off to the Princess Chelina (how directly involved she is in all this is unclear.)
** Strangely, in a twist, Lady Tremaine is at one point willing to force Cinderella to marry her prince... as long as she is made Queen Dowager. When Cinderella refuses to let her exploit the man she loves like she did her father, Tremaine leaves her in the tower room to rot.
* ''Film/NothingButTrouble'': The JP forces Christopher to marry his granddaughter [[AbhorrentAdmirer Eldona]], the alternative being [[AllCrimesAreEqual execution for running a stop sign]] (and being a banker!). He agrees to go through the ceremony since he figures it will give him an opportunity to escape, but after tying the knot he immediately get caught.

* Many, many versions of the Myth/RobinHood legend have the Sheriff or some other villain trying to do this to Marian.
* This happens in the first ''Literature/ASeriesOfUnfortunateEvents'' book (as well as the FilmOfTheBook), in which Count Olaf tries to marry Violet. Bizarrely, [[WhatDoYouMeanItsForKids even though the series is aimed at kids]], even though Olaf is clearly a GoldDigger, and even though Violet is underage and Olaf is ''her [[OldManMarryingAChild much older]] [[WifeHusbandry legal guardian]]'', the possibility of rape is actually ''more'' explicit than usual, with Violet imagining what it would be like to sleep beside Olaf and Olaf at one point declaring that they were “off to have our wedding night.”
* In ''Literature/BeingAGreenMother'', [[GenderBlenderName Natasha]] rescues Orb from a forced marriage to Satan, where he is using a magic song to destroy her will, embodying this trope. Then, Natasha courts Orb through several RescueRomance scenes. She falls in love with him for this, his handsome appearance, gentle demeanor and his lovely singing, and agrees to marry him. Then comes TheReveal...
* The ScarpiaUltimatum is used for this in ''ThePhantomOfTheOpera''. It's an unusually sympathetic version, though -- it's pretty explicit that Erik has no intention of raping Christine (the man seems to think of wives as pets or accessories that one takes on walks and buys pretty things for, rather than as sexual partners), and he actually [[IWantMyBelovedToBeHappy calls the whole thing off himself]].
* In J.R.R. Tolkien's "Tale of Beren and Lúthien" (from ''Literature/TheSilmarillion''), Celegorm imprisons the heroine with the intent of marrying her, wanting to advance his political power in Beleriand. Fortunately, Lúthien manages to escape with some assistance from [[HeroesLoveDogs his dog]].
* ''Literature/ThePillarsOfTheEarth''
** Utter sub-human garbage William Hamleigh tries do this to Aleina multiple times and she refuses each time, but sickeningly [[RapeAsDrama he doesn't take it lightly]]. Which makes his death [[RapeAndRevenge all the more satisfying]].
** Poor Aliena has deal with shit from Tom Builder's crap son Alfred who proposes to her and given her experience with William it's no surprise she turns him instantly down. However when she looses all her money, she forced to give in and accept his proposal. Fortunately Jack Jackson (Aliena's true love) comes to house on her wedding night and she [[GladToBeAliveSex takes]] his virginity away. This however gets her pregnant and Alfred enraged kicks her out of the house but she goes to Jack in France and Alfred dies later, allowing a consensual marriage to happen. [[HappilyEverAfter So it all turns out okay]].
*** The show changes it to Aliena's younger brother Richard allowing Alfred to marry her, so she won't be poor. Which is the complete opposite of h [[UnstoppableRage reaction]] to Alfred's unwanted advances on her in the book.
* In ''[[Literature/SixteenThirtyTwo 1634: The Baltic War]]'', [[spoiler:Eddie Cantrell]] has fallen totally in love with Anne Cathrine, the 15-year-old [[InsistentTerminology daughter of the King]] of Denmark, but fears his love to be hopeless due to her jailbait age (he is 20) and social standing. When escaping a destroyed prison, he and Anne Cathrine have a great deal of sex for two days, leading the person to believe he is going to be executed, as the King reads a huge scroll of serious charges against him. But, when he realizes this trope is being offered, he is ecstatic. (So is Anne Cathrine.)
** In ''1634: The Bavarian Crisis'', Bernhard of Saxe-Weimar tries to kidnap the Hapsburg princess Maria Anna (who has just [[RunawayBride run away from her previous]] ArrangedMarriage and is currently very close to his own territory) in order to reinforce his status when he sets himself up as an independent ruler. The plan doesn't really go anywhere, and he even provides her and hew new intended with free passage and an escort led by the officer whom he sent to capture her in the first place, figuring that if he can't have her, [[PragmaticVillainy he might as well get some decent PR out of the whole mess]].
* It is part of Celimus' plan to take over the world in Fiona [=McIntosh=]'s Quickening Trilogy. He first sends the hero to ask the princess of the neighboring country's hand in marriage, but also sends mercenaries to kill the king so she has no choice but to marry him, since her country is too weak and she's too young for a war. Of course, the main character falls in love with her, but he only manages to save her in the nick of time between her marriage and the wedding night, due to a rather annoying curse.
* ''Literature/TheReynardCycle:'' Reynard's nemesis, Duke Nobel, plans to marry a captive Countess in order to unify two warring states. [[spoiler: The plan works.]]
