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->''It's things like using force together,\\
Shouting till you're hoarse together,\\
Getting a divorce together,\\
That make perfect relationships.''
-->-- '''Theatre/{{Company}}''', "The Little Things You Do Together"

So, people who break up must indefinitely hate each other, right?

[[RousseauWasRight Wrong]].

Increasingly common in media are situations where a divorced couple still get along for the most part, and in many cases still care about each other even though they're no longer together. In many cases the divorce happened because of distance, circumstance or the simple fact that people change rather than [[YourCheatingHeart infidelity]], betrayal or other serious problems, and the fact that they got divorced is treated as a fact of life rather than due to a flaw in the people. Both parties also generally agree that it was for the best for both of them. It's also pretty common for couples who broke up because of IncompatibleOrientation or who were each other's LastHetRomance to end up this way.

If there are children from the marriage they are shared without much complaint, and the amicability of the parents can often be interpreted as being partly for their sake. As such, this tends to show up in children's cartoons, perhaps as an attempt to counter the stereotype of the children of divorced parents being largely unhappy. May involve a VisitByDivorcedDad that will usually go well, and for the most part any {{Divorce Assets Conflict}}s are avoided or settled reasonably.

The increase in this trope can be attributed in the dramatic shift in divorce rates and public perception of those who have gone through with divorces in the last 50 years (i.e. between the 1950s and the start of the 21st century). While divorce used to be scandalous, it's now a fairly common occurrence, and this trope reflects the view that it's just a fact of life that doesn't have to permanently poison a relationship. Sometimes it even results in DivorceIsTemporary, though this is less common in more realistic works and those aimed at children due to being a FamilyUnfriendlyAesop ("wish hard enough and your parents will get back together!").

Can apply to non divorced former couples as well, thus the name. If someone's current and former squeeze get along well with each other, it's TheMissusAndTheEx.

Compare WorkingWithTheEx and SexWithTheEx. [[JustForFun/IThoughtItMeant No, this is not about]] [[VideoGame/MegaManBattleNetwork friendly .exe files]].




[[folder: Anime & Manga]]
* ''Manga/MarmaladeBoy'' starts when Miki's parents Rumi and Jin tell her all smiling "[[SayItWithHearts we're having a divorce]] ♥!" They get divorced and stay friends, then they swap spouses with Yuu's parents Chiyako and Youji, and both families move into a BigFancyHouse so the two teens won't lose their parental figures and things will be easier in the financial and emotional senses. [[spoiler: It's very justified: Rumi, Jin, Youji and Chiyako have been friends from ''several years before the story took place''.]]
* Ami's mother Saeko in ''Manga/SailorMoon'' seems to bear no ill feelings toward her ex-husband, a famous artist who lives abroad, but this has never stopped Ami herself from angsting about it.
* Haruka's parents in ''Anime/{{Noein}}'' have come to terms with their divorce and are able to get along when together. This is something that took time, as their initial feelings were far more bitter, but they eventually realized that despite their attraction to one another they were simply too different to function as a stable couple, and rather than raise a child in that environment they decided to split up to give her a life where her parents weren't constantly fighting. This makes it a case where the split was mainly for the ''child's'' benefit.
* Cher Degre and Hubb Lebowski of ''Anime/WolfsRain'' get along professionally, though there is definite tension in their relationship, and they split mainly because Cher was so caught up in her work that their relationship suffered. By the end of the series, they have mostly reconciled, but [[spoiler:Cher dies suddenly, causing Hubb to cross the DespairEventHorizon, and he spends his last moments cradling her scarf and inhaling her scent]].
* Brick and [[spoiler:Cathy]] are this in ''Bondage Queen Kate'', mainly by the misfortune of both of them being strong dominants.
* Ureshiko and Tamotsu in ''Anime/OkusamaWaMahouShoujo'' aren't officially divorced, but they don't live together anymore. Ureshiko comes over to help him clean once in a while. [[spoiler:In the end, they presumably do get divorced amicably, since Tamotsu told Kagura to treat her well]].
* Austria and Hungary in ''Webcomic/AxisPowersHetalia'' are still very much going out together, despite having been divorced after UsefulNotes/WorldWarI.
* ''Anime/DragonBallZ'': Bulma and Yamcha seem to have remained fairly good friends after their breakup, in spite of the fact that Bulma's new love interest is a former villain... who was indirectly responsible for Yamcha's death (he got better) while they were still dating. ''WebVideo/DragonBallZAbridged'' actually makes this the reason for the breakup and hookup.
* Miyuki and Yonamine from ''Manga/{{Bambino}}'' maintain an amicable relationship as co-workers even after their divorce.
* Parodied in ''Manga/SilverSpoon''. Yoshino and Hachiken get along rather well, though they aren't particularly close, and their romantic involvement only ever existed in Tokiwa's overactive imagination. That doesn't stop anyone, ''including Hachiken and Yoshino'', from acting like they were dating and broke up, but are still on good terms.
* Yaichi and Natsuki in ''Manga/MyBrothersHusband'', to the point that when Mike sees them together he can't understand why they got divorced.

[[folder:Comic Books]]
* [[ComicBook/AntMan Hank Pym]] and his wife [[ComicBook/TheWasp Janet]] of ''Comicbook/TheAvengers'' after their rough divorce got along very well and even had romantic relations before Janet's death.
* Longshot and ComicBook/{{Dazzler}} of the ComicBook/XMen divorced off-panel, but seem to still get along well enough and still enjoy the occasional roll in the sack for old time's sake.
* Jefferson Pierce, aka ComicBook/BlackLightning and his wife Lynn Stewart split up because of the stress Jeff's superhero life put on their family, but the two remain in friendly contact and Lynn makes sure that their daughters, [[ComicBook/BatmanAndTheOutsiders Anissa]] and [[ComicBook/JusticeSocietyOfAmerica Jennifer]] remain in contact with their dad, and both even become superheroes later (though Jefferson was very adamant that Anissa finish college first).
* ''ComicBook/OmahaTheCatDancer'' had the title character being forced to confess that she was married to a long separated man, but never formally divorced. As it turns out, the man found out about her new notoriety and got in contact with her not to cause trouble, but to arrange a proper divorce which is done on good terms with everyone involved.
* ''Franchise/{{Superman}}'':
** Clark Kent and ComicBook/LanaLang have been great friends after their time as high school sweethearts.
** [[ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} Linda Danvers]] and Dick Malverne dated for a while in their high school years. They drifted apart when Linda moved out, but they remained friends.
--->'''ComicBook/{{Supergirl}}:''' We dated for years, all through college. Were were '''good''' together. [...] I guess we grew apart... grew up. We stayed friends, but I hadn't seen him in years.
* A same sex example in the first volume of ''Comicbook/SecretSix'' is Scandal Savage and Jeannette, who were a couple when they were imprisoned in a gulag together but didn't work out in the long run for unspecified reasons. Even though they're no longer an item they clearly care for each other a great deal and have no apparent resentment or hard feelings over their breakup, and encourage each other to pursue new relationships. It's safe to say they consider each other their best friend.
* Fred and Daphne in ''ComicBook/ScoobyApocalypse'', though Fred still has feelings for her.
* ''ComicBook/{{Jonesy}}'': Despite being divorced, Jonesy's parents still get along quite well and reveal they broke up due to just marrying too young and having different interests. So, out of convenience for their daughter, her father agreed to look after Jonesy while the mother went off to pursue her dream of going to law school.
* Emery and his ex-wife in ''ComicBook/TheInternship'' are still on good terms and both take care of their two daughters.

