->''"Behold the glory, behold the wonder, what we have made shall not be torn asunder. Such vast achievement, scroll and papyrus, beneath the gaze of Isis and Osiris. And the majesty, where the heavens smile. Jewel of history shining by the Nile!"''
-->-- Marketplace lyrics from ''WesternAnimation/JosephKingOfDreams''

Ah, Egypt! Vast country of sand, history, wonder and mystery, cut through by the nourishing course of the Nile. Land of the original [[GodEmperor God-Emperors]], the Pharaohs, who raised pyramids and sphinxes to say "Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair!"

Venturing through this country, O Bold Troper, you will likely find merchants from faraway lands, wily thieves, ill-tempered camels, and [[AmbiguouslyBrown olive-skinned]] seductresses with braided wigs and ''kohl''-painted eyes. Also home to fanatical bald priests in lapis collars and leopard-skin robes, who usually wind up being turned into mummies after calling down the wrath of the gods upon their heads (usually for getting involved with the aforementioned beautiful olive-skinned ''kohl''-painted seductresses in some way). Wretched loincloth-wearing slaves labour to build pyramids in the scorching sun beneath the whips of merciless overseers... despite the fact that the great monuments were actually built by paid labourers with their own guilds.

Often considered a culture so exotically different (especially in the field of architecture) to Western and Eastern civilizations alike that [[Franchise/StargateVerse some]] theorize [[AncientAstronauts outside inspiration]]. Ancient Egypt has frequently been packaged for export. If you're interested, consult Sally [=MacDonald=]'s ''Consuming Ancient Egypt''.

See also BuildLikeAnEgyptian and PyramidPower. For ''actual'' Ancient Egypt, see UsefulNotes/AncientEgyptianHistory.

!!Popular tropes from this time period are:
* AncientAstronauts: Often attributed to this time period, even though history and science have both marched well beyond believing in them. What you see in ''Series/StargateSG1'' is just similar, though.
* BrotherSisterIncest: With a religious reason (or possibly excuse). The Pharaoh's family was supposed to be descended from Ra, the [[TopGod chief deity]] of Egypt (most of the time). Thus keeping it in the family meant less human blood to dilute the divine heritage.
* CoolCrown: Some of the coolest ever.
* DatedHistory: Although slavery existed in Ancient Egypt [[note]]and much of it may have been closer to voluntary indentured servitude[[/note]], it is generally accepted by modern historians that its crowning achievement, the Great Pyramid of Giza, was ''not'' built by slave labour, but by the equivalent of paid contractors who were mostly skilled workers (the equivalent, because the pay took the form of food and other supplies. [[http://www.ancientegyptianfacts.com/ancient-egyptian-money.html Money was just getting started as a concept]] and coins didn't come into common use until Cleopatra's time.). Interestingly, actual slave duties in Egypt were rather simple. Slaves were mostly used as cooks, maids, brewers, nannies, gardeners, stable hands, field hands, etc.
** There was a period in history, particularly during the time between the Napoleonic invasion of Egypt and deciphering the hieroglyphics, but later on as well, even well into the 20th century, when Egypt was widely considered to be the actual cradle of most if not ''all'' civilizations. It was partly due to the fact that nobody had the slightest clue what the hieroglyphics said, what the pyramids or the Sphinx were for, nor anybody knew anything about the gods, the mummies or pretty much anything Egyptian that we take for granted nowadays. All that people saw was gigantic buildings and tombs left behind by a mysterious civilization, possibly well above the 19th century Europeans in terms of technological advancement. [[note]]Seeing as gigantic pyramid-shaped structures had been found in the Americas as well as Southeast Asia, it's rather easy to see where these ideas might have come from.[[/note]] In a scientific frenzy dubbed as "Egyptomania", lots of historians and archeologists maintained that the Greeks and Romans owed all of their knowledge to the Ancient Egyptians. It wasn't until much later than people started to analyze these assumptions critically, coming to the conclusion that, while undoubtedly advanced for its time, Ancient Egypt was no {{Atlantis}} of the sands and its direct impact on the classical European civilizations of Greece and Rome was in fact rather limited.
* Myth/EgyptianMythology
* EyeOfHorusMeansEgypt: Where the ''[[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eye_of_Horus Eye Of Horus]]'' is being used to symbolize that something's Egyptian.
* {{Guyliner}}: Eyeliner was considered androgynous and both men and women wore it to make their eyes look bigger. And because it was made out of a substance that repelled flies. And because the stuff reduced the glare from the sun. A group of pyramid workers even organized a strike to get more make-up as eye protection.
* HistoricalInJoke: Comedies set in AncientEgypt often have a scene in which one of the protagonists knocks the [[Art/TheSphinx Great Sphinx]]'s nose off, leaving it in the form we know today. (Alternately, the story has it that one of [[UsefulNotes/NapoleonBonaparte Napoleon]]'s cannons blew it off.) However, the nose is documented to have been firmly attached at the time of the Arab invasion of Egypt in the seventh century AD (and detached by the time any Revolutionary Frenchmen got there). The most likely story is that a Muslim fanatic knocked it off about six hundred years after the Arab conquest -- and then was hanged by the Sultan for vandalism. (While being hanged for vandalism might normally seem like DisproportionateRetribution, most archaeologists and historians feel it to be entirely justified.)
** Simple exposure to the elements could have done away with the Sphinx's nose. The entire structure has been slowly crumbling for the past 2,000 years and some ancient attempts at restoration have accentuated the damage over time.
* The {{Mummy}}
* The NephariousPharaoh
* ThePunishment (The Curse of the Mummy)
* PyramidPower
* WalkLikeAnEgyptian
!!Works that are set in this time period include:


[[folder: Anime and Manga]]
* ''Anime/YuGiOh'' Ancient Egypt is the origin of a few of the major characters, the [[MacGuffin Millennium artifacts]], and the children's [[TabletopGame/YuGiOh trading card game]].
* The classic {{shoujo}} manga ''Manga/OukeNoMonshou'' has a girl named Carol Reed thrown back in time, reaching AncientEgypt.
* The title character from ''Manga/KimbaTheWhiteLion'' has an ancestry that traces back to AncientEgypt.
* While she has not appeared in the series ''Manga/AxisPowersHetalia'', WordOfGod is that the personification of Ancient Egypt was the mother of the present-day personification of Egypt.

[[folder: Comic Books ]]
* A few villains from MarvelComics have their origins here:
** ComicBook/{{Apocalypse}} was born in Aqaba thousands of years ago and taken in by a desert tribe with rather harsh SocialDarwinist beliefs. It was also here that he (of course) picked up technology from Marvel's resident AncientAstronauts, the Celestials.
** Kang, ConquerorFromTheFuture, spent a good deal of time in ancient Egypt as pharaoh Rama-Tut. In fact, he went back specifically in an attempt to recruit Apocalypse.
** The Sphinx was a court wizard to Rameses II until he was fired after a certain Hebrew mystic showed him up. Then he wandered into the desert and found a magic stone that made him immortal.
* ''ComicBook/{{Asterix}} and Cleopatra''.
* A number of Creator/DCComics' legacies have their origin here: ComicBook/BlueBeetle, ComicBook/{{Hawkman}}, ComicBook/DoctorFate, ComicBook/BlackAdam...
* The Belgian comic ''ComicBook/{{Papyrus}}'', which also spawned an AnimatedAdaptation.
* The [[ComicBook/DieAbrafaxe Abrafaxe]] have an adventure during the Amarna period, where they meet Queen Nefertiti (''ComicBook/{{Mosaik}}'' No. 234-254).
* The eight-part series ''Sur les Terres d'Horus'' ("In the lands of Horus") by Isabelle Dethan, as well as its spin-off ''Khéti, fils du Nil'' ("Kheti, son of the Nile") are set during the reign of Ramses II. The main series deals with the investigation of various crimes that lead to a major conspiracy.
* The country Stygia of ''ComicBook/RedSonja'' is ancient Egypt in all but name, from the pyramids to the fashions to the slave labor.

[[folder: Films -- Animated]]
* ''WesternAnimation/ThePrinceOfEgypt'', an animated movie about the story of Exodus.
* ''WesternAnimation/JosephKingOfDreams'', a prequel to the Prince of Egypt that tells the story of Joseph from the Literature/BookOfGenesis.
* It's supposedly set in ArabianNightsDays, but ''Disney/{{Aladdin}}'' has the aforementioned "character makes the Sphinx's nose fall off" gag. Art/TheSphinx would have already been covered over with sand by the medieval period, not still being worked on.