* ''Literature/ASongOfIceAndFire''
** Sansa is at first ''thrilled'' about her betrothal to [[EnfantTerrible Prince Joffrey]], but it quickly turns into this trope when it becomes clear the Lannisters intend to hold her to the bargain even after [[spoiler:Joffrey has her father executed in front of her]]. WideEyedIdealist though she is, Sansa is ''very'' much aware of the MaritalRapeLicense and what it means for her situation. [[spoiler:She gets out of marrying Joffrey once they realize Margaery Tyrell is a better political match... so they marry her off to Joffrey's uglier uncle Tyrion instead. Fortunately, Tyrion is a much nicer guy than his nephew, and refrains from raping her on their wedding night.]]
** [[TheWoobie It seems like Sansa might fall victim to this trope yet ''again'']], [[spoiler:this time with Littlefinger]]. In the most recent book, ''A Dance with Dragons'', [[spoiler:it's mentioned that Littlefinger's first attempt to do this happened when Sansa was ''eleven''.]]
** Also done to [[spoiler: Jeyne Poole, who was forced to masquerade as Arya Stark and marry Ramsay Snow, so as to more firmly establish the Bolton claim to the North]].
*** And Ramsay did the same thing to Lady Hornwood before that. Then she pushed his BerserkButton.
*** {{Deconstructed}} with regards to Ramsay. Everyone knows what he did to Lady Hornwood and [[spoiler:Jeyne]], and everyone wants his head on a pike for it. [[PragmaticVillainy Roose Bolton]], Ramsay's father, is continually frustrated by this sort of behavior on Ramsay's part. If Roose's position continues to deteriorate, Ramsay will most likely be thrown to the wolves at the first opportunity.
* Literature/BrotherCadfael:
** In ''The Virgin in the Ice'', a young heiress fights off the BigBad, knowing that if he succeeds in raping her she will be forced to marry him and her life and fortune will be in his hands.
** It shows up again in ''The Rose Rent''. When the wealthy widow Judith Perle disappears, it's feared that she faces "marriage by rape".
* The ''heroes'' ([[GrayAndGrayMorality sort of]]) of the Literature/{{Deryni}} novels pull this one -- in ''The Bishop's Heir'', the rebel princess is kidnapped, held captive, and then told she must marry protagonist King Kelson (so that her claim to lands will be once again joined to his royal line). He tells her he wants her to agree "willingly", but it's made clear to the user that he will apply MindRape if necessary. [[spoiler: She's killed instants after saying her vows, so the issue of sex is never dealt with.]] It's presented as the only way to end a protracted and bloody civil war, [[spoiler:which continues in the following book until all possible rival heirs are dead.]] and Sidana chooses to cooperate. She is also given several weeks of wedding preparations to get used to the idea and notice that Kelson is a more than presentable young man.
* In ''The Innocent'', the lead Elinor fights off a rapist with the help of a serf. The creep was the cousin and lover of the wife of Elinor's dying brother; if he had succeeded, he could have claimed Elinor as his wife, giving him access to her lands. [[spoiler:The cousin and the sister-in-law had further plans that would have ended with them married and in control of the lands.]]
* Near the end of ''Literature/ABrothersPrice'', [[spoiler: Kij Porter and her sisters]] kidnap Jerin Whistler for this purpose. With his RoyalBlood, they'd have a shot at the throne if the women already on it were all killed. He [[BlatantLies promises]] that if they don't kill his companion, a thorn in their side for ages, that he will marry them willingly, please them in bed, never run away or tell the sordid tale to anyone, and care for their children. [[spoiler: He is lying like a rug and escapes at the first opportunity.]]
* In the Old Icelandic ''Literature/SagaOfHrolfKraki'', King Helgi of Denmark takes Queen Olof of Saxony hostage and tries to force her to marry him. It doesn't work.
* Prince Kai in the ''Literature/LunarChronicles'' is a rare male example. Queen Levana is determined to get a legitimate claim over Earth via marriage to an Earthen leader. First she tries to withhold the antidote for [[ThePlague the Letumosis virus]] from him, then threaten his LoveInterest Cinder's life to force him to marry her. [[spoiler: At the end of ''Scarlett'', she succeeded but in ''Cress'', Cinder stopped the wedding by kidnapping Kai.]]
* ''Literature/TheRedNecklace'': Count Kalliovski keeps Sido imprisoned until she agrees to marry him. Later, he creepily tells her if she doesn't marry him, he'll bed her [[MaritalRapeLicense whether she wants it or not anyway]].
* ''Literature/JohnCarterOfMars'': This happens twice with [[DamselInDistress Dejah Thoris]]. In the first book, she is pressured into marrying a prince from a rival city-state in order to spare her realm from being destroyed by his armies. In the third book, she ends up taken to a foreign land whose tyrant declares he will make her his queen.
* In ''Literature/TheQueensThief'', the king of Sounis wants Hamiathes' Gift, a mythical artifact that legitimises the owner to rule over neighbouring Eddis. While the artifact is so ancient that he could not hope to wrench power from the ruling queen (whose ancestors have ruled without it, too), he hopes to be able to bully her into marrying him. Considering that protagonist Gen has been employed by the king of Sounis to steal said artifact, the reader is not quite sure whether to hope that Gen succeeds. [[spoiler: Later is turns out that Gen has not been unwillingly dragged along but had plans of his own ... which do not involve handing the Gift over to Sounis.]]