[[folder:Fan Works]]
* In ''FanFic/GenderConfusion'', Deidara and his [[OriginalCharacter ex-girlfriend]] are actually friendly enough that she invites him to her wedding.
* This is one of the major elements in the ''Hetalia'' fic ''FanFic/{{Tizenot}}'', showing how [[OfficialCouple Austria and Hungary]] got to their current predicament.
* The ''VideoGame/HarvestMoon'' fic ''[[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/3286775/1/ A Longing For Home]]'' features such a scenario in the final chapter. Jack and [[MermaidProblem Leia]] tried to make their relationship work, but ultimately realized it couldn't and thus split up. Despite this and their eventually moving on to other loves and starting a family, the two remain close friends, with Leia visiting Jack as often as she can.
* In Webcomic/KillLaKillAU, we have Ragyo and Soichiro, who actually still love each other and, after the events of Comic 25, seemed to have gotten back together (along with the fact that they ''do'' live together and spend time together), making that also a case of DivorceIsTemporary.
* ''Fanfic/GodSaveTheEsteem'' manages to avert ''{{WesternAnimation/Daria}}'''s infamous LoveTriangle by having Tom start high school at Lawndale High instead of Fielding. As such, he and Jane have already met, dated and amicably broken up before Daria moves to town and develops interest in him herself.
* In ''Literature/HarryPotter'' {{Fanon}}, it is strangely common to portray [[ShipsThatPassInTheNight Tonks and Charlie]] this way, simply because [[CommonalityConnection they're the same age and both are rather adventurous]].
* Though nobody is except from RonTheDeathEater, there's a trend for ''Anime/DragonBallZ'' fans who ship Vegeta with anyone other than Bulma to portray the two of them as this. It probably helps that Vegeta and Bulma started out as just a one-time hookup, and he's often paired with Goku, who has a wife most fanfic writers [[RonTheDeathEater seem to find easier to demonize.]]
* The ''VisualNovel/LittleBusters'' fic [[https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10466945/1 Deep Purple]] deconstructs this trope with Riki and Rin. While the two of them were able to reconcile and get back on friendly terms after breaking up, it doesn't change the fact that they did break up and that it added a layer of awkwardness to their relationship. They used to be close childhood friends, but their breakup made it impossible for them to be as close as they used to be before they dated each other.

* ''{{Film/Chef}}'': Despite being divorced, it is clear that Carl and Inez care for each other greatly. Inez is also friendly with her other ex-husband, Marvin. [[spoiler:They end up remarrying.]]
* ''Film/LAStory''. Sara and her ex-husband Roland get along well together. Roland thinks it's because of their nationality:
-->'''Roland''': England and America are different. The English keep civil relations with their exes. The Americans sue them.
* In ''Film/NightAtTheMuseum'', Ben Stiller's character and his ex-wife are quite friendly with each other (almost with a sibling-like relationship) and have no trouble with both of them taking care of their son. Larry is even friendly with his wife's new husband, who also doesn't see him as a threat.
* The conclusion of ''Film/MrsDoubtfire'' shows Miranda and Daniel coming to terms with their divorce and ending their custody dispute. This trope is discussed in the closing monologue.
* In one of the short stories in ''Film/ParisJeTAime'', a separated couple have one final date before the divorce papers are settled.
* In ''Film/TheSantaClause'', Scott Calvin and his ex-wife came to terms with their divorce and sharing custody of their son Charlie, as well as Scott being the new Santa Claus. In the sequels he grows close to Lucy, his ex's daughter with her new husband, who even calls him "Uncle Scott."
* At the beginning of ''Film/{{Taken}}'', Creator/LiamNeeson's character and his ex-wife are definitely ''not'' this trope, having divorced mainly because of his career with the CIA convincing her that he didn't care about them, but by the end of the film after he single-handedly rescues their daughter he most certainly earns back a measure of her love, as well the friendship and respect of her new husband. Taken even further in the sequel. The events in the film rekindle old feelings they had for each other and it implies that they'll end up back together.
* In ''Film/BonCopBadCop'', David Bouchard still lives in the same house as his ex-wife (in a basement apartment) and both seem committed to raising their daughter together, sharing meals and attending school recitals together. Somewhat subverted in that David still has regrets.
** They remarry in the ten years that elapse before the sequel.
* In ''Film/EveryoneSaysILoveYou'', the characters played by Creator/WoodyAllen and Goldie Hawn were once married, but they still get along great with each other. Allen is even good friends with his ex-wife's current husband (played by Alan Alda).
* In ''Film/DefinitelyMaybe'', Creator/RyanReynolds' character and his ex-wife were amicably friendly when together at a trip with their daughter Maya at the end of the movie. Maya realizes from her father's stories and through this trip that [[spoiler: her parents aren't meant to be together.]]
* ''Film/CelesteAndJesseForever'': Celeste and Jesse began their separation a couple months before the movie began, and get officially divorced partway through. Despite that, they remain friends throughout the movie. [[spoiler: They never get back together, although they both consider it at various times.]] Apparently they were longtime friends, got married relatively young, and realized they were better as friends.
* ''Film/JurassicParkIII'':
** [[spoiler:Paul and Amanda Kirby]] are very caring and friendly with each other. Granted, they [[spoiler:initially pose as a couple]] and they do have an important common purpose, but given the stressful circumstances one would expect them to get on each other's nerves at some point and show some signs of resentment. Instead, there are strong hints that they will [[DivorceIsTemporary get back together]].
** This even extends to Grant and Satler in the same movie; she's married another man and started a family, but she's still in regular contact with Grant and even saves his life during the climax. Heck, their actors even still have visible chemistry on screen!
* Hester and William in ''Film/TheDeepBlueSea''. They're not yet divorced but live separately since William found out Hester had been cheating on him with Freddie. While initially very mad at her and refusing to give her a divorce, the film shows he's mellowed out completely in a few months and visits Hester to make sure she's happy. On her part Hester never blames him for their unhappy marriage, though she refuses to continue it, and is grateful for his concern.
* In ''Film/DoctorStrange2016'' Stephen and Christine work together and used to be lovers prior to the start of the film, leading Christine to now follow "The Strange Rule" and not date colleagues, but the two still clearly have feelings for each other and she attempts to help him through his depression after a car accident leaves him unable to use his hands to perform surgery, at least until he pushes her away in an angry outburst and goes off to Nepal searching for a cure. Once they're reunited she gives him a kiss on the lips when he says he has to leave for good and both are clearly torn by his having to go, but the damage has been done already and they don't end up back together.