[[folder: Films -- Live-Action ]]
* Most {{mummy}} movies, including ''Film/TheMummy1932'', ''Film/TheMummysHand'', and ''Film/TheMummyTrilogy'', have scenes which take place in Ancient Egypt, considering it's obviously the location for the backstory.
* The Creator/ElizabethTaylor movie ''Film/{{Cleopatra}}''.
* The opening of the movie ''Film/{{Mannequin}}''.
* ''Literature/TheEgyptian''.
* ''Film/{{Pharaoh}}'', the adaptation of the novel by Bolesław Prus (see Literature below) is about a power struggle between a (fictional) young heir to the throne and the Egyptian priesthood, in the 11th century BC.
* ''Film/TheTenCommandments'' -- which used so many costumes, sets and props[[note]]and a couple of actors, although [=DeMille=] tried to avoid this[[/note]] from ''Film/TheEgyptian'' that it created a sense of continuity unintended by the producers.
* The ''Film/{{Stargate}}'' movie got most of its mojo from here, and ''Series/StargateSG1'' expanded on it.
* ''Film/TransformersRevengeOfTheFallen'' involves robots hidden in the Great Pyramids.
** Not to mention a giant machine for [[spoiler:blowing up the Sun]].
* ''Film/ExodusGodsAndKings''
* ''Film/XMenApocalypse'': The DistantPrologue takes place in 3600 BC somewhere in the Nile Valley, and En Sabah Nur rules the region as a god-king.

[[folder: Literature ]]
* The most important sources:
** Creator/{{Herodotus}} spends a lot of time talking about Egypt in ''Literature/TheHistories''.
** It also figures prominently in Literature/TheBible. In ''[[Literature/BookOfGenesis The Book Of Genesis]]'', Joseph ends up there after his brothers sell him to some Egyptian traders. He works his way up from slavery to prime minister. In ''[[Literature/BookOfExodus The Book Of Exodus]]'', another pharaoh has conquered and enslaved the Israelites, and Moses has to get him to let them go free. Elsewhere, Egypt is referred to, though often as a nation of godless heathens right along with the Canaanites, Assyrians, and other non-Yaweh-worshipping peoples, because of ValuesDissonance.
* In the third book of ''Literature/TheBartimaeusTrilogy'' there are parts set in Ptolemaic Egypt. They're backstory bits of Bartimaeus with his long dead, and much cared for, master...Ptolemy.
* ''The River God'' and its sequels by Creator/WilburSmith supposedly based in Egypt 1780 BCE, and follows a slave eunuch with magical powers.
* ''Literature/TheKaneChronicles'' takes place in the present day but with Egyptian gods.
* The ''[[Literature/VampireChronicles Queen of the Damned]]'' novel by Creator/AnneRice reveals Kemet (Ancient Egypt) to be birthplace (undeathplace?) of the original vampire, Akasha, the titular queen, although Akasha herself is not originally Egyptian. A good chunk of Maharet's story takes place in Kemet or around it.
** She also wrote ''The Mummy, or Ramses the Damned'', in which Ramses the Great and Cleopatra have both been made immortal.
* In ''Literature/TheRedTent'', [[TheProtagonist Dinah]] starts a new life in Egypt with her [[BitchInSheepsClothing mother-in-law]] after her husband is killed by her brothers.
* The Literature/{{Discworld}} novel ''Discworld/{{Pyramids}}'' sends up Ancient Egypt to way past eleven. Terry Pratchett creates a country where building pyramids is all and everything and which is up to 3,000 years behind the rest of the Discworld. It takes a gifted Assassin to bring it all crumbling down.
* "Imprisoned With the Pharaohs", a supposedly true story, ghostwritten by Creator/HPLovecraft, is Indiana Jones (its "author" Creator/HarryHoudini) on a bad acid trip.
* ''Literature/DeathComesAsTheEnd'' by Creator/AgathaChristie.
* ''Literature/TheRoyalDiaries'' series has a book about UsefulNotes/CleopatraVII that takes place mostly in Egypt.
* ''Literature/{{Pharaoh}}'' by Bolesław Prus
* ''Literature/{{Uarda}}'' a now-dated romance set in the reign of Rameses II.
* ''Literature/AGodAgainstTheGods'' and its sequels by Alan Drury, about UsefulNotes/{{Akhenaten}}, his family, and their attempt to institute the worship of one God, Aten, the Sun Disk.
* ''Literature/TheEgyptGame'' by Zilpha Keatley Snyder has a group of children enchanted by the Land of the Pharoahs, pulling out every trope they can think of in a mix of imaginative play and attempts at re-creating actual artifacts and situations.
* ''Literature/MaraDaughterOfTheNile'' is set here, obviously.
* Creator/EstherFriesner's ''Princesses of Myth'' series takes a turn here with a duology focusing on Queen Nefertiti as a young woman. The books are called ''Sphinx's Princess'' and ''Sphinx's Queen''.