* In Lucy Daniel Raby's ''Nikolai of the North'', there is a more rare version since both parties involved are pretty villainous. Volpo, TheDragon to WickedWitch Magda, tells her that he'll only reveal his genius EvilPlan to capture the heroes if Magda agrees to marry him. If she doesn't, he won't help her at all with anything anymore. Since Magda is the WorldsMostBeautifulWoman ([[spoiler:after certain dark magic, that is]]) and Volpo is horrendously ugly, she's not very enthusiastic about it. [[spoiler:They announce their engagement as the EvilPlan seems to succeed, but then BigDamnHeroes kill them off before things can progress further]].


[[folder:Live-Action TV]]
* The 1960's ''Series/{{Batman}}''
** "Marsha Queen of Diamonds/Marsha Scheme of Diamonds": Marsha blackmails Batman into marrying her or Robin will be her prisoner forever. The marriage would be a case of LoopholeAbuse. Marsha's original plan was blackmailing him into letting her into the Batcave so she'd gain access to the bat-diamond but even for Robin he wouldn't break his vow (never revealing the Batcave's location to any strangers) so she demanded the marriage to make herself no longer a stranger.
** "King Tut’s Coup/Batman’s Waterloo": King Tut kidnaps socialite Lisa Carson to make her Queen of the Nile.
** "Green Ice/Deep Freeze": Mr. Freeze kidnaps beauty queen Miss Iceland with this purpose in mind.
** "Enter Batgirl, Exit Penguin": The Penguin does the same to Barbara Gordon with the belief that his new father-in-law Commissioner Gordon will grant him immunity to arrest.
* In the musical episode of ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'', a demon threatens to kill everyone in Sunnydale and make Dawn his “queen”. He relents when it's revealed the terms of his summoning would actually make [[spoiler:Xander]] his bride.
-->'''Anya:''' I've seen some of these Underworld child bride deals, and they never end well. Well, maybe once.
* A strange version occurs in ''Series/{{Farscape}}''. John is, unfortunately, the only male able to give a princess healthy children and she must marry in order to become Empress. John is fully prepared to let her down gently, but the current Empress gives him a choice: marry her daughter, or let Scorpius play with his brain.
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'':
** A rare female-on-male version when Daenerys forces Hizdahr to marry her after imprisoning and threatening to execute him in "Kill the Boy", hoping the marriage will placate her enemies. She later tells Tyrion she ''may'' not resort to killing him.
** Similar to Jeyne Poole's situation who is AdaptedOut from the show, Sansa is forced to marry [[spoiler:Ramsey Bolton]], of all people. However, this is part of Littlefinger's schemes to take control of the North. It's actually worse than that when during their wedding night, [[spoiler:Ramsey rapes Sansa and as a result, Theon/Reek helped her escape]].
* ''Series/{{Jessie}}'': Creepy Connie tries to force Luke to marry her in "Creepy Connie 3: The Creepening".
* Lord Zedd suddenly decided he wanted to marry Kimberly in one episode of ''Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers'', leading to a completely failed attempt to [[HypnotizeThePrincess hypnotize]] her. And by failed, we mean that Kimberly uses her acting lessons to give a truly Rita-worthy performance that scares the hell out of the bad guys, buying the others time to rescue her.
* ''Series/RobinHood'' starts with Marian leading Guy of Gisbourne on for information, but Guy ends up developing this for her [[spoiler:which actually culminates in her death]].
* An episode of ''Series/StarTrekDeepSpaceNine'' called "The House of Quark" has the Klingon Grilka kidnap Quark and force him to marry her at knifepoint. This is a relatively sympathetic version, as Grilka's only doing it to maneuver her family out of a political crisis that was partly Quark's fault in the first place. It quickly turns into a more equal partnership, with Quark using his cunning and financial skills to help her resolve the situation, and afterward she gladly divorces him and they part on good terms.
* In ''Series/{{Tinsel}}'', Kwame Mensah gets Telema Duke to marry him by holding his testimony -- the only chance for her on-again/off-again lover, Soji Bankole, to escape a Murder One conviction -- to ransom.
* ''Series/{{Best Friends Whenever}}'' has Daisy being forcibly engaged to a {{Jerkass}} named Sebastian who wants to rule her kingdom. The gang must rescue her from her {{Arranged Marriage}}.
* In ''Series/{{Newhart}}'', Larry once revealed that his dad was very persistent in courting his mom until she said the words he longed to hear, "Okay, untie me and I'll marry you." This worried the rest of the cast as he began courting Stephanie. Fortunately, when asked about it, Larry admits that what his dad did was "just weird".
* ''Series/LazyTown'' had the "evil dude" creates a love potion for his "usual damsel in distress", to make her fall in love with him & get married.
* In ''Series/TheTribe'', Ram takes an interest in Ebony when he finds out that she is his lieutenants Java and Siva's younger sister, both of whom he has already married. He tries to persuade her nicely at first by presenting her with gifts and noting how much power she would gain by it, but eventually gets fed up with her reluctance and pretty much gives Ebony an ultimatum to make up her mind. [[spoiler:She ultimately chooses Ram's good-hearted Dragon Jay instead.]]