* Variations in ''Literature/{{Animorphs}}'': Rachel's parents, Dan and Naomi, are uncomfortable spending time together, but they'll do it. On the other hand, she's friendly enough with Jake's parents (her ex-husband's brother and his wife) that she'll dog-sit for them when Jake's mom's grandfather passes away, while she and Jake still refer to each other as "aunt" and "nephew." And on the other hand, she and Saddler's parents don't really get along, but her family still "helps out" once he's in the local hospital.
* Watson Brewer (Kristy's step-father) and his first wife in ''Literature/TheBabySittersClub'', where Watson steps in with insurance help and making sure Lisa can manage with crutches when she sprains her ankle. Less so in the ''Little Sister'' spin-off.
* Robert B. Parker's ''Literature/SunnyRandall'' and her ex-husband Richie still spend quite a bit of time together, to the detriment of their other relationships. Their divorce was due to a variety of factors, but is mostly CantLiveWithThemCantLiveWithoutThem and the fact that Sunny realized that [[LikeParentLikeSpouse Richie was very similar to her father]]. They don't have any children, but their miniature bull terrier Rosie is shared between them, with much [[LampshadeHanging Lampshading]] about how they want the best for their "kid."
** By the same author, Literature/JesseStone has an interesting relationship with his ex-wife Jenn that varies between this and less amicable, since while she did cheat on him to further her career they are on relatively good terms, and cooperate on a few cases (the TV movies based on the books play their relationships as much more antagonistic). Parker himself was HappilyMarried for over 50 years to his wife Joan.
** It's no surprise, then, when Sunny and Jesse end up hooking up in a CrossOver between their series.
* In ''Literature/ThePaleKing'', Chris Fogle's parents try to give this impression, but both of them are deeply affected by it.
* ''Literature/OneDay'' has [[spoiler: Dex]] and Sylvie amicably sharing custody of their daughter and still caring about each other.
* ''[[Literature/BloodyJack TheWake Of The Lorelei Lee]]'' has [[spoiler:Jacky and Higgins]] getting married [[SettledForGay as a cover.]] As soon as possible, they get divorced, and their relationship goes back to the way it always was.
* Charlie and Renee in ''Literature/{{Twilight}}''.
* An Creator/EdMcBain novel began with the protagonist in bed with his ex-wife.
* In the ''Literature/SongOfTheLioness'' series Alanna ends up breaking up with Prince Jonathan after the third book, and after spending some time apart they evolve into this, with Alanna even being chosen as King's Champion[[note]]essentially the highest ranking Knight in the kingdom, meaning that he trusts her to dispense justice on his behalf[[/note]] once Jonathan is crowned.
* In a subversion Ivan and Tej in Captain Vorpatril's Alliance have an amicable attempted divorce. The get married to avoid immigration on the promise to divorce as soon as possible, only to find out that this is only allowed with cause (which means in Barryaran law, roughly the same as would be familiar on Earth plus "concealed mutation"). And "unfortunately" they had both got along [[HappilyMarried too well together]] for that to be plausible.
* David Lurie and his second ex-wife Rosalind from ''Literature/{{Disgrace}}'', who are still friends and meet up with each other regularly.
* Rupert and Zinka in ''Literature/DeepSecret'' were once a couple. Exactly how serious their relationship was isn't clear, but Rupert still finds her very attractive. They broke up largely due to [[TripleShifter the sheer strain of being Magids]], and remain very good friends.
* Nathan and Cynthia, in ''Literature/TheMemoryWars'', dated briefly in college. They're still close enough to go investigating murder scenes together.
* In ''Literature/TheGodfather'' Johnny Fontaine starts to reconcile with his first wife, at the Don's suggestion, after he gets sick of his second wife screwing around. Though they agree to just remain friends and be involved in raising their kids.
* In ''Literature/VampireAcademy'', Janine Hathaway and Ibrahim "Abe" Mazur had a relationship eighteen years before the main events of the series. They interact closely late in the series and seem to have a very friendly relationship. Rose suspects that they are getting back together.
* In Robert Heinlein's ''Literature/TimeEnoughForLove'' Lazarus Long states that he ended up parting on good terms with most of the wives he's had over his two thousand year lifespan. Though one or two tried to kill him. The discussions other long-lived Howards have about their marriages suggest that it's a common phenomenon with them.
* Calliope and Josh in ''Literature/HiddenThings'' are extreme examples of this trope. Despite having a pretty messy break-up, and an even messier break-up of their band, they remained close enough that Calliope joined Josh's new detective agency even though it's implied she dislikes it. She even refers to Josh as her best friend. Their relationship is ''so'' amicable that virtually every other character at one point or another suggests that they never broke up at all.
* In ''Literature/FiftyShadesOfGrey'', Christian is good friends with his ex-domme. Subverted in that she started a relationship with him [[RapeAsBackstory at age fifteen]], it's implied that [[RomanticizedAbuse his methods of domming]] come from her, and he sees nothing wrong with what she did. There is also the fact that his former submissives are ''not'' good friends with him.
* In ''Literature/ApparatusInfernum'', Mikani and Saskia are not on completely relaxed terms, and have a few leftover complaints against each other (such as Saskia not letting go of the fact that Mikani once tried to arrest her). However, it's more exasperation than bitterness, and when they [[WorkingWithTheEx have to work together]], they do reasonably well. This is noted to be unusual for Mikani, whose numerous ex-girlfriends seldom end up on speaking terms with him.
* Decidedly defied in ''Literature/ShamanBlues''. Despite years having passed since Konstancja and Witkacy had their falling-out, he's still angry at her, and she still doesn't feel comfortable coming to him for help. He even points out that she shouldn't expect this trope to occur, seeing how she pretty much abandoned him.
* In ''Literature/TheWarriorHeir'', Linda Downey and her ex [[spoiler: Hastings]] sometimes act like this, sometimes ... not. They haven't split up because of the usual reasons, but because of different opinions on how the problems of the main plot ought to be solved. So when they do fight, they are not bitter about the end of the relationship but angry because the other person foils their plans.
* In ''After Her'' by Joyce Maynard, Rachel and Patti's mother and father divorced when the two were young children, but their father continued to play an active role in their lives. In this case the split was because their parents married young and eventually realized that they simply didn't work as a couple and the stress from his job as a police detective pushed them apart. He admits that he makes a better friend to their mother and confides in her when his investigation of a SerialKiller puts extreme pressure on him, and it's indicated that their mother knew about him [[spoiler:having another child with another woman]] after the divorce but agreed not to tell Rachel and Patti because it would upset them.
* In the ''Literature/AmberBrown'' books, for the most part, throughout the series, Amber Brown's parents are ''not'' this. However, by the end of ''Amber Brown is Horsing Around'', they seem to be moving towards it, if only because they've both come to realize their childish bickering and bad-mouthing each other hasn't been good for Amber.
* In ''Literature/TheTraitorSonCycle'', it's implied rather heavily that before the Red Knight started his mercenary company, him and Sauce were lovers. They've broken up since, but are still good friends, with her serving as his NumberTwo in the company.
* In ''Literature/WarriorCats'', Brambleclaw and Squirrelflight eventually get back to being on friendly terms after their breakup: he forgives her and even makes her his NumberTwo when he becomes Clan leader. A while later they realize how dumb they're being and that they still love each other, and get back together.
* In ''Literature/AWorldLessVisible'' getting a divorce seems to have greatly improved Ted's relationship with his ex. She enthusiastically approves of his new boyfriend.