[[folder: Live-Action TV ]]
* ''Series/TheCleopatras''
* Some parts of the ''Series/{{Rome}}'' TV series.

[[folder: Music ]]
* Music/MichaelJackson's music video for "Remember the Time" is set in Ancient Egypt at the court of the Pharaoh.
* ''Music/{{Nile}},'' obviously.
* "Tutankhamen", "The Pharaoh Sails to Orion", and "Sahara" by {{Music/Nightwish}}
* "King Tut" by Creator/SteveMartin, produced during the "Tut-mania" of the 1970s when Tutankamen's treasures went on tour.
* Music/EarthWindAndFire used a lot of Egyptian themeology in their album covers, stage sets and stage costumes.
* The artwork of Music/IronMaiden's album ''Powerslave'' is an obvious homage to this period of time, complete with Pharaoh Eddie. And so is the title track.
** The Egyptian theme carried over to their stage set for the ensuing tour. It can be seen in their concert video, "Live After Death". The stage set was re-created for their 2008 Somewhere Back In Time tour (which coincided with the DVD release of "Live After Death") and can be seen in the documentary, ""Flight 666".
* {{Music/Dio}}'s "Egypt (The Chains Are On)", also covered by Doro Pesch.
** Dio's stage set for the Last In Line tour had an Egyptian theme, to tie in with the song.
* Music/PinkFloyd's ''The Nile Song'' from ''Music/{{Meddle}}''.
* Music/JonathanRichman and the Modern Lovers, ''Egyptian Reggae'' and ''Abdul and Cleopatra''.
* Music/TheBangles, ''Walk like An Egyptian''.
* Both Richman and the Bangles, for those with long memories, were drawing on music hall act of the 1930's, ''Wilson, Keppel and Betty''.
* And there is Music/GiuseppeVerdi's 19th century opera set in ancient Egypt, ''Theatre/{{Aida}}''.
* "Spirits Of Ancient Egypt", by {{Music/Wings}}.
* Music/SunRa built this trope into an entire concept. He claimed to have been born on Saturn and been abducted by aliens to come to Earth and spread a message of universal brotherhood so that mankind could be transported to another and better place in space. He mixed UsefulNotes/AncientEgypt mythology and imagery with space concepts in his work and laid the foundations for the ''Afro-futurism'' movement in music.
* The utterly bizarre (and weirdly erotic, especially for 1963) "[[https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Er8PN385PEA Egyptian Shumba]]" by the Tammys, Lou Christie's backup singers. If this did not exist, it would have been necessary to invent it.[[note]]If you were around in '63 but never heard it, you're not alone. Fans believe it was banned on a number of radio stations, mostly at the behest of the Catholic Church, which ''did'' ban a couple of Christie's own songs.[[/note]]

[[folder: TabletopGames]]
* The Tomb Kings of ''TabletopGame/{{Warhammer}}'' are this UpToEleven. The liche-priests told the pharaohs that they knew how to prepare bodies for life after death, ensuring them a heavenly afterlife. Unfortunately, it turns out they were only capable of raising them as mummies. Now the Tomb Kings war with ''each other'', as every one of them still thinks himself the rightful king of Khemri with a bunch of related usurpers to eliminate.
* ''TabletopGame/MagicTheGathering'' had plans for an ancient Egypt inspired plane for decades, and finally achieved it in Amonkhet. Uniquely, it is mostly focused on a fictional Egypt as a living culture rather than as ThePrecursors. Until Hour of Devstation rolled along and it became an Old Testament disaster movie.

[[folder: Theatre ]]
* ''Aida'' (Verdi's opera) and ''Aida'' (the [[{{Disneyfication}} Disneyfied]] Broadway musical).
* Creator/WilliamShakespeare[='s=] ''Theatre/AntonyAndCleopatra''