* In one episode of ''Series/{{The Suite Life On Deck}}'', Maddie is tricked accidentally becomes engaged to an 8 year-old prince and is saved by Zack challenging the brat to a {{Duel To The Death}}.
* In one episode of ''Series/RedDwarf'', the guys must trade with a grunting, Yeti-like tribe of G.E.L.F.s to obtain some vital equipment. The tribe's chief demands that Lister marry his daughter in return. He ends up going through with the ceremony, but runs out before consummation.
* On ''Series/AlloAllo'' Denise Laroche of the Communist Resistance forces Renee to marry her somewhat unintentionally - Renee won't refuse because she killed the only other man who ever broke her heart. She doesn't even think there is a question of him refusing, because she believes they are star-crossed lovers, not realizing that Renee ReallyGetsAround (the marriage is eventually sabotaged by ''three'' of the other women in line to marry him) and that he barely remembers her name.
* ''Series/FrontierCircus'': In "The Courtship", the SouthernBelle who runs the town attempts to force Casey to marry her by impounding all of the circus' equipment and animals.
* ''Series/{{Frontier}}'': Captain Chesterfield decides that he wants Grace to be his wife after they've both overthrown Lord Benton, a suggestion that she is not at all amenable towards. She does agree to signing a marriage contract, but since she refuses to share his bed they both keep going back and forth trying to blackmail and outmaneuver each other.

[[folder:Myths & Legend]]
* Myth/ClassicalMythology: As the ancient Mediterranean is one of the places where marriage by abduction was a perfectly acceptable real-world practice, it's referenced all over the place in Greek and Roman mythology.
** Hades, the Greek god of the underworld, kidnapped Persephone to be his wife, persuading her to bind herself to the underworld by eating the food of the dead. However, AlternateCharacterInterpretation applies.
** The traditional account of the founding of Rome has Romulus kidnap the women of a neighboring tribe, the Sabines, so that his followers could have brides. As Romulus explains to the kidnapped women, this is [[ValuesDissonance perfectly justified]] and really all their fathers' fault, because the Romans had come as respectable suitors and the Sabine men had rejected them for no good reason. And to be fair it's not like the Sabine daughters would have had any choice in who they married in the normal way.
*** Virgil has the Roman men excusing themselves on the grounds of their desperate desire for wives and the Sabine women's beauty and virtue. They follow this up by making much of their captives and not laying a finger on them til they freely consent. By the time the Sabine Dads finally show up their daughters are happily married and many of them mothers. All this suggests that even the Romans felt the original story needed softening.
** UsefulNotes/TheTrojanWar supposedly started this way, with Paris' abduction of Helen, although the ancient accounts differ on whether Helen was actually kidnapped or went along willingly.
* Myth/NorseMythology: A giant named Thrym steals Thor's hammer and demands that the gods gave him [[LoveGoddess Freyja]] as his wife in return for {{Mjolnir}}. Instead, on Loki's advice, the gods dress up Thor as Freyja to trick Thrym into returning the hammer and then using it to kill him.

[[folder:Pro Wrestling]]
* Wrestling/TheUndertaker tried to force [[Wrestling/StephanieMcMahon Stephanie [=McMahon=]]] to marry him when he was leader of the Wrestling/MinistryOfDarkness, after capturing her. [[Wrestling/StoneColdSteveAustin "Stone Cold" Steve Austin]] rescued her though.
* Wrestling/{{Kane}} [[ScarpiaUltimatum forced]] Wrestling/{{Lita}} to marry him after Wrestling/MattHardy, her then-boyfriend both [[{{Kayfabe}} on-screen]] and [[ProWrestlingIsReal off]], lost his match with Kane. Lita marrying Kane was the stipulation if Hardy lost. Unlike his {{Kayfabe}} brother, he actually succeeded in forcing Lita to marry him, though she dumped him for Wrestling/{{Edge}} a few months later, and the storyline was retconned after Matt Hardy came back.

[[folder:Tabletop Games]]
* In ''TabletopGame/{{Exalted}}'', an [[EnforcedTrope actual game mechanic]] called "Exquisite Bride Obsession" encourages certain villains to do this. The [[DarkIsEvil Ebon]] [[TheDevilIsALoser Dragon]] is a demon who has [[IHaveYouNowMyPretty kidnapped]] the [[GodSaveUsFromTheQueen Scarlet Empress]] for these purposes, and the Dragon's [[DealWithTheDevil Infernal Exalts]] can abstain punishment for disobedience by mimicking that behaviour - concocting and executing plans to marry somebody.
* ''It Came from the Late, Late Show''. In the adventure "The Iron Fist of Shao-Lin vs. the Dragon Ninjas", the villain Omu Yogwatzi kidnaps the DamselInDistress Lotus Blossom and tries to force her to marry him.

* Creator/{{Shakespeare}} does it more than once:
** In ''Theatre/TheTamingOfTheShrew'', Petruchio forces Katherine into an arranged marriage by telling her father that she had agreed to marry him but ''they had made a bargain that she would pretend to hate him around other people.'' Her father buys it, taking the idea that characters in comedies are always gullible UpToEleven.