[[folder:Live Action TV]]
* While they still trade plenty of barbs, Frasier Crane and Lilith Sternin of ''Series/{{Cheers}}'' and ''Series/{{Frasier}}'' are on amicable enough terms to have Thanksgiving together without killing each other or anyone else, and when [[spoiler:Lilith wants another baby and needs a sperm donor, she comes to Frasier first]].
** In one episode of ''Frasier'' both Frasier and Lilith are unknowingly set up on a blind date together. They both end up telling each other that they both have a date. They both end up canceling them to spend the evening with each other watching a movie, both unaware that they were set up together. Their friends who set them up were unaware of their past relationship.
** This relationship was also subjected to a bit of EarlyInstallmentWeirdness when Martin comments that Lilith was worse than Niles's then-wife Maris. It would later become evident that Maris was two inches away from DomesticAbuse, and didn't ''deserve'', [[WhyWouldAnyoneTakeHerBack much less attain]], this trope when she and Niles split up. In early episodes, Lilith's presence was interpreted as being downright demonic (as a play on her name). Also, Frasier and Lilith had just freshly divorced when the show started (on account of her cheating on him after a really subtle relationship decay), while Maris's foibles didn't lead to her and Niles separating until 3 or 4 seasons later; the divorce didn't even come until he discovered she was sleeping with their marriage counselor. After that, she was considered just as screwy as Lilith, if not more so.
*** This could also come from the fact that while Maris obviously has significant psychological problems (anorexia, surgical addiction, severe phobias, and hypochondria are some of the more easily diagnosed) that she can't help, Lilith is intentionally cruel and cold, to the point that she laughed as Maris read her flowery vows during her and Niles's wedding.
** Even after some point, Niles and Maris begin to fit this trope, when after the divorce and his marriage to [[spoiler:Daphne]], Maris comes to him for assistance regarding an abusive boyfriend.
* ''Series/GameOfThrones'': Tyrion with Sansa, asking after her wellbeing in Season 7 when Jon visits Dragonstone.
* Subverted in ''Series/Supergirl2015''. [[ComicBook/{{Legion Of Super-Heroes}} Mon-El]] and [[ComicBook/{{Supergirl}} Kara Danvers]] were forcibly separated when she had to send him into space to save his life. When they meet again, Mon-El has spent seven years in the future and moved on. He still wants to be Kara's friend and Kara tries, but she just can't.
-->'''Kara:''' (to Mon-El) This is worse than the worst thing I could possibly imagine. That's you looking at me with no love in your eyes. So please just... Please... (walks away in tears)
* Alex and his ex-wife Phyllis Bornstein-Consuelos from ''Series/{{Taxi}}'' had a pretty good relationship as shown whenever the latter appeared. It helped that they both hadn't seen each other for eighteen years. They even kissed when Phyllis came over to visit Alex for Christmas.
** Lampshaded by Louie's ex-girlfriend Zena, who wanted to invite Lou to her wedding. Though Louie was too depressed to go, he decided to set things right by crashing into Zena's honeymoon cruise.
* Jules and Bobby on ''Series/CougarTown'' get on extremely well, hang out together all the time. It seems that they both think they work better divorced.
* ''Series/{{Seinfeld}}'':
** Jerry and Elaine were, before the series starts, in a long-term relationship. They get back together after a round of casual sex in one episode of the series, but quickly go back to being strictly friends.
** In one episode George dates a woman who still lives with her ex.
* ''Series/TheNewAdventuresOfOldChristine''. Old Christine and her ex-husband, Richard, are the epitome of the Amicably Divorced, tossing deprecatory puns back and forth between them while helping each other sort through their problems. In fact, they both count as being among each other's best friends. This caused New Christine to call off her and Richard's wedding, as she was upset that the two were spending so much time together, even at the wedding. Interestingly, Creator/JuliaLouisDreyfus who plays Old Christine, also played Elaine on ''Seinfeld''.
* ''Series/{{NUMB3RS}}'': Don Eppes and Liz Warner. Things are awkward for them for a couple of episodes after they break up, and then everything's fine. Liz even offers advice to [[OneTrueLove Robin]] when she's having a fight with Don.
* ''Series/HowIMetYourMother'':
** Ted and Robin break up very amicably with no heartbreak or fighting whatsoever (after realizing that they wanted completely different lives and didn't want to force each other to compromise), and not only remain very close friends throughout the series, but it is revealed that they will always remain close friends, as Robin is known as "Aunt Robin" to Ted's future children and apparently interacts with them a great deal. They are even platonic roommates in seasons 4-7, and Ted has promised to be Robin's best man should she ever get married.
** This is eventually subverted when they realize that they are ''too'' amicable with each other and thus cannot maintain new romantic relationships. In the back of their minds they have the faint (false) hope that they will get back together and thus they cannot fully commit to new relationships. By official series end, it's revealed that [[spoiler: Ted's been carrying a torch for Robin for ''years'' and he's been telling the story in hopes that the kids would support him into asking her for another date after The Mother passed away.]]
*** Even as early as the first "Slapsgiving" episode, several months after the breakup, it was revealed they'd been more or less faking being AmicableExes and considered no longer being able to remain friends. It turned out they really just needed to acknowledge that things had changed and it wasn't all good before being able to move forward.
** Ted's parents. At one point, Ted's father introduces a suitor to Ted's mother nine months after their divorce.
* The main character on the TV series ''Series/DreamOn'' got along very well with his ex-wife.
* ''Series/DesperateHousewives'':
** After their divorce at the beginning of seventh season, Bree and Orson Hodge are in better terms with each other.
** Lynette's mother and her favorite stepfather only divorced when the husband came out as gay and he even agrees to be her caretaker when they're both elderly.
* ''Series/{{Scrubs}}'':
** Dr Cox and Jordan coped far better divorced than they ever did together. They still constantly snipe at each other, but it's just the way they are. In fact, when they find out that their divorce was never made official due to a clerical error, they actually get divorced ''again'' to ''save their relationship''. The divorce is even performed in front of their friends and family as a big romantic ceremony. Of course, this is a slightly different example than normal because despite being divorced they have returned to a romantic relationship. They live together, have sex with each other, fight and interact as a normal married couple would.
** [[WillTheyOrWontThey JD and Elliot]] try to be this, since their attempts at a relationship always failed horribly. Season 4 establishes that they no longer have romantic or sexual feelings for one another. In season 5's "My Day at the Races", they realized that their friendship was superficial and they weren't as close as they had been before their last breakup, but this is fixed by the end of the season and they stay that way until season 8, when they start having romantic feelings again.
* Elena and Matt on ''Series/TheVampireDiaries''. They are still friends who look out for each other after they broke up.
* Toby Ziegler and Andrea Wyatt on ''Series/TheWestWing'', who were so, uh, "amicable" he wound up [[spoiler: impregnating her]] while they were divorced, of course, [[spoiler:this may have been a left over of part of the couple's previous fertility treatments while they were married. It's possible that Andy was impregnated by previously fertilized and stored ova, the actual means of how Andy got pregnant are not discussed or revealed, so it's unknown exactly what happened, but either way they'd have to be pretty amicable to even agree to it in the first place]].
%%* [[spoiler:Flash-sideways Jack and Juliet]] in ''Series/{{Lost}}''.
%%* Brock and Reba in [[Series/{{Reba}} the eponymous sitcom]].
* The Jacksons on ''Series/TheSarahJaneAdventures'': Remarkably so considering Chrissie left Alan for her Judo instructor.
* Lowell of ''Series/{{Wings}}'' divorced his wife Bunny after a long separation, only to have the split end up completely reinvigorating their sex life. They would end up having to work at staying apart.
* ''Series/BuffyTheVampireSlayer'': Except for a flashback to when their marriage was on the rocks, Buffy's divorced parents seem to get along fine, and afterwards Joyce recalls their relationship with fondness. The two are extremely cordial in Hank's few appearances in the show. It's only really after Joyce's death that his status as a deadbeat is fully implemented.
* ''Series/{{Castle}}'': Richard Castle gets along with both of his ex-wives. He likes Alexis' mother, but it was just that being married didn't work for either of them. And his second wife [[WorkingWithTheEx continues being his publisher and publicity agent]] even after their divorce.
* Earl and Joy from ''Series/MyNameIsEarl''. Their relationship was a complicated one from the beginning, where Joy got him drunk enough to get a Vegas marriage when she was 6 months pregnant. Then she cheated on him with Darnell and Earl ended up raising ''two'' kids that weren't his. She divorced him when he was laid up in traction from getting hit by a car and eventually married Darnell. Despite all of this, and a very rocky start of their post-marriage life due to Earl's lotto money, they became pretty close friends and have a small celebration on their anniversary. Earl often spends time with the family and Joy's kids even refer to him as "Old Daddy." [[spoiler: This became even more complicated in the last episode when they discover that Earl actually was the father of Joy's first son (due to mistaken identity and Earl being drunk), and Darnell wasn't the father of the second.]]
* On ''Series/BabylonFive'' John Sheridan and ex-wife Elizabeth Lochley not only get along but have an implicit trust in each other than makes them an ideal command team. According to Elizabeth they both realize that the marriage was a horrible mistake due to their aggressive command personalities. The divorce saved their friendship.
* Cal Lightman from ''Series/LieToMe'' gets along very (very [[SexWithTheEx very]]) well with his ex-wife.
* In ''Series/TheSuiteLifeOfZackAndCody'', Zack and Cody's divorced parents are on good terms.
* On ''Series/HappyEndings'' Dave and Alex try to play out this trope even though they were never actually married (Alex left Dave at the altar). They have many friends in common and value those friendships too much to make those friends choose sides. They do fight sometimes, especially at first, but eventually play this straight, even after they get back together and break up again.
** Penny was Max's LastHetRomance, though now they're very good friends.
* George and Anne from ''Series/TheSecretLifeOfTheAmericanTeenager''. They broke up when George cheated on her, got back together, then broke up again. Yet they're still friends, frequently chat, and have no issue with the shared custody of their three children.
** George and his first wife Kathleen are also on good terms, both agreeing that they were simply too young and immature when they got married.
* ''{{Series/Eureka}}'' has two cases:
** Carter's Ex actually shows up and establishes that the breakup was because Carter would always rush off to work, and when she realizes how much a part of the town both he and daughter Zoey are, she's even willing to step aside and let Zoey remain, even though the agreement was for her to return with Abby at the end of the school year.
** Allison and Nathan Stark divorce over the course of the initial season, but still work together and eventually commit to remarry [[spoiler:, until Nathan 'dies' while ending a time loop]].
* Sae Hee and Young Joo in the KoreanDrama ''Series/TheCityHunter''. They broke up because of his [[MarriedToTheJob job]], but still see each other frequently as friends.