[[folder: Theme Parks]]
* [[Ride/BuschGardens Busch Gardens Tampa]] has an Egypt-themed area, that's naturally based around its ancient roots.
* [[Ride/UniversalStudios Universal Studios Singapore]] also has an Egypt area, that's outright called "Ancient Egypt", themed around Film/TheMummyTrilogy.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* The incredibly [[{{Squick}} disturbing]] game ''VideoGame/WaxWorks'' features a level set in a mazelike pyramid, chock full of booby traps, hostile guards, and [[ReptilesAreAbhorrent snakes and a crocodile.]]
* ''VideoGame/Sonic3AndKnuckles'' has the Sandopolis Zone, which is AncientEgypt [[RecycledInSpace ON A FLOATING ISLAND!]]
* VideoGame/{{Pharaoh}} is, astoundingly enough, set in most of AncientEgypt, spanning several dynasties of pharaohs.
** The expansion of the next game in the series, ''VideoGame/PoseidonMasterOfAtlantis'', has you visit Egypt and South America and build some pyramids there, inspiring the locals to do the same.
* ''VideoGame/AgeOfEmpiresI'' has Egyptians as a playable faction and uses the Egyptian campaign as an extended tutorial. They have powerful chariots, but limited late-game units.
* ''VideoGame/AgeOfMythology'' has Egyptians as a playable faction, using cheap but weak soldiers, a variety of units based on Egyptian myths, and a Pharoah who can speed up worker unit tasks.
* ''VideoGame/AssassinsCreedOrigins'' is the 2017 WideOpenSandbox game set in Ptolemaic-Era Egypt, during the reign of UsefulNotes/CleopatraVII.
* On of the common playable factions in the ''VideoGame/{{Civilization}}'' series are the Egyptians, who generally speaking hew to the ancient parts of history. For instance, in ''Civilization 5'', their unique unit is a superior version of the war chariot, their unique building is a burial tomb (provides faith and happiness, but is worth a lot of gold if an enemy captures it), and their unique power is to build Wonders faster.
* The first world of ''VideoGame/PlantsVsZombies2ItsAboutTime'' takes place here. Appropriately enough almost all the zombies are [[{{Mummy}} mummies]], and specialized zombies include stone slab workers, a zombie based on Ra that steals sun, another based on Anubis that creates tombstones, a Pharaoh with a heavily armored sarcophagus, and [[AnachronismStew modern pyramid explorers]] carrying deadly torches.
* ''VideoGame/SphinxAndTheCursedMummy'', as could be expected, with several Egyptian gods featured as characters.
* ''VideoGame/EmpireEarth II: Art of Supremacy'': The first campaign is set in Egypt around the end of the 6th dynasty. While there are no animated mummies, one level features starving peasants so desperate for food they break into the tombs and haul out the preserved corpses to feed on them.
* ''[[VideoGame/WhereInTimeIsCarmenSandiego1997 Where in Time Is Carmen Sandiego?]]'' goes through history chronologically. The first level is set in Ancient Egypt, circa 1490 BC. After the Book of the Dead is stolen by Carmen's thief, it's up to you to mummify Queen Hatshepsut's recently-deceased husband.

* ''Webcomics/{{Deities}}'' has an arc set in Ancient Egypt where Chaos and Law/Order discuss the building of the pyramids.

[[folder:Web Original]]
* The Roleplay/GlobalGuardiansPBEMUniverse featured the heroic weather-controlling crimefighter Pharaoh, who was, in fact, Pharaoh Imhotep II brought forward to the modern era by a supervillain's plot.
* [[RunningGag Repeatedly]] lampshaded in ''WebVideo/AtopTheFourthWall''. Linkara points out all the traps and tricks and concludes that it's a death trap. Now when it appears, a picture of the pyramids appears with the Imperial March from Star Wars accompanying it.
* The eighth ''Literature/ChronoHustle'' story is set in Ancient Egypt. Jack meets Imhotep.

[[folder:Western Animation]]
* ''WesternAnimation/{{Papyrus}}'', a French/Canadian animated series adapted from the aforementioned Belgian comic book of the same name.
* Certain episodes and sketches on ''WesternAnimation/{{Histeria}}'', of course.
* French animated series ''La Princesse du Nil'' (lit. Princess of the Nile) is [[ExactlyWhatItSaysOnTheTin about Ancient Egypt]].
* ''WesternAnimation/MummiesAlive'' has many flashbacks to the lives of the characters in Ancient Egypt.
!!Series that are influenced by this time period include:


* ''Webcomic/TheGreenEyedSniper'' is a webcomic set in a parallel universe, where Ancient Egypt has influenced the rest of the world for a very long time period. All commercial and public signs are written both in hieroglyphs and in English. Several people, such as Sekhmet (see the characters' page for ''Characters/TheGreenEyedSniper''), carry Egyptian names.