** In ''Theatre/AllsWellThatEndsWell'', Helena, a lovestruck commoner woman, saves the king's life and is granted a boon. She asks to marry the snobby nobleman Bertram, and the king orders him to go along with it against his will. In this case Helena isn't actually a villain at all, as (a) ArrangedMarriage was pretty normal at the time the play was written, and (b) Bertram manages to be such a [[JerkAss massive tool]] that it's pretty much impossible to feel sorry for him; if anything most people pity Helena for having such bad taste.
* In ''Theatre/TheYeomenOfTheGuard'', not one, but two major characters are forced into loveless marriages to [[AbhorrentAdmirer detested admirers]] who have enough dirt on them to get them executed.
* In "Corn!" from ''Theatre/TheMusicalOfMusicalsTheMusical'', [[{{Landlord}} Jidder]] intends to marry June unless he can collect her rent by 5 o'clock.
-->'''Big Willy''': Well, you cain't up and marry her jest 'cause she cain't pay her rent!\\
'''Jidder''': Oh, cain't I? It says I can right here in this Lease!\\
'''Big Willy''': That lease'll never hold up in court!\\
'''Jidder''': Yes it will. And don't call me [[Theatre/TheSoundOfMusic Liesl]]!

[[folder:Video Games]]
* In ''VideoGame/CastleCrashers'', the leader of the Coneheads is attempting to marry the Green Princess against her will when you show up.
* In ''VideoGame/CrusaderKingsII'', tribal chiefs and pagan, Zoroastrian, and Dharmic rulers can force captured women to be their concubines, even married women. Naturally this incurs a nasty relations penalty with the woman, her relatives, and her husband (if she has one), and such concubines are often helpful to those wishing to assassinate the ruler.
* ''VideoGame/DantesInferno'' has Lucifer tricking Beatrice Portinari into marrying him, which forces her beloved Dante to go to Hell and save her. According to the animated adaptation, he had taken several women as his brides across the millenia such as Cleopatra, Salome and Helen of Troy before Beatrice. Its revealed that [[spoiler:the marriage is just a ploy, he used her as a bait to lure Dante to Hell and release him from his prison]].
* ''[[VideoGame/DragonsLair Dragon's Lair II: Time Warp]]'' has the EvilSorceror, Mordroc, kidnapping the Beautiful Princess Daphne, so he can put the ''Death Ring'' on Daphne in marriage, which will also turn the beautiful princess into a hideous monster. The motives of evil wizards are [[FridgeLogic curious indeed]].
* ''VideoGame/DragonQuestVII'' plays with this in Verdham, where this creates a LoveDodecahedron: Linda agrees to an ArrangedMarriage with [[UpperClassTwit Iwan]], the son of the richest man in town, in order to clear her late parents' debt to him. However, while Iwan loves Linda, Linda loves Pepe, who works as one of Borlock's gardeners. Interestingly, Borlock is shown to be a ReasonableAuthorityFigure who is completely unaware of the Dodecahedron, and it's outright stated that if made aware of the situation, he would probably cancel the marriage and find some other way of dealing with the debt. Unfortunately, that's not what happens.
* ''Videogame/FinalFantasyVI'':
** Celes has to agree to marry Setzer to get the party access to an airship. Or rather, she makes a wager on a coin toss: Heads they get his ship, tails she marries him. When he loses and realizes she's using ''a coin with two heads'' he's so impressed he joins the party.
** A more straight example is in the opera in the game, where the princess Maria is being forced to marry the prince of the conquering kingdom for the sake of unification despite her beloved Draco still leading an insurrection to free them.
* Seymour forces Yuna to marry him in ''Videogame/FinalFantasyX'', though the implications of it are ignored (partially since [[spoiler:he's dead. But then again, he was alive when he proposed to her in the first place]]). It gets worse when you consider that his reason for doing so is [[spoiler:to be used as the basis for her Final Aeon, thereby becoming the next Sin and destroying the world.]]
* ''Franchise/FireEmblem'':
** In ''VideoGame/FireEmblemGenealogyOfTheHolyWar'', this happens several times. The first time trips off the plot of the game, when a thuggish prince kidnaps a childhood friend of TheHero with the intent of forcing her to marry him.
** In ''VideoGame/FireEmblemGaiden'' and its remake ''VideoGame/FireEmblemEchoesShadowsOfValentia'', [[TheCaligula King Lima IV]] of Zofia forced two women (a [[WorldsMostBeautifulWoman beautiful]] priestess named Liprica and an unnamed foreign noblewoman) to become members of his RoyalHarem. [[spoiler:They gave him two children: the female protagonist Celica and her half-brother Conrad, respectively.]]
* In ''VideoGame/{{Gingiva}}'', almost all of the boss monsters will try to pull this on the ''player'' (and immediately turn hostile when you refuse).
* ''VideoGame/KingsQuest'':
** A "proxy" version in ''VideoGame/KingsQuestIVThePerilsOfRosella'', where the BigBad is going to force Rosella into a marriage to her "son" in a Deconstruction of StandardHeroReward. It ends up being her undoing as Edgar really is GoodAllAlong and pulls a HeelFaceTurn to free Rosella.