* In ''Series/MenOfACertainAge'', Joe and his ex-wife divorced before the events of the first season. As of the second season, they appear to be getting romantically involved with each other again, or at least exploring the possibility. At the very least, they are friendly and have shown up to their kids' school events together.
* ''Series/{{Friends}}'':
** Ross and Carol still get on very well; if Carol wasn't a lesbian, they'd probably still be together. This may explain why Carol's partner Susan doesn't seem to like Ross much (though her opinion of him jumps up considerably after he shows just how amicable he is by convincing Carol to [[spoiler:go ahead with the marriage despite family issues]])..
** And of course, Ross and Rachel. They were hostile towards each other for a few episodes after their breakup, at their worst in ''The One Without The Ski Trip'', but then went back to being friends.
* Nate and Maggie of ''Series/{{Leverage}}'', so much so that [[LimitedSocialCircle she's the only person he talks to]] outside [[TrueCompanions team.]]
* ''Series/VivaVariety'' is hosted by Mr. Laupin and the [[InsistentTerminology Former]] Mrs. Laupin. They even do a romantic musical number together called "My Divorce."
* Pilot neighbor [[DropInCharacter Howard Borden]] on ''Series/TheBobNewhartShow'' is friendly with his ex-wife, although his insecurity makes him competitive over impressing their son.
* ''Series/CriminalMinds'':
** David Rossi gets along with at least one of his ex-wives, and it's implied their relationship fell apart over [[spoiler: the trauma of losing a baby]]. They still trust each other enough so that [[spoiler: when she's diagnosed with ALS, she asks him to assist in her suicide]].
** Hayley and Hotch go through a painful period after their divorce, but after some time has passed, it becomes clear that they still care very much for one another. [[spoiler: Unfortunately, before things can get as far as "amicable," Hayley is murdered.]]
* ''Series/StargateAtlantis'': Colonel Sheppard and his ex-wife Nancy seem to get along well enough to understand how much strain their respective jobs had put on their relationship, and she's able to use her position at Homeland Security to pass along some information to him when he's back on Earth to track down a Replicator.
* In ''Series/MightyMorphinPowerRangers'', the Pink Ranger Kimberly's parents are divorced but start off knee-deep in this trope - their one appearance involved the mother showing up with her new flame in a meet-the-parents affair at Angel Grove High. The real Aesop though is that the divorce hasn't affected their relationship with their child rather than each other.
* This is the entire basis for the show ''Series/HappilyDivorced'' on Creator/TVLand. Fran and Peter still live together, share advice, and are involved in one another's lives. [[IncompatibleOrientation If not for his coming out]], they would most likely still be married. This is [[WriteWhoYouKnow based on]] star/creator Fran Drescher's relationship with her ex-husband, with whom she still works.
* ''Series/{{Fringe}}'': Broyles' obsession with a certain case ended his marriage with his wife Diane. That said, the two are still on very good terms, and he appears to be on friendly terms with her new husband as well. After he finally closed and solved the case, Diane was genuinely proud of him for it.
* ''Series/CommonLaw'' features this between Wes and Elizabeth. The two are still clearly close and it's implied quite often that Wes would like nothing better than to go back to the way things were.
* An early season of ''Series/{{Degrassi}}'' had Ashley wonder why her parents divorced, since they were still very close friends. She finds out that [[IncompatibleOrientation it was because her father realized he was gay]] and he ended up remarrying.
* In season 7 of ''Series/{{House}}'', House and Cuddy get along nearly as well after they break up as they did before they got together in the first place (i.e. not all that well, but about as well as House gets along with ''anyone''). [[spoiler:Until House drives his car into her living room at the end of the season.]]
* Leonard and Penny from ''Series/TheBigBangTheory'' are like this during their "off again" stages. They occasionally bicker, but it's clear to anyone that they're close friends. This trope is {{Lampshaded}} after there first "real" break up when they treat Sheldon as if he were a child over whom they have shared custody, watching him sleep peacefully after a trip to Disneyland together.
* Jo and Russ on ''Series/{{CSI NY}}''. The main problem was that Russ wanted a [[StayInTheKitchen stay at home wife]], while Jo is a dedicated career woman. However, the one episode he showed up in depicted them as fairly friendly and even still having some UST.
* {{Downplayed|Trope}} overall in ''Series/BlueBloods'' between Erin Reagan and her ex-husband Jack Boyle. They're reasonable but rather curt with each other, and the first time we meet him, Jack wonders why Erin still has her married name "Reagan-Boyle" on her door. She says it's the same reason people who have lost weight keep a "before" picture. Ouch. However, they still trust each other enough that Erin calls Jack to represent her brother Danny after he gets framed.
* John & Laurie Cooper of ''Series/{{Southland}}''. His coming out as gay was a major factor in their divorce, but they clearly still love/care for each other. Laurie risked her job and career as a nurse for a long time to provide John under the table pain killers for his bad back.
* In Creator/JimHenson's unsold pilot ''Puppetman'', Gary gets along well with his unseen ex-wife.
* Series/WillAndGrace, who are extremely close PlatonicLifePartners, briefly dated in college. She was his LastHetRomance.
* In ''Series/HillStreetBlues'', Captain Frank Furillo's ex-wife Fay shows up at the police station every few episodes, usually asking Frank to help her with something. Even though this sometimes irritates Frank, they still seem quite fond of each other. Part of the equation is that Fay has custody of their son, Frank Jr. Frank's new girlfriend, Joyce Davenport, is also usually on quite friendly terms with Fay, even though she's a rival for Frank's attention.
* Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith in ''Series/DoctorWho'' though the latter is at first upset when she left him to go with the Doctor but they maintain a friendly relationship afterward.
** The topic of romance between the Doctor and anyone else is a continual BaseBreaker, however the 2006 episode "School Reunion" broached the subject, with Mickey referring to former companion Sarah Jane Smith as the Doctor's ex, and the ending of the Doctor's and Sarah Jane's relationship was framed as a form of romance that was forced to end, with the Doctor and Sarah Jane in separate scenes confirming that there was more than just friendship between the two. Despite all of this, the Doctor and Sarah Jane are overjoyed to see each other and are friendly throughout (indeed, their friendship is reignited and continues after this).
* Emma and Leo from ''Series/RedBandSociety''. Leo broke it off because he was afraid he was about to die of cancer; meanwhile, Emma believes he was afraid he'd be stuck with her if he survived. To get around their issues, they resort to a ''lot'' of snark.
* In the ''Series/{{Monk}}'' episode "Mr. Monk and the TV Star," it appears that crime show star Brad Terry and his murdered ex-wife Susan Malloy were this. But, as it turns out, Brad's show ''Crime Lab SF'' is about to go into syndication and since he was still married to Susan when the show first began airing, she's entitled to half of the syndication money. Since Brad doesn't like that part of the agreement, he stabs her while she's doing her yoga workout and makes it seem like she was stabbed by a deranged fan while he was outside talking to paparazzi.
* In ''Series/{{Transparent}}'' Maura and Shelly are on quite good terms with each other. Later in the season, this trope also applies to [[spoiler: Sarah and Len]].
* In ''Series/NewTricks'', Gerry Standing is on very good terms with three ex-wives, to the point that he occasionally hooks up with them every so often. At very least, they all seem very sociable and friendly in general, since the pilot has a scene where he has dinner with them and the four daughters they produced between them.
* On ''Series/{{ER}}'', Susan Lewis gets along well with nurse Chuck Martin after both their annulled marriage and their later breakup.
* In the backstory of ''Series/{{SeaquestDSV}}'' it's revealed that Katie Hitchcock and Ben Krieg married right out of the Academy, then divorced a year later due to incompatible personalities. They wind up assigned to the same ship, but Katie's now Ben's superior officer. Their relationship is best described as friendly/wary (within the bounds of military protocol), but various episodes have shown that either will go out of their way to help/protect the other.
* Vasiliy and Olga in ''Series/ServantOfThePeople'' remained close friends after their divorce.
* ''Series/TheAffair'': After a bitter custody dispute following their separation, Noah and Helen eventually settle into this for the sake of their children.
* ''Series/TheRanch'' : Beau and Maggie have been separated for many years, but never got around to signing divorce papers. Beau lives on the titular ranch, while Maggie lives in a trailer near the bar she owns.
* {{Deconstructed}} with Lance and Maggie in Series 1 of ''Series/{{Detectorists}}''. They see each other nearly every day despite the fact that they're divorced, and outwardly appear to get along very well. However, in truth Lance hangs around and does boring domestic tasks that Maggie's new husband doesn't want to bother with in the futile hope that she'll come back to him one day, while Maggie is just using Lance for free labour and [[spoiler:mainly keeps him around because she learned about his lottery win and hopes she can convince him to give her some of his money]].
* ''Series/TheRealOneals'' gives a more realistic example in the form of Pat and Eileen, it is extremely awkward as they navigate towards it due to Eileen's clear discomfort with the whole idea of divorce because of her devout Catholicism.
* ''Series/ScarecrowandMrsKing'' In the 3rd and 4th seasons, Amanda and her ex Joe get along well. His absence the first two season is explained away because he was overseas working for an American Government Relieve agency. He is the only one in Amanda's "normal" life that knows about her being a spy and her relationship with Lee. Joe found out when his boss framed him for stealing from the relief agency and killing the Prime Minister of a fictional country. When Lee and Amanda were close to proving Joe's boss was the actual guilty party, he went after Jamie and Phillip. Lee saves the boys and their Dad.
* ''Series/SesameStreet'': Maria and David dated for several years, then remained friends after she fell in love with and married Luis. Sadly, David was PutOnABus just a year later, and his actor Northern Calloway died soon afterward.
* Fred and Mary Andrews on ''Series/{{Riverdale}}'' are still close enough that Fred mentions in a phone call with Archie that the two are having dinner with one another, even despite the two officially discussing finalizing their divorce after being legally separated for months, and Fred even uses the word amicable when describing his relationship with Mary to Hermione.
* ''Series/IZombie'' shows that even after calling off the engagement, due to her zombiesm, Liv and Major still share a very close and involving friendship with one another.
* ''Series/AgentsOfSHIELD'': After several other characters complain about their exes, Mack smugly states that all of ''his'' exes are great and he still gets along with all of them. He quickly retracts his statement after being reminded that he once had to pretend to like quinoa for a year.
-->'''Mack:''' ''[dead serious]'' That was a dark time...