*** ''VideoGame/KingsQuestVIIThePrincelessBride'': Edgar is kidnapped by his wicked aunt, brainwashed, and transmogrified ''again'' (this time to impersonate the Troll King) and in his confused and morally compromised state, he kidnaps Rosella, transforms ''her'' into a troll, and tries to pull this trope himself, but it's arguable as to if he was actually serious about it, or just ''very'' confused and knew on some level that Rosella was someone he could trust.
** ''VideoGame/KingsQuestVIHeirTodayGoneTomorrow'' has the [[EvilChancellor evil vizier]] trying to force Princess Cassima to marry him. He almost pulls it off by [[spoiler:getting the shapeshifting genie to impersonate Cassima at the ceremony, while the real Cassima is tied up elsewhere]].
** In the ExtendedUniverse novel ''[[Literature/KingsQuestTheFloatingCastle The Floating Castle]]'', Alexander ends up incidentally rescuing a princess who's being held captive against her will by an EvilSorceror in a JailBaitWait until she's old enough for him to marry.
* In the ''VideoGame/TheLegendOfZeldaFourSwords'', Vaati's plan to take over Hyrule starts with him kidnapping Zelda to make her his bride. That she was a Princess made Vaati want even more.
* [=LeChuck=] is always trying to do this to Elaine Marley in the ''VideoGame/MonkeyIsland'' games.
* In ''VideoGame/PinballQuest,'' Lord Beezelbub has kidnapped Princess Ball and plans to marry her in three days. No fair guessing what the player has to do.
* ''VideoGame/PrincessTomatoInTheSaladKingdom'' features a variant; the evil Minister Pumpkin has kidnapped the Princess and is plotting to force her to marry his son.
* In ''VideoGame/Sly3HonorAmongThieves'', General Tsao captures the Panda King's daughter and forces her to marry him against her will. [[spoiler: She escapes thanks to the Cooper Gang, and Tsao ends up almost married to [[{{BrideAndSwitch}} Carmelita]].]]
* In the ''[[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Super Mario]]'' series, Bowser's schemes, more often than not, were made to forcibly marry Princess Peach, both to consummate his control over the Mushroom Kingdom and to be with his VillainousCrush.
** In ''VideoGame/SuperMarioRPG'', Bowser hasn't kidnapped the Peach, it's actually a man named Booster. While it seems sinister, as it turns out, Booster has no idea what a wedding actually means, and plans on leaving Toadstool after the party is done. After he eats the wedding cake, he heads off with his minions and is never heard from again.
** The [[{{Squick}} squicky]] [[UnfortunateImplications implications]] of Bowser's pursuit are [[LampshadeHanging lampshaded]] in ''VideoGame/SuperMarioSunshine'', in which Peach is suggested to be Bowser Jr.'s mother and she ''[[CrowningMomentOfFunny has to stop and think about it.]]''
** Happens at the beginning of in ''VideoGame/SuperPaperMario'', although this time it wasn't Bowser's fault. The BigBad kidnapped the both of them and forcibly married them, specifically because their union would cause a RealityBreakingParadox. Bowser was a bit mad about being kidnapped, but once he saw he was marrying Peach, he stopped complaining.
** In ''VideoGame/SuperMarioOdyssey'', this is Bowser's explicit goal. He not only kidnaps Peach (again), but attacks kingdoms the world over in order to steal top-of-the-line items for the ceremony (a diamond ring that's a priceless artifact, a bouquet bred by master gardeners, a dress made by world-renowned fashion designers, etc.).
* A rare gender-flipped version of this occurs in the ''VideoGame/SpiderMan3'' game, where Priscilla, leader of the "Arsenic Candy" gang, attempts to marry a man against his will.
* [[BigBad Maximilian]] seeks to marry Princess Cordelia in ''VideoGame/ValkyriaChronicles'' as part of his takeover of her kingdom. Unfortunately for her, even after revealing [[spoiler:her family bloodline is a lie]] he's still bent on taking her as a bride.

[[folder:Visual Novels]]
* Episode 6 of ''VisualNovel/UminekoWhenTheyCry'' has such a scene [[spoiler:when Battler has his mind trapped in a logic error and Erika also wants to enslave his body.]] Between Erika's, err, words of love, and her forcing the "wedding ring" on Battler's finger, [[DoubleEntendre you won't be blamed if you think you're reading a rape scene.]] [[spoiler:[[CrowningMomentOfAwesome And then, Beatrice happened.]]]]
* Gilgamesh to Saber in ''VisualNovel/FateStayNight'', though his true intents towards her are considerably more perverse.[[note]]He intends to force the contents of the Grail down her throat and "make her pregnant with it", just to see the "violated look" in her eyes.[[/note]] Naturally, this doesn't sit well with Saber.
* In ''VisualNovel/{{Sunrider}}'', [[BigBad Veniczar Arcadius]] wants to force Princess [[spoiler:Asaga]] of Ryuvia to marry him so he can gain access to the secrets of Ryuvia’s LostTechnology; in return, [[ScarpiaUltimatum he will spare her planet from a PACT invasion and guarantee its autonomy]]. Once the ceremony has concluded, [[ILied he reneges on the deal, kills her father and annexes the planet anyway]], [[BigDamnHeroes though the party shows up just in time to crash the afterparty]].