* {{Music/Adele}}'s song "Send My Love (To Your New Lover)" is about moving into this after a rough breakup and ultimately deciding to forgive and move on with their lives. It also has her sending good wishes and blessings to his new relationship.
* Music/{{Belly}} has song "Suffer the Fools", in which Tanya Donelly sings about dividing property with a partner ("You keep my key and my lazy letters/I'll keep the angel that you bought to watch over me") and moving apart, but still hanging out together ("I'll bring that terrible wine you love").
* [[Music/NoDoubt Gwen Stefani]]'s song "Cool", which was inspired by her ex from {{Music/No Doubt}}. Notably this was written several years after No Doubt's groundbreaking album ''Tragic Kingdom'', which was about the polar opposite of this trope.
* Music/{{Pink}}'s song "So What" is a subversion of this trope. While the song is about a harsh breakup full of revenge and bitterness, she and Carey Hart did get back together after some marriage counseling.
* "Every Other Weekend" by Music/RebaMcEntire and Music/KennyChesney (or [[FakeShemp Skip Ewing]]) is about two exes who are sharing custody of their children, but still having feelings for each other -- feelings that they can't share in the children's presence.

* In ''Radio/NewDynamicEnglish'', Kathy received a phone call from her ex-husband to remarry again. Her response? She refused his offer, and said that he cares about him but not necessarily love him, and maybe even become friends.

* This trope is the basis for a scene in ''Theatre/{{Company}}'':
-->'''Robert:''' You mean you two are not married now?\\
'''Susan:''' Well, not since the divorce.\\
'''Robert:''' Then where are you living now, Peter?\\
'''Peter:''' Why, here at home. I mean, I've got responsibilities. I've got Susan and the kids to take care of. I certainly would never leave them.\\
'''Robert:''' So, are you two considering getting married again?\\
'''Susan:''' Married? Oh, no, we tried that, thank you very much.
* Henry and Charlotte in Tom Stoppard's ''Theatre/{{The Real Thing}}''. Though they divorce after Henry's affair with Annie is exposed, by the second act (two years later), Henry and Charlotte are on friendly terms. They trade witticisms and discuss both their daughter's impending departure as well as their respective relationships. By the end of the scene, Charlotte slyly offers sex (which Henry declines):
-->'''Charlotte:''' You don't fancy one for the road?\\
'''Henry:''' No, really.\\
'''Charlotte:''' Or a drink?\\
'''Henry:''' (''Smiles'') No offense.
* The Theatre/MrsHawking play series: It is revealed in ''[[http://www.mrshawking.com/?page_id=1913 Base Instruments]]'' that Nathaniel's wife Clara and his brother Justin have some sort of romantic history. They have both moved on from it, and Justin clearly wishes his brother and sister-in-law well, though they do still tease one another.

[[folder: Toys]]
* ''Franchise/{{Barbie}}'': Barbie and Ken broke up for a few years, however they stayed close friends nevertheless. Eventually, they got back together.