[[folder:Web Comics]]
%%* In ''Webcomic/TheOrderOfTheStick'', this is the standard operating procedure of [[MagnificentBastard Tarquin]].
%%* The marriage of Portai and ''Webcomic/{{Glorianna}}''.
* In ''Webcomic/GirlGenius'' it was suggested that Agatha's grandmother married one of the old Heterodynes, to protect her family from harm. It apparently later backfired, when she tought their sons how to use their Sparky powers for good not for evil and at the end poisoned her husband.
* [[http://mspaintadventures.com/?s=6&p=008343 Female-on-male version]] in ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'': !Evil! Jane Crocker explains her intent to force a captive, terrified Jake English to marry her, sire her children and rule a galactic empire at her side.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* As you might expect, the EvilOverlordList has some advice in this area.
-->''After I kidnap the beautiful princess, we will be married immediately in a quiet civil ceremony, not a lavish spectacle in three weeks' time during which the final phase of my plan will be carried out.\\
If the beautiful princess that I capture says "I'll never marry you! Never, do you hear me, NEVER!!!", I will say "Oh well" and kill her.''

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/WoodyWoodpecker'':
** Gorgeous Gal in the cartoon "A Fine Feathered Frenzy". She places a newspaper ad saying she's looking for a husband. Woody calls her and instantly gets turned on by her lovely voice, but when he meets her it turns out she's a featherless crow five times his size and three times his age. Woody's no longer interested but for Gorgeous Gal it's love at first sight. HilarityEnsues. After a long chase, she manages to trap him on a submarine with a priest who actually succeeds in marrying them despite Woody's protests. Gorgeous sails off with Woody for their honeymoon.
** In the cartoon "Red Riding Hoodlum" a tall elderly decaying woodpecker called Granny spots an intruder in her house. Once she notices it's a Wolf she rushes to her powder room. Granny loses her glasses, curls her eyelashes, puts on a red wig and a red shade of lipstick. Now looking much younger and prettier she grabs the Wolf, leans him back and plants a giant kiss on his lips. The Wolf is stunned to be embraced in her arms and smooched but Granny is smitten as indicated by the little hearts floating around her and beating. We are not sure how much time passes but in the next scene she is wearing a blonde wig and a wedding dress happily getting married to the Wolf. The Wolf doesn't seem too thrilled about it though.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/DaffyDuck'' cartoon "The Super Snooper" a beautiful red headed duck took an immediate interest in the detective Daffy was portraying. Referred to as 'The Body,' she spent most of her time in the cartoon flirting and forcibly kissing Daffy. Eventually Daffy noticed that she literally had balls with chains in her eyes, indicating she wanted to get married even though they just met. Wishing to remain a bachelor, Daffy ran through a closed door and The Body ran after him. The holes their bodies left on the door where that of a bride and groom, implying that she does manage to seduce and marry him.
* In the ''WesternAnimation/QuackPack'' episode "Gator Aid" a gigantic non anthropomorphic alligator named Antionette fell in love with Donald Duck. She chased after him puckering her lips while Donald did his best to try to get away from her. Eventually Daisy, Donald and his nepews get captured and tied up by others. Antionette stops by and Daisy says she can do whatever she wants with Donald if she frees them. So Antionette puts on a wedding veil! Later she gives Donald a wedding ring too. They don't actually get married and it's never made clear how Donald managed to get out of it. While sitting on top of him she gave him a big smootch on top of his head and that's about as far as they go on camera.
* The Ice King in ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' is a rather bizarrely [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain sympathetic]] character despite having this trope as pretty much his entire motivation. It's not like he's [[LoveMakesYouEvil in love]] with his target -- in fact he doesn't seem to really care ''which'' princess he marries as long as he can marry one. He seems to just genuinely want to be HappilyMarried, and he's apparently ''completely unable to comprehend'' that kidnapping or hypnotizing a random princess and marrying her against her will is not a way to achieve that.
** He eventually gets a FreudianExcuse: [[spoiler:he WasOnceAMan before [[WithGreatPowerComesGreatInsanity being driven mad]] by [[ArtifactOfDoom his crown]], and is subconsciously trying to regain his "princess," the fiancée who [[TheLostLenore vanished after he went mad]]]].
* Ganon once tried using a [[MindControlDevice mind control necklace]] to marry Zelda in ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfZelda'' cartoon.
%%* King Koopa tried to do this to Princess Toadstool on ''TheSuperMarioBrosSuperShow'' once. It didn't work out too well.
* In the first ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' series finale, "The Devil's Hands are Idle Playthings," after the Robot Devil is forced to swap hands with Fry, he pulls off a complex GambitRoulette in order to obtain Leela's hand...in marriage. Fry, out of concern for Leela, agrees to return the Robot Devil's hands -- and since that was his real goal all along, the Robot Devil calls off the marriage.
* In ''WesternAnimation/XMen'', Bella Donna forces Gambit to agree to marry her by threatening his family in the Thieves' Guild. With the X-Men's help, the threat gets annulled, so Gambit is able to walk away.
* In the very first ''WesternAnimation/{{Popeye}}'' cartoon, Bluto demands this from Olive when he kidnaps her.