[[folder:Video Games]]
* It's possible for the PlayerCharacter and their former LoveInterest in the ''Franchise/DragonAge'' games to avert this or play it straight due to how the companion approval systems work. Ending a romance can lose approval, but gaining it back is often a trivial matter.
** In ''VideoGame/DragonAgeII'', this seems to be the background situation for Hawke's mother Leandra. She ran away from her ArrangedMarriage to the Comte de Launcet in order to marry Hawke's father; however, once the family is back in Kirkwall, it's mentioned more than once that she's in contact with her ex and his wife, and even goes to visit them at least one time.
* In another Bioware game, ''{{Franchise/Mass Effect}}'' ending a romance from one game in another usually results in this, since if the ex is a squadmate they're still in the party with you.
** Played with in the case of [[MutuallyExclusivePartyMembers Ashley or Kaidan]], whose reunion with you on Horizon in the second game does ''not'' go well regardless of if you were in a relationship, though in the third game you get the opportunity to patch things up.
** Similarly things reach this point with Liara after ''Lair of the Shadow Broker'' where she'll confront you if you entered into a relationship with someone else if you were with her in the first game, but after that you talk it out and she's on good terms with you again throughout the third game.
** Garrus is also very understanding (if obviously somewhat hurt) if you romanced him in the second game and decide not to continue it in the third, and his loyalty to Shepard is unaffected by this.
* The [[BittersweetEnding "best"]] ending of ''VideoGame/SilentHillShatteredMemories'' involves [[spoiler:Harry and Dahlia leaving on equal terms, and only divorce because their relationship has grown irreconcilably stale.]] The [[DomesticAbuse other]] [[YourCheatingHeart endings]], [[DrunkDriver though]]...
* Between the events of ''Videogame/{{Borderlands}}'' and ''Videogame/{{Borderlands 2}}'', Roland and Lilith were in a relationship but the former broke it off so that they could focus on their war against Handsome Jack. Despite this, they get along pretty well (though Roland is still somewhat awkward with her) and Lilith seems interested in trying to rekindle things with him.
* [[Franchise/SuperMarioBros Mario's]] original love interest in the ''VideoGame/DonkeyKong'' arcade game was a woman named Pauline, but she was soon replaced by his more famous love interest, Princess Peach. When Pauline returned in the ''VideoGame/MarioVsDonkeyKong'' series (and later ''VideoGame/SuperMarioOdyssey''), it was made clear that she's still good friends with Mario.
* In ''VideoGame/TomodachiLife'', it's possible for two Miis who were sweethearts to end their relationship on good terms and go back to being friends.
* Johnny Cage and Sonya Blade wed some time after the ending of ''VideoGame/MortalKombat9''[='=]s Story Mode [[spoiler:as the only two Earthrealm warriors that survived the events of the game]] but prior to the sequel, ''VideoGame/MortalKombatX'', their relationship fell apart (but not before they had a daughter named Cassie, which is why they try to stay agreeable after their falling out).
* In ''VideoGame/Persona4'', if the PC chooses to ask Ai out midway through her Social Link, in the second-to-last scene, she will break up with him. Unless the PC tells her that he needs time apart ([[YouLoseAtZeroTrust which will break the link]]), the link concludes with her asking to stay friends.
* Averted and then possibly played straight in ''VideoGame/{{Undertale}}'' when it comes to [[spoiler: Toriel and Asgore. In the events that happened before the game, Toriel abandons Asgore after he declares war on humanity when his son was killed by humans. In the final leg of the pacifist route, Toriel and Asgore meet up again after a long time, but Toriel still hates her ex's guts for what he did and finds it near impossible to forgive him, especially after it's heavily implied that Asgore killed several children to harvest their souls so that he could break the barrier keeping his people trapped and go through with his plan. In the GoldenEnding afterwards, Asgore wants to make amends and he can be seen trimming the hedges at Toriel's school, implying that the two of them may be working things out.]]
* [[VideoGame/DigDug Taizo Hori]] and [[VideoGame/{{Baraduke}} Masuyo "Kissy" Tobi]] are the divorced parents of [[VideoGame/MrDriller Susumu Hori]]. If ''VideoGame/NamcoXCapcom'' is any indication, they seem to get along fine when working together, though there are shades of TeethClenchedTeamwork at first.
* In ''VideoGame/RiverCityRansomUnderground'', it's revealed that Ryan and Cyndi broke up at some point after the events of ''VideoGame/RiverCityRansom'', but they aren't really broken up about it and remain good friends 28 years later. [[spoiler: ''Alex'', on the other hand, is shown to have harbored feelings for Cyndi for some time and is visibly upset that she's living with a deadbeat husband. How deep Alex and Cyndi's relationship went, if there even was one, is not brought up by the game, but it's worth noting that Cyndi named her daughter after Alex, suggesting she might have returned those feelings at one point.]]
* In ''VideoGame/FireEmblemFates'', [[spoiler: Saizo and Kagero]] used to date but broke up to dedicate themselves to their duties. [[spoiler: They ''can'' potentially get back together, but it depends on the player; if not, they'll remain like this.]]
* In ''VideoGame/NightInTheWoods'', you find out that Mae briefly dated Cole in high school, but their prom date was a disaster of epic proportions. (It involved her biting him so hard he bled while trying to kiss him, and [[ItMakesSenseInContext him nearly choking to death on paper towels while she vomited in the sink]].) Mae is understandably anxious about seeing him at a party, but it appears Cole would like to try for this trope with her -- he doesn't bring up what happened, and acts warmly towards her when he sees her. Unfortunately, Mae is raging drunk, and begins publicly ranting at him. (And then ''he'' apologizes for upsetting her, possibly in hopes of calming her down.) The whole thing ends with Mae puking and swiftly being brought home by Bea, leaving a very confused (and sober) Cole.

* ''Webcomic/QuestionableContent'':
** Marten Reed's mother is a famous fetish model, and his father is the owner of a very successful gay nightclub who realizes as an adult that he is himself gay. Their marriage falls apart, but they remain in friendly contact. Despite being an unsuccessful couple, they are excellent parents to Marten; Veronica's approval for Henry's remarriage is contingent with Marten's. She says that they just make better friends and parents than they do husband and wife. She [[http://www.questionablecontent.net/view.php?comic=2401 rehearses]] a speech at Henry's remarriage about how he ruined her life, but it's revealed to be just a joke -- Henry's right there and playing along, while Marten is busy choreographing a WeddingSmashers brawl with the groom. The speech she does give (in 2402) revolves around loving your ex.
** Additionally, [[spoiler:Marten and Dora]] eventually fall into this after some initial awkwardness after their breakup, and both are supportive of the other's new relationships.
* In ''Midnight Macabre,'' Gaspar and Natalie are friendly after their divorce. This is probably because they were friends even before they dated; Gaspar's friend Art, however, thinks it's because Texas doesn't have alimony laws ([[ShownTheirWork or didn't, as this comic is set in the 80s]]).
* In ''I Don't Get It'', [[http://www.drunkduck.com/I_Dont_Get_It/5344601/ this is the case with the main character's stepmother]], who is still close to the father despite being divorced.
* Commander Badass of ''Webcomic/ManlyGuysDoingManlyThings'' is still on good terms with his ex-wife to the point of having a barbecue together and casually exchanging custody of the kids after work. As a result, it's a huge [[TearJerker kick in the tear ducts]] when [[{{Bishounen}} Nomura]] [[TheVirus Syndrome]] renders the Commander unrecognizable to them. He's also cool with his former team keeping a pin-up of her as their ship's NoseArt, stating that just because they divorced doesn't mean she's not hot anymore.
** The Commander is also on good terms with his high school girlfriend Spider, and they still meet up for drinks and talks occasionally. Things got a bit strained between them when she decided to go full-body cyborg (the Commander has always been violently opposed to full body-mods), but that seems to have passed when he realized it was what she genuinely wanted and not some conspiracy from the higher-ups.
** The Commander's relationship with his ex-boyfriend Tank is a bit more strained, but largely amiable. Still, Tank has a whole slew of mental health problems, and another slew of non-related personality issues which make him... not the easiest person in the world to deal with.
* In ''Webcomic/{{Niels}}'', Agent 250 and his ex, Irene, are practically best friends, and Irene gives pointers to his current paramour, Agent 300.
* ''Webcomic/{{Homestuck}}'':
** Meulin and Kurloz were originally in a long term romantic relationship until Kurloz had a nightmare, after which he screamed enough to deafen Meulin. This incident prompted him to chew off his own tongue and sew his mouth shut, and even though the two of them are no longer together they're still very close. Slightly complicated by the fact that [[spoiler:Kurloz is seen to use at least some level of MindManipulation on her to make her loyal to his religion, which in fact worships the comic's BigBad, so it's uncertain how much of this is genuine]].
** Dave broke up with Terezi partly because he was weirded out by [[YourNormalIsOurTaboo troll polyamory]] and partly because the other guy she was being polyamorous with was [[MonsterClown less than savory]], but they stayed friends.
* Ally and Alan in ''Webcomic/{{Sunstone}}'' had a really volatile break up back in college, but you wouldn't guess as much considering how indestructible their friendship is now. They broke up due to two dominant partners being a poor match, and part of the reason they are such great friends now is that they share common interests.
* In ''Webcomic/SomethingPositive'', Davan and Branwen are a huge example of this. Their breakup was over Branwen moving rather than any issue between them, and they've remained close friends ever since, with Branwen even meeting Davan's new girlfriend, Vanessa, and getting along perfectly well with her, too. It's really showcased during Davan and Vanessa's wedding reception, when Branwen shows up in a t-shirt with "I used to screw the groom" on the front and [[LesYay "now I've come for the bride"]] on the back.
* Elliot of ''Webcomic/ElGoonishShive'' has two exes who're still his friends. Nanase broke up with him because she was gay (although she didn't realise it at the time, and eventually hooked up with his OppositeSexClone). He and Sarah both came to the conclusion, independently of each other, that they were better off as good friends, and the only potential drama involving their breakup was that they didn't think anyone else would believe it went so smoothly.
* Josh and Mare are this in ''Webcomic/AGirlAndHerFed''... twice over. And they've been talking about getting married a third time. They don't really do traditional relationships.
* In ''{{Polandball}}'', Czechoslovakia's "[[VelvetRevolution Velvet Divorce]]" is sometimes portrayed as this.
* ''Webcomic/MenageA3'':
** Yuki and Gary, of all people, eventually reach this point after Yuki realizes that her issues have made their relationship incredibly [[AllTakeAndNoGive one sided]] and unhealthy for him, causing her to break up with him. When they run into each other later they're seen chatting with each other in a friendly way, and when she finds out he has a new relationship she is genuinely happy for him.
** Despite a traumatic break-up that was very much caused by Zii, Erik and Zii later get into friendly conversation when he discovers her crying over another problem. When Zii thanks Erik for his kindness under the circumstances, he replies that he prefers to remember the good times.
* In ''Webcomic/DumbingOfAge'' Danny was dumped by his high school girlfriend Dorothy soon after they both started college, and while it takes him a while to get over the shock he trust her enough to confide in her about his new relationship and [[spoiler:newly discovered bisexuality]].
* Justified in ''Webcomic/{{Girly}}''. [[spoiler: Autumn and Chuy get divorced during their honeymoon because Chuy is physically incapable of living a monogamous lifestyle (his life force is tied directly to his libido.) They're technically still a couple, it's just an open relationship now.]]
* In ''Webcomic/PunchAnPie'' there are several examples.
** Heather's hippie mother is described as "happily separated from [Heather's] father after the two of them came to the mutual conclusion that they just weren't meant for each other" and [[http://punchanpie.keenspot.com/daily/20100129.html talks about him with affection]] even though they're no longer a couple.
** Angela eventually meets up again with Seamus, her ex-boyfriend from when she appeared in ''Webcomic/QueenOfWands'', and after spending some time catching up and doing a post-mortem on their relationship are on good terms again.
** By the end of the strip [[spoiler:Angela and Heather]] have moved into this after running into each other by chance and catching up, and by the end both have apologized for what led to them breaking up.

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* ''WesternAnimation/AdventureTime'' has Finn and [[spoiler: Flame Princess]]. They break up in season 5 after [[spoiler: Finn manipulated her into fighting with the Ice King and accidentally destroys the Ice Kingdom in the process]], and are on pretty bad terms after that, in "Earth and Water" they finally make some sort of amends, and agree to stay friends, but even then is still incredibly awkward, due to, in no small part, Finn still having feelings for her. This trope is finally played straight when they really do become friends again in season 7's "Bun Bun", in which Finn [[spoiler: admits that while he apologized, he never really understood what he did up until recently and apologizes again, stating to be truly sorry, she accepts the apologies, realizing how much he grew ever since then.]]
* Buster's parents from ''WesternAnimation/{{Arthur}}'' seem to get along when they interact, and Bitzi certainly doesn't seem to mind it when Bo takes Buster traveling for a long period of time (this is the focus of the SpinOff ''Postcards From Buster'').
* Lois and Jonas Foutley on ''WesternAnimation/AsToldByGinger'' were divorced, though it was never made clear why, but was implied due to changes in their lifestyles. Lois and Ginger can still accept Jonas despite him not always being there, but the divorce has made Carl distant with his father, and this conflict appeared in a few episodes, since he wasn't even around for the first season or two of the show and completely failed to keep up on events with his kids. When he suddenly came into the picture it was as a hesitant, awkward but trying man, and fits with the theory of someone who ran away from a problem but is now trying to fix it, but is aware they don't really deserve a second chance.
* Mary and Warren [=McGinnis=] from ''WesternAnimation/BatmanBeyond'' seemed reasonably amicable until Warren's death. Terry however had some issues with the divorce and living with Warren, and joined a street gang before the start of the series and was caught shoplifting, prompting Warren to spend more time with both of his sons.
* Sharon's parents in ''WesternAnimation/{{Braceface}}'' are divorced, but are in good terms and both have a new partner.
* [[CoolLoser Jane]] and [[TallDarkAndSnarky Tom]] in ''WesternAnimation/{{Daria}}'''s final season, after she gets over him [[YourCheatingHeart cheating]] with [[TheSnarkKnight Daria]]. [[spoiler:Daria and Tom]] at the end of the series.
* Rodolfo and Maria on ''WesternAnimation/ElTigre'', even though Rodolfo still pines to reconcile with her.
* Fry and Amy in ''WesternAnimation/{{Futurama}}'' previously dated but remain close friends.
* ''WesternAnimation/TheLegendOfKorra'':
** Tenzin and Lin Beifong had a failed ChildhoodFriendRomance before the start of the series. They appear to get along well enough, and Tenzin claims that while Lin was angry about the breakup at first and attempted to have her love rival arrested, she's moved past it. It's pretty obvious that she hasn't, [[UnbalancedByRivalsKid particularly in how she treats Korra]]. Realizing this helps Tenzin extend the hand of friendship, after which the two manage to get along better. She also seems to get along pretty well with Tenzin's children with said former love rival, especially after they help her fight off the Equalists.
** Mako and Asami eventually gain this type of relationship as well, which is interesting considering that their relationship falls apart over [[YourCheatingHeart Mako kissing Korra while still being in a relationship with Asami]]. Asami's main issue with it seems to be that he lied and tried to hide it rather than the fact that it happened, and she notably refuses to blame Korra for what happened, knowing that she [[NoSocialSkills has not been very well socialized]]. The last time they see each other in season one (and WordOfGod says this was intended to be their breakup scene), their parting is solemn but friendly and she kisses him on the cheek.
---> '''Mako:''' I'm sorry things got so messed up between us. But whatever happens today, I want you to know how much I care about you.
---> '''Asami:''' I care about you too.
** Similarly, the end of season 2 sees both Bolin and Eska turn into this. The two characters still have feelings for each other, but given the events of the season realize that they simply don't work as a couple. It's also hinted that Asami and Mako are considering getting back together as well, but ultimately nothing comes of it and they remain apart for the rest of the series.
** Part of Mako's character arc in Book 3 was to develop into an amicable ex around Korra after their breakup in season 2 and come to terms with the awkwardness of being around her, even if they are happy with their friendship.
** Finally, implied to be what happened with Toph Beifong and the father of her daughter Lin, [[spoiler:[[TheUnreveal who turned out to be]] [[StrangerBehindTheMask some guy named Kanto who had never been seen or referenced before]]]] since all Toph says about him is that he was a nice guy and things simply didn't work out between them.
* WesternAnimation/PepperAnn's mother and father, who split up because he was away as a blimp pilot so often and have no apparent hard feelings between them, even if they do engage in a bit of ribbing. While Lydia does struggle as a single mother she clearly doesn't regret raising the kids on her own.
* On ''WesternAnimation/PhineasAndFerb,'' Charlene seems to have this sort of relationship with her ex-husband [[MadScientist Doctor]] [[IneffectualSympatheticVillain Doofenshmirtz]], even defending him when [[MadScientistsBeautifulDaughter their daughter]] calls him evil. (Even though he ''is'' by [[CardCarryingVillain his own admission]].) Doofenshmirtz himself is civil around her and Vanessa, but one can tell that he doesn't appreciate her DeadpanSnarker attitude and remains a tad bitter:
-->"[[VillainSong ...far away from city life/My stupid brother, and ex-wife...]]"
** In her first appearance in "Ice Cream, You Scream" Charlene tells Vanessa that "no one's evil" and that their marriage didn't work because they both wanted "different things." ("Was one of those things being evil? 'Cause he's evil.")
** In the episode "Run Candace, Run", Doof's building is being foreclosed on since he spent his mortgage money on some gargoyles. Despite Charlene being able to lend him the money to cover the cost, he refuses to call and ask her, since she told him gargoyles were a stupid idea. In the end, he does ask her, and she does lend him the money after the obligatory "I told you so."
** Subverted with their AlternateUniverse counterparts in "Tales from The Resistance: Return to the 2nd Dimension"--[[spoiler:they are in fact HappilyMarried and pretending to be divorced, for a number of reasons ranging from protecting Charlene from the law to tax benefits to just preferring to have their space]].
* Tino's mother and father in ''WesternAnimation/TheWeekenders''. The main factor of their divorce seems to be that Tino's dad needed to stay on the East Coast for his job.
* The ''WesternAnimation/YoungJustice'' tie-in comic notes that ComicBook/{{Nightwing}} has managed to stay friends with all of his exes (who include ComicBook/{{Zatanna}} and [[ComicBook/{{Icon}} Rocket]]). "That's ''my'' superpower."
** This is true of his comics character as well. Dick is still friends with Barbara Gordon and Koriand'r.