** A reversal occurs in the Al Brodax Popeye cartoon "College Of Hard Knocks." Popeye defeats Professor Brutus at a school for higher education, and Olive hands him what he thinks is a diploma. It turns out to be a marriage license.
-->'''Popeye:''' YEOW! (''to us, worriedly'') I needs me spinach!
* In ''WesternAnimation/SupermanTheAnimatedSeries'', Lady Maxima, alien ruler of Alermac, selects Superman as her mate after he defeats her in a fight. Superman tells her point blank that she can't just force someone into marriage; her response is to use her alien tech to knock him out and drag him back to her home planet. Fortunately, a citizen uprising derails her marriage plans.
* In two episodes of ''WesternAnimation/CodenameKidsNextDoor'' King Sandy tries to force Numbuh Three to marry him.
* ''WesternAnimation/MyLifeAsATeenageRobot'': There's one-shot villain Little Acorn in the episode "Puppet Bride", who falls in love with Jenny at first sight and tries to force her to become his bride.
* There's a rare [[GenderInvertedTrope gender-reversal]] in ''WesternAnimation/AlfredJKwak'' when a WickedWitch tries to force Alfred to marry her. The witch actually succeeds, [[spoiler:but it thankfully [[AllJustADream turns out to a nightmare]] Alfred was having.]]
* Occurs in the pilot episode of ''WesternAnimation/GravityFalls'', when a bunch of gnomes want Mabel to become their queen.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheFairlyOddParents'':
** The first of appearance of the singer Chip Skylark has him being captured by Vicky, one of his [[FanGirl fangirls]], who chains him up and, of course, tries to marry him. Timmy helps him escape and he ends up writing a hit song about how horrible she is.
** Mark's HeelFaceTurn starts with him being hunted down by an {{Ax Crazy}} princess named Princess Mandie who is trying to force him into marrying her so she could rule Yugopotamia.
* In ''WesternAnimation/TheSmurfs'' episode "Smurfette's Dancing Shoes", the nameless treasure-hunting imp who is after the Treasure Of The Ancient Trolls forces Smurfette to marry him in exchange for giving her the titular shoes that she can never remove. When the Smurfs confront the imp and demand him to release Smurfette, he gives them the challenge of collecting three items from Dreadful Hollow before the sun rises. Although the Smurfs succeed in the challenge, the imp refuses to let Smurfette go, requiring Papa Smurf to use a magic spell to cast the magic dancing shoes on the imp instead.
* In the middle [[TheEighties 1980s]] ''{{WesternAnimation/Superfriends}}'' version, one of the goals of '''Darkseid''' was to marry ''Franchise/WonderWoman''!
* Season 2 of ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra''; Bolin is stuck in a PitbullDatesPuppy relationship with Korra's cousin Eska, so he goes to her to try and break things off. She notes that they have become somewhat distant... which she plans to rectify by marrying him that night. Bolin's only response is to sob as she drags him off, although he does make a break for it at the first opportunity (Eska [[{{Yandere}} doesn't take this very well]]).
* One of the first WesternAnimation/MightyMouse cartoons with Oil Can Harry and Pearl Pureheart has Harry attempting to marry Pearl throughout the cartoon, only for the minister to get constantly pre-empted.
* Bully The Crud tries to get Lydia to marry him in the ''WesternAnimation/{{Beetlejuice}}'' episode "Pest O' The West."
* In the ''WesternAnimation/TinyToonAdventures'' movie, a trio of alligator sisters decide to marry Buster, and clearly don't care whether he wants to or not. When their father gives the blessing, he even waves off Buster's protest that marrying all of them would be bigamy.
* ''WesetrnAnimation/TheBeatles'': In "Can't Buy Me Love," John is consigned to marry a Polynesian tribe chief's daughter after he accepts a ring the chief had sent as a token of friendship. John (who at that time was already married to Cynthia Twist) escapes and hides out in a pineapple factory where he's [[PackedHero canned with the other pineapples]] and delivered to the tribe chief. Marriage is imminent, until the chief's daughter calls it off because "he smells of pineapple. And I hate pineapple!"
** Two other interrupted forced marriages: Paul to a vampire girl in "Baby's In Black," and Ringo to a gypsy queen in "What You're Doing."
* ''WesternAnimation/DefendersOfTheEarth'' includes a five-part story arc in which Ming's son, Prince Kro-Tan, not only deposes his father but also abducts Jedda with a view to making her his bride. To ensure her co-operation, he plants "mind bombs" on all but one of her fellow Defenders and [[ScarpiaUltimatum threatens to detonate them unless she agrees to marry him]].
* ''WesternAnimation/IvanhoeTheKingsKnight'' features this a few times with Prince John towards Lady Rowena. One time even involves her being under the influence of a potion.
* The plot of the two part ''WesternAnimation/MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic'' episode "A Canterlot Wedding" is this when [[spoiler:Princess Cadance]] is discovered to be [[spoiler:Queen Chrysalis]] and is using the wedding as a way to [[spoiler:feed off Shinning Armor’s love for Cadance which weakens Canterlot's defenses allowing her army to invade. The real Cadance works with the Mane Cast to free her groom and then expel the invaders.]]

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